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    In General 

    File Island Arc 
  • From the very first episode, "And so It Begins...", Tai and Koromon's first meeting.
  • When they notice that Mimi isn't with them, Izzy suggests she's off picking flowers. Cue Mimi screaming for help, and Izzy also takes the time to guess that maybe she isn't picking flowers.
  • Everyone assumes all Mimi is carrying in her bag is hairbrushes and make-up, but she turns out to be Crazy-Prepared - with a compass, cooking fuel, flashlight, Swiss army knife and "some other stuff". Matt reminds her they could have used a compass earlier, and she brightly says she thought it'd be fun to see how far they could get without using one. Oh and it's broken.
  • The dubbed version of when they're trying to call their parents using Digital World phone booths in episode 2.
    Matt: What planet did I dial?
    • The operator Matt was listening too:
    "This number only exists in your imagination. Please hang up... and don't call back."
    • Tai doesn't have much luck with the phone booths either.
    Automated Operator: At the tone, the time will be exactly 45 miles per hour... and 90 seconds.
    Tai: Something's wrong or Mom's flipped.
  • In episode 4, the group is attacked by Meramon, who ends up getting bigger during the encounter and keeps constantly screaming that he's in pain (due to having a Black Gear lodged in his chest). This leads Matt to say this little gem in the dub:
    Matt: Maybe this monster just has growing pains!
    Izzy: Growing pains...?
    Joe: Matt, this is not a time to joke!
  • When the Numemon pop out of the vending machines and chase after the children in episode 6, Sora is left standing pointing at them with an expression that's a hilarious mix of "Oh, Crap!" and "What's going on here?" Also in the dub, her delivery of "how did they get here?" is brilliant, with some added hilarity of her standing stock still as Mimi zooms past her screaming "Who cares? Run!"
    • From the same episode, Mimi's hilarious delivery as she is being chased by Monzaemon lampshading how ridiculous the situation is:
    Mimi: This isn't funny! I'm being chased by a giant stuffed bear!
    • The Numemon form a barricade to stop the Hearts Attack from getting Mimi and Palmon. The latter points out that they're doing this after Mimi turned them down twice. Mimi can only say "when you've got it, you've got it". She's ten.
  • Tai attempts to draw a map of the Digi-world. Emphasis on 'attempt'.
    Izzy: Did you say 'map' or 'mess'?
    Matt: No question, man. You are the Dude of Doodles.
    Sora: If you follow that map, it'll lead right to a headache.
    • Agumon burns the map with his Pepper Breath, but continues to ask if various locations they find were on it. By the time they get to the mansion, Tai gives him a deadpan look and reminds him that he burned the map in the first place.
  • The kids all chilling at Devimon's illusion mansion in episode 8, (yes another bath scene), the boys and their Digimon are on one side, the girls on the other. The girls have a relaxing time, until they realize Gomamon is with them on their side. Naturally, the girls get ticked and Palmon whips him over to the other side with the boys all wondering where the HELL he came from!
    • The shot was cut out in the dub because everyone was nude, but Joe was used as a Living Crashpad for Gomamon.
    • Matt and Tai actually get out of the bath in the Japanese version to rip the towel off Joe! In the dub it's just changed to Matt telling him there's no need to be modest, since the girls are on the other side.
    • In the same episode, after lights out, Agumon has to use the bathroom and asks Tai to take him there. Tai does, and in the English version, Agumon denies that he had to go and that the only reason he went to the bathroom with Tai is that he wanted to "protect" him, but wouldn't say why he went in a stall. In the stall next to his, Ogremon is trying not to laugh. The Japanese version is even funnier, as we actually get to hear Agumon farting.
  • Gabumon's Face Fault after eating a bitter medicine brought by Frigimon to cure his cold in episode 9.
  • From episode 10, Mimi becomes upset with Izzy over his ignoring her while he is wrapped up in trying to work out a puzzle in the ruins they are in, and starts to cry loudly. Palmon is standing beside, turns to look at Mimi for a moment, then randomly begins to cry loudly in the same manner. While she is upset herself, the way she imitates Mimi is hilarious.
  • During Episode 11, Gomamon and Biyomon manage to trick a dumb Bakemon guard (they know he's dumb because, according to Gomamon, Digimon who blow "Snot Bubbles" are easily tricked), into letting them go by demanding he start torturing them.
    • And...
    Bakemon: You guys are weird Digimon.
    • The dub has some fun with this as well, with Gomamon delivering this retort to the possibility that they may be able to trick the guard.
    Gomamon: We may be able to trick him? I think that's a given, he doesn't look too smart.
    • Also when Sora makes Joe their leader he suddenly starts spouting off orders like he's a military general. Gomamon pokes fun at this:
    Sora: We have created a monster.
    Gomamon: Hey! You think a black gear got him?
    Sora: Gomamon!
  • When Devimon sends the children flying to different sections of the now shattered File Island in "Subzero Ice-Punch", Tai lands in one of the frozen part- unfortunately, he's in his underwear. Luckily, his clothes were on his bed…only they're now frozen. Agumon uses his Pepper Breath to defrost the clothes, but while the shirt comes out fine, Tai's pants are set on fire!
    Agumon: Whoops! Nuked 'em a little too long! But look on the bright side!
    Tai: What bright side?
    Agumon: You're not cold anymore!
  • After Devimon's finally defeated, we get this hilarious moment from Ogremon:
    Ogremon: With Devimon out of the way, I can take over now!
    Leomon: (casually) Hello, you forgettin' about me?
    Ogremon: Leomon! Get me outta here! Why can't the bad guys ever win?

    Server Continent Arc 
  • In episode 15, Mimi gets carried off by a group of Pagumon. Tai and Izzy rush into the building looking for her and assume she is in the room ahead. Sora is behind them and, seeing Mimi's dress lying around, warns them not to go in. Naturally Tai and Izzy walk in on Mimi in the bath and get bottles thrown at their heads.
  • When Etemon's Dark Music causes Greymon and Garurumon to de-Digivolve, Tentomon asks...
    Tentomon: Does rock and roll have that effect in your world?
    Sora: Only on our parents.
  • Etemon in general is a walking moment of funny whenever he's onscreen. The dub took it a step further by having him be an Elvis impersonator and cracking one-liners courtesy of Richard Epcar. But in both versions, he also throws fits whenever the DigiDestined foil him.
    Etemon: *angrily hopping up-and-down on a chair* Those rotten kids beat me again! I gotta find something easier to beat like some cardboard boxes, or something!
    • A blink-and-miss it shot of Etemon throwing off a bathrobe. The funny part? He's wearing it on top of his Monkey Suit—yes, that is a skin-tight suit he's wearing.
  • In episode 16, Gomamon manages to use his Marching Fishes while in a coliseum. In the middle of a desert. Fish which fly, and then vanish like they'd never been. Amazingly, the dub actually tries explaining where the hell these fish came from (vortexes, Izzy explains to Joe, who just accepts this like it's perfectly natural).

    The Eighth Child Arc 
  • When Mimi refuses to sing karaoke to awake ShogunGekomon in episode 25, Tai tries singing himself, followed by Joe and a duet by Agumon and Gomamon. In the Japanese version, where Mimi sings the ending song, everyone tries to sing the same song, but are horribly off key and mess up the lyrics that the only thing funnier may be the other characters' reactions.
    • In the dub:
    Joe: [singing monotone] I am attempting to sing a song, a song that will awaken you and aid all the Gekomon who are loyal to your worldview and the idea of you being in charge!
    • The Spanish dub has Tai singing about wishing a lorry but they gave him a trombone that he can't play (how tragic!), Joe about trying to play the violin, and Agumon and Gomamon about eating.
    • Tai, Joe and their Digimon then secretly plan to record Mimi's voice. When Mimi finds out, she screams as loud as she can into the microphone. The look on Tai's face is priceless!
  • The rebellious Numemon getting Nanimon drunk on soda in episode 27. Granted, in the original, he did get drunk on beer, but the dub is so blatantly Frothy Mugs of Water that it's borderline Getting Crap Past the Radar.
  • The dub sneaks in some hilarious puns while they're in the normal world in episode 29, all delivered as background events or from random bystanders.
    • As Mammothmon is raging through traffic, a man in a car comments "Wow, if that's a car he must have a lot of trunk space."
    • Another is a single line delivered on the news before they switch to covering the monster attacks: "Both horses were in stable condition."
  • Episode 30 is chock full of these.
    • Joe and Sora tell the Digimon they have to be quiet in the subway system, lest they raise suspicions on where they came from.
    Yokomon: Here's an idea. I'll be one of those dolls you told me about, the kind where you squeeze them and they go "Wah! Wah! Wah! WAAH!"
    Sora: Be a doll that doesn't talk!
    • A baby starts pulling on one of Yokomon's petals on the train. Yokomon gets so fed up with the brat pulling on her that she finally screams at the kid to let her go, completely forgetting she's supposed to be a stuffed doll. The train goes dead silent. The looks on our 7 heroes' faces... just brilliant.
    • Right after that, the passangers ask Sora where she got that doll. Just as the train stops at Nerima, Sora yells out she got it at the "Nerima Daikon Department Store" and everybody runs out to buy one, leaving the children alone.
    • Pictured above. Gomamon accepting a promotion token from a woman at Shinjuku Station. The woman pulls a scared Face Fault because Gomamon is supposed to be acting like a plush.
    Joe: It's just a plushie! (They run away; the speechless woman stares at them)
    • It's also funny in the English dub; when this happens, Joe just cries out "BAD DOG, BAD DOG!"
    • And before that, Joe realizing that he and Izzy got separated from the group.
    • When the group arrives at a fast food restaurant, Joe gets angry with spectacular fire in the background because they wasted all the money for the train tickets... only for him to do the same at the end because his stomach demands food.
  • When the kids are trying to hitchhike to Odaiba in episode 30, Matt gives it a shot and a woman in a sports car pulls up and wants him to get in. And the faces!
    Tai: Why'd you refuse?!
    Matt: (embarassed) We couldn't all fit in the car!!!
    • The dub changed this into having Matt be either too embarrassed or scared to hitchhike, implying he didn't even manage to hail a car in the first place.
    Tai: (irritated) Not so easy, is it, Matt?!
    Matt: Well at least my cat's not stuck in a tree!!!
    • Izzy and Joe trying their luck at hailing a cab:
    Taxi Driver: You kids want a cab?
    Izzy and Joe: Yeah.
    Taxi Driver: Ya got any money?
    Izzy and Joe: No.
    [taxi drives off]
    • From episode 31:
    Newscaster: It certainly does appear to be showing two monsters, but are these creatures really monsters? We're quite interested to know if they're related to the giant elephant and fire bird that rampaged Hikarigaoka. And now for sports!
  • Tentomon accidentally reveals he's not a stuffed animal in front of Izzy's parents. Naturally they freak when they hear him talking... and Izzy's mom faints. The look on Izzy's face during this whole event is what just makes this scene so perfect!
    • After that, Tentomon reacts with "Oops! Well, now that you know I can talk, my name's Tentomon. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
  • T.K.'s mom is terrified when she sees him on Ikkakumon's back and yells for him to get off, but T.K. (in what clearly seems to her like a very inappropriate case of Casual Danger Dialogue) just cheerfully assures her he's fine and introduces her to Joe.
    Joe: It's very nice to meet you, ma'am! I was in T.K.'s woodworking class at summer camp! He nearly cut off one of my fingers, but that's a whole different story, I won't go into it right now!
    Nancy: Please stop! I don't understand!
    T.K.: Don't worry! The saw slipped but I missed him by a mile, he wasn't hurt!
    Nancy: That's not what I'm talking about!
  • Phantomon's reaction to an oncoming angry Birdramon.
    Phantomon: Oh, it's just a bird. ...A large bird, I grant you. A large, angry bird— AHH!
  • Myotismon's assertion that "Dreams do not exist for the stupid!" is hilariously audacious.
  • In episode 36, a Bakemon is taking a break from following orders like "seize her, or grab him, or go terrorize that old lady" (in the dub). Then Tai and Agumon jump him and beat him to a pulp.
  • Myotismon is having a bit of trouble getting Gatomon to admit that Kari's the Eighth Digidestined, so he snaps his fingers, Kari lets out a scream, and Gatomon desperately calls out Kari's name...and then it's revealed all Myotismon did was have Demidevimon pull Kari's hair. Considering what we normally see of Myotismon, this is pretty hilarious on his part. What sells it is Gatomon's face when she realizes what just happened.
  • On the challenge of defeating VenomMyotismon:
    Angemon: This won't be easy.
    Angewomon: *bluntly* Nobody ever said it would be, Angemon.

    Dark Masters Arc 
  • The English Dub has Kiwimon's laugh.
  • A small one from episode 40, Enter the Dark Masters: The 8 Digimon are trying to fight Piedmon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon and MetalSeadramon. At one point Angewomon is knocked out of the air by an attack. Little Kari runs underneath to try and catch her (apparently forgetting she's not a cat anymore), but Angewomon is so big she just ends up crashing into Kari and knocking her down. Even funnier when she just goes straight back to the action.
  • Also in episode 40, Gomamon and Palmon are the only ones in Rookie form when Joe almost falls off a cliff and something starts rustling in the bushes. They all rush forward prepared to fight and/or help Joe. All the In-Trainees overtake Gomamon, digivolving as they do so. Except Palmon, who enters in the same manner as the others but then randomly trips over her own feet, as if she forgot she was already a Rookie.
  • Episode 44 has MetalGreymon's Giga Destroyer (a giant missile) against a Garbagemon, who counters with his Poop Bazooka (Exactly What It Says on the Tin). The "doink" that happens when they collide just seals the deal. The tip of the iceberg is the poop landing on Puppetmon's face.
    • Mimi catching one of their projectiles in mid-air, and throwing it back. The look on their and Puppetmon's faces is priceless.
  • When Puppetmon makes the kids teleport randomly around his forest by messing with dolls in their likenesses. This stands out in particular.
    Joe: *disappears*
    Tai: *teleports to where Joe was*
    Kari: Oh, brother.
  • MetalEtemon's fight with Puppetmon. What should be an epic battle between Megas starts out looking like something more suitable for Looney Tunes. MetalEtemon's opening move? A slippery banana peel! Puppetmon follows up with a whack to the shins that gets MetalEtemon hopping.
    MetalEtemon: Hey, where ya goin'?
    Puppetmon: Home. You're lousy at name-calling!
    MetalEtemon: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm metal and you're wood! Whatever you say bounces offa me and splits you in half!
  • In episode 49, the Digimon don't have enough energy to digivolve. Seeing them in the digivolution scene as nothing happens is funny enough, but the dialogue makes it hilarious.
    Biyomon: Biyomon digivolve to... Hey! What happened?
    Patamon: Patamon digivolve to... Wait a second, I'm still me!
    Tentomon: Tentomon digivolve to... Kabu— never mind...
    Agumon: Agumon digivolve to... Greymon! [beat] Greymon!
    [cut to Agumon, very much untransformed, flailing his arms around]
    Agumon: Greymon! Yeah, I'm Greymon! I'm big and I'm bad and I'm—
    Tai: Agumon, your digivolve was a digi-dud.
  • LadyDevimon and Angewomon's until then violent Designated Girl Fight became hilarious once they started slapping each other. Tai, Izzy and Kari's reaction amped up the hilarity even more. Watch!
    Tai: Wow, how scary!
    Izzy: Women are indeed dangerous once they're upset...
    Kari: Don't let her beat you! Hit her! Hit her harder, harder, HARDER!
    • Izzy's dub line in this scene is even funnier.
    • Kari's reaction was pure hilarity...normally an OOC moment can be jarring, but from the usually sweet and soft spoken was comedic gold.
    • LadyDevimon attempting to use her Black Poison attack on Angewomon... only for MegaKabuterimon to get between them and cause LadyDevimon's needle (which is her hand) to snap right off.
    LadyDevimon: Arrgh! You broke it!
    MegaKabuterimon: Aw, send me the bill.
    • In the Japanese dub, when MegaKabuterimon/AtlurKabuterimon got between Angewomon and LadyDevimon's attack, Angewomon angrily told him to back off because the fight is hers. And MegaKabuterimon quickly apologizes and moves aside. Hikari/Kari isn't the only one who is that into the battle.
  • In episode 52, Piedmon's Last Jest. When Mimi shows up with the Digimon allies, you see powerhouses like Ogremon, Frigimon, Meramon and Andromon do the classic intimidation stance, with the comparatively tiny Otamamon and Gekomon doing it as well (as admirable as it was for them to even try and fight), and their only contribution to the fight is being chased off-screen by a group of Vilemon, only for the vilemon to get sent running by badasses Frigimon, Meramon and Andromon. All this while Izzy, Joe, and their partners just stand in the background watching.
  • Apocalymon's first words to the Digidestined. As the camera is panning over him and giving us a look at the tubes coming out of his body— one red, one blueish— he declares:
  • Apocalymon ending his "Do you think it's fair" speech with "Why do all of you get the pizza while I get the crust?" was hilarious. The dramatic delivery just really sealed that. Apocalymon actually had a lot of hilarious moments.
    • And then Mimi's "Ah! I can't take all these metaphors!" right afterward.
  • Another funny Apocalymon line:
  • At the final battle, when they all get their gusto and find the power within (over clips taken from important scenes between each kid and their respective Digimon partner), when it's Gabumon's turn to reminisce...
    Gabumon: As for you Matt...
    Matt: You don't have to say anything... I know.
    Gabumon: There was that time when—
    Matt: Yeah that's right, I remember.
    Gabumon: And then you and I—
    Matt: I know.
    Gabumon: Remember when we—?
    Matt: Didn't you hear me? I said you don't have to say anything.
  • During the Final Battle, Lillymon tosses Mimi into the air so she has her hands free to use Flower Cannon.
    Lillymon: Hang on!
    Mimi: Hang on for wha—[gets thrown] AAAAHHH!
    [Lillymon launches her attack, then catches Mimi]
    Mimi: Next time, Lillymon, can you use someone else as a boomerang?
    Lillymon: Sorry, but I wanted to make sure you came back to me!
  • The goodbye scene in the last episode was peppered with funny moments, which somehow made it even more of a Tear Jerker: Izzy tells Tentomon he loves him, which makes him fall over in shock and turn the windshield wipers on in the truck they're sitting in. Then Tentomon explains why he's surprised— since Izzy doesn't show emotion too often. Then he asks a favor: "Would you PLEASE turn off those windshield wipers!!" Izzy agrees and hugs Tentomon, which makes him start gagging. "Ack— you're choking me!"


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