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Nightmare Fuel / Persona 3: The Movie

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  • The first time Makoto summons his Persona. Not only does Makoto have a flashback to his parents' deaths (already creepy enough), he grins the most evil slasher smile as he summons Orpheus for the first time. And then, when Orpheus gets some hits in (setting the roof on fire!), Makoto clutches his head and Orpheus imitates him, before his body starts convulsing from Thanatos inside. Makoto then lifts his head up and SCREAMS IN AGONY as his eyes glow bright blue. And then Thanatos bursts from Orpheus, who then proceeds to tear up the Shadow. Not helping is the reddish tint the Shadow now has when Thanatos crushes its final arm, dropping in splatters around Makoto who's breathing heavily from the strain.
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  • Try when we actually see Makoto enter the Dark Hour on his first night in Iwatodai. While the scene depicts him calmly walking on the streets, the kicker isn't that Makoto's...rather nightmarish surroundings don't even faze him at all, it's that he hears pained screams of terror from all around him, and he still isn't fazed. And the fact that he says he's been experiencing the Dark Hour since he was a kid means that he must have heard these screams before...and has gotten used to them.
  • The first scene of the movie details a guy flinging himself in front of an oncoming train. The people surrounding him initially don't even pay much attention to him before he does the deed. It's heavily implied that the Shadows had gotten to the poor guy's mind and pushed him to commit such a tragic act. The fact that we're constantly shoved with images of teens pointing guns to their heads later on throughout the movie doesn't desensitize us from the grimness of this scene.
  • Come the second movie, we have SEES walking through an underground former military base, with old skeletons sitting around in rags and carrying knives. There's also apparently toxic nerve gas. Don't think about that too hard.
    • One skeleton sticks out. He's clutching a rifle in his bony hands, aiming it toward his head... or rather where his head was. The only thing there now is a bullethole in the wall and a splatter of dried blood around it.
  • Berserk!Castor, once it appears during the Hermit battle, becomes this. With how it thrashes about wildly and brutally smashes the Hermit Shadow. It does not care if anything gets in its way. Not even a little kid. Small wonder Shinjiro needs those suppressors.
    • There's also Ken's memories of his mother's death. While the full details are obscured, what's shown is literally a nightmare as Ken witnesses his mother being smashed to death.
    • And then you see not even Shinjiro is immune to Castor's rampage. Seeing his own persona trying to strangle him was pretty unnerving.
  • The brief glimpse of Chidori cutting herself. Not helped by the fact that Takaya and Jin only give a shit because they see her as an asset to them.
  • Shinjiro's death is a lot more graphic than it was in the video game. More blood is shown because Shinjiro was first shot in the stomach instead of the knee, leading to Shinjiro struggling to stand while in a puddle of his own blood, and when he takes the second bullet for Ken, his attempt to shield him results in Ken nearly being crushed. And unlike the video game cutscene where Shinjiro manages to regain enough strength to take a few more steps before dying, here, Shiniro dies in Akihiko's arms due to having already lost too much blood. Words like Darker and Edgier don't even begin to subscribe it.
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  • Unlike the game, we actually get to see the incident that took place 10 years prior from Makoto's perspective, and based on what he had to witness (his mother trapped in the burning car, severely injured and bleeding, managing to utter some final words before being consumed in a fiery explosion, and then Makoto getting caught in the fight between Aigis and Ryoji), it's no wonder he became the way he was in the first movie.
  • Remember Medea strangling Chidori if she doesn't take her suppressants? It also almost happens to Yukari, even though her Persona was awakened naturally unlike Chidori's.
  • In movie #4, we see a glimpse of the game's bad ending, where Yuki decides to kill Ryoji. We get glimpses of SEES celebrating the new year, and later graduation, in blissful ignorance. The fantasy sequence ends with them having a celebratory dinner in the dorm, and taking a photo... but then the background music becomes distorted and red snow begins to fall over the image. Thankfully, Makoto is snapped out of it by Elizabeth before the sequence can descend further.