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Two words: Soichiro's face.
Yes, even for a dark show involving deaths and mind games, there will be funny moments like these.

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    Main Series 
  • Most of Light and Ryuk's interactions with one another are either funny, oddly sweet, or a combination of both. Two others that immediately come to mind is them teasing one another about their respective popularity with the ladies, and the scene where Ryuk, body all contorted, literally eats an apple from Light's hand.
  • Light's smirking, in general, have spawned plenty of parodies.
  • Matsuda. Poor, poor Matsuda. Everyone calls him an idiot, especially L and Light.
    "I can hear you, ya know."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Mello's birthday, December 13th, is National Cocoa Day in America.
  • The likes/dislikes in How To Read include a random mafioso who likes Anne of Green Gables and Sidoh disliking ghosts even though, as a shinigami, he should know they don't exist.
  • There's something morbidly funny about the fact that one of the Death Note's rules is that you can't use it to kill someone younger than 780 days old. Yeah, just in case there's a baby somewhere that you really want to kill with your Death Note, you're S.O.L.
    • It's also stated that the Death Note doesn't work on animals with names, like pets. Again, good to know just in case.

Light/L Arc

  • The second chapter/episode when all the police forces are first squabbling over the Kira case.
  • "I'll take a potato chip...AND EAT IT!"
  • In the very first episode, Light is outlining his evil plan to Ryuk and learning about the Death Note when his mom interrupts their conversation. She takes one look inside Light's room, which has been dramatically dark all throughout the scene, and cries out, "Why is it so dark in here? You're going to ruin your eyes!" Even better, Light sets the apples she gave him down onto the desk, and Ryuk curiously takes a bite when they pick their conversation back up:
    Ryuk: Yum!
    Light: I have just one question for you. Why was I chosen for this? ...
    Ryuk continues munching apples happily, ignoring Light.
    Light: HEY! Are you even listening?
  • Light is looking at adult-oriented magazines. Ryuk is behind him. "Wait, I was supposed to be searching for cameras..."
  • In the manga, Ryuk wants to play Mario Golf.
  • Light and Ls's "friendly" tennis match. What starts as a simple spar becomes an embroiled psychological battle of the two trying to guess the other's next move now that they've become established as "friends." All the while, the intensity of their match ends up drawing a giant spectator crowd of their classmates, and what started as a simple practice match now has official referees calling the action.
  • Speaking of Misa glomping people, Light's reaction to her random flying glomp? "This is the first time in my life that I've been provoked to hit a woman."
  • The expression Rem makes in response to Misa's "what a beautiful way to kill" comment. It's very much a "what the hell is wrong with you?" kind of look.
  • The "I'd like you to take out the part that says you're free to kill L'" scene.
    • Even better, he said: "Good... but unless you take out that part about "you're free to kill L"... I will die."
  • From Relight, when L invites Light to a screening of the second Kira's message: he's clearly trying to get Light to react to the tape so as to catch him in the act, but with a master actor like Light, this requires an in-depth study on his face. Very in-depth. Like, right in his face. It's not very subtle.
  • L's Comically Small Bribe. "If you keep this secret, this strawberry is yours."
  • From that scene in Light's bedroom where he's being all manipulative with Misa and Rem. Just... the expression Light gets when his manipulating Rem to kill L actually works (something along the lines of Oh, Crap!, My God, What Have I Done? with Puppy-Dog Eyes [1]) I guess Wanting Is Better Than Having...
  • L steals Misa's cell phone, Light attempts to call Misa while standing a few feet away from L. Hilarity Ensues.
    Misa: No way! somebody just touched my butt!
    L: Uh... this is an outrage! Taking advantage of the situation is unforgivable; I will find whoever is responsible for this!
    Background character: I want to touch her too!
    • L's expression[2] when Light calls him is priceless.
  • Misa saying she would love Light even more if she knew he was Kira. Soichiro and Aizawa's reactions to it are practically mental facepalms.
  • In the manga, when L informs Light they've apprehended Misa under suspicion of being the second Kira, rather than feign shock that his public girlfriend could be the second Kira, he just stands there with an angry look on his face. He even continues his angry stare when L obviously feigns concern for the shock he must be going through. This is a tense moment in the story, but its pretty funny how Light doesn't even bother acting at this point.
  • Light in the 'please confine me' obvious bullshitting scene "Another me could be out killing people while I sleep!"
    • L's inner monologue, which basically amounts to "Are you seriously expecting me to buy this crap?" makes it even better.
  • When Misa's original manager comes by to scold Misa and make her go to work. Misa (the second Kira) is terrified of her and even L and Kira seem a bit unnerved by the scary lady.
  • A bit of Fridge Hilarity that sadly never got to pan out, but during the scene where Light tries to discover Naomi's real name, he contemplates the possibility of using force to deal with her, reasoning that he should be able to overpower Naomi because she's a woman. Remember that Naomi is a retired FBI agent and a damn good one at that. And Light has no idea at this point. Odds are good that if Light had tried to attack her, he would have immediately gotten the shit kicked out of him before being arrested. Bit of an anticlimatic end for the great Kira, no?

Yotsuba Arc

  • Misa's "date" with the handcuffed Light and L, devolving into a huge fight between Light and L that's half them hitting each other and half their being dragged around by the handcuffs from the force of their own blows. "Last chance for cake!"
    • Before the fight even starts, L interrupts the date by asking for a slice of cake.
    L: ...Hey, are you gonna eat that cake?
    Misa: Cake makes you fat. I'm not gonna eat any.
    L: Actually, I find that you don't gain any weight as long as you burn calories by using your brain.
    Misa: So now you're calling me stupid?!
    • Also, virtually every conversation between L and Misa in the manga usually qualifies.
    Misa: How about if I give you the cake, will you leave me and Light alone together?
    L: Even if I leave you two alone together, I can watch from the cameras, so it's the same thing.
    Misa: I told you that's perverted! Will you stop with that kind of fetish!?
    L: Say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.
    Light: Ryuzaki...
    L: Huh?
    Light: *PUNCH*
    • Of course, this is followed up by L kicking Light across the room, apparently forgetting or not caring that they are handcuffed together.
    • There also L's line "You know, I'm much stronger than I look" after taking another hit from Light. The English version has it sort of an annoyed tone to it that you can't help but chuckle at.
    • Not to mention the little "Make up" dance with Misa afterward. Never has a mono "Yay" been funnier.
    • Directly after the punch, Misa stumbles backwards and steps on a piece of cake in her stockings. The noise she makes is *priceless.*
      Misa: RUUUEEHHH
    • Matsuda's attempt to stop the fight is worth a mention, especially with how L & Light react.
      L: Matsuda's acting stupid again.
      Light: Well, that is his specialty.
      Matsuda: I can hear you, you know.
  • The first time that Aizawa goes through security at the new HQ. He keeps setting off the metal detector and eventually just takes his pants off.
  • The Yotsuba members, staring at a dozen "ridiculously cute" model girls, with How-the-fuck-did-we-get-there look on their faces.
    Shimura Suguru:'Oi, I think we are starting to go off a tangent here...
    • The dub had the line as something like "Is it me or is this starting to get really weird?"
    • Not to mention that, while the Yotsuba group are trying to keep serious, the camera pans down to show them wearing fluffy pink slippers.
  • The Yotsuba eight have some pretty funny moments, especially in the manga.
    • One of them refers to themselves and the other members of group as "us rich folk". Another jokes about killing people in their competitors' cars, only to get reprimanded by Shimura and Higuchi.
    • While the anime makes Shimura and Hatori look intimidating during their interrogation of Matsuda, they just look awkward and confused in the manga. It's also worth mentioning that they probably never actually got a chance to go to the bathroom...
    • While Higuchi is insisting they kill Coil, Mido makes a very unamused face and asks Higuchi why he wants to kill everyone. Especially funny, considering Higuchi is Kira.
    • Ooi's method of flirting during the model party is to brag about how their company is expanding, while Higuchi tells a model that he still misses his ex-girlfriends.
    • The Yotsuba Eight, with the exception of Shimura, are almost hilariously incompetent. It takes them weeks to figure out some very basic things about the death note, they refuse to acknowledge how suspicious Eraldo Coil is, etc. Namikawa, notably, is very smart according to How to Read, but he's one of the worst about this.
    • Then there's this exchange...
    Ooi: If worst comes to worst, we can blast a missile into Coil's or L's or whoever's base. Yotsuba is powerful!
    Shimura: Uh...
    Ooi: That... was a joke...
  • During the Yotsuba arc:
    Misa: Hey, Light. Wanna come sleep with me tonight?
    Light: Wh-What are you talking about...??
    Misa: Hahaha! Just kidding! You're saving me for after we catch Kira right! You don't have to be shy about it!
    L: Yes, Light. There's no need to be shy.
    Light: I'm not being shy!
    L: No need to be so serious either.
  • Aizawa, getting more and more annoyed by Misa's childishness. You can see the pain on his face, as he barely stops himself from snapping. Then he snaps - and then trying to actually get rid of her looks like trying to get a pet out of a room you don't want it in.
  • They're all worrying about how Eraldo Coil is trying to find L. L explains that he's really the world's three greatest detectives, using different names in case a situation like this arises. Then he randomly hands Mogi a strawberry and says in a serious tone, "I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" What really makes this one, though, is Mogi slipping the strawberry into his pocket.
  • Matsuda was spying on Yotsuba when he was discovered and quickly pretends to be Misa's agent, hoping to get her a gig with them. They don't quite buy it and refuse to let him leave. Meanwhile, the taskforce wonders where Matsuda is, but don't want to reveal everything, in case he's in trouble. L calls Matsuda's cell, and..."Heeey, Matsuiii! Wanna go out drinkin'?!"
  • Spy Speak between L and Matsuda:
    L: So, you by yourself?
    Matsuda: Yeah, I'm by myself.
  • Then...
    L: So do you wanna like to go out drinking tonight?
    Matsuda: Oh, right now? Oh, sorry. I'll have to pass tonight.
    L: Oh, what's the matter? Don't tell me your wallet is in trouble again.
    Matsuda: Yeah, that's right, big troubles with money. You know me too well.
  • "Do you really want to help? Get me some coffee."
  • In the manga, the task force is debating how the Yotsuba Group and Kira are connected. When it's brought up that Kira may have approached Yotsuba on his own because he needed their help, this exchange occurs:
    Matsuda: There's no way Kira would do that! That would be so uncool.
    Matsuda: ...Sorry...
  • Matsuda's computer-disguised voice in Episode 22. It's the big responsibility he's been looking for, and he sounds like a '80s chipmunk.
  • This exchange:
    Misa: No way! I couldn't live in a world without Light!
    L: Yes, that would be dark.
  • The Stoic Mogi's stint as "Mochi," Misa's Genki, Large Ham manager. Especially the end of Episode 22, where he really enjoys screwing with Higuchi.
    • Hey, you stole- Oh well. It also counts as a Moment of Awesome, which is sadly his only one.
  • In another scene in the manga, Light "profiles" Kira as likely an affluent and idealistic teenager. L notes that sounds an awful lot like... Sayu, Light's sister.
  • Misa getting tortured under L's orders was not funny, but it gets a hilarious Call-Back when Misa volunteers to infiltrate Yotsuba.
    Misa: I won't say anything even if they torture me!
    L: I can attest to that.
    • The torture scene DID have a funny moment, though.
    About a week of imprisonment, Misa forfeited her note and memories, was denied the bathroom
    Misa: What? You want me to do it here? You want to see me pee? You're a pervert!
    L: ...I'm a pervert?
    Day 50 of imprisonment
    L: You look down. Are you OK?
    Misa: ....You're stupid aren't you. If I didn't look unhappy after several weeks of this, then I'd be insane.
    L: Yes, you're right.
  • In the manga, when Light and L are discussing their plan to arrest Higuchi:
    L:...And he'll get into the Yoshida Productions office with the key we'll leave behind the potted plant right outside the office.
    Misa: But there isn't a potted plant there!
    Light: Then we'll put one there or think of something else. That's not really important.
    Misa: I know, I just thought I should chime in with something.
  • In one of the episodes during the Yotsuba arc, L imitates one of Misa's commercials.
  • After Light loses his memories of the Death Note, there is a scene where he sits for a while, staring off into space, wondering if he'd kill criminals if he had the power and if he could have done it without having a memory of it. Then:
    L: What's wrong? You've been staring at me for the last two minutes. Wait, let me guess, you must be annoyed because I'm the only one eating cake at the moment, am I right?
  • Misa glomping Ryuk. Seriously, the girl just glomped a GOD OF DEATH. Completely unexpected, and absolutely hilarious.
    • Made funnier when Ryuk makes her phase right through him and says, basically "I'm shy around girls."
  • In Episode 25 in the scene where Light finds L on the roof while a heavy rainstorm is going on, the facial expression that L has when he motions a second time for Light to speak louder is hilarious.
  • Misa, after declaring L her friend and stating that any friend of Light's is a friend of hers:
    Misa: (spinning the guys in a circle with her) LET'S ALL BE FRIENDS TOGETHER!
    Light: (deadpan) Whee....
    L: (equally deadpan, slightly confused) Hmm, yay, fun.
    • Even better, they actually are forming a circle, which means Light and L joined hands all by themselves. For some reason.

Near/Mello Arc

  • Sidoh. Frickin' Sidoh! His voice in the English dub (Samuel Vincent) can only be described as a mix between a Deadpan Snarker and a high school nerd.
    Sidoh (whining): I WANT MY NOTEBOOK.
    • This exchange between Sidoh and Armonia Justin:
    Sidoh: M'kay, um, I've got a little problem. I went to the king to report that I lost my notebook, but after I described it to him, the old man said that Ryuk said it was his, and that he had dropped it and took it.
    (Armonia Justin laughs)
    Sidoh: So what do you think I should do to get it back?
    Armonia Justin: Guess you have no choice but to find Ryuk and ask him yourself.
    Sidoh: ...Yeah, that's what I thought. So I guess I have to go to...the human world?
    Armonia Justin: Yep, that's right. Have fun.
    Sidoh: Well, that sucks.
    • Another funny bit from Episode 29 (dub):
    Mello: The uh... the notebook just flew.
    Mafia Leader: Hah, it's a notebook that kills people. Hell, nothin' surprises me anymore.
    • And how did it "flew"? Sidoh dropped it on Syder's head nonchalantly. In the original Japanese, he says "Hou... ston," while the English dub has him go, "Tag, you're it."
    • After Sidoh reveals himself to Mello and everyone else in the room, Mello orders Sidoh to leave the base and act as a lookout... except, for some reason, he says so with a ridiculously derpy look on his face (screencap).
    • Mello in general is a derp, let's be honest. He makes the weirdest faces, and eats chocolate way too dramatically to be serious.
  • Teru Mikami's "Sakujo!" or "Delete!" has some Narm Charm for fans, especially when he chews the scenery while saying it.
    • The way that Mikami kills Hitoshi Demegawa and his followers on the set of Kira's Kingdomnote  is rather darkly hilarious. Whenever Demegawa tries pointing at someone to lead their movement, they just suffer a heart attack, leaving Demegawa to increasingly panic and beg for mercy. And especially with Demegawa's exaggerated facial expressions as he falls dead on the floor.
  • In the manga, you get Near vs Dart. During his first phone call with Light you see Near throwing a dart at an empty dartboard but failing to hit it, and then you get a panel of the floor below being littered with darts. After he hangs up and the SPK are talking to one another you see Near has moved his chair from the other side of the room to within a foot of the dartboard in an attempt to actually hit it. A few chapters later you see Near whittling his own dart, which he throws from the other side of the room and..... it bounces off the side of the dartboard and into a corner of the room, decapitating one of his toy robots in the process.
  • In one episode, Near is explaining his deduction of Kira's sinister plan. He then moves a superhero action figure through the air. "Whooooosh."
  • Already on the Awesome page, but it deserves a mention here too: Near avoiding capture by diverting everyone with a shower of money.
  • When Mello informs Souchiro that he's kidnapped Sayu, he makes one concession: "Since you're the deputy chief of police, it would be pointless to tell you not to contact the police."
  • This scene shortly after Mello detonates his hideout:
    Aizawa: Matsuda! Are you OK?!
    Matsuda: Ugh...No...
    Aizawa: Good, you seem fine.
  • This tidbit from episode 34 while the task force is listening in on a conversation between Light and Takada:
    Matsuda: Oh boy, Light's in trouble now!
    Ide: Matsuda, is there some reason you're happy about this?
  • Then...
    Matsuda: Ohh, he's busted! Light's in the doghouse!
    Aizawa: Shut up, Matsuda!
  • After Light assures Takada his seeing Misa doesn't mean anything and "you're the only one for me":
    Takada: If you're lying you're going to pay. I'll tell Kira, you know.
    Light: Ha ha. Great joke Takada.
    Takada: I'm not joking.
    Ide: Whoa, women are scary.
  • Misa's and Takada's dinner together had some tense moments, but overall, the entire thing was a four-minute catfight for Light's love while Misa chugged wine straight from the bottle until she got hammered.
    • And once Near's been informed of Misa's and Takada's confrontation:
    Near: What this proves is... (dramatic pause) ...Light Yagami is a lady-killer.
    Rester: Near, please be serious.
  • In the manga, the entire exchange when Light is calling up Takada when she is needed after ignoring her for years and the very self-assured, arrogant expressions he gets when he knows his manipulations are working.
  • The task force told Near they were done taking orders from him and were going to look for Light. Near makes what can only be described as an O_O face before looking away and reverting to his usual expression.
  • In the manga, Mello directs Mogi to the SPK headquarters so that Near can interrogate him about the possibility of the second L being Kira. Near is concerned about this, because at this point he's not sure which member of the task force is acting as L, and if it turns out to be Mogi, he would be in trouble. His solution? Call up L—on the super-secret, secure line that calls him and only him—hear Light answer, and then say "sorry, wrong number" and immediately hang up. Light and Matsuda are both very confused.
  • In the manga, the look of indignation on Gevanni's face when Near decision to pick him to take the risk of being killed was only because Rester is his superior.


  • As seen on the You Kill It, You Bought It page...
    Light: Now that Santa is gone, I can become Santa and create a new world!
    Ryuk: Can I be a reindeer?
  • In another of Omake, Ryuk wants the Advance XP for Christmas—the silver one. Also, Light is dressed as Santa in that, saying "Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas, Ryukie."
  • In another one, just when L couldn't get any weirder, he is transported around town, by Watari, in a baby carriage.

    The Drama 
  • The series starts with Light fanboying at a J-pop concert. That Misa is the star of.
  • L changing his shirts so often that Watari has an entire rack of them in the investigation room, and can be seen occasionally ironing them in the background.
  • Though it crosses over with Nightmare Fuel the fact that Mello seems to be played by a puppet is just hysterical. One can only imagine how the production meeting went for that.
  • At one point in episode 2, a random student sees Ryuk eating an apple. But since that student didn't touch the 'Death Note', she only saw the floating apple. Her response is to faint.
  • After Ryuk reads Raye Pember's fate written in the 'Death Note' on a roof, he accidentally rolls off the ledge, screaming. But suddenly, he flies, almost forgetting that he had wings.
  • While L and Watari are listening to the tranceiver conversation between Raye and Light, L hands Watari an energy juice pack. Watari tries to take a sip, only to realise it's empty. L can only smile in response.
  • This episode 4 exchange between Misa and Rem, regarding Light.
    Rem: Listen, Misa. Those who come to possess a 'Death Note' become paranoid.
    Misa: Rem...
    Rem: (Nods) If you understand, then use the 'Death Note' for yourself.
    Misa: What does "paranoid" mean?
    [The peaceful flute music becomes distorted as Rem sighs.]
    Rem: You know, you're really...
    [A disappointed Rem turns to leave by phasing through her room, while Misa futilely tries to stop her.]
    Misa: Hey, wait a minute! Tell me!
  • The shower scene. Mostly for the fact that when it became viral some people didn't think it was real, and thought it was a scene from some parody sketch show. To elaborate, L explains his motives for playing tennis with Light, while the two were washing up. In short, it was a gigantic serving of Ho Yay for everyone involved. And when L leaves, Light throws his wrapped towel onto the ground, not caring about his indecency.
  • Light and L's reactions to seeing Shinigami for the first time. Light actually hides under his desk and runs from his house when Ryuk gets closer. And later on, when L sees Rem, he gets the dumbest look on his face and actually falls onto his ass!

    Light Novels 
  • The first page of Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases when Mello decides he can't keep up a narrative tone.
  • "I am a corpse".
  • The entire jam scene.
  • The coffee scene:
    "This tastes like dirt."
    "Sweet dirt."
  • This conversation with Naomi and Rue:
    "I am an aggressive top. I have never once been submissive even to a traffic light."
    "You really should."
  • What, no love for the scene in Another Note where they are talking about the locked doors?
    Naomi: What would you do, Ryuzaki? If you were trying to lock it from the outside?
    Rue: Use a key.
    Naomi: No, not like that...if you'd lost the key.
    Rue: Use a spare key.
    Naomi: No, not like don't have a spare key, either.
    Rue: Then I wouldn't lock it.
    Naomi: ...


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