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Not only is this series filled to the brim with extremely cute moments but there are also so many hilarious ones

  • The Running Gag that every time someone even implies that there is some sort of defect or that they dislike Ryuuichi, Kotarou just straight up looks so betrayed and hurt prompting the person in question to hastily backtrack and assure the toddler that his big brother is the most lovable and cool person ever.
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  • Another Running Gag is whenever anyone seems to dislike even the tiniest of things about something Saikawa cooks, he straight up tries to leave to go through culinary school again to try and redeem himself.
  • In Chapter 3, Kirin plays "house" with Ryuuichi, Kotarou and Usaida. When Ryuuichi arrives, she (the mum) tells him (the dad) off for late and exclaims, "It's thank to you that our son is a NEET!" while pointing at Usaida, who's casually lying on the floor and asking Ryuuichi for pocket money. Ryuuichi is bothered by how into the role he is, and wonders how the heck Kirin knew the word NEET.
  • In the anime adaptation of Chapter 5, when Kousuke is struck down by Kamitani, Takuma makes a happy "Wa-hoo!", then a confused little squeak when he sees his father on the ground, as if to ask, "Why Kou-kun fall down?"
  • In Chapter 14, Usaida lets Kotarou take Ryuuichi's lunch to him when he's forgotten it. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The students realize that he's on his first errand. Some of the students notice him try to go up the stairs and all freak out, offering to carry him wherever he needs to go. Even better, when he says he will do it by himself, the teenagers are moved with his determination, with one of them even having renewed hope and perseverance to try to get into college.
    • The guys in Ryuuichi's class are so pissed off by the thought of him eating Ushimaru's lunch that they all chip in to feed him instead — and Ryuuichi ends up with a giant pile of food, ranging from bread to instant noodles, which he's not allowed to waste. The classmates then feel bad when Kotarou shows up with Ryuuichi's bento box, and one of them is about to point out he's too full before Kamitani smacks bread into his mouth and tells him to shut up. As Ryuuichi walks off to eat his lunch with Kotarou, his friends are already mourning him and telling him to not die from overeating.
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  • In Chapter 20, Kazuma has to stay home with a cold. One of the funny moments (among all the heartwarming and sad scenes) is where Ryuuichi decides to make sure that Takuma's okay with not being with his brother that day. The following occurs:
    Takuma: (beat) I'm okay!
  • In Chapter 24, during the school festival:
    • Kirin's mum, Kumatsuka Yayoi, arrives and almost with next to zero explanation makes Kamitani, Ryuuichi and Usaida wear wigs and pretend to be girls. Then we find out that Kirin's dad, Satoru, has no love whatsoever towards males because he's terrified and jealous of the idea of one of them taking his little girl from him. Hilarity Ensues once he arrives and he meets the cute caretakers, especially when none of them makes any sort of real effort in hiding the fact that they're boys — yet only Usaida is found out straight off, something he complains about.
    • Satoru starts holding Midori during one of his outbursts and continues to hold on to her. This leads to Midori's dad, Yutaka, appearing right behind him while asking menacingly, "You've been holding Midori from the very start. Who are you?" As the two dads have a friendly exchange, Satoru notes that he felt a really scary presence just then.
    • Inui shows up, after accompanying Midori's dad, and immediately falls in love with girl!Ryuuichi, unaware that he's a boy until later in the story.
  • In Chapter 27, Yukari and Ryuuichi (along with their kids) follow Usaida after school, suspecting he's going on a date. The two are horrified when he does in fact accompany a woman home and she tells him her husband will be late so they should "take it slow". Their fear escalates further when said husband is a scary-looking guy and arrives home, with imagine spots of the news reporting Usaida's death thanks to this adultery shown on the side. Luckily they find out the guy is actually his student and the couple (who are his neighbours) just invited him for dinner.
  • Chapter 28 shows one of many hilarious examples of Kotarou looking terrified by someone acting cold to his big brother when Kichi (one of Nezu's younger twin brothers) smacks Ryuuichi's hand in a fit of anger. Kotarou's reaction makes it seem like the world just ended for him.
  • In Chapter 32, Kazuma and Takuma's dad, Mamizuka Kousuke, is in a commercial where he promotes a gum brand's slogan of "Kiss the one you like!" so they go around kissing every one of their friends. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues. Especially when Kirin's dad shows up just before they can kiss her. Meanwhile, Kousuke is incredibly embarrassed and tries to take responsibility for the whole thing. Their mother convinces them to stop by almost kissing Ryuuichi, to which they respond that the only person they want her to kiss is themselves and their dad.
  • In Chapter 35, a misunderstanding unfolds when Ryuuichi mistakenly tells Inui the girl he's developed a crush on back from the school festival is Inomata, only to then realize the girl is actually he himself in a wig. Yayoi's solution is for him to meet Inui dressed in the girls' uniform and wig and to bring his Kamitani as his "boyfriend". Cue the stiffest acting ever:
    Kamitani: (arm around girl!Kashima's shoulders with his usual deadpan expression and speaking in a monotone voice) "This is my woman. You better give up."
    girl!Kashima: (visibly frightened and not comfortable) Kamitani is way too stiff with his lines!! Like I have the right to say that.
  • In Chapter 43, Usaida reads "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" as a way to make the kids confess that it was them who ate the afternoon snacks and not Kotarou. It works, with all the kids but Midori and Kotarou crying for dear life (and even Kotarou freezes out of fear).
  • In Chapter 53, Inui has to don his paper bag disguise once again to save Kotarou from an oncoming soccer ball.
  • In chapter 62, the twins' dad, Kousuke, winds up playing a bad guy in a Sentai show, and his debut episode scares the kids thanks to how brutal he is and how Justiknight fails thanks to him. In one scene he seemingly kills a small bird because it was no longer of any use to him. Kotarou becomes fixated on this scene, watching the entire episode despite being scared in order to find out if the bird is all right. When Kousuke comes to visit the daycare, he grabs the kids' pet chick and hides it behind him.
  • In Chapter 63, apparently neither Ryuuichi, the chairwoman nor Saikawa realized until it was too late that their overnight schedules clashed and that Kotarou would be left alone as a result. Cue the chairwoman's Oh, Crap! face and all the mothers eagerly lining up to look after him.
  • Chapter 74:
    • Usaida accidentally scares all the kids when he tries to explain what happens at the dentist (doesn't help he uses "drilling" and "teeth taken out"). As a result, when Kamitani's mum comes to pick Taka up for his dentist appointment, all the kids are trying to protect him from her. Taka is badly hidden behind the toys, and the rest of the kids surround him while insisting he's somewhere else.
    • Kamitani tells his little brother that he always brushes his teeth (including after Taka's gone to bed) and has never had tooth decay. Later at night their mum catches Taka stuffing cookies in his sleeping brother's mouth, all so that he wouldn't be the only one with cavities. The mum is stumped and Kamitani wakes up confused as to why he's eating cookies.
  • In Chapter 78, Taka briefly becomes the butt of the joke due to apparently "losing a nipple" (he just got pinched there by a crawfish). Kirin decides to write about it in her exchange diary with her mum and even draws it, while Usaida (who's been finding this hilarious this whole time) insists on writing the explanation to go with it. Yayoi's students read it too and have a good laugh, and she writes back to Kirin that one of her students had the same thing happen and his nipple grew back.
    Usaida: Taka, congrats, your nipple will grow back.
  • In Chapter 82, Umi has to travel overnight, leading to Kousuke being alone with the kids and failing miserably at making them the omurice they want, having to ask for Ryuuichi to come over and help him. Even better is the kids comparing how his dad looks cool on TV as a Heel–Face Turn former Big Bad of their Sentai show and the dad in their kitchen failing miserably and desperately crying at all times.

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