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Episode 2

  • Rikka asks about the missing classmate. Cue her friend complaining to homeroom teacher that Rikka's memory is messed up.
    Teacher: "Well... That's good."
  • Rikka's reaction when the "Gridman Alliance" now has to drop by her family's shop everyday since Gridman's computer is there.
    • And another when Sho reveals he has collected the address of their missing classmate beforehand.
    Rikka: "You're creepy..."
  • Since Samurai Calibur wears his sword sheaths horizontally behind his hip, they end up slamming with Junk Shop's door sending him collapsing. Twice.
  • Homeroom teacher's first response to Monster of the Week gunning for him is taking photo of it with his mobile phone.
    • In a darkly comedic way, after the monster decimate several building blocks with its beam, the teacher somehow survives all that just long enough for Gridman to save him.
Episode 3Episode 4
  • Somehow Max is seen eating bread in Rikka's family shop with mask on.
  • Borr and Gridman egging Yuta and Sho into following Rikka and Akane on their Group Date.
    • Later on, while the boys watch from the inside of a pastry shop, the Neon Genesis Junior High Students are sampling the shop's wares.
  • Samurai Calibur's idea to find the karaoke room Rikka is in is to waltz right into each room one by one.
  • Rikka's solution to Gridman and Co. freezing up mid-transformation; pull the plug and restart the computer. Upon coming back in the shop, Gridman is backwards on Junk's screen and confused about what the hell just happened.
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  • Realizing that Junk can't handle all four support members at once, Utsumi decides to send the strongest, and asks who that is. There's a Beat as Yuta looks at Tank, before looking back at Utsumi in confusion.
  • The way the Monster of the Week watches Anti fly past after Gridman shows up again at the 18:20 mark.

Episode 5

  • "Amnesia is such a pain in the ass."
  • Yuta looks at the size of a river from the train with amazement, despite Sho pointing out that there are now several immobile kaiju the size of buildings in the background.
  • As the instructor is telling the class how to paddle, Rikka's friends begin teasing Sho for being a bit flabby, and Akane quickly joins in the fun with Sho having a... reaction. Yuta gets distracted watching, and when the instructor asks if everyone got what he was saying, quickly says "No we didn't!"
  • What the Neon Genesis Junior High students do when not being weapons: lounging in Rikka's shop all day doing absolutely nothing to the dismay of Rikka's mother.
    Calibur: "We have... too much time."
    Rikka's mom: "Do any of you actually work at all?"
    Full 3 seconds pause
    Rikka's mom: "Hey, do you actually work!?"
    Vit: (smiling) "We work, and we don't work."
  • Because Yuta is too far away from Junk to transform, the Neon Genesis Junior High Students have to buy the computer from Rikka's mom and wheel all the component parts to Yuta.
    • After the scene where Yuta slips while climbing, Max appears to notice despite the distance, but it turns out they nearly miss their stop on the train because they all fall asleep just like Yuta and Sho almost did earlier.
      • Once everything is set up, Gridman is completely bewildered by the experience and repeatedly asks for someone to tell him where they are.
  • The opening of kaiju fight.
    Gridman: "No matter how big the enemy is... we will not lose!"
    Gets punted by kaiju's nail
  • Anti appears for yet another rampage and gets ignored, as usual. He still does not stop even after Gridman left and there is a defeated Kaiju size of a mountain about to drop on top of him.
  • Those that pay attention to the minor students will notice that a girl who appears to be Trigger's own Akko having a background romance arc with a boy that appears to end in success.

Episode 6

  • Imagine being Yuta: you're walking along an alley when an unknown (and smelly) girl suddenly enlarges herself in front of you, then she asks you to a date.
  • "They shouldn't be making episodes without Kaiju in them."
  • "Please do not feed stray cats in the park."
  • Rikka's mother leaving Vit in charge of the shop.
    Customer: "Do you have another keyboard?"
    Vit: (Pauses for a long while) "If it isn't there, it isn't."
    Rikka: (Cut) "I'm relieved."
  • When the scene is showing how Akane is in control of the world, it is done in a video game parody style, complete with polygon designs.
    • The dirt and grass texture looks almost straight out of Minecraft.
    • Although, given the context of the scene, it could count as dark humor.

Episode 7

Episode 8

  • When Calibur enters into the school, all the teachers come out to question him.
  • Calibur smiling smugly at Borr after getting Anti's contact number.
  • At the end of the episode, we get to see the main three cross-dress for their club in the school festival. Rikka is a captain, Sho is a maid, and Yuta is a schoolgirl.

Episode 10

  • Dark Comedy, but during the fight with the Monster of the Week's second form, it picks up a building and smashes it over Gridman's head, not unlike a move from the Pipeworks Godzilla Trilogy.
  • More Dark Comedy: Akane, after repeatedly using skyscraper sized kaiju to try and take out Gridman, more or less decides "Screw it," and just stabs Yuta.
  • The fact that the Akane's house is literally next door to Junk's. When everyone decides to confront Akane directly, the scene builds up the confrontation as an intense moment...until they reach her house after walking a few feet past the shop. It gets even funnier when after ringing the doorbell fails, Max just forces the door open.

Episode 11

  • Alexis makes his presence known during a talk between Akane and Rikka by quite bluntly declaring "Allow me to interrupt this pointless conversation."; Dark Comedy ensues once more, especially with how things go for Akane.

Episode 12

  • Alexis Kherib getting slugged in the face so hard by Gridman that he implodes? Awesome. Getting punched so hard that he screams "YEAAAAAAAAART!" as he crumples at the point of impact? Hilarious.
  • One from the dub: Barry Yardell finally gets to throw in one of Kilokhan's catchphrases and calls Rikka a "meat-thing".
  • As Akane returns to the real world, even the air conditioner disappears.
  • The fact that Rikka never noticed that Yuta had a crush on her till Gridman spilled the beans. A very obvious crush.

Voice Dramas

  • Gridman accidentally lets himself be heard by Rikka's mother, so Yuuta has to cover for him saying that he's working on his voice acting. Gridman completely goes along with it, even trying to repeat things Yuuta says to keep the illusion.

Fan Works

  • This pic shows the aftermath of a particular part of the opening.

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