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Given the Lighter and Softer tone of the series compared to its home game, it's safe to say that there will be a lot of these moments in between sorties.

List the examples in a chronological order, if possible.

Season 1

  • Yamanbagiri repeatedly laments that he's a fake.
  • The other Touken Danshi doesn't take Hasebe seriously most of the time.
  • Kasen tries to clean Yamanbagiri's cloak without him noticing. Multiple times, even.
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  • In Episode 2, Doudanuki's reaction when he mistakes Midare as a girl after they first meet.
  • In Episode 4, a running gag where Izuminokami tries to fully introduce himself but gets interrupted by someone else.
  • The Toudan going to the store to buy sake, only to come back to the Citadel with anything but.
    • Maeda tries to do his job, but he comes back with a big salmon, because he misheard.
    • Tsurumaru's ridiculous "COOL" glasses, which properly became a meme in their own right.
    • By the end of the repeated trips, they've left Hasebe's budget high and dry, which comes back to bite them come the Beach Episode where they didn't have enough money to make swimsuits. One of them has to wear a gaudy fundoshi to make do, but Mutsunokami gladly and proudly accepts.
  • In Episode 5, where Kasen and the others find spare clothes to wear when their clothes get wet from the rain. When they first asked Aizen, the clothes were too small and only fit some of them. Next, they asked Ishikirimaru, everyone's clothes fit just right except Yagen's since the clothes were too big for him.
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  • A slight Black Comedy moment. In Episode 6, when Yasusada and Mutsunokami get separated from their team to search for a Asiatic dogwood fruit to relieve fevers , Mutsunokami thought he found the fruit they were looking for. When Mutsunokami takes a bite of it, he ends up throwing up what looks like gold coins.
  • In Episode 7, when Namazuo and Honebami build a sand dome together at the beach, he thinks he feels Honebami's hand touching him. However, Honebami wasn't touching him, it turns out it was actually Urashima Kotetsu's pet turtle, Kamekichi, biting Namazuo's finger, causing a comedic freak out afterwards.
  • In Episode 8, where the Three Great Spears (Otegine, Tonbokiri and Nihongou) try to catch a blue bird by stacking on each other's shoulders. It's both awesome and funny since Otegine manages to hold two muscular men on top of his shoulders despite having a leaner build.
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  • In Episode 9, none of the other Touken Danshi recognize Shishiou's disguise as a Super Touken Danshi except the ones who helped made his costume. Surprisingly, Mikazuki knew it was Shishiou right away.
  • In Episode 11, Nagasone and Mutsunokami comically bickering about which of their former masters is the most manly.

Season 2 (Zoku)

  • Higekiri can't remember his brother's name, Hizamaru, when they introduce themselves to the Touken Danshi in the first episode.
  • During the meeting between all 46 Touken Danshi (except Yasusada), Akashi Kuniyuki is seen sleeping inside his sleeping bag (Nendoroid Pouch) when Hasebe comically scolds him for sleeping instead of taking the meeting seriously.
  • In the beginning of the second episode, Honebami is searching for his brother, Namazuo, only to find his brother sleeping on top of his futon dreaming about gathering horse dung.
  • Kashuu attempts to overcome the obstacles by dodging three logs under the waterfalls like Juzumaru, only to be chicken out of Yamabushi's training.
  • During the first event of the sports festival, where one of the teams has to search for a specify item that says on the sheet of paper, Most of them got simpler things to find like black clothes, glasses, a cute cord, and large cloth except Hasebe. He ends up getting the most difficult task - making lots of Inari Sushi. Konnosuke can be seen drooling after Hesebe realizes he has to make it.
  • In one of the events in the third episode, Nihongou and others attempt to stack on each other's shoulders as another way to throw the ball into the basket, but they realize that none of them can throw a ball into the basket while they are stacked on each other's shoulders.
  • Otegine and the crew decide to do their flower viewing in High Definition. By which, we mean setting up a flatscreen outside, near the flowers.
  • In the fourth episode, after Yamanbagiri's brothers finish performing for Kogarasumaru and the others, he attempts to perform as well. However, when the other Touken Danshi arrive, he becomes so flustered that his face turns red. As a result, he passed out of embarrassment.
  • After his conversation with Sohayanotsurugi, Yamanbagiri doesn't notice that his hood is off until Kashuu points it out, leaving him completely dumbfounded.
  • One of the sets of clothes that Shokudaikiri and Ookurikara try on is a Konnosuke costume. (The costume also resembles a Nendoroid More: Face Parts Case)
  • When Mutsunokami and Kashuu are exploring the new citadel, they are shocked that the room they find is actually Konnosuke's room filled with fried tofu.
  • Played for Laughs. Otengine has a nightmare where he's being chased by three giant wooden mortars until they have been turned into food. He gets the upper hand by stabbing and skewed them. As a result, he instead have a good dream of eating with his friends. (Unbeknownst to him, this is due to Monoyoshi being close by, since he is literally a good luck charm that brings good fortune to everyone.)
  • In episode 12 of Zoku, Shinano tries to find something to keep him warm instead of asking the Saniwa to embrace their bosom. He tried hays, Shishio’s nue fur, Juzumaru’s hair, bed sheets, and Yamabagiri’s cloak. The only he doesn’t like being embraced with big muscles like Iwatooshi and Sengo Muramasa.


  • Before the airing of the first episode of Zoku Touken Ranbu Hanamaru, there was an parody anime segment similar to the first episode — but instead of Touken Danshi, they're Touken Dogs. The plot was similar, except that the Revisionists want to alter the history of the Eastern Zodiac Animals to change the year of the Dog to the year of the Cat instead of altering the history of the major events of Japan. At the end of the segment, it turns out it was just a dream. What's funnier, it was practically the series' New Years special; 2018 is also the year of the Dog, after all.

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