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In the anime, Yu's really a laid back, Nice Guy who enjoys sarcasm once in a while.
The reason he seems so serious/dull all of the time is simple. His Expression is too low.
  • He's pretty much confirmed to be a Deadpan Snarker by episode three. What does he say when Yosuke is doubled over in pain from a Groin Attack? "Careful on the way down."

In a later episode of the anime, the Investigation Team will test the limits of Aiya's Deliver Anywhere policy
Namely, by ordering from inside the TV World. And it will work.
  • That would be funny as hell, but is it even possible? If I remember correctly from the game, cell phones don't get service inside the TV world, so how would they place an order?
  • If this happens, I'm willing to bet it's because Aiya's delivery service is related to the Velvet Room... somehow. Think about it: For ramen, the Special Bowl is inordinately helpful to Yu as a meter stick of personal development, and the delivery girl would fit right in as one of Igor's aides.
  • There are scans showing motorcycles inside the Midnight Channel on Persona 4: The Golden. So you may be right.

Yu's reaction to Teddie's new look in the anime will be...
Ces't Magnifigue.
  • Oh hey, I was kinda right.

In the anime, Yu is doing a New Game+.
Specifically, Yu is on a quest to Set Right What Once Went Wrong because he reached the Bad Ending, letting Nanako die and the real killer go uncaught. His failure bothered him for some time, prompting Igor to do his
Time Travel thing. Unfortunately, Yu does not have Ripple Effect-Proof Memory, but he instead has instinct and deja vu on his side. This also explains how his Izanagi is so badass and how he has access to high-level Personas earlier; he still has access to his old Persona Compendium.
  • But if it were a New Game Plus, he'd have retained his social stats. How do you explain that?
    • If there is no Ripple Effect-Proof Memory, so he forgot all about his status. But if the deva ju thing works, he can get them back faster.
  • This is actually supported by a quick moment in the first episode. The Midnight Channel appears on screen for a few moments, filled with tortured screams and ending with Yosuke calling out to Narukami. This fits exactly with the worst ending, where the town fills with fog and, if you haven't reached rank 10 with any love interest, Yosuke calls you in a panic, telling you that the Shadows are invading Inaba.
  • It's definitely a New Game+. The Reaper only appears in an NG+, and Margaret only fights you in a NG+ too.
    • It's the anime of the game, it doesn't have to follow game mechanics. Besides, that would be incredibly idiotic to shoehorn that kind of a "twist" in there.

Chie will be the canon love interest in the anime.
She's gotten way more romantic scenes then any of the other potential love interests. Although to be fair, Naoto did just get here.
  • Jossed, Rise get's a lot more romantic interaction in the anime than Chie does.

Kanji and Naoto will get together in the anime
Just a thought. Chie and Rise have had more attention as a potential love interest then Naoto so far, and focus is put onto Kanji's crush on her. The swimsuit contest really didn't help either. Perhaps the Christmas Eve scene, with Naoto putting on the female school uniform and all, will happen with Kanji instead of Narukami?
  • Pretty much, it isn't really stated but if the anime is the first real introduction to the series, it's easy to assume that they were a cannon couple.

Aika will be the new female protagonist in The Golden.
Her addition to the cast in the anime contributed literally nothing essential to the story, so why would the writers have gone so far out of their way to include her as much as they did? Most probably: they were using the anime to promote her because she is slated to have some sort of super secret special role in The Golden. What role, you ask? Why, acting as the all-new selectable sis-tagonist! Hamuko from Persona 3 Portable turned out to be incredibly popular, so why wouldn't they do the same thing here?
  • They explicitly stated that The Golden won't have a female protagonist.

Yu has autism.
He doesn't emote much (at least early on), tends to be blunt, can be described at times as eccentric, and has a fascination with folding paper cranes. Sounds like characteristic of autism to this troper (who, himself, has autism).

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