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Juvia isn't the only one who sees it.

Fairy Tail is just bursting with these moments.

  • Natsu x Gray: This is actually better in context. Natsu is seriously freaked out by the Bizarro Universe and turns to Gray for what he hopes is the multiversal constant.
    Natsu: "Take off your clothes, Gray."
  • Natsu x Macao: Right after Macao returns from Baleful Polymorph/Demonic Possession by this ice monster, Natsu and Macao have a moment. This is highlighted when Lucy grins a little. Happy points out that this is a little creepy.
  • Gray x Lyon: Their long-time Friendly Rivalry reeks of Belligerent Sexual Tension, with them alternating between throwing insults at each other and stripping in unison. It doesn't help that Juvia, who's usually a Clingy Jealous Girl towards Gray, seems to rejoice at the idea of the two being more intimate with each other (as evidenced by this page's featured picture).
  • Lucy Heartfilia: She probably takes the motherload of lesbian Ho Yay in Fairy Tail, courtesy of fan flanderization. Between openly crushing on her female teammate Erza, spending her free time looking at pinups of a bikini-clad Mirajane, having a knock-down drag-out Cat Fight with Juvia (complete with plenty of torn clothing), and summoning up an attractive female spirit servant in a maid's outfit, who also wears chains and refers to her as 'dominatrix', she is about three series worth of Les Yay compressed into one character, so it's no wonder why the Fandom tends to depict Lucy as bi at the least.:
    • Lucy x Mirajane: Hoo boy. Mira was a big reason for Lucy wanting to join Fairy Tail in the first place. And that was only the beginning...
      • And if there was any doubt that this wasn't on purpose...
      • In the omake where all of the cast are high school students, Lucy talks about how much she adores her cute and nice classmate Mirajane. As if that wasn't Les Yay enough, Elfman soon tells her: "If any guy wants to date my sister, he has to be stronger than me!". Lucy's reply is: "Well, I'm not actually a guy, so..." Yeah, Lucy is much more busy about denying the accusation that she is a guy than the accusation that she has a crush on Mira. Make of that what you want.
      • In the Fairy Hills OVA, when the girls are discussing who likes who, Laki says she thinks Lucy likes Mirajane.
      • After Fairy Tail reforms in chapter 437, Mira greets Lucy very much like a lover would. Lucy who was feeling down and holding back tears finally breaks down after that greeting.
      • Lucy on the potential Laxus/Mirajane romance? An emphatic "NEVER!" in fan translations, and going, "Nope, nope, nope!" in the official English release.
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    • Lucy x Erza: Starts at their first mission and the English Dub has Lucy say, "I think I'm in love!".
      • And it continues in Episode 31 as Lucy says to Erza when they're in the spa together, "You look amazing even when you're naked!" The English dub comes off even more flirty on both ends with Lucy openly staring at Erza's breasts as she remarks, "Wow, you look just as awesome without your armor," and Erza turns with a sly look commenting, "Is that so? Then perhaps I should walk around the Guild like this... That was a joke." Lucy nervously replies, "Right..." as if she really thought (hoped?) Erza would go through with it.
    • In Chapter 236, Erza was worried about Lucy seeing her in the seduction armor she recently bought so she decided not to use it.
      • Another translation has her saying "I'm not Lucy." she supposed to wear the armor then?
      • Actually, yes.
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    • In Episode 165, at a town inn, 6 members of Fairy Tail are sleeping in the same room in separate beds. Lucy tells Wendy, "Natsu snores, Gray strips the first chance he gets, and Erza crawls into (Lucy's) bed," at night and Erza has apparently been doing this since they got to the room. In Chapter 281, Lucy mentions how Erza crawls into her bed.
    • In the 1st Fairy Tail OVA, Erza has no qualms openly stripping (completely) nude and changing normally into a suit of armor in front of Lucy.
    • In the Christmas special, everyone crashes at Lucy's house as always and a drunken Erza starts a game where the master can give out orders. According to her, this is the opportunity to let out secret fantasies. When she starts ordering around, apparently, Erza's secret fantasies were to make Levy and Juvia grope Lucy (after Erza gropes Lucy herself) and for Erza herself to drop hot wax on Lucy's back while the latter moans, "Oh yeah... It feels so good!" (and seeing Gajeel naked, which he himself lampshades). Prior to the hot wax dripping, Erza openly looks at Lucy and proclaims, "If I could just get a girl to strip then things would get interesting."
    • Lucy x Levy: They were the main source of Les Yay. Especially in the anime where they are very touchy-feely.
      Levy: (about Lucy's novel) "Let me see it, please, please! Of course, I'm not talking about your butt... Thought I wouldn't really mind..."
      • In the "Freaky Friday" Flip episode, Levy volunteers to help get everybody back to normal. Lucy thanks her, and Levy answers, "Anything for my girl."
    • Lucy x Juvia: Tower of Heaven arc. Lucy and Juvia were able to use the powerful spell Unison Raid, which requires the partner's hearts to be in perfect synch, on their first try. Jellal noted that some couples could work together for years and never be able to do it. After the spell, they fall asleep in each others arms. In the anime, Juvia even calls Lucy the first woman who showed her kindness.
      • This sums things up between them. As does this.
      • The fifth OVA has them both going down the love slide together, in a rather compromising position. Bear in mind that two other pairs going down together are Gajeel and Levy, Erza and Jellal, and finally Elfman and Evergreen.
    • Lucy x Aquarius: In S&M, Lucy would be the slave.
    • Lucy x Virgo: In S&M, Lucy would be the mistress. And Virgo changes Lucy's clothes for her, once while Lucy was asleep.
      • Corollary to the point above: It's also worth elaborating that said spirit assumes a form and personality that reflects what its current summoner desires. Its last owner had weird tastes so it was an aggressive gorilla like Gonk. For Lucy it's a submissive, masochistic and highly attractive Emotionless Girl.
      • In the anime in episode 7, Lucy wears a very pleased (albeit embarrassed) smile when Virgo decides to call her, "princess" and asks about Virgo when Virgo remarks Lucy's underwear will show (with Virgo going so far as to hold Lucy's skirt down in place.)
    • Lucy x Gemini cloning Lucy - chapter 143 has Gemini (as Lucy) taking her top off in front of Lucy.
    • Lucy x Every last girl in Fairy Tail? In the Fairy Hills bonus chapter/OVA, Lucy winds up peeping on most of the Fairy Tail women in the bath.
    • Lucy x Edolas version of Lucy - in chapter 173, the two Lucys compare their bodies in the bath.
    • Lucy x Coco - in the Edolas arc, Coco saves Lucy, landing face-first in her chest while blushing.
    • Lucy x Cana: And the end result: Lucy is so inured to all the Ho Yay, she freely steps into a one-person bathtub with Cana. It gets more blatant later, as Cana groping Lucy becomes a Running Gag.
      • After a Year of not seeing each other the first thing Cana does is greet Lucy by, how else, groping her. Lucy doesn't mind she is too happy and shocked to see Cana, especially when she was falling into a depression, but a bit of Skin Ship from Cana is all it takes to bring Lucy back.
      • This continues into the spin-offs; in Fairy Girls, Cana continues the running gag of groping Lucy on several occasions, and towards the end of the series, the women of the guild are showing Wendy how dating works. Lucy provides an example, with Cana playing the role of the man, and Lucy proves to be so effective that Cana asks her to go on a real date.
    • Lucy x Flare: A more creepy variant: The first thing Flare thinks about when she has Lucy at her mercy in the Grand Magic Games is stripping her naked. This is obviously not Played for Laughs this time.
      • And even afterward, Lucy has Sympathy for the Devil and is concerned about Flare when she witnesses Flare's Raven Tail teammates abuse her, it goes so far that when Laxus beats the entire guild, Lucy is upset that he might have hurt Flare.
      • Even when Raven Tail is disbanded, Flare admits she stalks Lucy and even does a Big Damn Heroes for her.
      • And what's the first thing they say to each other when momentarily turned into kids? "You're really cute, you know."
    • Lucy x Yukino: Yukino confuses that she's been "admiring Lucy" ever since first meeting her.
    • Lucy x Michelle: It's no longer subtle after revealing herself as The Mole, Imitatia.
    • Lucy x Brandish: The latter after sneaking into her house keeps demanding that she takes a bath with her.
  • Ultear x Meredy in Chapter 250. Meredy confesses that she loves Ultear and wants to stay with her. Later, Juvia's chart has Meredy listed as being in love with Ultear.
  • Juvia x Meredy in Chapter 263, where the two of them embrace each other rather intimately while blushing. Also the end of their original fight, where Juvia calls Meredy beautiful.
    • Juvia and Meredy also hug after the end of the dragon invasion and after defeating Keyes and Zancrow's Historias together, the latter of which they accomplished by doing a Unison Raid while sharing a Sensory Link that empowers them based on their mutual trust.
  • Rogue x Gajeel: Chapter 273. Rogue doesn't bother watching the competition, claiming that his "only interest" is in Gajeel.
  • Sting x Natsu:
    • Sting decides that he doesn't care about anything in the tournament that doesn't involve Natsu.
    • It gets even more blatant in Chapter 338 since he wants to have drinks with him alone. Why are you so cheery, Sting?
    • Chapter 344 gives his likes as Lecter and Natsu.
    • Chapter 510: Zeref visits Natsu in what is apparently his own heart. He explains a little about Natsu's past, but after the part about the dragons meeting with each other, Sting replaces Zeref. Once again, this is happening in his "heart," which should say a fair bit about how Natsu feels about Sting compared to Zeref.
  • Sting x Rogue: They are rarely seen more than five feet from each other and are so far the only non-Fairy Tail wizards to preform a Unison Raid, which requires their bodies and magic to be in perfect sync. Rogue also refers to Sting as "his light", and says he won't have to worry about falling into the darkness as long as Sting is around.
    • Rogue telling Sting to “Eat me!” in chapter 511, when so many other, less erotic, lines could have been used in place of it and the sexual innuendos from the previous chapters leaves no doubt, the author plans to ship Sting with Rogue and a number of other male characters, just as he does with Lucy and the other girls, but to a lesser extent.
    • The Twin Dragons of Sabertooth spin-off has them getting into a fight after Sting eats a present from Frosch to Rogue, with the two of them acting like they're breaking up.
    • A very erotic image of Sting and Rogue was uploaded by Hiro Mashima on his Twitter. Both boys are having a very intimate moment with one another while naked with their legs spread wide open and taking a bath. Both are blushing and become seemingly aroused and hard while ogling at the others phallus. Sting is eyeing Rogue’s with a lecherous gaze and libidinous expression on his face while Rogue’s jaw is wide open, unable to take his eyes off of Sting’s and is visibly shocked while turned on. It doesn't help that it looks like they're jerking off to each other.
  • Sting X Larcade: Larcade’s attempts to tie Sting down with white tentacles in chapter 510 and fill him with such a pleasant feeling that he would ooze with immoral ecstasy and moan in pleasure, just as he did with Yukino. It would have certainly looked like rape, if Sting hadn’t sucked the white goo up and eaten it instead, giving the innuendo of the White Dragon giving Larcade a blowjob. His comments on its weird taste but how it made him his body feel good, the slight pants bulge and the smirk on his face as he wipes white goo from it leaves little to the imagination.
  • Chelia x Wendy: Originally introduced as a potential friend for Wendy her own age Wendy and Chelia start getting along really well after their fight. During the Grand Magic Games they spend quite a bit of their free time together. Including time during the water park extra and at the palace after party. Lately this ship has been getting some additional wind in its sails thanks to Mashima drawing art of the two of them on his Twitter as a part of his recent shipping sets.
    • Mashima recently drew Wendy and Chelia together alongside other couples again on his Twitter.
    • The Les Yay increases after the second Time Skip, now that they live together. In fact, Wendy's main reason for hesitating to leave Lamia Scale, even though everyone is encouraging her to return to Fairy Tail, is to keep Chelia company now that Sherry is getting married.
    • The Les Yay increases even further in chapter 476 when Chelia sacrifices her magic to protect Wendy. She even tells Wendy not to cry for her anymore because "LOVE is stronger than magic". The context makes it clear Chelia's "love" is directed towards Wendy
    • And again in the Final Chapter 545, which spends a great deal pairing off various characters, emphasis is placed on how much time Wendy spends at the Lamia Scale Guild with Chelia.
    • Additionally, in the anime, there's plenty of Wendy x Cosmos, though entirely one-sided on the latter's part and, definitely, NOT meant to be look cute in any way. She keeps telling the Sky Dragon Slayer how she finds her beautiful, and gets WAAAAY too intimate to her, to the point of putting her finger inside her mouth after Wendy's knocked unconscious thanks to a substance Cosmos made her inhale.
  • Freed x Laxus: It is a fact that Freed looks at 3D magazines with naked male Blue Pegasus members. Bearing that in mind, Freed has a giant Laxus poster in his room. Anime Flanderization does not help, depicting Freed unable to do anything without wondering what Laxus would do first.
    • The Flash of Great Lightning spin-off starts with most of Laxus's group weirded out by the lifestyle at Blue Pegasus... aside from Freed, who is more concerned with making sure that women don't drape themselves over Laxus.
  • Mirajane x Jenny: Chapter 279, Mira looks forward to seeing Jenny naked. After Natsu destroys the building everyone is in; Jenny, who thanks to Mira is naked below the waist, and Mira, who thanks to Jenny is naked above the waist, end up on top of one another.
  • Erza has some lesbian tendencies, often commenting on Lucy's looks and in the anime going as far as having a doki-doki moment over her sexy lingerie.
    • Erza x Coordinator: In The Movie, there is quite a lot in a surprisingly short amount of time. To add insult to injury, not only Erza defeats her by wearing a bridal dress (which she can't dispel with her Anti-Magic), but Coordinator also believes that Erza just want to get married that bad.
    • In a special chapter Erza manages to make rogue mage, Moulin Rouge (who, as another bonus chapter revealed, was Bisca prior to joining Fairy Tail), fall for her...after beating the crap out of her. Maybe it was the head patting at the end.
    • Erza is shown publicly dancing with the Princess (in which a magic ball is being held openly for her suitors to ask her hand in marriage) in Episode 125 and dancing with Kagura in Episode 199 at a party held in the Castle.
    • Minerva has embraced full-on Foe Yay for Erza in the Tartarus arc, becoming depressed when it looked like Erza had died outside their battle, and becoming ecstatic and even referring to her as "Beloved" when they continue fighting later.
    • In Chapter 471 of the manga, Erza snuggles up to Juvia in a heart-shaped sleeping bag (originally meant for Juvia to share with Gray).
    • The Fairy Girls spin-off has Lucy teasing Erza that she took a mission to help Mermaid Heel so she'd get a chance to see Kagura. Later, during a beach volleyball game, Kagura immediately declares that if Mermaid Heel wins, they get Erza. Erza automatically agrees on the condition that Fairy Tail gets Kagura if they win, and the two of them get so into it that they destroy the net, the opposing team's clothes, and most of the surrounding area. Kagura also has a picture of Erza that she practices talking to, and her guildmates constantly tease her about how she acts around Erza. It comes across as Kagura having a massive crush on Erza, and everyone (with the possible exception of Erza) can tell.
  • Mira and Erza also have a bit of their own Les Yay together, there's the normal kind where they are extremely close friends, even if they butted heads as kids. Then there is the weird S&M fetish they seem to have for one another in the Fairy Penalty Game chapter, which gets expanded in the OVA version. Of course, it's no surprise by now that Lucy got roped into their games, as Gajeel gives her over to Mirajane to punish.
    • Also, it reached new heights in the Tartaros arc. When Kyouka, wants to know where Jellal is, she tortures Erza to get the information. When that doesn't work, she threatens to kill Mirajane, or give her a Fate Worse than Death, essentially forcing Erza to chose who she loves more - Mira or Jellal (her love interest). And when that doesn't work, Kyouka threatens to kill them both. What Erza does? She begs Kyouka to not harm, and release Mirajane.
    • Again in the Tartaros arc, the strongly implied lesbian couple of Kyouka and Seilah, are the evil counterparts of Erza and Mirajane. And when Seilah harms herself to help Kyouka, Mirajane harms herself to help Erza.
    • And in the latest OVA, we have THIS moment (NSFW) between Mirajane and Erza...
  • Ichiya x Eve: Why did Rufus show to him a precise memory of Ichiya taking a bath to Eve?
  • A bit between Rufus x Gray too. Rufus seems to flirt slightly with Gray during the battle, even calling his future defeat as a "requiem" to him. Furthermore, Gray is a bit obsessed with the idea of personally defeating Rufus in battle.
  • Flare x Cana: Flare uses her Prehensile Hair to restrain Cana and then give her a bath, making sure to "clean every nook and cranny".
  • Cana herself has moved into Ambiguously Bi territory as she has gotten more focus. There is her love of groping and rubbing up on Lucy lots of times when both are naked. Then when Juvia becomes jealous of Gajeel and Levy's flirting Cana offers to flirt with her while fondling her breasts, as Juvia struggles to refuse her "advances". Hey, her dad is a ladies man, after all.
  • Kyouka x Seilah: The former wants to "take care" of the latter. Next time we see her, Seilah is smiling in a bed. That's hardly subtle.
  • Millianna x Kagura: Millianna's guild card said she joined Mermaid Heel because she had fallen "Head over Heels" for Kagura after meeting her.
    • The next chapter clarifies that it's a sisterly admiration only, though. Seems to be more of an "adventures in translation" thing.
  • Kagura x Yukino: Kagura did declare Yukino as her property.
  • Fairy Tail Zero gives us Mavis x Zeira. The Furo Scene has them cuddling with each other, naked, while Zeira says the fairies are there in their hearts.
    • Zera reappears in the Albareth Arc and ramps up the Les Yay. All Zera talks about is Mavis and she gets another naked hugging scene where Zera affirms she will always be with Mavis
    • Of her two strongest relationships, Mavis' friendship with Zera is the healthier with mutual closeness and respect. Compare that to the love/hate almost destructive relationship that is Mavis and Zeref
  • Brandish x Dimaria: Despite their Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, there have been some hints across the chapters, but this becomes official once Dimaria hugs Brandish and vows to make Fairy Tail pay for laying their fingers on her.
  • Volume 3 of the Fairy Girls spin-off has a lot of Les Yay in general, in addition to the examples between Erza and Kagura. In the span of a few chapters, Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Juvia, and Cana go undercover at a Host Club and hit on women, the women of Fairy Tail get hit on by both men and women when working as waitresses with Mermaid Heel, and the population of an All Girl School fangirl over the mages to a ridiculous extent, constantly blushing and calling them pretty.


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