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    Persona 4 Arena 

  • Any interaction with Kanji, Akihiko or Teddie leads to hysterical misunderstandings.
  • The cast of P4 reacting to their insulting nicknames.
    • Yu, upon being called "The Sister-Complex Kingpin of Steel":
    I'm impressed. There's so many things wrong with that sentence that I don't even know where to begin.
    • Yu, trolling Yosuke over being "Captain Ressentiment"
    • Chie:
    Yosuke: (answering phone) Hel—
    Yosuke: Oww, you almost blew out my eardrum...
    Naoto: K-Killjoy!? What is this? Who came up with this demeaning epithet?!
  • During Yosuke's arcade mode, he discovers everyone's acting weird because it's an illusion to get them to fight each other. Yukiko said that Yosuke kept demanding her to wash his back, which leads to this:
    Yosuke: Wha-well, never mind that. Yukiko, have you seen a girl around?
    Yukiko: No, I'm sorry, but I haven't...did you want her to wash your back?
    Yosuke: No!
  • In Yu's story mode, Teddie asks him to bring back a nurse porno because Yosuke's mom destroyed his stash. And whenever Yu brings it up, Yosuke flips out.
    • Also, this line when Teddie brings up the nurses in front of the whole Investigation Team in Yosuke's story mode.
    Yosuke: (When did this conversation go from working to wanking in just two steps?!)
  • Aigis in her Story Mode after defeating Naoto… during their conversation, Aigis thinks of Naoto as a she (Mitsuru and Akihiko both still think Naoto is male), and Naoto comments on Aigis not hiding her true appearance, leading to the following exchange:
    Aigis: I am curious, though. When you refer to your "true appearance," do you mean the fact that you are a woman?
    Naoto: [surprise] Wh… what?
    Aigis: Am I mistaken?
    Naoto: [evasive] Oh, um, well…
    Aigis: Your clothing hides it, but my sensor scan shows the body measurements of a human with female proportions.
    Naoto: [shocked, blushing] Wh-what do you mean!? How much can you see!?
    General Teddie: [interrupts on monitor] Hey, hey, enough with the chitchat! Hurry up and move on to the next—
    Aigis: [ignores him] Would you like to know your current measurements? From top to bottom, they are…
    Naoto: [interrupts, blushing again] Th-that's quite all right!
    General Teddie's eyes widen and he pants pervertedly.
    General Teddie: Never mind little old me! Please, finish that line of thought. I demand it!
    Naoto: How did we get so off subject!? If you're going to go, please hurry and leave!
  • The whole exchange between Yu and Yosuke in the latter's story mode and later, in the manga due to the effects of the illusion Yu seems pretty… protective of Nanako.
    Yu: How dare you, calling her "Nanako-chan" in that intimate way!?
    Yosuke: Yes, sir! I'm sorry, sir! Umm, forgetting Nanako… san… for the moment, it seems like there's someone here besides us. She can't use a Persona, so I thought maybe she was dropped in here… Uh, Yu?
    Yu: Why would you forget Nanako!?
    Yosuke: That's ridiculous! I mean, c'mon, Nanako-cha… san really likes you no matter what! She's always telling me how you're such a nice big brother and how you're so cool!
    Yu: Yosuke... enough. You "always" talk to Nanako? Why? Where? What do you mean by "always"? What was the precise date and time when you spoke to her!?
    Yosuke: Oh crap, I was lying, I'm sorry!
    Yu: What…? You were lying!? Are you saying Nanako doesn't like me!? That she doesn't think I'm nice or cool at all!?
    • And later on in the conversation, this:
    Yosuke: (To himself) Ahem… sorry, Nanako-chan. (To Yu.) Haa haa! That Nanako-chan! What a dummy, right!?
    Yu: That's it… your life is forfeit!
    • And then, after their fight, Yosuke briefly forgets that Yu was speaking under an illusion and calls him "big bro" to cheer him up. Yu says that he isn't comfortable with Yosuke calling him that.
  • The fight between Chie and Yosuke in, once again, the latter's story mode counts as this.
    Chie: Hey, Yosuke. Can I eat you?
    Yosuke: Huh? Sure. *beat* Wait, what!?
    • And later…
    • Not to mention Yosuke outright admits he mistook it for something more…intimate at first.
      • All this after saying this when they first meet:
    Chie: Oh, it's Yosuke… what a letdown.
  • Chie's joke ending. She ditches the investigation to chase after a beef bowl from Aiya, down to dramatically challenging Akihiko to a fight over it (complete with hanging the bowl from a nearby telephone pole as the prize.) She wins and either keeps the bowl while taunting Akihiko, or offers to share (which he refuses as a matter of pride.) She prepares to take a bite... and wakes up in Junes surrounded by the Investigation Team, who promptly tell her the case has been solved. When she asks what happened, Yu calls her out for ditching the investigation to chase and eat something she found in the TV World. Her ending narration, combined with her nervous laughter, is the cherry on top.
    I look around at all of my friends, and I see them staring and smiling at me, but their smiles are hollow and cold.
    Chie: Hahaha...ha...ha...
  • Early on Yosuke comments about having Teddie keep the TVs up in the TV world in case someone gets trapped there and Chie mentions that no one would be careless enough to fall into the TV. Kanji falls into his family's new TV after falling asleep. Not to mention half of Kanji's story which includes his joke path that he's still thinks he's in dreamland seeing his wish came true all the sudden without realizing.
  • In her story mode, Naoto meets up with Akihiko, who proceeds to lecture her on taking care of her body while flexing.
    Akihiko: You've got the build of a twelve year old! Let me teach you the secret of bodybuilding. First thing: Protein. Second thing: Protein. Third, fourth and fifth: More protein.
    Naoto: Don't you think that's rather unbalanced!?
  • Akihiko's story, where he said this to Kanji…
    Akihiko: Take off your clothes.
    • Akihiko seems to make a lot of these comments, whether he actually says them or not. Thanks to the illusions in the TV he says this to Naoto.
    Akihiko: Your chest is overdeveloped.
    • Akihiko thinking Teddie is called "Teddie Teddie" because of how Teddie introduced himself, and still referring to him as "Teddie Teddie" in his narration after Teddie corrected him.
  • Kanji's route is a goldmine of laughter.
    Kanji: Now get back inside me!
    Teddie: I-I don't swing that way!
  • Mitsuru's story, beginning, when she first met Akihiko eye-to-eye:
    Mitsuru: Akihiko, what on Earth are you wearing?
    Akihiko: Hm? Didn't I tell you I was on a training expedition?
    Mitsuru: Don't tell me you came here from the airport like that… Does the concept of keeping a low profile mean anything to you?
    Aigis: Mitsuru-san, I believe we have lost the right to complain about that.
    Mitsuru's narration: …That's it. I'm never mentioning the subject of our appearance again!
    • Everybody has something to say about what Akihiko is wearing:
      Naoto: He's the perfect example of someone who should be detained for questioning.
    • Numerous comments have also been made about the conspicuous eight-door limousine they ride.
      Aigis: (riding limo) Mitsuru-san. Our activities are supposed to be undercover, correct?
      Mitsuru: Yes…
      Aigis: For undercover missions, it will be necessary to keep all personnel and vehicles from being noticed.
      Mitsuru: Right.
      Aigis: Mitsuru-san. May I say something that I've been meaning to say for a while now?
      Mitsuru: No.
      Aigis: Understood.
  • One of Yukiko's motives for fighting: revenge for her boxed lunch! Gets turned Up to Eleven in her joke ending. How much? First she force feeds her boxed lunch to Yu (after fighting him), who passes out after making a noise akin to that of a dying animal (she thinks he's sleeping comfortably as a result). She then later offers the same to the rest of the Investigation Team, all of whom balk, but eat it out of respect, making her think they're happy to eat it. Last of all, she attributes everyone getting sick later on to causes other than food poisoning.
  • Akihiko badgers a bartender for protein. The bartender thinks protein is a code word and Akihiko is going through some sort of withdrawal.
  • The only moment when a true man can cry according to Akihiko.
    Akihiko: A true man is only allowed to cry when he loses his wallet!
    Chie: Y-Yes, Master!
  • In the beginning of Aigis' story, as Mitsuru tells her to investigate the hijacked plane for "sensitive" cargo…
    Aigis: Mitsuru-san's cargo… sensitive belongings for a vacation… Ahh, I understand. Hijacking a plane out of a desperate desire for undergarments… this incident will surely go down in history.
    Mitsuru's eyes bulge at the unexpected comment.
    Mitsuru: Wha-!? You're jumping to conclusions! It's not "sensitive" in that way!
  • In Yu's story, after the battle vs Aigis, ELIZABETH just bursts right the hell out of nowhere and asks for Yu to fight. Yu's total confusion at the fact that she even wants to since there's no point in it, and Elizabeth's constant mispronouncing of words end up probably making it one of the best parts in Yu's story.
    Elizabeth: This encounter has borne much flute.
    Yu: Flute?
    Elizabeth: Flue? Chimneys? Something to that effect.
    • And the best part is that Yu can't get over the fact that she dropped in through the ceiling when there was a perfectly normal door right next to them.
    • To say nothing of Yu's inner-monologue noting his relief that he didn't meet Elizabeth instead of Margaret when he was a regular guest of the Velvet Room.
  • During Yosuke's story, after beating Yu, Yosuke remembers that Kanji's nickname was Beefcake Emperor and starts to panic rather spectacularly about the condition of his hind quarters. When he finds out that Kanji was already beaten by Teddie, Yosuke expresses his relief about how his "ass is safe".
  • Aigis' narration of what happened after the Investigation Team and Shadow Operatives returned to the real world through the Junes television.
    • That was practically the biggest goldmine of laughs after all is said and done. When they finally got out of the TV world, practically all the customers took pictures of the group appearing out of nowhere, especially since they consist of a woman in a spy catsuit with a fur coat, a half-naked guy wearing a cape, a pop star idol, a famous boy(actually a girl) detective, two robot girls (one of which is carrying an axe the size of a desk), the local store mascot, and the rest of the investigation team.
      • And of course, cops show up, and everyone proceeds to run like hell out of there. Labrys, being a Fish out of Water, has no idea what's going on, and Teddie, being rather stupid, also hasn't a clue. Rise is more concerned with her phone, Kanji tries to pick a fight every once in a while and Naoto repeatedly stops him. This is all conveyed in text but nevertheless, it's hilarious.
    • Labrys' annoyed grunt and flailing legs when she winds up stuck half-way through the exit TV because the axe/thruster combination that attaches to her back is too large.
  • Aside from the general hilarity of watching Kanji smash through the tournament all while thinking it's a dream, there's also the fact that a lot of plot-critical elements (such as the involvement of the Mysterious Entity in the tournament's events) simply fly right over his head without him noticing them.
  • In Yosuke's story mode, Yosuke makes a heartfelt speech about his friends to Aigis... and then butchers the last word by mistake. Which Aigis repeats.
  • At Yukiko's joke ending, when she comes across Yu, there's no illusion confusing their words for either of them, but Yu attacks Yukiko after she offers her boxed lunch, thinking that the real Yukiko would never endanger her friends like that.
  • In Naoto's story mode, after she and Mitsuru fight, they discuss the fact that illusions were warping each of their perceptions of what the other was saying:
    Mitsuru: In that case, I'll… well, I'm willing to forget all the things you said about my body.
    Naoto's narration: Wait, what? Her BODY!?
  • The final boss in Teddie's story mode. It's just Kanji, who thinks the tournament is still going and wants a fight. And Teddie goes along with it so he might be able to get Labrys to kiss him.
  • Yosuke's inner-monologue describing Chie, Naoto & Rise as the "We're-Actually-Sensible Team" during the ending of his story mode.
  • When Chie sees the real Teddie for the first time in her story mode, he makes a funny noise.
  • One of Chie's victory poses sees her entering a crane stance and Tomoe materializing in front of her, blocking her from the audience's view. Chie then proceeds to leap around her Persona and pose for the camera again.
  • Not long after entering the TV World, Aigis encounters Kanji, without any disguise and attempts to explain away her appearance.
    Aigis: Uhhh… I'm a… Transfer student! I have blue eyes, blonde hair… Uhhhh… Gatling cannon.
    Kanji: Huh?
  • Kanji attempting to avoid admitting to Naoto that he just fell into a television and tripping over his own words.
    Kanji: H-How? Well, I, uh… i-it was a change of pace?
    Naoto: You came into the TV for a change of pace? Did something happen? I'm willing to listen if you'd like to talk about it.
    Kanji: There's nothing to talk about! I mean, wait, n-not that I don't wanna talk to you…
    Kanji: Like it's, it's not that I DO wanna talk or… that I don't wanna… A-Anyways, there's just some times a man wants to go inside a TV by himself!
  • Yukiko's storyline also has a scene where she first sees General Teddie up close in one of his TVs and bursts into her typical laughter, thinking his outfit is just that ridiculous.
  • On Yosuke's route, he's chatting with Aigis when she decides to look him up from her server. "Likes to wear a trash can on his head" comes up under Yosuke's hobbies.
  • A lovely exchange between Teddie and "Miss President" (Labrys) in the Yukiko storyline:
    "Miss President": Truth to tell, you're so immature that I can't see you putting something like this together.
    Teddie: Whoa...Such high praise! I can tell you really trust me, Miss President! *sniff*
    "Miss President:": It wasn't a compliment, numbskull...
  • Look at Elizabeth after she's knocked to the ground. She's happily resting on the ground like it's nothing.
    • Given Slayer and Rachel, it's only appropriate that she follows in their shoes...
  • Teddie has several win poses in which his body unzips and his human form emerges. In one, he's his usual Bishie Sparkle Teddie. In another, he's Bishie Sparkle Teddie again... but he's forgotten to wear clothes (and uses his bear self as a Modesty Towel). The third? Alice Teddie.
  • Remember the Inferno Divider clash effect in BlazBlue?. Persona 4 Arena has that as well, but with Mitsuru instead.

    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 
  • The sequel's Japanese name, really. Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold!? Not to mention the first promotional picture is Aigis doing a German Suplex on poor Yu.
  • In the second Ultimax trailer, Junpei attempts to get a drink from a vending machine… only for the power to cut just as he presses the button. The look on his face is priceless.
    • Now you folks are asking yourself "How'd Junpei manage to end up at Inaba in the first place"? He was so tired from coaching baseball that he dozed off in the train and dream he won the championship and was about proposing to Chidori causing him to end up at the very last station, which happens to be Inaba station.
  • Yukari's outfit. Amplified by her Embarrassing Nickname, "The Unsightly Pink Sniper".
    • After a battle with Yukari, Ken will sheepishly remark about Feathermen Rangers, trying to hide his childish ways—Yukiko, a maturing, elegant young lady 4 years older than him and nearing adulthood, gleefully exclaims her love for the show and excitedly volunteers to be the red ranger.
    Ken: "I BEAT FEATHERMAN VICTORY! I...mean...uh...yeah. I don't care. I don't even watch that show."
    Yukiko: "Phoenix Ranger Featherman...that is so cool!!! Ooh, me, ME!!! I WANT TO BE THE RED ONE!!!"
  • Rise's Hysterical Slap super, where she slaps her opponent like crazy. The ridiculous look she has on her face while doing it only makes her more hilarious.
  • One of Adachi's moves is to trip his opponent and laugh at them, complaining that his side is going to split from laughter. Also, his Megidola command throw has him shouting "Ha~i, chuumoku!"/"Your attention, please!" just before Magatsu-Izanagi slashes the opponent from above. (Alternately, he will say "Warui kedo sa, kietekoreru ka na!"/"I hate to say this, but could you JUST DIE?")
  • This fan translation of Adachi's trailer manages to be both accurate and funny.
    • And this one has a short but catchy song playing over sped up footage.
  • If he defeats Sho/SHO, Adachi will mock them during his victory screen, telling them that they're BOTH losers. He then proceeds to laugh at his own joke.
    • On the topic of Adachi, his title is "The Egocentric Police Dick"
  • Shadow Kanji is back and he is as Camp Gay and as full of innuendoes as ever.
  • The Stinger for Yukiko and Kanji's trailers. While all the other character trailers end with their Shadow saying something terrifying, both of these two end up being hilarious. (Especially if you're expecting something terrifying)
    Shadow Yukiko: "I've got my lacy unmentionables on. Hope you're ready!"
  • What is Margaret's Furious Action? Grabbing her opponent and then doing a super high German Suplex!
  • Kanji and his Shadow get into what is basically a "stop copying me!" argument in front of Yukiko. When one challenges the other to prove he's real by stating at what age he stopped wetting the bed...
    Yukiko: It was when you were in second grade, wasn't it?
    Both Kanjis: Why the hell do you know that?!
    Yukiko: Oh, your mother told me.
    *both Kanjis scream in embarrassment*
    • Yukiko then decides to hold an impromptu quiz show, asking innocuous questions about Inaba to determine the real Kanji. The last question is a math problem and after one of the Kanjis correctly answers, she and Teddie strike a Phoenix Wright-worthy pose and proclaim that he is the fake since the real Kanji would never be able to do the math so easily.
  • The Junpei-Style-Stranger-Danger technique. Once Junpei ask Yukiko to test out...
    • Unfortunately, Rise shows up at the wrong timing who mistook Junpei for a pervert.
      • What makes it even funnier was that Yukiko asked Junpei if she did it right. Well since Rise appears, you could say Yukiko got it right but not the way Junpei expected.
  • Kanji's over the top lust over cute animals and nearly make Ken mistook his obsession over him. Poor Koromaru.
    • The baffled look on Ken's face helps sell it.
    • It's even better with lines:
    Ken: O-Ohh, you meant Koromaru!
    Kanji: Huh? Who else? Ahhhhhhh! Who's a good dog!? Who's got hwimsewf a Persowna? Is it you!? Is it you!?
  • It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Elizabeeeeth!
    • Well technically anything that she says. Literally.
  • Junpei's got some amusing responses to some of the shadows in Arcade Mode.
    Shadow Chie: I'm going to kick you like a soccer ball!
    Junpei: Well, it's a good thing I specialize in baseball, not soccer!
    • His response to Shadow Aigis is funny as it is...interesting.
    Shadow Aigis: I'll erase your existance! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Junpei: Man, this psycopathic, crazy Ai-chan is kinda hot...!
  • Labrys' Shadow channeling a certain other robot...
  • The way Junpei makes his entrance in Episode P4.
  • When Junpei first sees Teddie's human form, he exclaims "A white guy!". It's just such a weird acknowledgment that, despite the Anime Hair and other Anime tropes in the game, Teddie's blond hair and blue eyes really are supposed to show that he's Caucasian.
    • Then Junpei takes Teddie's statement that he "grew" his human body as a sign he can't speak Japanese well and is getting terms mixed up...
  • After a rather tense chapter, Theodore coming out of a casket and screaming with Chie when she says he's a ghost.
    • Yosuke's annoyance when Theodore makes Chie talk about beef-flavored potato chips.
    Yosuke: Can we stop talking about potato chips?!
  • Yu & Yosuke both noting that Kanji's just as likely to charge headfirst into the TV World as actually heed General Teddie's declaration that the fighting is taking place in the real world this time.
  • When Rise runs into Yukari, her reaction is confusion over Yukari dressing like Feather Pink. Yukari's reaction is to basically start gushing over how pretty Risette is in real life.
  • Junpei attempting a Dynamic Entry, only to slam into the invisible ceiling above the newly designated combat arena. Even Shadow Junpei is embarrassed by it.
  • Speaking of Shadow Junpei, we have this:
    Shadow Junpei: I'm the Shadow Operatives' Lethal Weapon! Junpei Iori...'s fake.
  • Kurosawa gets worked up when Akihiko tells him that he doesn't mind taking in alcoholic driinks, as long as protein drinks are also involved.
  • Junpei, after meeting fake Rise, comments that the encounter is so going to his 'Nightmare Fuel' folder. Junpei, what kind of site have you been visiting, This Very Wiki?
  • Aigis' reaction to Teddie's enthusiasm to rescue his friends:
    Aigis: As they say... "yeah!"
  • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue for the Persona 4 cast contains a few.
    • Kanji is working to inherit the family textile shop by practicing with his mother's dyes and making up flimsy excuses. He's also attempting to learn English. And then there's the artwork at the end...
    • Yukiko is working to inherit the Amagi Inn... and it seems her cooking skills haven't improved.
    • Chie is studying to become a police officer, but ends up falling asleep reading textbooks.
    • Yosuke meets with Yu to announce that, after thinking about his future for a while he's decided... to go to college. He then Lampshades that that's a pretty mundane future. He goes to the bookstore to try and find study materials, but Teddie arrives and thinks he's looking for nurse porno and Hilarity Ensues.
    • Teddie is helping Yosuke at Junes, and he sets up a bikini display for a summer sale... then fantasises about inviting all the girls to a beach party, complete with Dream Sequence art.
  • This exchange after Elizabeth becomes a Sink-or-Swim Mentor in helping Rise awaken her combat abilities. Elizabeth's delivery is really what sells it:
    Rise: I can fight! How can I ever thank you?
    Elizabeth: I'm certain you will be able to provide me with adequate compensation.
    Rise: You mean, you want money?
    Elizabeth: Or perhaps your soul.
    Rise: What?! No way!
  • In the P3 side ending, Mitsuru asks Labrys if she saw Sho. It takes two attempts, and two nudges in the shoulder from Akihiko, for Labrys to realize that since Mitsuru has to report on Sho's whereabouts, she doesn't want Labrys to tell her, and thus is content with Labrys telling a partial truth and saying she doesn't know where Sho is now. When Junpei tries to make the lesson a bit more obvious, Yukari gets annoyed and says she doesn't want Labrys turning out more like Junpei.
  • During Elizabeth's arcade scenario, she encounters Aigis, who calls Elizabeth by increasingly wrong names. Aigis calls her Eridanus-san, Salisbury-san, and then Eligable-san.

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