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Funny / Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight

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  • Elizabeth is Fun Personified in this game:
    • She is a riot in the second trailer, saying Atlus in such a hammy way (with Theodore's exasperated sigh as the capstone), teasing Theodore and singing in the middle of the trailer.
    • When she first brings S.E.E.S. to Club Velvet, they don't seem happy with her request to dance. She tries to guilt-trip them by pretending to cry in a dramatic, over-the-top fashion, but it convinces no one.
    • Elizabeth teaching Aigis her Velvet Room song.
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    • If she's Theodore's partner, she sets a foot on his knee and starts wilding out. Her dancing might come off a bit Narmy, but since this is Elizabeth we're talking about...
    • Elizabeth making numerous Innocently Insensitive comments during Social Events when she reveals that she had been keeping tabs on everyone very closely in order to accurately re-create their rooms. This of course involves Junpei's Porn Stash and measuring exactly how much Yukari's chest has grown over the course of the year.
      • The latter does not give the option to scold Elizabeth for being inappropriate, so Makoto is presented with a frustrating Morton's Fork: Say he's interested in Elizabeth's findings, which is guaranteed to piss Yukari off regardless of who says it, or say he doesn't care, which will piss Yukari off because it was Makoto specifically who said it.
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    • She likes to pepper her Antiquated Linguistics with modern idioms, which isn't always for the best as one of her explanations of the Club Velvet's Alien Geometries/Time Dilation shows:
      Elizabeth: Oh, before you go. There's something I forgot to tell you. The waiting room appear to be adjacent, but they are separate and completely sound-proof. Be reassured that you can bang all you want in there, no problem.
      Yukari: [Luminescent Blush] W-We'd never do that! I mean, what're you implying!?
      Elizabeth: Is there a problem with making as much noise as you need when practicing your dance moves?
      Yukari: [sighs] Nevermind… Being watched is a bigger problem anyway!
  • Makoto's DLC crossdressing outfit has him in a maid outfit with small pigtails tied with red ribbons.
  • Even in a Dancing spin-off, Junpei doesn't get any respect from a female dance partner:
    • If Junpei is Makoto's partner, Junpei tries to give him a high-five during Fever and Makoto makes him miss on purpose. The second time he tries to high-five, Makoto accepts it.
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    • When partnered with Yukari or Mitsuru, they walk away midway during Fever only to be stopped by him to do another dance, but sadly for him, while he's busting a dance routine, they leave him again.
    • If he is partnered with the other girls, Junpei holds his hand out to her only to be turned down by them or leave him hanging.
    • If Mitsuru has him as her partner, he'll enthusiastically sprint onto the stage...only to miss the mark and have to jog back.
  • If Makoto or Junpei is Aigis' partner, she will point her Finger Firearms at them while they are circling her. For Junpei, he will even put his hands up.
  • One Social Event has Fuuka and Akihiko considering combining their various dishes together. Makoto is quite thankful that 1. They don't actually have any ingredients to cook with in their dream and 2. They'll all forget about the various dish ideas they were describing after waking up.
  • Aigis believes she needs an entirely new set of weapons as part of learning how to dance, including things like stun grenades to "dazzle" the audience.
  • In Elizabeth’s final Social Link, he makes her appearance by suddenly turning off the lights. You can hear everyone shocked...except Mitsuru, who bluntly asks, “This again?”


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