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Piecing together the entire story.

Okay. Here are the points we know that do not contradict with each other's storylines. No details from the sequel Ultimax will be mentioned or considered here.

  1. All of Labrys's backstory takes place.
  2. The plane hijacking that involves Mitsuru, Aigis, and Naoto.
  3. Akihiko gets the call from Mitsuru while somewhere in South America, after which he returns to Japan.
  4. Rise and Teddie have already been kidnapped by the Big Bad.
  5. Yu returns to Inaba for Golden Week. The rest of his friends there prepare for his arrival.
  6. The Shadow Operatives follow a lead to Inaba, and Naoto tails them.
  7. Akihiko makes his way to Inaba separately.
  8. Kanji falls through his TV half-asleep.
  9. The IT third-years watch the Midnight Channel and call each other about it.
  10. After vanquishing Demise for the umpteenth time, Elizabeth makes her way to the TV World and duels with Labrys before leaving her.
  11. The next day, the IT gather to start investigating the TV World once more.
  12. Later that day, Mitsuru and Aigis park at the junkyard, meet with Detecitve Kurosawa, discover a TV, Akihiko joins them, Aigis confirms Labrys's presence, and they jump in, followed by Naoto.
  13. All entrants end up separated.
  14. [From here, each story varies depending on who you're playing as.]
  15. Teddie escapes from wherever he was imprisoned.
  16. Kanji realizes he's not dreaming the tournament.
  17. Shadow Labrys is confronted, "Miss President"'s illusion as a human is stripped away, and Labrys denies her Shadow, which is then fought.
  18. After Shadow Labrys is defeated, Labrys accepts is and gets a Persona.
  19. The Investigation Team and Shadow Operatives gather together, Mitsuru assures that Labrys won't be sealed again, and then Teddie makes his Exit TVs at the rooftop so they can leave.
  20. Labrys gets controlled by the Big Bad and has to be fought off.
  21. Labrys is released from the Big Bad's control (willingly or thanks to Fuuka), Mitsuru requests the IT to leave this to her and her allies, Yu "agrees" despite protests from the others before they comply (which Mitsuru and Aigis see through), and the entire group leaves.
  22. Next day, the IT see Labrys and the rest of the Shadow Operatives off. Everyone's epilogues proceed as they do in their stories.

Now for the other details that that are covered by at least two story modes, however loosely.

  • Elizabeth trades blows with Yu and Aigis on separate occasions.
  • Chie sees Akihiko jump off from a window. The two trade blows later.
  • Mitsuru manages to find a temporary sanctuary and contacts Aigis.
  • Naoto encounters one of the Shadow Operatives at the stairs and enters combat with them.
  • After fighting one another, Mitsuru and Naoto get in touch with Rise.
  • Aigis witnesses Yosuke defend Labrys from her Shadow, who shortly kidnaps her. The two give chase before Shadow Labrys cuts them off at the rooftop, where they're forced to fight one another.

Mitsuru stopped taking advice from her personal fashion coordinator (see her FES secret video).
The result is as you see here.

Mitsuru's and Arihiko's fashion sense was affected by exposure to Persona 3's MC.
Who had fun dressing them in silly outfits. As part of the Wild Card's ability to change people; this actually changed their tastes in clothing and thus became much more extravagant.
  • Alternatively, their personalities/clothing is a result of using their Personas over a prolonged period of time. Having a Persona sublimated into oneself is normal. Having it "awake" all the time changes the psyche drastically.

Akihiko has become a Blood Knight because Victory Is Boring.
He helped to take on both the Nyx Avatar and Erebus, two of the biggest bads in the entire Persona series. Anything after that has got to feel like sort of a step down, especially for someone who threw himself into fighting as much as he did. What if the reason he's changed so much is because he needs another fight like that to feel alive again?

The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena takes place after the "Good Ending", not the "True Ending"
  • The protagonist only gets his ultimate persona during the True Final Boss. This also means that Izanami is still around and still plans to turn everyone into shadows, and everyone is fighting each other due to her machinations by creating the fog of misunderstanding or something.
    • If I may add? It is notable that these screenshots show a non-beautiful TV World unlike the ending.
      • But isn't it confirmed that this is all just a tournament set up by Teddie?
      • Nope. It's actually set up by Labrys' Shadow, who was impersonating Teddie.
    • Jossed Yu uses Izanagi-no-Ookami during his Instant Kill
      • One character also mentions that the TV world turned into a beautiful landscape, which only happens after the True Ending.

The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena will have the Protagonist of Persona 3
  •|6 If you look, there are currently 6 characters revealed. Factoring in Naoto and Teddie, that leaves 2 left. It's been implied that there will be more characters from Persona 3 and the events of Persona 4 (going into more WMG territory) show mankind has the potential to defy fate and their inner selves. That seems to have a lot to do with the seal on Nyx/Erebus right? This also explains why (as mentioned on the main page) Aigis has Pallas Athena and not Orpheus.
    • If I may interject, Aigis most likely lost Athena in The Answer because she rejected her emotions, creating Metis, not because she gained Orpheus and the Wild Card. As she accepted Metis, her Shadow-Self, it's perfectly reasonable for her to have Athena again.

Aigis was sent by Kirijou to investigate the TV World.
The Kirijou Group only recently managed to discover its existence and wants to know if it poses a threat. In order to make sure Aigis is as prepared as possible in case anything bad were to occur, they outfitted her with some bigger guns. She doesn't have a team anymore after all, so clearly the bigger the better.
  • Seeing as how Mitsuru herself has now joined the fray...

The rest of the P3 gang won't show up.
It's been two years, so it might be a pain to create new character designs for all of them to accommodate that. Plus ATLUS might want to keep their current status vague and up to our imaginations. Aigis is a robot who doesn't age, so she's exempt.
  • Jossed. Akihiko and Mitsuru are confirmed to have spots in the roster, so playability is still open for Yukari, Junpei, Fuuka, Ken, and Koromaru (with Fuuka as a second MC alongside Rise).
    • With some of the P3 characters' color schemes acting as alternate colors for all the fighters who are still in, this may be confirmed after all.
      • Fuuka is indeed in the game as another

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