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Erza Scarlet: Not So Above It All personified.

  • Chapter/Episode 2 introduces Lucy and the reader/viewer to the Fairy Tail guild: a huge and hilarious guild-wide Establishing Character Moment. Lucy is just all giddy about being in the legendary guild hall. And then...
    • Natsu decks one of the guys there and rails him for lying about the job he just came from and sets off a huge Bar Brawl (to the tune of freaking Infernal Galop in the anime).
    • Gray's his boxers.
    • Cana's introduction has her drink wine out of a barrel.
    • Elfman's "manly" introduction is cut short by Natsu and Gray decking him.
    • Mirajane's introduction is cut off by getting something thrown at her (her brother Elfman in the anime, making her briefly Give Up The Ghost) and making Lucy panic.
    • Natsu then throws Gray into Lucy...without his boxers. The dub of the aftermath ices the cake...
      Gray: (To Lucy in a deadpan tone) Excuse me miss, could I please borrow your underwear?
      Lucy: As if! (Clobbers Gray with a Paper Fan of Doom)
      Loke: (Suddenly picks up Lucy with appropriate shocked reaction from her) These guys are all so insensitive. A woman has needs.
      Elfman: (Uppercuts Loke which causes him to drop Lucy) Real men speak with their fists, Loke!
      Natsu: (Kicks Elfman away) I told you to butt out!
      Happy: (popping up in foreground) Aye.
    • Throughout, Lucy stares in bewilderment and is basically showing a look of, "What the hell did I just get myself into?"
    • Finally, just before everyone starts getting serious and casting spells, Master Makarov breaks up the brawl and is terrorizing Lucy with his giant form...and then shrinks back down to his normal, very short size and just politely says hello. He then proceeds to call out the members on their quirk-induced misbehavior before burning the complaints and saying they should live as they see fit.
  • The brawls in Episodes 41 (when the guild hall was rebuilt) and 96 (upon Natsu and company's return from Edolas) are just as funny.
  • Basically anytime Gray loses his clothes. Someone would point it out, and he would either respond with, "Oh, look at that. I'm not wearing clothes." or, "HOLY CRAP, WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES?!"
    • In one episode, a reporter comes to the guild and asks Gray why he always takes off his clothes.
      Gray: [stands up to reveal he's not wearing pants] THAT'S NOT TRUE! I NEVER DO THAT!
      Juvia: [flustered] You're in your underwear right noooow!!
      Gray: AAH!
    • In a filler episode, Team Natsu minus Wendy and Carla visit Blue Pegasus as part of an inter-guild exchange program. This particular jewel of exchange happens in the dressing rooms:
      Lucy: (seeing Natsu looking well-dressed in a suit) Natsu!
      Gray: Hahaha! The clothes make the man, old buddy!
      Natsu: Shut up, Frosty!
      Erza: Hush Gray. Go find your pants.
      Gray: (Looks down and sees he's not wearing pants) Aw, dammit!
  • Speaking of the above episode, the inter-guild exchange program is one big, funny pillar to post chase as the gang tries to take on different jobs with other guilds:
    • In Blue Pegasus:
      Lucy: Let's be the best escorts we can be!
    • Lamia Scale is just as funny:
      Natsu: Hey Lucy, what can I do to help?
      Lucy & Happy: Go away?
      Natsu: THAT'S JUST MEAN!!!
    • Erza gets Gray and Natsu in drag for their visit to Mermaid Heel. Just try not laughing at Gray smacking a customer with a serving tray or Lucy trying desperately to close Natsu's legs before anyone notices he's not a girl, this troper dares you. And to top it all off? Mermaid Heel Ace, Kagura Mikazuchi blushing furiously while Erza holds her in a sweet embrace.
      Kagura: I missed you! (face turns deadpan) Wow, that was embarrassing.
  • While on the isle of Galuna, Lucy has Virgo dig a pitfall trap directly in front of the village's main gate, which nobody has any confidence in. Cue Natsu running toward the village directly at the trap... but Lucy successfully gets him to stop in time. After examining the trap's covering, he decides to step on the "weird leaves" and promptly falls in, taking Gray's unconscious body with him.
  • Erza's sinister chuckling after she says Natsu won't be able to talk his way out of Makarov's punishment is pretty funny.
  • Episode 19, which has the entire cast doing a "Freaky Friday" Flip.
    • Erza and Happy swapping is particularly hilarious; it's hard to beat Happy being stoic and serious, while Erza turns into a total Genki Girl with Happy in charge of her body.
    • Also, Gray maintaining his stripping habit while in Lucy's body, prompting Lucy to freak out and stop him every time he tries to remove his (her) shirt.
    • Gray talking and acting extremely feminine, since it's Lucy in his body.
    • The best part? THE VOICE ACTORS STAYED WITH THE BODIES!! Gray's voice with Lucy's lines?! PRICELESS!!
      • The dub commentary adds to it when Tia Ballard (Happy) realizes just how good Colleen Clinkenbeard's (Erza) range is.
    • Loke in Natsu's body is also worth a chuckle: hard to be a ladies man when you drool fire.
    • And then the episode ends with the situation getting worse, as Gray and Lucy had swapped back, but Makarov swapped with Mirajane, Cana with Elfman, and Jet with Droy. The characters then break the fourth wall to complain that it's not resolved by the end of the episode.
  • Episode 25 has Gray vs Juvia. One of the funniest showdowns in the series.
    • Juvia's Love at First Sight and her quickly giving up to Gray's confusion.
    • Gray takes off her shirt and Juvia starts fangirling.
    • Juvia's comical overrecation to Gray's Declaration of Protection for Lucy complete with strains of Thus spoke Zarathustra and her spinning off into space.
    • At one point in the fight, he freezes her along with the boiling water...only for Gray to grope her breast instead.
    • After Gray saves Juvia, he asks if she wants to go at it(meaning their battle)... which Juvia takes afor something else and faints in excitement, leaving Gray bewildered.
  • Episode 29: Natsu, Gray, Happy, and Erza wonder if Lucy's okay, so they visit her apartment. But...Natsu comes in through the window while Gray climbs down the chimney. And then Erza casually walks through the front door and chides the others.
    Erza: [Drinking from a teacup] Hasn't anyone ever taught you boys to use a door?
    Natsu & Gray: Since when are you Miss Manners?
    Happy: For real.
    • It takes them a bit to realize Lucy's not home. What hints this is...
    Gray: Normally, she'd be all...
    Happy: [Pretending to be Lucy, complete with a Lucy mask] GET OUTTA HERE!
    • So they start searching the place. Cue Natsu searching where Lucy keeps her underwear. The others are about to call pervert until they see (we don't unfortunately) a pair of Lucy's underwear that just utterly shocks all of them.
    Happy: Where do you buy underwear like this?
    Gray: That's underwear?!
    Erza: I've never seen anything like it. Where would you even wear that?
    Natsu: Family gathering?
    Erza, Gray, and Happy: (shaking their heads furiously) Definitely not.
    • Gray, Erza and Natsu being in utter gobsmacked shock at the size of the Heartfilia estate. It is the most outrageously comical Heroic BSoD, and start referring to Lucy as "princess" (unlike Virgo, they stop after this scene).
  • Gajeel singing a ballad.
    • Gajeel looking for a cat because Natsu and Wendy have one.
    • Gajeel finding his cat or deciding mid-fight that Pantherlily should be his cat.
      • Gajeel now has Pantherlily in Earthland, and proceeds to hug him in complete and utter happiness. Looks like he got his cat after all.
      • Two people come to the guild and ask for a Gajeel action figure. When they get it they note that there's a stand for when Gajeel gets his own cat.
  • In Episode 30, when Mirajane mentioned that they can get jobs again, the entire guild is happy and all eagerly look for work, surprising Lucy. The Dub even adds someone yelling "Money!" in the background when Lucy lampshades it
  • In Episode 41, after Natsu's big fight with Jellal, he ends up sleeping for three days:
    Gray: Yeah well, that's what he gets for eating all that Ethernano.
    Natsu: [bolts awake] SAY THAT AGAIN AND I'LL SMACK YA!
    Happy: You're awake!
    [Natsu passes out again]
    • Lucy gets really embarrassed upon discovering that the guild gift shop now carries action figures of her... with removable clothing.
    • When Team Natsu arrives to the new Fairy Tail guild building in Episode 41, Natsu complains that everything is so different now. He then sparks a Bar Brawl and grins saying that this is Fairy Tail. While Makarov cries.
  • Erza. Strawberry cakes and acting are Serious Business.
    • Also add her terrible singing, and her stage fright!
      • Hell, all of Episode 30, when Team Natsu is putting on a play is a series of funny momments.
    • And at her reaction whenever lingerie is involved.
    • Erza tries to pull people into Marshmallow Hell... while wearing her breastplate. Ouch.
    • Any time when she shows that she's just as wacky as the rest of the guild. When the Stoic badass randomly breaks into Lucy's home or goes along with one of the bizarre notions Natsu comes up with, it's downright hilarious.
      • And every time she does something odd, Happy just says "That's Erza for you."
    • Do NOT interrupt Erza's first picnic. She will destroy you.
  • The audio commentary for the dub reveals that Ian Sinclair voices Bora. Director Tyler Walker instructed him to make it sound like "a bad 'Evil J. Michael Tatum' impression" and wonders if that will bite in him the butt sometime later. He winds up sounding like a mix of dub!James of Team Rocket and said actor!
  • Episode 31 gives us the pillow fight and Lucy's Slow-Motion Fall, as well as the aftermath with Natsu and Gray wrapped in bandages.
  • In Episode 39 when Team Natsu enters its Darkest Hour, Erza has suffered from a serious Curb-Stomp Battle and cannot move. Natsu finds her and tickles her while she's helpless to stop him. Also doubles as a major Heartwarming moment.
    Natsu: Time for some serious payback! This is what you get for always ticking me!
    Erza: [laughing her ass off] This is serious! So quit goofing off! STOP IT!
  • Wendy playing a demon.
    • What really sells it is the total lack of reaction until Gajeel appears behind her and glares at the guy, causing the guy to run away screaming.
      • Wendy quietly apologizing afterwards.
      • Heck, even Great Demon Lord Dragneel is freaking hilarious, if only because of his hammy introduction.
      • This might be Harsher in Hindsight now, what with the revelation that Natsu is E.N.D. and all...
  • In Episode 10, Erza gets arrested by the Magic Council and is tried in court. Natsu being Natsu, decides to crash the trial while dressed up as her.
    • Not to mention Seagrain's amused smirk as this goes on.
  • After Natsu and Lucy meet Edolas!Lucy, Natsu suggests they do a mirror-mimicry skit, to Lucy's protests. The funny part comes a few chapters later when they meet Edolas!Natsu, and Lucy indulges in a rare moment of snark to suggest that he does the same thing.
  • Really, the Edolas Fairy Tail in of itself is hilarious given the role reversals of many of the members. Standing out is;
    • Cana being a respectful young woman in conservative clothes
    • Gray being obsessed with Juvia while she's annoyed with him.
    • Lucy is the top girl of the guild with a rivalry with Levy
    • Jet and Droy insult Elfman, who's a lot less rough and tumble looking.
    • and exactly the same.
  • In Episode 48, after Natsu's fight with Laxus, he runs up to Laxus in the guild hall, and starts yelling at him. Since Natsu's covered in bandages after said fight, his speech is muffled.
  • Lucy Tempting Fate in the Edolas arc. The King couldn't possibly have an amusement park in his castle, could he? Manchild Natsu was quite pleased.
  • Lucy failing to seduce anyone.
  • During the fight between Hughes and Natsu in the anime. Hughes is evil-laughing uncontrollably the whole time while Lucy struggles to free a nauseous Natsu from the roller coaster, and in the end when it crash lands into the lake, it turns out that Hughes was laughing the whole time over the hilarious "Best Shot" of a terrified Lucy and motion-sick Natsu.
  • Juvia taking a comment from Gray the wrong way and assuming Lucy is her rival in love. One particular moment occurs after Juvia had to hide Gray inside her body (literally). Juvia gloats to Lucy:
  • During Natsu's and Gajeel's climatic battle during the Phantom Lord arc, while the Dragon Slayers are destroying the place and tossing everyone else around, one of the Phantom mooks took time to appreciate Lucy's panties.
  • Chapter 200: Lucy thinks that Natsu looks cute when he's sleeping, and as she's looking at him and smiling, but he suddenly hits her right in the face with Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. She goes through the roof of the guild and lands in the river outside. Again, while he's sleeping.
    • It becomes more hilarious if you go back to the earlier stories and see Lucy walking on the edge of the canal, with a passing pair of sailors warning her that she's going to fall in eventually, which is exactly what happened during the above mentioned sequence (the sailors don't appear when she falls in, though, which is too bad since that would've made it even funnier.
    • No, what would've been funnier is if she landed in the boat itself right in front of the sailors and sunk their ship, they always swim in the same spot each time and Lucy landed right along their route!
  • Episode 69 has Team Natsu reuniting with their guildmates. This includes Juvia crying Ocular Gushers of relief upon Gray's return... which end up literally flooding the guildhall.
    Juvia: Oh! Gray, darling! You're back! I'm so happy you made it home! My tears are flowing like waterfalls!
    Fairy Tail Member: [floating in water] Gray! Stop your girlfriend, man! We're drowning here!
  • Chapter 204: Lucy and Cana defeat Fried and Bixlow... with the power of Fanservice! The fact that Fried faked it doesn't make it any less funnier.
    • It's even funnier in the anime.
  • During that fight Lucy summoned Aquarius, who promptly got into an argument with Cana.
    Aquarius: Every woman alive is my enemy, idiot! You think you're hot stuff just because you let your jublies out to jiggle? Wow, I didn't know girls were so desperate these days. Poor thing. You'll never land a man that way.
    Cana: I bet you settled on the first ugly merman who showed you his trident. It must be rough when you’re 20,000 leagues of pure skank.
    Aquarius: Rummy wench.
    Cana: Fishy sea-beast.
  • Chapter 208: During the second phase of the S-Class Trial, Natsu questions a random monster after beating it. And it responds with Vocal Dissonance.
    • When Mirajane says that Elfman and Evergreen managed to get past her by saying that they were getting married, Erza queries on whether it was really a trick. Mirajane imagines what their child would look like and collapses into tears. Erza's next words clinch it:
      Erza: "Don't cry Mira."
  • In Episode 52, Mirajane causes a massive Face Fault. Makarov has just finished informing Fairy Tail of the plan regarding the Oración Seis and about half a minute later:
    Mirajane: "Welcome back, Master!" (Everybody except Makarov face faults with Natsu and Happy doing a Head Desk)
  • Episode 57: Hoteye's Heel–Face Turn and Jura's reaction to it.
  • Episode 59: After Angel's defeat, she announces her prayer: That she wants to disappear into the sky like an Angel. Then she falls into the water and complains.
    Angel: "I said sky, not water."
    • Then later after Brain is informed of her defeat, he thinks she dead. Cue to her floating in the water:
  • Virgo teasing Lucy about her relationship with Natsu in the anime. What really sells the scene is that she neither changes her facial expression or deadpan voice while delivering Happy's line.
    • And she did the same with Gray after he complemented her on her Stellar Spirit Dress and Juvia was there.
      Juvia: "Juvia is so frustrated."
      Virgo: "He lllikes her" (all three of them get hit with Color Failure)
      Lucy: "Please don't roll your tongue."
  • Episode 50 where Juvia's attempt to use a Love Potion on Gray instead gives a giant Conflict Ball to every member of the guild, prompting random declarations of rivalry. Some of them, like Macao and Wakaba or Mirajane deciding to start back up her rivalry with Erza, kind of make sense. Then you have Erza deciding that a pillar she has to walk around is her rival, while Makarov declares alcohol his rival, or Gray deciding at the end of the episode that the horizon is his rival and when it wears off he ends up at Galuna Island.
    Gray: (after realizing where he is) How did I get here?
    Moka: It can only be the curse of the Moon, young man!
    • Poor Elfman can't find a rival:
    • He enters Beast Soul and tries to fight, only to be sent flying by a demonic Mira. Poor Max and Warren were terrified!
    • There's also Gray declaring Happy his equal because he can fly and Gray can't. He then goes to the top of the guild and tries to fly.
    • Makarov declares alcohol itself to be his rival and refuses to let himself get drunk by it. Cana wants to be his rival, but he shouts that she's not worthy. Cue them guzzling down all the booze they can.
    • The same episode also has Lucy thinking Natsu was going to confess his feelings for her and her freaking out as a result. Turns out he just needed her to summon Virgo to dig out something. Her meltdown was pretty epic. Also, in her Imagine Spot, he basically used his trademark attacks and phrases to confess:
      Natsu: (beautified) "Karyuu no Tekken... Let's have 30 babies, Lucy."
      Lucy: "Yes..."
      Natsu: "I'm all fired up."
      Lucy: (back in the real world) "Like I said, that's not it... and why are the babies Happy?"
      • Even funnier in the English version
    Natsu: "Hey there lady! Let's have 33 babies together!"
  • The Daphne Arc, while completely filler, is funny in the first part given Daphne is trying to sell a fake product while Natsu, for once plainy the Only Sane Man, is getting more and more annoyed because Wants to know about the dragon she saw
  • In an omake (Chapter 119.5), Mirajane teaches transformation magic to Natsu, Lucy, and Happy. Natsu turns into Lucy but doesn't change clothes, so all that's covering "his" upper body are a vest and scarf. Cue Lucy's freakout:
    Natsu: (looking down) "Wh... whoa, these are sof-" (Natsu proceeds to play with them)
    Lucy: "NO TOUCHING!!!"
    • This gets even better once Happy transforms into Lucy with... interesting results. Mirajane then transforms into Lucy... for some fanservice!
    • It eventually gets animated as episode 222, which includes a second omake of various characters taking a trip to a new boutique. Evergreen, Wendy, and Carla pick out stylish outfits, Erza has trouble finding something nice...then we see Gajeel and Pantherlily, dressed up as Batman and Robin! This inspires Erza to dress up in a costume herself...a Catwoman suit!
  • In Episode 52, when after a long, extravagant introduction of the suave Pegasus Trimens, including a sing song, spotlighted introduction, a commercial break, several posed, flowery introductions, and Hibiki's Weekly Sorcerer fame, the camera cuts to an unglamorous shot of a moaning, nauseous Natsu and a naked Gray exclaiming that he forgot his clothes. Lucy sweatdrops and says "Not a chance."
  • Episode 53: When Happy sees Carla he asks Lucy to gives her a fish and Lucy uses this chance as payback for the all the times he tries to ship her:
    Lucy: [Thinking] It's about time the little guy gets a taste of his own medicine. [Beat, then speaking] You loooove her!
    Happy: That's my schtick, copycat! And I don't look nearly as creepy as you when I do it!
    Happy: Lucy, I'll give you my fish if you tell that vision I haven't been neutered yet!
    Lucy: Keep looking up my skirt and you will be.
  • In episode 63, Klodoa is laughing maniacally, only for Natsu to grab the staff and start whacking the skull on the ground, complete with sound effects, while complaining that he already got a headache from his boss and he didn't need it from his laughter too.
  • Episode 65: When Zero tells Erza, Wendy, the other alliance members that he defeated the rest of Team Natsu... and Happy.
    Zero: "I started by destroying three of your friends. A Dragon Slayer... an ice wizard... and a celestial wizard. Ha Ha Ha! And a cat."
  • Chapter 226: Lucy slams Kain Hikaru's voodoo doll into the ground while it's linked to him after he gave it to her.
    • Bonus points because he's an idiot.
      • This is even better in the anime as she makes him do some pinup model poses. And then the first thing he does when he gets his doll back later... is to make her do the exact same poses in revenge.
  • Chapter 227: Natsu and Lucy's tag team. So Lucy's been voodoo'd and Natsu grabs the doll and plays puppet master with her when he's stuck under a pile of rocks. Their banter and the victory pose at the end are HILARIOUS!
    • Happy stealing the doll from Kain and using it... to make Lucy hug Natsu's face to her chest.
      • To reiterate: Natsu is using the doll to punch and kick Kain Hikaru. Then Natsu gets the great idea to set Lucy on fire—"My pyro instincts are tingling!"—and then Happy is given the doll. Now Happy is going to give her speed by using Max Speed, and then Lucy is covered in fire and delivers an attack dubbed as "Lucy Fire." What makes it hilarious is how Lucy is reacting to the whole situation. Natsu's face was hilarious as well.
  • In Episode 72, Juvia confesses to Gray only for him not to be there.
  • When it's not being fanservicey, much of the first Fairy Tail OVA is this.
    • The scene where Natsu, Gray, and Gajeel saw Master Makarov swimming naked in the pool literally made this troper fall off her chair laughing.
  • Episode 79: Natsu's reaction to learning Lisanna is still alive. The Mood Whiplash is really sudden and it ends with the Edolas!Gray consoling him.
    Edolas!Gray: Just cry it out. You don't have to be strong for me. We're old buddies.
    Natsu: The Gray I know would be half-naked by now.
  • Episode 81: Gajeel meets Edolas!Gajeel. All of their interactions are hilarious.
  • The second OVA is also hilarious, especially considering the Continuity Cavalcade of gags squeezed into 25 minutes.
    • Erza, Wendy, and Lucy are walking down the street and Mystogan passes by. Mystogan goes around with his usual tattered cape over a school uniform with spray devices in both hands (and a whole bag of them on his back), spraying everything around while reciting Naruto's creed about getting the people of the world to truly understand one another and then randomly yelling out: "ANIMA!" It's so random it's funny.
      • The absolute crowning glory of this scene is something you may have missed if you weren't watching the right subs: Mystogan is peddling mist guns.
    • Both fights against Courage Academy (Phantom Lord). Especially the second one.
      Gray: "Move aside or you'll get hurt!"
      Juvia: "If it's by you, I don't mind. That's because Juvia...likes—" *gets sprayed by Gray's ice shaving machine*.
    • In the second fight, Erza's dress gets ruined and she goes BALLISTIC against Courage Academy:
      Aria: "So sad! She's totally open to attack just like that one time... I'm not sure why, but it's so sad!"
      Erza: (beats him up) "I'm the one who's supposed to be feeling sad!!"
      Natsu & Gray: (in unison) "She's really scary!!"
      Gray: "What should we do? No one can stop her now that she's become like that!"
      Erza: (cue Theme Music Power-Up) "I'm not going to stop this fight until one of us disappears!"
      • Best of all was when she pulled a freaking crowbar out from Victoria's Secret Compartment. There was no indication that anything was there. Predictably, everyone else within the immediate vicinity proceeds to freak the hell out.
    • This OVA also makes fun of the fact that there was, at one point, three Jellal's running around in Earthland. Jellal, Siegrain, and Mystogan all make appearances, and at the end of Erza's fight with Gajeel and co., they all show up at the same time and are more than a little creeped out by her.
    • And then at the end, Gajeel having a job at a karaoke bar, of all places. Priceless.
  • Chapter 240: Juvia is chasing Meredy, but because the former hurt her leg in their fight, she's chasing her on all fours, creeping the latter out.
    • Another funny thing is with Meredy's powers connecting Juvia and Gray's bodies. Juvia gets all giddy and embarrassed, resulting in Gray's face to turn equally red. It's not funny when she is getting beat him up, but things are still funny when it started.
  • Episode 84 has Lucky constantly shouting orders at Happy to enjoy his meals and to do work properly, losing his temper at the slightest backtalk or snark. It makes sense, considering that they're father and son.
    • Happy talks to himself (twice, and out loud) about how short-tempered and bossy Lucky is, but states to keep his "trouthole" shut since it will only make Lucky more angry. Lucky hears him, of course, scaring the crap out of the latter.
    • Though it's meant to be a heartwarming moment or a Tear Jerker depending on your point of view, Lucky stating that it's way too soon for his son Happy to have a girl like Carla over at the house can bring out a few snickers, especially with the Manly Tears.
  • Episode 86: Natsu's reaction to the Erza vs. Erza fight:
    • Later Natsu and Wendy not noticing that Gray came to rescue them and he gets a temporary Heroic BSoD.
    • Once they get their bearings and charge after the King, Natsu quickly tells them to turn to avoid the Erza-versus-Erza fight. Lucy protests...
      Lucy: We can't just leave Erza to fend for herself!
      Gray: Do you want to get in the middle of that?
      Lucy: You know, you make a good point.
  • In Episode 87, Lucy throws Natsu into the changing box and proceeds to change his clothes like he did hers.
  • Chapter 199: It's brief, but Lisanna's Not What It Looks Like reaction when she's being expelled from Edolas along with all the other characters with inherent magic since she's from originally Earthland is snicker worthy. Mood Whiplash turns it into a Tear Jerker a few panels later.
  • Episode 96 takes a brief look back at Edolas after our heroes (and all the magic) had left. One especially funny moment comes when Edolas Fairy Tail has to come up with a way to move the tree that's their guild hall without magic. Edolas!Levy's solution? Put the tree on a giant cart and just have all the men pull it towards the capital...while all the ladies are inside the guild hall having tea.
    All the Men: Are you having a tea party in there?! Come out here and help us!
    • But they do manage to drag the infernal thing all the way there, where they collapse in a heap.
      All the Men: (To Edolas!Lucy) Yeah, no thanks to you...
    • And since Edolas Fairy Tail can't use magic items anymore, Lucy has everyone do odd jobs repairing the capital...something none of the men know how to do.
      All the Men: (To Edolas!Lucy) How can you be so cruel?
  • As the group approaches Sirius Island, Makarov (who is wearing a Hawaiian shirt) explains that it's where Mavis Vermillion is buried.
    Gray: [Currently naked] And you're going there dressed like that?!
    Makarov: Said the nudist to the stylish man.
    Lucy: Speaking of, mind putting on some clothes?
  • Chapter 242: We get to see Pantherlily being afraid of lightning. It's so damn adorable that it HURTS.
  • Chapter 244: After Wendy is rescued by Horologium, without her clothes, Gray begins to state the obvious, then Horologium replies with "KYAAAA—!! what she says".
    • Hades going nuts, full stop. From shouting "bang bang!" while using his fingers as guns to flailing everyone around so they would "dance with his magic", he managed to ham a moment of high tension into a hilarious scene.
      • He used to be a Fairy Tail mage. Of course he's wacky.
    • Pantherlily freaking out with Happy before Laxus makes his Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Chapter 246: Why's the cat trio crawling in the pipes? Because Happy suggested it, FOR NO REASON!
    • In the anime, after Pantherlily accidentally bumps into Carla's butt. Happy gets mad and challenges him to a duel.
  • Chapter 247: Patherlily performs a Barehanded Blade Block on a mook and takes his sword. When he realizes it's a Morph Weapon that can get huge, the expression of glee on his face makes it very evident that yes, he is Gajeel's cat.
  • Chapter 249: Juvia, upset over letting Zeref get away, asks Gray to punish her. While on all fours and waving her ass in his direction.
    Gray: "I... I don't have those kinds of hobbies!"
    Juvia: "BUT I DOOOOO!"
    • In the anime, she lets him use her derriere as a chair, much to his shock. She gets pouty when he calls her out on this.
  • In Episode 95 of the anime, Erza freaks out after seeing Nichiya and punches him, saying he reminded her of a certain "someone".
  • Earlier Natsu defeated Toby without lifting a finger.
    Natsu: "Hey, I think have something on your forehead."
  • Lucy unconsciously grabbing Angelica while it flies away and she lampshades it.
    Lucy: "AAH! I grabbed onto it for some reason!"
  • Also Natsu's reaction in the anime, to the demonic appearance to the Galuna Island villagers.
  • Episode 121: Cana finally tells Gildarts that she is his daughter. His reaction? Scream at the top of his lungs and then ask Cana which woman he slept with is her mother. He then begins summing up the countless number of women he has slept with in an attempt to find out who it is. Needless to say, Cana does not react positively.
    Cana: SERIOUSLY?! I finally tell the truth only to realize my old man is a deadbeat who can't keep it in his pants?!
    • Not to mention Natsu and Happy's reaction.
    • Also, when Laxus starts checking to see if Lisanna is real.
      • And in the same page, we have Natsu vs. Makarov. It's an Instant Curb-Stomp Battle with Gajeel, Gray, and Elfman (and Mirajane in the anime) all with WTF faces.
  • Jet and Droy's expressions when Gajeel volunteers to be Levy's exam partner.
    • when Gajeel offers to help, he freakin' PICKS LEVY UP by the back of her dress and holds her at his eye level.
  • Any one of Mest's random space outs — the frozen river one is particularly prominent:
    "I wanna knoooooooow!"
    • Hilariously, as the flashback in chapter 438 shows, they weren't just an attempt to fake being a guild member; in the past, when he was overexcited about getting to infiltrate Fairy Tail, he actually started CHEWING on Lahar's hair bun. Based on his friend's unfazed, casual reaction, it was most likely normal for Mest. It disgusts Team Natsu once they see this particular memory:
    Mest: "I'm so ashamed; please pretend you never saw that."
    • The most recent one is particularly hilarious;
    Elfman: Natsuuuu! What have you got hidden in that arm?!
    Mest: Urgh, I NEED TO KNOOOOOW!
    Gajeel: (sweatdrops) I get it, but chewing on my head isn't going to help. Please stop it.
  • In Episode 99, Natsu and Happy's reactions when they find out that Gildarts is Natsu's opponent in the first phase of the S-Class Trial.
    • In the same episode, Gildarts splits Natsu into about 20 different mini Natsu's.
      • True hilarity ensues when they decide to Zerg Rush Gildarts. At first, Gildarts is amused that Natsu is continuing the fight, but then Natsu's tactics prove to be more successful than Gildarts imagined.
  • In Episode 100 Gray and Loke have to fight Wendy as part of the S-class trials. In spite of claiming they won't be holding back, their "attacks" consist of...making her watch them eat her least favorite food.
    Gray: Ultimate Secret Art: EAT A BUNCH OF PICKLED PLUMS!!!
    Loke: Holding up a jar of glowing plums THE ZENITH OF REGULUS!!!
  • Erza and Juvia's One Dialogue, Two Conversations moment in Episode 101.
  • In Chapter 256, Lamia Scale comes to visit Fairy Tail. Lyon sees Juvia for the first time. Lyon confesses to Juvia.
    • Juvia's love chart. note .
      Juvia: "PANDEMONIUM!"
    • Wendy's reaction to Reedus' drawing of the future of her.
    • Gildarts going all Doting Parent on Cana much to her annoyance.
    • Carla's reaction to Reedus' caricature of the Exceeds.
      • To put it in context the drawing wouldn't be out of place as a Furry Fandom Bara pic. Both Happy and Pantherlily have their normal cat heads on ridiculously muscular bodies which are wearing speedoes, while Carla's body is similarly aged up, she's wearing a cocktail dress and holding a wine glass!
  • Chapter 257 inserts a funny moment between all the Tear Jerker moments: Lucy's landlady is wearing the outfit Lucy wore when she first came to Magnolia seven years ago, and the landlady isn't nearly as pretty. Makes a second punchline when Natsu sees the landlady and mistakes her for Lucy.
  • Chapter 259: Makarov officially announces his retirement with Gildarts as his successor, only for Mirajane to show up in his place, to everyone's confusion.
    • Gildarts' order to make Makarov the Sixth Guild Master. Makarov is not amused.
  • Zancrow mocking Natsu when he asks if Igneel is related to some random gecko he was holding.
    Natsu: "Igneel is not a gecko!"
  • Chapter 227 has Natsu preparing to use his Fire Dragon's roar...with his hand on Lucy's rear.
    Lucy: "Don't touch my ass!"
  • The entirety of Chapter 262, especially the ending when everyone realizes they just lost the three months they needed for training. With Erza, Natsu, and Gray doing a Face Fault.
    • When Natsu is eating, Aries and Cancer tell him what the food is. It just so happens that it's lamb and crab. Natsu spits it out and shouts that he's sorry.
      • At the end, Gray says that he loved the food. He is then berated by Natsu for actually eating it.
  • Chapter 263 has everyone still suffering from a Heroic BSoD after the end of the previous chapter.
  • In Chapter 264, we have Ultear and Meredy criticizing Jellal for telling Erza he has a fiancee.
    • At the end of the chapter, after Crime Sorcière takes their leave, Happy draws something in the sand and tells Erza to look at it. Turns out it's a broken heart. Then, she punts him into the night sky.
  • In Chapter 265, Gray and Lyon are basically fighting over Juvia. Only for her to think he's choosing Lyon instead.
    • In Page 15 of the chapter, we see in the background that the three of them eventually went to eat at a restaurant. Gray and Juvia don't seem to be enjoying it.
    • Erza's paranoia when she inspects the room because of the 12 o'clock curfew. Also, her playing cards alone at the end of the chapter.
  • In Chapter 266, Lucy imagines Wendy as a delinquent.
    • Erza, Elfman, Gray, and Natsu SlasherSmiles after finding out about the maps.
    • Erza's dominatrix outfit.
    • The smug looks on Gray and Natsu's faces when they made it out of the Sky Labyrinth, and everyone's stunned reactions upon being told they barely made 8th place.
  • Funimation's dub gives us this line from Juvia:
    Juvia: "Oh, the pain! How can fate be so cruel?! My heart feels like it's been shred to bits! It hurts! Oh, it hurts! She's not worthy of my prince... Lucy Heartfilia cannot be allowed to live!"
  • In Chapter 267, Elfman thinking how the hell he was going to wear Wendy's clothes.
    • Mavis joining the cheer section of Fairy Tail.
    • Eve thinking that Elfman is Grown Up!Wendy.
      Elfman: "Are you an idiot?"
  • In Chapter 268, Everyone's reaction to Fairy Tail's Team B.
    • Earthland Jellal disguising himself as Mystogan.
      • Mavis approving of this plan.
  • In Chapter 269, Mavis while explaining the Grand Magic Games skips over the other teams calling them not important.
    • Juvia glomping a Gray clone in the hidden part of the Grand Magic Games and it's mistaken as an attack causing her to lose a point. Gajeel and Laxus's expressions were priceless.
    • Natsu getting sick after looking at all of the Hidden clones.
  • In Chapter 270, Juvia's Dynamic Entry on Lyonnote 
    • Makarov saying that which Fairy Tail team loses has to do whatever the other Fairy Tail team orders them to and the Imagine Spots that followed.
  • Chapter 272: Gemini copied Lucy right after she took a bath. So Gemini Lucy shows up in a bath towel.
  • Chapter 273: Natsu informs Erza and Elfman that Lucy is taking a shower and he asks if they want to check on her. Elfman refuses, Natsu then innocently asks why, Beat he then tries to run only for Erza to catch him.
  • Olga decides to sing after beating Warcry. Everyone in the crowd finds it hiarlious, while Fairy Tail A just looks in horror at the sight.
  • Episode 118: Pantherlily breaking a doorknob after panicking from all the thunder. He hides it behind his pants.
    • Kain Hikaru thinking that Lisanna, Cana, and Levy have feelings for him. His Harem delusions end predictably.
    • Kawazu makes a wall out of eggs to parry Bixlow's attack, which fries the wall. Prompting Elfman to devour the whole thing.
  • Episode 119: After Happy finds the power source of the Grimoire Heart ship:
    Happy: "You just bumped into Carla's butt with a "pomp"... Lily, isn't that so?!!" (cue Dramatic Thunder)
    Pantherlily: "Are you actually complaining about that?! Is this really the time?"
    Happy: "It's very important to me! When we get back, we're having a duel!" (cue Dramatic Thunder again)
  • Episode 120: Erza in her Naughty Nurse Outfit. Gajeel, Gray, and Natsu think she's crazy... while cutting in front of the line along with every other male. Erza then violently ties up Gray and Gajeel with bandages. Juvia and Levy were not amused while Wendy developed A-Cup Angst.
    • Lisanna tying up Natsu's hair in Girlish Pigtails. He doesn't even notice.
    • Laxus silently giving his approval towards Elfman and Evergreen's "relationship". Much to Elfman's dismay.
    • Capricorn telling Lucy that she should go on a diet because she was too heavy.
  • Third OVA: Present!Natsu, disguised beyond recognition and beaten to a pulp in his fight with Present!Gray, turns out to be the maniac who "gave him his scar"note 
    Past!Natsu: "Ahhh!!! A monster!!!"
    Present!Natsu: "How can you call yourself a monster?!"
    Past!Natsu: "I don't know what you're talking about!"
  • How the guild decided to enter the grand Magic Games deserves special mention; Makarov agrees with Macao's refusal to enter, and musses reflectively.... until Romeo mentions the reward money. Then he changes his tune.
    • Macao and Wakaba's facial expressions while voting/screaming "Noooo!" to the suggestion are ridiculous,especially once all the minor male members mimic them. Bisca and Alzack deadpan that it wasn't a competition, it was just an embarrassment they never want to repeat. Asuka just dances around waving her hands and chanting "No!", despite having no clue what is going on, just because her parents said so.
  • Chapter 274: Pretty much the entire chapter is funny. People mention how awesome Jura is and Mavis is not amused. Turns out she has to go to the bathroom much to everyone's shock.
    • Natsu's and Elfman's reactions to the effects of "Sema" spell used by Jellal.
    • Ultear using Meredy's magic in order to stop Jellal (Who was going to fully use the aftermentioned "Sema" spell) from exposing himself. Also, everyone's reaction when he loses and Mavis is not amused. Then there's Jellal's walk of shame.
      Jellal: "I have no words to respond with."
  • Chapter 275: Mavis is still upset over Jellal's loss in the last chapter.
    Mavis: "And you said he was strong..."
    • Juvia's two-page fantasy of Gray/Lucy. The two of them saw the whole thing.
    • Fried's reaction to Gajeel patting Laxus on the head:
      Fried: "What are you doing to Laxus!!! Our pride is being trampled on! Raijinshuu... ASSSEMBLE!!!"
      • Cue to Ever and Bixlow out cold after Cana beat them in a drinking contest.
  • Episode 122: Bixlow and Fried see something that weirds them out and asks Gray what he's sitting on. He didn't notice that Juvia was acting as his chair.
  • The reveal that most (if not all) Dragon Slayers are just as bad with transportation as Natsu is. While it's definitively proven with Sting and Gajeel, Rogue notices that it's not just him and Sting that suffer from it, and Laxus?
    Laxus: "Don't say a word to anyone else..."
    • Gajeel's reaction is priceless.
      Gajeel: "It... It can't be... I'm fine with transportation... Was fine..."
    • And the initial reaction and expressions from the members of Fairy Tail.
  • Chapter 277: Sabertooth is currently in second place.
    Frosch: "It's all Sting's fault!"
    • Toby's secret? He's been looking for his missing sock for three months. The same "missing" sock he's been wearing on as a necklace the entire time.
      • Also Kurohebi's reaction to it... before his jerkass moment.
  • Episode 124: Alzack shows Lily, Gajeel, and Wendy a picture of his daughter. Lily comments that she is small and cute like Wendy, who's still sad at the fact that Reedus believes that she won't gain any assets. Gajeel is too late to warn Lily. Cue Wendy running in tears. Much to Lily's bewilderment, and Gajeel is facepalming in the background.
  • Episode 125: Erza a.k.a the Dancing Demonnote .
    • Lisanna is just as bad.
    • Gajeel is not dancing with Levy because he wanted to.
    • Macao and Wakaba are fighting over who gets to dance with Mira. Romeo is not amused by their behavior.
    • Natsu and Lucy are HORRIBLE dancers and they just make things worse for each other; they keep stepping violently on each others feet and are screaming in each others faces. It's so bad that Romeo, who was watching and had no clue what social dancing was, comes to the false conclusion that social dance is a game were you try to step on the other persons feet as hard as you can.
    • Just how this whole insanity started in the first place: they were trying to teach Natsu and Lucy to dance so that they can blend in at a security job at a ball. They sucked so badly that more of their friends tried to help. Everyone thought that the chaos was fun and eventually all joined in.
    • Lucy is hoping that someone will propose to her in romantic way. Now cue Natsu:
      Natsu: "Lucy."
      Lucy: (Beat)
      Natsu: "I... ate until my stomach's about to burst! Let's go home! "
      Lucy: "I-I see."
  • Episode 126: The Jiggle Butt Gang appears.
    • Lucy, Happy, Carla, and Plue's reaction to their fart attacks.
  • Chapter 279: Bixlow suggests that Evergreen share a bed with the injured Elfman, much to their dismay.
    • The reactions to the Mirajane vs. Jenny swimsuit contest, especially Carla's.
    • Episode 163 takes Mira vs. Jenny up to eleven, to the point where most of the other girls join in, including Little Asuka. To be clear Mavis is the one who encouraged it even bring enough swimsuits for all the Fairy Tail girls. Makarov fully supports this.
      Makarov: "Pay attention boys. This is why we must never, but never, question the infinite wisdom of our first master."
      • Much to everyone's horror, even Oba-Babasama joined in, with the most dynamic entry. This is frankly terrifying.
      Chapati: And with that crash course in reality, the mood in the arena has been brought down to earthland. Party's over folks, the other teams on the field has begun to clear out.
  • Episode 127: The whole guild painting on Invisible!Lucy's face.
    • Erza being hit in the back of the head with a stool, a barrel and a chair. Before turning around and getting hit in the face with a table.
  • Everyone's reaction to Erza's statement to take on all 100 creatures in Pandemonium in Chapter 284 is quite memorable.
    • The fact that while everyone else is in various stages of shock, Natsu and Gray are just laughing their asses off, is especially hilarious.
  • Cana winning the Power Levels challenge with the use of Fairy Glitter, loaned to her from Mavis, and even breaking the scale. Even Nanoha wouldn't abuse her friendship-making arsenal for something as ridiculous as a game.
    • Mavis REALLY wants to win.
    • In the same game, Hibiki's much hyped performance counts as one.
      • And before her antics as a drunken spaz. Such as stealing the pumpkin guy's hat and wearing it.
  • Episode 129: Natsu and Gajeel challenge Laxus to a fight. The former gets One-shotted AntiClimatically and the latter is nowhere to be found.
    • And Gajeel doesn't show up again for several episodes.
      • Erza and Gray go on a mission alone. Gray and Juvia expect something scandalous might happen so Juvia follows them.
  • Episode 132: Dan falls for Lucy.
  • Episode 134: Sugarboy falls for Gray. Also Juvia having to deal with unwanted affections.
    • Lucy's team trashing the place they were exploring. Plus, Virgo showing up in a bikini.
    • Erza getting angry at the bandits and their "horsesnote " for ruining her first picnic.
  • Episode 135: Dan accidentally shrinks Lucy. And wants to keep her tiny.
  • Episode 136: The Jiggle Butt Gang returns and it's horrific for Carla. Actually it's Wendy in the unitard that gives her that reaction.
    • In the same episode, Michelle, Romeo, and Happy use Lucy and her sex appeal as a decoy to distract Dan...and it works. Natsu manages to knock him out and Happy is bawling over the fact that this is the first time Lucy's seduction tactic has actually worked.
  • Episode 138: Wendy, Erza, Carla, and Cana (the latter two who are irritated at it) are all wearing stolen Jiggle Butt spandex.
  • Chapter 285/Episode 167: Prior to Cana's owning the competition in the MPF contest, she's shown to be drinking so much everyone is wondering how she's still standing.
    Hibiki: ...but the real question is, are you free later tonight?
    Cana: Well, I could be...but then, I wouldn't have enough room for another barrel.
    Hibiki: You might have a problem.
    Novali: [Points to huge pile of empty wine barrels.] Might?! How is she not dead yet?!
    Gajeel: The boozer's drinking on the job!
    Laxus: Guess our team isn't scoring this round.
    Juvia: Stop drinking! You still have to compete for us, Cana!
    Cana: [Stares back blankly] Huh?
  • Chapter 290: Natsu, Gray, and Erza all go barrel surfing inside the tavern.
  • During the Naval Battle in the anime, Mira cheers for Juvia first, Lucy second and Jenny third, prompting Gajeel to note how awkward that cheer sounds.
  • Chapter 293: Usagi is actually Nichiya, and he teams up with Ichiya to battle Bacchus and Rocker. Actually, the whole battle is a living moment of funny.
    • The fact that these two met is hilarious. Erza's reaction tells us all:
      Erza: (fainting) "Ichiya became two people..."
    • Before Usagi's revelation, Ren comments on who could it be under the mask. While Hibiki and Jenny are making out, much to his shock.
    • The very fact that there were people throwing up in the audience when the battle ended.
  • Chapter 295: Natsu and Gajeel are bickering over Sting's exact pose when he's about to attack. And then, Natsu pushes Gajeel in a mine cart and pushes him away, leaving him suffering, as he takes on Sting and Rogue at the same time.
    • If you look closely, you'll notice that the fire Natsu is holding is actually spelling out "COME ON" between his fingers. He's essentially taking the time to give them the finger. On live television.
  • Chapter 298: This season's Pool Episode is full of silly and wacky hijinks, including a surprising Thanks for the Mammary incident between Jellal and Erza, and Erza doesn't even give Jellal the normally expected Megaton Punch for it, and even to the end, when Natsu uses one of his fire spells to counter an ice spell unleashed by Gray and Lyon that starts to freeze the pool. The end result is total destruction of the whole theme park, and Fairy Tail as usual ends up footing the repair bill.
    • And then there's Erza sitting on Jellal's face and the appropriate expression on her face.
    • The OVA adaptation took EVERYTHING all the way up to eleven. The Ship Teases are also ramped up even more.
    • In particular, there's how, after Evergreen petrifies Elfman to avoid having Lucy see them, she starts yelling that Lucy didn't see anything. Lucy then muses "Poor Elfman..." but then she starts feeling sorry for herself again as she's stuck with her "love rival" Juvia.
  • Chapter 299: The sidestory features Gildarts traveling around and rescuing a village only to end up accidentally destroying it by tripping over a rock. For a chapter with no dialogue, it's hilarious with all the expressions that Gildarts makes.
    • Chapter 417 is very similar, where he meets up with Natsu, following the battle with Tautarus. The funniest part is when you find out exactly what's in Gildarts' bag...and the fact he then rushes back to retrieve it.
  • Chapter 301: When Wendy uses the spell Milky Way to summon the spirit of a dragon, the dragon... trolls them. Team Natsu's reaction is priceless.
    • We also get this little exchange between the dragon and Natsu:
      Zirconis: "I don't like humans. Though I don't mind having them for a meal."
      Natsu: (grinning) "'re conversing with your food?"
      Zirconis: "YOU REALLY PISS ME OFF!!"
  • Chapter 304: As Natsu’s team is rushing off towards the castle to rescue Lucy, Happy suggests that everyone wear disguises so they won’t be seen. Mirajane, Wendy, and Natsu dress up in very "unique" costumes.
  • Chapter 306: The smirk that Gray has on his face after he defeated Rufus and stole his hat is quite amusing.
  • Chapter 309: The leader of the Hungry Wolves tells Natsu he will repent his for his sins by dying, with Natsu responding he never did anything bad. Cue to a Gilligan Cut with Makarov having a face full of dread because he suddenly remembered all of the apology letters he had to send to due to Natsu's antics. It's made even funnier when Alzack and Bisca's daughter asks about what he's talking about.
  • The Fourth OVA: The girls get drunk and Hilarity Ensues.
    • Erza's I'll Tell You When I've Had Enough! scene:
      Erza: "Shut up Gray! You're not the one who's gonna tell me to drink or not! I WANT MORE!"
    • Jet and Droy being the unlucky victims of Erza's drunken wrath.
    • Natsu's reactions to all. Most especially when Lucy starts coming on to him, requesting that he make her purr (by scratching her under the chin); he does it, but by then she's suddenly sprouted cat ears from nowhere and does a very happy cat-like 'Meow!' in response, leading him to break completely in that moment. And then, at the end...
      Lucy: (after getting a piggyback from a reluctant Natsu) Natsu's back is so warm."
      Natsu: "Oh, of course it's the flames of my rage!"
    • Juvia hugging Gray while slowly turning herself into water. Gray just wants to get the hell out of there.
    • We also get these gems from Wendy and Carla:
      Carla: "You are a llama, got it? A llama!"
    • And before that...
      Carla: "Faster! What kind of horse are you?"
      Happy: "But, I'm a cat."
    • Basically each of the girls are a different kind of drunk: Erza's an angry drunk, Levy's a happy drunk, Lucy's a flirt, Juvia's depressed, Wendy Cant Hold Her Liquor, and Carla is demanding.
    • Mavis admiring/getting jealous at Juvia, Lucy, and Erza's chests only to let a grateful sigh after seeing Levy and Wendy's. Plus the sound effects when she does so: Juvia, Lucy and Erza get the standard 'Boing!', Levy gets no sound effect at all (as while small, she's not flat), but Wendy? A squeaky-toy.
  • Chapter 311: Mavis' prediction turns out to be incorrect and she burst into tears.
    Mavis: (shivering and sniffling) "My calculations..." (she tears up and sighs) "Where could I..." "I'm not crying! I'm not crying at all!!!"
  • The preview for Episode 165:
    Happy: "Pop quiz! Who's going to pay a visit now?"
    Natsu: "Where's this comin' from? How the hell would I know?"
    Happy: "Then I'll give you a hint. What are those white crystals that fall from the sky in winter?"
    Natsu: "Y-Yuki..." (Snow in English)
    Happy: "What's the opposite of yes?"
    Natsu: "No!"
    Happy: "If you put'em together, you'll pretty much have the answer!"
    Natsu: "Yuki-NO!"
  • Anytime the scene cuts to Juvia and Chelia fighting. One is a Nigh-Invulnerable Water Mage and the other's a Sky God Slayer with healing powers...and they fight by stretching each other's faces and bonking each other on the head.
  • Episode 160: Orga sings a song after he beats War Cry.
  • Episodes 169 & 170: The over the top fanboying of the comentator Chapati Lola over the Wendy vs Chelia fight while Yajima and Lahar are increasingly exasperated and weirded out by his antics.
    Lahar: What is he? Insane?
    Yajima: He's just showing the world what a putz he is.
  • Episode 220 has Juvia celebrating her 413th day anniversary with Gray. As if the random prime number milestone wasn't enough, take a close look at who show's up in the Imagine Spots, every time she fantasizes about her wedding to Gray: First Master Mavis and Frosch!!!
  • Chapter 317: Natsu's face and expressions when he finds out about the dragon's attack on the kingdom from future Lucy are hilarious.
    • And the first thing he does after that? He grabs a helmet and a few spears before trying to get out.
      Natsu: ''We can't just sit around with our thumbs up our ass! Grab what you can!"
  • Chapter 318: Natsu decides to play a little bit of bowling with the Royal Guards.
    Natsu: (throws one guard at a whole group of guards) "Right back at'cha!!!"
  • Chapter 322: While this chapter is dominated by Fairy Tail's awesome victory, a few laughs are sneaked in, mainly with Gray and Juvia. First they beat their opponents easily because Chelia is too distracted by their teamup, which looks romantic to her, and when she and her teammate Lyon are sent flying, the latter is in total disbelief of Chelia's ditziness. Right after, Juvia is happily holding Gray's hand, and when the latter says she can let go, she flat out refuses, much to his chagrin.
    Gray: "Feel free to let go of my hand any time now..."
    Juvia: "I'm never letting go..."
    Gray: "THAT IS NOT FUNNY!"
  • Chapter 325: We finally find out the identity of the mascot of the Grand Magic Games: The King of Fiore. The reactions are just hilarious.
  • Chapter 330: Zirconis' first move is to magically strip the entire army. The reactions are priceless. Minister Darton scolds the nude soliders, only to reveal that he too was stripped. Then he targets poor Lucy, who is already cringing, knowing that she always ends up suffering Clothing Damage.
    • Ichiya's armpit perfume. It's even funnier when it backfires on him and guild because while it affects them, the dragon lacks a nose to begin with.
  • Gray's genuine surprise every time he's told that he's not wearing clothes. Behold.
  • Chapter 331: Natsu covers Lucy's breasts with his hands saying he got no choice and gets punched by her.
    Lucy: "Try covering your eyes instead!!"
    • The following exchange makes this scene even funnier:
      Happy: (grinning) "Youngsters nowadays are so bold~"
      Natsu: "Lucy's turned into some mega pervert."
      Lucy: "AS IF!!!"
    • Then Virgo trolls Lucy about their "naked embrace".
    • Before that, in the middle of an intense fight with future Rogue, a flying naked Lucy collides with Natsu sending him flying; leaving future Rogue with a "what just happened?" look on his face.
    • This one-liner:
      Natsu: "So... the legends of the naked flying people were true..."
  • Chapter 334: Though it's combined with Mood Whiplash, Sting comes to help Rogue fight his dragon. When the latter asks if he beat one already, he say's he brought it with him. The second dragon bursts onto the scene and argues with the first.
  • Chapter 338: The King decides to host a formal party for the mage guilds in celebration for dealing with the dragons and destroying the gate. Several things stick out:
    • Kagura getting drunk. And not just simply drunk, but completely plastered.
    • Millianna being cheered up when Erza gives her the guild cats one at a time to hug (She appears to pull Happy right out of Victoria's Secret Compartment). Carla is not amused. Then she borderline strangled them due to Cuteness Overload.
      • Episode 199 (the corresponding episode): She pulls them all out of her cleavage. She actually roots around in there for a few moments each time. (How the heck did all three fit with that dress?)
    • Lisanna hanging a lampshade on the fact that Yukino is an Identical Stranger when everyone wants Yukino in the guild.
      Lisanna: "But we're basically the same character..."
    • The inevitable Bar Brawl that breaks out when all the guilds are willing to recruit Yukino (also a heartwarming moment).
      • Speaking of the Bar Brawl, it looks like Max got something up his butt again.
    • Mavis angsting she cannot eat anything due to being a ghost.
      • Chelia being somewhat aware Mavis is there despite not being a member. And freaking out about it.
    • Natsu stealing Touma's crown and dressing like a king. Touma is telling him to give it back, while Arcadios is trying to get the Hungry Wolves to retrieve it. They don't want to.
      Natsu: "What's up bitches?! Let's crank this up a notch! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!"
      Touma: "Give that back pumpkin!!"
      Natsu: "I'm the King!!!! I've become the King... HELL YEAH!!!"
      Arcadios: (pissed off) "Hungry Wolf Knights...go."
      Scythe: "You-you're asking... the impossible."
      Natsu: "Take the stick out of your asses... Since we won, I'll be King and you can all be my subordinates!!!!"
      • In response, Makarov's hair falls out from shock.
    • In the episode as well, Laxus gets swarmed by girls and Freed has to play chaperone.
    • there is also Kagura's slightly embarrised asking to be Erza's sister. The older of the two is, of course, estatic to do this. But this also leads to her embarrising her newly dubbed 'younger sister' in public.
  • Chapter 340: Fairy Tail arrives back in Magnolia and Natsu digs around in a sack and proudly displays a special souvenir...
    • And then he puts it away again like it's no big deal, because he meant to show off the tournament trophy instead!
  • Chapter 341: Flare pops up in the Fairy Tail bath. Juvia mentions the similarities between them, which then leads to her imagine-spotting Flare crushing on Gray and wearing Juvia's outift, and calling Gray "Blackie" in a dreamy-state and then walking off into the sunset with him. Flare doesn't want to join.
  • Chapter 342: Walrot Seeken, the fourth strongest Wizard Saint, keeps screwing with Natsu and the gang.
  • Chapter 343: Upon finding out that the inhabitants of Sun Village are giants, Natsu starts freaking out screaming "HUGE!" at the various frozen giants, then there's a close up of Lucy's breasts, which he calls "HUGE!" Wendy pops up, "small." "HUGE!"
    • When there's the close up of Lucy's breasts there's a 'WOW!!' exclamation in the background, when they zoom in on Wendy's there's a sort of disappointed sound effect. Sounds like the background wanted more fanservice....
    • Even in the midst of Natsu screaming huge Wendy immediately noticed that Natsu might've been talking about her chest.
  • Chapter 344: There is something amusing about the fact that one of the treasure hunters is named Drake.
  • Chapter 345: Erza having an Imagine Spot on how things are going to be now that she has reversed to childhood age. Wendy being gleeful at being a bigger sister, Natsu and Gray smiling at how they beat her in a fight, and Jellal leaving her because he isn't into kids with Doranbolt showing interest in the background.
  • Episode 231 "Gray va Doriate"
    • Gray demonstrates that not all of one's abilities are effected by Art of Retrogression by cleverly outsmarting Doriate. This awesome, but what he does specifically is funny: a fake floor trap, which works twice successively, "Ice Make: Shaved Ice", and child-ish taunting.
    • Everyone's is eventually effected by Art of Retrogression, including Minerva, who did not notice at first. Despite shrinking herself, Flare doesn't appear to notice either, too distracted by how cute Mini-Lucy is. Wendy's straight-man reaction is great.
  • Chapter 345.5: Makarov brings up the bet between the two teams that participated in the Grand Magic Games (whichever team did worse would suffer under the better team), and since the bet was dropped when the A and B Teams merged into one team, he decides to settle it with Rock–Paper–Scissors. The look on Erza's face when she ends up with scissors to Laxus's rock is priceless. The B Team members proceed to do as they please with the A Team. Laxus turns Natsu and Elfman into his servants; Juvia spoonfeeds Gray (and when he starts choking, offers water produced from her body, much to Gray's disgust); Mirajane forces Erza into a maid outfit, and when she doesn't mind it, throws in some S&M; Gajeel forces Lucy and Levy (despite her not competing in the Games) into Playboy Bunny suits as he sings. When Levy runs off in tears at the sight of Lucy's cleavage, Gajeel loses interest in singing and passes Lucy off to Mirajane. Happy and Carla (considered part of the A Team because they're Natsu and Wendy's cats) had to fly carrying Lily in his full-size form. Finally, Cana forces Wendy into several outfits, only saying that she'll be presented to a man who will be interested in her, leaving the description so vague Wendy feared she'd be meeting a Lolicon. The man is a priest at a church with orphans Wendy's age who admire her for her participation in the games. Cana had lived at the church before joining Fairy Tail and simply wanted to set up Wendy for a playdate; the dress montage was out of concern that the priest would require formal clothing. After this sweet moment, Cana casually informs Wendy that at her age, she still had bigger breasts. Once the day ends, the A Team members get ready to take revenge on the B Team for their humiliation.
  • Chapter 349: Gray, despite being regressed into a child with less magic power, is still able to toy with Doriate, pissing off the later enough to disrupt the Law of Regression. This leads to some Mood Whiplash when Erza regains her normal body just in time to stop Minerva from killing her, and finds that the dress she was wearing as a child only extends to her waist, leaving her lower body completely bare. When Minerva mocks her for her Wardrobe Malfunction, Erza says she should look at herself first. Minverva looks down to find her panties exposed, and looks back up to find a smirking Erza holding her skirt. Particularly it's Minerva's flustered reaction that sells it.
  • Chapter 355: The girls relax in the hot spring only to find that Natsu, Gray, and Happy are already there (it's an unrestricted pool). Lucy and Wendy freak out, but Natsu and Gray nonchalantly comment that they've seen the girls naked so many times that the novelty has worn off! For her part, Erza's unfazed (they used to bathe together all the time!) and says they should wash each other like when they were kids... this leads to Natsu accidentally beating up Erza.
  • Chapter 356: Juvia makes "Gray-bread" which has Gray's face on it. Gray says he doesn't want it so she produces "Juvia-bread" as an alternative. Gray hesitates again and Elfman eats some of it, causing Juvia to bemoan the fact that she was "eaten out" by another man! Gray feels bad and grabs some of the bread to eat, but accidentally gets some of the Gray-bread...
  • Chapter 359: Loke reveals that he knows the addresses of some of the former Magic Council members. Lucy deduces that he got the information through a few of his many girlfriends as Loki whispers the "details" to an EXTREMELY red-faced Wendy. Later, Natsu and company visit one of the ex-Council members in question...the old man's granddaughter walks into the room and Wendy gets adorably red-faced again: "This is Loke-san's..."
  • Chapter 364: Apparently Ichiya is starting to rub off on Erza because when visiting the former Chairman of the Magic Council and trying out a drink he provides, Erza almost says it has a wonderful parfum before catching herself and saying fragrance instead. Its a funny scene in an otherwise nightmare fueled arc...
  • Chapter 372: Erza's rape face after she gets Kyouka shackled up in the same manner she herself had been stuck in for the last 7 chapters.
  • Pick a time when Happy ships somebody with someone (and their reaction to it). Just pick one.
    Lucy: "Stuff it, cat!"
    • Made even more funny in the dub where "like" was changed to the more blatant "love".
      • In the English manga, it is translated as "You're so doing it!" Virgo saying it this way is especially hilarious.
    • Even Filler characters aren't immune to it; he does it to Gray and Daphne after the former's fake Face–Heel Turn.
  • Chapter 374.5/Fairy Tail Special 1: Natsu's idea of pool horseplay = GERMAN SUPLEXING LUCY!
    Natsu: "BRAIN BUSTER!!"
    Lucy: "KYAAAAAAH!!"
    • The entire sidestory is half hilarious and half heartwarming and involves the Sabertooth characters, proving the change of heart was real. It was made even better in the anime.
    • The scene where Frosch parts ways with Gray shows Gray stripped at some point of the talk. Juvia is holding Gray's clothes like it's the most natural thing in the world.
    • In the anime, Kagura and Millianna (the former likes frogs apparently) end up fighting because they both want Frosch.
    • Rogue shadow teleports onto a carriage to save Frosch, and gets gets motion sickness as a result.
    • We see Ichiya shopping for a thong swimsuit. He tests it by wearing it on his head.
    • At the very end, Frosh has finally Fairy Tail's guild-house.
  • Chapter 378.5/Side Story 2: Asuka is with Natsu, Lucy and Happy for the day, while Bisca and Alzack are out on a job. She wins a bet with Natsu that means she can order him to do anything she wants him to do. A little later in the chapter, Asuka asks Natsu if he and Lucy kiss like her parents do and they say no. She then instantly orders the two of them to kiss. Natsu actually seems ok with the order, while Lucy... not so much. Lucy manages to trick Natsu into kissing Happy to get out of it. Happy doesn't react well to it at all.
    Happy: "My precious lips have been ruined..."
  • In Chapter 379, Natsu defeats Franmalth with a hilariously simple yet effective method: Bashing him to death repeatedly with a really big slab of rubble! Play Yakety Sax in the background for full effect.
  • Episode 180: Mirajane and Lucy put on a swimsuit show to try to drag out the guards while they are in Hell Prison. It doesn't work.
  • Episode 181: When Makarov remembers all the apology letters he's had to write over the years due to the guild's hijinks, Mavis remembers the ones she had to write when she was guildmaster. Their expressions are identical.
    • Asuka doesn't believe that Mavis is an adult. You're really a child aren't you?
  • Chapter 387: Happy ended up with a striped mushroom on his head. He complains to Pantherlily that Carla would hate him because of it...only for Pantherlily to try yanking the mushroom out of Happy's head. The mushroom being Franmalth in disguise is worrying, but it gets funny again when the two of Exceed join up with Erza and Minerva, and the "mushroom" breaks into nervous sweat.
  • Chapter 389: Questioning Sting and Rogue arrival, Erza soon recalls the letter about Minerva joining a Dark Guild that she sent to Sabertooth a while ago, but her surprise is then changed to embarrassment as the two Exceed, as well as the Twin Dragons state that the letter was so badly written that it took them this long to arrive. And there's more! The letter caused an effect similar to a Tome of Eldritch Lore.
    • Lector says that the letter was so terrible the guild thought she was cursing them.
    • Yukino supposedly fainted after reading three lines.
    • Rufus was prepared to die from the effort of deciphering it.
  • Chapter 390: Minerva rips Franmalth off of Happy's head. It was all business for Minerva, as Franmalth knows the way to the control room, but that seriousness and Happy's reaction really sells it.
  • Chapter 393: In a nice bit of mood-lightening in a chapter that was primarly a Tear Jerker, Juvia goes all googly-eyed when Silver telepathically asks if she is "Gray's...woman?"
  • Chapter 395: After the rather tragic Silver vs. Gray fight, this chapter added some much needed levity. Highlights include Panther Lily imagining Minerva as a cheerful housewife after Frosh told him she's a good cook (with Erza angrily telling them to shut up and keep moving) and the epic fight between Natsu + Gajeel vs. Tempester + Torafazar ending with Natsu and Gajeel cross-countering each other. Lucy does a huge Wild Take. Torafazar even wonders how the hell that happened.
  • Episode 194: After Lucy's clothes are destroyed by Zirconis, the princess covers Arcadios's eyes, clearly jealous. Before this he calls the princess a man in order to protect her. Which Zirconis questions why he called her a princess.
  • Chapter 396: There is something incredibly funny about a necromancer named Keith.
  • Chapter 397: Levy's EPIC Luminescent Blush when she realizes she could have used her Solid Script magic to create air instead of giving Gajeel an Underwater Kiss.
  • Episode 199: At the end of the ball for the wizards, the King has to decide the punishment for Hisui's actions. His solution? To make her wear the Pumpkin hat (the one he used for the Grand Magic Games) for a week and use the Verbal Tic, "Kapo".
  • Episode 201: The entire mole hunt. All of it.
  • Episode 204: To thank their spirits for closing the Eclipse Gate, Lucy and Yukino summon the spirits one at a time to listen to their wishes. Happy gets abused by the spirits and Natsu thoroughly enjoys watching it.
  • Episode 210: Cana's card battle with Eclipse!Scorpio is a full-throated parody of card battles like Yugi-oh, with New Rules as the Plot Demands up the wazzo. In practice, it is Calvin Ball; there are no rules at all.
    • It starts with Eclipse!Scorpio declaring "I am the Rules", without elaborating.
    • It continues with Cana and Eclipse!Scorpio trying to out-bullshit each other by creating new card abilities every second. Literally, Cana starts with blank cards, and is making up new ones as she goes.
    • Plenty of lampshade-hanging from Cana whenever Eclipse!Scorpio does something particularly outlandish, and even he admits that 12 Signs of the Zodiac is outrageously unfair.
    • What is Cana's trump card? The Gildarts card, of course, who is just as gushingly affectionate as the real deal, and is overjoyed that his darling daughter played him.
    • Gildarts is basically an "I Win" card. He increases the power of allied cards by 1 million points, is invincible, will win every battle, and can remove all 4 of an opposing player's lives at once. Eclipse!Scorpio says he does not accept this, but Cana replies "I am the Rules", and wins.
  • Chapter 405: Sting & Rogue pull the same trick on Natsu that Gajeel did by telling him that they'll compete to see who can win the fight first (since Natsu wouldn't let them join in the fight otherwise). And it works again.
  • Episode 211: Gray and Eclipse!Cancer's dance battle. Especially the obvious tribute to Michael Jackson at the beginning.
    • Even more because Juvia knows that she missed out something good, and she'll never know what it was.
  • Chapter 413: Natsu wonders when Igneel got inside of his body because Natsu doesn't remember eating him.
  • Episode 212: Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla receiving an "examination" from Eclipse!Ophiuchus. There's just something utterly hilarious about how dental equipment can be used for torment.
  • Chapter 416: Doranbalt's reaction when he finds out he was a member of Fairy Tail all along.
  • "Natsu vs. Mavis" Omake: Mavis reveals that she doesn't get the full experience of a hot bath (being a ghost and all), so Erza calls in Natsu to heat up the pool. He nonchalantly walks over to the women's bath while naked and Hilarity Ensues all around. It's all capped off by Lucy yelling at Natsu to Please Put Some Clothes On while totally forgetting that she's naked as well.
  • Episode 219: The expansion of the Asuka special. She wants a cake so Erza decides to help. Lily comments that she just wants to eat cake, he then gets dragged off with her to look for the Maximum Special Strawberries.
    • Erza's got a custom suit of armor specifically for picking strawberries. It's just a giant strawberry costume.
  • Chapter 419: Natsu signals the beginning of Fairy Tail's return. How? By setting the royal castle on fire, with big flaming letters spelling "Fairy Tail" before escaping town with Lucy and Happy just ahead of the royal guard! Truly, Refuge in Audacity at it's finest!
    • The anime version of this (Episode 277) expands on Natsu's "crashing with Lucy again" montage with one scene where Natsu peeks into Lucy's dresser. While the original dialogue was funny in a straightforward way, the dub turns it into a hilarious Running Gag:
      Natsu: Your panty collection has grown quite a bit!
  • Episode 278 starts off with a little comic filler as Natsu, Lucy, and Happy stumble across a huge, cute-looking boar. Happy then recalls the beast eats people whole, causing Lucy to scream in terror. Sure enough, the boar reveals a Game Face and charges. Thing is, Natsu isn't in the mood to fight it...until Happy reveals the beast makes good eats. Suddenly, Natsu gets excited and takes it out with a One-Hit Kill.
    Natsu: He's going in my belly pronto!
    Happy: [To Lucy] So, do you prefer your meat cooked or raw?
    Lucy: Seriously?!
    • Later in the same episode (now canon as chapter 420), Natsu sees a bunch of troublemakers and snipes them with a long snake of flame. The funny the fact he did all this between Lucy's legs! And it wasn't as if he even warned her he was doing it.
      Lucy: Geez! Were you trying to kill me just now?!
  • Chapter 421: Natsu, Happy and Lucy are in a Heroic BSoD because Wendy decided to stay with Lamia Scale instead of going with them. Natsu then manages to break Lucy out of hers by tickling her feet with Happy's tail, all while still in his own BSOD. She quickly fixes that with a punch to both of their heads.
    • Natsu prepares to ride into battle with Happy alongside Wendy and Carla, raising his arms up in preparation...and then Chelia takes his place, kicking off his face to get to Happy.
  • Episode 222: Erza spends the day in a Catwoman-esque outfit as "Fairy Woman", acting like a textbook comic book Superhero. By the end of the episode, after having defeated Mr. Purple ( Macao) and The Smoke ( Wakaba), her face had turned "realistic" (aka, exactly like that of a comic book character), complete with a "What?" in Gratuitous English. Her face stayed that way for several days.
  • Episode 227: Gray and Natsu are taking too long to come back from a job, so the girls decide to go looking for them. They find them in one of their No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, destroying the whole nearby area, and a scared Happy explains they've been like that for three days straight, only stopping to eat and sleep.
    • Erza tries to sweet-talk them into stopping the fight, but the two are so into it, they punch her out when she gets close. Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" from Wendy, Lucy and the cats, who scream in terror.
    • Erza quickly gets back up and and goes "Hooo?", and only then do Natsu and Gray what they've just done. Erza pulls out a giant spiked club, and proceeds to end the fight right then and there.
  • Chapter 422: Natsu's accidental rescue of Wendy and Chelia from Bluenote, via charging straight through an army of monsters and walking straight into a powerful attack and not even realising that there was an attack happening, just to get to Chelia for stealing Happy.
  • Chapter 423:
    • After Natsu defeats Bluenote with a massive fire attack, he returns to berating Chelia but she's more concerned that Natsu's attack burned her clothes.
    • Happy tries to get Natsu to focus on the remaining enemies but after seeing Natsu one-shot Bluenote, they all decide it is in their best interest to surrender on the spot. It's their expressions that sell it. The little white flags are just icing on the cake. The corresponsing anime episode (279) adds another layer of icing by showing the rock their standing on having a rather large hole underneath it courtesy of the same attack that one-shotted Bluenote, emphasizing it nearly took them with it, too.
      • Even better when they're built up in the previous chapters to be a pretty big threat with a legion of monsters at their beck and call.
  • Chapter 424
    • Juvia tells the others about her living alone with Gray, cue her shit eating grin towards Lucy, who promptly lampshades it.
    • After that she claims to have slept with Gray, which causes Wendy to blush and Lucy to hell out that the detail was unnecessary. Turns out she only tried to, Gray kicked her out.
      Juvia: "We would eat together, train together, work together, and even sleep together..."
      Lucy: (blushing) "You can stop there!"
      Juvia: " separate beds because he always kicked me out. It was true bliss."
    • Lucy is truly holding a grudge towards Natsu for leaving everyone behind for a year. Natsu can only look uncomfortably at her as he tries to search for a response. Cue Juvia's Get a Room!
  • Chapter 425: Minerva's flashback to the Sabertooth eating contest. Sting's chowing down, Minerva's eating with a fork and knife (and won!), but Rogue's sitting there looking sick and Yukino's passed out face-down on the table.
  • Chapter 427:
    • When Lucy summons Virgo, Virgo is in bondage. Apparently she had free time and decided to "punish" herself.
    • Natsu's method of trying to find Gray is to yell out loud for all the enemies to hear. Old habits die hard.
  • Episode 81 has "the Lucy Guessing Game!" when Lucy Heartfilia, Lucy Ashley and Gemini!Lucy are all at the same place, at the same time!
  • After Avatar is detained, Detention Captain Gajeel appears, and makes like he is arresting Team Natsu. It increasingly becomes clear that he is joking with them, stopping before he gets to Erza.
    • Both Natsu and Erza insist that he has to be Gajeel's impostor twin brother who acts exactly like him, because the latter would never join the Magic Council. They are legitimately surprised when Pantherlily states that he is the real Gajeel.
    • When questioned as to why he joined the Magic Council, Gajeel replies that Warrod suggested it. It briefly cuts to Warrod, who reveals he was joking and is genuinely distressed that Gajeel took him seriously. In the next chapter, after he resigns from his post to join Team Natsu in reviving Fairy Tail, it cuts to Warrod again, who is outright relieved. When quipping about how they'll regret him leaving, everyone else instantly thinks, despite the serious tone, that he has to be joking.
  • Chapter 438: Speaking of old habits dying hard, everyone's barely settled in back at home before Natsu crashes at Lucy's place again(surprising her as she gets out of the shower). She tries to kick him, but he blocks her and holds her upside down as she desperately clings to her towel. Natsu tells her they have work and she's so happily surprised that she drops her towel...cue Fanservice and "KYAAAA!"
    • Natsu and Elfman's Sparring match while rebuilding the guild ends up turning into a yet another major brawl
    • Gajeel screams that they are morons and that he will arrest them all... then happily joins in when they ignore him. Loke casually joins in while adjusting his tie, commenting that it's just like the good old days, freaking out Lucy, who wonders when he got there.
    • In the black and white silhouette panel of the terrified brawlers after Erza intervenes, Max and his broom make an appearance in the lower right-hand corner.( It's worth noting that it's COMPLETELY random; he wasn't seen earlier in the scene or joining in, yet he somehow ended up with a broom up his butt)
  • When Gajeel and the B team head off to find Laxus and that Raijin Tribe, Levy follows and is pissed with Gajeel for leaving her behind.She asks him how he could ditch her. His stupid response sets up the following bizarre exchange;
    Gajeel:"Huh? Man, with your size, I thought you were already inside my bag..."
    Levy:(after a moment of blankface) Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" (tries hitting him, but can only punch him harmlessly on the chest, much to to his amusement)note 
    Juvia: (weirded out) "They're...flirting..."
    Cana: (gropes Juvia) "If it makes you feel better, I could flirt with you too, Juvia..."
    Juvia:"Nooooooooo! Juvia... Juvia's NOT interested!!!"
  • Chapter 441: It seems the motion sickness that's the curse of Dragon Slayer Magic kicks in with puberty. Wendy gets motion-sick now, which really sucks for Natsu because she can't cast the Troia spell that counters motion sickness when she's motion-sick herself.
  • Chapter 443: The first third of the chapter is one long funny moment involving Gajeel, Elfman, Pantherlily, Cana, Juvia, Levy, Lisanna and Mira all relaxing at the Blue Pegasus hot spring searching for Laxus and the Thunder Tribe. First, Levy tricks Juvia into joining them after saying Gray was nearby, with Juvia saying she would receive "divine punishment" for lying. Then Ichiya gets involved, which results in scarring Elfman for life when he sees Ichiya's manhood and Gajeel flying through a wall to land on Levy's chest.
    Juvia: Divine punishment.
    Cana: "Divine punishment"? I don't think so...
    • Everyone's fairly casual reactions to the whole incident are even funnier; Gajeel is apparently confused about what happened and asks what the bouncy warmth his head is lying against is, Lisana makes a face and calls Gajeel gross for his comment about Levy's breasts, Cana and Mira comment things that are a combination of 'they are secretly enjoying this' and 'they should just get a room already',Juvia is jealous and wishes that Gray would do the same thing with her, Panther Lilly apparently thinks it's a sign that they like each other, Ichiya makes a comment about how beautiful young love is, and Elfman is curled up in the corner; unable to get the image of Ichiya's privates out of his head. Levy is PISSED and proceeds to call Gajeel stupid and repeatedly slap him across the face.
    • There's just something hilarious about Brandish Mu, one of the Spriggan Twelve and thus one of the strongest mages in all of Alvarez...walking away with tears in her eyes after realizing the shop she wanted to get food from was just destroyed, completely ignoring the fact that Natsu and Gray, two people who had just assaulted Alvarez troops, were right in front of her. She even orders Marin to let Lucy and Erza go! Of course, it stops being funny once she gets annoyed at Marin for disobeying her...
      • Weirder yet? That trait is similar to Erza, who has somewhat similar reaction from time to time.
  • Chapter 444: Doranbolt giving everyone a near heart attack by suddenly teleporting Team Natsu.
    • The Reveal that Doranbolt's spy was Angel, who is now going by her real name. Erza questions why Cobra wasn't made the spy, only for Doranbolt to admit it was because Cobra asks too many questions.
      • Crunchyroll's version has Doranbolt saying Cobra "hears everything. Even what we don't want him to."
    • Upon seeing Sorano, Gray asks why she's only wearing a bikini. Carla calls him out on it.
  • Chapter 454: Mavis forgets about the Dragon Slayer's motion sickness when she sends them to the Alvarez airships that are attacking. Ajeel's expression sells it, being one of the few times he loses his Slasher Smile.
  • Chapter 456: Max's response to Warren's Heroic BSoD is... to kick him in the groin. Following a heartwarming speech from Max and Warren regaining his sanity, Warren promptly shoves a broom up his friend's butt in retaliation. (Hmm, maybe we just found out who has been responsible for the gag this whole time?) If you look behind Makarov and Mavis in the following panels, the two are arguing about Max's method of getting people's attention.
  • In Chapter 459, the Weakness Soldiers use a variety of techniques to counter everyone's abilities- steam against Juvia, fire against Gray, speed against Elfman and brute strength against Lisanna. They're confused as to what weakness Mirajane could have, and it turns out that it's Elfman. They then do a Opponent Switch, with Juvia using her water on the fire user, Gray using his ice on the steam user, Lisanna fighting the fast soldier and Mirajane overpowering the strong one... leaving Elfman stuck with the one who looks like himself.
    Elfman: How the hell did it come to this? Me smacking myself around?
  • Chapter 460: Wall of the Spriggan 12 has the ability to do an Enemy Scan to detect weaknesses. He is momentarily thrown by Ichiya's multitude of weaknesses, and because of that, Wall is unable to pick a specific weakness to exploit.
  • Chapter 469, Dimaria slices off Kagura's clothes, leaving her nearly naked, in the middle of the battlefield. This draws the attention of every man around, completely stopping the battle, while Dimaria admires the sight. Even after the battle is over, most men still look at her pervertedly.
  • Chapter 471 Wendy kicks Dimaria in the face.
    • Juvia brings a two person sleepingbag for her and Gray. He promptly refuses. She later winds up sharing it with Erza much to her irritation.
  • Chapter 472: After Dimaria cut off Sherria's clothes, Carla gave Wendy's jacket to her. Sherria says it is too tight and Wendy angrily pouts.
  • In the second Christmas special, the girls get drunk...again, and this time Gajeel is horrified. Gray and Natsu try to escape but Erza's violence stops them.
    • They play a King's Game, though call it the Guild Master's Game. The first order is for Gajeel to strip naked...which immediately sobers the girls up. A jealous Erza rigs the game to be the master, and makes everyone do embarrassing things (mostly involving more nudity). When Gray finally gets the chance for revenge, he orders Erza to go home in the snowy night while naked herself, believing she will finally sober up and refuse... she eagerly takes the challenge. Almost immediately after going outside in the nude, she comes face to face with Jellal, and NOW she sobers up.
  • Episode 251: Sabertooth shows up and reveals that they knew to come because Erza had sent them a letter some time previous, but they didn't show up until just then because Erza's handwriting is so atrocious that Rufus nearly died just from trying to read it.
  • Episode 253: Frosch tries to eat Mushroom!Franmalth, causing the other exceeds to freak out because they still needed him.
  • Episode 254: Frosch and Lector give Ezra crap for her poor cooking and writing skills, and suggest that Minerva beat her in a Cooking Duel. Ezra is embarrassed while Minerva is thrilled.
  • Episode 2 of Fairy Tail Zero: We learn Mavis prefers to be barefoot over wearing shoes, yet as Mavis packs up to leave Sirius Island, among her scattered belongings is a pair of socks. What business does a complete and total barefooter have with any socks?
  • Episode 4 of Fairy Tail Zero, where Precht tries to help people and ask for information. Everything goes horribly wrong.
  • Episode 10 of Fairy Tail Zero,
    • Yury asks Warrod and Precht to always greet Mavis with a smile. Warrod manages to make a very decent one, but Precht makes a very weird and scary one.
    • The people of Magnolia express concerns that Mavis's new guild, Fairy Tail, will cause destruction and even up wrecking the town all over again. First Master Mavis promises that will never happen, and that Fairy Tail will help keep Magnolia peaceful. 100 years later, as Natsu and Hapy depart from her grave, she acknowledges that she was totally wrong on that account.
  • Chapter 477: Horologium saves Natsu/Lucy/Happy from Jacob's magic...leaving Natsu and Lucy naked and cramped in a VERY compromising position within itself. Once the clock releases them, Happy trolls an already-embarrassed Lucy to sneak a peek at "The Fire Dragon's...(nether regions)"
  • Chapter 478: Having the upper hand in battle thanks to his stealth magic, Jacob holds down Natsu in a pin and forces him to watch as he...turns Lucy's clothes invisible in order to embarass Natsu. Given what happens to Lucy on a regular basis, this has absolutely no effect on Natsu...and completely backfires on Jacob.
    • Even better: Natsu nonchalantly remarked that Lucy's ALWAYS wearing "skimpy getups" so it's no big deal...prompting an embarrassed reaction from Lucy. This made Chapter 355 the weirdest case of foreshadowing ever as Natsu/Gray had commented that the novelty of seeing the girls in a state of undress had worn off...
  • Chapter 479: When Makarov punches Jacob, he tells him if he wants to respect his elders then he should respect Mavis because she is the eldest. Mavis has tears in her eyes after Makarov says this...because she is offended at being called old, since she was only in her twenties.
    • Makarov and Natsu "talk" about destroying/damaging the guild.
  • Chapter 484: Erza's stunned reaction to Kagura kissing her as an apology for giving Jellal CPR, and the reactions from the Fairy Tail and Mermaid Heel guilds.
    • In the last panel where Gajeel's group struck an asskicking pose, he remarked that they have 6 monsters on their side. Cue Levy asking if that includes her. It's even more hilarious considering the group consists of Gajeel, the metal-eating dragon slayer, Elfman and Mirajane, transforming warriors, Pantherlilly, a...well, panther, and a Cat Girl. The group literally is made up of monsters...except for the very-much-an-ordinary-human Levy.
    • Gray's stripping habit returns, prompting a bit of Hypocritical Humor on Juvia's part, as she's also without her jacket.
    Juvia: Gray-sama, your clothes...!!?
    Lisley: Yours too, hon.
  • Chapter 485:
    • After Brandish previously saying she would talk things out with August, Lucy asks her how is she planning to do that. Her response? No idea.
    • Brandish increases Happy's size so that they could fly on such big fluffy-wuffy guy. Lucy is surprised that she suddenly started acting all girly.
    • Mavis starts saying that her friend Zera would have grown up to become like Cana, and then tells her to forget everything she just said.
    • Yukino slaps Sting and everyone's jaw dropped.
    • Blue Pegasus decides to charge, saying that they would avenge Ichiya's death, and Levy tells them he is not dead.
  • Chapter 486:
    • It turns out that Cobra does have motion sickness like the rest of the Dragon Slayers.
    • While flying on giant Happy, Brandish enlarges Natsu's head, and Lucy asks her to return it to its original side. Brandish, while snuggling on Happy, diminishes and then increases Lucy's chest, and says she has a huge urge to mess with her, which Natsu completely understands.
  • Chapter 491: Gajeel's face when he realizes that surviving his Heroic Sacrifice means that he now has to deal with the consequences of his last words to Levy.
  • Chapter 493: After Sorano denies being Yukino's sister because she's committed too many sins to call herself that until she atones, it's an emotional moment for everyone except Frosch, who takes it literally.
    Lector: Uu... Sisterly love is a wonderous thing, isn't it?
    Lector: It's ok... you don't have to learn how to read between the lines, Frosch.
  • Chapter 494: The Spriggan 12 back together after everyone is freed and Neinheart brings back the fallen via Historia. Jacob mocks Ajeel for his boasting, prompting Ajeel to remind Jacob that he also lost. Neinhart reminds Wahl, Bradman and Serena that they're only back in the world of the living because of him, so he expects them to protect him, and they agree.
  • Chapter 496: After Rogue and Minerva arrive to help Yukino and Sorano, Sorano begins shaking her behind and commenting on how nice it is for Saber Tooth to help out another guild. Minerva then asks who Sorano is, thus leading Yukino to do a Sweat Drop as she's faced with the awkward task of introducing her sister to her guild.
  • Chapter 510: As everyone debates what to do about the Natsu/E.N.D. situation, Lucy defends him...
    Lucy: It may be true that Natsu is violent, rough around the edges, and generally uncooperative, but...he's as straightforward and honest as they come. Natsu has no hidden sides...I believe that in my heart of hearts.
    Brandish: Ah, that explains it.
    Lucy (blushing fiercely): THAT'S NOT WHAT I WAS GETTING AT!
  • Chapter 511:
    • There's something hilarious about Sting imagining Lector, Kagura and Yukino as a talking drumstick with cat ears, dumplings on a stick with a hair ribbon, and a popsicle with Yukino's hair ornament, respectively.
    • Sting, Lector, Kagura and Yukino, all of whom are at least of above-average intelligence, ultimately fall pray to Larcade's spell and lose all semblance of rationality, at least before Sting musters the Heroic Resolve to break though. The only exception is Frosch, who, despite being hungry, chooses to wait to eat with Rogue, and so, is the only one whose actions are not affected.
  • Chapter 513: Despite mostly being awesome and pants-wettingly terrifying, Irene Belserion manages one hell of a funny moment during her fight with Erza where she congratulates her for her strength and reveals she arranged Erza's Storm of Blades into a giant flower circlenote  while clapping sarcastically.
  • Chapter 517: Despite the chapter being mostly awesome, two moments stand out. As Irene is examining Wendy's body after enchanting her conciseness into itnote  she remarks that "[her] breasts are so cute". Then after Wendy reveals that she enchanted her conciseness into Irene's body while Irene was fighting Erza,note  Wendy notes that Irene's breasts are heavy. Any bets saying Wendy will get over he A-Cup Angst after this.
  • Chapter 526: While fighting August, Gildarts starts speaking like an overprotective dad, and August looks on with an "Is this guy for real?" expression.
  • Chapter 529: As they escape from Acnologia in the Christina, sudden maneuvers make Erza land on top of Jellal, their faces inches away from one another. With poor, motion-sick Wendy stuck between. They quickly apologize to one another.
    • And then when the Christina has to speed up, Jellal lands right in Erza's buxom. It's as if the universe is telling them to get together already.
  • Chapter 531: Acnologia has grabbed ahold of the Christina and getting ready to tear it apart. All seems lost...and then Erza tells Ichiya to shatter the lacrima that keeps the Dragon Slayers from getting motion-sickness, remembering that Acnologia should logically be just as affected when on a moving vehicle. And it works, complete with Acnologia looking like he's about to throw up as he lets go of the speeding airship. But this also means that poor Wendy, a fellow Dragon Slayer, is subjected to enough jostling around to make her want to hurl.
  • Chapter 544: Acnologia is defeated and the dragons return to earth. Lucy, overjoyed, was ready to greet the falling Natsu...until she realized he's falling straight at her.
  • Chapter 545: Lucy wins an award for her novel and invites Fairy Tail to the awards banquet. The most common comment from the rest of the guests there is that they are "rambunctious" as there's a final Curtain Call of the Fairy Tail members at their silliest (such as Gray showing up in nothing but his underwear again). Lucy sighs and resigns herself: "My big night has turned into a big mess..."
    • Lucy thought she heard 'baby' when Levy whispered to Gajeel. She wasn't too sure about it at first, but a blushing Wendy confirmed her suspicions.
    • Wendy blushes again when Juvia finallly gets Gray to confess his feelings for her in a rather Tsundere manner..
    • Other Funny Moments from the final chapter/episode:
      • Gajeel jokingly asks Natsu if he had a crush on Anna back when he was a kid, but he nonchalantly confirms it, much to Gajeel’s shock.
      • Cana smacking Gildarts upside the head when he gawks at Juvia the moment she gets wasted and strips herself for Gray.
      • Lucy’s confusion over Laxus’ Ship Tease rumors between Mirajane, Lisanna, and Cana as he interacts which each of them.
      • Minverva wins Sabertooth's eating contest again, handily...and then asks for thirty more desserts. Sting and Rogue come to realize they'll never beat her.
      Kagura: Why did I let them talk me into this?
      • Erza confesses of her inability to write properly, telling a tale of when she tried to write a thank-you letter...and the recipients took the letter as an insult and picked a fight with her.
    • Lucy lamenting Natsu's thickness when it comes to matters of romance after she hugged him and braced herself for a kiss only for him to just drag her out of her house to do a quest.