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  • The eleventh episode of The Bloody Karte.
    Catherine: Oh look! A shooting star! Tell me, shooting star, which should I choose?
    (the shooting star hits a passing airplane and both explode
    Catherine: epic Jaw Drop
  • Gregory. Rapping.
  • James being James in front of Gregory Mama... and in Gregory's body.
  • This exchange from The Bloody Karte:
    Gregory: Catherine, is dinner ready yet? I'm starving- opens the door a crack
    sounds involving Dr. Fritz and Catherine moaning in different ways
    Gregory: closes the door and turns right around Come to think of it, I just ate.
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  • In the last episode of The Bloody Karte:
    Catherine: Oh, don't mind him. Men are always just children at heart.
    cut to Gregory and Dr. Fritz racing through the hallways, riding their IVs like scooters
  • Cactus Gunman's attack in the video game. He fires his gun at you, then makes the most hilarious face before running off.
    Cactus Gunman: I didn't think I'd actually heeeet anything!
  • In the PS2 game, when Neko Zombie tests you to find his favorite food one of the options is "Mobile Phone."
  • In the manga, we see Gregory at age 8. He already started collecting things - specifically military-related stuff. We see him lovingly hugging a bomb like it was a teddy bear. The bomb then promptly explodes.
  • All of the first appearance of Hell's Roulette. From Gregory smugly saying he's moving up in the world before he gets blown up. Things don't get much better for the rat as the guest gets a five. (Gregory had gotten a eight while the guest got a three.) Gregory realizes what this means and begs the guest not to land on the space but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Later on, we see Gregory getting crushed by a anvil and the explosions being so loud that they break some of the windows.
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  • Gregory's perverted ways land him in trouble when James decides to read one of his magazines.. In front of Mama Gregory and Nurse Catherine. (Who were planning a singles party.)
    Gregory Mama: James! (Gregory gasps and looks in horror to find the magazine that he was reading is now in James' hands.) What on earth are you reading?
    James: It's supposed to be good for your eyes.
    Gregory Mama: Now who would tell you something like that?
    James: It's a big secret. I promised Grandpa that I wouldn't tell. (Gregory tries to walk up to James.)
    Gregory: No no. James...
    Gregory Mama: Gregory... (Gregory gasps as he sees his mother on fire furious with her son.) You're pathetic.