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Tear Jerker / Rozen Maiden

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  • You spend an entire episode watching Hina Ichigo slowly winding down to her eventual death, complete with stuttering movement and speech towards the end.
  • The raw despair and lack of a will to live demonstrated by Ill Girl Megumi aka Megu, a medium of Suigintou, who she begged to use up her life force. Did I mention she calls Suigintou "Angel-san"?
  • Suigintou counts, at least when she's not in Axe-Crazy mode (Ouverture in particular). Despite being brought Back from the Dead repeatedly, her death scenes make it as far from Death Is Cheap (or Narm) as it can be.
    • Suigintou's entire back story counts, at least where Rozen Maiden: Ouverture is concerned. You feel so sorry for her, and then realize it was because of Shinku and Souseiseki belittling her, and their revelation that she is an incomplete doll that turns her into the Big Bad of the first season.
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    • It's not much better in the manga, where her inverted crosses represent her father's rebellion against God, and she bears the sins of her father for creating life. After being created, she was left in a storeroom where the dolls are abandoned after being finished. Each one reminds her that she is imperfect and unwanted. When the Alice Game begins, she's so bitter that she decides to win the game out of spite. She wishes to destroy her sisters and become Alice as a final "screw you" to her dad.
  • Kirakishou's backstory is sure to draw some tears. She was created with no physical body within the N-field and then left alone there with no way of getting out or forming a bond with a master. Naturally, this drove her insane to the point that she no longer cared about roza mysticas or the Alice Game itself, only about getting a physical body which had been denied to her at her creation.
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  • Before the first example, there was Souseiseki dying in her sister Suiseiseki's arms after the two almost come to blows. Souseiseki is adamant in her duty to Father but Suiseiseki doesn't want anyone to fight. "How can you say you cannot bear to know Father is saddened when your own sister is crying her eyes out in front of you?!" indeed.

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