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Awesome / Gaist Crusher

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  • On episode 4,Captain Bana ram their Bullet Train onto Tekkou Ryujin,allowing Rekka to run and throw Burn Salamander,stunning Tekkou Ryujin and leaves Burn Salamander in a Crush Chance state.
  • Episode 5 is all about Kurama's Character Development toward Rekka,and of course,the debut of the Gaist Gear's final form,the Extreme Form. Kurama then demonstrate it by transforming into Gaia Oroshi and defeat Jungle Kijimuna.
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  • In episode 6,Rekka Take The Third Option and uses Extreme Form,despite the danger it holds,and nailed Lord Baron,Arc Phoenix,and Million Ganoderma.
  • Episode 7 gives Kenta (Magnus' assistant) a time to shine by helping Rekka stun Dream Baku,then it leads to Rock's Rousing Speech,snapping everyone of their Heroic BSoD.
    • Rekka should deserve a mention.He is the only Gaist Crusher available to deal with the despair-inducing Gaist,with Hayato and Kurama both suffers from the same Gaist.


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