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Despite being a mixed media about some teens,wearing a powerful Powered Armor AND working for a Creature-Hunter Organization to hunt down some world-threatening monsters,it's never a dull moment for this anime with its many funny moments and scenes that Breaking the Fourth Wall.Enjoy!

  • On episode 1,we have a short introduction about Rekka Shirogane,as he approach Gus Tennen and calling him names.Of course,this big guy throws Nikeru(Rekka's best friend)at Rekka,causes both of them rolling away.
    • And then,there's Nikeru's comically styled tears as Rekka fling up in the air!
    • Earlier,Rock Volcan called the Gaist Crusher to get ready,but Kohaku call out the impossible,leaving the former in a temporary Heroic BSoD.
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    • Of course,it happens again when Volcan has the Max brothers prepared,Magnus states that it's impossible because the Gaiphone wasn't ready,causes Volcan to have a Delayed Reaction and a Big "WHAT?!"!.
    • On the same episode,Captain Bana tosses Rekka behind him like a sack of potatoes...with one hand...and with a serious look on his face.
    • Also,the way Rekka lands back to the battlefield with his new Flame Fenrir Gaist Gear.
  • Rekka's Imagine Spot on episode 2.
  • Episode 3 has Nikeru casually greets Rekka,but cuts shortly when he saw Sango,which he thought was Rekka's date. He freaks out,and frantically running away.
  • This gem:
    Rekka:"He may now rest in peace...(camera pans to the front of the GCG building,with crows flying in the roof)Amen!"
    Kurama:(enraged)"I am not dead!"
  • Episode 7:while most of GCG suffered from Dream Baku's Heroic BSoD-induced sound wave,some are actually hillarious,like Kurama grabbing onto Hayato.
    • ...and then,there's Sango's:


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