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The show is directed by the same person who did My Bride is a Mermaid and Angel Beats! and oh boy does it show!

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Episode 1: "You're myself, I'm yourself".

  • Chie frantically tells Yu to stop Yosuke from peeing right there in the room. Yu replies, "Huh? Why?" Chie's facial expression is priceless.

Episode 2: "The Contractor's key"

  • While Yosuke's Shadow rampaging trying to kill him, Yu punches Yosuke in the face, at the same time Izanagi punches the Shadow... except that wasn't the plan.
    Yu: Oops, wrong guy.
    • Alternatively, Yu meant to do that and was making a joke. Either way, it's pretty darn funny.
  • When Yu and Yosuke return from the Television World, a distraught and panicking Chie inverts Food as Bribe by saying she won't forgive them until she gets 10 orders of Beefsteak Yosuke quickly agrees and then says that Yu will help. Cue Chie...
    Chie: He's getting me nikudon.
  • After they escape from the Television World, Chie and Yosuke have a hug of victory, only for Chie to knee Yosuke in the stomach for "taking advantage of a situation."

Episode 3: "We are friends, aren't we?"

  • Yu's reaction to seeing Shadow Yukiko on the Midnight Channel: "...I wish I'd taped it." The sweatdrops on his face as he watches it totally make the scene.
  • Yu sticks his hand into the TV, only for Teddie to bite it. Chie's reaction is what really sells the moment, but it's even funnier when you consider the fact that the exact same thing happens in the game, and choosing that option makes Chie feel sorry for you instead.
    Yu: Something bit me.
    Chie: Are you alright?!
    Yu: (deadpan) I think I'm going to cry.
    Chie: No you're not.
    • Alternatively, in the English dub:
    Yu: Something bit me.
    Chie: Whoa! and it left teeth marks! Are you OK?!
    Yu: (deadpan) I might be dying.
    Chie: Mnnn... No, you're not.
  • When Yosuke is trying out swords in the shopping mall, and a Security guard comes to arrest them for 'suspicious behavior', Yosuke tries to talk his way out of it by saying he's just a "huge sword fanatic" and Yu just walks off saying "I'm not with him." It doesn't work.
    • And when Yosuke licks the sword like a complete psycho.
    • It's funnier for players of the game, where it's a hilarious Lampshade Hanging of the absurdity of teenagers being able to buy and use weapons like it's no big deal. The Persona 3 cast at least had justification for it (their weapons were provided through a connection in the police department), the P4 cast never did, which in a real-life situation probably would get them arrested.
      • To elaborate, the protagonist and Yosuke do get arrested for possessing weapons in the game. The difference? In the game, Chie then brings them to a weapons shop in the shopping district, and they decide to buy equipment that they can conceal under their clothes so as not to be suspicious. In the anime, they just give up on using weapons entirely and let their Personas do the work.

Episode 4: "Somewhere not here"

  • When Shadow Yukiko attacks with a fire barrage, Yosuke gets a case of hotfoot, and Teddie gets lit on fire.
  • After the fight ends, Teddie hands Yukiko the fake glasses. It's just as funny as in the game.

Episode 5: "Would you love me?"

  • Being a Breather Episode, it gets in some good ones, including Yu's increased exasperation over his relationship with Ai Ebihara, and the inevitable chewing-out about said relationship from Morooka.
  • Catfight, during a basketball game, between Ai and Chie, with Yosuke thinking it's all going according to plan.
  • Ai's attempted suicide. No, really.
    • The end of that scene, with Ai's ultimatum:
    Ai: Do it! Or I'll kill myself! [smiles cheerfully]
  • Yu asking Ai if she's alright after the boys made-up stories about her. Ai says that she's used to it. Then she turns around, blushing, she's actually happy and excited, looks at Yu straight in his eyes... with romantic music swelling... and Ai bluntly tells him that she loves Ichijo.
  • Yu's ring tone and the inner monologue that follows shortly after being direct send ups to Catherine. And its oddly appropriate. What makes the ring tone funnier is that its the same remixed section of Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen used for the Game Over screen in Catherine.
  • Yu's expression in his Print Club Photos with Ai.
    • Hell, Yu's distress while playing Ai's rebound-boyfriend, or getting stuck in a love triangle between Ai/Kou/Chie, period.
  • Yu's sudden coughing fit when Kou reveals he likes Chie is hilarious.
  • Basically, the entirety of the episode. It is GLORIOUS.

Episode 6: "I'll beat you, and beat you good"

  • Yosuke and Chie talking back and forth over their phones as if talking into walkie-talkies. Whilst standing two feet apart. They start serious, then the conversation devolves into calling each other idiots, then to Chie getting hungry, so she decides to order food right there. In short: Chie and Yosuke: worst stakeout team ever.
  • Now in the game and Japanese anime Chie says to Kanji that he's strange which Kanji is not too happy about. However in the English dub, Chie might have been a bit too honest:
    Chie: We're not trying to follow you or anything or I think you might be GAY and if you are that would be cool too! I think that's great!
    Kanji: (shocked) Did you say "gay"?
  • BEST! RAMEN! DELIVERY! SERVICE! EVER! The funniest part is Yosuke lampshading the ridiculousness of it all. The deadpan nature of the delivery girl Aika is what makes the scene. To sum it up: all that it lacked was... "Yakety Sax".
  • Yosuke telling Chie, whilst being chased by Kanji, that now's her chance to use the "You go ahead and I'll deal with this guy!" line from movies, and Chie admitting he has a point.
    • Whilst Yu, Yosuke & Yukiko are calming down after escaping from Kanji, Chie's sitting in the corner & happily finishing off her two bowls of nikudon.
  • And who could forget Kanji's Midnight Channel at the very end of the episode.
  • Yu's swimsuit... is very fashionable. In the dub, he comments on the quality of the stitching.

Episode 7: "Suspicious Tropical Paradise"

  • Oh Dear Lord; THIS episode. The team goes to rescue Kanji in the infamous "Bathhouse" dungeon, and those who have played the game will have a pretty good idea as to what's in store.
  • Shadow Kanji's scene on the midnight channel. All of it. Yu's reaction to it and visibly disturbed face afterwards just sells it.
  • Immediately after Kanji's scene on the midnight channel.
    Yosuke: D-did you just see that?!
    Yu: I did.
    Yosuke: So you saw...
    Yu: I sure did, want a copy?
    Yosuke: HELL NO!
    • English-dub version:
    Yosuke: Hey... did you see that?
    Yu: I did.
    Yosuke: So then... you saw?
    Yu: I saw it all. Want a copy?
    Yosuke: Eh - No.
  • After coming up upon the bathhouse, Stoic, Snarky Yu suddenly starts showing a rather large amount of hesitation, agreeing with Yosuke that maybe they should pull out and leave this one to the girls.
  • When being pulled into the bathhouse.
  • In the dub, Yu's repeated insistence that they go & get a bite to eat rather than rescuing Kanji.
  • When they first meet Shadow Kanji, before he's even spoken a full paragraph, a very uncomfortable Yu and Yosuke immediately summon their Personas out as the battle music kicks in. Chie and Yukiko have to calm them down, which causes the music to phase out...
    Chie: Alright, alright! Wait a sec!
    Yosuke: Screw that, I say we just get this done! I don't know if I can take another second in this freaky place!
    • ... only for another few words to cause Chie to summon her's, leaving Yukiko and Teddie to calm them down, also with the music phasing out again.
    Teddie: C'mon Chie! Not you too!
    Chie: Sorry, but this guy really bugs!
    Yu: Yeah, just a bit.
  • Shadow Kanji having a comically high pitched voice, compounded by his Camp Gay demeanor.
  • Yukiko's denial that her shadow was anything like Kanji's (which includes an exasperated denial, and then going Blue with Shock (blue waves variant)) resulting in her getting so pissed off she sets an entire group of shadows on fire, and coincidentally, Yosuke too, by way of Jiraiya getting caught in the crossfire. He immediately after gets frozen solid when Chie follows up by freezing them, again, catching Jiraiya in it.
  • When they finally make it to the top, Yu and Yosuke continue their hesitation citing that they'll probably see something they won't be able to forget. Chie pushes them through anyway, and they see Kanji pinning his shadow in a very suggestive position, causing the whole gang (except Teddie) to groan "I told ya so" (In Japanese)/ "This is really awkward" (In English). Even better if you see Yukiko tries to cover her eyes not to see that.
    Kanji: What are you guys doing here?
    Yosuke: Well we came here...
    Yu: save you...
    Kanji: Well you're sure as hell don't sound so motivated!
  • The room with Shadow Kanji gets covered with some sort of slime. Chie and Yukiko slip and begin slipping around in it trying to get back to their feet, prompting this response from the guys:
    Yosuke: (in a very excited tone) "Narukami, you wouldn't happen to have video camera handy, would you?"
    Yu: "Damn. No!"
  • When the fight begins, Kanji's flunkies resist the initial attacks (as per the game, absorbing fire and nulling physical), the looks on their faces are priceless (especially Nice Guy, who nullifies Tomoe's physical attack and responds with a very deep, misplaced, and genuine English voice: "Hey! Come on, baby!")
    • The flunkies' ridiculous faces make them even more hilarious.
    • Following this, one of the guys sneak up behind Yu and Yosuke and gropes them, they briefly enjoy it before it sends them both crashing to the floor. Immediately after, the other one looks at Yukiko and calls her red tacky, which absolutely infuriates her. The other one opts to sneak up behind Chie and rests his arm on her shoulder, nodding understandingly and saying nothing note , which gets Chie pissed off as well.
    • Both of those examples are probably imitating two game-specific moves. One that causes poison in guys and another that causes rage in girls.

Episode 8: "We've lost something important again"

  • Considering which event from the game that this episode adapts, this episode is no slouch on this either. Specially in regards to Kanji. POOR KANJI.
  • Yu brings along the gaudy swimsuit Dojima gave him and claims it's trendy (who knows if he was kidding or not); Kanji concurs.
  • The Bizarre Transitions between scenes screamed out by an offscreen Teddie: PERSONA!
  • Seeing Chie and Yukiko knock the ''three'' dudes (a grinning Yosuke, a completely deadpan Narukami - in his... nice fuchsia swimsuit - and a nose bleeding Kanji) off a cliff and into the river was freaking HILARIOUS.
  • The... curry-looking mostrosity that the girls came up with. And anything relating to it. Better, getting a few glimpses of what they actually put into it, having culinary knowledge of curry ingredients, it's... not a good outlook.
    • Yu's reaction to the curry in general. He acts like it's a living abomination, and refuses to look at it directly.
      Yosuke: Normally, curry either smells really spicy or really mild! But that just smells!
      Yu: It's a whole new creation...
  • "Is our chastity in danger?" Cue Muscle Blues playing in the background.
    Kanji: Senpai! Didn't you accept me?
    Yu: Not at night.
  • Also this:
    Kanji: I'll enter the girls' tent!! I'll show you I'm a man!!
    Yu: Great, go on.
    • Alternatively, in the dub:
    Yu: For some girls that is true.
  • After Kanji's incapacitated by Chie, he's... ahem... smooshed in-between a snoring Hanako Ohtani... and seems to like it.
  • This exchange from the morning after the incident above
    Kanji: You guys are going swimming? I'll pass, I'm too tired.
    Yosuke: Hey, you okay?
    Yu: Were you able to get any sleep?

Episode 9: "No one sees the real me"

  • Kanji asks Yukiko if she's ever pissed anyone off. Yukiko severely answers "Never," before Kanji can finish his sentence, and resists any attempts at prying.
    • The fact that Yukiko answers to bluntly and suddenly that the background music stops entirely.
  • Yosuke fanboying over Rise's physique by comparing her to Chie's. Yu says he thinks Chie's body is fine.
  • Chie and Yukiko pointing out that Yu, Yosuke and Kanji are looking very suspicious while trailing Rise. Yu asks Yosuke if he's the killer.
  • Kanji expressing his gratitude for a delicious meal, then immediately going after a suspect in a cacophonic rage.
  • Yu and Rise have a heartwarming bonding moment over their mutual love for origami. Then Yu tells Rise her origami sucks.
    • After being irritated by Yu's comment on the quality of her first Swan, Rise comments she's a lot better when she tries & makes a second (Vastly improved) Swan. Yu then places his Swan next to it, and his is small enough that it looks like a child in comparison.
  • Yosuke pisses off Chie yet again, resulting in the first official Groin Attack of the anime, while she does it, she calls out "Jiraiya!", sending Yukiko into a laughing fit over the fact she said the name of the wrong persona. Yukiko then goes on to describe it in detail. Then she makes a one-off about Chie's Persona being a "Chie pet"...then makes a one-off about how Chie is Moe.
  • As they chase after the stalker, Chie launches off an All-Out Attack with Yosuke and Kanji to subdue the guy together.
  • Kanji telling Yosuke "Down boy!" Thank you Troy Baker.

Episode 10: "Real Me Doesn't Exist"

Episode 11: "Catch Me If You Can"

  • When the gang discuss King Moron's death in Aiya's restaurant, Aika serves them their special nikudon for free. However, 40 minutes later as the gang can't finish eating, she asks them to pay despite saying it's on the house. Noteworthy that the very nikudon is (in)famous for the Meat Dimension comment mentioned above... The tab given by Aiya after saying it's on the house is also reference to the "Rainy Day Mega Beef Bowl Challenge" in the game, where it's on the house if you are able to finish it, and since the gang didn't...
  • Before starting on the nikudon bowl, Yu mentally vocalizes the spiel for being unable to finish it when the game goes over what stats you need to do so, played to the "Social link rank up" music. Made even funnier in the English dub with Johnny Yong Bosch seriously hamming it up.
    Yu: It takes Understanding to accept it as a whole! Knowledge to set the proper pace! Courage to attack the mountain of meat and Dedication to keep on eating! All these skills are needed to finish off the MEGA BEEF BOWL!
  • There's a Running Gag of Teddie's original body (the head) being "left behind" after he dons a human one... and having a poor unassuming kid find it and have screaming fits over it since, well, the head somehow has a scary look. The first time even gets a nice Description Cut going from Chie asking where it is to a kid bawling in front of it.
  • Yu's deadpan reaction to Miss Kashiwagi when she enters the classroom.

Episode 12: "It's Not Empty At All"

  • The whole omelette incident... well, the second one. Not the first one... definitely not the first one. To put it simply, the second one plays exactly how it happens in the game. The first one... Well... Let's just say that this is where the friendship Deconstruction began. Though the "I put Wasabi in one of them" joke was pretty funny.
  • When Teddie seduces a middle aged woman. That is, before the Deconstruction begins...
  • Teddie summoning his Persona... and is promptly ignored. Teddie then proceeds to lose horribly against them. To elaborate: the dice type enemy he's fighting are unremarkable except for their special self-destruct, which means he was getting beaten by one of the most physically inferior shadow types.

Episode 13: "A Stormy Summer Vacation 1/2"

  • Yu's comment that "Heroes these days sure aren't what they used to be" is absolutely hilarious when you remember which franchise Johnny Yong Bosch first starred in, back in the early 90s.
  • Because he was Out of Focus in this episode, no context is ever given for Yu's actions. This leads to two hilarious Big Lipped Alligator Moments:
    • Yu wearing Teddie's costume and his Epic Fail attempt at mimicking his mannerisms.
    Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji and Rise: That is so not right...
    • Yu appearing in his Explosive Fishing uniform.
    • Everyone (especially Nanako) catching glimpses of Yu engaging in several Social Links without any context to explain his actions. Especially when he's caught spending time with two attractive older women on separate occasions. Then when Rise wants to investigate Yu's behavior, Yukiko and Chie are worried about getting seen by him. Teddie gives them all a disguise to wear...The gag glasses. And then the girls reactions when they see Yu hanging out with Hisano.
  • Nanako dressing up as a detective character from one of her cartoons in order to investigate Yu's behavior, only to have her toy spout out the wrong lines.
    Nanako: It's Magical Detective Loveline!
    Toy: Want me to fill you with holes?
    • The dub changes it to this, and with the toy speaking in an upper-class British accent to boot:
    Nanako: I'm the Magical Detective Loveline!
    Toy: Stop or I'll put a cap in ya!
  • Kanji's evil expression while eating a watermelon piece in the background.
    • Before that, Kanji asking 'Where the hell is that watermelon?' and going on to mutter 'WATERMELON!' in the background.

Episode 14: "A Stormy Summer Vacation 2/2"

  • To sum up, this episode narrates the same stuff that happened in the last one, but from Narukami's POV. Some of them are just as funny, specially when he's trying to handle a group of kids he's taking care of... and that turns out to be the reason why he wore Teddie's costume in the first place.
  • The "Holy Crap!" expression on Narukami's face when the Guardian jumps out of the river is also a sight to behold. This probably is one of the few incidents where his face expression changed so dramatically. In the English-dub, if one listens very closely, he actually whimpers when he sees it. Then Narukami goes out to fish after receiving his package from Tanaka's Amazing Commodities. His progress while fishing for the Guardian is then seen: He has spent the whole damn day at the riverbank. It's late at night and there's at least a dozen buckets behind him filled with either fish or trash. Then he pulls out his TV World glasses.
  • Can't forget the getting the Arcana Music/Social Link Rank Up playing while he's out to fish, and Reach Out to the Truth playing while he's fishing!?
  • After the whole fishing ordeal, it cuts to Narukami at the festival with Yosuke, Kanji, and Teddie the next night. The first thing seen is Yu with a vacant gaze and bags under his eyes.
  • Teddie's face after eating too much shaved ice.
  • Yosuke narrating the whole episode in such a deadpan manner. The dub changes this to have Yu himself narrating the episode.
  • Yu after getting the paycheck for the daycare center... found out that it's not enough to buy a Neo Featherman mecha action figure. He laments it like a Tokusatsu villain getting his plan thwarted. Inherently funnier in the English dub for one specific reason.note 
    Damn you/Onore, Neo Featherman!!
  • Dojima nonchalontly commenting that he just dumped his work, which was going to stop him from taking Nanako to the Culture Festival, on Adachi.
  • Pay attention to the ads on the side of the bus Yu is waiting for. One of them mentions that the supposedly-broken toy he is trying to pay to replace is designed to be separated and put back together, a Call-Back to the kid trying to explain that it wasn't broken to begin with.
  • How about when Sayoko hits on Yu. Specifically his response.
    Yu: Can't, I have to work. *slams door*

Episode 15: "The Long-Awaited School Trip"

  • The love hotel, the girls are all having fun with it and taking it in stride, the men not so much with Kanji around. While Kanji and Yosuke fight, Teddie comes up and knocks them onto the bed, Yu, being Yu, just watches calmly with a glass of water in hand, only breaking it to take a picture when everyone's in odd positions.
    Yu: I'm posting this picture on my Wall.
  • King's Game. This was arguably the funniest moment in the game, and the anime does it great justice by showing Yu getting drunk as well.
    • Drunk!Yu gets so hot that he completely unbuttons his shirt in front of everyone. Made even funnier by the fact that it's a Call-Back to his first summoning of Izanagi. Of course, Yu may not actually be drunk, given his rather strange sense of humor. His later comment at the Hagakure implies that he was just playing around and got a little carried away.
    • Rise demanding Kanji get the chopsticks ready, only for Yu to immediately pull them out of nowhere & hand them to Rise like a gracious subject.
    • Yu as king. Remember the four choices from the game? ignores the piggyback ride that Yosuke's pick and goes straigh through Chie's, Yukiko's, and Rise's in quick succession. The end result is this. If Yu is a Sex God then Yukiko and Rise are a pair of Lovable Sex Maniacs. Of course, Yosuke has to bitch about it, prompting:
      Yosuke: Dude! You can't hog all three of them at once!!
      Drunk!Yu: I can, because I'm the king.
      • Before that, Yu annoucing who will have to play... by throwing dart in freakin' slow-mo and hitting number he just called.
      • What sells the moment entirely is Mass Destructionnote  playing once Yu reveals himself as the king. It adds to the ridiculousness of the scene.
    • The fact that Yosuke and Chie were the only ones who bothered to act the role of Only Sane Man and point out the absurdiy of their drunk friends' behaviour (Kanji and Naoto weren't drunk, but they didn't really do anything) makes the whole scene even funnier.
    • Chie being reluctant to sit on Yu's lap. Looks suspiciously like the famous scene in Kuso Miso Technique. Let's not forget the Arcana Music/Social Link Rank Up playing in this scene.
    • Yu revealing the next day he was just acting the part. Suuureee...
  • Teddie eating at the Ramen shop in his costume. And "being a gentlebear and helping"... er, eating Yukiko's meal.
    Teddie: But you were all done.
    • And then this happens:
    Teddie: Guys... I think I ate too much, I can't move. Someone help me!
    (the room looks gloomy due to that)
    Yukiko: I say we leave him.
    Yu: And the Queen's orders are absolute.
    Yosuke: So long Teddie. I'm leaving behind the memories of my misspent youth and you.
    (Everyone except Naoto gathers around Teddie and claps their hands in prayer as the prayer bell rings)
    Teddie: (shock and panics) Wait! No not cool guys! I don't have enough money! I can't buy a ticket baaaaaaaccckkkkkk!

Episode 16: "Although the Case Was Closed"

  • Yosuke, Yukiko and Chie not letting Teddie mooch their food while they casually discuss the case at Junes is hilarious.
  • The girls freaking out when Yosuke gets hit with Shadow Naoto's Galgalim Eyes attack and turns into an old man. To elaborate: In-game, the skill causes the "Enervation" status effect, which halves the target's stats. In the Japanese version, the Enervation spell was named Aging. And let's not forget this exchange:
    Old Yosuke: You've been so good to me over the years.
    Yu: Not really, I've been the same.
    Old Yosuke: You and me, we've been old chums for decades now.
    Yu: Or less than a year.
    Old Yosuke: Feels like yesterday we were young whippersnappers going inside the TV looking for Naoto...
    Yu: Yeah, actually that happened today.

Episode 17: "I Want to Know the Truth"

  • Margaret telling the sad tale of Black Frost then stumbling over his name at the end, causing her lament to stop instantly, clear her throat, fail a second time, looking quite embarrassed and blushing
    Margaret: L's and R's are hard.
    • Then Fridge Logic hits in as you realize that story was probably Margaret's way of hitting on Yu but suggesting that she was "Black Frost" and how having the protagonist there was what made her realize how much she longed for a friend. The blush that accompanies the line now has a whole new meaning. Actually, this is canon: in the game during her Social Link quest where you are asked to bring her the persona Black Frost with the requested skill, she'll say this after you do so.
    • This may not make much sense for English speakers, but in Japanese, she had to say Blaaku Furosuto (Black Frost), but said Jakku Furosuto (Jack Frost) instead, which makes sense given how similar the phonetics are. Also, in Japanese:
  • Yu gets hit by Galgalim Eyes as well. Chie and Yukiko to freak out while Rise thinks the new older Yu is extremely cool.
    • You think Yu and Yosuke were funny, how about when Teddie gets hit by the spell? The conversations the three of them have are also pretty funny, as they even act like stereotypical old guys (and in Japanese, they use proper grammar).
    • Let's not forget the utter horror of the girls when Shadow Naoto chases after them to use Galgalim Eyes.
    Rise: (in the middle of their girly run) Noooooooo! I'd rather die!
  • When Teddie use Energy Shower and restore himself along with Yu and Yosuke, he gets a cutscene. Of his older version.
  • The first conversation Teddie has with Naoto: "Wow, you're such a sweetie pie! May I flirt with you?" Oh Teddie, never change. And of course Naoto's deadpan reply: "I won't cooperate with you on that one."
  • Old Teddie summoning his persona is also pretty funny, due to the onscreen text when it happens.
    Caption: Burning up.note 
  • The medical exams in the English dub. After everyone but Kanji and Yu leaves the room to chase after Naoto:
    Yu: Aren't you even the least bit curious, Kanji?
    Kanji: H-Huh! About what?
    Yu: Naoto. Big melons or not.
    Kanji: What?! What the hell are you asking me?! I-I didn't look at her tits, I swear!
    Yu: ...Okay.
    Kanji: (calms down)
    Kanji: But that chick... she is pretty amazing.
    Yu: Which chick? Oh right, funbags.
    • And preceeding that, the conversation that caused Naoto to bail:
    Rise: Naoto...this says you're stacked.
    Kanji: *gasp*
    Rise: They didn't get the measurement wrong, did they?
    Yosuke: This information is freaking me out! I dunno how to take it!
  • At the very end of the episode, Yu asks Naoto to help him solve a case of his own. She accepts... and it turns out to be solving the mystery of the Mega Beef Bowl. Naoto then Lampshades Yu's obsession with Mundane Made Awesome... and goes along with it, being surprisigly serious about it.
    Naoto: Hmm... beneath the meat... more meat. Beneath that meat... more meat. Perhaps this is based off some sort of carnivorous initiation?

Episode 19: "It's School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun!"

  • During the opening, if you look carefully you can see the joke glasses fall when everyone else throws theirs off.
  • Yu giving a 30-minute long monologue on why he thinks the girls should enter the pageant. And it works.
    Rise: Oh, Yu? Aren't you glad we're going to be in the beauty contest?
    Yosuke: Hey, you're totally stoked about it. Aren't ya, bro?
    Yu: I'm just going to say this once: for this beauty pageant...
    * cue above mentioned monologue with Yu making exaggerated expressions with his arms*
    Yu: *while Yosuke is nodding his head in agreement* In short, you must enter.
    Chie: *completely taken aback and resigned* Okay, okay, fine. You've totally made your point.
  • After hearing Yosuke entered the girls into the pageant, Chie gives him her signature Galactic Punt. Twice.
    Chie: (Realizes why Yosuke picks her and Galactic Punt him... again) I DON'T WANT TO BE THE COMIC RELIEF!!
  • One word in the English dub that comes out after Yosuke confront Chie regarding her entering them in the cross-dressing pageant: "Problem?!"
  • When Yosuke says that one of the guys needs to play female for the group date:
    Yosuke: "Well, I guess someone will have to look pretty and jump over to the girls side..." (pan out to show Yu's already sitting on the girls side) "CRAP THAT WAS FAST!"
    • Hell, not only that, JYB even did a very good high pitch tone when acting in character as female. If that's not awesome enough, he manage to seduce Yosuke easily.
    Yosuke: AW, HE-HE-HE-HELL NO!!!
    Yukiko: Is something wrong, Yosuke?
    Yosuke: Very wrong! I dunno what happened! I think I just went somewhere that I could never come back from!
    Yu (still in character): Is it my voice?
    Yosuke: KNOCK IT OFF!!!
  • Yu's repeated references to the King's Game. He really wants to play it again. He even drew numbers on the chopsticks for the group Date cafe. Speaking of which THE GROUP DATE CAFE.
  • After their classmate Daisuke says he hates girls Yosuke immediately asks Kanji "Whatcha blushing for?" Kanji proceeds to beat Yosuke up (he actually wasn't blushing though, interestingly enough). The dub changes it to Yosuke teasingly telling Kanji "He's mysterious."
  • The anime rendition of the Cafe scene. Oh my, Yosuke, stop fighting it.
  • Igor and Margeret were "out for errand", leaving the Velvet Room with only a note congratulating Yu on getting the two Dojimas' Social Links. Turns out they went to the school festival doing fortune-telling.note 
  • Aria of the Soul playing from a tape recorder.
  • The "result" of Nanako's Fortune Telling.
  • Ebihara then asks about Yu's lovelife. The fortune teller claims she has an advantage in that context. Yu realizes that the fortune teller is Margaret. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The infamous crossdressing pageant.
    • Yu goes with the "tomboy sadistic gang leader" approach. The girls seemed to be oddly attracted. As does one guy.
    • And of course there's Teddie's Alice impression, which includes a "shooting the crowd with hearts" act, dazzling everyone. As in, everyone.
    • To say nothing of the girls' beauty pageant.
      Yosuke: YOU BIG LIAR, IT'S MEAT!
      • Kanji's random Burning up moment when Naoto's flinching from going out in a swimsuit.
      • Yosuke, in complete deadpan, telling Kanji to clean his Nose Bleed.
  • Ayane plays "Never More" on the trombone (badly). Look carefully into the credits. It was "Moegod" Meguro himself! It also plays even during the scene where Rise and Yu are talking on the roof after the beauty pageant.
  • The photo of the Investigation Team that Rise leaves for Yu at his desk - The guys are all in drag, and Naoto's holding the Group date Cafe sign infront of Teddie's face.
  • Yu's repeated insistence that he wants to look pretty in drag.

Episode 20: "We'll all meet at the AMAGIYA Hotel"

  • Margaret singing "The Song of Long Nose." Right next to Igor.
    Margaret: What happens in the Velvet Room nobody knows, but the master has a very long nose...
    • Cue Igor scowling at Margaret. Although this could count as Crossing The Line Twice, because Igor's Japanese voice actor has passed away and therefore Igor cannot speak other than pre-recorded voices used in the game.
      • Doubly hilarious if you know that this is canon.
  • Naoto wearing the guys' blue robes instead of the red robes the girls are wearing.
  • Nanako went to the school festival too. All the food, the dance, the ghost house, and the fortune-telling! There was a beautiful big sister who said onii-chan is a gigolo!
    • In the dub, Nanako said that Margaret said Yu is a "man-whore." Hearing Nanako say that is funny enough, but knowing that Margaret said that is funny itself.
    • Later in the episode, Nanako learns another new word:
    Nanako: Teddie, big bro...are you guys... horny?
  • Teddie asking if the baths are mixed sex, and his annoyed dismissiveness when Kanji says they aren't.
  • To clear their heads after being booted out of the hot springs, Yosuke and Kanji engage in some table tennis, complete with Battle Yells. Later, when the girls continue to accuse the guys, Nanako asks whether Yu and Teddie are perverts with the most innocent face ever. Completely aghast by her question, the two resort to table tennis, too.
  • Watching Yu, of all people, go Blue with Shock is hilarious. Better yet, his battle cry during table tennis?
    Yu: Persona!
  • The boys sneaking into girl's room, only to find out that the room belongs not to girls, but Ohtani Hanako and Noriko-sensei. Cue Edge of Madness playing in the background...
  • And then there's this bit, which gives us a surprising f-bomb from Kanji (at least in the dubbed version).
    Yosuke: (half-asleep) Why does nothing good ever happen to us...?
    Kanji: (also half-asleep) Fuck off...
    Yosuke: My bad...
  • When the girls are in the hot springs and Teddie jumps in.
    • Cue screaming and bath buckets being thrown at the guys. Yosuke and Kanji ask Yu what to do and he says to muster their courage hold their ground. Girls are silent for like 3 seconds and then start throwing more buckets. Yosuke asks what does courage have to do with this, just when a bucket breaks as it hits Yu in the face. Yu agrees. A hasty retreat is ordered.
      Yu: I'm sorry... If only I had devised a better plan of attack instead of retreating...
      • Even funnier considering that Naoto is with the girls, and she's wholeheartedly throwing buckets with the best of them.
      • The scene ends with Yukiko realizing that the open air bath is open to men and women, she got the time wrong and the girls are the ones that shouldn't have been there. ... Whoopsie?
      • And take a good look at Yosuke's face after all of this. His black eyes make him look like a panda.
      • The English dub plays taps in the background during this scene.

Episode 23: "In Order to Find the Truth"

  • While being quite gloomy in comparison to the other episodes, it has one small scene. Yu finally gets to the bottom of the ridiculous bowl in Aiya's (with the Social Link ending theme playing). She stoically gives him a thumb up for achieving such a feat.
  • Amidst the panic about the fog, a Doomsayer screams "Junes Kingdom is invading! Everyone, run for it! Run!"

Episode 25: "We Can Change The World"

  • In the director's cut's Time Skip montage glossing over Yu's final months in Inaba, there's a blink-and-you-miss-it shot of his desk on Valentine's Day, with boxes of chocolates from all four of the girls. Maybe Margaret wasn't that far off the mark with what she told Nanako...
  • As Yu prepares to get on his train out of Inaba, Nanako declares she wants to marry him. The Investigation Team are all shocked, whilst Dojima just laughs & says Yu wouldn't be a bad choice... Only to immediate turn around & declare that it's not going to happen, and that he's not even going to let Nanako date.

True End Episode - "No One is Alone"

  • Yu's slow descent into insanity may count as one. He spoon-feeds Yosuke with Chie and Yukiko's intoxicating food, approves of Teddie's "stud-seeking" poster to put up outside the house, and assists Chie and Yukiko in their horrendous cooking by suggesting to add flan and two jelly desserts into it.

The Factor of Hope

  • During one of the movie exclusive scenes, Nanako eats a slice of the Christmas cake and exclaims that it's delicious. Cue shocked expressions from the guys followed by Yu nervously putting a piece of cake in his mouth.


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