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  • The scene where the tanuki disguise themselves as humans and scare the crap out of a policeman by making themselves faceless.
  • One of many attempts to scare the humans off involves creating the illusion of lanterns moving by themselves, or tossing a bunch of garbage at them in response to them littering, saying "Go Away!" every time. However, when they scare a family that is out for a picnic, and a little boy wonders where to put his leftover food. The response? "Leave it there!" Complete with an ominous voice!
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  • The very fact that the tanukis' giant magical testicles are a plot point is enough for non-Japanese audiences.
  • The human disguise the greatest tanuki masters of transformation choose to travel non-conspicuously among humans? A trio of elderly men in flashy, colorful clothes, dancing to samba music.

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