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Episode 1

  • When Naoya proposes the idea to date both Saki and Nagisa, Saki predictably punches him in a rage.
  • After Naoya says he "couldn't think of a solution besides going out" with Saki and Nagisa, Saki gives a pure look of Heroic BSoD.
  • Saki goes to Naoya demanding what he intended on doing with her and Nagisa, but even she gets taken aback because of the feelings Nagisa were giving her despite being a woman.
    • It turns out that Naoya was wanting to have a threesome with the two girls. To which Saki is horrified whilst Nagisa seemed to enjoy the thought.

Episode 2

  • Saki's Opening Narration.
    I got a boyfriend recently. Naoya is way too proper and he can be a bit weird. But he really cherishes me... Or so I thought!
  • Saki dramatically Thinking Out Loud about her new shared relationship status with Nagisa right next to her.
    • Nagisa admitting she wouldn't mind a threesome. Saki reacts (outloud again):
      Saki: C-cute, big-boobed and horny as hell...
      Nagisa: Horny as hell?!
  • Saki pretending to sleep while eavesdropping on Naoya and Nagisa, who are right next to her, thinking they’re going to try something perverted. Though really she just keeps projecting sexual stuff onto their conversation.
    Nagisa: I'd like to get to know you better, Naoya.
    Saki: (In a sexy way!)
    • She also calls Nagisa an "adorable little slut" after hearing her laugh.
  • While Naoya and Saki sleep, Nagisa decides to read through Saki's search history on her smartphone to learn more about her. And almost all of it is sex info.
    • Naoya and Saki both wake up, and Naoya immediately claims that he looked through Saki's phone to defend Nagisa. What comes next is back-and-forth charade of cover-ups between Naoya and Saki while Nagisa watches.
    • It ends with Saki punching Naoya out of embarrassment and going back to sleep to forget this ever happened. Literally. Saki genuinely doesn't remember a thing in the morning.
      Textboxes: She forgot after she slept. She actually forgot.
  • Nagisa spent so much time learning to how cook just to get Naoya to like her that she lost time for school. Even Naoya thinks this is insane.
    • Saki actually seems calm about this, but then:
      Saki: (Asking nicely) Nagisa, are you actually kind of messed up?
  • Nagisa admits that they're right... but she's more worried about Naoya thinking less of her for it and tries to appease him.
    Nagisa: Shall I make you some snacks!?
    Saki: Really!?
    Naoya: This isn't the time!
  • Saki attempting (and failing) to leave the room to avoid studying with Naoya and Nagisa before Naoya calls her out.
  • Nagisa getting a Heroic B So D trying to comprehend a factoring formula. Complete with broken phone sounds.
  • Nagisa takes a 30-minute break in the bathroom to study the internet for the factoring problem. She still gets it wrong. And takes a 3-hour bathroom break afterwards.
  • When Naoya tries to tell the class that he and Saki are dating Nagisa, he gets repeatedly pummeled by Saki. She ends it with a supplex and drags him out while doing a Noblewoman's Laugh.

Episode 3

  • Naoya, Saki, and Nagisa try to find a place where they can eat lunch together in privacy (Including near a water tower). Nagisa keeps recommending restrooms.
    Nagisa: Behind the restroom?
  • When they decide to go to the gym's warehouse, Naoya tries to punch the lock to open the door. Naturally, blood spews from his knuckles.
    Saki: The window's open over here.
  • Saki's Imagine Spot of Nagisa as a sexy waitress when the latter declares that she'll do any kind of work to earn them money.
  • Saki realizing that she's been lazing about while Nagisa's been helping around the house more.
    Saki: (Dramatic Spotlight) I haven't been doing shit…
  • Saki's Failure Montage.
    • Unable to think of anything to do for Naoya (besides sexy stuff) on her own, she asks him what he wants her to do for him. But then he twists it around to him buying cake for her.
      Naoya: I made some tea.
      Saki: Thanks.... (Slams the table) This is wrong!
    • She tries buying cooking ingredients from the store and buys gummies instead.
    • She tries cooking curry, and forgets to turn the food off while she was watching game videos.
  • After failing to seduce Naoya, Saki decides to go to her house, which is literally a few feet away from Naoya's. Yet she still felt the need to leave a note behind telling him that in the span it took her to close Naoya's door.
  • Nagisa forces Saki's hand by forcing Naoya to grope her, and she literally jumps from her window to get to Naoya's house.

Episode 5

  • Rika is so shocked at being rejected, she literally camps out in a tent refusing to leave until Naoya fell for her.

Episode 6

  • When Rika notices that Naoya was trying to keep her from going to her tent, she kicks him in the shin after claiming that Rika and Saki were being harassed by delinquents.
  • Rika actually slaps her father when he came to bring her home.
  • Rika's father in general is hilarious, but one scene in particular has him berate his daughter for trying to have a relationship with a two-timer. However when Naoya makes it clear he had no intention of dating her, her father gets enraged and angrily accuses him of seeing his daughter as unattractive.


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