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Funny / Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

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  • Fujiko using her bikini top to zipline down to a boat in the first episode.
  • Goemon uses his Implausible Fencing Powers to cut the shape of a rabbit into a tea tray in order impress some kids and to make people think he isn't an assassin.
    Marco: Woah, cool! It's a bunny!
  • Fujiko's ridiculous orgasm noises while having sex with Zenigata at the start of episode 4. Also Oscar chewing out some policemen for listening in outside the door.
    • Fact Zenigata of all people, beat Lupin to sleeping with Fujiko
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  • Zenigata firing at Lupin in episode 4. Blood goes squirting out of Lupin's chest, only for our loveable larcenist to turn around and start spraying Zenigata with fake blood from a pump inside his shirt. Oscar then comes up through a trap door, which hits Zenigata in the face, knocking him out. Oscar turns around to see the man he loves lying on the ground, covered in blood. He then picks him up and does a Skyward Scream.
    Oscar: Inspector! Oh, you're drenched in blood! What a decadent beauty! I mean, no! Please wake up! Inspector!!
  • Goemon dressed up as Fujiko in the final two episodes.

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