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  • The very first battle of the show, especially after Gridman gets his Theme Song Power Up.
  • After being presumed dead in episode 3, Gridman returns with some backup from Max in the form of his Max Gridman form. And proceeds to lay an epic beatdown on Anti, complete with Gurren Lagann-esque Beam-O-War. The battle then ends in a Punch Parry between them.
  • Rider Kicking the Monster of the Week in episode 4.
  • The aerial battle in episode 7, complete with the appearance of the Digital World from the original show in the sky.
  • Gridman and all the Assist Weapons combining and the fight in episode 8.
    • Episode 8 can essentially be summed up as the Gridman Alliance systematically destroying Akane's A God Am I mentality. After spending the entire show as an untouchable god of Light Yagami proportions and knowing it. Akane ends the battle defeated. Not just on a kaiju level but on an emotional level as she is forced to truly admit defeat.
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    • The cherry on top is Gridman defeats Akane's supreme Kaiju at half his normal size.
  • With Yuta trapped in a dream in episode 9, the assist weapons form their own Combining Mecha, and utterly stomp Akane's newest Kaiju. The kids also utterly undermine Akane by breaking the dreams she's constructed for each of them; Yuta senses something is off besides his bout of amnesia and that Akane knows what it is; Rikka isn't convinced by Akane's attempt to play Alexis' appearance off as normal and isn't fazed by the reminder she's been made to love Akane; Sho - despite his attraction to Akane and a dream date bonding over Kaiju merch - realises it's a little too perfect and that his friends aren't around. All three kids wake up from the dream at relatively similar times, and it leaves Akane utterly devastated.
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  • In episode 10, the Monster of the Week ends up having another, much stronger kaiju inside, who proceeds to go on a rampage, causing mass devastation, even issuing a Curbstomp Battle to Full-Powered Gridman. How does Gridman beat this enemy? Simple. He doesn't. Anti comes to his rescue, declaring that while he wants to crush him, for now he'll fight alongside him. After taking severe damage but keeping pace with the psychotic kaiju that just finished wiping the floor with Gridman, his form changes into a new, Gridman-esque form; Gridknight. Cue Curbstomp Battle... In Anti's favor.
  • Episode 11 is not called Decisive Battle for nothing. Alexis this time decides to summon all previous Kaijus to destroy what's remaining of the city. With Gridman incapacitated, only Anti can stop them for going on a rampage as a way to atone for his actions as a Kaiju, intentional or not. Every moment of it It's glorious One-Man Army action!
  • Gridman and Gridknight fighting side by side!
  • Episode 12, where all hope seems lost, all the Neon Genesis Junior High Students and a near death Anti get a copy of the original Acceptor. And then... as a result, Gridman gains his original 1993 form, complete with the original version of Yume No Hero to signify his return (Gridman! Baby Dan Dan!)
    • Original Gridman's increase in power is shown clearly as he manages to barehand block/disarm Alexis' blades as he proceeds to punch/point blank Spark Beam him into the sky where after some clashing, bisects him with a Neo Superconductive Kick. If not for Alexis' immortality, it'd be a rather short fight.
    • Another detail that shows the true impact of Gridman restoring all his power is that while in his weaker CGI form, he was much slower and bound by wire-fu Toku physics. Once he breaks free of that, he becomes capable of blitzing across the landscape, barely visible to the unaided eye, as he trades hits against Alexis with a blistering speed and power that early-season Anti would have had a hard time keeping up with. To put it mildly, in this fight, Gridman stops fighting like a Tokusatsu character and starts fighting like a Trigger character.
    • The return of the Fixer Beam. Not only is it used to repair the world, but it's also used as an actual attack against Alexis Kerib as its abilities just so happen to be able to counter his immortality. And Gridman caps it off with a devastating and well deserved punch to Alexis' face, defeating him once and for all. Not to mention the speech that proceeds this.
    Alexis: This can't be! To think you would have mended Akane's heart!
    Gridman: That's not all! Humans have the power of potential. This is what, what we believe in!

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