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  • Castor's Frau dolls. And the collar scene.
  • Any time Hyuuga and Konatsu are left alone in a room together. Well, they don't need to be alone, there just needs to be a bit of paperwork. Hilarity will ensue.
    • Also, almost any time Konatsu and Shuri appear together. Konatsu really never gets to catch a break, poor guy.
  • The track "Escape" from the drama CD. Ayanami acts considerably more different than in the anime, stopping Teito and Frau to ask a few random questions, cheerfully sends them off on their journey and even challenges them to chase him. What makes this even better is that he says "yahoo!", which of course surprises Frau and Teito.
  • When Teito and Hakuren reach the final part of the first stage, they both have a heartwarming, yet hilarious debate about the other person going through the Door of the Victorious. They're so into their discussion that they don't hear the former archbishops offer to let both of them pass. What's even better is what they wrote as their answer: "Eat shit!"
    • It's hilarious to learn that Frau had the same answer when he took the exam.

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