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Heartwarming / Gregory Horror Show

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  • Shockingly, this also exists. In The Second Guest and the PS2 game, it's the scene when the Guest has a chance to escape the hotel...and they turn around to go back, deciding they don't want to leave without taking Neko Zombie with them. He refuses the offer, saying he doesn't deserve to leave, and shows the wounds he has from his shackles. The Guest takes a handkerchief and wraps the wound.
  • In The Bloody Karte, there's a brief period in episode eleven where Catherine decides it'd just be better if she left the hospital, and prepares to leave with her bags packed. Gregory actually tells her not to leave, saying that she has patients that still count on her, and she's needed here. It's the boost Catherine needs to immediately cheer up and decide she'll stay in the hospital.
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  • In the PS2 game, every guest has a set schedule of activities that they do at certain times of the day, and some of these are really adorable. My Son tucks Clock Master into bed, Mummy Dog and Mummy Papa visit the nurse's office together, Cactus Gunman and Lost Doll pick flowers, and the kids (Mummy Dog, My Son, and Roulette Boy) play with each other in the garden. It's almost like a scary Animal Crossing.
  • In Last Train, Sleepy Sheep asks Gregory if he could sit with him while he tries to sleep. It then cuts to Gregory doing just that for him. It really shows that Gregory can be a nice guy without his mother around.


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