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Episode 0

  • Chidori gets a lot of things wrong on what Nobunaga actually means by things.
    • When Chidori corrects Nobunaga on calling her a peasant, Nobunaga isn't surprised to see a female shinobi, but for seeing a shinobi who gives their identity out.
    • When Nobunaga corrects Chinobi on calling him a subordinate of Nobunaga, Chidori assumes he is a ronin and starts talking about Nobunaga in a mocking way. Chidori begs for mercy when Nobunaga says he is Nobunaga.
    • When Nobunaga comments how he has abolished the Owari borders, he says that the reason he did it is a secret, but immediately says why when Chidori assumes it is because he is lonely.

Episode 1

  • When Chidori's master explains to her and Sukezo that one day they might meet each other as enemies, Chidori ensures to him that she will cut him down if it comes to that, even if he is taking a poop. He then asks her not to do that.
  • Sukezo tries to convince Chidori to take him alone when she warns him of dangers ahead by saying he has a bunch of books which contain secret information, which Chidori promptly takes from his hands and tries to run off, with Sukeo desperately asking to take him with her.
  • When Chidori drops in on a discussion between Nobunaga, Yoshinori and Katsuie on where the new ninjas are, both Yoshinori and Katsuie are shocked while Nobunaga wonders if the Kiyosu Castle is even safe.
  • Everyone's expression when Chidori reveals that she still can't swim, especially when Nobunaga thinks that part should have changed after five years.

Episode 2

  • When Hideyoshi tries to get Chidori and Sukezo to show him cool ninja magic, Nobunaga just shoots at him for being annoying.
    Nobunaga: That was a retort.
    Hideyoshi: That's too extreme!
  • After Suzuku gives Chidori rankings on Mori's traits, he also gives ones for Hideyoshi, which is 10 on Unpredictability and 4 on everything else. And when Hideyoshi tries to do that on Oichi's three measurements, Nobunaga threatens to shoot him again.
  • Nobunaga finally gets angry when he gets interrupted for the third time while giving Chidori a mission, this time because of his own wife.

Episode 3

  • Chidori is sent to gain intelligence for an invasion, and gets amazing intelligence, and is stealthy enough to doodle on the enemy leader's face. After reporting back Nobunaga regrets that he didn't just have her assassinate the guy.

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