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  • The demon Mara. What can we say about a giant penis demon who throws around Double Entendres like Halloween candy and in some games is a woman? To boot, one of their typical weaknesses is ice. In some games, Mara drains Pierce attacks— think about where Mara would absorb such attacks and you have an image that is either hilarious, wince-inducing, or both. Also, when you think about it, every attack on Mara is a Groin Attack.
  • Any time an enemy uses an attack on a party member who is immune to that attack, twice or more. Moreso if it's a game with the Press Turn system, in which blocked attacks carry a one-turn penalty and drained and repelled attacks result in a loss of all turns.
    • Any time an enemy's attack gets repelled and causes the enemy to die to their own attack.
    • It's even funnier with Charm, either when an enemy kills his friend or heals/revives your demons. But the absolute crowner is the Recarmdra spell used by a Charmed enemy - killing himself to revive everyone on your side at full HP. It's pretty hard to see this, but it's always a barrel of laughs.

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