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  • Miyako often finding herself as the Butt-Monkey for most of the jokes.
  • Anytime Chizuru punishes Miyako.
  • In every episode, there appears to be a mother walking her daughter and dog. This would gradually lead to the revelation that the woman was actually Miyako's high school classmate, Koko, meaning that she was stalking Miyako from the very beginning.
  • Anytime Hinata says "Mya-nee."


  • Episode 1:
    • One of the first things that Hinata does is jump on Miyako's bed, waking her up, and then walking out of the house for school.
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    • Miyako eats some French toast that Hinata had made, but the problem is it's too sweet.
    • In order to avoid directly speaking to Hana, Miyako decides to wear shades and a surgical mask. Hinata naturally is terrified and headbutts her to the ground.
    • Miyako pops the bubble and asks Hana if she could be her friend. Hana replies with a resounding no, at least until Hinata explained that she didn't have any friends.
    • Hana grows increasingly disturbed by Miyako's behavior around her to the point she threatens to call the police. When she is coerced into wearing a Gothic Lolita dress, Miyako snaps a few bottom pictures.
    • When she realizes that if Miyako lost interest in her it would mean no more sweets, Hana grabs onto her, making it clear that she only wanted the food, not her. Hinata misinterprets this and jumps on Miyako's back, nearly strangling her to death.
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    • Miyako decides to wear one of her cosplay outfits...only to realize that she was being watched.

  • Episode 2:
    • Noa throws a competition between her and Hana to see who was more cute whilst threatening to expose Miyako secretly dressing up in cosplay from the previous episode.

  • Episode 3:
    • When it comes time for Hana to give Miyako a hug per the board game's rules, Miyako gets...too thrilled about it, forcing Hana to slap her in the face. Miyako was fine with the results, though.

  • Episode 4:
    • The girls are required to make a model out of clay. Naturally, Noa fashions her piece after herself; Hinata after her sister; and Hana initially starts off with modeling a piece of cake.
    • Hinata adding breasts to her clay statue of Miyako.
    • While attending the summer festival, Miyako gets caught by a police officer for taking suggestive pictures of Hana. As one could've guessed, Miyako is reduced to Inelegant Blubbering from the experience.

  • Episode 5:
    • After failing to present herself as the amazing sister according to the rumors, Miyako has Koyori dress up for her and tells Hinata and Kanon that they would be next. Kanon smiles whilst slowly backing away.
    • The fact that Kanon is surprisingly fine with Koyori tying up her hands and being unable to untie them is hilarious. In a flashback to when they were younger, she breaks down crying after Koyori retrieved her balloon when it got caught in a tree because she thought that she would've died.
      • Deciding to take Koyori's example, Noa asks Hinata if she can tie her hands up. And she accepts.
      Teacher (after seeing Kanon and Hinata's tied hands): Is there some kind of trend going on?

  • Episode 6:
    • The trio of girls decide to follow Miyako to her university because they were under the belief that she was a NEET.
    • This episode thoroughly introduces Koko Matsumoto, establishing her as even more of a strange young woman than Miyako herself. One of the first things she tries to do is caress Miyako when she was sleeping on a bench only to then get hit in the face by a confused Miyako.
    • Hana goes to Miyako seemingly to assure her that she understood how she felt about Matsumoto. Because that's how she felt whenever Miyako was being creepy with her.
    • Noa and Hana walk into Miyako's room only to get to the conclusion that Hinata and Miyako murdered Koko. Noa giving Hinata assurance that she would be by her side seals the deal.
    • One of the first things that comes to Miyako's mind upon meeting Hana and Noa's mothers was her being sent to jail for the cosplay pictures.

  • Episode 7:
    • When Hana asks Miyako to return the "I'll Do Whatever" ticket after giving her a real gift, Miyako tries to bribe her so she could have both.
    • Hana vehemently refuses to allow Miyako to have her as part of her birthday gift, noting that Miyako could get arrested for it. Miyako tries to deny that she'd do anything of that sort to Hana, only to pause momentarily when Hana inquires her for her previous actions.
    • Miyako tries to wean Hinata of her clinginess because her mother would kill her if Hinata turned out like her.
    • Being forced to go without Miyako for five days, Hinata starts talking with the clay statue of Miyako she made back in episode 4.
    • Noa dresses up as Miyako when Hinata started to unravel at the remaining two days of not being in contact with Miyako. Noa naturally takes advantage of this.
    • The second that her "punishment" ended, Hinata immediately gets off of the disguised Noa and latches onto the real Miyako again. A crestfallen Noa laments how she was essentially just a stand-in... Bounces back to Heartwarming when Hinata notes thst Noa could only stand-in for her sister since she cares for her just as much.

  • Episode 8:
    • The episode reveals that Miyako had been wearing her signature racing tracksuit ever since she graduated from high school as well as her normal attire.
    • Hinata innocently suggests that she would take care of Miyako when she grew up.
    • Hana and Noa come to the Hoshino house only to find out that Miyako, of all people, had left the house.
    • Hinata tries to rescue her sister from getting bombarded by store clerks only to be taken to the junior section. She returns afterwards wearing a fedora.
    • Hana is revealed to be scared of dogs when she and Noa find Koko's dog.
    • Yuu (Koko's sister) mistakes Miyako for her dog (as the dog had the same name) and has her to shake her hand and then pretends to shoot her. Miyako had no idea on how to process it.
    • When Hinata finds Miyako, she at first becomes envious of Yuu due to her believing that Miyako had found another young girl and it is further compounded by her then happily taking her role as the big sister.
    • While cleaning, Chizuru finds a yearbook which reveals that Miyako had gone through a Chuunibyou phase once when she was younger.

  • Episode 9:
    • As a means of assuring Hinata that nothing was wrong, Noa twirls her lunchbox, unintentionally ruining the sandwiches within.
    • While looking through some photo albums, Chizuru holds the photo of Miyako from the previous episode out of her reach and then pretends to drop it in front of the girls.
    • After Hana gets scared by the horror movie, Miyako sneaks up behind her and surprises her. The resulting shock brings her to tears.
    • Hana grabbing onto Miyako out of terror when watching the movie.
      • The fact that Noa brought the DVD as an excuse to grab onto Hinata.
    • When Hana goes to see if Noa and Hinata are still awake (since she can't go to the bathroom by herself due to fear of the aforementioned scary movie), she gets her answer when she sees Hinata strangling Noa in her sleep.
      • Later on, when all of them go to sleep, Hinata can be seen sprawled out on her bed...on top of a very unhappy Noa.
    • Koko preparing for her anniversary of meeting Miyako in the after credits.

  • Episode 10:
    • While Noa and Hinata are repulsed by the end result of Hana's handiwork with Noa's hair, Hana beams with pride for her work.
    • Hinata has an overly dramatic breakdown when she loses at a game of rock, paper, scissors over who would go with Miyako to the bake shop in the morning.
    • When Miyako explains that she didn't give Koko anything to commemorate the anniversary of their initial meeting, Koko assures her that she made two duplicates of her racing tracksuit right down to her measurements. Even Miyako quietly says that it was going too far.
    • The female police office from the summer festival returns, inquiring Miyako on what she was doing with Hana. She then comes to the conclusion that she must have been Hana's older sister due to her referring to her as "Onee-san."
    • Hana holds Miyako to her promise that she would continue making sweets for her for the rest of her life, even if she left the house.

  • Episode 11:
    • Miyako returns to dressing up in a hoodie, surgical mask, and sun glasses. Inevitably, she gets apprehended while attending the culture festival.
    • Chizuru crying over Miyako deciding to go to Hana's culture festival noting how she didn't attend her own.
    • While making the costumes for the school play, Koyori accidentally jabs her finger in a display of haughtiness at impressively swing fabric, and Hana crudely stitches together two pieces of fabric. Both are relieved of their duties. They try again with flower embellishments to the same outcome.
    • Miyako and Hana's mother gushing at Hana's cuteness when she's scared of the haunted maze.
    • Noa pretends to be afraid again, clutching Hinata. Her mother encourages her to lightly grab her shoulder in the next round.
    • Koyori tries to compete against the others in some of the culture games and failing tremendously.
    • Hana sees Miyako with her shades on and chewing while laying back like some gangsta. Becomes sweet when it calms down Hana after having been nervous about the show. And becomes even funnier when Hana asks her about it in the next episode.

  • Episode 12:
    • Episode 12 reveals that the one thing that Kanon isn't good at is telling jokes. When the others realize how Miyako is struggling to keep up with all of her fans (read: Hinata's classmates), Kanon suggests that they try to convince the class that Miyako was just being impersonated. The others laugh it off and remark on how it would be difficult to pull off, only to realize that Kanon was kidding after Koyori told them. Kanon's response is to put her face in her hands out of shame.
    • Noa wearing the Miyako wig from when she was standing in as Mya-nee for Hinata whilst playing the granddaughter. And considering the angel whom ends up falling for her is played by Hana.



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