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Schierke, in this case, is not amused.

Berserk, being a cesspool of gloom, doom, and utter suckiness, is probably the last place you were expecting to find humor, much less hilarity. However, this otherwise grim epic is sprinkled with moments of Black Comedy, Gallows Humor, snark, and sometimes even outright silliness. If you're gonna be reading one of the darkest seinen manga currently being published, you'll be grateful that there's some laughs to take the edge off and help you keep your sanity.

For more laughs, check out the funny pages of Berserk (1997) and Berserk: The Golden Age Arc, especially for the former's Hilarious Outtakes.

No spoiler tags will be used on this page. Examples are sorted in order of appearance.

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    The Black Swordsman Arc 
  • When Guts walks into the inn at the start of the "Baron of Koka Castle" story, he plops a coin on the table and states to the innkeeper and says in a deadpan Understatement, "I'm gonna mess up your shop a bit." He then proceeds to shoot the Baron's men full of bolts with his repeating crossbow and torture one of the survivors in front of the customers, and ends by chopping the last mook in half with a swing of his BFS that breaks the floorboards to splinters, leaving the innkeeper with multiple bloodied corpses to clean up.
  • Asked by Collette's father whether the huge object behind him is some kind of sword, Guts sarcastically answers, "Nah. I use it for my cooking.''
  • When the Count bring Puck to Theresia's room in a cage, and she greets him as "father", Puck is flabbergasted by their lack of resemblance.
  • During Guts' final fight with Zondark, Guts soon finds himself unable to kill the mutated apostle spawn with brute force alone... only for Zondark to, in a moment of pure genius, explain to him that he is practically unkillable unless Guts lops off his head to stop his Healing Factor. Nevermind the sheer absurdity of such a bone-headed move, even Guts can't help but spout an amused grin over as he immediately motions to decapitate Zondark after that revelation.

    The Golden Age Arc 
  • There was quite a bit of humor in the Band Of The Hawk arc before it goes wrong. Like Judeau throwing a knife nonchalantly and breaking a bathing merc's bucket and getting that knife thrown right back at him.
    • You know, when he did that, Judeau was actually venting some steam out of jealousy because Casca had been cuddling with Guts for a few nights. Details.
  • When Guts asked Griffith why he didn't just kill him:
    Guts: Are you a homo?
  • Pippin, The Big Guy of the Hawks, gets one after Guts is instrumental in the Hawks' victory in an early battle. The rest of the Hawks are celebrating, but Guts is brooding at his usual spot up on the castle's battlements. Pippin wants Guts to join the others in the festivities, but Guts says that he's happy right where he is, thank you very much. So Pippin picks Guts right up and hauls him over his shoulder before carrying him kicking and screaming back to the rest of the crew in perhaps the only time Guts's aversion to being touched is Played for Laughs.
  • The next day, Guts gets thrown into the moat by Rickert who opened the door right behind him. Rickert tried to help him up, and enter Pippin through that very same door...
  • He also gets into a very childish water-fight with Griffith earlier for no reason.
  • While staying at Wyndham Castle, Griffith invites Guts to his study, and talks about all of the lengthy books that he engaged himself in, to which Guts finds absolutely no interest in. Then Griffith pulls out a book depicting pornographic images - to which Guts does find interest in - and asks if Guts wants to borrow it. And that's how Guts became a dedicated bookworm.
    • Griffith is proud to state that one of the books he happened to be reading was the Kama Sutra. In the next panel you can see Guts thumbing through it.
    • Moments later, Griffith nonchalantly tells Guts to assassinate the king's brother. Griffith sure does have his ways of convincing his teammates to do his dirty work.
  • Casca and Guts fell down a cliff, into a river. Casca is having her period and has a fever. Cut to Guts looking absolutely pissed while holding a naked Casca. To be fair, Guts could have been in Heroic Safe Mode since they were in enemy territory... But even when you think of it in that context, it's still pretty funny.
    YouTube commenter: Never has a man looked so unhappy holding a naked woman.
  • When Casca wakes up and realizes that Guts took her clothes off while she was unconscious, she punches him in the face and drives him out by throwing bits of their equipment and armor at him in a rather cartoonish fashion. Guts angrily tells her to cut it out, then gets cut off with an Oh, Crap! look on his face when she throws his dagger so that it buries itself right next to his head! Berserk: The Golden Age Arc II takes it up a level so that she throws her entire sword!
  • In the middle of the incident that earned him the name 'Hundred-Man Slayer', Guts getting bored with the mercenaries fighting him being too scared and wondering if he should leave.
    • In some translations, he reminisced that of he was still a freelance mercenary, the 5-fold bounty on his head would be a pretty good incentive.
  • When they find Guts alive after killing one hundred mercenaries, Casca and Judeau's expressions are pure heartwarming. The other soldiers behind them are too busy thinking, "He's still alive after killing all those dudes? When he looks like he ought to be dead? What the hell is this guy!?"
  • After Guts and Casca return safe to Griffith from the Hundred Man Fight, Casca says it was her fault and that he can punish her however he likes. Guts makes a funny expression of exasperation and suddenly spanks her on the behind, causing her to leap into Griffith's arms and shout indignantly. Welcome back indeed!
  • Adon Corbolwitz deserves a mention for being spectacularly useless and hammy about it in every appearance he got.
    Casca: Not so loud, you idiot!
    Knight: Well, that explains it...
    • During the assault on Doldrey, when Casca has Adon pretty much beaten and on the ropes, he announces there's only one thing left to do, which you might expect to mean he's going to try one of his family's secret techniques. Casca readies her sword... but instead he abruptly drops to his knees and grovels for mercy. The first face Casca makes at him is like a visual Flat "What", and as it sinks in she just can't help but feel embarrassed for having ever taken such an idiot seriously. Meanwhile, even Adon's own soldiers are ashamed to see their leader sink so low:
    Knight 1: S-Sir Adon! This is just too much...!
    Knight 2: You must be kidding?! It was your fault we all got left here, and yet...
    Knight 3: Sir! That's incredibly uncool!
    • But wait... HA HA! GOTCHA! It actually was his secret technique: the "Furious Attack Thunderclap Burst" ("Ressha Jinrai" in Japanese) passed down by the Coborlwitz family for 1,000 years! The way that Adon goes right back to cackling and congratulating himself immediately after regaining the upper hand through such a humiliating and dirty trick just goes to show that there's no cure for his shamelessness.
  • Guts's absolutely dumbfounded expression when he sees Casca in a very pretty ball gown.
  • Casca had the tendency to fall off cliffs a lot during the Golden Age arc, either deliberately or by accident. When Casca dropped from a cliff telling Guts to take care of the Band of the Hawk, Guts' response after grabbing her and hoisting her back up was "Look, you! Don't you EVER go near a cliff again!"
  • Volume 10 is an odd instance where at least 1/3rd of the content constitutes as laughable material:
    • First when Guts tells Casca his plans of leaving the Hawks again, she yells at Guts and starts swinging some punches at Guts. Unlike in the anime, Guts' response is to not calmly hold Casca, but to grab one of her boobs to shut her up and end her angry tirade. She immediately stops but then threatens to throw Guts over the waterfall and drown him before he has a chance to get himself killed in battle.
    • When the Hawks prepare to execute Operation: Rescue Griffith, Casca professionally mantles her horse... until she mounts it a bit too roughly (especially after copious amounts of passionate lovemaking) and she winces with a most comical face. Guts comes by asking her what was the matter, only to be greeted with a glare.
    • When the Hawks make it to the old graveyard, Guts comments that if it were that easy to find a supposed secret passage in a graveyard, all mercenaries would be out of business. Seconds later, Casca finds the entrance. Judeau's response:
    Judeau: Hmm. Unemployment.
    • When the Hawks learn that their secret liaison within the castle was Princess Charlotte herself, Guts is so dumbfounded that he points at her (which is pretty informal to do to a blueblood, if not outright rude). Casca forces Guts' head down to show the princess their respect. Charlotte, on the other hand, happily recounts how she remembered Guts' very rude display to her late-uncle Julius a year prior. Casca glares.
    • Afterwards, Charlotte has a good look at Casca and realizes that she was the knight whom she pledged to protect Griffith that day before a fateful battle... only she had no idea that Casca was, in fact, a woman. While Guts and Judeau are snickering like schoolboys in the background, Casca grows more flustered when Charlotte wonders why she didn't mistake her for a man this time around. Guts' answer? "The obscurity. She [Charlotte] mistook her [Casca] for a woman." Probably not the best thing to say to your girlfriend, but Casca took it professionally - to some extent.
      • There's also the implication that the reason she figured out Casca was a woman right away was because she just had sex with Guts a few days earlier.
    • Mixed with heartwarming. During the operation, Casca is silently wrestling with her conflicting feelings toward Princess Charlotte, since this pretty much marked the first time that Casca finally has to come to grips with Griffith's intentions toward Charlotte and how she virtually has no future with Griffith, while also having to hear about Charlotte's feelings and physical relationship with him. When Guts sees that Casca is distressed, he pulls a jerk-boyfriend move by suggesting to Casca that they should hold hands. Casca looks annoyed but laughs it off with Guts, so his gesture helped, not to mention that they do end up holding hands while no one is looking.
    • Charlotte nearly fainting right after bribing a few guards.
    • Princess Charlotte has quite a uncharacteristic temper tantrum at the thought of not going with the now-exiled Band of the Hawk in order to stay with Griffith. To shut her trap, Casca, Guts, Judeau, and her maid Anna all put their hands over Charlotte's mouth.
    • Before the group descends the tower's inner depths, Charlotte begs Casca to kidnap her afterwards so that she could be with Griffith. Judeau even agrees with Charlotte, pointing out that it could give them leverage over Midland while on the lam, but Casca swiftly silences them all by explaining why such an act would be more detrimental to both parties than beneficial. That alone was a Moment of Awesome on Casca's part with her deductive reasoning, but it understandably puts Charlotte in a sour mood (refer to temper tantrum in above example). On a second thought, Casca is sympathetic enough to let Charlotte stick around long enough to be with Griffith before the Hawks escapes, which pleases Charlotte enough... but she says that she'll scream again if necessary in her inner monologue.
    • During their descent, Charlotte gets weak in the legs from fright, so Guts begrudgingly offers to carry her on his back. While doing so, the group starts talking about the legend of Emperor Gaiseric and his doomed city that supposedly rests at the bottom of the tower. And THEN Judeau starts teasing about ghosts, which scares Charlotte so much that she squeezes Guts' throat, causing him to choke.
    • Casca suffers a minor case of distraction and bumps her head into a low cavern ceiling, causing her to drop her lantern into the abyss.
  • Corkus' Lampshade Hanging when the Hawks are fighting Apostle Wyald.
    Corkus: Shit, it's always us! Who else has to fight these kinda fucked up things?
    Guts: Dont go popping a boner over my head now!
    Wyald: MY DICK!
    • As if that wasn't hilarious enough with the face that Wyald makes, the Dark Horse edition renders his response as "NOT MY #@*&^...!!" Somehow, bleeping this one thing out in the middle of such an NSFW episode only underlines that it's supposed to be funny.
  • During the Eclipse, when Griffith is raised on the hand-like plataform, each member of the God Hand goes on to stand over a finger. Naturally, Slan is standing over the middle finger.
  • In another instance of the Eclipse, Ubik gives Griffith a vision that basically shows how the latter wants to become one of the Godhand out of his own volition. During this vision, Griffith interacts with an old woman... who in one panel is actually shown to consist of Ubik standing on top of Conrad whilst half-wearing a shoddy mask. Good lord.
  • When the Skull Knight comes out of the vortex of the Eclipse with Guts and Casca unconscious and bleeding, there's something funny about how abruptly he dumps both of them on poor Rickert.
  • Once again, the grim aftermath of the Eclipse gets a moment of comedic Mood Whiplash when Guts wakes up in the cave, and the first thing he sees is Erica clumsily trip over herself.
  • Rickert tells Guts to point his new prosthetic arm at a rock outside and pull the trigger, intending to surprise him with its new cannon function, but just as Guts is about to activate it, Godo walks in the door right where he was aiming. Rickert and Erica nearly faint at what a close call that was!

    Conviction Arc: Chapter of Lost Children 
  • When Guts tells Jill to go home, after he had held a knife to her throat in order to get away from the mob in town, Puck gets angry and tells him she's bleeding. Guts grabs Puck and uses him like a salt shaker to sprinkle pixie dust on Jill's cut. Jill uses the same technique of shaking Puck when she sprinkles Guts the following day, although it may be justified by Puck being too catatonic to do it himself.
  • After Jill explains her history with Rosine, Guts tells Jill again to go away and then leaves Puck in a little prison made of rocks to get him out of his hair. Puck squishes his face into funny shapes trying to stick his head out one of the gaps.
  • Puck, finally fed up with Guts acting like a Jerkass, gives him an Albatross Death Blow.
  • During the Lost Children Arc, Puck imagines a Chibi Godhand. Dear God...
  • Puck's first meeting with the deadly-serious Skull Knight. "Who'd have though Guts would be friends with a monster? Er-no offense! This guy's so terribly lonely, please be his friend!"

    Conviction Arc: Chapter of the Binding Chain 
  • Puck, finding Guts passed out and being mobbed by ghosts, does a quick bit of mental arithmetic in his head after beating on ghosts with a pair of spiked flowers.
    Ghosts>Guts -> Puck>Ghosts -> Puck>Guts
  • Guts regains consciousness to see Puck fighting off the Ghosts. When Puck accidental back-hands Guts in the forehead with the spiked flower, he at first starts to get angry before finally breaking down laughing and practically admits that it's too hard to keep up the jerkass front with Puck.
  • When Guts encounters the Holy Iron Chain Knights for the first time and they are about to apprehend him, Guts tries to speak in his own defense.:
    Guts: Why? I don't recall ever being arrested by Priests. 'Course, that don't mean... I ain't been...
    Puck: Zero persuasive power.
    • Another translation:
    Guts: Look, I don't recall doing anything to any priest...not often...most of the time...
    Puck: Persuasive ability: zero.
  • When Guts is being kept in a cage by the Holy Iron Chain Knights and the demons come out at night, Puck comes in time with the keys - but will only unlock the cage if Guts says, "Pretty please with sugar on top." And Guts actually complies. But swears revenge later. Does this guy really need anymore reasons to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge?
    • Before that, when Guts sees the demons emerging around his cage, he asks how things could get worse. Then Puck arrives. His response?
      "That's a good answer."
  • When Guts takes Farnese hostage, he walks past the guards threatening to burn her ass.
  • It's happening in an otherwise very serious battle, and leads up to a nightmarish scene, but there's some Black Humor when Farnese ordered the horse she and Guts rode to let her mount him and the possessed horse answers "Hell NO!''
  • Puck's bug-eyed expression when a possessed Farnese strips naked and start to hump Guts' sword. It's like O.O
    Guts: Damn...
  • When Serpico arrives to rescue Farnese from Guts, he finds her naked and crying, demanding that he kill Guts to avenge her honor. In contrast to her hysteria Serpico is hilariously mellow, sheepishly stating that he can't fight Guts because he would surely die. He and Guts agree to let each other go, but when Guts turns his back his eyes shoot open and he attacks Guts with a quick draw, jumping to avoid the Dragonslayer. The outcome is that Serpico scratched Guts' cheek, while Guts tore open Serpico's boot so that his sock pokes out. After they acknowledge each other's skill, Serpico suddenly sheathes his sword and amicably says goodbye for real, leaving Guts both confused and impressed to have met such a piece of work. He even notices Puck!
    Serpico: "So on that note, until we meet again! I've done what I meant to do."
    Guts: "H-hey!'''
  • Puck takes advantage of his Invisible to Normals status to play pranks on Farnese, pulling her lip among other things. When he does it again to a random soldier later after Farnese was able to see him:
    Farnese: ...Why does that seem familiar?

    Conviction Arc: Chapter of the Birth Ceremony 
  • Inquisitor Mozgus can be strangely funny when he's not busy dealing with heretics. Specifically when he gets all emotional and just looks absurd, or does something ridiculous like smash his face repeatedly into the floor.
    • For a while there was a meme of drawing Mozgus as a much cuter (or at least more normal looking) Anime & Manga character. Get a load of Bishop Doraemus.
  • Before joining the party, Isidro tries to steal the Dragonslayer from Guts. Of course, since the sword is probably twice as heavy as Isidro himself, he struggles to lift it and ends up getting stuck underneath its massive weight. Guts wakes up and effortlessly lifts it off him, saying, "It ain't a kid's toy."
  • Luca giving her errant "sister" Nina a spanking.
  • It says a lot about Berserk that after the Eclipse some of the most amusing moments are courtesy of a thoroughly broken, traumatized and insane Cute Mute Casca. A case in point: Isidro, Wrong Genre Savvy kid, is attempting to save Casca and a prostitute named Nina from a cult of pagans planning to sacrifice Nina and rape Casca. He drives the cultists off with rocks, jumps down... and botches the landing. Casca's response is to wave, at which point he sheepishly waves back.
  • There's a tiny, easy to miss one as Guts and Casca make their escape on a horse stolen from the Kushan army: Guts is cutting his way through whatever soldiers are in the way, with both hands occupied wielding the Dragonslayer. Casca is clinging to Guts, practically curled up in his lap. So who's steering the horse? If you look closely, you can see that it's Puck!

    Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon War 
  • Serpico's underwhelmed reaction to discovering who his father is, upon having his Orphan's Plot Trinket recognized by Farnese's father. "Oh... it's him." Serpico: Deadpan Snarker from childhood.
    "There was nothing especially moving about it for me. It was rather underwhelming."
  • Puck is looking for Casca when he sees Isidro running for his life with a bunch of stolen provisions in his arms; it turns out he stole it from Serpico and Farnese. Serpico lays him out with a well-thrown branch, and—still panting in exhaustion from chasing him—remarks:
    "So there are people whose charge for carrying luggage is the luggage."
  • The Skull Knight calling Slan "whore princess of the uterine sea". When it comes to insulting your enemies, this is about as over the top as it gets.

    Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of Falconia 
  • Isidro stating that he chose to be what he is now because he was inspired by the Band of Hawk's raiding commander whose name he can't remember (it's Guts). He starts going off about the man he idolizes, completely unaware that the man is standing right behind him. Guts even seems somewhat sheepish about how strongly he had really inspired Isidro.
    Isidro: "He cut down a hundred-no-a thousand soldier. And he took down those primo Purple Rhino Knight singlehandedly!"
    Guts: "That's exaggerated."
  • Magnifico's epic fail moment upon trying to announce Roderick and Farnese's marriage to a huge assembly of nobles, including his father complete with Roderick facepalming.
  • Episode 252 of the manga has all sorts of hilarity ensuing. First, Schierke struggles to bathe Casca while Isidro is tied to a chair to prevent him from peeping in. When she fails and Casca starts running around the room naked, Schierke then tries to wrap her in a towel...only for Casca to take off Schierke's towel and send her toppling, butt naked...onto a bed-ridden Guts, who she sets on fire and demands he forget what he saw. A still smoking Guts' response to this is to glance out the window and simply think Serpico and Farnese are taking too long.
    • Towards the end of it, despite his protests, Schierke insists on feeding Guts some soup herself...before realizing what this may imply. Her face is priceless.
    • She then immediately spills the whole bowl of soup onto Guts' face, who just sits there calmly. Ivalera's dialogue makes it even more funny.
    Ivalera: "The finishing blow."
  • Griffith rescuing Charlotte and her attendant Anna via flying bed. Anna's reaction? Go back to sleep.
    "...oh, that's it. I must be dreaming. Well, take me home, Sir Bed!"
  • After a fistfight with each other which ends in comically swollen faces and bloody noses for both of them, Isidro can't even speak past his inflated mouth:
    Mule: I'll remember you, Ijidodo!
    Isidro: It's Ijidodo!
  • Puck attempted to use Becchi a.k.a. Mr. Behelit as fish bait. "Do you best not to get eaten".
    • And when the Behelit starts acting strange, he panics and tries to sacrifice Evalera to it.
  • Guts, Casca and Co. are in a bar. A drunkard approaches Casca, who is busy demolishing a set of sausage links, and asks her to serve him a drink. Guts then nonchalantly kicks him in the face. Serpico then asks Guts to remove his foot from the table. Hilarious.
  • Moments later, another band of ruffians tries to make a move on both Farnese and Casca. Guts responds by punching the first in the face and starting a brawl inside the tavern. The scene then cuts to sir Azan, now impoverished, pennyless and starving after his fight with the pirates, meandering on the road outside the tavern, desperately looking for food. Cue one of the drunks fighting Guts flying out of the window right in front of him, along with a table's-worth of food. Azan eagerly takes the opportunity to stuff his mouth with as much food as he can, all the while thanking the Lord for his providence.
  • In volume 32, after an exhausting but kickass fight with Emperor Ganishka while teaming up with Zodd, Guts collapses flat, face first, onto the pavement (which is sorta funny in itself). Serpico's commentary?
    "Goodness, he seems to have gotten up solely for the sake of trash-talking."
    • And just prior to that, everyone's reactions to Guts standing up at all, in particular Puck's horrified response when realizing how much elf dust he'll have to make to treat Guts ("I'll get so dried up!"), and Magnifico's question that basically sums up every situation Guts has ever gotten through in the whole story:
      "Why is he alive?!"
  • Daiba, the sorcerer for the Kushans, shows up and starts making grandiloquent speeches about Guts' skill and whatnot. Then Serpico says that he can't understand Daiba because he's speaking Kushan. Then we realize that it's unlikely anyone in the group speaks Kushan, which means that Daiba's dramatic words might as well just be him talking to himself. We have a new villain who thinks he's making a big impact on the heroes...but no one can understand him.
  • Griffith eating Charlotte's home baked cake. Here we have Femto, conqueror of worlds, betrayer of friends, breaker of cuties, most haughty monster in manga history and deceiver of humanity eating cake...
  • Schierke tries to teach Farnese magic. Lesson one is to focus on an apple until you can see beyond it. The lesson doesn't go well, and Schierke is called away... at which point Casca steals and eats the apple. The faces are priceless.
  • Guts, Casca, Isidro, and Schierke arrive to crash a party full of nobles, not at all dressed for the occasion. Puck's line is what sells the funny.
    Puck: We have acquaintances inside and we came for the free food!
    • During the subsequent tiger attack, he appears in a frilly noble costume having produced a large Tupperware container for said food:
    Puck: Une soupe, s'il vous plait.
  • After Griffith defeats Emperor Ganishka the first time,saving the city of Vritannis, it's very funny to see Griffith wrestles the command of all the allied forces from everyone, and how laughably easily he does that. When the nobles from Midland question his authority as commander of Midland, Princess Charlotte comes and appoints Griffith supreme commander of all of Midland's forces, then when Lord Vandimion reminds everyone that Midland is but a part of an alliance, the Pope comes and recognizes Griffith as the Hawk of Light, blessing him. In two episodes everyone is under Griffith's command.

    Fantasia Arc: Chapter of Elf Island 
  • Isma's Cry Cute moment is surprisingly funny, since it felt like it came right outta nowhere. There's also the many, many, many Male Gaze moments she gave Isidro, which prompted Schierke to go "Guh?" when she tried to contact him via telepathy and saw her assets.
  • Every time Captain Sharkrider makes an appearance is a funny moment. He constantly chews the scenery with his card-carrying villain antics, and occasionally chews on the face of his first mate when he gets worked up.
  • The idle threat from the Pirate who was hit by Schierke's paralyzation spell: "LET ME MOVE OR I WILL PUNCH YOU!" Somebody give this guy a Nobel Prize...
  • While it probably wasn't meant to be funny, there's Falconia in Episode 334. You ever wonder what is the size of Griffith's ego? There's your answer. There's hawks, griffins and even seraphim (Neon Genesis Evangelion Shout-Out and secretly Godhand Cult of Personality (they've been called Angels in the past after all)) statues and carvings all through the city. It's like a desperate cry for attention "Hey, look at me! Am I not fantastic?!". Seriously, not even Sauron, Lex Luthor, Doctor Doom, Joffrey Baratheon and all Real Life dictators combined couldn't reach that level of ego-trip, which only gets worse next episode as he sets himself as a God-Emperor and The Messiah of the Holy See and starts using his powers to bring the souls of the dead back to amaze his new subjects. Cause, you know, building an utopic city that makes Rome, Vatican and Florence its bitches wasn't enough. Apparently, becoming a Godhand and losing his emotions didn't solve Griffith's narcissism.
  • The entirety of Episode 337. Also known as "Kentaro Miura Draws Very Pretty Flowers", "Griffith's Tea Party: Sonia is not amused", and "Griffith Gets Bitchslapped".
  • Episode 339 has a rather good one: Rickert has been saved by Silat and his men and goes back to where he's staying. Upon returning, the two rather large cloaked men are confused for orcs not just by Erica, but by Luca as well. Bonus points in that both called out the other for frightening Erica.
  • In episode 345, Isidro, who has previously expressed adulation for the Hundred-Man Slayer of the Band of the Hawk, is confirmed that Guts was a part of the group. And instead of coming to the conclusion that Guts was the Hundred-Man Slayer, Isidro very excitedly figures out that Guts must have known the Hundred-Man Slayer.
    Puck: Almost...
  • Episode 346:
    • Casca catching a falling petal on her tongue like a snowflake.
    • Puck's siblings (Pick, Pack, Peck, and Pock), with numbered hairstyles. Especially the one who seems to be something of a Ralph Wiggum with a perpetual :D expression, and their attempt to greet Guts seriously, and Guts' thoughts on them.
    "These are his siblings, alright."
    • Puck and Magnifico's failed "coup" of the Elfhelm throne.
  • Episode 347:
    • The dream worlds that Schierke and Farnese start out in during the Passage of Dreams have some hilarious imagery — the first being Schierke as she finds herself tormented by Isidro in literal monkey form (and tries to summon a giant golem and a wheel of flame that come out as hilariously chibi); the second being Farnese washing and drying clothes in a way that represents her search for approval from others (and features Mozgus and Guts as a stone head/his helmet respectively that don't like each other). The other party members' clothes talking to her, Mozgus and the Berserker Armor's disembodied heads hamming it up, and the conceit of a flaccid Dragonslayer hung up like a shirt on a clothes line to dry is just too rich.
    • Followed by them entering Casca's dream, when they are all hit by severe Art Shift and everything is turned into a Stylistic Suck.
  • Episode 349: At a party with the elves, Isma gets drunk and starts rambling about being a merrow. She decides to demonstrate to the astounded magic pupil by transforming... forgetting that mermaid tails and underwear don't mix well. The pupils immediately try to get her to let them scrape off scales and oils for their potions.
    • Azan drunkenly dancing with a pair of dwarves.
  • Episode 350: As Schierke and Farnese go around piecing together Casca's memories, one of those memories was, inevitably, her having sex with Guts. Farnese panics.
    Farnese: [covering Schierke's eyes] Mistress, you mustn't look!
    Schierke: Huh? But... for scholarly reference!
  • Episode 351: Despite what horrors awaits them in the center of Casca's mind, Schierke and Farnese's next major obstacle is... basically big black penises that attack by spewing white liquid out of their "mouths", enough to make even the late H. R. Giger blush. They even encounter humanoids with penis-shaped heads and penises for arms. Of course, when you note that Casca has the same kind of visceral revulsion to these things as with the other monsters of the dreamscape, and remember just why the phallic monsters are there, things get decidedly less funny.
    • Even with Schierke's arsenal of spirits and summons, they are getting overwhelmed by their phallic adversaries, so Farnese in desperation manages to summon... a big head of Mozgus with tiny little wings on each side, and it's as ham-tastic as the real deal was:
    • Not only that, but his way of dealing with them is to grind them up inside his mouth. He's literally eating dicks.
  • Episode 362:
    • After the Berserker Armor overtakes Guts and lets out a primal roar, Hanarr casually clinks some of his chain tools to restrain Guts with an equally passive "Down boy."
    • After bringing Guts back yet again from the control of his armor, he thanks Schierke who brushes it off as the same ol' shtick she's been doing for a while now.


    The Dark Horse Packaging 
  • Laughter doesn't just stop with the content within the volumes, but on the outside as well. The summaries on the back of each of the Dark Horse Manga English volumes are hilarious. You might not think much after reading the description on the back of volume one's cover, but they get funnier as they progress - and you have over thirty-five volumes to choose from. Some highlights are:
    • The back of volume six:
    "... Berserk is a bloodstained manga juggernaut, equal parts savage violence, gruesome horror, and black humor packed inside a flaming powder keg and rolled downhill into a crowd of terrified civilians. Let the weak-kneed get out of the way, 'cause Berserk ain't about to give up any ground!"
    • The back of volume three:
    "...Berserk is exactly what it's title advertises, a savage, gruesome, and often darkly funny roller-coaster ride, inspiring the internationally popular anime series. If you're looking for graphic fiction to take home to Grandma, this ain't it—unless Granny smokes cigars and rides a Harley!"

    Supplementary Material 
  • One ad for Berserk has Guts fighting the giant demon tigers from Vritannis. The thoughts going through each tiger's head? "Duh, we're tigers."

  • Someone on r/berserk with the handle DrHurtzalot makes a total shitpost, asking "How big is Griffith's penis?" User J0HNCENA treats it as if it were a serious question and produces a 580 word reply in which he calculates an estimate based on an extensive knowledge of medical statistics.
  • Walterpeanut's Berserklejerk gag scanlation of episodes 340+ is side-splittingly hilarious.
  • Walterpeanut's 2016 April Fool's Day post on r/berserklejerk takes the cake:
    Hi everyone, I bring you terrible news. From official sources I cannot name at this time, the new Berserk anime, which is scheduled to release sometime in 2016, is going on hiatus before it is even released. When the animation studio in charge of creating the anime was questioned about this hiatus, they claimed a small Asian man of about 50 years of age broke into their studio and stole the completed episodes. The man supposedly left a note saying he would return the episodes at a specified date and time and warned against any further production of episodes until these are returned. The Japanese police department is currently pursuing suspects. This has created outrage in the Japanese anime community, leading people to even speculate if the Berserk 1997 anime ever really ended or if it has just been on hiatus this entire time. I will try to keep you all updated on this critical situation as best as I can. Be safe.

    Edit: Jackie Chan and Kentaro Miura have been taken in for questioning.
    Edit 2: Chan found innocent, Miura prime suspect.
    Edit 3: Kentaro Miura has escaped police custody and made a raft out of a dozen police bodies to get off Japan.
    Edit 4: Miura has been arrested in North Korea.
    Edit 5: South Korean government negotiating with North Korea to get the stolen episodes back.
    Edit 6: Negotiations have failed. Nuclear war imminent.
  • Post by UNiqas on May 14, 2017: "Happy Mothers Day!" *Image of Guts' mother hanging from a tree*


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