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  • Adaptation Displacement: Some of the show's fans are completely unfamiliar with the Ultra Series and the majority of Tokusatsu shows and instead think the show's following in the footsteps of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The fact the Assist Weapons are called the "Neon Genesis Junior High Students" as a Shout-Out to Eva doesn't help.note 
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • The true nature of Akane and Rikka's relationship was made blurry by the reveal of Akane's IRL appearance being near identical to Rikka. Some have theorised that Rikka is actually the original form of Akane which was discarded when Akane was making her digital world, whom Akane made her best friend as a form of wish fulfilment. This is supported by Rikka's home, a junk shop which Akane describes as "a place where unwanted things go", which is found literally next to her idealised home. At the same time however, there is just as much evidence stating that Rikka was a friend of Akane in the real world whom Akane looked up to and wished to be good enough to associate with. This interpretation is best seen in the ED and Rikka's episode 9 dream, with the latter seemingly being Akane's memory of her and Rikka's meeting and relationship deterioration, only with their roles reversed.
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    • Similarly There's several hints thrown about that Akane created Yuta to be her boyfriend in her ideal world. Her first act in the series is to use her Kaiju to erase Sakiru Tonkawa and her friends from existence because they interrupted her Meet Cute moment with Yuuta. And later, after learning tha Yuuta pilots Gridman, she makes several sexually charged advances at Yuuta in an attempt to make him switch sides and stop destroying her kaiju. In the dream world that she creates for Yuuta, she sets herself up as his love interest, effectively inserting herself into the role that Rikka was presently in. And given the aforementioned above statement about Rikka, this may imply that there is a Yuta in the real world that she carries a torch for.
      • Additionally, with Utsumi (a Kaiju otaku) being Yuta's best friend, does this mean Akane created the former as her geeky counterpart to see if Yuta can stand another Kaiju otaku like her?
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    • Was Rikka's effort to redeem Akane (even after she stabbed Yuta in the gut) a genuine effort of friendship, or because she was created/programmed not to hate Akane no matter what? There's evidence on both sides.
    • Gridman's supposed influence on the homeroom teacher has several implications. Before, he didn't really care about the students or his job, but as the series went on he suddenly did. Was this Character Development, or did his life actually improve because certain people (like maybe some of his students, some of his acquaintances, etc.) died to the kaiju?
    • This dwells into Fridge Funny, but did Gridman pick Yuta because he was the closest to Shinjo in the classroom (and in other, emotional ways), or did he pick him because of his Shonen Hair? If Akane has a crush on IRL Yuta then it would make sense for her to give him Shonen Hair.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: If there's anything you can glean from all the Pixiv and Twitter art, SSSS is about the cute girl with the thighs, the cute evil girl with the big breasts, the cute boy that crossdressed that one time, and maybe something about cybernetic kaiju.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Let's just say that whoever read the Gridman F prototype is bound to expect Akane as the supporting villain. Probably why it's very nonchalantly brought up in the middle of the second episode. It's the true depths of her role in the story that's harder to see coming a mile away.
  • Catharsis Factor: After seeing the suffering and destruction Alexis has caused, seeing Gridman beat his face in and capture him is very satisfying.
  • Complete Monster: Alexis Kerib is a mysterious being who is revealed to be the sponsor of Akane Shinjo, a virtual reality goddess prone to outbursts. Introduced as the affable and saner companion of Akane, Alexis reveals his true nature in the seventh episode by slashing the face of Anti, one of Akane's humanoid kaiju, with a motor saw after Anti made a kaiju in order to defeat the Gridman Alliance. After Akane slowly plunges herself into despair due to several failed attempts at eliminating the Gridman alliance, Alexis forces Akane to make more kaiju, and when the latter refused, Alexis let his kaiju cause destruction in Akane's virtual reality world. When one of the Gridman Alliance members tries to comfort Akane, Alexis turns Akane into a kaiju, and when Anti tries to rescue her from utter despair, Alexis then brutally impales Anti in the back. It was revealed that he had done his atrocities on other people with the same circumstances as Akane in the past and plans to do it again in the future, solely to satiate his boredom.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Samurai Calibur has been getting a lot of love as of late. Not hard to see why.
  • Evil Is Cool: If the character page is anything to go by Alexis, Akane, and Anti are far more interesting characters than the Gridman Alliance. Anti of course soon falls into a well recieved Dark Is Not Evil, especially as the intimidating Gridknight.
  • Fetish Retardant: Akane is already one of the fan favorite characters, regardless of her status as The Dragon to Alexis. But the reveal that she lives in a similar manner to hikikomori, having tons of garbage bags in her house and kicking the computer screen barefooted may be unsettling for certain fans, including clean freaks.
  • Genius Bonus: The Starter Villain Ghoulghilas' name in Katakana (グールギラス) can be rearranged into Gilarus (ギラルス), the starter villain from Denkou Choujin Gridman.
  • Heartwarming Moments: At the end of the second episode, Yuta is wondering what the point of fighting is if his accomplishments are erased by the Reset Button at the end of each episode. Then he bumps into his homeroom teacher who he just prevented Akane's Kaiju from killing, showing just how much of a difference he made.
    • All of radio drama 4.4, which features Rikka and her mother having a heart-to-heart about mortality and the latter urging the former to stay alive, ending with a cute moment of them laughing over tonight's dinner.
    • The moment Akane's heart was saved, giving the young woman the strength to go back to her world and stopping Alexis from torturing her any longer.
    • The last scene of the anime where the real Akane wakes up and rather than staying, decides to get out of bed.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • As detailed on the Trivia page, Rikka's design in the initial drafts was given over to Akane. As of episode 12, the reverse turns out to be true in the real world.
    • The fact the show is really a sequel to the original tokusatsu makes it the Japanese counterpart to the additional episodes Syber Squad had when the originally intended ending was changed.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Hundreds, if not thousands of people are presumably injured or killed (and then wiped from existence via Reset Button) each time Gridman and a Kaiju fight, but in true toku fashion the narrative doesn't touch on this at all for the first three quarters of the series. Then we get episodes 11 and 12 where, thanks to Akane not bothering to push the reset button, the sheer carnage and destruction which two multi-foot beings duking it out in the middle of the city leave in their wake is lovingly showcased. Poor Utsumi is pushed into a HeroicBSOD after realising that he was essentially cheering on the levelling of the entire city each time he fanboyed over Gridman's fights.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Quite a few people showed up for Rikka and Akane after an explosion of memes and fanart emphasizing their attractive bodies. Even though the show ended up winning a lot of people to the Mecha and Tokusatsu fandom, a significant portion of the show's post-run marketing and fan art is of them instead of the actual Gridman.
  • Les Yay: There is some between Rikka and Akane, which is expected as their implied relationship is a nod to Takeshi Todo having a one-sided crush for Yuka Inoue. An in-depth analysis of the queer themes of their relationship can be found here.
    • The ending theme animation.
    • Episode 5, Akane asks Rikka to put sunblock on her back and as the latter does so she comments admiringly on Akane's skin. After the back is done, Akane then asks Rikka to do her front. After a beat they laughed it off.
    • Episode 8, Akane embraces Rikka from behind as they were seated on the bus as Akane tells Rikka that she created her as her friend by her kaiju.
    • Episode 9, the beginning of Rikka's dream is presumably the recreation of how she and Akane started their friendship. There is a brief showing of an LGBT poster.
    • Outside of the show, there is a cafe located in Japan called "Animate Cafe" that served special drinks as part of a past collaboration with the show, with special drinks that officially represented the characters of "SSSS Gridman" as a part of a Licensed event surrounding the show. The special valentines couples' drink that was served as part of the event was themed around both Akane and Rikka. The drinks in question can be found here
    • In a past interview with Akane's voice actress, Reina Ueda, she stated that, in episode 12, Rikka was supposedly very close to admitting that she loved Akane, but chose not to so then it would be less hard for Akane to decide on returning to her own world . However, with no official confirmation regarding the topic from anyone working on the show besides the voice actress, its debatable whether or not this information can be considered canon. The untranslated article can be found here, while the auto-translated version of the same article can be found here.
    • Almost every single officially licensed anthology manga of the show features ship teasing with Akane and Rikka.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Gridman is Forever. Explaination 
    • Gridman's Upper/Lower Body in Charge. Explaination 
    • Thank you Gridman. Explanation 
      • Gridman/Trigger Saved Christmas. Explanation 
    • Also doubles as an (ironic) subversion of Periphery Demographic, fans also claimed that the nostalgia & Gridman's combination sequences made them turned on rather than seeing Rikka's thighs and/or Akane's knockers.
    • Akane's preference for bare feet has gained a following.
    • A Facebook user's complaint about episode 5 spawned "I'm not even sure anymore if this show is about X fighting Ys or about..." which involves pointing out fanservice-y Beach Episode moments from other mecha shows in a tongue-and-cheek manner.
    • "Baby Dan Dan Stops" Explanation 
    • The secret Trigger fanfic we never knew we needed.Explanation 
    • The Melancholy of Akane Shinjou Explanation 
    • Your Lie In Aplil Explanation 
    • SSSS Redman Explanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon: Alexis crosses this in the penultimate episode by turning Akane into a kaiju against her will.
  • Periphery Demographic: Some fans started watching after seeing the Self-Fanservice laden fanart expecting a show with waifus and fanservice galore due to the Studio Trigger involvement, but were hooked by the Tokusatsu-style action and Mecha-Style fight scenes. After the show's conclusion, a lot of them have stuck around for the Rikka and Akane art, sometimes giving one the impression that it isn't a Gridman show at all.
  • Older Than They Think: those who went into the series without any knowledge of the original series could see Gridman’s Fixer Beam as an Ass Pull, but Gridman being able to restore virtual worlds to their original form was well established Reset Button in the Tokusatsu show. Fixer Beam's purpose of fixing a person's heart, on the other hand, was mentioned in supplementary materials.
    • Those who did not see the original two shows were surprised by the live action scene of the real Akane waking up. Especially since Trigger's previous Gridman animation didn't use live action.
  • Self-Fanservice:
    • A lot of fan artists draw Rikka with much thicker thighs and a larger butt than how she's drawn in the show. A trend that's gotten even more common after an interview with the director of the series revealed that he actually requested her to be designed with thick thighs and a big butt.
    • Akane's already very busty in the show but hasn't stop fan artists from drawing her with even larger breasts.
    • Speaking of Rikka and Akane, both of them are occasionally drawn as giantesses.
    • Not even Yuta's immune, with fans drawing him lither and shorter to match Rikka and Akane's voluptuous proportions. There's also a camp that draws him with a much girlier figure to match his Wholesome Crossdresser school festival costume.
  • Tear Jerker: It's quite nostalgic to hear the same piano version of "Yume No Hero" from the classic Gridman again in episode 6 of the new anime.
    • Despite her role and everything she's done, Akane leans into this by the end of episode 9, seemingly attempting suicide as her latest efforts fail miserably. She looks shockingly distraught compared to her earlier haughtiness.
    • Akane's words in Episode 11 to Alexis about why she doesn't want to make new Kaiju anymore hint that she may have had feelings for Yuta and killing him launched her even deeper into the Despair Event Horizon.
    Akane: There won't be a next. I don't need Kaiju anymore.
    Alexis: Why's that?
    Akane: Because Because Hibiki is... Because I brought down Gridman already.
    • Akane and Rikka's goodbye in the final episode.
  • Toy Ship: Anti and Anosillus the 2nd. Fans jumped on this ship from a single scene at the end of the show.
  • Unexpected Character: The cameo appearance of Masaya Obi (Naoto Sho's actor) in episode 6 is a complete shock to the viewers.
    • The above case is only topped by the return of Original 1993 Gridman in episode 12.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Akane, despite being on the antagonist's side for the majority of the show, was supposed to be seen as sympathetic in the very end, with the finale finally making her break out of her escapist world and learn to love herself as well as making her remorseful for all she's done. Some fans couldn't buy it however, given how nonchalant and even gleeful she was at destroying the city, and they haven't forgiven her for messing with Anti and stabbing Yuta, all of which they felt was glossed over.
  • What an Idiot!: Akane enters the shop at the end of episode 10, and no one tries to restrain her. Yuta gets stabbed when he walks up to her to talk her down. That said, there is the possibility that no one wanted to attempt to aggravate the god of their world much further.
  • Win Back the Crowd: After how controversial DARLING in the FRANXX ended up being, the success of SSSS.Gridman has redeemed Trigger in the eyes of many viewers, especially because it lacks the Romantic Plot Tumor that was so contentious in Franxx.
  • Win the Crowd: This series managed to win the hearts of past fans, including new anime fans due to the original being a Cult Classic.

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