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  • The 5th episode of both season one and Träumend are full of incredible hijinks.
  • Shinku finding out what a bathroom is used for, slowly blushing and then locking herself in her case qualified for sure.
  • The entire Escalating War episode, but in particular, Jun tricking Shinku into thinking that Detective Kun-Kun is mad at her for siding with Suiseseki. What follows is Shinku going into a hilarious Out-of-Character Moment:
    Suiseseki: (Not fooled by Jun's trick) If you think she's gonna fall for this—(gets knocked aside by Shinku)
    Shinku: It's not true, Kun-Kun! It's not true I swear! The truth is this is all HER fault!
    Suiseseki: (absolutely furious) WHAAAAAAT!?
  • Kanaria believes that the girls were going to use Shinku's cookies to knock her out then steal her Rosa Mystica. She goes on to try and gloat evilly about how she saw right through their "plot" before Suiseiseki intervenes.
    Kanaria: You really thought I, Kanaria, the brainiest of the Rozen Maidens could ever possibly fall for such a—(Suiseiseki shoves a cookie in her mouth)
    Suiseiseki: SHUT UP! (pulls a massive tray of cookies out of nowhere and pours them down Kanaria's throat) Okay, open wide!!!!
    • Earlier, we have Shinku's attempt at baking cookies of her own. It could have gone better.
    Shinku: You are merely cookie dough. HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!
  • In the sixth episode of the 2013 anime, Shinku and Suigintou get into an incredibly juvenile fight over a removable shower head. The very next scene has them both sulking, wrapped in towels while they wait for their clothes to dry.

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