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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • When the MC first encounters Junpei, Yukari tries to get Junpei off of MC's back. Unfortunately, Yukari manages to dig herself a massive hole by letting a couple innocent innuendos slip:
    Yukari: Hey, you didn't say anything about you-know-what, did you?
    • And...
    Yukari: Seriously, don't say anything about last night, alright?
    • Junpei, of course, overhears.
  • Persona 3: FES gives us the option of going on dates with Elizabeth. This is a woman who apparently only read about the world in books, and the brilliant first date is topped with her pointing out she had asked Igor if she could turn the Velvet Room into a dance club. Also the fountain scenes.
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  • A bug in FES allows you to completely skip the final boss and still earn the True Ending. All you have to do is initiate the Devil social link on January 31. See it in action here.
  • Mitsuru's "execution." Made more apparent in the Drama CD, which features a small skit about the protagonist cheating on the girls in his dorm (and Chihiro). Here's a link to this specific part here.
    Protagonist: (incredibly cautious about answering his phone since Yukari and Fuuka called to break things off after he cheated on them) H...hello...?
    Mitsuru: It's me. EXECUTION! That is all.
    Protagonist: Wait-
    Mitsuru: You wish to know the reason? How else do you suppose I serve your punishment? Is death not good enough for you?!
    Protagonist: Huh?! W-well...
    Mitsuru: This important Sunday finally came around, and I found out you've been double booking. It seems the plans for us were just at the level of buying a train ticket...
    Protagonist: No! I was...I wouldn't...
    Mitsuru: Don't get the wrong idea. I didn't call to listen to your excuses. Your execution has already been decided. In this time, I want you to self reflect. That is my only condition. Farewell.
    • The skit ends with Aigis murdering the main character because of the negative effect he's had on all the it turns out, it was All Just a Dream. Still, he wakes up with who else but Aigis staring directly at him, and eventually faints after hearing his phone ring.
  • After choosing to talk to Akihiko the night after the aforementioned "execution" after Kyoto.
    Akihiko: ...I'll say this... The principal offenders were Junpei and Ryoji. We were forced to commit the crime, against our will. We were victims too. ...... ...Now please, do not mention it ever again./I was forced to commit the crime against my will. I'm a victim too. So it wasn't on purpose. Please. You, of all people, have to believe me.
    • Akihiko, who's usually cool, calm, and collected at all times, even when fighting Shadows, was utterly and totally panicking at the thought of Mitsuru's wrath.
    • What made this a crowning moment of funny wasn't just the incident itself, but the fact that it practically implied that this had happened to Akihiko before. He had to know that they would be executed somehow.
      • Combine that with Mitsuru's video. She comments that she should really stop walking around her room without clothes. Did Akihiko forget to knock?
      • And not to mention that the fact that Akihiko's Persona is vulnerable against Bufu skills, which Mitsuru specializes at. This REALLY amplifies the fact this had happened before and why he is scared of her "execution".
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    • It's even better if you're playing as the female protagonist and let them get away with it while you and Akihiko are lovers. He's so ashamed that he can't even look at you. Ken's response is funny, too. If you're lovers with him, he's upset about what they did, but if you let them get away with it, he has a pretty good idea of what happened anyway.
    • Not getting caught is just as funny, as Ryoji and Junpei get their just desserts for their perversion anyway: after Akihiko realizes they haven't said anything in a while, he and the MC realize they've passed out from the steam. This then leads to some amusing dialogue the next day, where the girls are satisfied and happy with their trip, and don't understand why the boys are so traumatized.
    • This line from Junpei (even better with Vic Mignogna voice acting)
      Junpei: I'll never forget Kyoto... How could I, after last night...
      Junpei: (when the girls ignore them) Curse you, Kyoto!!!
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    • Aigis' line back at the dorm if you fail (male)/pass (female) is fantastic: "You are unscrupulous./Junpei-san and Akihiko-san must be punished. As a penalty, I shall not converse with you/them for the rest of the day. Commencing ignore mode."
      • If you fail (male)/catch the boys (female), she has another one after Mitsuru announces execution: "It was nice knowing you."
    • The manga version of this sequence involves Ryoji making a last ditch attempt to distract the girls by making himself look like Minato and challenging them to find the real one. Mitsuru freezes them solid without batting an eye.
    • And yet another one in the Portable version. As the Male Protagonist, you have to select the correct choices through trial and error to make it out safely. As you imitate a cat, Yukari hears it but wonders if it's a fox. The next choices are "......" and "It's a cat, dammit!" The other option before the imitation of a cat is to 'Fix Junpei's towel'. The reaction as followed which exposes your location anyway.
      Junpei: Whoa, that's cold! The hell you touchin' my ass for!? I almost yelled out loud! ...Oh, er, haha...
  • Every time Junpei calls Yukari "Yuka-tan," especially the enthusiasm he puts behind it.
    • "Junpei's Believe It... Or Don't". Apparently he carries a flashlight for the express purpose of spooky-facing.
  • Almost everything Junpei does or says is a Crowning Moment Of Funny. One notable example is when Yukari goes on a ghost investigation after Junpei starts talking about them.
    Junpei: I always thought these stories were fake. But, she seems to be doing research on them. Is it the power of the Junpei Zone?
    Yukari: Huh!? What did you just say!?
    Junpei: Oh shit... I pissed her off...
  • And then when you talk to Yukari after he made that comment...
    Yukari: Ugh... I wonder why I said that... Yeah, it's Junpei's fault...! Everything's his fault...! The Junpei Zone!? Psh! You really are dumber than you look!
  • Talk to Junpei the night after Koromaru joins, and you get this:
    Junpei: That's it! Junpei the Wise has another brilliant idea! All I have to do is become a dog! Then, I won't have to go to summer school either!
    • Koromaru apparently tries to say something after this. It may be... for the best that Aigis isn't there to translate.
  • Talk to Junpei in the dorm lounge on April 29th:
    Junpei: No one's back yet, and we have school in the morning. We probably shouldn't go to Tartarus tonight.
    Protagonist: No, we're going.
    Junpei: Listen to me, man. We shouldn't go tonight. Besides, it would be just you and me there. You know, like, Brokeback Tartarus. ...So just forget about it.
    • He wasn't that objected to going to Tartarus with only the female Protagonist, but only if...
      Junpei: But being chased by Shadows kind of ruins the romantic atmosphere, y'know?
  • The trip to Yasoinaba in Portable is just hilarious, especially with Yuko and Kazushi bickering like an old married couple through the latter half.
  • The Full Moon Operation on July 7, which takes place in a Love Hotel.
    • After defeating the Hierophant, the party will then fall under a spell from the Lovers. If the male protagonist is chosen, he and Yukari will be transported into a room where the latter is taking a shower. After coming to their senses, Yukari realizes she is only wearing a towel and slaps the protagonist before returning to the bathroom to change. She would then threaten the protagonist if he ever reveals this incident to anyone. If the female protagonist is chosen, the same scene is played with Akihiko or Junpei (depending who is in the party) replacing Yukari.
    • After reuniting with the rest of your party, it is imply the same events happen to the other two as well.
  • Operation Babe Hunt.
  • Cleaning up after the (cancelled) school festival in P3P as the girl. Turns out that one of the cancelled events was... a cross-dressing pageant. Junpei, Kenji and Kazushi then start arguing about who would look the cutest while cross-dressing. Then Aigis joins in. True to form, you can also simply proclaim a very enthusiastic ME! instead. You can already guess what reactions come from that.
    • The male scene in FES isn't half bad either. It consists of MC and Kenji preforming a comedy duo act, Kenji borrowing Yukari's nickname for Junpei (Stupei), Kenji teasing Kaz about a possible crush on Yukari, Aigis commenting on Junpei liking maids, and the main event: Yukari, Yuko and Chihiro all converging, while the latter two start blathering on about how much they love spending time with the MC as the 'atmoshere becomes oppressive.' In the end, it takes the combined efforts of Junpei, Kaz and Kenji to save you from a Nice Boat ending as they distract the three girls for you.
    • Further on the maid thing, Kaz asks what a maid is. For some reason how Junpei says "A pure soul!" with a stunned expression is hilarious.
    • On a meta-level and considering that the extended skit with the girls is only triggered if their Social Links are high enough, the whole thing can be considered a joke on the player who probably first thought that the scene would end with a few reversed/broken S.Links.
    • That particular scene is also the closest towards receiving a full-on problem for the MC should you romance all of the girls, something that the MC's successors Narukami (in Golden only) and Joker would face thanks to what happened to them in Valentine's Day.
  • The ending to the Hermit Social Link in FES. "Maya" totally freaks.
  • Akihiko, Ken, both Lovers. Cock Fight Ensues. Add Junpei in for extra LOLs. Described here (Note that it's the Kink Meme so while this link isn't NSFW, poking around will)
    The atmosphere feels heavy for some reason
  • The end of the Devil S-Link consists of Tanaka singing about how he knows he's a massive Jerkass in the eyes of the media and has no intention of changing his ways. He then faxes the news station just to drive home his point. Courtesy link.
  • The end of the Hanged Man S-Link in the female route: Maiko mentions in a letter that she really hopes to become family with the heroine, so her dad's idea of making that come true is to ask the heroine out.
  • Pretty much all of the video recordings will get at least a chuckle out of you, from Mitsuru mistakingly believing Fuuka is having alone time, to Yukari in her maid outfit, a lot of embarrassing things happen.
    • The very first one will have you laughing (in bemused derision) at Shuji Ikutsuki cracking puns so painfully bad angels fall out of the sky and die on the spot while bleeding from the ears from the sheer lameness of his jokes.
    • Any of Mitsuru's Fish out of Water moments are funny as hell, such as the one when she thought Junpei was kidnapped, assuming that his room was that messy because there was a struggle in it. Junpei's understandably humiliated when he has to admit that it's naturally that way, and he had Mitsuru and Officer Kurosawa worried for no reason.
      • Officer Kurosawa's reaction really makes that one: "Well, son, looks like you've got a death sentence."
    • Akihiko actually sinks to the lameness of the aforementioned Ikutsuki at one point when trying to follow the advice of self help book that advised him to improve his self confidence by "having a sense of humor", and upon realizing this he actually bitches himself out for being so lame.
    • Shinjiro tries to hide his love of cooking tendencies, but all he achieves is Epic Fail by 1) Aigis' being able to speak dog language, 2) Has a very bad improvising by using a cooking book to cover his face (or holding the book in his hands whilst feigning sleep in Portable), and 3) He encounters the world's worst timing.
    • Aigis actually put a pillow in the freezer just in case the MC's body temperature was above normal.
  • The lyrics to "Gekkoukan Boogie", the school song. "Everybody was Haiku writing...those kids were fast as lightning."
  • In the PSP remake, equip Shinjiro in a Tuxedo, add him in your team, talk to him and he'll go all Tsundere about it.
    Shinjiro: Are you into this sort of thing?!? That's fine, but... Can't you see how out of character this is for me?
    • Equipping the female PC in the more provocative outfits such as the swimsuit or Battle Panties and then talking to Shinjiro is also good for comedy. Or try the Knee-high Maid from a former playthrough, the response is golden!
      Shinjiro: ......!? Hey... I know you gotta wear that to get an edge in a fight, but you better not strut around in front of the other guys.
  • New Year's Day has one. Originally the guys weren't going to do any traditional celebration for New Years, until Ken reports that the girls are wearing kimonos Junpei evidently mentions on the way there that girls don't wear anything under a kimono; cue Ken asking if the girls are cold and giving the reason why. All the while, talking to Junpei after the ordeal will have him ask if the whole no-underwear thing is actually true and not just a rumour. The possible answers are "No.", "Yes." and "I'll leave that to your imagination." Naturally, choosing yes will get him bewildered beyond anything ever seen of him.
  • Whenever you fight Jin, his Idle Animation is mainly him doing a little dance almost in rhythm with the battle music.
    • One of Jin's attacks is throwing a grenade (which acts as a fire attack), so if you have a persona that absorbs fire, then you will heal from taking a grenade to the face! Made extra funny because it lands somewhere near the player character's mouth, making it look like the player just ate the grenade.
  • Theo's dates are full of these. When you take him around Gekkoukan High School, he sits at a desk and asks you to play as teacher. You ask him a question and he doesn't get it.
    He is what you've heard referred to as a "problem student"...
  • The Film Festival can provide several, based on who you took with you to the last week of it.
    • Aigis' thoughts after finishing the Ninja movie marathon.
      Aigis: Ninja is the highest status man can achieve. But I wonder why ninjas ceased to exist? Was it an ice age? Or the proliferation of the internet? This is an enigma I cannot resolve.
    • You can take Koromaru to the movies. You get Courage points for trying, but you get kicked out anyway, and Koromaru pouts until you promise to buy him the DVD.
    • Later in the summer you get to go see a movie with Shinjiro, a movie about a puppy almost drowning in a river. Shinjiro ends up running off screen to cry because he doesn't want you to see him.
  • If you choose kendo as your sports club, the protagonist gets to try his hand at one of the matches at the meet during summer break. That said, he just whacks away like a lumberjack while his opponent is just crouched, taking all of it.
  • The Drama CD has lots of funny moments in it, but one in particular is when the protagonist goes to visit Elizabeth in the Velvet Room, and after a short conversation, Elizabeth gives the protagonist about 3,300,000 yen (keep in mind, that's about $30,000+ in US dollars) arcade tokens.
  • This exchange with Fuuka during Christmas:
    Fuuka: MC-kun/-chan, what do you think Christmas is about?
    MC: Consumerism.
  • The MC can come off rather silly even when he's trying to encourage Keisuke:
    Keisuke: My train's about to leave... Wh-what should I do...?
    MC: Go "find" yourself.
  • The gossiping students' conversation about the winter uniform.
    Student 1: We have to wear winter wear from now on... It's so heavy, my shoulders hurt. But I looked in the pocket, and I found a lost possession!
    Student 2: My shoulders hurt too... Plus, I heard weird voices... And I've got a headache...
    Student 1: ...P-Possession...!
  • It's fairly easy, to get Messiah, the game's Expy of Jesus Christ, to learn Die For Me! The irony reaches critical mass at that point given that it's the inverse of what Jesus was meant to accomplish. Messiah can also learn to absorb pierce attacks, and those that know that Jesus was pierced by a spear will realize he wasn't taking any chances this time around.
  • The fact that Koromaru can call for an All-Out Attack... but the dialogue itself merely reads 'Woof, woof!' (You can figure out what's going on thanks to the interface.) What your party members say to him in battle is even more amusing:
    Mitsuru: Good boy. You get a treat.
    Akihiko: You really are smart!
  • Fuuka's exasperated face (very bottom).
  • Upon checking up Junpei before mid-term exams... and you don't even get through his room door either.
    Junpei: "What the hell is with this problem!? What language is this written in!?"
    You can hear Junpei complaining loudly about his homework...
    • Meanwhile, Ikutsuki, who is reading in the lounge, wonders who he hears yelling every now and then.
    • Mitsuru also comments on it while in the command room, quietly trying to concentrate, but having difficulty due to hearing random shouting. Unlike Ikutsuki, she knows exactly who's doing it.
    • Before the exams in October:
      Junpei: "What the hell is with this problem!? We never learned this! Wait a minute... they must have taught this when I was asleep! What a dirty trick!"
      You can hear Junpei hollering...
  • Early on, Yukari decides to take a leave for the night, introducing the player to the "unavailable party members" mechanic. Junpei complains about having to explore Tartarus with an all-male party, stating that he "don't want no sausage-fest."
    • Better yet, this is exactly what happens on May 29 in the first movie. Junpei's unamused face next to Akihiko's smiling one and the male protagonist's trademark "I don't care" expression just sells the scene.
  • Very early on, Akihiko asks to meet Junpei and the MC at the police station, therefore Junpei and the player can head there immediately... or the player can get many rather hilarious responses annoying the hell of out of Junpei trying to go pretty much anywhere else.
    Junpei: Are you dumb or what? How many times do I have to tell you...? WE GOTTA TO GET TO THE POLICE STATION!
  • When the gang is celebrating their apparent victory with sushi, Junpei offers some to Koromaru, only for Yukari to chime in that giving the dog raw fish could make him sick. Koromaru, who otherwise acts as capable and intelligent as any human, gives an unmistakably canine whimper and his photo assumes an expression that is the very epitome of "puppy dog eyes".
  • If you take an all-female party into Tartarus and talk to them, Aigis will say that this is the fabled chickfest, and Yukari flusteredly asks where she learned that word. It was from Junpei.
    • If you do the same as Male Protagonist, she calls it a harem. Yukari wonders if that's what you were going for.
  • Any of the reactions the characters give when ordered to wear clothes they aren't really used to or would otherwise be too embarrased to wear, such as swimsuits, the Maid and Butler/Shirt of Chivalry uniforms, Battle Panties/High-cut Armor... Junpei for example is very enthusiastic about the Butler uniform, while Shinjiro is amusingly irritated. Also, wearing such clothes yourself gives further funny responses from the characters, especially when they are lovers.
  • A YouTube comment said it best:
  • Day three of the Beach Episode. A water fight ensues that involves Aigis misunderstanding the meaning of the phrase "water gun" and Junpei subsequently getting owned, complete with battle quotes.
    Fuuka: Junpei-kun is down!
    Yukari: Here's our chance for an All-Out Attack!
    loud splash
  • You can talk to Aigis shortly before she is to attend school. She will ask why she, a robot, is attending school, but Koromaru isn't, and points out that nothing in the school rules explicitly prohibits canines from attending school.
  • Aigis' comments when given Fanservice clothes are generally amusing, but the best must be the Sexy Santa Dress when given by a female MC:
    Aigis: This is a costume made to provide hopes and dreams to children around the world. However, it is supposedly effective in fulfilling adult men's dreams as well.
    • In the male route, her dialogue is the same but it ends with:
      Aigis: Am I succeeding in fulfilling your dreams too, [Name]-san?
  • In one of the NPC mini-plots, there's a female student simply identified as "Mitsuru Admirer" who has a worryingly obsessive crush on her. What makes this funny rather than just creepy is how the protagonist simply isn't having any of it. Late in the storyline, you get this exchange:
    Mitsuru Admirer: It's almost Christmas, and you know what that means — presents! I've got a great idea! I'm going to give Mitsuru-senpai a gift! Could you play Santa for me, and give her my present?
    Protagonist: [one between "No" / "I refuse" / "Absolutely no".]
    Mitsuru Admirer: I was just kidding... You don't have to look serious.
  • Something about Akihiko's ultimate weapon being made from Mara... The fact that he uses his fists as weapons and has a general awkwardness around women doesn't help either...
  • Yukari's smug tone of voice makes the following exchange far funnier than it would be otherwise. She sounds incredibly proud of herself for coming up with such a lame pun.
    Junpei: This is a tough case, even for Junpei Iori, Ace Detective.
    Yukari: Ace Detective...? More like Stupei, Ace Defective!
  • The incredibly fitting skills your party members have. Akihiko, the boxer, has a Persona that uses Sonic Punch. Shinjiro's learns Evil Smile.
  • Your initial Persona, Orpheus, master of strings has animations where he very enthusiastically strums his lyre like an electric guitar, and literally bashes on an enemy for a physical attack.
  • Shinjiro's critical animation where he headbutts the enemy. The fact that he does this on tanks becomes hilarious.
  • You have been preparing for the harbinger of the apocalypse. It's the Promised Day, meaning you will literally be facing the end of the world as we know it. That awesome battle theme is playing, you've prepped your Personas and party members for one final battle... Then, the Nyx Avatar has to ruin it by throwing spells like Agi at you... Like, seriously?
  • If you talk to Junpei on September 21st, he wonders how awesome it would be if the typhoon could kill a Shadow for them. Cue awkward silence.
  • Talking to the girls if you've romanced them is hilarious.
    >It's hard to talk to them...
    • Similarly, talking to Elizabeth to retrieve the reward for her request to show her your room has a pretty hilarious Out of Character moment for her. Where she starts off as professionally as she normally would, but eventually gets flustered as she apparently starts remembering what you two did in that room. Then requests that you keep it a secret from her master (which is also funny considering Igor is right there next to her).
      Elizabeth: Thank you so much for showing me your room.
      Elizabeth: ......
      Elizabeth: About what happened...
      Elizabeth: ......
      Elizabeth: E-Excuse me. I suddenly remembered...
  • During Kazushi's Social Link, at one point he asks you what he should buy as a present for his younger brother, who is wheelchair-bound due to a problem with one of his legs. One of the possible answers is running shoes.
  • One of the things you can say to an anxious Junpei as the female protagonist before leaving for the back alley at Port Island Station at night is a cheerful "Adventure time!". As he's already dreading the possibility of facing thugs and criminals there thanks to (unintentionally) goading Yukari into trying to look further into Fuuka's missing status, it's hilarious to see him thrown again into disbelief, this time because of her perpetual Genki Girl personality.
    Junpei: What?! You're actually excited about this?!
  • When you arrive in Kyoto, Junpei attempts to stay in the girls' room, while Aigis attempts to stay in the boys' room. Yukari tells Junpei to stay with the boys and Aigis to come with the girls. What really sells it is Aigis' monotone "Awww."
  • The Jack Brothers Fusion spell has Jack Frost and Pyro Jack telling a joke that incapacitate all enemies.
  • Talk to Yukari on 9th November (the day Ryoji transferred in) and you got this conversation.
    Yukari: I don't like how Ryoji-kun hits on all the girls. Well, he's pretty good looking so a lot of them probably don't mind. Unlike Junpei, who couldn't get a girl if he was the last guy on the planet.
    Junpei: *looked startled* I heard that Yukari-chi! How dare you say something like that about this hunk of burning love!
    Yukari: *looked exasperated* Hunk about what?
  • Shiva's dance when viewing him in the Persona Compendium.
  • The Arcana Emperor's melee attack has it repeatedly bash the target rigidly with its BFS, as if it was comically disciplining a pet with a newspaper like a cartoon.
  • The male protagonist, Minato Arisato, is just hilarious in manga in general with his reactions, both external and internal. For example:
    • When the Dark Hour ends and Mitsuru introduces Yukari to Minato, Yukari is in general distrustful and there's a panel of Minato just wondering what did he do to deserve such treatment. Despite that, he says "Nice to meet you" to Yukari with a smile, catching her off guard. But while she's greeting back, this is Minato's inner thought:
    I just did something totally out of character...!!
    • During the first trip into Tartarus, Yukari is nearly attacked by a Shadow and Minato moves to defend her. He does...and then trips on a pebble. This leads to an emotional moment for Yukari as she summons her Persona for the first time in the manga and, after defeating the Shadow, apologizes to Minato for getting hurt because again. Except:
    Minato (inner thoughts): My wound's actually not that bad...I'm just too embarrassed to get up...
    • Minato's face freakin' looks like this ":3" when Yukari tells him and Junpei not to look up her skirt while she was getting up on the train during the first Full Moon boss.
    • Ryoji mimicking Hidetoshi's face to describe the guy who is searching for Mitsuru is a sight to see. Bonus point is that everybody immediately knew who he was talking about.