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  • Episode 1, Arashi laying Black out flat with a good kick when he tries to flirt with her.
  • Episode 3, Aiko's friends teasing her about having a boyfriend.
    • When one of the men working for Jack tries to attack Aiko with his Heavy Metal. Messerschmitt easily repels him with an Offhand Backhand.
    "She turned me down!?"
  • Episode 8, when Takumi, Seikai and Isa first meet. Takumi lightly scolds the pair for operating their Heavy Metals' in broad daylight. Just after he and Thunderbolt had arrived on the scene, in broad daylight.
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  • When Sayuri shows Katana the cute little kitten she'd found he seemed only mildy annoyed and tolerant. ...Then he finds out that the "mother cat" and the rest of her babies will be staying with them for a while.
  • Episode 10, poor officers Mary and Chris trying so desperately to chase down Hajiki and Lightning.


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