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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth facing your true self for.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Persona 4 fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.


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     Authors and Websites 
Notable fanfic writers and the sites their stories are hosted on.

  • Recommended by Nightraid
  • Souji (Main character)/Naoto shipping fics, all of them with great characterization that can be alternatively really sweet and touching, hilarious, dramatic or all of it. If you like this pairing, make sure to pay this author a visit.

The Persona 4 Kink Meme

  • Recommended by Kalle
  • With four parts and counting, this meme has pretty much exploded with some of the wildest prompts and responses imaginable, ranging from the disturbing to the touching to the gut-bustingly hilarious. The best part? It's all hosted by Shadow Kanji. (Due to the nature of the meme, much of the content is obviously NSFW.)
    • Six parts and counting now, and due to Shadow Kanji disappearing into the big bad bathhouse in the sky, there's a new "Temporary" Kink Meme.
    • Now has a new, permanent "Reincarnated" version here.


  • Recommended by Alexlayer
  • Not only this author has written lots of stories, and not only she has accurate and interesting portrayal of the characters, but has also explored many unusual elements such as Gender Bending, having wrote an entire sort-of novelization of the game with one change: The protagonist was born female (And of course, many other changes later). There's a certain tendency for femslash in the stories, but there's some het pairings as well. All in all, definitely worth at least a check.


  • Recommended by Sandangel
  • A lot of this author's more recent work is focused on Kanji and Naoto, with rather mild shipping hints, but mostly just seeing many story events from their perspective, which makes for a highly enjoyable read. This troper highly recommends "Shortest Distance", an ongoing Perspective Flip from Kanji's and occasionally Naoto's point of view that expands certain parts of the game that were not shown for various reasons. If you're into perspective works, this is something to check out.


  • Recommended by Gorsecloud and Alacron
  • This author has and is working on a series of stories that cross over the entire Persona series, as well as several other MegaTen games. The brilliant thing about these stories? Individually, these stories can, on the whole, stand on their own as oneshots. But when read in order, they form a much bigger, overarching one, like a patchwork quilt. These stories explore several of the theories prevalent in the fandom, and play with several other of the predictable/popular ideas. The dynamics between the different characters is refreshingly unusual for in-series crossovers—the characters act independently, forming their own alliances and relationships, rather than sticking to their games' group, and being fellow Persona users doesn't automatically make them allies. Overall, this author has been doing a wonderful job, and their stories are definitely worth a visit.
    • Seconded, also worth noting that he's collecting all the stories into one "remixed" version, and hopefully finishing it this time. And even if he doesn't, it's still definitely worth a read because they are just that good.

Luc Court

  • Recommended by Bookwormtiff
  • The author has written quite a few oneshots for the series, usually excellent character studies with equal character focus (Yukiko, Naoto, Adachi, MC). Especially recommended is "Tidal Force" (Shadow Souji/Shadow Adachi) and "Downshift", the internal struggle of the Protagonist to come to terms with life after Inaba, and himself.


  • Recommended by kilala2tail
  • If you're a fan of Yosuke and Souji, here's someone for you to check out. With 100+ works, there is a lot to be said. From fluff to smut, platonic to romantic, canon compliant to wild AUs, there's a little of everything to be found. Be warned that there are few stories that may have triggering content, though the tags tend to mark when abuse is mentioned in story.

     General Fics 
Multi chapter stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Into the Fog by Knowledgeseeker66 (TV Tropes page)
  • Recommended by ErinTesden.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Life has never been normal for Narukami Rei. When she arrived at Inaba, she had hoped that she could finally have the quiet, easy life she always desired. She soon found out that she was wrong. Within Inaba lies a mystery and adventure that Rei will never forget. For better or worse, Rei's life will never be the same.
  • Pairing: Female!Yu Narukami/Souji Seta x Rise Kujikawa (Femslash)
  • Comments: Story that changes the gender of the Protagonist of Persona 4, expanding her circunstances for moving to Inaba, and giving her a new past and personality. It centers a lot in characters interactions, backgrounds, lifes and problems, giving them a lot of development. Even when the romance its a element in the story, Into the Fog still focus principally in the plot and characters.

GARdian of Truth by The Qing

  • Recommended by Saltin, Rogue 7
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Set during Souji's final week. Sometimes you have to go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb to find the truth. Rated T for divine slaps, sunglasses, loud dudes, and lots of GAR. A faux X-Over. Persona 4/? OOCness has never been this epic.
  • Comments: A hilarious testament to the power of cosplay. Three words: Izanagi No Gurren.

Getting Some Bad Reception by PeptoBeezy

  • Recommended by: Queen-Roger, N8han11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairing(s): Narukami Yu/Satonaka Chie, Hanamura Yosuke/Labrys, Shirogane Naoto/Tatsumi Kanji
  • Synopsis: Yu Narukami is a young man who exudes nothing but calmness, confidence and resolve. He’s incredibly soft spoken, but popular. Real hit with the ladies, and even some men, but he never gives anyone the time of day, then, by the time they recover from getting rejected, or when they're ready to take another shot at a confession, he’s already transferred to another school. This time, his parents have sent him to his longest stay somewhere in a long time, living with his uncle and his cousin in Inaba for a year. He settles into his fate, expecting another year of nothing, but this time in the sticks. How wrong he is.
  • Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Jealousy, Fluff and Angst, Feels, Other Ships Not Mentioned in Tags, maybe a little more violent?, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Rating May Change, Slight Canon Divergence, Mutual Pining, Slow Burn
  • Comments:

Simulacrum by zephyran (TV Tropes page)
  • Recommended by Leaper, Rogue 7, GG Crono, esoterik
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It's 2018. Souji returns to Inaba after studying in America, only to find that everyone he knew there (even the uncle he talked to not a day before) act like he never lived in Inaba or met any of his friends. In his quest to solve the new mystery, he'll make unexpected allies and find himself on the wrong side of people he knows and loves, including his thirteen year old cousin Nanako, who is disturbingly good at wielding a knife... And don't think the story is over when that problem is solved...
  • Comments: Through judicious use of quotes, references, and characterization, this piece makes itself feel a lot like part of the game world (no mean feat in any 'fic). Also a musing on the nature of human relationships, inspired and brought up by the game and its ending. Now complete.
    • Rogue 7 'oly moly, that's well-written. The characters are well-done, the imagery is good, everything's fantastic. Fully recommended. It is significantly darker than the game itself, but not quite to Grimdark! levels.
    • This troper doesn't even really like fanfiction, and thought this was amazing. If you have played Persona 4 you have to read this
    • Also being adapted into a radio play over at the Voice Acting Alliance.
    • Now had a sequel in Solipsis (Dead)

The Big Long Persona 4 Comic by Peachi

  • Recommended by Ransom, gzl5000, Mullon, Gumbal1, False_Mew
  • Status: Currently on indefinite hiatus
  • Synopsis: About half of the game, summarized in comic form.
  • Comments: The witty writing and crude (but expressive!) art cheerfully satirises Persona 4 plot and cast. Well worth reading.
    • Hiimdaisy has a knack for distilling catchphrases into their purest, most hilarious form.
    • She also seems to take some notes from the Giant Bomb Endurance Run (which she states was a fan of and was rather upset that she unintentionally spoiled them on the ending), most notable the Alternate Character Interpretation of Dojima as psychotically abusive.
    • Made one zillion times more amazing by this.
      • Ever imagined the comic animated? Well, someone took the comic dub and did just that. They're planning to animate the whole comic!

Persona 4: Five Years Later by Fiyerna

  • Recommended by J Random User, bluedragonx, MikeShogunLee
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Five years after the True Ending, Souji returns to Inaba, where a new threat is looming from the Television World, a growing void born of Fear, Rage, and Decay—a void that may be inextricably tied to Naoto's past. Despite being hosted on Adult, is not sex-oriented, and indeed, so far contains no explicit scenes. Also hosted on and the link has been changed accordingly. Souji/Naoto, with a dash of Yosuke/Chie. In progress, drawing up on the conclusion. Appears to only have one or two chapters to go, but it sadly seems to be dead, despite the author seemingly being active on DeviantArt.
  • Comments: The excellent writing captures the feel of the game to a great extent, to the point where it feels like a natural sequel. Of particular note are the scenes in which each character unlocks their Persona again, having to give up an item they symbolically used to wall themselves off—Yosuke's headphones, for example.
    • Leliel says: Not only that, but it gives us one of the coolest-if certainly creepiest-villains ever in the form of Amastu Mikaboshi, an Eldritch Abomination whose repeated battles against the party give Mind Rape a whole new meaning...thankfully, not the squicky variety.
      • He's gotten even scarier in chapter 21, where it's revealed that, much like his avatars, Amastu doesn't have a self-identity, instead referring to himself as "the entity", a barely-sentient but very intelligent incarnation of the Void that existed before time, utterly devoid of human influence.

Upon Reflection by cogitoergoabdo

  • Recommended by GG Crono
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Some time after the end of the game, Souji Seta feels that something is missing. Can he find answers in his dreams, and ultimately within himself?
  • Comments: Spot-on characterization, and it makes perfect sense within the context of the game. A must-read for any fan.

Out of Place by Anonymous

  • Recommended by saltin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Before Kanji could even name a price, the man pulled out two 5000 yen bills and just slapped them on the counter, left the coat beside it, turned on his heel and left. The coat he was wearing seemed to flow behind him as he walked out the front door, with such finality that Kanji even questioned, in his later years, if Mr. Sanada had ever even considering coming back to Tatsumi Textiles.
  • Comments: Kanji meets his predecessor in a manner quite distinct from Persona Q or Persona 4: Arena along with something else that his usual courage is ill-equipped to do business with. An enigmatic and poignant encounter.

Elysion by Rayless Night

  • Recommended by The Tambourine Man, Rushi
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A crossover with Persona 3. Several years have passed since the game. Persona users are being targeted, and everything leads back to one of the old members of SEES.
  • Comments: A very interesting and imaginative read. While the cast of 3 play fairly important roles, this story is ultimately about the cast of 4- paying closest attention to Kanji and Naoto.
    • Rushi: Whilst I would agree with the first comment in part—it is a very interesting, imaginative and engrossing read—I'd actually say that the story is about 3; namely how far Mitsuru would go to save Minato, and the consequences of her decision. The characterisation is an interesting twist on canon, but still believable (particularly with Akihiko, who this troper saw as The Woobie of the entire damned fic). Interestingly, the ending is true to both games: the characters of 4 get a relatively happy ending, whilst the characters of 3...well, I cried and I'm not really known for doing that.
    • I personally disagree with the troper above me: the characterization felt as if it was ruled over by the plot, though more in terms of motivation than interaction. For instance: Mitsuru's descent into the "villian" role, seemed more like a way to have her succumb to her worst fears than genuine development. Not to mention, and this is just my own personal headcanon roaring here but Yukari still chasing after Minato, after all the shit that happened in FES?

Doppleganger: Mirrors of Truth! by Anonymous

  • Recommended by Kalle, Moberemk
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Rise's back in show biz. Her manager passes her a script for a movie called Doppelganger, where people face against their identical, but opposite, selves who reveal their insecurities, hidden desires, and thoughts. And unless they conquer these doppelgangers... bam! They die. Sounds great, righ— Hey, waitaminute.
  • Comments: Yeah, I'm aware I already mentioned the Kink Meme as a whole above, but... this fic is utterly HYSTERICAL. The film-within-a-fic is So Bad, It's Good on its own, but the Investigation Team's snarky comments and the epilogue elevate it to a whole new level of hilarity. (Contains spoilers for the Normal/True endings.)
    • Hanz: Had myself quite the laugh at this, especially at the fact that the film's written by none other than Yosuke in a self-fulfillment story that depicts him as the Gary Stu of the "Search Squad" while everyone else (including the movie's pathetically sissy versions of Souji and Kanji) is in love with him as well as depicting Dojima as a Dastardly Whiplash (and don't worry I'm not spoiling anything for you: Anything that's not told outright in the beginning is so blatantly obvious via Yosuke's writing, which rivals the sheer fail of Tommy Wiseau).
    • Darkaros: One word: Pinwheels.
    • Moberemk: The ending was meh, but otherwise? I'm still laughing like hell.

Gone Fishing by Fiyerna

  • Recommended by Lionheart0
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: slight Souji/Naoto
  • Synopsis: What was meant to be a quiet day for Souji, catching the legendary "Guardian Fish" for the Fox, quickly turns eventful when all his friends tag along.
  • Comments: There was a lot that liked about this short one shot; the characterization of all the characters were spot on and it really reads like one of the "Breather Episodes" that could've happen in the game. The story really meshes extremely well with the game, with the story focusing on Souji's relationship with his True Companions. The Souji/Naoto relationship, while subtle, ties in well with what is presented in the game. The story takes place right before the 8th rank of Naoto's social link (in other words right before the Protagonist's possible confession.)

Persona 4: The Answer by Jadegang

  • Recommended by Trickymander
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Years later the group around Souji meets again at Tokyo University, and everything's like it used to be back in Inaba: Boring school days, leveling up Social Links, solving a murder case... Wait, stop, rewind! What! Find out yourself in this fanfiction!
  • Comments: This is probably one of the P3/P4 crossovers that has the Investigation team together and trying to recruit new members.
    • Also one of the few fics that explores the possible consequences of Souji's and Minato's friends and family finding out about Social Links and them questioning if the time with the MCs were real friendship/love or just the MCs trying to strengthen themselves.
    • Marioguy 128: Eh, it had something of a good start, but it gets incomprehensible and stupid in the later chapters.
    • MisterTambourineMan: Contesting the recommendation. The story is extremely derivative of Persona 4, with most named OCs just being flanderized versions of characters from the games. This is lampshaded, but nothing interesting is done with it. The Persona 3 characters have terrible characterization that isn't consistent with their portrayal in the game or with their portrayal at other points in the fic, with some behavior making absolutely no sense except to create conflict with the Persona 4 cast. The story introduces many unrelated plot points without developing a clear direction. And the author apparently thinks that "Bagman" is a Japanese name.

Persona 4: Face Every Shadow by Casey W

  • Recommended by DrTempo
  • Status: First version is Dead (cancelled in 2014 by author), its rewrite Persona 4: Face Every Shadow: The Golden is also Dead (last update October 2016).
  • Synopsis: Seta Souji once met a strange blue-haired student who offered him nothing but cryptic warnings. One year later, Seta is about to discover exactly what that student was talking about. Persona 4 iteration of Fairly English Story.
  • Comments: The spiritual successor to the legendary Fairly English Story, and supported by Sam Jaz himself. This fic captures the spirit of Fairly English Story very well indeed, and is very good. Those who loved Fairly English Story should read this.

Persona 4: The Abridged Version by Mr. Thumbsup

  • Recommended by Tanabata07, Darkaros
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: For people with short attention spans. Persona 4, condensed into 1585 words. T rated, crackfic. Not recommended for people without a sense of humor.
  • Comments: Personally, I think this is one of the better crack fics for this game. It is, of course, not very long, but it's filled to the brim with hilarity. Definitely a must-read for any Persona 4 fan.

A Different Flesh by Lavanya Six

  • Recommended by DontKillBugs, WildGoose
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Souji/Yumi
  • Synopsis: Souji is a Kirijo Group robot. Originally written for the Bad Bad Bathhouse P4 Kink Meme. Souji/Yumi. P3 crossover.
  • Comments: Despite the obvious ridiculousness of Souji being a sex robot made by the Kirijo Group, this fic is surprisingly serious, and not the poorly-conceived lemon one would expect. Souji goes through personal problems that are very similar to those of Aigis, whom Souji sees as a sister, and the look at the world through the eyes of a robot programmed for sex is surprising Tear Jerker material. Mitsuru is even given a very good reason for doing what would seem like a very out-of-character thing for her.
    • That said, even though it's a serious story, it's not without its humorous moments, especially as Souji learns snark and obfuscation.

Interviews with a Shadow by Tetsui

  • Recommended by DontKillBugs
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Various looks at the P4 gang and what happens with their daily interactions with their Shadows.
  • Comments: A short but hilarious look at what if the character's Shadows stayed with them after facing themselves. Well worth the read.

Untitled Comic by Unknown Korean Artist

  • Recommended by balletduckninja
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It is December 24th, and the Seekers of Truth have finally cornered Tohru Adachi in Magatsu Inaba. However, the Protagonist's experiences throughout the year has taught him that it is impossible for any one person to be defined only by one thing, and believes Adachi to be more than the psychotic killer he appears to be. He decides to confront Adachi alone, in hopes of learning more about Adachi's different sides, and to see if there is any hope of redemption for him.
  • Comments: A fascinating look into what might make Adachi the person he is, as well as how the many personalities of a person come together to form their character. The art is fantastic, and does a good job of showing just how dangerous and violent combat can be, as well as really expressing the atmosphere well.

Persona 4 Welcome to Tokyo by Blazehawkins

  • Recommended by PHYSXMAN
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A retelling/expansion of the story of Persona 4 with a few differences in the setting: The story takes place in Tokyo, and the Investigation team is in college.
  • Comments: A story that really takes the plot and ideas of Persona 4 and expands vastly on them. In addition to the setting changes mentioned above, this fic is also notable in that it is the only one (that this troper knows of) that has Souji start out arguably more broken than the rest of the cast, having to undergo large amounts of character development before even being able to commit to saving Yukiko. With a much more involved plot than the game (the Midnight Channel is only a facet of all the problems facing the gang), this fic promises to be an excellent rendition of Persona 4.

Someone Like You by TouchMyDrill

  • Recommended by ManiacCat, Karel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After he and the rest of the battling Investigation team fall after being attacked by Izanami, Souji is woken up in a fog-filled world by Minato, who comforted a depressed Souji and encouraged him to finish his role....and also to do him a small favour up in the real world.
  • Comments: A beautiful Tear Jerker of a fanfic based on a What If? scenario where Souji actually met the protagonist of Persona 3 in the fog-ridden world during the battle with Izanami. The characters and their interactions with each other are incredibly written, with each character being depicted in a different, more sensitive light. A must-read for all Persona 3 and 4 fans.

Sea of the Unconscious by signalbeam (TV Tropes page here)

  • Recommended by Enneo
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Instead of summoning their Personae, the team gets possessed by the gods. Great! Wonderful! Fantastic-until Susano-O and Amaterasu have a screaming row in front of the Amagi Inn.
  • Comments: It helps to have a basic understanding of Japanese mythology (especially the story about Amaterasu and the cave) when reading this. Otherwise, it's one of the funniest fics to come out of the kink meme thus far. Minor hinting of Souji/Yosuke and Chie/Yukiko, but mostly played for laughs.

Again and Again and Again Once More by GingerAndRust

  • Recommended by whitewolfos111, Selryam
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: P3 x P4: Souji Seta knew things that he shouldn't. It started out simple, but when a shadow in the TV world creates a phantom city complete with a familiar, green tower, Souji begins to feel like he's done this all before. And not just once.
  • Comments: One of the best fan fics that this troper has ever read. Every fan needs to read this now.
    • It's actually that good. The plot creativity and characterizations are truly fantastic. I would put this on par with Rayless Night's Elysion and Death and Ker.

Lost Kingdoms by zero-damage

  • Recommended by Karel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: P3 x P4 Crossover, spoiler for both games. "Every girl in Inaba likes Teddie; Port Island's no different." During his visit to Port Island, Teddie meets a strange blonde girl who seems to know more about him than he does himself...
  • Comments: A short and bittersweet "missing scene". Characterization and dialog are incredibly spot-on, Teddie's innocence and obliviousness meeting Aigis' reflection and regrets will have you shed tears of both a laughing fit and a broken heart. This troper adopted it in her own little head-canon.

Persona 4: Split Personalities by Kisdota-The Freak Gamer

  • Recommended by strangerthenever, CybranGeneralSturm
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Same story as the original game, but this time, the Personas are sentient and they talk back to their users. Hilarity Ensues
  • Comments: Each of the Personas', personalities fits their appearances and they have different attitudes according to the owner. Izanagi (Protagonist) is the wise leader guy, Jiraiya (Yosuke) is a womanizer and a butt monkey with little respect for his owner, Tomoe-Gozen (Chie) is a no-nonsense warrior who always smacked Jiraiya when he does something stupid and so on. There are minor changes when in boss fights and there are bits of slice of life about the heroes and their Personas, but it's all a good read.
    • Marioguy 128: While the concept is good, the writing really isn't anything to write home about. Especially in the later chapters when it all goes downhill.
    • Moo 92: Yeah I agree about the writing, it isn't that good. But I read it cause it is very amusing. I think its a pretty entertaining read.
    • Serialkillerwhale: It's endearing how the Personae (Personas?) react to things like Telephones.
    • kt-low: It has a great start, the humor is good and the personas have amazing potential, reminded me of Shaman King. But when you reach the half of it you realize it's getting worse pretty fast. First of all, Jiraya is a Gary Stu, he is smart, strong, funny, and steals everyone's spotlight by how much he talks. Second, the relationships are badly written and start to get forced but the writer insists into pairing everyone. And third, everything goes downhill, grammar errors and broken sentences start appearing, there is barely any character development (since he skipped the social links), and the chapters are all about conversations so you have no insight (and gets repetitive fast). It has some great moments and good humor but you'll need a lot of patience to read this until the end without getting bored.

It's all in the details By Anonymous

  • Recommended by Eggy
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Several years after the events of the game, the investigation team members are all living together. All of the characters have been paired off with one another, except for Souji. Out of perhaps pity, each couple invites him to sleep with them, while Souji ponders over his relationships with them.
  • Comments: A wonderfully written story, exploring what it's like for Souji when everyone lives with one another, and everyone (except Souji and Teddie) have all paired off with one another and each couple invites him to bed with them. Excellent characterizations, especially Souji—never has a man frequently joining in on threesomes seem so depressed (and for good reason). Just fair warning—it may break your heart.

Cooking Lessons by Megaolix

  • Recommended by Tropic Thunder, GrantMK2
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: See the battle between Souji Seta and his strongest foe: Mystery Food X.
  • Comments: After reading this, I could easily see it fitting into the actual game's story line. It also shows that, it doesn't matter what Izanami can do to him, he's already been through worse.
    • Sadly it's a dead fic now, but what there is of it is fun to read and stands well, even unfinished.

Day of the Penguin by Anonymous

  • Recommended by Faislittlewhiteraven
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: One peaceful day at Junes, Yukiko decides to ask Kanji if she can try some of his animal crackers and inadvertently crunches down on one ultra rare Penguin. Multi-genre survival parody ensues.
  • Comments: Possibly one of the most hilarious crack fics to be found in the Persona 4 Kink meme mentioned above, Day of the Penguin has to be read to be believed; with Chie and Naoto roaming the zombie movie-esque depths of Junes department story, Teddie and Yousuke's attempts to lead the survivors to safety, and enough Noodle Incidents to make a ramen stand. If you need a good laugh and don't mind the odd shipping reference, go read this fic now!

I Have My Dead by signalbeam

  • Recommended by LegalAssassin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Letters each member of the Investigation Team wrote in the event of their death.
  • Comments: Don't read without a box of tissues near by. That's all I can say.

Accessories by Anonymous

  • Recommended by LegalAssassin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The stories behind the accessories the Investigation Team starts out with.
  • Comments: The author not only does a good job making stories behind the accessories, but also ties them with the characters. A mix of interesting and heartwarming, with a bit of humor.

Echoes That Dwell by Chisotahn

  • Recommended by LegalAssassin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When revisiting the TV world's liquor store, Yosuke encounters Saki's Shadow. Some Shadow!Saki/Yosuke noncon, but it doesn't go far.
  • Comments: A well-written story. I don't know what else to say, really. ^^U

Lacks Creativity by snappleeducated

  • Recommended by Mandichaos
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Naoto meets her arch-nemesis. It is sometimes referred to as gym class. Slight Naoto/Kanji.
  • Comments: Complete and total crack, to quote the author, and that's pretty much what it is. Short and silly and always cracks me up when I read it. Bonus points for the brief Ace Attorney reference.

Chronologically-Displaced by The Heartless Wanderer

  • Recommended by mega-dark
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Several months after the events of the P-1 Grand Prix, the Investigation Team is transported three years into the past by forces unknown. Stranded in the year 2009, they have no recourse but to join forces with the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, but what effect will eight additional Persona-users have on the course of history? -P3/P4 Crossover, Post-P4 Arena-
  • Comments: It's another one of the cross Persona 3 and 4 stories that have been done before but different. This time it's the Investigation Team interacting with Sees instead of the other way around via time travel shenanigans. And just because the Investigation Team is in the past doesn't there aren't consequences for the future. The fic is still in it's early stages but considering how good the fic looks right now, it's a story you should keep your eye on.

Fate or Fortune by Tempest Kiro

  • Recommended by Shinigamisparda
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis Detective Shirogane is called to investigate a mystery reminiscent of a case that should have been laid to rest. A mystery entwined with a memory she had long since left behind.
  • Comments: The fic is a murder mystery taking place five years after the original story ended. Naoto is called to San Francisco to help with a case involving victims showing up in a matter similar to the Inaba murders and the primary suspect is none other than Souji Seta, who Naoto has not heard from in years and has also seemingly disappeared himself. The story is set up with chapters alternating between taking place in the present and in the past starting in January of 2012 until about halfway when it then stays in the present. The fic is notable for the utter lack of almost anything Persona related, that is to say there is little traveling into the T.V. World and almost no Persona usage, instead focusing on Naoto's detective work with her American partner for the case Nathan Evans as well as her internal thoughts on Souji, as well as the exploring of the romantic relationship the two had in the past. It's a great fic that this troper recommends highly, especially considering that's it's complete. A comic is currently being made by a fan and friend of the author on deviantart and can be found here.

Reaching Zenith by Ice Krystal

  • Recommended: by thedemigodwitch
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: After solving cases for three years, sixteen-year-old Rui Tatsumi returns to her hometown of Inaba, she finds herself on a not very serious case - investigating a childhood friend's girlfriend to see if she is cheating on him. However, this leads into a much more dire investigation as the Midnight Channel returns after so many years, and a new mysterious website called the Reminiscence Network emerges. Rui and her friends must solve this mystery and discover hope in humanity.
  • Comments: Features the children of both the characters of Persona 4 and 3, though there's more focus on the former, with the protagonist and narrator being Rui, Kanji and Naoto's daughter and oldest child. This takes place about twenty-seven years after Persona 4.
    • Note: Link goes to a currently much shorter story, as the author is rewriting it.

The Fool's Turmoil by Shenjay (TVTropes article)

  • Recommended by sillyfudgemonkeys
  • Status: Dead (last updated June 2016)
  • Synopsis: Sequel to The Fools' Tournament. P3 X P4 crossover: reading the previous fic is extremely recommended, if only at least to know what's going on.
  • Comments: Following from where the previous story left offnote , the author does a great job characterizing Minato, a who is trying to overcome depression from the previous fic's ending. The fanfic has a great mixture of drama and comedy. Unlike it's predecessor, this has said to be only 6 chapters long, 4 chapters have been published so far.
    • After over a year hiatus, the author has come back and will continue to finish the series.note 

Mercenaries of Fortune by BlackTyrantValvatorez(TVTropes article)

  • Recommended by Cybran General Sturm
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Ghost Force 969 once set up shop in the Inaba area to take out a large Shadow. Now they're back in town to deal with a threat that should have been extinguished. Meanwhile, a certain Reaper has arrived for an unspecified reason. P3 and P4 crossover.

Epic Rap Battles of SMT: Makoto Yuki VS. Yu Narukami! by globegander

  • Recommended by peliconner
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A parody work in the style of Epic Rap Battles of History that has the mostly silent protagonists of Persona 3 & 4 being not so silent as they exchange badass boasts and scathing put downs to determine who is superior with some unexpected twists and guest stars thrown in.
  • Comments: Smack is talked, talk is smacked; It's plenty strange, but far from whack.

To Make You Stay by littlemissoyashirou

  • Recommended by GrantMK2, Meikyu Butterfly
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: After a cascade of tragedies leading to an utter breakdown, Souji is given a chance to make right all of the wrongs. With a year's worth of knowledge and plans, the desperate boy returns to Inaba. But even with his conviction about the 'true' murderer, he must reconnect with everyone and restart his life a second time. Will he just doom his family and friends, or will he be able to solve the mystery and prevent the tragedy of December?
  • Comments: So far it's managed to avoid the usual stumbling points of a "go back in time to the start of the story" fic because the main character has no idea what the truth is and the story has had some interesting twists so far. Only criticism might be that sometimes it seems to really push Souji having lost his self confidence in the reader's face. Still, very recommended.
    • Seconded by Meikyu Butterfly, for many reasons, including excellent characterization, wonderful portrayal of Souji's mental state, actual interesting changes in the course of events caused by the different actions Souji takes and casting new lights onto several of the in-universe relationships, especially Yosuke's friendship to Saki Konishi. Additionally, this is one of the very, very, VERY rare multi-chapter fanfics that manage to give Teddie a plot-relevant role without either subjecting him to severe Flanderization or making him positively unbearable.

Teddie Hanamura (Original Arthur -unfortunately- Unknown)

  • Recommended by Chloe Lee 12
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A short story about names and family.
  • Comments: This is one of the few, if not the only, stories out there that touches on the fact that Yosuke essentially became Teddie's parent over the course of the actual game (Something the game itself barely touched upon). The story itself seems to take place somewhere in the middle of the game. What I love about this short little doujinshi is that it manages to keep both Yosuke and Teddie in character AND it takes a fairly simple concept that could occur to just about anyone in real life and morph into something utterly heartwarming. Honestly, there needs to more Caretaker!Yosuke and Teddie stories out there.

Yu Narukami's Adventures in Inaba: The Rabbit of Inaba by Weaver the 8th

  • Recommended by Wolfenlied
  • Status: Dormant (last updated May 2017)
  • Synopsis: Yu Narukami keeps his true feelings locked away from others as he strives to find the best way to interact with others. In his life in Inaba, Yu will have to fight with both the shadows of others and his own shadow which he must keep in check with the power of the Wild Card and the power of the bonds that he comes to forge.
  • Comments: Yu proves to be a rather integral part of this fan fic, being made into an interesting take on our normally silent protagonist. In this fan fic, Yu is given a introverted personality, with a tendency getting lost in thought. He has been made into a nicely fleshed out character, and his interactions with others really make this fan fic a pleasure to read.
    • Besides Yu, Saki Konishi has been fleshed out far more then she has in the games. She survives her time in the TV world thanks to Yu, and joins the team. Little did the others realize how much Saki's survival has changed fate.
      • Also there seems to be some suggestion of Yu/Kanji shipping.

Façade by KlonoaDreams

  • Recommended by LunarPonani, ImTheSnarkKnight
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: They still haven't noticed. Not Dojima, Nanako…not even my own parents. I have already come to accept this from my parents...they can't even remember what gender I am. The male Yasogami High uniform I received was enough to prove that. Until somebody figures it out, I'm Yu Narukami, a male student from the big city attending Yasogami High for the next year. Fem!Yu.
  • Comments: Not just your standard retelling of Persona 4 Golden with a female MC. The story has its own original take aside from the female MC twist, creating something that is both familiar and new. It provides a chance to read another interpretation of the character, Yu Narukami. All while avoiding the pitfalls that stories with gender-switched characters sometimes fall into, namely the tendency of the gender switch to change interactions drastically even when the degree of the change is unnecessary. Granted, the characters aren't aware of it, but it's still rather refreshing.
    • ImTheSnarkKnight: I only started reading this story a few days ago and it has me hooked. Strong characterization and a few very interesting bends and twists on the series (such as the personas having their own personalities and the Investigation Team knowing Yu's personas change and evolve) really help out this story and set it apart from others. There are very few faults in it I can find besides some minor grammatical errors, but outside of that it has been a very enjoyable ride so far.

Biophilia by Luc Court

  • Recommended by GrantMK2
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Post-P4 Golden, spoilers for Golden and Arena, max Marie S-Link. Izanami-no-Mikoto has dealt with countless mortals over the years, but Souji is hard to relinquish — and the love of a god can be dangerous indeed.
  • Comments: A strange but pretty interesting look at the mind of one the oddest and most important characters from Persona 4.

End of the Line by Axilet

  • Recommended by GrantMK2
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Months after Nanako's death, the fog still hasn't lifted, and strange reports are coming out from Inaba. Souji finally summons the courage to return to the place where it all started, driven by the compulsive need to find out the truth...and in so doing redeem himself and his friends. Problem is, there's a time limit as the fog is spreading beyond the confines of Inaba. Fortunately for the Investigation Team, the head of the Kirijo Group is quick to take notice, as well as the appropriate measures.
  • Comments: This troper has seen ideas like this before, but this one is a fic that reminds us that you can take something people have done before and manage to make it better. While it still is fairly early in, it looks like an interesting work.

Wanted It To Be A Game by SkylaDoragono

  • Recommended by Leliel, N8han11, infernape612
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The roles reversed: the hero plays the villain, while the villain plays the hero. What makes one the other, and how easily can fate be manipulated to serve one's own ends? Written for NaNoWriMo 2012; started before Golden was released.
  • Comments: Even before the revelation of Adachi's past, this fic provides a perfectly in-character AU wherein Adachi is a Knight in Sour Armor who takes his duties as a cop seriously...but doesn't change his misanthropy and narcissism, creating a compelling Byronic Hero who this troper roots for even as he cheers his teammates chewing out his more Jerkass behavior. While Yu (called Seito here) is called out as the bad guy, the mystery is still kept to the readers as to who his accomplice is, and said accomplice causes a lot more deaths than Adachi alone ever did. Plus all the Paranoia Fuel when he pops up as a bystander and chats up the oblivious Investigation Team.

The Second-Hand Fool by Kawaiiwolf3

  • Recomended by Iayss Lenior
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A Troll Fic by the author of Swimming in Terror, about an American Foreign Exchange Student. Notable for having a character that the author uses outside of troll fics.
  • Comments: Kawaiiwolf strikes again with a ridiculous Sue who comes in to ruin all of the canon, with her Universe Arcana. Don't expect Shakespeare. However, one of the original characters, Haruka Fujiwara, is an Ascended Extra legitimate OCnote , with a back-story, a personality, and even challenges some of the fic's main character's bullshit. It's an interesting dynamic, even if the fic has just gotten started. Oh, and there's a Running Gag about Narukami being "worth it."

protag!Kanji by minkhollow

  • Recommended by QwertysHuman, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Dead (last updated October 2016)
  • Synopsis: Various stories from an AU continuity where Kanji got the Gas Station Handshake.
  • Comments: A sweet series of one-shots focusing on how protag!Kanji interacts with the cast of P4.

e(mp3)ty by lanait

  • Recommended by kilala2tail
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Not everything he listens to is music.
  • Comments: Not a very long fic, but well done in capturing what is hinted at to be Yosuke's feelings throughout the story. Poor boy needs that hug.

Incapacitation by Chocchi

  • Recommended by kilala2tail
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Yosuke wakes up and his lungs hurt and his arms hurt and his ass hurts and his head hurts, and really, he just hurts in general, okay?
  • Comments: Part of the Close Calls series, a hurt-comfort moment between two accident prone boys.

Bearer of Cruelty By BloodyDestiny666

  • Recommended by Fireminer
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A year after the Shadow Operatives joined forces with Inaba's intrepid Investigation Team to defeat the red fog covering Inaba, a new threat emerges. The heroes must once again unite, this time against a sinister organisation led by a group of evil Persona users in a struggle that will force them to re-examine the nature of fate, friendship and the world.
  • Comments: A crossover of Persona 3 and 4, with elements of previous Persona games (most notably the return of Nyarlathotep and DEVA System). A wonderful story that mixes suspense, thriller and action very well.
    • Kanjilearner3309: It jumped the shark for me after the author killed off Yosuke, Chie and Naoto. I un-bookmarked it after that and have even told the author (in a very harsh way) to discontinue and remove the fic.
    • NobleSpirit: The story is well-written, and blends in characters from all the games. However, it should be warned that several characters die.

And Worship the Trousers That Cling to Him by ladysisyphus

  • Recommended by Khym Chanur
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENED! Through some supernatural means (because it's the only way it would happen) Yosuke has suddenly become irresistibly desirable to the entire female population of Inaba."

Everything And Nothing by wingless

  • Recommended by Khym Chanur
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The team confronts Souji's shadow.

Swords & Spells by CrimsonMagi94

  • Recommended by santos32
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Last night, Yu Narukami remembered getting ready for bed on his last day of Golden Week. When he wakes up, he's stranded in a strange cave with not a clue as to how he got there. And he's not the only one. Soon, it becomes apparent that home is very far away, and without his personas to help, Yu has to rely on his own wits and skill to help his friends survive the hostile new world.
    • Comments: A pseudo crossover with Dungeons&Dragons, but set in a new world. The Investigation Team teams up with their new counterparts to return back to their world while stopping a demon uprising. Pairings included are Yu/Yosuke, Kanji/Naoto and Chie/Yukiko.

Dappled Sun on Changing Leaves by clefairytea

  • Recommended by nmn3r3
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: For the festival, Ms Takahashi wants them all to write a little introduction to themselves and their family, using a few of the kanji they’d been learning, and even draw a picture to go along with it. Ms Takahashi says they’ll put the finished drawings and writings all over the school on the day of the festival, so people walking around can stop to read them and learn a bit about all the different sorts of families in Inaba.

    She draws a picture of herself, with her big bro and Dad, and she doesn’t know how to explain that her big bro is actually her cousin, but really her big bro, so she just leaves his label at ‘brother’. She doesn’t know how to explain about Mom either, so she just draws her with big angel wings and a halo, floating off the ground.

    She wonders if she should put Teddie and Chie and Yosuke and the others on it too, but she’s not sure what names there are for those kinds of family members.

    In which Nanako's school hosts the arts festival unusually early, Nanako auditions for the school play, and things turn out slightly different than they usually would.
  • Comments: Did anyone want a Nanako-centric genfic in which she worries about how the Investigation Team seems to be more like her parents than her actual father is? Because this one takes that idea and uses it to create Shadow Nanako.

Finding My True Self by Nagone

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Even Nanako has her demons. One-shot.

Persona 4: Last Symphony by Slasher71

  • Recommended by Lizardon
  • Pairings: Rise/OC
  • Status: Dormant; last updated April 2018
  • Synopsis: The killer was found. Brought to justice. After facing myself and my past, I have to try and move forward. Is the support of my friends and loved ones going to be enough? Or is my fall to darkness something I can't escape? The more I push the more difficult it becomes. My Shadow continues to linger at my side. Perhaps the real truth is that death is the only true peace.

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth by JayelWillow

  • Recommended by: The Weirdo
  • Pairings: Ryotaro Dojima/Kimiko Sofue, Yu/Mitsuru, Yukiko/Chie, Yosuke/Rise, Teddie/Yumi Ozawa, Sho Minazuki/Aika Nakamura, Naoki Konishi/Labrys.
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Instead of hiding the whole TV world thing from his uncle, Yu flat-out shows it to him right after he rescues Yukiko. With a detective now assisting the group and other people, by chance or by fate, joining and helping out with their own approaches and abilities, a lot of things change, for the group and for the world.

Dionysus; or, "It's like flicking a switch." by the_bright_eyed_demigirl

  • Recommended by nmn3r3
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and hedonism. He was also a Shadow implanted into a robotic chassis by the Kirijo Group. Now his name is Teddie and he doesn't remember a thing except that he likes bears. A lot. That last part is entirely Ikutsuki's fault.

Nanako Explains It All by Angevon

  • Recommended by: Epic Link Sam
  • Status: Dormant (last updated October 2017)
  • Synopsis: Nanako Dojima is a sixteen-year-old transfer student to Inaba. She awakens to the mysterious power of 'Persona' and then rocks everyone's world.
  • Comments: A character Swap AU: Nanako is the protagonist, and Souji/Yu is her little cousin. Other changes have occurred as well to the story. The author really handled the swap well, giving Nanako her own personality that separates her from the original.

Persona: One Last Promise by dangstaboy (Tropes Page)

  • Recommended by: AdtAuthor44
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A new take on the Persona series. Kazuhiko Sukima was branded as a devil child when his parents died in a car crash that he survived. May contain appearances from previous persona games including Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 5 and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
  • Comments: This is mainly an OC-centric fic, but it's here because one of the Persona 4 supporting cast, Nanako Dojima, plays a role in this story.

Yosuke's Paradiso by Moczo

  • Recommended by: nmn3r3
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Yosuke Hanamura, founding member of the Inaba Investigation Team... has died. And when that is only the START of his problems, well, you can already tell that he's in for a very bad day in Heaven.
  • Comments: Yosuke dies, and finds out that the afterlife in the SMT universe isn't anything like advertised. With his new unwanted friend Metatron, he must now find a way to bring himself back to life... by bargaining with the highest powers. This is not a serious fic, thankfully. Featuring a special guest appearance from Messiah.

The Ties that Blind by Angel Dormais

  • Recommend by: Some Random Girl
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Growing to love Souji as his own came with time and a change in life for the better. Growing to understand him would take more. Done for the P4 Kink Meme.

Persona 4: Eyes of Truth by Phantom on Fanfiction

  • Recommended by: Supreme-X15
  • Status: Dead (for now; going to be rewritten)
  • Synopsis: Hitomi Narukami wasn't expecting anything when she was forced to move in her with her relatives in the rural town of Inaba. The most that she was expecting was a usual lonely school year, just like the years before. With two recent murders left unsolved and the power of Persona, can Hitomi regain her sight and see the truth?
  • Comments: A retelling with a genderbent Yu Narukami, named Hitomi Narukami. Some parts of the writing could use some work, but the presentation is pretty good, and the story gets deeper later on.

Naoto Shirogane, Ace Detective by zero-damage

  • Recommended by: YoKaiShoubiao
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A Special Detective Notebook and the two investigations of 2011.
  • Comments: A fanfic that tells the main story of the game through the form of excerpts from Naoto's Private Journal logging her progress in her investigation. Between Naoto and Dojima's secret war over caffeine and office supplies, theories about Souji possibly having ties to the Yakuza, and Naoto investigating Souji's romantic entanglements, the entire thing is hilariously written, while still keeping everyone in character.

Persona Fore! by amageish

  • Recommended by nmn3r3
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Chie contemplates the kinds of situations she and her friends find themselves in... A one-shot about a hypothetical Persona 4 spin-off.
  • Comments: Have you ever wondered how would a P4 golf spinoff work? Probably not, but have this little reaction from the Investigation Team anyway.

Yu Narukami's Uncanny Fable By rightinthekokoro

  • Recommended by Axel-Rosenberg
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A retelling of the events at Inaba, 2011, from the point of view of a young man who should be taking this a bit more seriously.
  • Comments: This story is one of the best retellings of P4. Yu's commentary on the events is humorous, while also providing insight into a wild card's machinations. whether it be the au elements, the surprisingly wholesome romance between Yu and Rise, or the new elements of mystery introduced through the story, there's something here for everyone.

     General Oneshots 
Short, usually one chapter long fics focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance. \\\

None Yet

     Shipping Fics 
Multi chapter stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Detective Prince(ss) by C_Andor_D
  • Recommended by: Queen-Roger
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairing(s): Narukami Yu/Shirogane Naoto
  • Synopsis: Set during the events of Persona 4 Golden. Told largely from the perspective of Naoto as she navigates identity, romance and taking responsibility for her own future.
  • Tags: Canon Compliant, Teen Romance, Awkward Romance, Diary/Journal, Slow Build, Fluff, Complete, Mild Smut
  • Comments:

Just a Delinquent by LeafyDream
  • Recommended by Neverwhere
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Yu Naukami is an unrepentant delinquent wearing the mask of a saint, but Naoto sees him for the manipulative asshole that he really is. If he wants to solve the mystery behind the serial killings and prove himself worthy of Naoto's respect and love, he must become the person he was always meant to be.
  • Pairing: Yu Narukami/Naoto Shirogane
  • Comments: Yu begins the story as a Grade A asshole who, thanks to some epic Character Development over the course of the story, slowly starts to become more like the canon Yu who honestly cares about those around him. It also explores the social consequences of manipulative behavior since his Social Links are pushed to their breaking points once things start unraveling. What is really impressive, however, is that this fic takes a no-holds-barred approach to the elephant in the room that the game and a lot of other fics gloss over with the Yu/Naoto pairing: Kanji's feelings for Naoto. Things get messy and a lot worse before they get any better.

The Goddess and the Wannabe God by Lillithrose

  • Recommended by AyaSai
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: What happens when Marie, the tsundere goddess and Sho, the guy who -almost- destroyed her town meet? Much name calling and puns are sure to be in the future. But, what happens when they realize it's sort of fun to hang out with someone who enjoys name calling and bad jokes just as much as the other? It might not be as easy as they hope though...
  • Pairing: Sho/Marie
  • Comments: Post Persona 4 Arena Ultimax in which Sho, who still has left Inaba, made an encounter with Marie. An really interesting story for this rare pairing. Even though this story was originally Completed, the author is still waiting for more responses from the readers whether to continue this story to the next arc, or create a separate sequel that follows after the cliff hanger.
    • Few years later since published, the author decided to continue this fanfic to the second arc, drama ensure.

A Safe Place by ALittleTrifle

  • Recommended by Fireminer
  • Status: Dormant (last updated December 2017)
  • Pairings: Sho/Yukiko
  • Synopsis: Months after the P-1 Climax the Amagi Inn welcomes a red-haired guest with a love for playing with sharp swords, making bad puns, and tormenting the manager's daughter.
  • Comments: The first story of its kind, and a very well-written story at that. The most amazing thing is that the author, through mundane interactions, presents a logical yet no less charming story of love between two lonely person, each with their share of problems.

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Girlfriend by Anonymous

  • Recommended by saltin
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Yosuke/Labrys
  • Synopsis: A story for every number. Each a chapter in their lives. All concerning the love between a Magician and a Machine.
  • Comments: Don't let the cute title fool you. It hits hard in more ways than one.

1 More Chance! by Mayumi-H (Story has disappeared from the internet, please link to it if found)

  • Recommended by SourJack
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Chie/Yosuke
  • Synopsis: Five years after the True Ending, Japanese version. Some people make romance look easy, but it's never been that way for Chie. And Yousuke isn't making it any easier. A love story in four parts.
  • Comments: I find it staggering that this hasn't been recommended yet. The detail in the writing is undeniably amazing, and the amount of detail and sheer knowledge the author has and displays about Japan and it's culture shows. It's got an M rating that it earns in sparse reminders between the many heartwarming spots of the story. This fanfic is so damn good with its characterization that Mayumi-H may as well have written the characters from the ground up using the Persona 4 cast as a base and nothing more. It's only problem is that it's a behemoth of a fanfic at 700k words and 63 chapters, so it'll take a good chunk of your time to catch up.

Persona 4: Reach out to the truth by El-Poofy

  • Recommended by Personahoho
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairing(s): Souji/Yukiko , Yosuke/Chie
  • Synopsis: The novelization of Persona 4! A Moody Souji! A somewhat crazier Investigation team!
  • Comments: Could be considered a 'General' Fic, since its a novelization of Persona 4, but, most, if not all of author El-Poofy's works focus strongly on relationships and canon romances. If one has read her Persona 3 novel, its safe to assume that her Persona 4 novel would follow in its foot steps with heavy emphasis on romance. A good read if you're looking for an original take on Persona 4, but you just have to put up with slow updates.

All He Sees Is Red by moyabomb

  • Recommended by ZeroIchiNi
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairing(s): Souji/Yukiko
  • Synopsis: Souji and Yukiko start their relationship but decide to keep it secret. How hard can that be? Now rated T for cursing.
  • Comments: How hard can that be? So hard that it's funny. I also love how other Social Links are used in this fanfic and how much it seems like this can actually happen in the game.

Snapshots by Anonymous

  • Recommended by saltin
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Yosuke/Yukiko
  • Synopsis: He also realises that Souji is a traitor, as he listens into their conversation. He is agreeing that they should never have bought him a motorbike. Souji had never liked his bike – said he was way too clumsy to control something with an engine. Souji knows he's listening in, he can tell from the way his friend glances at him and then adds 'she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that.'
  • Comments: A rare treat featuring a rare pairing and quite well written at that.

Suspicious Seduction by Cavartiash

  • Recommended by Red Viking
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairing(s): Souji/Naoto
  • Synopsis: There is no doubt in Naoto's mind that the second year student, Souji Seta, is connected to the murder cases in Inaba. An unexpected confrontation in Port Island, however, complete disarms the detective's inquiries and changes everything. Can Naoto summon the courage to not run away? And is Souji really as unflappable as he appears?
  • Comments: Starts going a bit AU during the infamous King's Game scene, and that alone is worth the read. As the POV character I'm impressed by how good Naoto's characterization is. What's really interesting, however, is the story's portrayal Souji. Other stories have him calm, collected and in charge, and even though he's still that, this story explores what would actually happen to someone if they were juggling schoolwork, a social life, multiple part-time jobs and investigating multiple homicides all at the same time.

Cures by V-San

  • Recommended by Alexlayer
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Chie/Yukiko
  • Synopsis: Collections of one-shot chapters focused on either Chie or Yukiko suffering the different status effects of the game, and then the other having to search for... alternative cures.
  • Comments: A really entertaining reading exploring the possibility of the pairing and the characters themselves. It manages to remain interesting thanks to each chapter changing the mood of the situation. Also contains a Bonus Chapter related to Persona 3.

A Barrel in the Sea by signalbeam

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six, Alexlayer
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Yukiko/Chie
  • Synopsis: Yukiko's parents find out she's romantically involved with Chie. When her parents demand that Yukiko end it, she refuses and is subsequently thrown out off the Amagi Inn. She can't stay with Chie because her parents are still on the fence about their relationship... but then Dojima-san, feeling sympathetic, offers her Souji's old bedroom.
  • Comments: A lovely post-game fic that focuses on Yukiko coming out to her parents and having to deal with the fallout of that decision. The focus is on Yukiko. The development of her character, as well as that of her parents, is well done.

Widows by Rayless Night

  • Recommended by Allhailthetv
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Souji/Rise
  • Synopsis: The final battle comes, and Rise is stuck on the sidelines and must watch as her friends are ripped away from her, one by one.
  • Comments: This marvelous fic lets you know what Rise is going through during this point in the game, bawling her eyes out as her friends all sacrifice themselves, and she can do nothing. (Note: The story is told backwards, like that one episode of Seinfeld. Except incredibly dark) The detail is overwhelming (and at times bloody), and Rise is perfectly in character.

Fog by sodomquake

  • Recommended by Senna
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): "...Assumes one-sided Yosuke/Souji, one-sided Kanji/Naoto, and actual Souji/Rise, and beyond that, I think I'm just going to ask you to trust me."
  • Synopsis: When pressure is applied, we all break along the lines where we were already cracked.
  • Comments: Amazingly emotionally realistic and kind of heartbreaking. Yousuke is easy to identify with and presented sympathetically, without his status as a teenage male who doesn't always think before he acts and lives with one foot permanently in his mouth being forgotten at all. The author clearly put a lot of time and energy into this, and it shows.

Kimi no Tonari (Next to You)

  • Recommended by Hanz
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Chie/MC
  • Synopsis: Takes the form of a Slice of Life story, this is a doujinshi (no sexual content) that explores the relationship between Chie and the Main Character (known as Taniyama in the story) through select periods of the year that the game takes place in.
  • Comments: The interactions between the MC and Chie are often quite adorable and the progression quite natural. Chie is once again charming in her own adorably ditzy way while Taniyama serves as something of a Trickster Mentor for her.

...and then I fed some cats by signalbeam

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Souji/OC
  • Synopsis: Souji has a girlfriend back in the city and he tells her everything.
  • Comments: This is how you do an OC pairing right. The relationship between Souji and his OC girlfriend, Suzume, is oddly entrapping, with a clash of personalities between Souji's space cadet nature and Suzume's gruffness. The author includes a lot of subtle humor in the story, riffing on the video game's translation and the oddness of the in-world mechanics, as well as the main cast's puzzlement that Souji is actually in a relationship... and with a girl to boot.
    • Tanabata07: I find this fanfic to be very hilarious. It's also an easy way of escaping a relationship with every girl in the game, which most people wind up doing.

Turn Away by Jones in Space

  • Recommended by icystars
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Souji/Yosuke
  • Synopsis: A doujinshi (read left-to-right, as opposed to the usual manga style) based off of a fanfiction that the artist wrote for the Persona 4 Kink Meme. Souji dies in battle and everyone is forced to leave him in the TV World, given that they wouldn't be able to sneak him out of Junes.
  • Comments: While the initial fic is definitely worth a read, I personally prefer the doujin. It's only 32 pages long, but it's an absolute Tear Jerker, even if you don't ship Souji/Yosuke. So much emotion is packed into such a relatively short comic, and it certainly doesn't hurt that the art is very nice to look at. It's a must-read if tragic fiction is your thing.
    • If you enjoyed it, look for the sequel. Though if you enjoyed the tragedy of the first, you may not like it as much. But hey, the game was all about happy endings anyway, and getting the rest of the Team to the True Ending without resurrecting Souji would be kind of a wall banger at the least.
    • Here is a link to the sequel. It is called Reach Out, by Chisotahn. An just to show how well written this was, I didn't start shipping Souji/Yosuke until after I read these two stories.

No Beginning, No End by strangestquiet

  • Recommended by Routine, HopelessOsakaD, Vashiane
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Souji/Yosuke
  • Synopsis: Actually a series of three fanfics by the author of the aforementioned doujinshi:
    • No Beginning, No End: "Five years post-game, Dojima is killed in an accident, and Souji and Yosuke move back to Inaba to take care of Nanako. As they adjust to becoming a family, Yosuke struggles to reconnect with her while Souji pieces together the truth of his uncle's death."
    • Fight For Us Both: "Yosuke succumbs to a mysterious illness after murdering his Shadow. As the consequences of destroying such a vital aspect of the self become clear, Souji searches for a way to save him." (there's also a doujinshi of this part, check it out)
    • The Scars We Get Together: " Souji and Yosuke's relationship becomes severely strained after Yosuke loses Susano-O, and Souji works toward the end of a journey that was never completed."
  • Comments: Though the first two fics can stand on their own, I still feel all three of them are worth a read and should be read as a series. The trilogy spans a quite of a few years of the characters' life and manages to capture them realistically. It's brilliantly written, but beware if you don't like sad fic. While it has its share of sweet and heartwarming moments, this story is going to rip your heart apart, piece by piece, especially if you tend to care for the characters a lot.
    • Oh, Gosh yes. Pulled an all-nighter on this one, and for once didn't regret it.
    • After finishing Fight For Us Both, all this troper could do is stare at her computer, tears rolling down her face for a good five minutes. This, lady and gentlemen, is how you write a fanfic.

A Drunken Fiasco by Fiyerna and Fortunes Revolver

  • Recommended by Shenjay
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Souji/Naoto, with a little bit of Chie/Yosuke as usual in both of the authors
  • Synopsis: When Souji arrived at Club Escapade to celebrate his 19th birthday with his friends, what greeted him was the last thing he expected to see... and the insanity only grew from there
  • Comments: This is one of the most hilarious fanfictions I have read in my time in the internet. Fiyerna's writing is as amazing as always, managing to make Naoto act absolutely out of character for her, being drunk, of course, without annoying or making the fic any less good. Quite the opposite, it made me laugh histerically at times. One short fic you should check out if you like Souji/Naoto.

New Game Plus by Jessup-2

  • Recommended by DontKillBugs
  • Pairing: Souji/All Potential Girlfriends
  • Synopsis: Souji Seta invites a girl over for Christmas Eve. But which girl? Meta-Lemon
  • Comments: To best summarize this story, Souji saves the game on Christmas Eve and replays it with a different girl each time. The story goes into great detail as to how Souji makes love to each girl, playing out like a romance more than a lemon- Souji genuinely loves each and every one of these girls. A definite must-read. WARNING: NSFW. This story is rated M.

Fortune no Hikari(The Light Of Fortune) by Fortune's Revolver

  • Recommended by Patcheresu
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairings: Souji/Naoto
  • Synopsis: Life is full of second chances, but not all mistakes can be corrected. If you were given the opportunity to go back in time and save the one you loved most from dying, would you take it? SoujixNaoto Full summary inside [sic]
  • Comments: Despite the obvious blatant fact that Naoto is an important aspect here, there is more to this story than simply the romance. Souji is given the chance to repeat the entire year, at the cost of a Scratch-esque memory loss until a certain point.

Wish by EshtarWind

  • Recommended by ZeroIchiNi
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairings: Souji/Yukiko, Yosuke/Chie
  • Synopsis: Rumors of stalkers spread in the town of Inaba. It seemed as if it's just an ordinary naughty stalkers case but then everything turned out more. It was not just a random stalking.
  • Comments: It may start out slow but it really picks up fast. The relationship between Souji and Yukiko feels really heartwarming even when it's not the main plot of the story. All of the casts sounds so much in character.

Ten Steps by Chisotahn

  • Recommended by Jaikeis
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Souji/Yosuke
  • Synopsis: AU, in which Yosuke transfers to Inaba in the middle of the year. Later, he appears in an exclusive televised interview.
  • Comments: Not only is this fic well-written in general, but it's all the little details that really flesh out the world—no Junes means that the Investigation Team uses the television in the Amagi Inn as a base of operations, and Teddie ends up rooming with Kanji and is an all-purpose mascot for the shopping district.
    • Seconded. It really is an excellent fic on what would have happened if Yosuke transferred into Inaba at a different time. It gives more characterization to Yosuke in giving him a TV world dungeon that he didn't have before, and the buildup of the Souji/Yosuke relationship feels entirely natural. I definitely would recommend that all P4 fans read this, even if they aren't Souji/Yosuke shippers.

Thunderstorm and it's sequel, Lightning

  • Recommended by Lunardrop, N8han11
  • Status: Completed
  • Pairing(s): Kanji/Naoto
  • Synopsis: When the thunder and lightning come, Naoto Shirogane is a child again, hearing that her parents are never coming home. Now it's her grandfather's life that may be in the balance. What can she do when the storm comes, and she's all alone?
  • Comments: Absolutley amazing Kanji/Naoto fic. Thunderstorm and Lightning are the same story told by different perspectives. So sweet you'll get diabetes, the two are well in-character and are written very well.
    • Seconded. I admit I initially wasn't a big fan of the first chapter as I felt it veered a bit too much into cliche'd Hurt/Comfort Fic territory, but it definitely doesn't stay that way and the rest of the chapters feel very natural. Note there are some slight Yu/Yosuke hints but it's hardly the focus.

One Year by Theralion

  • Recommended by Hayden_Jay
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): Yu/Yukiko, Kanji/Naoto
  • Synopsis: Returning home after his year in Inaba, Yu spends one more year at his old school, and one year away from his girlfriend Yukiko. Can he reconnect with his old friends after being separated for a year, and will his relationship with Yukiko withstand the test of time?
  • Comments: A really strong fic written with multiple first person viewpoints, though the most recurring is Yu and Yukiko's as they are the stars of the story. Characterization is strong and it begins almost immediately after Yu leaves Inaba. It gives a fairly realistic look at the difficulties of a long distance relationship as well as giving evaluations for where Social Link standings would be if this was an actual follow up in author's notes. There are flashback scenes to times both shown in game and events that feel like they genuinely did happen in skipped over days, such as Yu talking to the girl's about the disaster that was Nanako's chocolate. It shows scenes such as telling their friends or relatives and scenes that are just normal events in the course of that year.
  • Now has a Tropes Page

Continuance by Vocarin

  • Recommended by Vellaen
  • Status: Dormant (last updated July 2017)
  • Pairing(s): Souji/Yukiko
  • Synopsis: They say that there are no endings, but only new beginnings. Something finishes, something else starts. Souji Seta is no stranger to new beginnings, but now it's time to make his own.
  • Comments: Picking up literally where the game left off, this fic is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. It is a charming, insightful, and often touching continuation of the lives of the characters we grew to love. The grand adventures and struggles with gods and Personas are behind them, but just seeing the Investigation Team living their lives can be plenty entertaining. The romance with Yukiko is very well done, though not always the absolute focus. The story's greatest accomplishment is how well it fleshes out Souji, especially in the dynamics of his home life and interactions with his parents. More than just a silent protagonist, he becomes a true character.
    • Valiona: I'm a bit more hesitant to recommend it. For Souji's girlfriend, Yukiko is quite Out of Focus at first, so essentially the first several chapters are dominated by Yu's troubled relationship with his parents and all the angst that's involved. This, along with a somewhat hamfisted and overly dramatic depiction of the Investigation Team's physical and emotional scars from their battles with Shadows also tends to put a fair emphasis on drama even when it may not make sense to do so. The author also relies overly heavily on the narration to provide exposition, rather than showing us what we need to know. Essentially, the author has a good grasp of the language, but his handling of dialogue, characterization and the emotional aspects of the story need work.

Persona: Fool's Epiphany by DominicanAir21

  • Recommended by Mysterion
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Minato/Elizibeth, Minato/Fem C?, Yu/Marie, Yu/OC?, Yu/??? (And all ingame pairings in backstory)
  • Synopsis: Yu is called back into the Velvet Room shortly before college to prepare for a new trial he will face along with his mate and 2 others of similar status, but just who will they be? Meanwhile, he must deal with actually living with his parents for once, and an arranged marriage with a manipulative bitch. Fortunately(?) he's developed a voice in his head to keep him on track. But how does the Three Wishes website tie into this new threat? Meanwhile, a "Dr. N" works to undo the Great Seal, and Minato's first day in Tatsumi Port was not quite as shown...

Fake Me by Reaching Out FES (TVTropes article)

  • Recommended by sillyfudgemonkeys
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Yu/Minako
  • Synopsis: "Who am I...? Who are you...? We're all searching for our own identity, but... How many of us truly reach self-actualization?" (Co-Written with Gin Nanashi).

Every Mistake by strangestquiet

  • Recommended by Katseester
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Souji/Yosuke
  • Synopsis: When Souji is killed in an accident and Yosuke inherits the Wild Card, he discovers fine print in the Velvet Room contract which states that guests of the room who fail to complete their journeys must serve as its attendants.

Love to Live, Live to Love by ReachingOutFES (Cowritten with Gin Nanashi) (TVTropes article)

  • Recommended by sillyfudgemonkeys
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairings: undisclosed as of right nownote , but Yu is one of the leading guys.
  • Synopsis:[AU] As the new year starts, Yu Narukami finds himself moving in with his favorite cousin and uncle in Inaba as well as preparing to attend Arcana Academy, a prodigious ladder school situated between the countryside and Ayanagi City. With both extremes in reach, just what kind of opportunities will he find?
  • Comments: This AU does not have the existence of Personas and Shadows, but instead, it involves a lot of characters, mainly P4 and P3, and numerous shout-outs to all Persona related things. This includes the games, Persona Trinity Soul, and Persona The Magiciannote .
    • It is highly recommended that you should read Persona The Magician manga. An English fan translation is provided in this link here.

The Shortest Distance from A to B by zero-damage (TVTropes article in the works)

  • Recommended by sillyfudgemonkeys
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairings: Kanji/Naoto
  • Synopsis: Persona 4. A record of Kanji Tatsumi's year - specifically, his interactions with and raging crush on one difficult pint-size detective.
  • Comments: As recommended above, this troper felt it also needed to be recommended in the shipping area (along with getting it's own article) as well.

Riddle Me This by LadyLunarPhoenix

  • Recommended by Leith Sol
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Souji/Naoto
  • Synopsis: Slight AU: In that the gang went to the Amagi inn before they went to Tatsumi Port Island. Just mentally switch the days So yeah. If you played the game you'll know what I'm talking about. Souji gets a late night surprise. Souji/Naoto SPOILERS!
  • Comments: There are 10 chapters, but its effectively 5 chapters as the chapters alternate between Souji and Naoto's point of view of the same events. Despite covering the same chapter twice it never feels redundant as the differences in perspective keeps things fresh.

Return to Inaba: Naoto x Kanji by RuinsoftheMoonVII

  • Recommended by Little Miss Sophie
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Naoto/Kanji
  • Synopsis: After one year away, Naoto returns to Inaba for a reunion with her old friends - but she's changed so much. What will they think of her new 'female' self? A commission for TheLonelyMoon on DeviantArt.
  • Comments: It's incredibly short and sweet, and Naoto's viewpoint is spot on.

Type Mismatch by sodomquake

  • Recommended by Bookwormtiff
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Yosuke/Minato
  • Synopsis: The real problem is that you can get used to anything. (Arisato plays the detached transfer student to Inaba, for a little while.)
  • Comments: By the same author who'd written Sympathy Crime, one of P4's most (in)famously traumatizing fics. A oneshot, of a very rare pairing and played to disturbing effect, but the author makes it work - it's extremely well-written with many lovely, luxurious details.
  • Extract: "It's the first time Yosuke's seen him, and he has a face that's more pretty than handsome: small pale features, a sensual little rosebud of a mouth..."

I'll Face Myself by lovedeterrence

  • Recommended by kazoie1
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A what if story about what would happen if Adachi lost his persona and then faced his shadow self

I'm Rubber, You're Glue by Katseester

  • Recommended by kilala2tail
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Set of 100 drabbles, P4 cast-centric. 5 sets of 20. "You know, I think that's the first time anyone's managed to make King Moron so frustrated he actually set fire to his desk," Chie muses as the fire department rolls up.
  • Pairing(s): Yosuke/Souji, Yukiko/Chie, Rise/Naoto, Kou/Daisuke
  • Comments: A collection of "What-if"s of different types, spread through the different stages of the game(s). None of the drabbles are very long and while some are heartbreaking, some tooth rotting, all are rather well done.

Necessity's Bedfellows by siderealOtaku

  • Recommended by TeamBenevolence
  • Status: Dormant (last updated September 2017)
  • Synopsis: The Investigation Team has moved on with their lives, left Inaba and put away their Personas - except their leader. When Teddie goes missing and nobody comes to his aid, Yu must search the TV World with the help of the only other person unable to move on.
  • Pairing(s): Adachi/Yu, minor Kanji/Naoto
  • Comments: Set post Ultimax, this is extremely well written. A rare example of a fic that features Adachi/Yu developing in a realistic, slow burn manner which isn't just a typical PWP or post-Accomplice Ending yet the building relationship is second to the mystery story of Yu and Adachi working together to solve the mystery of what has happened in the TV world.
    • Totally seconded. It has vague shades of a redemption arc for Adachi, but also doesn't forget that, A: He killed two people, and goaded another into kidnapping others, and B: He was a detective at some point. Also counts as a vague crossover/AU thing in regards to Adachi's past, and while I personally didn't see it coming, anyone else could get it if they pick up on the clues. Either way, it was a good touch, and it would be interesting to see how it affects the story...

The Fortunate by Jonesyboat

  • Recommended by Some Random Girl
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Naoto's found love...and it isn't Souji. Naoto/Yosuke
  • Pairing: Naoto/Yosuke

Sympathy Crime by sodomquake

  • Recommended by augustus_01
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Yosuke gets into an abusive relationship with Adachi. (and then canon plot also happens...)
  • Pairing: Souji/Yosuke
  • Comments: Disclaimer: This fic contains abuse and a few NSFW parts, so if you’re not up for that you probably shouldn’t read this. It’s also very long. Otherwise this is a pretty good fanfic well worth the read in my opinion. It managed to make me uncomfortable, especially during early conversations between Adachi and Yosuke because of how... normal they seem when we’re following Yosuke which ups the creep factor. Also when Souji/Yosuke does come about, it’s handled quite well and Yosuke doesn’t immediately fall comfortably into the relationship with no issues whatsoever. There’s plenty more good in this but I don’t want to say it all in here so enjoy.


     Shipping Oneshots 
''Short, usually one chapter long fics focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

None Yet

    Alternate Universe Fics 
Stories where one fundamental aspect of the series is completely overhauled from its point of origin.

Of Curiosity and Sombreros by Vallias
  • Recommend by: Mister OM, Eon 101
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A short Alternate Universe Crack Fic where Labrys joins the Phantom Thieves. However, when the time comes for her to pick a codename, Labrys insists on a weird and unexpected one, which confuses everybody.
  • Comment: As said in the synopsis, this is both an Alternate Universe Fic and a Crack Fic. It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s pretty funny. If you like Labrys and if you like the Phantom Thieves, go ahead and give it a read. Spoilers for Persona 4: Arena.

     Crack Fics 
Just plain weird stories.

Of Curiosity and Sombreros by Vallias
  • Recommend by: Mister OM, Eon 101
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A short Alternate Universe Crack Fic where Labrys joins the Phantom Thieves. However, when the time comes for her to pick a codename, Labrys insists on a weird and unexpected one, which confuses everybody.
  • Comment: As said in the synopsis, this is both an Alternate Universe Fic and a Crack Fic. It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s pretty funny. If you like Labrys and if you like the Phantom Thieves, go ahead and give it a read. Spoilers for Persona 4: Arena.

    Dark Fics 
Stories focused on making the series darker, and/or exploring the darker aspects of the series.

Level Up by jackdawq
  • Recommended by: Queen-Roger
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Mitsuo Kubo has always been a good boy.
  • Pairing(s): None
  • Tags:
  • Comments:

     Crossover Fics 
Stories which mix elements from two different worlds.

Fading Shadow, Rising Sun by StoneMasked Taliesin
  • Crossover with: Ōkami
  • Recommended by Tropemania
  • Synopsis: Evil rises to take its place, and now the human race is at stake. Not only one, but two worlds threatened, the imaginations of the Dark Lord loom. Ruin lies at the wings of lies, and truth is hidden in a blanket of fog. But never fear, for a Hero will rise. Aided by the hot sun herself.
  • Status: Dormant; last updated July 2020
  • Trope Page.
  • Comments: An interesting story that blends concepts and characters from both series into a new and exciting spin on two memorable and lovable games.

Fate Reach Out by Vegeta the 3rd, Link

  • Recommended by Yuusha Fan, Unclouded TJ, Space Cowboy
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Fate/stay night
  • Trope Page
  • Synopsis: (From "A chance decision leads to an unlikely discovery. The mention of a rumor leads to an unbelievable mystery. And the connection to a long-forgotten family leads to an unforgettable experience. Welcome to Inaba, Yu Narukami... or should I say Shirou Emiya? (Co-Authored by Nameless Flame Wielder)"
  • Comments: It's only 16 chapters long at this point, but considering the quality of the writing (especially the fight scenes), this is one crossover to look out for.

A Different Kind of Truth by The Infamous Man

  • Recommended by Space Cowboy and ErinTesden
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Trope Page
  • Synopsis: Johnny Joestar was a young man who had it all. A rich family, fame, respect, and numerous fans. But an action done out of pride cost him everything, including his legs. He left for Inaba to escape from his memories, but Johnny is now dragged into to a bizarre murder case. A mystery which may teach the former genius jockey that bonds can make the most broken bird fly again...
  • Comments: There are hardly any good Jojo fanfics out there, and this one is shaping up to be one of the greats. Especially with the main character of choice being Johnny Joestar, the crippled protagonist of Part Seven Steel Ball Run. So far, the interactions between Johnny and the residents of Inaba are very amusing and a stark contrast with the Protagonist of Persona 4.

Gameplay by Azurelitestar AO3 Link

  • Recommended by p0np0n_panda
  • Status: Dormant; last updated June 2018
  • Crossover with: Durarara!!
  • Synopsis: P4 x DRRR. In which the Investigation Team learns that the truth isn't what it seems when strange happenings occur in Ikebukuro. Eventual Shizaya, hints for many other pairings. Spoilers for the DRRR anime and novels, and all Persona games.
  • Comments: Currently on-going, this series offers a unique spin-off to the story that's focused on its characters' portrayals, making the interactions with each other more compatible. The writing is well-done and so far the author has worked with combining the different plot-lines without having it become overly complicated. The relationships are maintained progressively so that it feels natural and does not distract from the flow but expands it, so it remains a prominent and interesting part of the plot. Pairings included aside from Shizaya; Souji/Yosuke, slight Kanji/Naoto, Celty/Shinra, etc. A thrilling and underrated story that deserves more attention and recommended for any fan of P4 or DRRR!!.
    • Very good read!! Everyone's in character, and I enjoyed the character study aspects of it. Overall it didn't get boring or overly weird while maintaining the fun mystery aspects of Persona 4. I just wish it would update more frequently, since it hasn't in a while.
  • Now has a Tropes page!

Highschool DXD: Fool of Change by King of the fake World

  • Recommended by Tropic Thunder
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with: HighSchool DxD
  • Synopsis: The adventure has ended. The lies were banished. But that is no guarantee that no new dangers come up. He learned that the hard way, when someone he never met before attacked him. So, what will you do, Narukami Yuu? Stand between all you see? On one side? Or away from them? When powers from within the mind come to confront the world and its inhabitants, change will occur.
  • Comments: Only two chapters so far, but off to a rather promising start. Both chapters are of a reasonable length, and seem to be doing something slightly different from most crossovers with Highschool DxD.
    • It's up to 10 chapters, but it hasn't been updated since 2015.

Five Nights at Junes by Skyla Doragono

  • Recommended by: Shaoken
  • Crossover with: Five Nights at Freddy's
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Down on his luck former detective Adachi is talked into accepting an easy job as a night guard at the local family super store, Junes. The job ends up the complete opposite of easy, and no one mentioned that the animatronics were a bit… unique.
  • Comments: A good blending of the characters and setting of the Persona 4 world but playing by the rules of FNAF, whilst not making detracting the experience for readers who aren't well versed in either work. There is a sequel currently (as of 9/12/2014) being written set three years later that is worth a look as well.
  • Tags: Suspense, Fusion Fic, Violent Content. Reader discretion advised.
  • It has a trope page.

Shin Megami Tensei: Personastuck by Unionhack

  • Recommended by Terrabalt
  • Crossover with: Homestuck
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Dave Strider, a transfer student to the prestigious Sassacre Academy, thinks that things couldn't be any better. This changes when he is introduced to his other self, his Persona, and a strange world populated by mysterious and malicious beings known as shadows. All of this he must deal with while adjusting to life at a new school, making new friends, and maintaining his ever-vigilant cool guy image.
  • Comment: Despite the name, this isn't a crossover with the original Persona; rather, it's a cross-over with Persona 4. This fanfiction really reads the Homestuck character well, especially the trolls, and made each Real-life and Shadow world (Especially the Shadow Self battle) equally interesting.

Magician's Misery by AriZonia1

  • Recommended by Makiki13
  • Crossover with: Super Smash Bros.
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: After a very poor turn of events in Magatsu Mandala, the Investigation Team is forced to return to Inaba. Though, much like the dungeon itself, they are forced to take a "detour" before finally returning home. That is, if everyone can regroup and keep it together.
  • Comment: Completed with its fifth chapter. As referenced by the title itself, the story is Yosuke centric. Contains spoilers for December 5th and beyond as well as some minor ones for Persona Q. It chronicles Yosuke's stay at a "Smash Brothers Mansion" with Teddie trying to work off a debt while his friends are lost elsewhere in the world. It delves into some more interesting sides of his personality as he grows more upset and anxious over the forced separation of the group. The main pairing to be brought up is Yosuke/Yu (the author prefers that name to Souji) with hints of others thrown in.

  • Shadows of Paris By BeeTeeDubya14 and BetterOffAlone
  • Recommended by eido-natokun
  • Crossover with: Miraculous Ladybug
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: After getting lost in the TV world, the Investigation Team has to ask Teddie to summon a stack of TVs. When they go through, they end up in a completely different country. Paris, France. After a chance encounter with Paris's very own Ladybug, The Investigation Team and the Parisian Superheroes team up to solve the Inaba murders and defeat Hawk Moth.

Stacked Deck by UnwelcomeStorm

  • Recommended by 10trfo, Unclouded TJ
  • Crossover with: Worm
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Armsmaster gets a call from his sister-in-law, who needs him to look after his teenage nephew for a while. Yu Narukami is a well-behaved young man, he shouldn't be any trouble at all. Really.
  • Comment: While knowledge of the world and characters of Worm is needed, the story is great and the character writing is the main highlight of the story. Especially Yu’s mix of earnestness and out-there tendencies are great to read. It’s not that far along yet, especially compared to UnwelcomeStorm’s other stories that also all take place in the Worm universe, but considering the writing there it is very promising.

Persona 4: Be Your True Mind by Jodasgreat

  • Recommended by Nightelf 37
  • Crossover with: Persona
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Naoya Toudou and friends find themselves in a world where demons still exist, and upon being brought to the real world, realize there are many mysteries to solve, and limited time to do it. Will they solve them, or will the answers disappear, just like the last fifteen years?
  • Comment: There are very few examples where the first Persona game gets a worthy crossover with any series, let alone another Persona game. A worthy read, if I do say so myself. Spoiler warning to those who've played the first game: Reiji/Chris isn't the fifth member in the game's events, but Eriko/Elly, but that shouldn't be a turn off.

Far From Home by ReadingForever

  • Recommended by Arcade Tokens,Red That Cat.
  • Crossover with: Bugsnax
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Yu Narukami is the only human in a world of grumpuses and he has no idea what happened to the rest of the Investigation Team. It's even worse when the place he's in is Snaktooth Island. Feeling dread at a potential disaster in the future and with the mystery of Bugsnax nearby Yu tries to find his friends and return home. How to face a threat he can't even figure out, especially when he can't use Personas? And even if he manages to do so will he still be able to return home? Balancing a potential disastrous scenario in the future, the knowledge he's surrounded by a completely different species, and the new maze of relationships he finds himself in is difficult, but Yu Narukami is willing to give it a try.
  • Comment: The character writing is remarkable. The writer's effort at keeping everyone in character is noteworthy and so far Yu Narukami's interactions with the Bugsnax characters are interesting and try to delve into their personalities and characterization. According to the summary there's no need to know all about either canon and currently (chapter 9) it feels like far more than just inserting Yu into the plot of Bugsnax even though so far there have been only minor deviations from canon. It looks like a very promising story attempting to bring something new to the table.
    • Nevermind, there are major deviations from chapter 12.


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Crossover fics between three or more franchises.

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Original fan-made music or remixes based on the game.

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     Fan Comics 
Original fan-created comics based on the game.

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     Fan Videos 
Original fan-created videos based on the ip.

[Persona 4] Hiimdaisy Comic Dub (Full Version) by Sapphire
  • Recommended by: Queen-Roger
  • Synopsis: UPDATE: WHAT YOU SEE HERE IS ALL THAT IS LEFT OF THE COMIC DUB. THE ARTIST HAS MOVED ON TO DOING MORE IMPORTANT WORK NOW AND WILL NOT BE FINISHING THE COMIC UP. PLEASE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE IF YOU THINK THERE WILL BE MORE TO THIS. THANKS. I should have done this sooner, but here it is, all 4.5 parts of the comic dub mashed into one vidya. Enjoy wasting 30 minutes of your life—forever. Stay tuned for more Panty and Stocking, Anime Club, and Ryojiventures.
  • Comments:

ABItorial: Persona 4, Sympathy for a Killer by SugarPunch Design Works
  • Recommended by: Queen-Roger
  • Synopsis: Play Persona 4.
  • Comments:

Inside an Edgelord: Adachi - Persona 4 Analysis by BruTalc
  • Recommended by: Queen-Roger
  • Synopsis: Wouldn't we better off without this reality crap?
  • Comments:

The Problem with Tohru Adachi (vs. Goro Akechi) by Dreade
  • Recommended by: Queen-Roger
  • Synopsis: The long-awaited follow-up to my Goro Akechi video that had to be reworked a bit because of that bastard bruTalcumPowder.
  • Comments:

The Psychology of Tohru Adachi (Persona 4 Golden) by ThoughtBubble
  • Recommended by: Queen-Roger
  • Synopsis: Tohru Adachi is a character who is laced with depth and nuance throughout the course of his story. We learn in Persona 4 Golden that Adachi's parents only really cared about his success academically and little else. We get hints throughout the course of the game via his interactions with characters like Yu Narukami, Ryotaro Dojima, Nanako Domjima, and the rest of the investigation team regarding the circumstance of his life and upbringing and how he ended up in Inaba. We slowly learn of his connection to the murders within the small town and eventually his rationale behind these murders. So today I want to look at how Adachi was able to grow past his actions within Persona 4 Golden as his story continues in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and truly work to determine what is happening in his mind. NOTE: The diagnosis described may vary in presentation from person to person and Adachi is in no way indicative of the wider population that can vary widely in presentation. I also want to note that all counselors will come at situations from different theoretical orientations, backgrounds, and belief systems. My opinions correlate with my own education and professional experience up to this point in my education as a Master's level counseling student.
  • Comments:

Topic of the Week 159: Why Adachi is a Great Villain by coolman229
  • Recommended by: Queen-Roger
  • Synopsis: “What makes Adachi from Persona 4 such a great villain?”
  • Comments:

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