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Beware Of Spoilers. All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Despite all of the hardships and struggles that happen throughout the series, there's still lots of humorous and wholesome moments that pop up in the series and will definitely give readers a good laugh.

In-Story Examples

  • Tanjiro's kind attitude can get on many jerkasses' nerves because they all expect him to do something different.
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  • Tanjiro wanting to travel at day, asks a farmer if he could purchase some bamboo and a broken basket to carry Nezuko in. The farmer tells him he can just take them for free, resulting in a bit of back and forth from Tanjiro insisting on paying before he just forcibly gives the farmer the money and takes the items, thanking him.
  • When Yushiro shows up to lead Tanjiro to Tamayo's clinic, he refers to Nezuko as an eyesore. Tanjiro, ever the proud big brother, takes an EXTRAORDINARILY long time to process the fact that, yes, Yushiro was indeed talking about Nezuko. He then spends the entire trip to the clinic angrily demanding that Yushiro take a look at Nezuko in better lighting so he can see how beautiful she actually is.
  • Yushiro in the middle of Tanjiro fighting suggests to Tamayo they use him and Nezuko as decoys to run away. Tamayo is stunned and horrified at the suggestion. Yushiro then quickly backpedals and insists he was joking, though it's clear he meant doing that.
  • Zenitsu in general, with his screaming and crying. His entire appearance in the first trailer of the anime even has him screaming left and right.
    • Zenitsu is such a whiny coward that at one point even a scared little boy stopped being frightened to ask him what the hell was wrong with him.
  • Hotaru Haganezuka's descent into madness over how Tanjiro keeps breaking his swords.
  • How does Rengoku's second appearance go? He's found by Tanjiro eating several boxes of bento on the train while constantly saying how tasty it is.
  • At the start of Daki's arc, we have Uzui trying to take some girls from the Corp's hospital. Tanjro intervenes, so Uzui take the male trio with him instead, to act as servant girls in the brothels. The three boys end up being liked by people there for different reasons:
    • Tanjiro for being super nice and helpful.
    • Zenitsu for being good with instruments. And the madame even assumes that "she" is that good to get revenge at the man who "abandoned her".
    • Inosuke got scouted right from the beginning even when his face is covered in ugly makeup.
  • After the fight with Daki, Uzui is poisoned and waiting to die. He tries to say his last words but couldn't because his wives keep crying, screaming and fighting each other while ignoring him. His nearly-popping veins say it all.
    • Nezuko suddenly sneaks into the little crowd and sets Uzui on fire with her Blood Art (which only burns demons). While she was doing it to burn away Gyuutaro's poison, the wives react unexpectedly not knowing this.
    "Isn't it way too early for a cremation here?"
    "He isn't even dead yet and you're burning him!"
    (To Nezuko) "I will spank your butt! Your big sister's really angry now!"
    • A little bit of Dark Comedy: In their final moments, Daki and Gyuutaro arguing and insulting each other for being too weak and lost. Reactions from readers are all along the line of "Yup, they're siblings, alright."
  • The Black Smith Village Arc has several moments for us to choose:
    • Tanjiro receives the Training from Hell from a 10-year-old foul-mouthed kid and almost dies from it. When he finally defeats the doll and gets a sword from it, the two boys dance in celebration before politely offering said sword to each other. Then out of nowhere, Horatu appears, extremely buffed and is doing a pose that looks like he's preparing to kill someone. Of course, the man only wants to re-forge the sword but the way he's going at it sure is hilariously terrifying.
    • Tanjiro wants to make friends with Genya by asking him about his lost tooth. Genya denies it, claiming that he doesn't lose anything only for Tanjiro to show him said tooth which the latter has picked up to return to the former.
    • Muichiro and Gyokko's fight has the former trash-talking the latter without remorses.
    • Hantengu, the Upper-Moon Four, being the coward he is, keeps evading everyone's attacks. Eventually, Genya's nerves reach a boiling point and he throws an entire tree at the demon while cursing at him.
    • Right when Tanjiro and the others have weakened Hantengu, but Tanjiro loses his sword before he can successfully finish him off, Muichiro arrives to throw Tanjiro the sword Haganezuka was working on for him. The swordsmith in question yells death threats at Tanjiro to not use the sword. Never mind that an Upper Moon demon will get away if Tanjiro can't finish him off now, he's not finished with the other steps yet!
  • After gaining resistance to the sun and being able to talk again, Nezuko starts learning words and names little by little. Zenitsu is absolutely happy about this, until Nezuko mistakenly calls him Inosuke. Cue Zenitsu internally plotting to get back at Inosuke, while everyone else looks in confusion. The next panel then cuts to Inosuke arriving at the Butterfly Estate two days ago due to an injury and he was the one trying to get Nezuko to say his name, even to calling him "Boss Inosuke", which somewhat happened to work out. It's hilarious and absolutely adorable!
  • While recovering at the Butterfly Estate and having to deal with Hotaru's madness once again for his use of the sword against Hantengu leaving permanent scratches, all seemed well for Tanjiro... Until all of a sudden, Inosuke makes a Dynamic Entry and breaks through the building window! Gotou scolds at him for doing this and gives him a smack, causing Inosuke to go, "WRYYYYYYYY!". Meanwhile, Genya is quietly annoyed by all of the commotion. Inosuke busted through the window to inform Tanjiro of a training session with "lots of strong people". Tanjiro asks what he meant, to which Inosuke replies with no clue at all.
  • The Pillar meeting following the attack on the swordsmith's village has them try to figure out how to get everyone in a marked state. When Tanjiro was unable to explain how to get into the state, Mitsuri steps in. Unfortunately, she's just as bad at explaining things as Tanjiro, which leaves everyone present in silent confusion and bewilderment trying to process what she just said. Even the most stoic of the Pillars.
  • Tanjiro going through Muichirou's training area. The sheer contrast of Muichirou's treatment of Tanjirou versus everyone else present is obvious to everyone present.
  • Tanjiro is able to get through most of the Pillar Training areas, but when he reaches to Sanemi's training area, Zenitsu is seen panicking and asks Tanjiro to get him out of there. Suddenly, Sanemi appears right in front of them both, which causes Zenitsu to freak out before Sanemi knocks him out and tells Tanjiro to bring him back to the training area.
    • On the way to the training area, Sanemi warns Tanjiro to not get cocky and says that he hasn't accepted him yet, to which Tanjiro honestly responds back and says that he doesn't accept him either for trying to hurt Nezuko a while back. Tanjiro walks off with a proud smile on his face, but this pisses off Sanemi internally.
    • When Zenitsu wakes up, he's very mad at Tanjiro for bringing him back to Sanemi's area.
    • During the argument between both brothers Genya and Sanemi, Tanjiro is eavesdropping and quietly rooting for Genya. When Genya reveals that he's been consuming demon flesh to become stronger, this pisses off Sanemi and Genya almost gets his eyes gouged, but Tanjiro intervenes and saves Genya from Sanemi's attack. This causes Tanjiro and Genya to come crashing through the building and blows the cover of the Zenitsu and the other members, who were hiding from Sanemi. After dealing a blow to Sanemi, Tanjiro gives Zenitsu a small wink to signal him to get Genya out of there, but this causes Zenitsu to freak out. Zenitsu does manage to get Genya out of the fight, but calls his brother not human, which makes Genya mad and causes him to punch Zenitsu with Zenitsu responding that they're on the same side.
    • The whole fight ends up with the members piling on Sanemi to stop him from fighting Tanjiro, which continued all the way until evening. The aftermath of this incident shows that Tanjiro gets a scolding from the higher-ups's messenger crow and not only puts his Wind Pillar training to a halt, but is also banned from approaching Sanemi.
  • When starting the Pillar Training in Himejima's area, Zenitsu faints from the explanation of the training. Himejima tells Tanjiro to toss Zenitsu into the river, to which Tanjiro does and this makes Zenitsu wake up immediately. Zenitsu is freaking out because of how cold the river water is and sees Murata and the members resting on some boulders. Murata tells him to hug the rocks because the rocks were warm from the sun.So Zenitsu jumps onto the rocks and this finally calms him down, making him cry for his mother. Meanwhile, Tanjiro jumps into the river to train under the waterfalls and sees Inosuke meditating there, but he isn't doing the chants and this causes Tanjiro to freak out and get him out of the waterfalls to revive him from hypothermia. Soon after training under the waterfalls, Tanjiro hugs the rocks too.
  • Tanjiro being adorably smug when Murata and the rookies compliment his cooking.
  • During the training with Himejima, Genya teaches Tanjiro on using Repetitive Action, the use of a set of predetermined movements, in this case the use of memories, to raise focus in the body. Tanjiro uses the memories of his family and Rengoku's words to move the boulder as part of their training. When Inosuke sees him do this, he decides to use Repetitive Action too. What does he think about to raise focus and move the boulder? Tempura. And strangely, this actually works! Zenitsu is absolutely appalled and fears that he'll be the only one left in training.
    • If you look carefully in the background, you can see Himejima quietly observing them behind the trees while they're talking.
  • When Tanjiro, Genya, and Inosuke are eating together, Tanjiro and Genya are talking about their training with Himejima and Tanjiro offers Genya to come along with him to see Giyuu, but Genya declines and explains that he hasn't moved the boulder yet and says that he can't use the Breaths. Out of nowhere, Inosuke starts mocking Genya and calls him a shrimp. Then Genya and Inosuke get into a little fist fight, in which Tanjiro breaks it up by sitting on Inosuke, who's still trying to fight.
  • Turns out, Tomioka can be as silly as everyone else given the right moments. Right after an emotional moment of facing his doubts as a Pillar, Tanjiro asks if Tomioka is willing to have a cold soba speed eating contest with him. Tanjiro has a valid reason for doing so (just to cheer him up), but in Tomioka's perspective it's out of the blue. It then cuts to the two doing just that.
    • And after finding out that Sanemi likes ohagi, Giyuu plans on giving him a bag of ohagi to get along with him and gives a little smile thinking about it. Tanjiro automatically agrees on this, but even the narrator thinks that this is a bad idea.
    The Narrator: "Someone please stop them. They'll just get in a fight."
  • After Zenitsu defeats Kaigaku, Yushiro shows up along with the rookie Demon Slayers to tend to Zenitsu's injuries. The reason why Yushiro came along was because Tamayo convinced Yushiro to become support and backup, to which he complied for Tamayo, but his face shows that he definitely wasn't happy about wearing the uniform as a disguise. As a result, the rookies are left confused as to who he was and Yushiro is shown to not get along with the rookies very well. They yell at Yushiro to stop talking so negatively towards the injured Zenitsu, with Murata even trying to cheer up Zenitsu. Yushiro snarks at all their attempts, even pointing out that their loud commotion attracted the attention of Muzan's demons. Murata is shown to be average in demon fighting and Yushiro sarcastically roots for him, with Murata yelling that he'll get back at Yushiro for that.
  • During the fight against Douma, Kanao is extremely surprised when she witnesses Inosuke dislocating all of the bones in his arm to extend and slash Douma's face.
  • After defeating Douma, Inosuke is shown stomping on Douma's remains in a very petty and childish manner and laughing wildly before collapsing in exhaustion.
  • The next battle has Iguro and Mitsuri fighting Upper Moon 4, the Biwa Demon Nakime. The demon blocks Mitsuri's first attack with a dimensional door, but Mitsuri manages to jump over it and attempts a second attack on the demon, only to accidentally fly out of a dimensional window instead. Her angry pouting face while she flies out is absolutely adorable!

Meta Examples

  • The author's avatar is a little green lizard with glasses that she drew to represent herself in side material. Whenever she expresses gratitude and happiness for the series, she draws her lizard avatar to be prone to tears of joy and nervously shaking. She's just so cute!
  • Chapter 133's extra chapters have really hilarious moments that have apparently happened in the background!
    • Zenitsu being excited over his tea stalks standing in his cup and saying that it will a great day. Well, given what happens afterwards...
    • The three swordsmith villagers are doing... some kind of formation pose...
    • Genya apologizing to Ubuyashiki's daughter for pulling on her hair a while back, with her kindly forgiving him.
    The Author: "Genya punched girls before, but now that he's entered puberty, he gets nervous around them."
    • After attempting to explain the Marked State and embarrassing herself in front of all the Pillars, Shinobu is shown giving a handkerchief to a sweating and blushing Mitsuri.
    • Inosuke is nervously kneeling in front of Shinobu for some reason (which is actually explained in chapter 159).
    • A young Giyuu and Sabito are shown playing around with each other with Urokodaki watching them. The pose that both of them are doing might remind readers of a certain Fusion Dance.
    • Apparently, Yushiro was cleaning another room and suddenly freaks out and tumbles down the stairs after hearing Tamayo being disturbed by Muzan's messenger crow.
    • An injured Tanjiro comparing his brotherly fights to Genya and Sanemi's argument. An image bubble shows Tanjiro's version of a brotherly fight where he's tickle fighting his younger brother and taunting him to surrender. And given what currently happened in that chapter, it's understandable to why he looks so worried.
    • During the Pillar Training, Inosuke tried to challenge Himejima to a fight. It goes well as expected...
    • The end of the extra chapter shows a chibi Tanjiro running with a big brush and a chibi Nezuko laughing and sitting on the back of the author's lizard avatar, with the author holding a sign that says "Thank You" while crying tears of joy.
    • The final page shows Himejima cuddling a cat, with the cat freaking out internally. Apparently, he really likes cats!
  • Chapter 169's extra chapter will give readers a good laugh during Himejima's intense battle against Kokushibou.
    • Two series of panels show our main characters in the modern day.
    • The first series of panels is about our main characters playing at the beach and Zenitsu is gushing over Nezuko's swimsuit, with Tanjiro trying to calm him down as he's clearly scaring the other people there. Zenitsu ends up bleeding out because of this.
    • The second series of panels shows Tanjiro in school giving some research notes to Himejima, who's a teacher in the modern day. Tanjiro's research consists of talking about the features of a cat (and mentioning that males are left handed and females are right handed apparently), but his drawings of a cat are rather... uncanny. Himejima mistakes Tanjiro's bad drawings of a cat as a Tsuchinoko or a deep sea fish.
  • The recently released Databook (or Fanbook in Japanese) has funny images drawn by the author and revealing information for each of the characters! Here are some preview images from the Databook.
    • Most of the characters are drawn in the chibi bean faced style.
    • Nezuko, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Tanjiro stacking on top of each other based on their heights according to a translation with Tanjiro being the tallest at the bottom. Nezuko is on top of them smiling with Blush Stickers on her cheeks. And it turns out Inosuke may actually be the shortest out of the three boys!
    • A bizarrely cute image shows Inosuke eating Zenitsu, who is eating Tanjiro, who is eating Nezuko. Apparently, this is called the "Mogumogu Panic" or "Chewing Panic"!
    • As evil as Muzan and most of his demons are, you can't help the fact that they look super cute in the chibi style!
    • According to a translation in a page about Muzan and his demons, he shares his opinions on each of his Upper Moon demons: He views Kokushibo as a business partner, he doesn't like Douma, he views Akaza as his favorite because of loyalty and seriousness, he views Hantengu as sometimes annoying but tolerable, he views Gyokko as a favorite because his pots are well crafted and can actually sell high, he likes Gyuutaro for his circumstance and greedy personality, but doesn't like Daki and says that she's not a smart child, and finally views Nakime as a favorite because her ability is useful.
      • Also, chibi Akaza is shown blowing a raspberry and chibi Kokushibo closes most of his eyes and keeps only one open.
    • Tanjiro and Shinobu smiling smugly in their data pages.
    • Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are doing cheerleading stunts with Tanjiro standing on top of Zenitsu and Inosuke, while Nezuko is lying down beneath them smiling.
    • Inosuke, Nezuko, Tanjiro, and Zenitsu doing goofy faces and singing.
    • A translation of Sanemi's page says that his hobbies are raising beetles and that in his Taishou Secret, he likes to keep his shirt open to show off his pectoral muscles, with the narrator jokingly accusing him of being perverted.
    • There are also some translations that provide information about the characters such as age, height, weight, and hobbies. Apparently, some of the characters are actually younger than they seem (Himejima being surprisingly 27, Uzui being 23 and a married man, and Rengoku actually being 20, a year behind Giyuu, Iguro, and Sanemi who are all 21). And some of the characters hobbies are very appealing and unexpected (Tanjiro likes headbutting, Sanemi raising beetles as mentioned above, Uzui looking for secret hot springs, Kanao liking to blow soap bubbles, Shinobu liking ghost stories, and Iguro liking candy sculpting).
    • It turns out the author made a mistake for the Databook. On the official Twitter post, she had accidentally written about Inosuke and Muichirou being in the same hometown. She corrects this by saying that Muichirou is from a different hometown in Kageshinyama. She apologizes to the fans because of the working conditions she works in and decided to draw up a little sketch to explain things simply. The translations of these sketches here and here say that when Muichirou and Inosuke are together, they get quiet because they don't have an opinion on each other, however, if they did come from the same hometown, they would do the following: Cue a picture of Muichirou acting like buddies with Inosuke out of all people. She then explains they don't act like buddies because they do not come from the same hometown. She adds a little phrase, "Zunbippa!", which is probably just an onomatopoeia she made up to apologize in the sketch.
  • As seen in the YMMV page here, the alternate continuity covers definitely have funny stuff in them.
    • The cover with the main characters swapping outfits is really hilarious. Inosuke in particular, looks like he's trying too hard to look cool in Zenitsu's outfit. And Zenitsu's hair and eyebrows are used to identify him wearing Inosuke's mask.
    • The novel's cover with the main characters side-by-side with their modern day counterparts is really funny and cute. Modern day Tanjiro has a basket of bread, confirmed to be baker in parallel to his original job as a charcoal maker and a student. Modern day Nezuko is shown in a Sailor Fuku, confirmed to also being a student along with her brother, and cuddling with original Nezuko. Original Inosuke is shown fighting modern day Inosuke with the original Inosuke holding a box of Tempura. Apparently, Inosuke is using his own weakness to fight himself. And original Zenitsu is shown smiling proudly and saluting, with modern day Zenitsu giving himself a disapproving look.
  • The cover of the second novel is just adorable! It shows Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke huddling together and showing their big cute smiles! Zenitsu in particular has Blush Stickers on his face because Nezuko's right next to him placing her hand on his shoulder.

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