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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Plot Events

  • At the beginning of the school year, King Moron introduces you to the class, telling them you're a total loser. There is an option to counter with "Who are you calling a loser?" Not only does that raise your Courage, but that puts you on his shit-list.
  • At the end of your first day at school, Chie introduces herself to you. There's no way you could not know her by now, as she asked if you could sit next to her and you even talked, but you still get the option of not recognizing her:
    Chie: I'm Chie Satonaka. You know I sit next to you, right?
    Yu: You do?
    Chie: Dude, I was sitting right next to you! I even talked to you!
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  • One of the first scenes in the game is Yosuke attempting to apologize for cracking Chie's movie disc and receiving a Groin Attack for his troubles.
    Yosuke: "I think mine's cracked too! Critical hit to the nads..."
  • An early Dialogue Tree choice in the Fellow Athletes' Social Link:
    Help out
    Be an ass and leave
  • When the party receives their glasses:
    Chie: Is it all right if I keep this?
    Teddie: Fo' sho'!
    • "Yes, he did just say that."
    • The gag glasses have got to be the funniest thing about 4. They are used with absolutely perfect comedic timing throughout the entire game. A pic on DA got right into this action, to hilarious effects.
      Chie: These stupid glasses are useless for investigating! I mean, what the hell's this nose for anyway?!
    • Kanji's proper introduction to the Investigation Team gets him quickly acquainted with the gag glasses. He tosses them aside, and grabs the next set of glasses from Teddie's hands... only to find it's another pair of gag glasses!
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    • When Kanji gets slapped by Yukiko when he gets his glasses proper.
      Yukiko: I'm so sorry, Kanji! I promise I'll be more gentle next time!
      Kanji: More... (blushes) gentle?
      Chie: Ugh, what a couple of morons...
  • This exchange upon seeing Shadow Yukiko:
    Yukiko: Oh? Three Princes?
    Chie: Does that mean I'm a prince?
    Teddie: Duh! The third one's gotta be me!
    Yosuke: I seriously doubt that.
    • After defeating Shadow Yukiko, Teddie attempts to hit on Yukiko... using her Shadow's words.
  • Kou: He looooooooves them balls.
  • When the party is spying on Kanji, Chie is down on all fours, with Yosuke standing directly behind her. And then when Kanji catches you and everyone makes a break for it, Yosuke immediately runs head-first into a wall.
    • The other chase scene after when Kanji catches Yosuke and Chie spying on him, Kanji is chasing the pair around the roofed rest area at the floodplain in circles endlessly (which will just go on forever if you don't advance the game at that point).
  • A few times during the game, Yu will try to cheer up Nanako in the evening with simple magic tricks. This in itself is just sweet, but the second time, he does very simple "move your finger from one hand to the other" tricks... and a victorious jingle plays both time, like it's the most amazing thing ever. Nanako certainly thinks it is.
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  • How about the simple fact that Kanji beat up an entire biker gang because they were keeping his mother up at night?
  • Teddie getting freaked out by Shadow Kanji.
    Teddie: (goes wide-eyed) ...Sensei...This little bear's getting too scared to go on...
  • Kanji: "So, uh... someone's killing people with a TV...? What, is he beating them to death?"
  • In the manga's version of Yukiko's Midnight Channel program, we are treated to Yosuke watching it, at which point the camera has a close-up on Yukiko's breasts. Yosuke has the idea of shoving his face on the screen right at that moment hoping for some Marshmallow Hell...only someone else also had the idea.
  • The school camping trip, while brief, has its moments.
    • In the days prior, you help Chie and Yukiko acquire ingredients for curry. You can see the punchline coming based on their choice of ingredients, but the results end up being worse than one's guess. Thus begins the Running Gag of "Mystery Food X".
    • Yosuke's reaction to the "curry" is priceless, and his angry rant is made better by the sprite animations. Then you are forced to eat it, leading up to an exaggerated Spit Take and slumping over.
    • Yosuke's impersonation of Chie during the camping trip, including falsetto voice, when he's trying to get them to put on their swimsuits. Watch it here (around 49:50, in case it doesn't load correctly).
    • The male cast is shoved into the river after angering the girls. Shortly after, they hear retching noises coming from upstream, and learn it's a hungover King Moron.
      You feel as if a thousand showers will never make you clean...
  • Considering the enemies you fought so far, and what kills the victims inside the TV, Adachi saying that he "can stop seeing suspects in every shadow" after Mitsuo Kubo's arrest is a really fun part of the game.
  • With Dojima being drunk and all, he blames Adachi for his problems and Yu for being near a crime scene.
  • On 6/1 you can go shopping with Dojima and Nanako at Junes. You spot Chie and Yukiko there, but they don't notice you and you listen in on their conversation.
    Chie: Man, you really look great in a kimono, Yukiko. That long, black hair is perfect for it. It's like, those two things together add up to something really special. I can see why guys fall for you so easily.
    Yukiko: Come on, you're overestimating me. You have a lot of strong points that people like about you too, Chie.
    Chie: Really!? Like...?
    Yukiko: Your jumping skills!
    Chie: ......
    Yukiko: And how you can eat almost anything!
    Chie: ......
    Yukiko: Huh? What's that face about? I'm really jealous of that!
    > Chie ran off...
    > Yukiko runs after her...
  • Teddie, outside of Rise's dungeon.
    Teddie: Strip?! Aha! I know what that is! It's the thing zebras have, right?
  • On Rise's first day at school, she's pondering whether she should pull the fire alarm or not before hastily telling herself she mustn't because she's an idol. "Yet another side of Rise exposed," as Yosuke would say. Even funnier, you can find her there on every school day when she's available for a social link.
  • This blink-and-you-miss-it moment on September 1st at Junes:
    Yosuke: Is [Naoto] gonna be okay at Yasogami?
    Yukiko: He is different, but he has this… mysterious air around him that draws your attention.
    Yosuke: Whoa, Yukiko, I never knew… You like younger guys?
    Yukiko: No, that's not what I meant...
    Kanji: ......
  • This bit when Teddie's wandering around in Inaba.
    Yukiko: I'm glad you're back to normal, though. Your fur's all fuzzy again!
    Teddie: ... (is happy)
    Kanji: C-can I feel it...?
    Teddie: No!
  • Shortly thereafter, when the team is faced with the new and improved (and clothed) Teddie:
    Yosuke: Is he cute...? What do you think, Kanji?
    Kanji: Huh? What're you asking me for?
    Yosuke: Well, I was just wondering if he was your type?
    Kanji: Ohhh... I get it. What you're really asking is "Will you please beat the shit out of me, Kanji?"
  • The nightclub scene. How they became drunk on non-alcoholic beverages, we may never know...
    • Yukiko's starts with explaining how the King's Game works:
      O-kay, wuhn chopshtick makesh yeh the Khing iff yeh drawit, and the othersh have numbershonem...
    • King Teddie.
      Teddie: Kanji! So you WERE after my fuzzy fur!
    • If you pick the second option it's you that has to smooch Teddie and you are treated to this haiku by said bear, after which he tackles Kanji instead of you and gives him a smooch.
      Teddie: A bear's chastity:
      True love needs a sacrifice
      Just for you, Sensei.
    • Naoto's "Are you a pack of imbeciles?" expression at the end of it all.
      Naoto: A straight answer, please. What is your true involvement with the murder case?
      Yukiko: Weeeeell, we go rescuing people who've been kidnapped by jumping into the TV! And theeen, we do stuff like, "Persona!" with our Personas and beat the crap outta Shadows...
      Yosuke: You idiot!
      Naoto: *sigh* Are you making fun of me?
      Rise: Ish true! Personaaaa! (goes back to sleep)
    • The part where Yu gets chosen as the King is even better in the anime. Remember the 4 options that you got in the game when you're the King? Well in the anime, Yu ends up having all three girls hogging him whilst Yosuke's choice ends up getting ignored. This is the end result of Yu as the King in the anime.
  • The scene before the King's Game, where Teddie ends up following the gang to the hotel, and then Kashiwagi discovers Teddie. Teddie, the whole time she was speaking and after the rest of the gang besides the main character heads inside, stood still like a statue trying to imitate a stuffed animal the whole time. Then, he makes this quip after his social link ranks up.
    Teddie: I gotta pee.
  • In the ramen restaurant scene after the King's Game, Rise will draw attention to autographs posted up on the wall. A player with a sharp eye will see Teddie swipe Yukiko's bowl of ramen the moment she looks up, the li'l thief.
  • The above is then followed up the Amagi Inn scenes. Of note is the hot springs scene. It was possibly made a bit funnier in the Vita Updated Re-release. When it was announced, one of the first screenshots released was an intro leading up to the hot springs incident.
  • Also, this bit.
    Yosuke: King Moron, why must you torture us from beyond the grave?!
    Teddie: Noooo... King Moron!
    Kanji: You don't even know who that is.
  • Teddie in the massage chair. That is all.
  • Kanji showing his geographical knowledge of the Qabbalah Casino during the school trip.
  • In the scene before the omelette cooking duel, Kanji casually walks up to make a comment, and everyone notices he has a bottle of alcohol. He laughs it off and goes to put it back without saying a word.
    • Even before that, Yosuke is treating the whole thing like he's afraid of getting poisoned, showing great relief when they go to the market to get ingredients and Nanako asks for an omelet, saying that "with a dish that simple, there's no way they're getting a second helping of Mystery Food X." Then the girls all look at each other, an awkward silence spreads and...
      Yosuke: ...If they're all making the same thing, why are they going to different parts of the market?
    • And then Rise shows up... with FOIE GRAS.
    • Yukiko's omelette ends up having no taste whatsoever.
    • Yukiko, Chie and Rise get into a contest to make the best omelette, which prompts Yukiko to tell Rise "I'll crush you with one strike." Shortly after she's knocked unconscious by one bite of Rise's lethally spicy omelette. Yukiko, the girl with a Persona that is resistant to fire.
      Kanji: Sure enough... One strike.
    • Teddie's reaction to Chie's omelette, in a cheerful tone of voice: "Wow, this tastes awful!"
    • Nanako trying to be nice by taking a bite out of their omelettes and complimenting them. She's able to handle Yukiko's omelette with ease but when it comes to Chie and Rise's, the former's omelette makes her sound like she's forcing the words out and the latter's gives her physical pain.
  • After Naoto's recovery, everyone gets dragged into the hospital to do a physical, since they have to find out the effects of the TV world on the characters' health and find out more about Teddie. The real fun begins when Naoto brings back everyone's results — and they're grabbed by Teddie, who starts reading them much to the others' embarrassment.
  • The entirety of the Culture Festival.
    • The group date cafe - because no-one has turned up, the class representative decides that the five of them (Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko & himselfnote ) need to act as shills, but it's pointed out that they need six. Enter Kanji, and it's decide one of the male party members can go on the girl's side - either Yu does, or Yosuke is forced to. Trolling him is an option both times.
      Yu: Any of us you like, Yosuke?
      • Even funnier is that Rise walks in, immediately realizes what's happening, before backing away slowly and walking off really really fast.
    • When Kanji was trying to convince Naoto to enter the beauty pageant. The tone of his voice when he said this was icing on the cake:
    • Following not long after is the drag pageant:
      • Kanji walks onto the stage, wearing full Marilyn Monroe gear, and introduces himself with a "SUP!?" using the deepest voice he can muster.
      • The emcee's hilariously savage introduction of Yosuke:
        "An eloquent heiress of the noble Junes, she's pure disappointment from the moment she opens her mouth!"
      • The protagonist comes in dressed as a female Japanese Delinquent. The following dialogue choice occurs:
        MC: Sounds like your entrance is causing quite a stir! Did you sign yourself up?
        >"My friends forced me..."
        >"A girl I like entered me."
        >"Damn straight."
        Yosuke: Wow, he's more gung-ho about this than Kanji...
      • Teddie steals the scene dressed as Alice, and a random audience member gets a great one-liner:
        "...I'd hit it."
      • The drag contest is brought back in the stage adaptation, this time with Kou and Daisuke getting in on the action, dressed as an Elegant Gothic Lolita and a cheerleader, respectively. Teddie, sadly, never comes out in drag: his entry is halted by Dojima presenting Yu with a threatening letter from the killer...
    • After the crossdressing pageant comes the swimsuit pageant during the cultural festival at Yasogami, made so due to Teddie's suggestion after his landslide victory. The winner turned out to be Naoto, in spite of the fact that she got cold feet at the last minute and no one saw her in a swimsuit.
  • All the girls petting Naoto in the hot spring.
    Rise: Your skin is so soft!
  • Teddie abusing the hell out of his Bishie Sparkle just to get more free samples, especially the sample lady's reaction.
  • Choose to spend Christmas with the guys and you get to see Yosuke try to excuse his lack of a present. Kanji made his, Teddie got his from Junes, and Yu bought a cake.
    • Kanji's line in regards to the girls bringing a cake — "Bring it on, got my insurance card and everything!" — then his Big "NO!" when Nanako tries the cake, only to find out it's delicious.
  • There's something weirdly funny about hearing Adachi yelling "DUMBASS!" in the Voice of the Legion.
  • There's the team's utter failure at a group hand wave of victory once the fog clears.
  • After Yu receives a phone call from Ryotaro saying Nanako is being allowed home for the holidays, Rise & Teddie burst into tears & start hugging each other. The game then pays no attention to them as the rest of the Investigation Team continues their conversation, until Rise suddenly uppercuts Teddie from out of nowhere.
    Rise: Where are you touching!?
  • For as serious and climatic as the scene is, to hear Kanji saying "The hell with that shit!" to a freaking goddess is hilarious.
    • While it was a serious, scary and tear jerking moment, Kanji dropkicks Yu in the face when saving him from Izanami's Thousand Curse attack while the other party members just push the protagonist to safety.
  • While it is in one of the darkest parts of the story, if you try to go back to Void Quest while Nanako is still missing and talk to Yosuke at the entrance, he will scold you, saying "Our princess is in another castle."

Social Links

  • Level 2 with Kanji has him get mad over his food and threaten to tear down the place. He then realizes that he's just gone back on his resolution to be a better person, and does a good Verbal Backspace.
    Kanji: Uh, I mean... I'm gonna tear it apart and rebuild it twice as good! I-I'm gonna RENOVATE your ass!
  • Kanji's Social Link, max rank: "Oven Mitt Puppets 101!" Followed by an enthusiastic "HELL YEAH!"
  • The quest you need to do for Rank 8 of the Hermit Social Link requires you to help a man get over his fear of cats so he can marry his fiancee and get along with her pet cat. He starts out afraid to hear the word, and runs away when a cat licks him. When you give him a Red Goldfish (any other fish scares him), he sets out to use it as a ploy to make himself get used to cats, and emerges with some scratches and a willingness to marry his fiancee almost because of her cat alone. Even after overcoming his fear, the fact that the man has some screws loose hasn't changed.
  • In the first stage of the Tower Social Link, Shu asks you to pick a subject in which you can help him, since he can't think of any he's particularly weak in. Choosing Math or English gets an indifferent reaction out of him, but if you choose PE, he glares at you, and your Diligence goes up.
  • When going through Kou's Social Link and you get past the point where he admits having a crush on Chie, he'll invite you for study group at Junes on a weekend. After you get there and meet up with him, Chie shows up. Kou is delighted at first, until Chie sees him and thinks out loud that he's part of the "Yukiko fanclub", thus shooting down his hopes to get with Chie.
  • After completing the Strength social link, if you talk to the pair of athletes in the corridor, the member of the sports club you didn't join will comment on the change you've made to the other. Daisuke will ask you if you've noticed Kou's change, handing it over as a compliment saying "It was all you, man." However, if you talk to Kou after completing Daisuke's arc...
    Kou: Have you noticed Daisuke's different lately? He's gotten stupider.

General gameplay and NPCs

  • From time to time, you can find something weird to eat in the fridge. You actually get a Courage boost for doing so, at the cost of your nighttime activity.
    There is a pack of grass inside the fridge. It seems to be Nanako's science project. ...Eat it?
    For some reason, there is an alarm clock inside, ticking away. Was Dojima running late this morning?
    There is a cup of barley tea... Drink it? It was actually udon soup, what a terrible mistake!
    You see a brown spherical object at the back of the fridge. You think it used to be a pear... Eat it?
    You see a strange mushroom in the fridge. You think it may have grown out of something else in there... Eat it?
    You see a bag of wasabi... lick it?
    There's a magazine in the vegetable bin... You flip through it and see that it's an official fan club magazine for a popular female idol... This is Teddie's doing... You left it alone.
    There's animal hair in the egg case! The color and feeling is somehow familiar... It's... Teddie's hair? ...You left it alone.
    • Eating the grass doesn't make your stomach turn hard enough to send you to bed like all of the other suspect items; instead, you're so riddled with guilt and that makes you go to bed.
      • The inevitable follow up to the grass item: "Nanako, where is your science project, and don't give me that 'My dog ate it' excuse!"
    • A favorite is this one, despite ALL the crazy crap you can eat from the fridge:
      There is a single slice of bologna sitting on a paper plate... There is something eerie about it, you can't bring yourself to eat it.
    • Similarly:
      A single slice of ham lies lonely on a paper plate... Something about it disturbs you. You left it alone.
    • This one though really takes the cake:
      You see a whole crab inside. Eat it?
      • And if you select yes:
        As reach out to the crab, it raises its pincers and waves them about menacingly. It's still alive! ...You left it alone.
  • When accepting the "Rainy Day Mega Beef Bowl Challenge" and noticing you can't see the rice after minutes of eating:
    You begin to suspect that your bowl is a portal to the Meat Dimension.
  • The Woolseyism they added as a Take That! to Twilight, of all things, especially the MC's reaction to it. Sitting through it raises your Diligence.
    > You decided to read Witch Detective with your full attention...
    > A ploddingly-written romantic comedy about a girl on her first day of school in a new town. Vampires are involved.
    > ...The content of this book was almost physically painful for you to read.
  • Kanji's Victory Pose. It doesn't mean the same thing in Japan, but at least in France, his Bicep-Polishing Gesture is a vulgar gesture, which fits with his personality even more than the original meaning.
  • During battle when all four party members gang up on an opponent:
    Kanji: I live for this part!
  • If you run into Yukiko and the fox while dungeon crawling and Yukiko's social link is at rank 9, she'll say that since she prayed for everyone at the temple, she's sure the heavens will bless them all. The fox simply smirks.
    • Many times the fox can be one of the people you run into in a dungeon. Depending on if who the other person is, it can look completely uninterested in Teddie's hyperactive shenanigans, or a bit scared of Kanji, who's overcome with the fox as inspiration.
  • On 09/28, the school lesson begins with an Orphaned Punchline. Whoever wrote the teacher's line for the beginning of this scene deserves a raise.
    Mr. Kondo: ...And it turned out that she was actually a robot! That's important! I recommend that you memorize the context.
  • This game's Compendium has the oni from Nocturne, including Kin-ki. Ahem. Kin-ki. Say it. Not convinced it was deliberate?
    One of the four oni controlled by Fujiwara no Chikata, its body is so hard that no weapons could penetrate it.
    • Add in that it's a muscular oni largely devoid of clothing except shorts, and the whole persona kind of reads like a sex joke. A gay sex joke.
  • Like with most other Personas, it is possible to fuse Mara... through a Fusion Accident. Woe to anyone not expecting that to happen (even moreso to those who have never heard of Mara).
  • Some of the teachers go off on some amusing tangents in their lectures, particularly when Mrs. Nakayama asks Yosuke about the etymology of "bridal"... in math class, something he lampshades.
  • Outside the Protagonist's house is a Tired Housewife who keeps whining at how her mother in law would not eat her... 'experimental' cooking. Apparently, she feeds her 'experiments' to her dog.
    Dog: *whimper*
    Textbox: It doesn't look very healthy...
  • For some requests (such as the male student who asks for a Ritz Wire), when the people ask you for help, you can offer to look around inside the TV. They often react in disbelief for a moment, but then take you literally, assuming that you're looking for spare parts from the TV.
  • If you talk to the girl at the job board and ask about tutoring, she'll be completely perplexed by the idea that you'd need "the patience of a saint" to take on the job, wondering what kind of kid would require that. Apparently, someone else thought the Understanding requirements for the Tower Social Link were too high.
  • The principal of Yasogami is a dignified elderly gentleman whose only in-story role is to announce Saki's death to the school and ask them to be sensible when talking about it. If you talk to him in your spare time late in the game, he'll say that he's lived in Inaba all his long life, and it's not boring if you have a hobby. What's his hobby? Collecting tank-related equipment.

Golden only

  • About the crossdressing contest... you know those costumes the guys use there? You can use those in The Golden.
  • The execution, inevitable failure, and aftermath of Yosuke's "Up Close and Personal" plan in Golden is just too hilarious.
    • Also known as Operation Babe Hunt 2.0
    • One of the women you can hit on is a shy and deeply religious girl who immediately tries to convert you. In the end, you can try to get her number, give up, or... chant along with her. The dialogue box mentions you coming back to your senses just in time.
    • Kanji, meanwhile, is asking a girl to take her shirt off... because he noticed the threads in her sleeve are coming undone and it's driving him crazy. The girl, on the other hand, thinks he's bullying her out of her money.
    • Kanji ends up inadvertently attracting a hooker who gives him her number. Despite what Yosuke might say, that definitely makes him the only real success of the group.
    • Yu manages to get the number of a beautiful woman. When he calls her...her boyfriend picks up, and he's NOT happy.
      Boyfriend: Oh, I get it... It's you, huh!? You rat bastard! You're dead, shitbird! (Yosuke and Kanji react in shock) How dare you hit on my girl! I'll rip off your head and spit down yer neck! You better not call again, got it!?
    • One very funny text option when you come to hit on girls at Okina:
    Yu: I came to hit on you.
    • Nothing Is Scarier gets played for laughs when Hanako is introduced over the phone, and all the background noise in Okina goes silent. Then, "Borderline of Madness" starts to play.
  • In the animated cutscene leading up to the beach scene, the team rides motorcycles to get there, except for Kanji who isn't old enough so he has to make do with a bicycle, and Teddie, who is being dragged behind Kanji's bike on roller skates. Naturally they struggle to keep up with the others, until they hit a downhill stretch, which causes them to zoom past the others at breakneck pace.
  • During a beach trip in Golden, Kanji manages to lose his swimsuit. Not only can the player tell him to be a man and "let 'em dangle", but he ends up covering himself with seaweed in a dead ringer for the Birth of Venus, complete with Bishie Sparkle. Needless to say, the girls are all squicked out, with Rise calling him a "sicko".
    Kanji: Holy shit, the wardrobe malfunction was mine!
    • And what should the music be during this moment? Why none other than Borderline of Madness. You know, the track that usually plays when someone's Shadow's giving them a Breaking Speech? Yeah, it's playing over Kanji's wardrobe malfunction.
      • For that matter, it's not so much that Kanji lost his swimsuit but that Teddie was trying to get the girls to have wardrobe malfunctions and ended up causing Kanji to have one. The fact that Kanji's holding him in a way that makes him a living Scenery Censor when his state is pointed out means that Teddie is at eye level with Kanji's business.
    • Speaking of Kanji and his swimsuit, his first appearance in it in front of everyone is already a laugh - everybody sweatdrops while Yukiko looks away cringing, Yosuke complains that it's too much to look at while Kanji wonders why, and to top it off, Rise wonders why Kanji "doesn't get a nosebleed" over her in her swimsuit, inadvertedly starting an argument. And in the Wardrobe Malfunction incident above, aside from the "let 'em dangle" option, Yu can suggest using a seashell, to which Kanji replies, for some reason, that it's "too sexy".
    • If the player choose "let 'em dangle", Kanji initially agrees but changes his mind as it might get him into "serious shit".
    • The nosebleed remark is a call back to the camping swimsuit incident where at least in the anime, he actually does get a nosebleed from Chie and Yukiko in swimsuits.
  • As a consequence, Kanji's Cavalry Attack in Golden is hilarious, as he has to ride in on a normal bicycle. And instead of ramming the enemy, he stops short for a few moments, then simply bludgeons them with the itself. Yosuke's Cavalry Attack is also hilarious, for obvious reasons.
  • Rise's first encounter with Marie. It begins with her sizing up Marie and then demanding to know who she is. Marie then says that Margaret previously told her about Rise, describing her as a girl she can't handle. As a bonus, moments later after the entire Investigation Team gathers, Kanji mispronounces the word "subtle" as "sub-buttle", which leads to a joke about his butt, and Rise gets squicked out while Yukiko gets into another one of her laughing fits, then everyone else, including Marie, joins in laughing.
  • And their heated "rivalry" continues during the ski trip after you defeat Marie's evil side and she finally wakes up and kicks Teddie off of her. The first thing she does one things have cooled down is hug Yu, much to Rise's irritation:
    Rise: You think that's long enough for a moving hug? Shouldn't you let go now?
    Marie: Nope! I'm tired of moving! Enough with getting up! Good thing there's someone even I can hug!
    Rise: Hey!
    • In fact, Marie's above line is a parody of Rise's commercial from the beginning. No wonder Rise is pissed.
  • And after coming back outside from the Hollow Forest and Rise mentions Valentines Day, this ensues:
    Rise: It's an awesome day when a girl gives chocolate to someone she holds dear. Oh, and I already reserved Senpai.
    Marie: Whatever. No cheating. Reservation cancelled.
    Rise: Why, you...!
    • And most of all, Marie gets the last laugh when you make it to the extended epilogue and you romanced her during the game:
      Marie: (while on the Weather Channel) I'm doing just fine! Love you, Yu!
      Rise: WHAAAAAAT!!??
  • The concert at Junes in Golden. Specifically Teddie crowd-surfing and being tossed in the air by the crowd and the three boys trying to imitate Teddie, fail at it because the crowd dodges with Kanji face planting standing up. Even better? Yu, badass that he is, manages to land on a bent knee, still holding his guitar and looking like a rock god.
    Kanji: I... didn't know... it was possible to stand on your face...
    • Most of the scenes leading up to the concert are pretty funny too, but a particular favorite has to be Yukiko's Non Sequitur moment. After a half a day's worth of practice without any progress, everyone's just about ready to give up, until a few encouraging words from Rise helps them shake off the discouragement. Then suddenly:
    • If you talk to Yukiko at night at some point after the event, she'll say that next time she wants to go crowd surfing & outright questions how Kanji was able to stand on his face, genuinely believing he planned it.
  • Take Yukiko to the movies and watch one that doesn't have an overt affect on her. She'll tell you how every time she thought something was hilarious and was laughing, everyone else was dead quiet.
  • Marie's Casual Danger Dialog to The Hollow Forest starting to collapse.
    Marie: I'm sorry, I forgot to mention... I don't need to be in this place to die anymore so, it's going to disappear.
    • Before that comes Yosuke hanging a Lampshade on the whole Load-Bearing Boss thing.
      Yosuke: Don't tell me! Is this like in the movies where once the bad guy's defeated, his evil fortress self-destructs!?
    • Teddie's reaction.
      Teddie: (running off-screen) We're gonna die! We're all gonna die!
  • The first moment outside with Marie, as you take her for Steak Skewers. The moments that feature "Steaaaaaaaaak" and when Marie says that they might as well be called "Fsteak" are clear references to Hiimdaisy's Chie. Funnier still, given that it's a direct translation of the original Japanese, that shout-out is a complete coincidence.
    • Or the Japanese cast read the Hiimdaisy script. Which is even funnier!
  • At the group's Fireworks viewing, the team arrives at the mountain park minus Teddie, leading to Rise asking where he is. Yosuke then tells her that while hitting on every girl in sight Teddie accidentally made a move on Hanako, who dragged him away despite him attempting to wear his bear suit and act like a bear to evade her. Not only that, Yosuke hopes he could send two or three more Hanakos at Teddie. Why? Teddie found Yosuke's "private reading material" and brought it to the Hanamura family breakfast asking what it was. When Rise questions if he really wants to have this conversation with girls around, Yukiko assumes it's just his secret savings.
    Rise: (completely deadpan) Secret savings. For a guy. Right.
    • And when Teddie finally stumbles into the scene, he's in the same flattened state he was when he got his Persona. Hanako did the same amount of damage to him as his Self-Destructing Desperation Attack on Shadow Rise.
  • After Yosuke gets his motorcycle license, speaking to him at night will eventually have recount the tale of how he was riding his scooter & came across a motorcycle gang, who started taunting him... Right until one of them recognized him as one of Kanji's "crew" and they fled in fear. Yosuke questions just what Kanji did to them.
  • On Jan 20, the day Nanako and Ryotaro finally get home from the hospital has a scene where Teddie goes through a cliche "Welcome Home" speech followed by asking for a kiss. You have the option to "Give him all you got." He quickly backs off saying his bearamones were too powerful.
  • Right after that he asks you what a "glomp" is. You have the option to tell him or show him. If you choose to show him, Dojima walks in and asks "What the hell are you two doing?"
  • Valentines day. Just the Valentines day. Specifically, Marie's and Nanako's part where Marie's chocolate is alive and Nanako's is just plain horrible to eat. Worse, you don't get to say no against Nanako, leaving you passed out. Could also be seen as a Take That! to being a Chick Magnet by making all of your female social links your girlfriends.
    • To add to Nanako's, after eating the chocolate and passing out, it appears you are inflicted with the Fear status. It wasn't just bad; it terrified you. So, to sum up, Nanako baked something that, when experienced, was so inexplicably horrifying that you passed out. Nanako created an Eldritch Abomination! At least one comment on YouTube suggested that Nanako's chocolate looked like the Persona Slime.
    • In addition, the unholy trinity of horrible cooking, Chie, Yukiko and Rise, all pitched in and gave Nanako tips. Naoto apparently offered to help, giving somewhat of a Hope Spot, only for Nanako to reveal that she'd already finished the chocolate. In other words, three bad chefs plus one learning child equals one of the most horrific forces in the entire Persona chronology.
    • Just the fact that Marie's literally living chocolate tasted better than Nanako's.
  • The after school scene on Valentine's Day has its moments. Yosuke gets annoyed that most of the girls were already taken. Kanji comes in and takes about how many boys are obsessed with chocolate and suggesting they should buy it themselves, not realising that Valentine's Day is about people giving chocolate to those they love. Yosuke then hopes there is chocolate from Yukiko and Chie, though both view him as just being desperate.
    Kanji: Hey... Man, all these guys are obsessed with chocolate. If they want candy so much, why don't they just buy some themselves!?
    Yosuke: Are you serious? This is the one day you shouldn't be buying chocolate for yourself.
    Kanji: Yeah?
    • If the player is in a relationship, with Yukiko, Chie, Rise AND Naoto, you get to see an awkward scene where all four of them insist on giving the player chocolate later on. It leads to a short but hilarious exchange between Yosuke and Kanji.
      Yosuke: What the hell, man!? What kind of crazy voodoo are you doing to be such a chick magnet!? How can one guy be so popular with the ladies!?
      Yosuke: What's impressive is how clueless you are!
  • Hanging out with the guys in Junes is cool (provided you don't have any girlfriends, You Bastard!). Yosuke thinks he's going to score with a girl, only to be asked about a nearby trash can and Teddie calling Kanji as Yosuke's brother.
    Teddie: You're brothers-in-nobody's arms. Family that's lonely together is bro-nly together.
    • Yosuke laments that he didn't even get to eat chocolates:
      Yosuke: I know I don't have anything waiting for me... But I can't give up my hope. It's my only weapon against the Valentine's Monster. I'm pathetic!
      Teddie: Hey! That's so rude! I know you got chocolate from Chie-chan and some other girls!
      Yosuke: I know that! And it was 100% friendzone chocolate!... And you ate it all anyway!
      Teddie: It was soooo good!
      Yosuke: That was bargain-price chocolate from Junes! I put the sale stickers on them myself! I know!
  • During Tanabata, if you wrote "World Domination" as your wish, Dojima will think it was just a joke that you and Nanako shared then does a double take at the fact that he thinks you're serious.
  • The Ski event in Persona 4 Golden. Lots of hilarity during the trip. Let's list down some of it:
    • The first day of the trip where the gang tells ghost stories. Especially when Yosuke tells the ghost story that is related to Persona 3 (namely, Fuuka's bullying and disappearance). Then Yu gets a chance to tell a story. Your options? Either a story about Hanako and Kashiwagi monsters (think the spa trip), or a story about a mysterious room and a creepy guy with a long nose (in other words, Yu telling a story about the Velvet Room). Suddenly, a blackout happens and the gang is scared out of their minds. Once the lights come back on, Teddie appears eating the snacks on the table. Chie, Rise and Naoto are not amused. What's funnier is that Yukiko LOVES ghost stories and even eager to ask the main character what happens next. Special mention to Naoto proving that she's got some bona fide Deadpan Snarker credentials:
      Naoto: Sorry, Teddie. Only people have human rights.
    • The conversation of the whole gang on the first day as well while they're on the slopes. At one point Chie complains there's no meat in the lodge's menu, and Yosuke calls her a carnivore. Then when Yukiko brings up the topic of meat, everyone looks at Teddie funny and he freaks out.
    • Then on the 2nd day, Teddie bellysliding down the slope at high speed past the MC, Rise, Naoto, and Kanji (who takes quite an exception to it), before roaring loudly, then crashing offscreen.
    • Rise, once again, intentionally pairs everyone up so that she can hog Yu for herself. Naoto calls her out on this, and it leads to an argument amongst the group over who gets to spend time with Yu. The kicker is of course Kanji:
      • The best part of Rise pairing everyone up? She uses such irrefutable logic for the pairings (Chie and Yosuke are on snowboards, Yukiko and Teddie are always on the steep slopes and won't slow down for Rise, and Kanji's spending most of the time trying to teach Naoto how to ski), that everyone just accepts it until Naoto points out that the entire point of the trip is for everyone to spend time with Yu before he leaves!
    • Anyone that goes with you during the second day and later gets lost in a snowstorm and ends up in the abandoned cottage which later turns out to be a storage shed at the back of the lodge the group was staying at. Once you get the fire started, suddenly, the television inside began to make noise and you and your partner(s) goes off screen to check it out. What follows is some very suggestive dialogue & sound effects, ending when the remaining party members barge in to stop you, wrongly reaching the same conclusion as the player. Here are the funny moments if you choose:
      • Chie
        Yosuke: Wh-Wh-What're you guys doing!? I won't allow it!
        Teddie: Stooooooooooop! Don't throw away your friendship in a moment of passion!
      • Yukiko
        Yosuke: Wh-Wh-What're you guys doing!? I won't allow it!
        Teddie: Stooooooooooop! You can't just give "inn" to your passions! ...Ehh?
      • Rise
        Yosuke: Wh-Wh-What're you guys doing!? We can't let a teen idol get caught doing stuff like this!
        Teddie: Stooooooooooop! The entire country will turn against you!
      • Naoto
        Yosuke: Wh-Wh-What're you guys doing!? This isn't that kind of mystery, Detective Prince!
        Teddie: Stooooooooooop! It's just an incredibly romantic situation up on a ski trip! Don't give in!
      • The guys. Oh Dear. They never catch a break. When the guys are caught in the snowstorm, Teddie falls asleep before you reach the cottage when you tell him not to. As you enter the cottage, instead of the game provide some Ship Tease, the player instead gets Kanji & Yosuke contemplating using Teddie's bear suit as a sleeping bag, much to Teddie's horror since he's "like a newborn" in there and even complain about some of them not bringing their cell phones along. Once they decide to check on the TV, Rise and Chie are the ones to barge in to stop them, with the girls commenting they thought it just some male bonding thing.
        Chie: H-H-Hey! Wh-What do you guys think you're doing!?
        Rise: Senpai, no! Don't leave me!
      • Special mention of Naoto's moment is that she'll completely mention the concept of warming each others bodies only to debunk it in the same sentence. Then when she realizes that brought it up unprovoked she prompts switches subjects. Naturally, this doesn't stop her from trying to snuggle with Yu later in the scene, now saying that it's a great way to build up heat.
      • If you don't choose Kanji or Yukiko, they are completely oblivious on why the others are surprised that you and the girl you're with are still dressed.
      • With Chie, Yukiko, and Naoto, Rise's "They're still dressed." sounds bewildered. If you go with the guys, she instead sounds immensely relieved. Similarly, when Yukiko asks about why they'd take their clothes off, Naoto, instead of sounding exasperated, essentially implies that she'd rather not think about it.
    • The Snowball fight after you save Marie. It was suppose to be Guys vs Girls, but it ended up being the Girls vs Yosuke.
    • Finally the ski trip ends with another hot spring scene, only this time, the girls are accompanied by Marie. Yosuke and Teddie are standing on Kanji to try and peek at the girls over the wall as Yu watches them and sighs. However, Kanji can't hold them up for long and they knock the wall down. The girls get pissed and start throwing things at them except for Marie, who casts Hot Lightning on them in the real world.
  • Maxing out Adachi's Social Link and going for the true ending path has him offer support to Yu during the final boss as well, albeit in his... own special way. Needless to say, it's a hilarious dissonance from all the other character's words of support.
    Adachi: Man, you're so cruel. You make me take responsibility for my sins, but you're gonna let this bitch take you down like this? Haha... That's hilarious. ...Get up. You're not like me, right?
    • There is also his letter to Yu. He takes time to explain that through the protagonist's help, he is undergoing a Heel–Face Turn. That doesn't stop him from taking time out of the letter to call him a dumbass.
  • When the Investigation Team is making plans to go to the beach during summer vacation in Golden, Rise (as per usual) asks who Yu is looking forward to see in a swimsuit. There's 4 options that Yu can choose: Either an option each for all 3 girls, or an option of Kanji. What's better is that it isn't Kanji, but Yosuke who freaks out if you choose that option.
  • The various gag costumes you and your party can wear during dungeon explorations, ranging from the aforementioned Gag Glasses and Drag Costumes, to Halloween and Christmas costumes, Chainmail Bikinis, Swimsuits, and even Bath Towels, not to mention what they say when you talk to them after getting them dressed as such.
    • For instance:
      Naoto: [in the Coronet Armor] Uhhh... What the heck is this? What defensive capabilities could this so-called armor POSSIBLY have? Please don't look this way! I'm so embarrassed, I must have at least five pints of blood in my face.
      Kanji: [in the Christmas Costume] Whoa!? Is this for real!? Senpai, this is perfect! I'm a cute reindeer! Why are you looking at me like that?
    • The Featherman costumes are hilarious, even moreso in the English version. When you think about it, it means Johnny Yong Bosch is going back to being a Power Ranger!
    • Talking to Chie whilst she & Yosuke are the only party members, and she's in the Gekkoukan High uniform, leads to Yosuke commenting that Chie actually looks lady-like. Cue Chie promptly ruining the illusion.
    • Yosuke in the bath towel outfit takes the cake.
      Yosuke: So, this is what you wanted? I'm in nothing but a towel. ...I don't think this is appropriate. I'm not comfortable with this! Is there an HR department I can report you to?
      Rise: Whoa, I didn't know that's what you were into, Senpai. That's disappointing...
      Yosuke: I hate you, Yu.
    • Put Yukiko in the cheerleader outfit, and she'll come up with a cheer that makes her opinion of school apparent:
      Yukiko: Go! Go! Yaso-High! Go! *clap* To! *clap* Hell!
  • At the end of the New Year's shrine visit with Rise, asking if she wants to go back to her place leads to her noting they'd be alone, before having a Eureka Moment & saying "If you're thinking of something naughty right now, raise your hand!"... And then raising her hand. Perhaps funnier, is that Yu does not, and Rise immediately nixes those plans.
  • Yukiko's Big "WHAT?!" if you take her to the summer festival and she finds out that one of the lottery prizes is a photo of her taken secretly.
    Lottery worker: The boyfriend here wins second prize! Let's see, all that's left in the second tier is... Whoa! A night for two at the Matsu Room at the Amagi Inn!
    Yukiko: Uh...
    Lottery worker: And a photograph of the young okami!
    Yukiko: WHAT!?
    Lottery worker: I heard some fine volunteers took the picture during the ruckus last spring.
    Yukiko: They aren't "fine volunteers!" I'll take that "prize"! I'm confiscating this picture!
    • A similar gag is done if you take Rise. Her prize is a cell phone strap in the shape of a pop idol. She laughs at how ugly it is, just before she notices that it's wearing an outfit very similar to one she wore on tour last year...
    • If you take Ai, she buys enough stuff for fifty tickets in an effort to win the grand prize. She does. It's a bale of rice.
  • Naoto's exasperated face.
  • Taking the colourful opening of Golden to its logical conclusion.
  • During the beach trip, near the end there's a bit where Teddie and the girls are speaking, but there are no dialogue boxes to tell us what they're saying. They're deciding on a prize/punishment for a sandcastle contest, and Teddie decides the loser has to smooch him. Immediately after, Yukiko excitedly suggests that instead of sandcastles, they bury Teddie.
  • Teddie going to school with you, and his recurring struggle to avoid Hanako.
  • During the extended true ending in Golden, after Marie is shown to work for a weather station, we get this gem of a dialogue choice.
    After Nanako repeats a catchphrase that Marie uses when acting as a weather girl.
    Dojima: I see that weather girl a lot. The younger ones at the station tell me they feel motivated whenever she does that.
    Yu: It's just a coincidence!
    Dojima: I-I see. I'm not sure why you're denying it so forcefully, but okay...
  • During Christmas, the group realizes that Yu has to leave Inaba next spring. The protagonist can admit that he doesn't want to go home... or does he?
    Dojima: H-Hey, don't get too carried away. My sis would kill me if you got yourself held back a year...
    Yosuke: Oh, but then you wouldn't have to go back, huh?
    Rise: Wow, if that happened, I'd be in the same grade as Senpai.
    Yu: I wanna go home now...
    • Alternatively:
      Rise: Wow, if that happened, I'd be in the same grade as Senpai.
      Yu: Call me Senpai anyway.
  • Everything in the Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz, but the conclusion takes the cake. Usually, someone ends up in the short straw. Chie kicks Teddie out of the set with a Galactic Punt, Yukiko demolishes Teddie off-screen, Yosuke gets into a fight trying to avoid Teddie's "lovely gift"... and speaking of "lovely gift"... if Yu is the winner... the prize is... a kiss.
  • If Chie is in your party in Golden, her energetic idle animation almost makes it look like she's dancing to the music if "Time to Make History" is playing.
  • There are some hilarious dialogue options added for Yu in Golden, perhaps inspired by Yu's characterization in the anime. For example, when Rise tries to get you to walk closer to her under your umbrella, by saying your shoulder would get wet otherwise, you get to answer: "I'm sexier when I'm soaked." Even Rise, who's not exactly prude, is flabbergasted by that response.
    • Another one just before the band event, when Yosuke asks you if you're nervous, too. You can say you're fine, that your stomach's been acting up, or, with a completely straight face...
      Yu: I'm screaming on the inside.
  • When you meet with the party outside the TV world, you have several options, from discussing the situation to asking about the weather. When you're preparing to enter the Hollow Forest, the weather may not matter, since you can't come back to finish the dungeon, but you can get one of three randomly generated dialogues if you ask for a weather forecast.
    • In the first version, Rise will give the weather, like she usually does ever since her dungeon, only for Teddie to steal her thunder.
      Teddie: Feel free to ask me any time, Sensei!
      Rise: You dumb bear, that's my line!
    • In the second version, Yosuke will give the weather report. Chie, apparently still mad about him second-guessing it when she did it (she gives the weather until you save Yukiko), asks if he's sure, and he insists that his memory is better than hers.
    • In the third version, Kanji will casually say that he forgot, and Naoto, perplexed as to why Kanji seems so "proud," does it instead.


  • The anime adaptation has enough for its own page!
  • As the group's exploring Void Quest in the manga, Rise, who's struggling to find her way through the labyrinth, says that she isn't used to her powers just yet, saying that you can't ace a test after reading a textbook once. Kanji then gets out his latest test, where he apparently got a 4 out of 100, and uses it to draw a map of the maze... but not before the girls make fun of his grades.
    Chie: Wow, I'm not one to talk, but that's embarrassing.
    Yukiko: Kanji... did you hide that from your mother?
    Rise: Did you think I'd feel better knowing you're dumber than me? It's not working!
  • In the manga's version of the battle with Shadow Teddie, Rise, having just awakened to her Persona, hastily gives orders to the Investigation Team, but since she doesn't know their names, she has to fall back on nicknames. While she refers to Chie and Yukiko by the colors of their jacket and cardigan, she calls Yosuke "Ganmo Boy", and calls Kanji the "big scary guy," much to his irritation.


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