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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • This exchange from the anime between Narukami and Yosuke after the latter finds out that Saki, the girl he had a crush on, actually despised him, and Shadow Yosuke twists the knife by taunting him that he'd only decided to investigate her death because he was looking for excitement:
    Narukami: You loved her, didn't you?
    Yosuke: Huh?
    Narukami: Konishi, that is?
    Yosuke: Yeah... I truly loved her.
    Narukami: Then isn't that enough?
    Yosuke: (thinks for a moment, then smiles) I guess you're right.
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  • The flashback with Yukiko and Chie's first meeting.
  • At the end of the same episode, Chie reveals she raised the puppy Yukiko had found back then, and thanks him for bringing them together.
  • When Chie accepts her Shadow, which has previously been ranting about how jealous Chie is of Yukiko and how she enjoys having Yukiko depend on her for self-confidence, she responds that even if that may be true, she and Yukiko are still friends:
    Chie: We are friends, aren't we?
  • When both Yukiko and Yosuke accept their Shadows, you can see the look of joy on their faces for finally being acknowledged.
    • Special mention goes to Yukiko, who gives her shadow a hug.
  • Yu bonding with Nanako, with the lonely, little girl slowly opening up to him.
  • In episode 7 it's revealed why Kanji took on 100 bikers single handedly. The noise of the bikes had kept his mom from sleeping for several nights so he decided to shut them up.
  • Giving Naoki closure, acceptance, and Rice Bowls.
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  • Yu's Friendship Moment / Ship Tease with Rise in episode 9. Complete with a "romantic escape" from the paparazzi at their school and the duo bonding while making origami together.
  • Yu supporting Rise during the Shadow Teddie battle.
  • Also the ship tease for Yu and Rise at the end of the episode.
    Rise: May I make this my special place?
  • Episode 12 has quite the doozy;
    • The development of the Yu and Yosuke Bromance, with the duo finally going on First-Name Basis. Specifically when Yosuke saved Yu from Mitsuo's shadow.
    • Teddie making a pinkie swear with Nanako to play with her.
    • Also in Episode 12, the way that Yu defeats Shadow Mitsuo by unleashing every Persona he has in quick succession works as a non-verbal Shut Up, Hannibal! to Shadow Mitsuo's claim that they're Not So Different, thanks to the bonds Yu has made.
    • At the end of the episode, Yu completely drops his stoicism and opens up to his friends about his desire for them to still meet up with each other. They remind him that of course they would, because they're already True Companions.
  • Episode 13
    • Nanako, period. Could she possibly get any more adorable? The episode opens with Nanako running into the shrine fox during a rainy day, and she ends up giving it her umbrella so it doesn't catch a cold.
    • Just when Nanako is about to give up on figuring out what Yu's up to, Naoto shows up to encourage her to keep at it until she solves the "case". Even better, Naoto knows the show Nanako was imitating and quotes one of the lines to the little girl, which is what finally inspires her to perk up and keep going.
    • The climax of the episode. Nanako and Yu watch the festival fireworks together, and she watches Yu interact with the Social Link characters he'd been spending the episode with while Out of Focus. Without knowing what he'd done, she sees these people seem to magically become happy thanks to her "big bro", and then she walks home hand-in-hand between Yu and Dojima.
  • Episode 14 was full of these, all of them courtesy of Yu.
    • The scene where Yu put on Teddie's costume to entertain the children doubles as this and a Funny Moment.
    • Yu recovering Hisano's hairclip after she threw it into a river and returning it, after seeing that she clearly regretted doing so the moment she did it.
    • Yu giving Shu a birthday gift, and encouraging him to try and make some friends.
    • After Eri gets struck by another woman while protecting Yuuta and gets a fairly nasty wound on her forehead, Yu rushes to her side and treats the injury. In the process, he calls Sayoko and desperately asks for her help, which, in turn, rekindles her passion for helping others as a nurse.
    • As for Eri herself, the CMoH comes not only when Yuuta is visibly pissed off when she is insulted by another woman, going so far as to attack her (which led to the incident mentioned directly above), but also when she wakes up. The first thing she sees is Yuuta, with tears of relief in his eyes, as he seems to finally accept her as his new mother.
    • And finally, the fox approaching Nanako at the end of the episode and presenting her with a brand new umbrella, thus returning the favor from the beginning of the previous episode. Needless to say, Nanako's reaction was unbearably adorable. And it was actually a tag-team effort between Yu and the fox- after helping out all the people he did over the summer, he was still short of the money he needed to replace Nanako's umbrella (which, as mentioned, she had given to the fox). Then it suddenly digs out a stash of money from underneath the shrine... you can't help but feel that the fox was rewarding them both for their good deeds.
    • It turns out all those good deeds Nanako performed in the previous episode ended up indirectly helping Yu to save Eri's life.
    • The credits feature all the people Yu bonded with enjoying their lives, from Shu playing the game he was given with other kids to Sayoko hard at work at the hospital. It's striking just how big of a difference a few weeks of his time made in these people's lives.
  • Episode 15 has a good number
    • Chie and Yu sharing a rather tender moment, with the Brand New Days -The Beginning- music.
    • Yukiko and Yu wanting to invite Naoto, who until that time had been something of a gruff stranger to the Investigation Team, to join them in their activities.
  • From episode 17, Kanji gave us a good few, mainly his interactions involving Naoto and the way he refers to Yu as his "Best Bud."
    • Naoto and Yu eating the nikudon together.
    • There's something very endearing about the childlike, innocent way Shadow Naoto smiles and says it wants to become a "cool, hard-boiled detective someday" when it is acknowledged by Naoto.
  • Episode 18 alternates between this and Tear Jerker for the entire episode.
    • This picture shown at the end of the episode (which has been set next to another picture of the Dojima family before Chisato's death that Yu had recently gotten framed).
  • Episode 19
    • Perhaps the major one is the friendship between Ayane and Yu.
    • The development of Yu and Rise's relationship, most notably the picture she left on Yu's desk.
  • Episode 20
    • A blink and you'll miss it one: Naoto and Nanako ends up sharing a bed when they go to sleep. The sweetness of it can melt any man's heart.
    • Naoto can be seen holding Nanako's hand a couple of times after the hotspring scene. It's pretty cute.
    • At the end of the episode, after all the misfortunes the boys went through, Yu went alone to the entrance and found Yukiko, who was previously pissed off at him for being a pervert. Rather than continuing the charade, Yukiko instead heartfully told him that she found her resolve to stay at the inn and continue managing it. And then Yu managed to slip off something that made both of them laugh. At the very least, friendship fixed.
  • Episode 21
    • Some rather sweet moments between Yu and Nanako. However, this makes it so much harder to bear once things start getting real serious.
    • To a small extent, Yu and Dojima's conversation at the end, In light of everything that had happened during the episode.
  • In 22, Kanji giving a short but very emotionally deep and badly needed speech while the team is blaming themselves for recent events, Naoto most of all.
    • When Namatame is controlling the rest of the team, and Yu is struggling to summon his Persona, obviously unwilling to fight back against them, he hears Dojima's voice in his head, allowing him to summon Kohyru, the ultimate Hierophant Persona.
    • Yu wearing the Bead Ring Nanako made for him getting the highest score in the exams.
    • At the end of the episode there is about 80+ seconds of heartwarming, starting with Yu telling Teddie he can stay forever. It ends with...
  • Episode 23
    • In between all of the Tear Jerkers brought by the episode, we have Aika giving the infamous Rainy Day Special to Yu... to celebrate Nanako recovery.
    • Better yet, Yu finishes it!
    • Yosuke holding a sobbing Yu, without a single word...THE defining Brosuke moment. Both of them lost someone dear to them and Yosuke knows just how painful it felt. But it hurts worse for Yu because of the Hope Spot he had from saving Nanako whereas Yusuke couldn't.
    • Nanako surviving in the end.
    • At one point, it shows Narukami asleep with his phone open. If you understand what the characters read as, you realize that the messages are from his school friends.
  • Episode 24: Every scene involving Teddie, from him weeping in the Velvet Room, thinking that he hadn't been able to save Nanako, and Yu telling him he had, to his being told in the television world that since he's got a Persona, he's basically as good as human and his visit to Nanako in the hospital.
  • Episode 25 is full of moments.
    • Watching the various team members support each other against the Reapers is pretty inspiring, as are their various Shut Up, Hannibal! speeches. Yu tells Ameno-Sagiri that as long as he has his team he can do anything. Everyone's determination to save him allows them to evolve their Personas all at once, Susanoo pulls Yu out of Ameno-Sagiri, and everyone makes an opening for Yu to finish off the baddie with freaking LUCIFER. The Power of Friendship at its finest.
    • At the end of the episode, when Adachi simply tells everyone to leave him in the TV World and everyone gets their two cents in, Yu offers to help him up. No smartass comment. No guilt trip in order to make him feel worse, just a simple gesture.
    • "Let's go home, Adachi."
    • And this exchange:
      Nanako: Daddy...
      Dojima: Hmm?
      Nanako: I had a dream... Big Bro and his friends beat up the bad guy. They saved us all.
      Dojima: (smiling) That right?
  • Episode 26
    • Margaret snapping Yu out of his Heroic BSoD, and the defeat of Izanami. "Children of man... Well done!"
    • Before that, Yu's heroic resolve reigniting. By sending the rest of the team into the shadows, presumably to death she was knowingly slamming nonstop on Yu's Despair Button. In spite of everything that happened, losing everyone, submitting himself to Izanami's illusion, and apparently Margaret coming to finish him off, he manages to think back to the bonds he made and, one by one, regain the Personas he strengthened through knowing them. To seal the deal, he accepts his shadow, canonically one of the most difficult things for anybody to do, without hesitation. In enters Izanagi-No-Okami.
    • The whole fight against Margaret when he snaps out of the Delusion. He does not summon the Personas, they come to him and some of them even shatter themselves to be summoned.
    • The first one to come protect Yu from Margaret? Sraosha, the Ultimate Persona from the Justice Arcana, a.k.a. Nanako's social link. It comes to him, unbidden, and for once, the little sister's love protects her big brother, and brings him back from the brink.
    • Looking at this battle, Margaret rains down the most powerful attacks from the game's ultimate Personas, while the ones on Yuu's side are mostly mid- to low-tier Persona. Despite their human weakness, despite their meager strength, the bonds of Yuu's friends and family are still enough to protect him, to save him from his despair, and inspire him to fight back and win once and for all.
    • The final Persona to come to his defense is Kohryu of the Hierophant Arcana, Ryotaro Dojima's S-Link
      "You saved my Life in more ways than one, haven't you? I was supposed to take care of you, but you took care of me. Maybe that's how we were able to pull it off in the end, how we were able to truly become a family."
    • Three words: "You are me."


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