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That must hurt.

  • Shu's reaction when he finds out that Inori's transferred to his school is absolutely priceless.
    Shu: [suddenly stands up in his chair] You're kidding, right? This can't be real.
    Inori: [tilts her head in a puzzled look] Of course it's real.
  • Shu's first attempt at drawing out the Void of one of his female classmates doesn't go according to plan.
    • The bast part? Hare, the girl crushing on Shu, says that he could have told her that's what he wanted. She would have gladly let him grab her boobs, and she wasn't ashamed to admit that to him.
  • Shu and Inori run around yanking random Voids out of his schoolmates, including a pair of pliers, a vase, a refrigerator, bifocals, etc...
  • In Episode 5, Shu's first meeting with Ayase doesn't go well. She responds to his somewhat condescending (but good-natured) statement that he wouldn't want to cause trouble for a girl in a wheelchair by taking his hand, twisting his arm and using her foot plates to sweep his legs from under him. Ouch!
    Ayase: My wheelchair is part of what makes me unique. I don't need your consideration. Understand?
    • Argo's attempt to teach Shu to defend himself in combat. He uses a knife and takes a swing at Shu, slicing off a few hairs. How does Shu respond? He faints.
    • Ayase's appraisal of Shu at the end of the (really funny) Training Montage: "Pervy Brat".
  • Episode 7. Shu's return to school and being escorted to their class by Arisa, the student council president leads to a much-needed cooldown scene from all the dramatics and plot twists of the previous episodes. You can tell from the background music something very comical will indeed occur.
    Female student: Ouma-kun. Can I ask a question too? Is the military really full of gays?
    • Which leads to an embarrassed and very confused Shu, followed up by mobs of questions from all the other students in the classroom, crowding around him and Arisa, with futile efforts of Kanon controlling the crowd while in a cartoonish fashion of popping up in different areas of the crowd.
  • Episode 9. Ayase is... knitting? With a blanket draped over her knees? Funny and cute at the same time.
    • Another instance in the same episode: Hare is reading her horoscope, which says something like "a tiger-striped tea kettle heralds love's arrival". Cue a tiger-striped tea kettle bouncing through the door, followed by Shu.
  • In Episode 11, as Shu is busting into the military base with the help of his friends and their voids, the time comes when its Kanon's turn to have her Void used. As Shu uses it, it cuts back to the inside with her smiling while she's being held by Yahiro.
  • In Episode 22, Funnel becomes a daddy.

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