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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • First episode: Yu summons Izanagi for the first time, which he uses to absolutely rip apart the shadows as he unbuttons his previously buttoned up uniform.
  • In episode 2, Yu punches Yosuke at this point to snap him out of his Heroic BSoD. Which quickly turns from awesome to hilarious when Yu deadpans, "Oops, wrong guy." (Yu being Yu, it's hard to tell if he's serious or not, but it's still awesome either way.)
    • After Yu gives him a pep talk, Yosuke calmly walks towards his rampaging Shadow and admits that everything it said about him was true. Not only does this stop the Shadow in its tracks (right when it was about to attack Yosuke, too), but the ensuing Villainous Breakdown also gives an opening for Yu to finish it off.
  • Episode 3
    • Things look grim during the fight against Shadow Chie... until Yu breaks out the Wild Card ability and summons PYRO JACK. Needless to say, ass-kicking ensues.
    • This is also the episode when Yosuke summons Jiraiya for the first time and begins to show his badass side, mowing down shadows alongside Yu as they try to catch up to Chie.
    • Probably the best part is when Yu and Yosuke finish off Shadow Chie with a team-attack.
  • Episode 4
    • The Shadow Yukiko fight. That is all.
    • Chie snapping Yukiko out of her Heroic BSoD in the middle of the room, which is engulfed in flame (Chie's weakness, mind you). THAT is all.
  • Episode 5
    • Even as a Breather Episode, Yu Narukami still gets one when he clears two Social Links in April! Something that should not even be possible in gameplay, he pulls it off in the anime with no sweat! The end of the episode just confirms it when he is holding two Persona cards (Moon and Strength).
    • Not to mention that one of the two he completes is completely infuriating.
    • As if that wasn't awesome enough, during the summer vacation, Yu clears no less than five Social Links - specifically Hermit, Tower, Death, Temperance and Devil. Why? So he can get enough money to buy Nanako a new umbrella after she gave her old one to the fox.
  • Episode 6
    • Best. Ramen. Delivery. Ever! Aiya Ramen truly deserves a Crowning Moment of Awesomely Funny nomination for that one.
    • You know how they MENTIONED Kanji confronting a biker gang? Well in the anime, they show him doing it, and he confronts them, MARVELOUSLY!
  • Episode 7
    • Kanji punching out his Shadow self was awesome in the video game. Here? He punches his BERSERKED Shadow self!
    • Narukami fusing his personas in the middle of the battle was pretty epic too. Oh and he summons Yamata-no-Orochi.
  • Episode 10
    • Kanji summons his Persona for the first time (By freaking UPPERCUTTING the card) and proceeds to bulldoze through the Mooks Shadow Rise left behind(before this, the others weren't hitting, due to elemental properties blocking the attacks.)
    • Teddie going boom to beat Shadow Rise... by WALKING THROUGH her BFG. Prior to that we see Shadow Rise's attempt at scanning him. One of the boxes translates as "Isn't this kinda bad?" since she can't get a reading.
    • Rise also summons her Persona for the first time, using her analyzing feature to allow Izanagi to ONESHOT Shadow Teddie by puncturing Ameno-Sagiri hiding inside him. That's right, this hard boss in the game just got beat with ONE blow.
  • Episode 11
    • Yu saves Nanako from an angry customer who turns out to be Mitsuo, King Moron's murderer. Then it quickly turns into a CMOF after Yu remembers why he was at Junes in the first place.
    • Also, Kanji and Chie immediately jumping to Yukiko's defense when she's harassed by Mitsuo, the same dude that harassed Nanako.
  • Episode 12
    • The Shadow Mitsuo battle. Every second of it, from Yu's friends stopping him from forming his shell, to Yu summoning Makami, King Frost, High Pixie, Pyro Jack, Yamato-no-Orochi, Leanan Sidhe, Rakshasa and Ara Mitama in rapid succession to ward off Shadow Mitsuo's attacks, before finishing him off with Izanagi. All of it set to the Reincarnation version of I'll Face Myself.
    • Especially the line he delivers right before launching his attack: "I am not empty!" (In response to the Shadow telling him that he was empty, had no bonds, and that his friendships were an illusion.) And in the dub: "I am FAR... from empty!"
    • Even more awesome when you realize that each of the Personae that are being used are from a different Social Link arcana that Yu's established.note  He's using the bonds that the Shadow claimed he didn't have to beat him down!
    • It also rather nicely emphasizes Yu's Wild Card ability. Prior to this, most of the battles only features Yu using a few Personae at a time, and often only Izanagi. Seeing the full power of the Wild Card is very impressive.
    • To expand on the above, when the team is able to expose the Shadow, it immediately beings reconstructing its shell. Who's the first to step in and try to stop it? Kanji.
      Yukiko: "He's rebuilding his defenses!"
      Take-Mikazuchi flies in and grabs one of the blocks
    • And when Yu gets sucked into the Lotus-Eater Machine. The person that gets him out? Yosuke, the one person in the Investigation Team who, in the "memories", never actually started ghosting Yu- he was the last person to talk with him before Yu attempted to go into the TV. Best friends indeed, and with quite the rescue from Yosuke. Doubles as a heartwarming momwnt as well.
  • Episode 14
    • Yu vs. the Guardian of the Samegawa. In the game, this is an incredibly annoying task which will take multiple days. In the anime, Yu spends the day trying to catch it before deciding to pull out his glasses, dramatically throw them on, and drag the fish out while Reach Out to the Truth plays in the background. The only question remaining being why was this not possible in the game?
    • Plus, he apparently summons Izanagi (he's seen summoning, but the Persona summoned is not shown) to blast the fish out of the water. Yes, he summoned a Persona outside of the TV world.
    • Actually, it would seem more like (and this is supported by the Amagi Inn episode where he does it again) he just shouts "Persona!" as a battle cry to psych himself up. Which means he pulled that fish out entirely on his own.
  • Episode 17
    • Yu once again fuses mid battle, this time with SIX different Arcana, allowing him to summon Beelzebub of the Devil Arcana at level 87, which promptly begins to utterly destroy Naoto's shadow with the almighty spell Megidolaon.
    • It didn't just destroy Shadow Naoto, it demolished the whole dungeon! Doubles as Fridge Brilliance: Naoto's dungeon is supposed to be the lair of a tokusatsu villain, and we all know how those typically end up.
    • In addition, Kanji going full on Determinator, continuing to fight against Naoto's Shadow despite getting repeatedly blown back. The shadow eventually has to level a constant stream of ray gun fire on Taki-Mikazuchi just to shut Kanji down, allowing Beelzebub to ambush her from behind and smash her into the wall hard enough to leave a crater.
      • Take note that he was holding the fort alone; the girls ran away to avoid being aged rapidly like the boys, who were physically and mentally taken out of comission by said aging.
    • Teddie gets a minor one when he uses "Energy Shower", rejuvenating himself, Yu, and Youske and effectively turning the tide of the battle
    • Rise's powers got shown off that episode too, showing that support is pretty handy. She was even able to tell what attack Naoto's shadow was going to use next!
  • Episode 20: Yukiko basically telling the reporters to "get the hell out of her inn" was pretty badass considering how she usually acts.
  • Episode 21: Rise and Teddie get theirs when they do their best to calm Yu down after he goes into an Heroic BSoD. Considering that this happened not just after Nanako was kidnapped and thrown into the Midnight Channel, but after finding the kidnapper's truck, but neither Nanako nor the culprit are there — and Doujima has been seriously injured. The fact that both of them managed to pull this off despite how it keeps getting worse and worse speaks volumes about the strength their wills.
  • Episode 22
    • Many in rapid succession that also double as Heartwarming.
    • First, Kunino-Sagiri takes control of Yu, which obviously causes a few problems. But not only are the rest of the Investigation Team able to stop Beelzebub from unleashing Megidoloan, but after seeing Nanako fall, Yu grabs the Mind-Control Device and breaks it with the hand (Badly burning his own hand in the process) wearing Nanako's Bead Ring, just in time to catch her.
    • So what does Kunino-Sagiri do next? Control everyone else. Solution? Fuse the ultimate Hierophant Persona, Kohryu (bonus points for Kunino-Sagiri actually recognizing Kohryu, sounding afraid) with the help of the spirit of Dojima to break everyone's control, allowing them to take credit for once for destroying the boss. With the mostly pretty weak Teddie being the one that delivers the Coup de GrĂ¢ce, Kintoki-douji popping his tomahawk missile on Kunino's chest.
    • Finally, Kunio-Sagiri's defeat unleashes a vortex of many shadows. The bond with Nanako allows Yu to summon the ultimate Justice Persona, Sraosha. Dat Mahamaon.
  • Episode 23: Yu choosing NOT to kill Nametama by throwing him into the tv and instead continue the team's pursuit for the truth.
  • Episode 24
    • The Investigation Team holding off three Reapers, while Yu prepares to duel the true killer one-on-one.
      • Kanji's Persona Tackles one of the Reapers.
      • Yukiko: "I'm going to watch you BURN!" This is right after she learns Adachi killed Yamano in the lobby of her family's inn. By this point, she has to come to truly love the Amagi Inn, and now considers the inn her birthright. He defiled it by committing murder inside the inn, therefore, Berserk Button.
      • Adachi was regarded as something of a pushover in his boss fight from the game. Here, he is controlling three Reapers!
    • Yu keeping his cool though the killer's Motive Rant, then delivering a short but effective response.
    • Yosuke manages to pull off a surprisingly good Death Glare alongside Yu when they confront Adachi in the hospital.
  • Episode 25 is amazing. Everyone gets their own moment in an epic Shut Up, Hannibal! to the true killer.
    • Yu's utterly badass line that kicks the whole thing off.
      Yu: I've heard enough; It's all Bullshit! No matter what you say, you won't get away with this! And that, Is the TRUTH!
    • Chie takes out one of the Reapers by smashing it with God Hand.
    • Teddie destroys another Reaper, Kintoki-douji hammering it with his tomahawk missile so hard the thing actually crumples on impact before detonating.
      *tink* BOOM!
    • Which comes right on the tail of Yosuke delivering his epic "You're just a worthless criminal!" line, this time accompanied by a massive Garudyne attack. Badass.
    • Izanagi vs. Magatsu Izanagi. After spending the episode getting beaten down by its dark counterpart, and lying restrained on the floor... Adachi's about to finish Yu off, but our hero manages to struggle to his feet and shove Adachi's gun away... the Heroic Resolve gives Izanagi a second wind, instantly healing his wounds as he turns the tables on Magatsu with a well aimed punch to the face. Adachi finally snaps and loses it, then tries to make good on his death threats by emptying his gun at Yu while Magatsu unleashes a powerful lightning strike. Thinking he's won Adachi starts to gloat, only for Izanagi to burst out of the smoke just as "Reach Out to the Truth" starts to play. In the ensuing clash, Magatsu loses its weapon, then Izanagi dual wields with his own and Magatsu's own sword to slice it in half, finishing it by stabbing Magatsu Izanagi through the head.
      • Shove the gun away? Yu was daring Adachi to shoot him.
      • Oh, Crap! doesn't even come close to describing Adachi's expression after the smoke clears and Yu is standing behind him completely unharmed.
      • Props have to go to Johnny Yong Bosch for voicing Yu and his Evil Counterpart Adachi in this particular episode. He goes from a screaming lunatic throwing an epic tantrum to a stoic badass near effortlessly.
    • And, of course, the defeat of Ameno-Sagiri is a sight to behold. After it wipes the floor with everyone, it tries absorbing Yu into itself... at which point, everyone (except Yu, of course) attains their ultimate Persona, and bring Ameno-Sagiri to a halt... at which point, Yu summons Lucifer to finish it off.
      • Ameno-sagiri tries to blast Lucifer with God's Judgment, a light attack the boss has in the game. Lucifer repels the attack and grimly stares down the petulant eyeball before shattering it to pieces.
  • Episode 26 (The True End)
    • Yu's battle against Margaret. The fight occurs as Yu's friends are swallowed by Izanami-No-Okami, and he's trapped in a Heroic BSoD-induced "Groundhog Day" Loop. Margaret slaps Yu to snap him out of it, and summons Helel, knocking Yu to the ground. As Helel launches Maragidyne, Sarosha summons itself, with Nanako's voice being heard. One by one, Yu summons his other Personas, hearing words of inspiration from the people he formed bonds with as he continuously counters Margaret's attacks. This culminates into Yu facing his Shadow, accepting that, while he does fear losing his friends, he knows that he'll never be alone, which grants him Izanagi-no-Okami. In other words, a mix of the Margaret battle, and the words of encouragement you got before you acquired Izanagi-No-Okami in the game.
      • The look on Margaret's face, coupled with her monotone voice when she slaps Yu makes this scene hilarious and awesome.
        Margaret: Forgive me for this.
      • One thing that must be noted during this fight: Rakshasa STOPS FREAKING Hassou Tobi! For those that haven't played the game itself, here's an explanation. Hassou Tobi, the Signature Attack of Yoshitsune, is an attack that does eight hits of light physical damage. However, when dealt by Yoshitsune, who has one of the highest base strength scores in the franchise, eight light hits can pretty much one-round any mook that isn't a late-game Damage Sponge or immune to physical damage. Yoshitsune can also learn Heat Riser and Power Charge, which ramp up the damage on this attack even more. A fully charged Hassou Tobi from a Level 90+ Yoshitsune can one-shot nearly everything in the first third of the game, obliterate entire fields of mook shadows not immune to physical damage, and slice visible chunks off the health bars of endgame bosses, even Margaret herself. It's the most powerful physical attack in the entire game in terms of sheer damage potential, and little Rakshasa, who in the game is one of the weaker Personas and starts at level 16, completely blocks it, likely through his base skills Dodge Physical and Counterattack. It's a testament to Margaret's stoicism as a Velvet Room Attendant that she doesn't flinch when it happens.
    • Funny fact, this could be a Call-Back. In Devil Survivor 2, Rakshasa is much, much higher level-wise (level 55), only 2 levels under Yoshitsune (level 57), and comes with the Null Phys skill.
    • Yu vs Izanami-No-Okami. As Yu returns to take down Izanami, now in her true form, she merely decides to pull the same trick on him. Yu calmly begins walking towards her, and as the shadow arms lash out at doesn't work. Cue a quiet Oh, Crap! on Izanami's part when she realizes the desire of nearly all mankind can't stop him. She then decides to literally bring the thunder, raining lightning down on Yu's head, one of her most powerful attacks. Yu keeps on walking in what has to be THE most badass Unflinching Walk ever witnessed—a bolt of lightning crashes down so close it breaks the lens on his glasses, but he doesn't break his stride. The Reincarnation mix of "I'll Face Myself" blares heavy in the background—you know, from when Yu gave Shadow Mitsuo a one-man beatdown—and, as his shades are shattered, he does not even BLINK. No matter what she does, she can't even touch him. Yu delivers a Patrick Stewart Speech, summoning Izanagi-No-Okami, which uses Myriad Truths (shown as a chain of three MASSIVE explosions).
      • What makes the bit with the glasses shattering even more awesome is when you realize that they represent his resolve in searching for the truth, both with the case and facing his Shadow. He's not fazed by the glasses breaking because HE DOESN'T NEED THEM ANYMORE. He's found the truth.
    • The speech makes it more epic...
      Izanami: Your friends no longer exist in this world. Do you really want to live alone forever?
      Yu: You're wrong. I am FAR from alone!
      Izanami: Human beings do not possess the potential to defeat the fog. Stop fighting and learn to embrace it.
      Yu: I think it's time I showed you what true potential is! (Yu summons Izanagi-no-Okami).
      Izanami: Do you think you're a god? (Is slashed by Izanagi-no-Okami, losing all her arms) Impossible!
      Yu: Anyone can do it. As long as they open their eyes and look around, they'll see it. They'll see the truth! If there is a fog, they have just have to embrace the truth to get rid of it! This is what's right, and this is the path I choose to follow!
  • The Stinger for The Factor of Hope movie shows the calendar slowly goes back in time. As the months becomes years, the color of the calendar changes from yellow to blue and stops at April 9th 2009, the date of Persona 3. A short sneak peak shows the Protagonist of P3 firing his Evoker, revealing this is a teaser for the upcoming Persona 3 movie.