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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy:
    • The death of Hinaichigo in the second season of Rozen Maiden. There was a whole episode dedicated to her winding down to her eventual 'death' where she spent the day with her old owner, complete with stuttered movement and speech during her last moments.
    • Her death in the manga, however, was horrifying: Kirakishou used her rose vines to destroy and consume her from the inside out. Still sad.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Rozen as an terrible excuse for a father-figure, rather than the figure of utter adoration he is to the Rozen Maidens. That further breaks down into two sub-interpretations.
    • Rozen as a sadistic individual who takes cruel pleasure in watching his "daughters" fight each other to the death for his love, and only intervenes as neccessary to make the game more interesting, such as giving Suigintou her Rosa Mystica after she proves willing to claw and scratch her way to hell and back in search of him, or to ensure they don't decide it's pointless and simply stop it.
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    • Rozen as a callous, indifferently child-like individual who regards his creations as simply that; dolls, and so fit only to do whatever he wants them to do and for his own amusement. He never finished Suigintou because he decided she wasn't interesting enough, and he makes them fight the Alice Games because it's fun and, hey, they're only dolls, what does it matter if they kill each other?
    • This attitude has more or less vanished, thanks to The Reveal from the manga that Rozen basically went off the deep end before he set up the Alice Games, but has since regained his sanity and wants to stop them... but has lost so much power that he basically can't do so.
    • Nori also gets this regarding her bizarre ideas of what boys Jun's age should be interested in. Within the fanbase, this leads to assumptions of Brother–Sister Incest regarding her feelings on Jun.
  • Broken Base: The animated adaptation of Tales, Zurückspulen, has pretty much torn the fandom in twain: between those who like the new but less colorful and much slower, melancholic, and introspective atmosphere of Zurückspulen, and those who prefer the colorful and magical girl-esque tone of the first two Rozen Maiden series. This, despite the fact that Zurückspulen is actually more faithful to the manga than the first two seasons.
    • This is partially caused by the fact that Zurückspulen is produced by Studio DEEN instead of Nomad, who made the original anime. Detractors of the new anime hate the fact that what is widely regarded as The Scrappy studio of the entire anime industry took over the show, while supporters firmly believe that Zurückspulen in itself has managed to redeem Studio DEEN. This in addition to the style differences mentioned above.
    • The sentiment that Rozen Maiden is in any way colourful, bright and a kind of Magical Girl series is also completely off-mark. This is a series where 7 sisters fight across the entire multiverse in a free for all battle to kill each other, just to appeal to a god-like father figure.
  • Die for Our Ship: Jun and Rozen, so much.
  • Discredited Meme: Sueseiseki ending most statements with "desu" was interpreted by Western fans as a Verbal Tic and there are a few Stupid Statement Dance Mixes of her just saying "DESU" over and over, but it is actually a Japanese cupola that makes a statement more polite.note  As the Occidental Otaku became more familiar with Japanese grammar in general, the meme quickly fell out of favor.
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  • Distaff Counterpart: Take Zatch Bell!. Switch demon children for cursed dolls. Switch Spellbook for Rosa Mystica. Switch 'become king' for 'become Alice'. Switch 'teen genius' for 'teen loser'. Notice a pattern yet? Be ready for serious mamodo deja vu, if you plan on watching this.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Suiseiseki reached memetic status with her "desu" Verbal Tic, and became one of the main reasons a lot of people even watched the show to begin with.
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: This is basically the plot in a nutshell: A deific father figure creates seven children and then vanishes, leaving them to fight over the vague promise of his love and physical perfection.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
  • Foe Yay: Shinku and Suigintou have this going on quite a bit. Special mention goes to the opening of Ouverture opening song with the lyrics "is this hatred or love", while showing their hair swirling and knotting together.
    • Kirakishou and Suigintou in the manga, with Kirakishou showing signs of a sister complex and even offering Suigintou her Rosa Mystica. Though it could just as easily have been a ploy to capture Megu.
    • Kira even plants a kiss on Hina-Ichigo, though it was more for the purpose of gaining her body.
    • And then there's Kirakishou and adult Jun, to the point where she even shows textbook signs of yandere for him. She attempts to torture him into choosing to be her master instead of Shinku's or Suingintou's, and then tries yet another Forced Kiss on him in a way of physically forcing him to make a contract with her (her ring was on her tongue). And as if that's not bad enough, just a few seconds before, she licks and sucks on his finger in a way that's clearly meant to simulate oral sex while saying she 'wants him.' And the clincher? She goes into a complete Villainous Breakdown when Adult Jun says, in no uncertain terms, that he wants nothing to do with her, causing her usually cool and 'cute' demeanor to devolve into hysterical screaming with her vines flailing all over the place. And she wonders why everyone she actually does want to like her can't run away from her fast enough.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Kanaria calls Barasuishou "Bara Bara", which is Japanese for "break apart". She dies by having her body completely torn apart.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Suiseiseki was voiced by Nana Mizuki in the Drama CDs. Natsuko Kuwatani is The Other Darrin and better known for playing her. Both of them plays characters from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Nana Mizuki is Fate Testarossa who has Arf/Alph, played by Natsuko Kuwatani, as her familiar (a beast guardian).
  • Memetic Mutation / Fountain of Memes: If you haven't already noticed, "DESU!", desu. This page used to have every trope ending with "desu", after Suiseiseki's Verbal Tic.
  • Moe: Elegant Gothic Lolitas with Verbal Tics and various anime cliché personalities? So very moe!
    • Suiseiseki won both the 2006 Anime Saimoe tournament and the 2006 Korea Best Moe tournament.
    • Souseiseki was the runner-up of the 2005 Anime Saimoe tournament.
  • Nightmare Fuel: How Kirakishou takes Hina-Ichigo's body in the manga.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Hinaichigo and Kanaria, for their whiny, childish personalities.
    • Megu is seen by many as an extremely callous and manipulative bitch. This really started after it was revealed that she was working with Kirakishou by her own free will because Suigintou keep her promise to kill her, her speech to Jun about how he's worthless, attempting to break Tomoe as well by guilt tripping her over the death of Hinaichigo (which she had no control over), and her generally awful treatment to her nurses before she even left the hospital.
  • Toy Ship / Cargo Ship: Between the dolls. And sometimes, Jun and one of the dolls. Especially Shinku.
  • The Woobie:
    • Suigintou in Ouverture, Suiseiseki in Träumend.
    • Kirakishou. She is, as much as the other dolls, a victim of Rozen's blind desire for Alice and maybe she had it worse; Rozen just made her as an astral doll without body, unable to ever get a master or even get out of the N-Field and abandoned her as he did with the others, but she was completely alone and that make her insane, to the point of not even caring about her own Rosa Mystica and the Alice Game at all.


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