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  • The eleventh episode of The Bloody Karte.
    Catherine: Oh look! A shooting star! Tell me, shooting star, which should I choose?
    (the shooting star hits a passing airplane and both explode)
    Catherine: *epic jaw drop*
  • Gregory. Rapping.
  • James being James in front of Gregory Mama... and in Gregory's body.
  • This exchange from The Bloody Karte:
    Gregory: Catherine, is dinner ready yet? I'm starving- *opens the door a crack*
    *sounds involving Dr. Fritz and Catherine moaning in different ways*
    Gregory: *closes the door and turns right around* Come to think of it, I just ate.
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  • In the last episode of The Bloody Karte:
    Catherine: Oh, don't mind him. Men are always just children at heart.
    *cut to Gregory and Dr. Fritz racing through the hallways, riding their IVs like scooters*
  • Cactus Gunman's attack in the video game. He fires his gun at you, then makes the most hilarious face before running off.
    Cactus Gunman: I didn't think I'd actually heeeet anything!
  • In the PS2 game, when Neko Zombie tests you to find his favorite food one of the options is "Mobile Phone."


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