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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
A fairy that should've fallen to the ground...soared.

     Introductory Arcs: Macao/Daybreak/Eisenwald/Galuna Island (Chapters 1-46, Episodes 1-18) 
  • The Galuna Island arc, which mainly focuses on Gray, has another one. Initially, Gray was fearful and as a result easily lost to Lyon. However, in their second fight, he tries to convince Lyon and gets stabbed. Naturally, he's pissed and delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of his senior, saying he's tired of trying to convince him to change his ways.
    • In the same arc, he stands up to Erza, even grabbing her sword until his hand bleeds to show his defiance.
      Gray: "Do whatever you want, this is what I chose!"
     Phantom Lord Arc (Chapters 47-68, Episodes 21-29) 
  • Lucy kicks Jose, master of the Phantom Lord guild and one of the Wizard saints, in the groin. This is despite being fully aware of how weak she was in comparison to Jose, and being alone with no one to back her up.
    • She does this by outsmarting him. She tries the Potty Emergency trick to get out of her cell, and he hands her a bucket, believing that he has foiled her plan. So, she starts to actually use it and successfully bluffs him into turning his back on her. Then she kicks him in the groin, literally with her hands tied behind her back.
    • She then throws herself out the window, which, need we remind you, is a few stories up. At first, we think she's decided she would rather die than be taken back to her father, but then, she says things like "I heard him in the distance." and "I know he's here!". She calls out to Natsu, who is actually right there, running to Lucy, who had complete faith that he'd catch her... and he does!
    • Later, as Gajeel is brutally beating her, she stares his down and gives a Badass Boast, telling him that he can kill her, but if he does, Fairy Tail would make him live in fear for the rest of his life.
  • The entire Fairy Tail guild's complete and utter refusal of handing over Lucy to the Phantom Lord guild, despite Jose pointing a Fantastic Nuke right at them. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
    Jose: Surrender Lucy Heartfilia immediately. You have no choice.
    Alzack: That's not gonna happen!
    Bisca: Like any guild would hand over one of their own to a monster like you!
    Macao: You hear that?! Lucy's stayin' put!
    [Other guild members shout in agreement, telling them to go away and that they won't hand over Lucy. Lucy begins to cry.]
    Jose: I won't ask again!
    Lucy: [thinking] Maybe I should just go with them. Give myself up.
    [Lucy gasps in shock, and the entire guild screams in agreement.]
  • During the Phantom Lord arc, Fairy Tail is on the ropes and their strongest fighters are unable or unavailable to fight. (Master Makarov and Erza are injured, Laxus straight out refused to help, Mirajane cannot fight having lost her magic, and Gildarts — who hasn't been introduced at this point — is away on a mission). However, one other S-rank wizard member, Mystogan, had been fighting for them all along! He defeated every division of Phantom Lord and gathered Makarov's magic to speed up his healing.
  • Gajeel was already established as the most powerful member of Phantom Lord. He lives up to that name by taking out Elfman. What does Natsu do? Pummels him across the FACE! "I'm the Dragon Slayer from Fairy Tail!" He does a big damn heroes moment too, saving Lucy from Gajeel's dagger and pummeling him a second time. In fact, that whole battle could be considered awesome considering how everyone fears Gajeel except for the really strong mages.
  • Erza Taking the Bullet is cool. Erza taking The Wave-Motion Gun shot, stomping one of the strongest mages of Phantom Lord, and fighting the Master of this guild (who is on par with Makarov) is cooler.
    • Said stomping was against someone (Aria) who was curb-stomping Natsu. And she beat him in one blow, while he was at full-strength. Natsu, you have a long way to go.
  • Makarov's fight against Jose at the end of the Phantom Lord arc of the anime, which really, really shows that he's the most powerful character in the series. Special mention goes to the unraveling of Fairy Law, a spell that destroys everything... Everything that the caster considers an enemy, and only that. This is pure, distilled awesome.
  • After Fairy Tail defeats Phantom Lord, Lucy decides to return she can tell Jude where to stick it. The reason the Phantom Lord arc happened to begin with was because he hired Phantom to bring her back she could take part in an Arranged Marriage. Lucy basically tells him don't ever come after her again...ever...or Fairy Tail will do to him what they did to Phantom Lord.
     Loke Arc (Chapters 69-74, Episodes 30-32) 
  • A minor but very overlooked CMoA is Loke being in the Human World. 10 days was supposed to be absolute torture for Aries, another one of the Golden Key Zodiacs, so much so that Loke wanted to break her contract with Karen. Even Lucy notes no spirit should be able to last a year. Loke lasts THREE YEARS outside of the Celestial Spirit World, over 100 times the amount that would have broken Aries.
    • Only to be outdone by Capricorn who been outside even longer, 17 YEARS! However, Capricorn was different — he was actually Zoldeo merged with Capricorn's body.
  • How using willpower to get the Celestial Spirit King to ignore a law that for all we know has existed since the dawn of time.
    • Adding to this is Lucy OUT RIGHT INSULTING THE KING OF CELESTIAL SPIRITS IN HIS FACE. Even going as far as giving him an affectionate nickname out of her earlier insult "Stache Face" in the dub, but still. Lucy out right threw an insult to a gigantic spirit that's bigger than the waterfall they were near. That takes a lot of guts.
     Tower of Heaven Arc (Chapters 75-102, Episodes 33-41) 
  • Gray has one during the Tower of Heaven arc. Fukuro the owl man defeats Natsu and Gray has to take over...and pwns the owl. It's nice because Natsu and Erza have always overshadowed the rest of the team, and Gray shows that he's just as capable and powerful, if not more powerful. It's also notable because he's the only one of the three that doesn't have an epithet.
    • This one's notable: This same guy took out Natsu.
    • We could also add that, to beat that guy, he froze his fire.
  • Erza's fight against Ikaruga, where, for the first time, she fights without any armor at all, against somebody with Implausible Fencing Powers, and wins.
  • Natsu vs. Jellal. Natsu eats Etherion and starts choking. Both Jellal and Erza think he's crazy for doing such a thing... then he curbstomps Jellal.
    • What happened after that in the arc's closure, easily tops all his previous moments. Natsu is carrying Erza in his arms after she tried to sacrifice herself. First he absorbed massive quantities of Etherion in her place; he was badly injured before that and he still goes around as badass as ever with Erza in his arms and the Etherion suppressed inside him. This event doubles as a heartwarming moment and triples with Ship Tease all by Erza crying on his chest.
     Battle of Fairy Tail Arc (Chapters 103-128, Episodes 42-48) 
  • Juvia and Cana are trapped in one of Fried's rune traps, with the condition that only one person can exit the trap. It starts to appear as if they have to fight each other to escape, but instead Juvia attacks one of Laxus's lightning lacrima letting Cana pass through just to prove that she loves all of Fairy Tail and wouldn't want to fight a true companion. Doubles as a heartwarming moment.
  • Mirajane, the good-natured Team Mom reveals why she used to be called "The Demon" as she regains her lost Take Over magic, Satan Soul, defeats Fried and saves her younger brother.
  • Natsu and Gajeel teaming up to take on Laxus.
    Natsu: I thought there was only room for one dragon in the sky?
    Gajeel: Maybe so. But with all this damn thunder around, the sky ain't fit for flying.
    • Erza ends up chasing/following Evergreen into a building of some kind, with Evergreen tossing an impossible number of needles at her. Erza doges ALL of them; and after Evergreen DOUBLES the number of needles, Erza simply Requips two swords, that she wields with her feet and then deflects the ones she doesn't just outright dodge. She then pins Evergreen to the wall with those two swords, which she threw with her feet. After they exchange some words, Erza tells Evergreen that if she releases everyone she petrified, she'll let her live and won't harm her. Evergreen threatens to turn all those petrified to dust unless Erza strips and lays on the ground for her. It looks like Erza gave in and she Requips into this. On the next page, the first three panels on the top show Evergreen slowly realizing that she is completely FUCKED anyway or another; she screams in pain, leaving the reader to think that Erza turned her into a human pin cushion. Erza pulled off the ultimate bluff. All she did was punch Evergreen square in the face. Basically, the whole chapter was an extended Moment of Awesome for Erza.
  • The anime gives one to Lucy when Gray is trying to get the members of the guild to take out Laxus' lightning lacrima. After hours of fighting each other, it seems they are still holding grudges and time is running out. Lucy single-handedly quiets them all with a speech about how the Fairy Tail members are unstoppable when they're working together and rouses them into action. When did Lucy become The Heart?
  • There is also the majority of the guild taking out Laxus's Thunder Palace. It ends with them all getting shocked, but everyone took them out in one fell swoop.
    • Erza took down TWO HUNDRED lightning lacrima, HALF of the total!
     Oración Seis Arc (Chapters 129-165, Episodes 49-68) 
  • Chapter 130/Episode 51: Lucy takes down a hundred men from the Naked Mummy guild all by herself.
  • Lucy fights Angel, knowing fully well that her opponent defeated both Hibiki and Natsu, and despite the warning that nobody should fight the Oracion Seis alone.
    • She doesn't give up the fight even after Angel controls Lucy's Celestial Spirits.
    • However, when Angel summons celestial spirit Aries in response to Lucy's summoning of Loke/Leo, without any hesitation, she decides to send her spirit back to avoid a situation where those two Celestial Spirits have to fight each other.
      • An Awesome moment for both the Celestial Spirits as well, who are ready to fight for their master, despite their relationship to each other.
    • She then get down on her knees and begs Angel to let go of Aries, who has just recently suffered a lot at the hands of her previous master, even willing to give up her life for it.
    • Finally, with help from Hibiki, she unleashes a top-level magic spell, Urano Metria, defeating Angel.
  • Erza defeating Midnight. Both the final blow on him and this quote deserve praise: After Midnight taunts Jellal by talking about the bad things he did the past (read: Tower of Heaven Arc), Erza gets up saying, "I know the light that shines within Jellal!"
  • "I'll believe in the man that Erza believes in."
    • This last one is hilarious, considering that in the anime, another Simon has the same seiyuu as Natsu.
  • Jura, after getting worfed by Angel and drawing against Hoteye, runs into Brain. Jura proceeds to hand him his ass on a plate.
  • The climax of the arc. To stop Nirvana, our heroes have to destroy six large lacrima simultaneously. Various moments within:
    • Wendy had to gather up her strength and courage to stand and use the Sky Dragon Roar for the first time.
    • Lucy's compassion to Celestial Spirits pays off big when Gemini steps in to assist a totally-exhausted Lucy, taking her form and then summoning Taurus to destroy the lacrima there.
    • In spite of being weary from their battles, Gray and Erza each pull out all the stops to attack their lacrimas.
    • Even Butt-Monkey Ichiya manages to crawl his way to a fifth lacrima then shows he has one more trick to his Perfume Magic: a Super Strength parfum that turns him into a buffed-out stud able to destroy the lacrima with one punch.
    • Finally, there's Natsu, who drew the lacrima guarded by Zero. Zero tries to send Natsu through an ethereal gate to a point of no return...but Natsu burns his way out, charges back, and unleashes an attack so fierce it drives Zero up the caverns under Nirvana, then straight up and through the last lacrima...right on cue.
     Daphne Arc (Anime-Only, Episodes 69-72) 
  • Fairy Tail gets props for having one of these in a FILLER episode (Episode 72). Six words. Gray and Juvia = Unison Raid. Also, Gajeel saves Natsu by drilling through the lacrima crystal prison that he's being kept in and tells everyone to feed Natsu with fire, and everyone following up by feeding Natsu with a massive fire.
     Edolas Arc (Chapters 166-200, Episodes 73-96) 
  • Chapters 176 & 177: Happy has an impressive one when he's driven to his Rage-Breaking Point and sticks up for Carla against the Exceeds' "mission" to hunt down the Dragon Slayers (or so it seems), essentially giving the other Exceeds an "up yours" by proclaiming that they are Fairy Tail wizards and that they were going to save their friends alone. It showed that underneath that perpetually cute exterior is a strong-willed determination that rivals any one of the human wizards in Fairy Tail. The anime conveyed this scene more effectively as opposed to the manga.
  • Chapter 178: Carla straight up bluffing to Edolas!Erza that she is the princess of Extalia and telling her that she should prostrate herself before her. It didn't work in the long run, but the unmitigated gall needed to do this from someone who was suffering a Heroic BSoD over her role in causing her friends to be captured is impressive.
  • Chapter 179: Midway through the Edolas arc, Edolas!Erza has recaptured Lucy, Happy, and Carla and is gleefully preparing to stab all of them when the wall explodes inward, revealing none other than the original Fairy Tail Gray and Erza, uncrystallized and ready to kick some alternate reality ass.
  • Chapter 184: Virgo, a Cloud Cuckoo Lander Meido Summon Magic, gets one when she displays that she can also be an Action Girl, when she punches Byro in the face and then spikes him into a hole in the ground.
    • Further exemplified with her Dynamic Entry from doing so, and then when you take notice of her foresight and consideration for Lucy's safety by giving her a new whip, which is both this and Heartwarming, because it shows that Virgo cares for Lucy. Knowing that multiple summons drains her, Virgo gave her a way to keep fighting.
  • Also in Chapter 184, Natsu and Lucy defeat Hughes and Byro at the exact same time.
    • Allow me to elaborate: Lucy ties down Byro with her whip he falls onto a sign and five seconds later Natsu punches Hughes through the sign into Byro.
    • In addition, Lucy's declaration to defeat Byro to save Coco proves instrumental to the latter's Heel–Face Turn.
      Lucy: I have to care about her, because it's obvious that you don't! If you feel that way about your own comrade, I can't let you win!
  • Chapter 185: Gray attempts to destroy the key that will kill his friends. When informed that said key can also save them, he destroys it anyway... and then makes a new one out of ice that only he can use.
  • Chapter 186: "I'm gonna make you my cat."
  • King Faust is completely pissed off that our heroes are meddling with his plans and so launches off on Dorma Anim, a magic fueled mechanical dragon with magic resistant armor. No attacks can pierce Faust's defense and the situation looks grim... That is, until Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy stand up to fight him as Fairy Tail's Dragon Slayers. The right expression here is "Time to open a can!".
    • Wendy helping Natsu and Gajeel in the fight against King Faust, proving that she's a Badass Adorable on top of The Medic.
    • The way the battle ends, full fucking stop. Gajeel holds Dorma Anim in place while Natsu uses the propulsion and rotation of Wendy's roar, mixing the gale with his own flames. The result is an attack so fast and strong that he blasts through Dorma Anim's chest, grabbing Faust and bursting from the other side with him.
      • It is very reminiscent of Gurren Lagann's Giga Drill Breaker. Gajeel pins Dorma Anim down (like the boomerang shades' function), while Natsu becomes the drill with Wendy's Sky Dragon Roar. Again, made more awesome considering Natsu and Simon share the same seiyuu.
    • There's also the fact that Faust has a B.S.O.D. moment when he sees images of their parental dragons in their place, terrified of the thing he tried to take over for his own selfish reasons.
  • The entire Edolas Fairy Tail pulling a Big Damn Heroes to save Lucy, Gray, Happy, Carla and Coco from the Edolas Magic Army.
  • Erza Scarlet succeeding in talking down Erza Knightwalker.
    • This really needs to be elaborated on. Since Erza's first appearance in the Edolas arc, she's been fighting her alternate self, Erza Knightwalker. Without a doubt, this was Erza's longest and hardest fight yet, fought in two parts with a rematch. She even had to use her absolute strongest armor, which she never showed in battle before. Even then, they were evenly matched, their weapons/armor breaking against each other. Even with this Combat Breakdown, they continnued fighting with Good Old Fisticuffs while falling down hundreds of feet, and then crashing to the ground. Not only that, but Knightwalker's weapon is a spear version of Ten Commandments, Haru Glory's weapon from Rave Master, a manga by the same author, possibly symbolizing that now Fairy Tail wins out over his previous work.
    • Also, points to Edolas!Erza for showing some Villainous Valor and for thinking of others in her own twisted way by having reasons other than just outright sociopathy to keep fighting. Flimsy reasons no doubt, but it's nice to know she's not motivated by just sadism.
  • Natsu settling Mystogan and Pantherlily's argument over who does the Zero-Approval Gambit.note 
     Sirius Island Arc (Chapters 201-253, Episodes 97-122) 
  • In Chapter 206, Gildarts does the one thing that no other hero/villain has done: He made Natsu fall to his knees through sheer force of magical power, and admit defeat. He truly deserves the title Fairy Tail's Strongest Mage.
  • Levy actually manages to save Gajeel's life in Chapter 211. And she does it again even while leaving to inform everyone else about Grimoire Heart.
  • Chapter 212: Gajeel gets his arm impaled from hand to shoulder by a sword. He gives a great Slasher Smile, clenches his fist, flexes his elbow, and breaks the sword. He then counter-attacks and beats his opponent. Made of Iron, indeed.
  • In Chapter 218, Natsu squares off against Grimore Heart's Fire GOD Slayer and gets owned. Eventually being blasted back to where Makarov is laying after having been beaten. Makarov tells Natsu to run as the God Slayer approaches and Natsu starts shaking with fear just like when he fought Gildarts earlier. However when the God Slayer starts taunting him he reveals the only thing he's scared of right now: THAT SOMEONE ELSE IS GONNA TAKE DOWN THE GUY WHO HURT MAKAROV!
    • Hi, I'm Natsu. I'll just be eating the fire that is specifically stated to be impossible for me to eat, and then I'm going to kick your ass with it. And my own. At the same time.
  • Though he didn't win in the end, Elfman gets major props during his fight with Rustyrose. After hearing of Grimoire Heart's plan, Elfman calls bullshit on it, charges Rustyrose and manages to grab the big claw his right arm is transformed into. He then proceeds to use Take Over on his own right arm, with the exact same claw Rustyrose has. While he blocked the attack, Elfman grabbed his glasses and crushed them, allowing Evergreen to turn Rustyrose to stone.
    • Rustyrose, the actual winner of said fight, in his own crowning moment, doesn't get turned to stone, because he summoned a new pair of glasses, revealing he had Reality Warper powers based on his imaginations (with several limits and conditions as he mentions). Then he summons a giant tower which lifts Elfman and Evergreen into the air before exploding.
  • Chapter 227: Natsu and Lucy tag-teaming Kain Hikaru, using his own voodoo doll.
  • Chapters 228 & 229: Juvia scares Erza.
    • To go into detail, Juvia just had the crap beaten out of her by the person she and Erza are fighting. Then Meredy mentions her intention to kill Gray. Juvia gets back up and is so pissed that Erza, freaking Erza gets genuinely scared.
  • Chapter 233: Cana arrives with Fairy Glitter engraved on her arm to save Lucy, Natsu, Wendy, Makarov, Carla, and Happy from Bluenote. Unfortunately, since Cana just got the Fairy Glitter, she's not able to use it properly, as Bluenote painfully points out to her. Just as he is about to deal a finishing blow, Bluenote gets blown away by Gildarts. And HE IS PISSED.
    • Even though she couldn't use it properly, "ADIOS, YOU BASTARD." in the English dub is pretty badass.
  • Chapter 234: Fried and Bickslow pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment for the rest of the guild.
  • Chapter 235: Azuma literally uproots the giant Sirius Tree, and has taken control of the entire Island's magic through his Lost Magic: Great Tree Arc. On top of that, it turns out that tree's magic, and that of the island's, has been protecting the Fairy Tail members and keeping them safe. Now that its gone, they're being drained of their magical power, and Mirajane and Makarov might actually DIE now.
  • Chapter 237: Erza defeats Azuma.
  • Chapter 238 has this: Azuma's body transforms into a tree and the magic is back to normal in the island. This leads us into the following:
    • Bickslow uses his Figure Eyes to control Elfman because he had ONE EYE OPEN. Rustyrose loses concentration from a powerful punch and Lisanna grows wings to kick Fried and give him momentum. Fried uses his magic to deliver a powerful blow and finish him off.
    • Meanwhile with Bluenote, Gildarts got his magic back and was able to DESTROY A CORE that Bluenote was gonna use based on a BLACK HOLE. The last we see of Bluenote? Well, Gildarts made his own vortex of destruction to send him flying.
  • Chapter 239: Ultear reveals herself as the true leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, which means she's possibly more powerful than the guy who drained Fairy Tail of their magic. She tries to start monologuing about how she can't be beaten. But Gray is having none of that shit, and he knocks Ultear right on her ass. One can only hope this is indicative of how bad he's going to beat her.
  • Chapter 240: Gray freezing his own blood in order to combat Ultear.
  • Chapter 242: Shit just got real. Orcus on His Throne no more. Time to see how the Third Generation holds up to Master Hades. Let's Get Dangerous! indeed.
  • Chapter 244: When everything seems hopeless, we get a Big Damn Heroes moment from LAXUS of all people!
  • Chapter 245: This chapter should honestly be renamed "Why Laxus is Awesome". Not only is he the only character as of yet to deliver Hades a bit of trashing with little effort, but his mature, calm, and rather heartwarming decision to lend Natsu his power so a member of Fairy Tail defeat the man who toke down their Guild Master shows just how much Laxus has grown. Character Development FTW.
  • Chapter 248: I quote the last words of this chapter because anything else is either a spoiler, or does not do it justice: "THIS IS OUR GUILD!!!!"
  • Chapter 250: Zeref taking down Hades for good with a kickass pose.
    Zeref: "Repent."
  • Chapter 252: Makarov performing You Shall Not Pass! on the giant Black Dragon that took away various limbs and organs away from Gildarts.
    • A bit of tearjerker and heartwarming as well, but Laxus is the first to understand his grandfather's intentions and immediately saves Natsu and is leading the other members out the island, even if its obvious its breaking his heart to do so. This fully cements him as not his father's son, but his grandfather's grandson.
  • Chapter 253: We are shown what a real dragon is made of when Acnologia atomizes Sirius Island. With all the Fairy Tail members there still on it. In one shot.
     Key of the Starry Heavens Arc (Anime-Only, Episodes 128-150) 
     Grand Magic Games Arc (Chapters 254-340, Episodes 151-200) 
  • Chapter 257: Makarov, Mirajane, and Erza head over to Twilight Ogre's guild to "pay them back" for the years of hardship they brought to the remaining members of Fairy Tail during the 7 year time-skip.
  • Chapter 271: Lucy summons two spirits at once, (something that's rather difficult to do, which she could never do before her training) and uses them in a combination attack against Flare.
    • Her bringing Cancer later on, which means she summoned three spirits at once.
    • And then still being strong enough after that to beat the crap out of her enemy with her whip. Action Girl, indeed.
  • In Chapter 272, Lucy, after being beaten up repeatedly due to her opponent's underhanded measures, finally gets a chance to counter attack after Natsu helps her out. Her counter attack? The same spell she used against Angel. Too bad Raven Tail's not one to play by the rules.
    • Natsu saving Asca from Flare's hair strand, after figuring out why Lucy wasn't fighting back.
  • Chapter 276: Even though Natsu and Gajeel only get the third and second to last place in that day's contest, their sheer Determinator nature inspires the rest of Fairy Tail and wins over the public that was jeering at them yesterday.
  • Chapter 278: Elfman brings home Fairy Tail's first victory in the Grand Magic Games, and does so by defeating Bacchus.
    • What do you do when you're fighting a Barefisted Monk you who you can't even touch? Cover yourself in spikes, forcing him to hurt himself when he attacks you. Also, make his team rename themselves Quatro Puppy for the competition.
    • Elfman's victory is very important for the guild, as it actually brought the momentum to Fairy Tail.
    • Adding to it is his determination that never ended in that entire fight; he was getting soundlessly beaten by a guy who was barely even trying before hand...but then he makes a final stand against Bauccus, taking everything he has and recoiling the damage back at Baccus. And let's remember that the Drunken Master was meant to be as strong as basically Elfman used HIS OWN STRENGTH AGAINST HIM.
  • Chapter 279: A match between Mirajane and Jenny Realight (of Blue Pegasus) that somehow starts off as a swimsuit competition (after it was learned that the two used to model together) with many Fetish tropes thrown into the mix, until Jenny, feeling confident about herself, makes a wager that the loser pose nude in a magazine, and suddenly changes the match into a battle of strength. Mirajane, in response, demonstrates once again why she is called 'Demon', and simply knocks out Jenny's arse with one hit, and celebrates her victory by reverting to her Proper Lady persona. Cue Big "NO!" from Jenny who must now submit to her own wager.
  • Chapter 280 has another mage being taken down a peg: Yukino of Sabertooth vs. Kagura of Mermaid Heel. Yukino decides to make a bet with Kagura saying that the loser of the match will owe the winner their life. Kagura hesitates but ultimately agrees, admitting that she hesitated because she doesn't let people out of promises easily. So Yukino busts out her spirits, hitting Kagura with a Gravity Screw and a Water attack from Libra and Pisces respectively. When that doesn't cut the mustard, Yukino brings out her trump card, Ophiuchus, the Snake-Charmer and 13th Zodiac key. This is it for Kagura, right? WRONG! Not only does Kagura slice Ophiuchus to ribbons, she comes within an inch of taking Yukino's life. All without even drawing her sword from its scabbard. As Kagura is hailed the winner, she coldly reminds Yukino that her life now belongs to her. Damn.
  • Natsu has one in Chapter 282: After learning what Sabretooth did to poor Yukino, he goes berserk, storms their hotel kicking the asses of everyone in the way and challenges their Master Jiemma to a duel, on one condition: If Natsu wins, Jiemma has to leave Sabretooth forever, just like Yukino did. Wow...
  • The awesomeness of the previous chapter's ending continues in Chapter 283, with Natsu continuing his rampage. Jiemma sends another guild member to fight Natsu in Jiemma's place only for Natsu to one-shot him. Natsu then unleashes a barrage of attacks on Jiemma, though Jiemma isn't fazed, he does get Blown Across the Room by one of Natsu's punches. Eventually, Minerva finally appears and calmly puts a stop to all of this.
    • The best part has to be when Natsu tells them to take care of their friends. Rogue contemplates these words as Sting is seemingly terrified (or maybe excited) of how strong Natsu is.
    • Oh, and he also gained Jiemma's respect. Think about it.
    • Sabertooth's Exceed even mention that Natsu being able to one-shot the guild member Jiemma sent to fight him would make him one of the top ten members of Sabertooth.
    • Natsu giving up the fight to protect Happy is also pretty awesome as well as heartwarming. It shows that Natsu took Gildarts' lesson of knowing when to back down to heart and it reinforces the message he gave to Sabertooth. Natsu doesn't mess around when it comes to the bonds of guild-family.
  • Erza during Day Three of the Games, Pandemonium
    • The set up is the creamy filling. The contest is explained and discussed in detailnote  making everyone, including the reader, believe it will be a long endurance competition. Erza, however, has other plans throwing everyone for a loop. She states none of that matters. It is luck of draw, because she is going first and challenging all 100 monsters. The others aren't getting a turn. In just one sentence, she overturns the rules and becomes an in-universe game breaker.
    Mato: "Th-that's impossible! It's not set up so that one person could possibly defeat them all!"
    Erza: "I don't care."
    • She utterly owns ALL of the monsters in the game in Chapter 284, singlehandedly restoring Fairy Tail's reputation as the strongest guild, after being jeered throughout the entire competition thus far. The strongest of the monsters is said to be a challenge for a Wizard Saint—i.e. someone of MAKAROV's level!! And, if the double page spread is any indication, she accomplished most of this without any armour! The look of utter amazement on the faces of most the other competitors (as well as the audience) is just the icing on the cake.
    • That's not all. All other characters had started thinking about what would be a good strategy, and whether going first would be an advantage or disadvantage. Erza puts paid to all analysis. Moreover, to guarantee victory she needed to "only" challenge 51 monsters, but Fairy Tail isn't known for recklessness for nothing.
      Levy: "Day Three of the Grand Magic Games changed everything. I'll never forget it: the miracle we witnessed. Despite her countless injuries, the fairy that should've fallen...soared. Titania triumphed, and our spirits were born anew like a scarlet rose blooming in full glory, sword in hand."
    • The anime studios (A-1 Pictures and Satelight) get one, as we get to see Erza fighting all 100 monsters IN FULL ANIMATED GLORY!!!
    • In retrospect, the fact that she did all this without using her Second Origin makes it even more badass.
  • In Chapter 285, we have a Power Level ranking contest, because Mato needs to some way to quickly rank the others after Erza broke the main competition.
    • Jura shows again why he's a member of the Ten Wizard Saints by scoring a whopping 8544 with his awesome spell, overshadowing Orga's 3852 points (which itself is stated to be obscenely high). Then Cana, who has behaved like a total drunk ditz the whole time, reveals that she has the Fairy Glitter again and scores 9999 points. Not too bad, is it?
      • To be clear, 9999 was the limit of the scale. Cana outright broke the thing!
      • And walked away sober, after drinking her way through several kegs of booze just prior to casting the spell.
      • Also awesome since this means that Cana has become powerful enough to use Fairy Glitter effectively. And Mavis explains that the spell takes a lot of concentration. Cana was drunk! Also, Mavis intentionally granted Fairy Glitter to Cana for the event, to Makarov's shock, to emphasize the point Erza made earlier: You don't mess with Fairy Tail!
    • While not as powerful as Olga, Milliana was the fourth most powerful person in that round (making her likely the fifth all around). She scores a 384, which is considered to be pretty good, captain-level in in the Mage Corps level good. Which is impressive for the goofy cat girl who's obsessed with cute things.
  • Chapter 286 was basically Ivan extending an offer to his son, Laxus. Laxus' response? Flat out denying the offer and decides to fight all of Raven Tail on his own.
  • Laxus ups the ante in Chapter 287 by giving all of Raven Tail the beatdown we've been waiting for. And then there's this exchange with Ivan after said beatdown:
    Laxus: "I ain't got a clue what your goal is, but I'll hold you responsible for hurting my friends."
    Ivan: "W-wait! I'm your father! We're family! Are you going to hit your father!?"
    Laxus: to Obra Next time you pick on a little girl [Wendy], you'd better make sure I don't hear about it!
    Laxus: to Nullpudding As for you? Gray sends his regards!
    • An indirect and subtle moment of awesome also goes to Makarov & Gajeel in this chapter. We find out that Gajeel had dug up every single piece of information there is to know about Raven Tail ranging from info on members to funds without getting caught by Ivan. Moreover, Makarov could've easily ordered Gajeel to stab them right in the back at anytime he wanted to since they already know where to strike them where it hurts. Makarov's action? He didn't. Simply because he still believed in his son.
      • Ironically, that last bit hurts Ivan worse than anything else Makarov could possibly do to him. Even after everything he's done his dad still refuses to acknowledge him as an enemy.
    • Adding to the above stuff is that Laxus did it in response to what Flare, Obra and Nullpudding did to Wendy, Juvia, Gray and Lucy. He may not even care about Black Snake since he didn't do anything to his friends, but he still just One Hit KOs him for good measure. So that's a bit of Heartwarming as a cherry for this sundae.
  • Chapter 289/Episode 170, "Small Fists": Even if she's fighting an opponent who uses the same magic as her, but stronger, can heal herself instantly even from the deepest wounds and resist her attacks, Wendy still won't give up, for the sake of Fairy Tail. What she lacks in power, she proves to make up for in cleverness and sheer determination. And Sherria respects Wendy's grit and agrees to answer in kind. For 30 minutes the two youngest competitors in the Games go all out, and at the final bell, both of them are still standing. Wendy forces a draw and earns everyone's respect, especially Sherria's, as the two actually become best friends as a result.
  • Chapter 292: The new, united Team Fairy Tail, comprised of Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, Laxus, and Erza, and being cheered by the entire audience. It sure contrasted with the first day, when the Fairy Tail teams were booed upon entering the stadium.
    • The best part is the fact that the team really is their "strongest team". Knowing the five characters and their strength, the audience knows that there are some awesome battles to come.
  • The cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 293: Natsu and Gajeel vs. Sting and Rogue. That and the fact that a dragon mentions the Dragon King Festival is close at hand, implies that things are going to get serious really soon.
  • Chapter 294: Let's just say Natsu and Gajeel weren't playing around with these two. They handled Sting and Rogue well, pretty much tanking their strongest moves without breaking a sweat. Until, of course, Sting and Rogue exhibit Dragon Force leaving us on another awesome cliffhanger.
  • In Chapter 295 Sting goes 1 vs. 2 against the Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers using Dragon Force. It looks like he easily wins... until Natsu and Gajeel pop right back up and point out they know all of his moves. Natsu then knocks Gajeel into a mine cart so he can take on both Third Gen Dragon Slayers all by himself.
  • Chapter 296: Natsu makes good on his challenge from the previous chapter by taking on Sting AND Rogue in a 2 vs. 1 battle and ''making them bite the proverbial curb''.
    • And he did it without even using Lightning Flame Dragon form, which means Natsu isn't even using his full power.
    • This battle also served as a microcosm of the entire arc. To wit, upon their return Team Sirius learned of the hard times the guild mates they left behind 7 years ago had fallen on trying to keep the guild alive, becoming the laughingstock of Fiore. Here, Natsu not only reminded all of Fiore why Fairy Tail was considered the strongest guild seven years ago, he avenged the insult Lucy suffered in the Naval Battle at Minerva's hands by dismantling the latter's guild's poster boys, the Twin Dragons, in such a dominant fashion that could only be considered in retrospect complete humiliation.
  • Chapter 300: Jiemma was already an asshole to begin with, but he goes even further into the Moral Event Horizon when he blasts Lector into oblivion because he had the guild mark on his body. Sting breaks down in tears, and Jiemma dismisses it as if it was nothing. Sting then fires a full blast of a White Dragon's Punch right through Jiemma. To say that the fandom rejoiced would be an understatement.
  • Chapter 305 gives a nice shiny, gem-encrusted crown made of awesome for Mavis to compliment her wings. We learn she had a nickname in the past: "The Fairy Tactician". She proceeds to demonstrate it in the Battle Royale between the Guilds by showing she wasn't just goofing around here and there with the audience as she actually was spending close time studying each participant of the games throughout the four days, coming up with statistics and precise calculations that practically turns the team into a military unit, shocking Makarov along the way. Magnificent.
  • Chapter 306: Gray vs. Rufus opens in Rufus's favor by "memorizing" Gray's attacks and revealing his ability to combine them with other magics as well as "forget" them but Gray counters with his Ice Make Infinite. Gray then traps Rufus inside a prison of ice but Rufus says he can use flames but those flames aren't strong enough because Gray has seen stronger. The dual-wielding Gray hits Rufus with his "Ice Bringer" and knocks him out. Gray wins the battle and to show off, he wears Rufus' hat.
    • Props to Mavis in this too. Instead of sending Erza or Laxus to deal with Rufus, which would be a more sure thing, she allows Gray to settle a grudge match. Why? Because she knows and understands that emotions can fuck over calculations. It's nice to see a competent strategist acknowledge that.
  • Arcadios of all people gets one in Chapter 309 by going through LAVA to save Lucy and Yukino from being burned alive by Uosuke's magic. It would have been a Dying Moment of Awesome, but was barely averted thanks to Horologium after he forced himself through his Gate in order to save him.
  • Then following up in Chapter 310 with Fairy Tail outright kicking the asses of every single member of the wolves, who were warned to have magic designed to kill people. Natsu's PreAssKickingOneLiner before punching the leader through a wall was the cherry on top.
    • Of course there's also Laxus casually blocking one of Rufus' arieal attacks. So while we don't see him swallow it like his fellow Dragon's clear that he can EAT LIGHTNING!
  • Chapter 311: Mavis' strategy is working fine so far. Chelia and Juvia meet up as expected, Erza is about to fight Minerva— until, Kagura busts out nowhere and is now engaging Erza in combat, sending Mavis into tears. And then Minerva intercepts Erza and Kagura's fight through some sort of teleportation, throwing poor Mavis into a HeroicBSOD. Now we got a MeleeATrois between Erza, Kagura, and Minerva on our hands!
  • Chapter 315: After blocking Kagura's attack from the unsheathed Archenemy, Erza tells her why she cannot back down from their fight:
    Erza: "This life was entrusted to me by Uncle Rob...and my Nakama... Relinquishing my life so easily... would be a slap in the face to all of them."
  • Chapter 318: Iron Shadow Gajeel!! This also doubles as Nightmare Fuel.
  • Chapter 319: Iron Shadow Gajeel straight up DESTROYS Rogue and earns a point for Team Fairy Tail.
  • Chapter 320: Jura continues to live up to the hype. He nonchalantly dodges Orga's Thunder God's Particle Cannon and completely floors him in one punch. He then proceeds to drop Laxus with one chop...which makes a small crater where Laxus hits the ground.
    • Points to Laxus too for getting up and delivering an uppercut that catches Jura off guard as well as being one of the only people able to even touch Jura since the games began. The other person? Jellal.
  • Chapter 321: Laxus defeats Jura. This is extremely impressive since Jura was considered to be the 5th strongest Wizard Saint alive at the time. Erza gets a CMoA too, for finally wiping Minerva's smug expression off her face by actually drawing her blood.
    Erza: "I'll show you...picking a fight with our guild...was the biggest mistake of your life."
    Minerva: "Such anger...You'll get premature wrinkles."
    Erza: "How dare you hurt Lucy, my Nakama, Kagura, and Millianna!! Anger? I'm seething."
    • Oh and guess what. For the entirety of the games, Erza has yet to use her Second Origin. Not anymore though...
  • Chapter 322: This one panel made Sting realize that his newly awakened willpower comes nowhere near Fairy Tail's! It also perfectly illustrated the awesomeness of the guild in one fell swoop]].
    • Erza defeats Minerva with a single strike (after shrugging off several attacks from her and actually getting her to go Oh, Crap!). As awesome as that is, it pales in comparison to the end of the round. Sting, still at full strength and all fired up, is confident that he can take on all five of the Fairy Tail members in their battered, exhausted state. But the way they carry themselves makes it clear to him that they are fully prepared to defeat him anyway. The sight is so awesome that Sting falls to his knees and admits defeat without a fight.
  • Chapter 327: Lucy earns one for being the first to realize the true nature of the Eclipse Gate and also for trying to close the gate despite getting thrown away repeatedly by the incoming dragons.
  • Chapter 328: Lucy AND Yukino combining their powers to summon ALL TWELVE Celestial Spirits of the Zodiac to close the Eclipse Gate. Remember that all independent Celestial Spirit Mages shown so far have at best only been able to summon no more than 2 Spirits at a time.
    • Yukino summoned two. Lucy summoned ten.
      • Actually, the two basically split the cost between them by combining their powers.
      • Which means each of them summoned six spirits—still an impressive mark for an individual Celestial Spirit Mage.
  • Chapter 329: A highly motivated Natsu attacks one of the Dragons in mid-air and calls out to all of the other Dragon Slayers to start slaying the dragons, resulting in a Big Damn Heroes return of Cobra!
  • Chapter 330: Several, mostly attributed to the Dragon Slayers.
    • Laxus slugs Atlas Flame with a fist full of lightning, and this is the same dragon who had no sell'd Makarov's fists.
    • Cobra saves Blue Pegasus' collective asses by getting the drop on a dragon.
    • Wendy shows how she has grown by standing up and plans to fight Zirconis. Keep in mind this is a little child against a giant dragon.
  • Chapter 331: Just like the previous chapter, several characters get great moments of awesome.
  • Chapter 332: Natsu's apparent plan to defeat Future!Rogue involves him ''EATING'' Atlas Flame. The dragon then finds out that Natsu is actually Igneel's foster child, which somehow releases him from Future!Rogue's Dragon Control enchantment. Cue Natsu riding up to Future!Rogue on Atlas Flames' back.
  • Chapter 333: An Atlas Flame-powered up Natsu punches the dragon Mothergrea with the help from an newly freed-from-enchantment Atlas Flame.
  • Chapter 335: Ultear uses "Last Ages" to turn back time itself. Sadly, it costs Ultear her life, and she dies thinking it was useless since she only turned back time one minute. But that minute was enough to save countless lives and give humanity its fighting chance.
    • As of Chapter 339, Ultear is NOT dead but rather aged up to an elderly woman.
  • Chapters 336 & 337: The Eclipse Gate is destroyed when Natsu sends one of the dragons crashing into it. This causes a paradox where those who traveled through time via the gate are sent back to their original timelines. This means the Dragons all disappear, going back to 400 years ago, resulting in victory for the mages. As well as Future!Lucy and Future!Rogue being sent forwards to their original time.
  • Overall, the Dragons really need a mention. They were each a Wake-Up Call Boss to not only the top guilds, but to the Dragon Slayers. Mavis noted that while they should have turned the tide in theory with their magic, but in practice they ended up on the losing end. It was safe to say we can see why Dragons were on top of the food chain centuries ago: They were a race of juggernauts until the pro-human dragons taught them slayer magic.
    • If you think about it shows us that today's Dragon slayers wouldn't even be able to stand to the ones around during the Dragon war.
  • Chapter 340: Zeref reveals that soon he shall declare war on the world. Mavis declares that if he does, Fairy Tail will wage war on ''him''.
    • Mavis communicating (and threatening) with Zeref as an equal shows how much of a badass she is.
    • The Promise has been called into action in Chapter 358, with Natsu's declaration of war with Zeref's proxy guild, Tartaros.
     Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc (Anime-Only, Episodes 205-218) 
  • Episode 205 of the anime deserves mention. Lucy fights Evil!Virgo with only her Fleuve d'étoiles, and completely owns her. Lucy only loses because she doesn't want to hurt Virgo. Why does she not do this more often?
  • Episode 212: Juvia defeats Aries, despite being extremely dehydrated (even worse since she's made entirely of water) from chasing Aries in a desert. How? By figuring out that Aries's car has coolant in it, and using the last of her strength to cut open the car, releasing the coolant, and curbstomping Aries when she has recovered.
     Sun Village Arc (Chapters 341-355, Episodes 227-233) 
  • Chapter 342: One of the Four Heavenly Kings of Ishgal, who are THE Top 4 Wizard Saints, Walrot Seeken, is revealed to be a founding member of Fairy Tail. This further proves that Mavis was one of THE most powerful mages ever, possibly on par with Zeref!
  • Chapter 347 features the battle between the treasure hunters and the team of Lucy, Wendy and a post Heel–Face Turn Flare. The chapter ends with the treasure hunters being sent off via Twinkle in the Sky complete with a Badass Boast from Lucy of all people!
    Lucy: "It's a hundred years too early for you to pick a fight with Mages like us."
  • Chapter 349 has Gray versus Doriarte, the demon who turned Erza, Natsu, and Gray into children. Gray defeats him (in a sense) with creative use of his reduced Ice Make magic, which returns the three Fairy Tail mages to normal.
  • Chapter 353 reveals that an Ice Demon Slayer from Tartaros froze the Sun Village and Eternal Flame. Keep in mind that he not only froze the entire village but also what turned out to be a DRAGON. Not even any of the shown Dragon Slayers could defeat a dragon.
     Tataros Arc (Chapters 356-416, Episodes 234-265) 
  • Chapter 358: A whole chapter of Laxus being awesome!
    • First he handily defeats Tempesta, one of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros
    • Then, when an already defeated Tempesta technically cheated to kill the Thunder Legion, he inhales in all the Mashou Ryuushi which is, by the way, used to negate and murder magic users, and saves his squad members and Yajima.
    • A much smaller one, but, in the anime at least, Fried somehow managed to get himself, as well as an unconscious Laxus, Evergreen, Bickslow and Mr. Yajima safely back to the guild hall while still poisoned by the bane particles himself.
    • Additional awesomeness from a vengeful Natsu, who declares Fairy Tail's war against Tartaros, echoing Mavis' threat to Zeref in Chapter 340.
  • Chapter 360 is Natsu being all awesome by beating the living crap out of Jackal, another of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros, who previously, alone, destroyed the Magic Council.
    • However, Jackal also has a cheat up his sleeve, just like Tempesta, by using his curse to incapacitate Natsu, and end the chapter on a cliffhanger.
    • It goes to show that the key Mages of Fairy Tail have gone way beyond most of the Mages of Fiore's other guilds in terms of power, since in the two fights, so far, that has involved Fairy Tail and the Nine Demon Gates, both the Tartaros demons had to resort to sneaks and cheats to stop Natsu and Laxus after being easily defeated by the Fairy Tail duo initially. They never needed to do this before.
    • Even the former Magic Council member Fairy Tail was guarding, presumably not a bad Mage himself, was literally shaking in his boots after witnessing a Fairy Tail battle for the first time. All his knowledge on Fairy Tail, even during his time on the council, were possibly based upon biased rumors and hearsay.
  • Chapter 361: Natsu figures out how to go around Jackal's Bomb Curse by literally eating the curse and exploding the resulting bomb in his body, therefore nulling out the effects AND powering him up at the same time, resulting in Jackal suffering a Villainous BSoD.
    • Played for laughs situations aside, Natsu has been a one-man awesome machine in every fight he's been involved in ever since he unlocked his Second Origin before the Grand Magic Games. He hasn't really been overpowered in any real way since then and the only times he's been captured or made to struggle in a fight was when he was either distracted like when he met Silver; or the enemy used dirty tricks and cheats like his fight with Jackal; or he needed a little time to learn and adjust his tactics like he did in his destruction of Sting and Rogue. This is on top of the countless CMOAs done by the other key members of Fairy Tail.
  • Chapter 362 is basically a continuation from the previous chapter of Natsu being awesome with the added bonus of Natsu tapping his Flame Lighting Dragon Slayer powers to defeat a demonically transformed Jackal.
    • Bonus awesome props to Happy for saving the town from Jackal who, in defeat, turned himself into a Time Bomb, by carrying Jackal up into the sky to explode safely above and away from the town, almost turning the chapter into a Tear Jerker.
    • The most awesome part of it, is that Happy survives. Yeah, he survived an explosion that could take out an entire city. Fairy Tail, the guild where even Team Pets can kick demons to the curb.
  • Chapter 369: Jellal finally shows off his Sema spell. And it wipes out four of the Oracion Seis (Hoteye backed out of the fight from the beginning, but he was still terrified of Jellal's sheer power).
    • Before that, though. He blinded himself on purpose to dispel Midnight's illusions.
    • The reason he decided to challenge the Oracion Seis in the first place? To recruit them into his rogue guild, and then he goes on to win. Jellal is a firm believer in Asskicking Leads to Leadership.
  • Chapter 371: Pretty much everything that can go wrong for Tartaros does go wrong. First, Cana saves the entire Fairy Tail Guild from Tartaros's bomb by turning all the members into cards, and having the Exceeds fly them out of the bomb's radius, to Tartaros's mobile headquarters. Then, Lamy's attempt to turn Mirajane into a demon backfires spectacularly: because of the demon particles she already has in her body, Mirajane revives when she receives more of them, and easily breaks free. THEN, we find out that Natsu and Lisanna broke free, and they capture Kyouka when she tries to use Erza as a hostage. THEN, it turns out that Erza's also free, and that tentacle monster that was torturing her a few issues earlier? Its unconscious form is draped across her shoulders. After all that Tartaros has done, it is SO satisfying to see things not going their way.
  • Chapter 372: Erza using her new Piercing Armor to attack Kyouka all the while blowing a hole in the Cube in the process!!
  • Chapter 376: Wendy attains Dragon Force. When Carla's life is threatened by Ezel almost eating her, Wendy's desperation to save her partner gives her the push she needs to gain Dragon Force, finally living up to her Sky Dragon Slayer title in a real fight!
    • Wendy gaining Dragon Force and fighting toe-to-toe with Ezel really shows us how much Fairy Tail's key members has surpassed mages from other guilds, because Zeref created the Demon Gates of Tartaros in a way that each of them have the power to destroy an army's worth of Mages single-handed. But in every fight, so far, between them and a key Fairy Tail Mage, it's either the demons lose outright or they had to rely on dirty tactics to win.
  • Chapter 377: Wendy, using Dragon Force, fights on par with Ezel and uses Shattering Light: Sky Drill to defeat him and destroy Face's physical form. It's even more impressive in Episode 244, because at the final clash of blows, he manages to tear himself out of the wind prison she crafted him (in the manga he was helpless until she delivered the final blow) and charged her with one of his AbsurdlySharpBlades that can tear apart boulders and buildings with ease. She blocks and shatters it right in his face, and we the viewers are treated to ultimate combination of Oh, Crap! and This Cannot Be! from him right before she sends him flying.
  • Chapter 378: Carla manages to stop Face by making it self-destruct. We are then lead to believe she and Wendy have died, until it's revealed that Doranbolt saved them both just in time.
  • Chapter 380: Mirajane learns about Tartaros' Resurrective Immortality. She then proceeds to remove that advantage by destroying the entire lab using her Take Over magic to manipulate the tentacles.
    Mirajane: It looks like priority number one is to destroy this place.
    Seilah: Do you seriously believe you're capable of that?
    Mirajane: Piece of cake.
  • Chapter 381: Seilah, thanks to her One-Winged Angel form has Mirajane on the ropes because Satan Soul isn't strong enough and Take-Over doesn't work on Seilah anymore thanks to Macro. So what does Mira do? She takes over Macro instead, ordering Seilah to weaken herself before ordering her brother Elfman, whom Seilah controlled earlier, to pull a Big Damn Heroes and attack Seilah from behind. Yeah, don't mess with the Demon or her family.
  • Chapter 383: Lucy gets a chance to shine since she's the only one who escaped from Alegria. Hounded on all sides by a flood, several mooks, Lamy, and one of the Nine Demon Gates, she manages to hold her own until Jackal shows up. Lucy may usually be overshadowed by her fellow guildmates, but she's indeed a badass worthy of Fairy Tail.
    • This finally culminates Chapter 384 when Lucy summons the Celestial Spirit King, who destroys Alegria in one fell swoop.
  • Chapter 385: Lucy is finally able to truly kick ass on her own, after the Celestial Spirit King imbibes Aquarius' magical powers directly into Lucy, powering her up exponentially and allowing her to not only cast Urano Metria on her own but to give Jackal a celestial beat-down he truly deserves. While she has had impressive victories against stronger opponents in the past, this is arguably the first time Lucy is consciously able to really fight at a level that rivals Natsu. Chapter 386 makes it even more awesome by revealing that she killed him with that attack.
  • Chapter 386: A whole chapter's worth of awesome. The rest of Fairy Tail are revived from their frozen state thanks to the Spirit King. Gajeel, Juvia, Gray and Natsu has a Big Damn Heroes moment saving a truly spent Lucy from death and prepare for a Royal Rumble against four of the Nine Demon Gates of Hades.
    • Bonus points to the Spirit King for wiping Marde's smug smirk off of his face by turning his own curse against him, freeing Fairy Tail and turning Marde into stone in one fell swoop.
  • Chapter 388: Erza proves time and time again she is THE unparalleled female Mage in the whole Fairy Tail universe curbstomping Minerva for the umpteenth time, restoring her sanity from serving a Dark Guild, and this time without having to use her Nakagami Armour.
    • Sting and Rogue gets a Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of the chapter saving Minerva from Mard Geer's potentially fatal attack.
    • Wendy gets a mention with her resolve to no longer feel fear and lose hope, and continue in her ongoing mission to destroy Face, in many ways echoing Natsu's many similar declarations.
  • Chapter 390, full stop. The entire fanbase was bracing for a Captain Obvious Reveal. Instead, they were treated to what many fans are now calling one of the best plot twists yet in the entire series: Silver is indeed Gray's father, only the Silver before Gray is in fact the corpse of his father, possessed by none other Deliora, the same demon that killed his parents and caused Ur to use Iced Shell.]] To say that the reaction to this so far has been overwhelmingly positive would be a massive understatement.
  • Chapter 394. Juvia again shows how badass she can be if Gray needs her. After having spent the last chapter agonizing over having to deprive Gray of his father's company by killing the necromancer who resurrected him, she is captured by said necromancer, who mocks her for her indecision and lack of power. So what does she do? She turns into water and enters his body just as he was going to kill her, exploding him from the inside, saving everyone in Fairy tail from his zombies and halting the activation of Face, which the necromancer was also controlling.
  • Chapter 395:
    • Sting and Rogue actually holding their own against Marde Geer. Even the incredibly arrogant King of Hades recognizes them as actually capable of standing up to him.
    • The entire fight beetwen Gajeel & Natsu vs. Tempester & Torafuza. Specially because the demons recognize Natsu and Gajeel as extremely powerful humans, and Torafuza even stated that, without releasing their full power, they would not beat the Dragon Slayers. As they release their full power, Natsu and Gajeel enter their own Super Modes, and absolutely DESTROY the demons, much to their shock.]].
    • The icing on the cake, however, is when, after defeating the demons, Gajeel and Natsu proceed to hit each other in order to win the bet between them. Even Torafuza is visibly confused.
  • Chapter 396:
    • First, Torafuza and Tempester receive one for showing that, while damaged, they're still very capable of fighting.
    • Second, Torafuza finally shows off his Curse, which summons a massive torrent of black water. With it, he changes the tide of the battle completely, flooding the entire floor they're on, making Natsu's magic innefective and giving him an edge. After knocking out Natsu, he proceeds to curb-stomp Gajeel for nearly the rest of the chapter, showing us in full glory why he's known as "Torafuza of the Darkness". It's so one-sided that Tempester actually sidelined himself from the battle.
    • Third, Gajeel himself needs a mention. The amount of damage he received from Torafuza's punches was NOT a joke, and he held his own quite beautifully, even when he was at a clear disavantage and in need of air.
    • Fourth, LEVY of all people saving Gajeel with a Underwater Kiss when he got all air knocked out of him. She probably saw the last parts of the battle, and she still put herself in danger to save Gajeel, even when it required a Heroic Sacrifice to do so. The Ship Tease also helps.
    • And last, but not least, after waking up and seeing Levy drowning and Torafuza rushing out to finish her, Gajeel instantly goes apeshit and delivers a massive blow to Torafuza's head.
      Gajeel: "HANDS OFF!!!".
  • Chapter 397: Gajeel becomes the STEEL Dragon Slayer by absorbing the carbon from Torafuza's poisoned water and makes sashimi out of him.
  • Chapter 398: Gray finally has a fight against a Boss-level opponent that he completely wipes the floor with. His defeat of Tempesta even overshadows Laxus' fight against the same opponent, and the other fights with Tartaros. Prior to this, most of his victories against stronger opponents came through sheer force of will and superior tactics. But as he has inherited the Ice Demon Slayer magic from Silver, he now possesses powers that can finally rival Natsu, Erza, Gajeel and Laxus.
  • Chapter 399: THE DRAGONS ARE COMING!
  • Chapter 400. Igneel vs. Acnologia. Enough freaking said.
  • Chapter 403: A senses-deprived, pain inducing-cursed Erza overcomes her torture and Megaton Punch a horrified Kyouka. She even yells that what Kyouka put her through doesn't deserve to be called pain.
  • Chapter 404: Happy sums up all the awesomeness in three simple words...."BECAUSE SHE'S ERZA!"
  • Chapter 406:
    • Mard Geer no sells everything Natsu, Sting and Rogue throw at him while nonchalantly sitting on his throne. This includes Natsu's Lightning Flame Dragon's Firing Hammer as well as Sting and Rogue's unison raid attack Holy Shadow Dragon's Flash Fang.
      • At one point, Natsu uproots the throne. Mard Geer casually jumps off, ignores all their attacks, sends them all flying, and promptly returns to the throne right as it lands in his signature Slouch of Villainy, telling them that he hasn't even started trying yet.
    • Lumen Histoire is finally revealed: It's Mavis' body entombed in crystal! The first master of Fairy Tail is about to take the field. Bet none of us ever saw, or even imagined, that coming!!!
  • Chapter 407: Gray arrives and saves Natsu from Mard Geer's attack and actually HURTS HIM.
  • Chapter 408: Gray has Mard on the ropes. After everything he's done throughout the arc, it's really satisfying seeing Mard get curbstomped. Only the untimely arrival of demon Jiemma saves Mard.
    • Mard was completely unfazed by fighting three Dragon Slayers singlehandedly. Once Gray shows up, he actually shows fear and uncertainty as he finally faces magic capable of harming him.
  • Chapter 412: Igneel overpowers Acnologia, while ALL OF THE OTHER DRAGONS appear and destroy the activated Faces.
  • Chapter 414: Counts as a Tear Jerker also. Igneel, despite having had his torso torn apart by Acnologia, still manages to land a permanent injury on the Dragon King by [[AnArmAndALeg tearing his arm off. Defiant to the End, indeed, just as a King of the Flame Dragons should.]]
    • Chapter 415 reveals that he maimed Acnologia with only a fraction of his true powers, as he had already lost his soul to him beforehand and had exhausted most of what was left by using it to arrest and stop Natsu's Dragonification process, a serious side-effect of Dragon Slayer magic, which makes his fight with Acnologia all the more impressive.
     Avatar Arc (Chapters 417-437, Episodes 278-283) 
  • Chapter 418: Natsu's return during the annual Grand Magic Games. He one-shots the reigning champs of the Grand Magic Games, and melts the stadium.
    • Earlier, Lucy looks downright bored when she calls the final battle of the Games for eventual champions Scarmiglione. Jason can't believe her words, but Lucy turns out to be absolutely right. Score one for Lucy; most people can't look past her beauty, but she's still a wizard, and a pretty smart one at that. Indeed, when a still-cloaked Natsu casually walks into the arena, Lucy is the one who immediately recognizes that things are about to get ugly, and she immediately sounds the alarm to clear the civilians and call for help.
  • Chapter 419: After Natsu gets angry about everyone leaving Fairy Tail after it disbands, Lucy calls him out on his hypocrisy, telling him he had no right to say anything because he left, too. Even though she apologizes afterward, it's made clear Natsu realizes he screwed up. She caps it off with displaying a high level of maturity and showing she's not holding any grudges by letting Natsu and Happy crash at her place like old times and catch up. The original main trio is back!
  • Chapter 420: Natsu casually disposes of three would be robbers via sniping. By blowing a flame under Lucy's dress!
  • Chapter 422: Fairy Tail got the chance to show off just how powerful they are after the Time Skip. Highlights include Lucy using Loke's magic with her Star Dress: Leo Form, Natsu running about and disposing of monsters without magic, and Carla using Transformation Magic to fight on equal terms with the monsters.
    Toby: "Fairy Tail are the real monsters!"
  • Chapter 423: Natsu one-shots Bluenote Stinger, showing just how much stronger he's become over the second Time Skip. Keep in mind that it took Gildarts to beat the guy when we last saw him on Sirius Island.
  • Chapter 427: Natsu curbstomps three members of Avatar, before Gray shows up.
  • Chapter 428: Lucy slapping Gray.
  • Chapter 430: The original four (five if you include Happy) members of Team Natsu come back together to fight Avatar.
    • And seeing Erza do epic horseback combat set the awesomeness even higher! She looked so epic while doing it!
  • Chapters 431 & 432: Sixth Rangers Juvia and Wendy join in on the fun and continues the Curb-Stomp Battle of Avatar. Wendy shows that she can enter Dragon Force à la Sting and Rogue at will now. Then there's Erza taking down Jerome with a sword that can strike you without even touching you! For all their villainous blusters and boastings, none of Avatar's so called strongest dark mages has even made a dent on Fairy Tail and not one of our heroes have broke any meaningful sweat yet!
  • Chapters 433 & 434: Natsu takes the spotlight once again and not only proves he is more than a match for the supposed head of Avatar, he can now utilize a new type of flame labelled "Fire Dragon King's Flame" and uses it to one shot a freaking war god! that near the size of the Celestial Spirit King. Even Erza can't help but be amazed at how powerful our Salamander has become.
  • Chapter 436: The biggest holy-crap-this-is-awesome facts yet are NATSU IS ACTUALLY ZEREF'S KID BROTHER!!!!!! Zeref's full name is Zeref Dragneel! And we get to see Acnologia in human form! While not action related in any way, it pales any awesome facts that has come before this!
     Alvarez Empire Arc (Chapters 438-535, Episodes 289-329) 
  • Chapter 442 & 443: We finally get to see one of the Spriggan Twelve of the Alvarez Empire in action with Brandish Mu, and she does not disappoint. Her mere presence is enough to make both Gray and Natsu have a visible freak-out, unbelieving at the level of power she has. She then proves that power isn't just talk when she raises the entire island they were on out of the ocean with little effort and shrinks it just as easily. And there are eleven other wizards just as if not stronger than her.
  • Chapter 444: The Reveal of the identity of Emperor Spriggan of the Alvarez Empire. None other than Zeref himself.note 
  • Chapter 445: Mest saving Makarov from Zeref, that guy is becoming the champion of last second saving.
  • Chapter 446: In the middle of Ajeel's Evil Gloating, our heroes shed their possibly power limiting disguise guild tattoos to reveal Fairy Tail's true, shining guild-crest tattoos, power-up instantly, easily shrugging off Ajeel's attack and finally start to fight as they normally do.
    • Since Makarov have been found and rescued, Erza's previous order of avoiding unnecessary fights can now be put aside and normal badassery services are resumed.
  • Chapter 447: Laxus shows up with the Fairy Tail B-Team on Blue Pegasus's airship (modified to carry Dragon Slayers) to bail out Makarov and Team Natsu. And as they retreat, Laxus casually NUKES Ajeel to prevent him from following.
  • Chapter 453: You must commend the Alvarez Army, they managed to sneak fifty huge airships into the skys of Fiore and stayed hidden until they were right at Fairy Tail's front door. Also, Ajeel's Badass Boast while on the lead ship is to be respected.
    Ajeel: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust! Your time has come Fairy Tail!
  • Chapter 454: There's a lot to talk about here
    • Freed protects Magnolia from Alvarez's assault by making a massive magic barrier, and then continues to maintain it even as himself and the rest of the Thunder Legion are being attacked by Wall's machines.
    • Team Flying Dragon going into the air and destroying several of the airships in seconds, even more awesome is how the Exceeds manage to avoid Alvarez's return fire.
    • Bisca on team Osprey manning a Jupiter Cannon and taking out even more airships
    • Ajeel scattering the Jupiter Cannon away from the lead ship, the awesome isn't just coming from Fairy Tail
    • The scattered power of the Jupiter Cannon then taking out almost the ENTIRE fleet as a result.
    • Finally Erza comes in and saves Team Flying Dragon after they are struck with motion sickness and challenges Ajeel to a 1-on-1 fight
  • In chapter 456, Mirajane reveals her newest Takeover: Seilah.
    • Natsu showing some maturity by not immediately blowing through Ajeel's forces, even though it would be a breeze; because he needs to save his power for when the big fight begins. Happy promptly lampshades this.
      • How Happy say it hits Funny Moments and that, before Carla/Charle knock him away.
  • Fairy Tail 2014 episode 80 has an anime only scene where Laxus comes back and battles Tempesta. What's incredible is that the Anti Magic Particles from their first encounter are still in Laxus' body. Laxus' entire body was failing and hes matching the relatively unhurt Tempesta blow for blow.
  • Chapter 457: The fact that Lucy was willing to stab Brandish is just awesome, even if she did get interrupted.
  • Chapter 458: Ajeel (one of the Spriggan 12) is defeated not by another nakama power up but through the ingenious team work of Erza and Bisca. Also helps that Ajeel was quite the douche with a god complex that made his defeat all the more satisfying.
  • Chapter 470 delivers several in short order: God Serena's magic is revealed to be second generation Dragon Slayer Magic similar to that of Laxus and Cobra, only that he has eight different kinds of Lacrima imbued into him. Not only does he proceed to shrug off the last-ditch attack the Wizard Saints try to give him after they recover from their previous beating (a moment of awesome in and of itself), he quickly curbstomps the four Wizard Saints challenging him yet again with a combination of Cavern, Neptune and Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic. The only thing that kept him from effectively killing the group with Gale Dragon Slayer Magic, was the call of his guildmates. That's not the kicker though. That one comes in the form of Acnologia, of all people, pulling a Villainous Rescue and simply cleaving through God Serena in the span of a single panel, without even the need of magic.
    • Even more awesome, Acnologia did so in his human form.
  • Chapter 471: Dragon Force Wendy pulling a Big Damn Heroes to save Sherria from DiMaria, literally round-house kicking the Spriggan Twelve right in the face. Quickly followed up by Gray, Juvia and Erza joining the fray and Laxus smashing Wahl's face twice for what he did to the Thunder Legion.
  • Chapter 472: The fight between Laxus and Wahl begins with a bang. Both of them are completely able to face each other on even footing, even when one is sick and the other isn't taking the fight seriously.
  • Chapter 473: Was there any reason why we could ever have doubted Laxus's awesome ability to rise to the occasion? On the edge of defeat, caused mostly by of his previous injuries sustained at the hand of Tempest, Laxus for the 1st time ever uses rune magic taught by Freed, fights through his murderous pain and defeats Wahl with an evolved Lightning magic he inherited from Yuri, his great-grandfather. Not to mention he pulls off a Batman Gambit. The reason he surrounds himself and Wahl with an enchantment? So that Wahl could nullify it! Enchantment magic like Freed's relies on Bane Particles: the same particles that were ravaging Laxus's body. By negating the enchantment Wahl also heals Laxus!
  • Chapter 474: DiMaria's magic is stopping time. How does Hiro write himself out of this? Nakama Power-up?, an unknown magic? How about bring back our old friend, Ultear, another Time-Magic user?
  • Chapter 475: The full Reveal of "The Valkyrie" DiMaria's magic: Take Over: God Soul, specifically that of Chronos, the Goddess of Time. Said reveal is then accompanied by DiMaria thrashing Sherria and Wendy despite being able to move in the frozen time thanks to Ultear and then, in a horrific moment, dealing Carla a potentially fatal injury when she protects Wendy from an attack.
  • Chapter 476: There are two moments for both sides of the battle.
  • Chapter 477:
    • This chapter shows why the main duo is the main duo. Lucy continues to pick fights way out of her weight class, going head to head with another Spriggan, Jacob Lessio, who specializes in assassination techniques, and has already neutralized most of the guild and was handing Mavis a thrashing. Her method? A Dynamic Entry kick to the base of his skull in her Taurus dress, which by all rights should have broken his neck. When he gets up and targets her, Natsu steps in, blocks the attack cold and tells the guy he's going to "turn his sorry ass into ash."
    • Jacob of the Spriggan Twelve also makes a good entrance. He calmly enters a building which is filled with enemies, asks for a drink and tells them that he really doesn´t need an army. He shows why, as he teleports everyone from the guild to another dimension and the only people not affected were Mavis, Lucy, Happy and Natsu because the first was a projection and the other three were saved at the last second by Horoligium. He then starts torturing Mavis, whom no one who is not a member of Fairy Tail should be capable of seeing to begin with.
    • Smaller one for August, who figured out how FT is tracking them and spoofed their sensor network, making it trivial for Jacob to nonchalantly stroll into the guildhall alone and order a drink. Cana notes it took a "huge pair" to do so.
  • Chapter 479.
    • Lucy does it again! She tricks Jacob into pulling back Brandish and "her lackey" Marin from his murderous extra-dimension, where he had promised to start killing people one by one because Natsu and Lucy were actually putting up a decent fight, and giving him damage. Why? So she could summon Gemini to copy Marin's ability to negate all spatial magic, nullifying Jacob's transport spell and bringing everyone back. Then Makarov gives Jacob some nice payback with a Megaton Punch, sending him flying, and throws Natsu at him! Jacob's Oh, Crap! face really sells it.
    • But before this moment remember this: even when outnumbered by Natsu and Lucy, two quite powerful wizards, Jacob is still capable of beating them through just hand-to-hand combat alone. Lucy's awesome moment previously mentioned was through trickery and if Jacob was similar to 90% of the previous villains, her trick would have failed and most of the guild would have died.
  • Chapter 482 should be called Erza is awesome. Her Historias (Ikagura, Azuma and Kyouka) have beaten her to a pulp and Kyouka is going to torture her again. Erza's response to laugh and remind them she has already defeated them. This enrages Kyouka to attack her, so Erza gives one hell of a Death Glare and warn them that hell will come if they mess with her. The line below perfectly summarises her determination:
    Erza: Begone, departed spirits, unless you wish to taste my blade once more!
    • All her Historias vanish due to fear. This is only topped by Jellal's furious Death Glare at Neinhart when he and Kagura sees the state that Erza was in, even Kagura was nervous.
  • Chapter 483 is crowded with these, but special mention goes to Jellal, who defeats Neinhart with a single spell, which is not even his Secret Art. To date, he's one of the very few (Besides Cana and Acnologia) who has defeated a Spriggan in one hit!.
  • Chapter 489, the two strongest Spriggans finnaly show their power and they don´t dissapoint.
    • August, after surviving being stabbed, gets into his One-Winged Angel form and calls a Fantastic Nuke that could be seen several miles away. Natsu, Lucy, Mest and Happy, if they managed to survive, are without a doubt severely injured.
    • Irene Belserion gets into a short fight with Acnologia, and Acnologia actually praises her. She then casts her World Reconstruction Magic upon all of Fiore, which can reconstruct reality itself!
  • Chapter 494: Zeref captures Mavis, who has her mind frozen by Invel, and all of his Spriggan 12 gather alongside a million soldiers and prepare to hold Fairy Tail's headquarters. Like Irene says, it is a truly magnificent sight to behold. And Zeref vows that he will not let Fairy Tail see tomorrow.
  • Chapter 495: Gildarts finally returns! And just in time to face off against a Historia of God Serena.
  • Chapter 498 has this for the bad guys: Invel to be specific. Throughout the series it has been hammered home time and time again that a elemental mage is all but useless against a slayer of the same element. UNTIL NOW, whelst his magic remains unknown and this might prove a subversion. Invel, An Ice Person has not only fought Gray evenly this chapter but No Selled everything Gray throw at him. Even the Hope Spot where Gray showcased his full power did nothing but cause a minor injury and that was mostly by being caught in surprise by Gray's power once he realized what it is Invel goes back to kicking Grey's ass.
  • Chapter 500: Gray turns the tables on Invel, using a magic similar to his to destroy Invel's Divine Raiment, an armor that freezes everything instantly, by molding ice of the same nature to shatter it, then launches a devastating barrage of attacks on Invel, defeating him.
    • Minor ones for the other Spriggan 12: Ajeel, Jacob, Wall and Bloodman, who previously were defeated quite fast, finnaly had their revenge by putting Elfman and Lisanna, Mirajaine, Minerva and Rogue respectively on the ropes. And two of them are not even the real ones to start with!
  • Chapter 501: At long last Brandish decides to go into action and decides to settle things with Lucy while taking off her coat. The two then start fighting: Lucy uses her Star Dresses masterfully to counter Brandish, but Brandish can also easily match her by using her Sizeshifter magic to either changing Lucy's size, nullifying Lucy's attacks or even sending them back at her. Lucy, in the end, is on the ropes and admitted that Brandish was far stronger, but says she will keep fighting to protect Natsu no matter what. And the best part? Dimaria, who witnessed the whole fight and knows Brandish for years, could easily see that Brandish was only pretending to fight serious.
  • Chapter 503: Dear mother of god, where to even begin. While it is more inline with Nightmare Fuel, the fact that END, who might not even be completely awakened yet was not only able to resist Dimaria's Age Seal, but also able to defeat her God:Soul with power she described as exceeding that of a god is quite terrifying. Please note that when Dimaria was beaten previously, it was by Ultear's surprise intervention (which only nullified Age Seal) and took everything Sherria (whose very power is essentially kryptonite to Gods and also recieved a huge power up) and Wendy had. Even then, it was still a close battle and cost Sherria dearly by stripping her of the power to use magic ever again. Now let's compare that to END who fought Dimaria alone and physically wounded just after being awoken and he was still able to effortlessly dispose of her and leave her with severe burns. To add insult to injury, the battle was so traumatic for her that she's left in a such a pituful state where the only thing she can mumble about is how much of a monster END is. God Damn.
  • Chapter 504: Mavis, with her powers of illusion and her ability to predict Irene's actions, delivers a Rousing Speech to Fairy Tail, declaring that she's not hiding from Irene- Irene's in their guild hall, and Fairy Tail's coming to take it back. This not only reinvigorates Fairy Tail, but also manages to cause Irene to acknowledge Mavis as a threat.
    • Gray evenly matched with Natsu in his E.N.D. form.
  • Chapter 505: Makarov goes out like a boss, using Fairy Law to wipe out the Alvarez army, which had been burying Fairy Tail in numbers alone.
    • Points also to Irene, which empowered Alvarez' troops to the point even Erza wasn't making any headway against them. Some of the Fairy Tail wizards, such as Wakaba and Alzack were even defeated.
  • Chapter 506: Since Erza's introduction, it's been established that she's one of the few wizards badass enough to stop Gray and Natsu from fighting (with their fists, rather than magic). Now, when they're going at each other with both their magic and the intent to kill, she steps between them and stops them with her bare hands, bringing them to their senses in the proces, however she received wounds in both hands.
  • Chapter 508: This chapter is full of these.
    • The first and best place to start is August managing to curbstomp Oracion Seis, whose notable badasses are Cobra, Racer, Richard, Midnight and last and least of all Jellal, the latter of whom had one-shotted Neinhart.
    • Wendy steps in and joins the fight between Irene and Erza. Not only does she fulfill her promise to protect the latter, she does so by using an enchantment to deflect an attack from one of the strongest members of the Spriggan 12.
  • Chapter 509: Larcade manages to block Kagura's sword and ultimately defeat her, the Ace of Mermaid Heel, showing that not only does he have his extremely powerful magic that can rip virtually anyone's soul out with very few ways to resist it, but he's also an impressive combatant.
    • Despite ultimately losing, Kagura manages to break the hold Larcade's pleasure magic has on her by biting her own tongue, and launches an attack on Larcade. If Larcade hadn't been strong enough to manage a Barehanded Blade Block, he would likely have been seriously injured, if not defeated.
  • Chapter 510: Sting proceeds to eat Larcade's magic, thereby establishing himself as one of the few who can fight Larcade on even footing.
  • Chapter 511:
    • Sting, seeing Yukino, Lector, Frosch, and Kagura consumed with hunger, manages to resist his own hunger long enough to knock them all out for their own safety. He then turns to Larcade, and when challenged on what he'll do next given his current condition, confidently declares he'll eat ''Larcade''.
    • Rogue and Minerva pull a Big Damn Heroes moment to help Sting. Minerva teleports the unconscious Yukino, Kagura, Lector and Frosch away, while Rogue gives the last of his power to Sting, enabling Sting to fight with both Holy and Shadow Dragon Slayer magic.
  • Chapter 517: Irene has hijacked Wendy's body and Erza is obviously unwilling to harm Wendy's body. However, it turns out Wendy could do the same thing and hijacked Irene's body, allowing her to use Irene's superior magic power to set each other back in their original bodies.
  • Chapter 519:
    • Erza manages to destroy the meteor summoned by Irene and later slashes her mother's dragon form with a sword enchanted by Wendy. Even after falling, she still deals a powerful headbutt right in Irene's jaw.
    • Irene despite all taking all previously said blows still manages to stay on foot and decides to impale herself rather than hurt her own daughter. This is the first fight that Erza did not win, even with the help of others. Had Irene not succumbed to her feelings, nothing would have stopped her from killing Erza and Wendy.
  • Chapter 521
    • August, being the last of the Spriggan 12, threatens to destroy all of Magnolia including all of its inhabitants and his allies, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by Gildarts.
      • August's counterattack is also brushed aside and Gildarts tells the rest of Fairy Tail he alone will deal with August, who at this point has beaten all of Crime Sorciere single-handed. This proves Gildarts is, by far, the most powerful wizard in Fiore, stronger than any of the 10 Saints. Thus far, the ONLY being who has actually injured and worried Gildarts is Acnologia.
  • Chapter 522/523: A double chapter means double the awesome, and there is a lot to go around.
    • Gray confronts Zeref, and tries to seal him away using Lost Iced Shell (which will remove all memories of existence from those closest to him) so that way Natsu won't have to die.
    • The moment he arrives, Natsu stops Gray immediately, melting the ice away instantly. He finally gives Gray a long-needed talk, telling him to stop trying to do a Heroic Sacrifice and live — if not for himself, then for the sake of his friends.
    • When Natsu is told that it is his destiny to die, whether or not he kills Zerefnote , he has this to say:
    Natsu: Fate? Something like that, I'll burn it to ashes!
    Zeref: You'll burn your fate, huh? What an interesting thought. You see... I'm a human who's accepted his cursed fate. Do you know why? It's because I had no other choice. That's why it's called "fate".
    • August becomes the first and only character to tank Gildarts' Crash Magic. "Magic King", indeed.
    • And for the coup de grace? Acnologia finally enters the battlefield.
  • Chapter 526
    • Gildarts figures out the true nature of August's magic, which basically enables him to mimic and nullify his opponents' powers instantly, which is why August able is known as the only Mage to have mastered every kind of magic in existence and the reason why he's able to defeat all his opponents effortlessly!
    • Consequently, Gildarts also figures out August's weakness as well and he and Cana is finally able to land meaningful hits on August. Said weakness? August is only able to mimic Caster Magic: anything that goes through people. He is not able to copy and nullify magic that goes through Cana's Magic Card (a Holder Magic) or a spell cast from Gildarts' prosthetic arm (which isn't alive).
  • Chapter 528:
    • After being owned by August, Jellal appears just in time to save Erza and Wendy from Acnologia's attack with a magic barrier, and then unleashing a series of spells that actually push Acnologia back. The fact that Acnologia didn't even take damage, and actually ate Grand Chariot doesn't diminish the pure beauty of the combo.
    • Acnologia's Badass Boast right afterwards, all the while taking his Dragon Form.
    • Wendy, realizing that she's the only one who stands even something of a chance against Acnologia (and understanding she's still completely outmatched), immediately goes into Dragon Force in response.
    • Lastly, ICHIYA saving all three by ramming Christina against Acnologia. And, unlike Jellal, he actually accomplishes making Acnologia reel in pain, even if momentarily.
  • Chapter 529: Anna Heartfilia is not only alive, but possibly has a way to KILL (or at least trap) Acnologia.
  • Chapters 533-5: Lucy braves opening the dreaded Book of E.N.D. and deduces its nature. She realizes that, to save Natsu, she has to rewrite it. In defiance of Zeref's boast that no one could understand it, she starts by fixing the runes that started disappearing when Zeref's One-Winged Angel form mortally wounded him (restoring him in the process)—which required having memorized all of those weird spinning runes—and then, despite the book trying to corrupt her, diligently inscribes all her memories of him into the book, and thus into Natsu, in the hope of linking him enough so that he would survive the eventual destruction of the book.
  • Chapter 536: Natsu defeats Fairy Heart-empowered Zeref in one punch in the most climatic Punch Parry in the story's history. Oh, and at the exact same time, Anna and Ichiya ram Acnologia through the time lapse using their vessel together in one final and touching Heroic Sacrifice, pulling a Taking You with Me on the Black Dragon. He's not getting out of that one anytime soon.
  • Chapter 537: Doubles as a massive Tearjerker and Heartwarming moment. Mavis finally kisses Zeref, he returns it, and their immortality is erased along with them. Together in Death at last.
  • Chapter 538: The Time Lapse has cracked open again. Acnologia ain't done yet.
  • Chapter 539: Acnologia's return. Instead of being torn apart by the Ravages of Time, he instead absorbed the magic within and turned it into his own dimension. His first act upon being released? Unleashing his newfound power on the planet with a spell that seemingly unleashes ''hundreds'' of explosions across the planet.
  • Chapter 540: Achnologia's spirit and body are split, but there are those trying stop him on both fronts. The mages of Magnolia are aiming to intercept his body, while all 7 of the Dragon Slayers aim to slay his spirit.
    • While Acnologia wanted to use the 7 Dragon Slayers as a power source for his newfound near deity-like powers, they all break free thanks to hearing the call of those close to them, and sheer willpower.
  • Chapter 541: While everyone else is at a loss to figure out how to deal with Acnologia, it's Lucy who comes up with a plan: lure Acnologia onto a ship to make him seasick, then while he's disoriented trap him with the one spell that he can't break: Fairy Sphere. Mest says she's crazy, but Lucy points out it's their only shot. At the start of the story, she was a happy-go-lucky newcomer; now she's a battle-tested tactician leading the mages of Magnolia in a desperate Last Stand against the Dragon King...and they're listening!
  • Chapter 543 has awesome moments for all of the main cast - Erza hits Acnologia's dragon form with all of her swords simultaneously, knocking him out of the sky just like she said she would. This knocks him into a boat made by Gray and Lyon and controlled by Juvia, causing him to react the same way that any Dragon Slayer would. Once this happens, Lucy activates Fairy Sphere with the combined powers of the gathered mages to seal Acnologia's dragon form away. Meanwhile, in the Ravages of Time, Wendy transfers the raw magic power of the other Dragon Slayers to Natsu, leaving the Fire Dragon Slayer powered up and ready to take on Acnologia's human form. All in all, taking on Acnologia requires a large amount of the cast to combine their abilities in logical ways, demonstrating teamwork and strategy with their actions as well as their words.
  • Chapter 544, where we see the end result of the Final Battle. We have a continent-wide casting assist of Fairy Sphere a la Spirit Bomb that is powerful enough to contain Acnologia long enough to immobilize him down to his soul itself. Standouts include Meredy, for linking every mage in Ishgar with her Sensory Link, and Lucy for casting Fairy Sphere with zero practice. Episode 328 really nails the awesome of this scene by playing the Fairy Tail main theme, then a Curtain Call montage of all the mages Fairy Tail met along the way, and finally with Lucy casting Fairy Sphere (the music emphasizing the moment because this is the first time it plays for her, appropriate for one of the biggest moments of her life). Then, with the power of seven Dragon Slayers at his disposal, Natsu is able to conjure up a huge dragon fist and strikes Acnologia down. The punch hits so strongly that Acnologia's very soul shatters away. And as he perishes, Acnologia deems him the new Dragon King.
     Fairy Tail Zero (Prequel Manga, Episodes 266-277) 
  • Fairy Tail Zero Chapters 2 & 3: Mavis manages to outsmart and outwit Yuriy in his "Truth and Lie" game by finding a loophole in the rules to the game and beats Yuriy with her first and only question:
    Mavis: "Since the beginning of the game, you have blinked 57 times."
    • Yuriy realizes he will end up the loser, as he does not know the answer to Mavis's question, which means he cannot give the correct answer. Any answer, either way, he might give will only be him guessing, therefore will be judged a lie regardless whether it's the truth or not. Awesomeness by Analysis indeed!
  • Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 10: Mavis, in order to save Yuriy's life and the people of Magnolia, unleashes the strongest spell Zeref taught her: Law, the precursor to both Fairy Law and Grimoire Law]].
    • Chapter 11 made it even more Awesome.
     100 Years Quest (Sequel Manga) 
See even more awesome moments HERE.
  • OVA 5 (The Rave Master X Fairy Tail crossover), is an absolutely, awesome tribute to the former, not only having the same voice actors from the original series playing improved performances, but even had "Butterfly Kiss" during the final battle of the OVA. Clearly, people on board acknowledged this Cult Classic beyond being Hiro Mashima for being this faithful.