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Awesome / Persona 3: The Movie

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Thou art I... And I am thou... From the sea of thy soul I cometh... I am Orpheus, master of strings...

Spring of Birth

  • Makoto awakening to Orpheus is equal parts this and Nightmare Fuel. Makoto has the largest Slasher Smile on his face as he summons Orpheus and it proceeds to swat aside the Arcana Magician with its lyre and conjure explosions. Then Thanatos shows up and proceeds to hack the Shadow into pieces.
  • The first mission into Tartarus, Makoto pulls off some impressive moves when dealing with a miniboss.
  • Makoto's first using the Power of the Wild Card by summoning Jack Frost against the Priestess Shadow.
  • Makoto's Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of the first movie, when he rushes in on Mitsuru's motorcycle and summons Orpheus to defend Fuuka from the Emperor Full Moon Shadow. The Mass Destruction track that plays nails it.
  • Once Fuuka understand how the Emperor and Empress Shadows immunity against certain attacks work, S.E.E.S. proceeds to beat the hell out of the two Shadows, with Makoto dealing the final damage to the Emperor.

Midsummer Knight's Dream

  • The battle against the Lovers Shadow at the beginning of the movie ends with Makoto, Yukari, Akihiko and Mitsuru performing an All-Out Attack on it, complete with Yukari dealing a head shot to it.
  • Aegis's Big Damn Heroes moment is nothing short of both beautiful and awesome. She single-handedly takes out a group of Shadow Mooks using her Persona, then dodges literal fire as she shoots them while doing dynamic leaps. To mark her badass moment, her dress even burns off, revealing herself as a robot.
  • She pulls off another badass moment when she activates Orgia Mode, removing her limiters and making herself more powerful. The sheer angles and smoothness of the animation as she battles the Shadow is a sight to behold. A shame she burns out quickly...
  • And following right after that, we get Shinjiro's Big Damn Heroes moment, bursting open the locked doors with Castor and knocking back the Full Moon Shadow.

Falling Down

  • Akihiko and Ken take on Takaya and Jin while Mitsuru, Aigis and Yukari focus on the Hanged Man group to get revenge for Shinjiro. Despite some stumbles, they manage to beat them handily!
  • During most of the movie, Makoto had been trying to distance himself from others so that he wouldn't have to worry about losing them, like what happened with Shinjiro and Pharos parting words to him had been that it was better to be alone and not want anything. Ryoji's friendship, Aigis' determination to make sure that Makoto is safe, and Akihiko's story about how he dealt with Shinjiro's death started to make him rethink that. It then comes to a head in the battle against Jin and Takaya, where after seeing what Chidori and Junpei were able to accomplish because of their bond with each other he finally decides that he too can't ignore that his bonds with his friends means that he's never alone.
    Pharos: "You don't need anything. You don't want anything."
  • After hearing Takaya coldly dismiss Chidori's death, Junpei's new resolve transforms Hermes into Trismegistus, who proceeds to curbstomp Hypnos and permanently knock Takaya out of the fight.

Winter of Rebirth

  • After being separated from his friends, Makoto is left with one last obstacle before reaching the top of Tartarus; a Reaper. Since Orpheus' fire attacks won't work, Elizabeth grants it a new attack; Megidolaon. With a single strike, the Reaper is obliterated along with the floor beneath it.
  • During the battle against Nyx Avatar Makoto is desperately switching through Persona has he is trying to fight alone in what is pretty much a hopeless battle at this point. But then, as he is literally beaten into the ground, he recalls the moments he had spent with Ryoji, and gets up and summons Thanatos! Cue seeing the God of Death literally tear Nyx a new one.
    • How the fight ends deserves elaboration; after disarming Nyx Avatar of its sword, blasting it at point blank range and ripping off one of it's wings, sending it plummeting towards the ground, Thanatos swoops in to finish the job, before Nyx Avatar reclaims its discarded sword and stabs Thanatos in the head. But as Thanatos dissolves, the camera shows Makoto, sword drawn, diving towards Nyx Avatar's head while screaming, and plunges his sword so deep into Nyx Avatar's forehead that the mask cracks.
  • When SEES is cornered by shadows and Strega, all of their persona simultaneously evolve into their Ultimate persona from their iron resolve and pulled off a Total Party Kill on all the enemies!
    • The Moment of Awesome has to be when Akihiko takes down Takaya. After dodging a wing from Junpei and a lunge from Akihiko, a panicking Takaya draws out his revolver and fires off a wild shot at Akihiko speeding towards him, only for the latter to narrowly dodge the bullet just as quickly, prompting an Oh, Crap! look on Takaya's face, right before Akihiko uppercuts the bastard hard.
    • Watching Akihiko beat Takaya is EXTREMELY satisfying to watch, considering how much more of a prick Takaya's been, not to mention how poetic it is that Shinjiro's friend be the one to take down his killer.
    • Not to mention Aegis's way of defeating Jin. When he tries to blow them up using his grenade, she shoots out of his hand, with the end result being his last-ditch effort literally blowing up in his face.
  • Makoto fusing Orpheus and Thanatos into Messiah and saving his friends from a swarm of shadows. Messiah also emits a light so bright during this that it drowns out the glow from the descending Nyx, which later protects Makoto as he travels into it.
  • The final battle against Nyx's core, with The Battle for Everyone's Souls playing. Although Makoto is initially overwhelmed, his friends (including Shinjiro) voice out their support for him, giving Makoto the strength to continue forward and resists Nyx's attacks. Once Igor grants him the Universe Arcana, Makoto performs the Great Seal, sealing Nyx for good and ending the Dark Hour.