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Because of its nature as a sequel, spoilers for all preceding Fairy Tail works will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
The adventure's not over yet!

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is a Spin-Off Sequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail, illustrated by Atsuo Ueda with storyboards provided by Mashima himself.

Picking up immediately where the original story left off, Natsu and his team are off on the most challenging mission any guild has to offer: the 100 Years Quest, which no wizard has ever managed to complete in over one hundred years. Their goal: to hunt five surviving dragons so ungodly powerful, each one could rival the might of Acnologia, the single most formidable adversary they have ever faced. Back at home, the rest of the guild welcomes their newest recruit—a girl named Touka—who harbors dangerous secrets that wind up getting all of Fairy Tail entangled in the quest.

The series launched on Weekly Shonen Magazine's "Magazine Pocket" app on July 25, 2018, just one day off of a year after Fairy Tail's conclusion. Due to Mashima's responsibilities writing and drawing for EDENS ZERO, which runs simultaneously with this, the chapters of 100 Years Quest are released once every two weeks, with weekly chapters being published on special occasions. The manga has also been officially licensed by Kodansha USA, and went on sale in North America in August 2019.


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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest provides examples of:

  • Alternate Universe: Not only Edolas, but also Elentir, the Trascendental Magic World, where Touka and the White Mage hail from. It is also revealed in chapter 66 that the Moon Dragon Selene can cross dimensions.
  • Amazon Brigade: All of Selene's lackeys, the Moonlit Beauty Gods, are female, as are everyone in Faris's Whiteout Village.
  • Anticlimax: After Wendy uses her enchantment to turn herself, Happy, and Carla back to normal (though in her own case, she was tricked by Aquarius), Youko—desperate to save face in front of Selene—sends out Erza, transformed into a Jorogumo, to defeat the heroes. However, in spite of Erza's intimidation factor frightening almost everyone present, another enchantment spell turns Erza human again before she has a chance to make a single move. Happy and Carla lampshade how quick and easy it was; Selene seems to agree, given how her mood sours after she looked pleasantly interested by Aquarius's intervention shaking things up.
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  • Armor-Piercing Question: When Levy chastises Gajeel for being so distrustful of Touka, Gajeel pointedly asks how it's any different from the way she and her friends treated him when he first joined the guild. While she responds that it's because of the awful things Gajeel did to the guild, she still stumbles to give the answer.
  • Babies Ever After:
    • Inverted; the sequel begins with Gajeel and Levy expecting a baby, carrying on the implications of the main series' ending.
    • It is revealed in Chapter 65 that Edolas Natsu and Lucy, and Edolas Juvia and Gray got married and each had a kid.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • The sea serpent who attacks and gets diced up by Kiria is assumed to be Mercphobia, the Water Dragon God, making her appear to be an even bigger threat than dragons said to be as powerful as Acnologia. Not long afterward, however, the serpent is revealed to be a servant of the Mercphobia, who lives up to the comparison at only half his usual strength.
    • Skullion calls Mercphobia an "imposter" Dragon God when he senses that he doesn't actually have the power they seek. One chapter later, he finds out the man really is Mercphobia, but he had his power stolen by the White Mage.
    • The first chapter establishes Touka having romantic feelings for Natsu after rescueing her one year ago, even present when she is free from the White Mage's control. The "Natsu" in question was actually Happy, whom Touka misheard saying his name was Natsu when he was actually speaking on Natsu's behalf because Natsu's mouth was stuffed with meat.
  • Baleful Polymorph: After being captured by Selene, Youko transforms all of Team Natsu (sans Natsu and Gray) into yokai, and brainwashes them into losing their humanity, and fighting their friends.
  • Behemoth Battle: Near the climax of the Wood Dragon God Arc, one such battle plays out between the Wood Dragon God Aldoron (who is large enough to be comparable to a small mountain range) and Gajeel, supersized by Brandish's Command T magic, though she notes she can only keep him at that giant size for a few minutes tops. Gajeel is able to land a few good hits on the Dragon God (which also distracts God Seed Aldoron fighting Natsu), but Aldoron is able to get back the momentum and launch the Thicket of Arms spell which rains massive wooden spikes down on Fairy Tail and nearly impales Gajeel through the chest with a massive spike before his time runs out and it sails past his now-shrunken form to devastate the surrounding landscape on impact.
  • Berserk Button: Fairy Tail's mere mention of the Water God to the very defensive citizens of Ermina whips them into a frenzy, since every other outsider who's ever looked for him has done so with the intent to kill.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: With Zeref and Acnologia out of the picture, the White Mage and Master Georg fill their place as the primary villains: the former is out to "purify" (i.e., steal) the magic from Fairy Tail and the Five Dragon Gods, and whose actions kick off Mercphobia's dilemma; and the latter is in charge of Diabolos, the Dragon Eater guild who is after the power of the Five Dragon Gods, and the White Mage by extension. The Moon Dragon God Selene throws her hat into the ring later on as well, directly manipulating the White Mage into unsealing and awakening fellow Dragon God Aldoron under the guise of taking his magic, and evidently has her own plans for the future as well.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • Brandish saves Gray's life when he's nearly reduced to ash by Skullion, and beaches Diabolos's ship on top of a hill for extra measure, which helps with Natsu and Wendy's motion sickness. She later returns in Draseal to offer aid in super-sizing Gajeel so he can fight Aldoron directly.
    • Gajeel saves Jellal from having his magic drained by the White Mage, but only because Touka is already Fighting from the Inside to keep herself from doing it.
    • Several Fairy Tail wizards (Max, Warren, Nab, Laki, Kinana, and Reedus) come to help Wendy, Carla, and Happy against the God Seed Doom.
    • Aquarius comes to aid Natsu after Lucy is brainwashed and turned into a yokai by one of Selene's servants, preventing him from having to get serious, and potentially hurting her with his full strength.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: A recurring trend throughout the series is for a number of characters to be subjected to some sort of mind control spell in each arc.
    • During the Water Dragon God arc, Erza is hit by a spell from Kiria which cuts her fortitude, reducing her to a weak, helpless mess. Fortunately, the spell wears off, and Erza regains her strength. And at the climax, the White Mage triggers her control on Mercphobia to make him go on a rampage to wipe out Team Natsu.
    • During the Wood Dragon God arc, it's revealed that the White Mage brainwashed the entire guild of Fairy Tail and Jellal sans the heroes and Juvia, and force the protagonist to re-enact the Battle of Fairy Tail to prevent the White Mage from getting control over Aldoron. Of course, it turns out Aldoron was never truly threatened by the White Mage's control because she was unknowingly deceived, and in fact he was more than willing to destroy them all of his own free will.
    • During the Moon Dragon God arc Selene has all of Team Natsu, except Natsu and Gray, transformed into yokai, and brainwashed into becoming sadistic monsters.
  • Brick Joke: When Lucy tells Wendy the story of a boy who turns into a jellyfish in the end, Wendy shudders as she imagines herself as a jellyfish. In the very next chapter, Wendy is mortified when Gemini actually turns her into a jellyfish.
  • The Bus Came Back:
    • Brandish has a chance encounter with Lucy during the Water Dragon God arc, allowing them to catch up for a bit and set aside all remaining grievances they had from the Alvarez war.
    • When she's battling Nebaru in the Wood Dragon God arc, Wendy unwittingly brings back a copy of Irene's personality within her own body and mind, where she continues to linger and interact with Wendy.
    • Up to Eleven in Chapter 65, as Edolas and its inhabitants come back after nine years in-universe (though for Fairy Tail's core team it's only about two) when the White Mage warps herself alongside the strongest team there.
    • After last being seen in the middle of the Alvarez Arc, in Chapter 74 Aquarius, of all people, manifests during Natsu's battle with a transformed and brainwashed Lucy, where she promises to handle Lucy herself.
  • Call-Back:
    • The 100 Years Quest Natsu's team is on is the very same one Gildarts tried and failed nearly a decade ago before getting mauled by Acnologia. Natsu and Happy reason that Gildarts was tracking Acnologia after mistaking him for one of the Five Dragon Gods he needed to defeat, since Acnologia is supposedly on the same level as them.
    • Wendy uses her powers of Magic Enhancement to temporarily bestow dragon-slaying properties onto Lucy, Gray, and Erza's magic when faced with fighting a Dragon God, exactly as she did to help Erza defeat Irene, and later to transfer all of her and the other Dragon Slayers' magic to Natsu for the final battle with Acnologia.
    • After everyone else in Fairy Tail becomes brainwashed by the White Mage and sets up shop in Draseal, Natsu declares the opening of the "Battle of Fairy Tail in Draseal" in his effort to free them all by beating the crap out of them, directly alluding to the Battle of Fairy Tail that Laxus organized to root out the guild's weaker members.
    • Erza dresses up in a number of Fanservicey outfits she's worn or known to have across the series—including the Seduction Armor she considered using against Azuma—in an attempt to distract Jellal while he's brainwashed.
    • Laxus has learned to control the Red Lightning he randomly harnessed in the main series during his battle with Wall, making it a new Super Mode.
  • Cannibalism Superpower: The Diabolos guild is made up entirely of Fifth Generation Dragon Slayers, also known as Dragon Eaters, who gain the powers of dragons they eat.
  • Canon Immigrant:
  • The Complainer Is Always Wrong: Gajeel, Juvia, and Panther Lily are the only members of the guild to notice anything suspicious about Touka, but the rest of the guild welcomes her with open arms, putting the three on sour terms with Levy, who is uncomfortable with the idea of working against a member of their "family". She soon discovers Gajeel was apparently right after all when he catches Touka trying to attack Jellal, though it's really because Touka herself is a victim to a Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Continuity Lockout: As a sequel to Fairy Tail, 100 Years Quest picks up right where the original manga ended without skipping any beats, with its first chapter playing out more like the overall 546th chapter of the series.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • One of Fairy Tail's rejected recruits is a blowhard who boasts that he'll become Fairy Tail's master after proving himself the strongest member, which evokes Laxus's original attitude before his Character Development. In a bit of Laser-Guided Karma, he ends up getting pounded into the ground and scared off by Laxus himself.
    • Gemini's newly introduced Transformation Ray powers are reminiscent of their Eclipse form's powers in the anime's Eclipse Celestial Spirits filler.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Lucy just so happens to bump into Brandish while they're both on tiny rowboats in the middle of the ocean, and she has just the power to help Fairy Tail turn the tides against Diabolos. The title of the chapter where this occurs acknowledges it as a chance encounter.
  • Cooldown Hug:
    • Lucy delivers one to Natsu when he nearly goes Drunk on the Dark Side as a result of his Power-Up from eating Ignia's flames. Deconstructed a bit when her skin ends up getting singed by his searing body heat as a result, but it does the job.
    • Aquarius also delivers one to a transformed Lucy, using her water to pull Lucy's deepest memories to the surface, allowing the former to turn her back to normal. A few well-placed slaps help matters too.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Fairy Tail's first battle against Diabolos ends as one, as they're caught off guard by their Dragon Slayer abilities, especially when Erza, their best, is unexpectedly hit with an attack that saps her strength..
    • A good chunk of the Second Battle of Fairy Tail consists of this, with most of the brainwashed members lacking the skills needed to take on some of the guild's strongest. Only against the Strauss Siblings, Laxus, and Gajeel (though his fight with Natsu takes place off-screen they're both noticeably tired despite Gajeel losing) do Team Natsu have real difficulty.
    • The Moonlit Beauty Goddesses make very short work of Team Natsu once they arrive in Elentir, in part due to them using Spiritual Arts, which the latter have no experience against.
    • Despite her enhanced power and her confidence, Lucy as a nure-onna proves to be thoroughly outclassed by Aquarius, who despite her water magic being more-or-less countered offensively is able to both prompt Lucy's buried memories back to affect her will to fight and showing no mercy on that front.
  • Dirty Business: By the time Natsu's team is forced to fight Mercphobia when he loses his mind and goes on a rampage, they have already resolved not to take his life, and thus they take zero pleasure in attempting to perform a Mercy Kill. Natsu also feels the same way about getting a Power-Up from Ignia's flames, knowing fully well that it's the best option they have to defeat Mercphobia (and stop them from burning the city), but still hating that he has to accept power from such a Jerkass.
  • Disaster Dominoes: While Magia Dragon was the first guild ever created, with the intent of bringing peace to a violent world, it led to an explosion of guilds that overwhelmed trade and caused a power struggle between guilds competing for resources. The end result was not one, but two giant guild wars.
  • Dislikes the New Guy: Gajeel and Juvia are both distrustful of Touka for differing reasons: Gajeel suspects how she knows about Avatar member Briar's relationship with Gray, which isn't exactly common knowledge, and Juvia simply hates her for insulting her own love for Gray. After Touka helps free her from getting brainwashed by her Superpowered Evil Side, however, Juvia acknowledges that Touka is a good person who's just as much a victim as the rest of the guild.
  • Double Knockout: Erza and Laxus's battle in the Wood Dragon God arc ends this way, with both sides unable to best each other and running out of magic, though Erza falls first and admits she considers Laxus the true victor of the fight.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: Natsu and Happy find Wendy seemingly talking to herself and think she's dealing with Reiss (made more funny since Natsu would be able to see him), when she's actually talking with a copy of Irene Belserion's personality.
  • Face–Monster Turn: After getting captured by Selene, the team (with the exception of Natsu and Gray) are all transformed into yokai by Youko, and are brainwashed into fighting Natsu and Gray. It's taken even further than what happened with Fairy Tail and the White Mage, with all of them gleefully expressing their desires to kill the two of them.
  • Fighting from the Inside: White Mage is occasionally thwarted in this manner by Touka, being that the witch is her Superpowered Evil Side. Touka first does this to resist stealing Jellal's magic long enough for Gajeel to subdue herself, and later to free Juvia from the White Mage's control to help Natsu's team and throw a wrench into the White Mage's plans.
  • Fighting Your Friend: Fairy Tail finds themselves in another Battle of Fairy Tail when the White Mage brainwashes the rest of the guild into helping her subdue the Wood Dragon God, with Natsu's team (plus Juvia) having to knock them unconscious in order for Wendy to undo the spell.
  • Foreshadowing: There are multiple hints to Touka's true identity and what really happened the day Natsu rescued her:
    • While spying on Touka, Gajeel and Juvia see a tail poking out from under her dress. This is actually an Exceed's tail, a hint to what Touka really is.
    • Touka allegedly saw Natsu riding to her rescue on the back of a fire dragon, which appears to be little more than an embellishment of love. It was actually Happy carrying Natsu around, and Touka wound up mixing their names up.
    • During the Wood Dragon Arc, while Team Natsu is being made to fight the rest of Fairy Tail, Lucy ends up being caught, and constricted by Lisanna in a snake Take-Over. Just one arc later, Lucy herself is turned into a nure-onna, which is a half-woman/half-snake yokai, and does the same thing to Natsu.
  • For the Evulz: Turns out Selene's entire motivation is simply to entertain herself by tormenting and destroy anyone she happens across. Her minions and court seem to share this view, as they all guffaw at the sight of Natsu and Gray being forced to fight their friends, transformed into yokai.
  • Four Lines, All Waiting: The bulk of the Wood Dragon God arc gets divided into five different points of view with the "Battle of Fairy Tail in Draseal", each focusing on a member of Natsu's team trying to defeat their brainwashed guildmates, and later Diabolos, to protect the orbs said to maintain Aldoron's power. Several of these plots briefly split off into two smaller arcs and/or get absorbed into each other before the point where every orb is destroyed—the last two of which are destroyed by Mest—and the brainwashed members return to normal after the White Mage loses her power:
    • Natsu (with Happy) gets into a battle with Gajeel, which is interrupted when Levy sends him rolling away on a carriage, sending him bumping into Diabolos member Reiss for another fight. This leads to a sequence of developments involving Natsu having a Near-Death Experience and reuniting with familiar faces, a brief subplot surrounding the mystery of Reiss's family that gets quickly resolved, and Natsu finally meeting Touka and discovering the truth of her crush before she gets taken over by the White Mage again.
    • Lucy takes on the Strauss siblings and briefly shows off a new Power-Up she has before she's forced to retreat upon the arrival of Skullion and Madmole, something that briefly gets its own perspective in the meantime. Lucy also gets the idea to use Cana's cards to seal their remaining friends until they can successfully break the brainwashing and recruits her when it turns out she's Not Brainwashed, spending the remainder of the battle doing just that while also returning to the fight with Mirajane and Elfman to wait until the Dragon Eaters retreat, most of which gets resolved off-screen.
    • Gray (with Juvia) fights the Raijin Tribe and wins in very short order, then gets absorbed into Lucy's arc at the point where she sets out to find Cana.
    • Erza gets into a comedic Ship Tease battle with Jellal, which is sequentially joined by Laxus and Kiria. From there, the four fighters split off into pairs—with Erza tying up Jellal and Laxus beating Kiria—before Erza and Laxus face off in a showdown ending with a Double Knockout, leaving Kiria free to destroy one of the orbs anyway before she's forced to retreat.
    • Wendy (with Carla) focuses solely on fighting one of Diabolos's members, Nebaru, who has taken out several of Fairy Tail's lesser members and successfully destroys an orb midway through. It finally ends and leaves her free to meet up with Natsu after she discovers Irene's personality is still alive within her, allowing her to beat Nebaru and learn the separation enchantment she needs to free Touka from the White Mage.
  • Fuel Meter of Power: Natsu receives a temporary Power-Up that lasts just long enough for him to defeat one of the rampaging Dragon Gods.
  • Gotta Kill Them All: Discussed. Natsu initially concludes that Fairy Tail's mission to "seal" the Five Dragon Gods means slaying them, but as he and the rest of his team learn more about their targets and the negative consequences killing them would have, they start to consider more peaceful solutions. Ultimately, the trope winds up Zig-Zagged between each dragon they confront:
    • In Mercphobia's case, Fairy Tail recognizes him as a peaceful being and are forced to fight him to the death when he goes on a rampage thanks to the White Mage, leaving no alternative. Luckily for Fairy Tail, being controlled by the White Mage leaves him permanently out of magic, thus "sealing" him and allowing him to live on.
    • For Aldoron, he's revealed to be an Omnicidal Maniac who only allowed humans to live on top of him so he could absorb their nutrients and regain his strength, and has absolutely no interest in actually living with humans. Thus, Natsu has no qualms actually killing him to "seal" him.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: In the Wood Dragon God arc, Natsu gets the idea to use the God Seed Wolfen's mind-reading and Power Copying against it by tricking one of its copies into reading his mind and copying Zeref's form, then tricking the copy into thinking about how much it cares about Aldoron and causing Zeref's curse to start killing everything around it in an ever-increasing radius. Wolfen realizes that this could legitimately harm Aldoron if not stopped, and forcibly dispels himself and the rest of the Wolfen God Seeds to let the other four take to the fight.
    • A (relatively) non-villainous version occurs in the Moon Dragon arc, when yokai-Wendy is tricked by Aquarius into thinking she ingested poison, she just laughs and notes that her magic can undo any adverse effects in her body, and proceeds to do just that. However, in her brainwashed state, she forgets that includes her yokai-transformation, and she's turned back to normal.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: Aquarius battle with yokai-Lucy amounts to this, with Lucy's own self-identity repressed by Youko's technique; Aquarius response is to simply physically discipline Lucy (by repeatedly smacking her across the face), before using her magic to display Lucy's memories, allowing Lucy to regain her sense senses, and be turned back to normal.
  • I Will Find You: Despite feeling totally out of her depth on this quest, Lucy commits to the job on the off-chance that she'll find Aquarius's new key on Guiltina after she sacrificed the original two years ago, especially after Virgo suggests it might be the case.
  • Identical Stranger: The celebrity guild Fairy Nail takes it Up to Eleven, as every known and named member is physically identical to the members of Fairy Tail, down to having similar names. The only explanation ever given for this is sheer coincidence.
  • Immediate Sequel: The sequel is set one week after Fairy Tail, by which point Acnologia and Zeref have finally been defeated and Natsu and his friends have set out on the titular quest.
  • It Only Works Once: According to Erza as she and Kiria duel for the second time, the greatest weakness of hypnotism-type magic is understanding how the specific spell works. Once one understands how to counter it and the element of surprise is lost, it becomes a simple matter to keep it from happening again.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: This series makes it no surprise that every significant Fairy Tail member lives to see the end of the main series, including the ones who suffer Disney Deaths (minus Mavis, maybe). It also doesn't shy away from the deaths of Zeref (also maybe) and Acnologia bringing peace to Earth-land.
  • Light Is Not Good: The White Mage's own personal cult, Rebellious, practices White Magic in the same way Avatar uses Black Magic. According to Jellal, however, White Magic is its own brand of evil, as its users aim to reduce the world to a Blank White Void. The White Mage herself claims, however, that she's simply preserving the balance of the world.
  • Loss of Identity: According to Karameel, the people of Ermina have shifted forms from human to fish so frequently, they're starting to think they were always fish rather than humans, a thought that deeply troubles Mercuphobia.
    • Happens to the girls (and Happy) of Team Natsu as well when they're captured by Youko and turned into yokai, to the point where they proudly and enthusiastically identify as yokai.
  • Meaningful Name: The name of Guiltina's largest city, Draseal (misinterpreted as "Drasil" by Kodansha) is so named for being a city where a dragon, Aldoron, is sealed.
  • Mêlée à Trois: The Wood Dragon God arc becomes this when Diabolos appears during the battle between Natsu's team and their friends under the control of the White Mage over Aldoron's orbs, since the White Mage and Diabolos have conflicting reasons for destroying the orbs. In the end, however, Diabolos pulls out after Fairy Tail proves to be more of a handful than they're worth.
  • Mercy Kill: The object of Fairy Tail's first true battle with one of the God Dragons boils down to this. With Mercphobia acting against his own will and threatening to destroy all life in the surrounding area, Karameel urges the guild to put Mercphobia out of his misery. To everyone's relief, Fairy Tail included, Mercphobia returns to normal and loses his powers.
  • Mistaken Identity: Natsu and Happy's identities end up getting mixed up by Touka, who is actually an Exceed in human form and assumed "Natsu" was Happy's name, crediting him for her rescue and falling for him.
  • More Than Mind Control: By "whiting" people out, the White Mage can alter their wills to make them wholeheartedly believe in the White Doctrine. This goes to the point where she got Elfman and Lisanna to readily, and mercilessly assault Mirajane.
    • After being turned into yokai, the members of Team Natsu (aside from Natsu and Gray) have their self-identities suppressed, and their personalities rewritten to enthusiastically embrace their new statuses as yokai, displaying a degree of sadism and cruelty they otherwise never had, such as Lucy being apathetic and dismissive to even Aquarius.
  • Named Weapons: Erza calls her new dragon-slaying Laser Blade "Belserion" after her mother's chosen surname.
  • Not Brainwashed: During the Wood Dragon God arc, it's revealed that Cana was never brainwashed by the White Mage like the rest of Fairy Tail, but was simply drunk out of her mind. She promptly returns to Fairy Tail's side once she sobers up.
  • Not What It Looks Like: While spying on Touka through her window, Gajeel and Juvia fall down in front of Levy in a compromising position, who gives them an icy stare and tells them to carry on before they can explain themselves.
  • Official Couple:
    • While it was heavily implied in the finale of Fairy Tail, the sequel outright confirms Gajeel and Levy as a couple, with them expecting a child as well.
    • As revealed in Chapter 65, the Edolas versions of Natsu and Lucy as well as Gray and Juvia got married and had kids in the nine years in-universe since the Edolas Arc.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • Erza is normally a confident Iron Lady, so when Kiria magically "slays" her "strength", she is reduced to fearfully begging for her life and being too meek to stand being seen in the skimpy bikini she's wearing, leaving Lucy and Wendy completely shocked. Luckily, the effects wear off.
    • When using a temporary Power-Up received from one of the Dragon Gods, Natsu's compassion and reluctance to kill Mercphobia are overridden with a desire to burn him and everything around him to ash once the Water God is left defenseless. His friends are immediately alarmed by this change, with Lucy giving him a Cooldown Hug that returns him to normal.
  • One Degree of Separation: One of the Five Dragon Gods turns out to be Igneel's biological son, Ignia.
  • Only Mostly Dead: While stated to still be dead in a physical sense, it's revealed in the Wood Dragon God arc that Irene managed to enchant her own consciousness into Wendy during her apparent suicide in the previous series, becoming a projection only Wendy can see and hear.
  • Papa Wolf: Surprisingly chapter 66 has Natsu and Gray... towards the children of their Edolas counterparts. Specifically, Natsu doesn't take it well that Greige Surge was looking at Nashi Dragion, while Gray was mad that Natsu might scare Greige.
  • Personalized Afterlife: The concept of a "Beta Heaven" is introduced in this series as a sort of mental afterlife each person has that represents his or her own idealized version of heaven. When Natsu has a Near-Death Experience, he goes to his own Beta Heaven and finds that it's a Fluffy Cloud Heaven where the souls of those he and his friends lost—including Zeref and his family with Mavis—are present and always welcome.
  • Physical God: The Five Dragon Gods are not actually gods, but are feared and revered as such by the people of Guiltina because they're so powerful, they might as well be gods.
  • Power at a Price: Natsu gets a Fuel Meter of Power from eating the Fire Dragon God's flames, which lets him fight on par with another Dragon God, but has the adverse effect of briefly getting him Drunk on the Dark Side in a manner eerily reminiscent of E.N.D., his old Superpowered Evil Side, until Lucy's Cool Down Hug snaps him out of it.
  • Private Detective: Gajeel and Lily dress up as detectives while investigating their suspicious new member, Touka.
  • Properly Paranoid: Gajeel suspects Touka for her knowledge of top-secret information regarding Avatar, though Levy thinks he's being unreasonably hostile towards the newest addition to their family. Then it turns out Jellal has been investigating her as well, making the discovery that she is harboring a dangerous secret.
  • The Quest: The story centers around Natsu's team undertaking one of the hardest quests Fairy Tail has to offer, one that their strongest wizard, Gildarts, couldn't overcome due to Acnologia.
  • Revisiting the Roots: Natsu and co.'s quest hearkens back to earlier story arcs and Omake chapters that had an emphasis on adventuring to exotic locations and encountering strange creatures.
  • Save the Villain: After Touka and the White Mage are separated by Wendy's separation enchantment, Natsu chooses to take the unconscious White Mage with him as they escape the collapsing church caused by Aldoron's awakening and rampage, though he says he just wants to know what her deal is. After Natsu leaves to fight Aldoron, Wendy carries on the duty of protecting both her and Touka, later helped by Fairy Tail's other members.
  • Scissors Cuts Rock:
    • Mercphobia is able to casually ignore Gray freezing his attacks and turning it all back into water, while Natsu attempts to power through his water with fire but fails. In this case, it's because Mercphobia is so much stronger than either of them. This is shown in full when Ignia, a fellow God Dragon, is able to create flames powerful enough to stand up to Mercphobia's water as well as Natsu himself when he eats Ignia's flames and activates Dragon Force through it.
    • God Seed Metro takes advantage of the fact that wood trumps water to overpower Juvia and absorb her into his body, but much like Gray did back in the Phantom Lord Arc he didn't know how dangerous Juvia's emotions are and starts to boil from the inside when she gets worked up (albeit this time from arousal thanks to Gray rather than rage).
    • God Seed Aldoron is able to create leaf and tree attacks that are fire-resistant to pummel Natsu. It takes Natsu unleashing his natural Dragon Force to make his attacks powerful enough to start burning them again.
  • Serial Escalation: Zeref, the Big Bad of the main series, was a Walking Wasteland with Complete Immortality; Acnologia, the original Final Boss, was a practically Invincible Villain who required copious amounts of magic power from wizards across Ishgar to kill. In this series, Fairy Tail has to contend with five dragons on Acnologia's level, known as the Five Dragon Gods, as well as the similarly immortal White Mage, who has the power to take those dragons' powers.
  • Sequel: Unlike all the other Fairy Tail Spin-Off manga, which are Prequels or Interquels of a sort, 100 Years Quest is a canonical continuation of the original storyline.
  • Ship Tease:
    • Erza's battle with a brainwashed Jellal is chock full of this, as Jellal throws Erza off her game by stripping down to his speedos, Erza trying to turn the tables with her wardrobe of Fanservicey outfits, and Jellal telling Laxus he's busy getting "played with" by Erza.
    • Natsu and Lucy continue to have many moments teasing their feelings for each other. Examples include Lucy being the one to calm Natsu after he goes berserk, and Natsu jealously fighting off guys trying to hit on Lucy and then supposedly accidentally burning off her underwear. Later, Lucy blushes at the possibility of Fairy Tail newcomer Touka being her love rival, and lamenting Natsu's obliviousness to romance. Later on, after being turned into a nure-onna, Lucy licks Natsu seductively, while Natsu comments that being in Lucy's bosom doesn't feel that bad, and hesitates when Lucy pretends to be vulnerable.
      • It almost becomes a Running Gag for Natsu and Lucy to encounter doppelgängers of themselves who are already involved with each other. First, they meet their doubles in the acting guild Fairy Nail, who are in a passionate relationship (as Lucy awkwardly discovers for herself), and later they return to Edolas, where they find out that their Edolas counterparts are not only married, but have a daughter (who Natsu quickly becomes attached to). Edo-Lucy even briefly offers words of encouragement, saying that Earth-Lucy and Natsu will work it out, though Earth-Lucy remains skeptical.
  • Shrouded in Myth: The existence of the Five Dragon Gods is kept a secret from the rest of the world, and since they've lived in hiding for centuries, hardly anyone—including Acnologia, who made a living hunting dragons—has ever seen them or believed they were real. The only thing known about them is that they keep their peace until something provokes a war between them, which would mark The End of the World as We Know It. It's soon revealed that they were once ordinary dragons who fled and hid from Acnologia in order to gain enough power to stand against him until people actually mistook them for gods.
  • Spotting the Thread: Gajeel becomes suspicious of Touka after she lists Briar as one of the girls interested in Gray. Briar was a member of the Avatar cult, whose identity and interactions with Gray were limited to certain members of Fairy Tail and the Magic Council, making him suspicious as to how she could possibly know anything so personal about her.
  • Suddenly Always Knew That: It's established here that Gemini knows other kinds of transformation magic besides copying others' appearance and powers, demonstrated when they turn Natsu's team into fish. However, this is never once brought up or utilized in the original manga (in fact, the closest this gets shown off is in the anime-only Eclipse Spirits Arc with Eclipse Gemini).
  • Super Serum: Visitors to Ermina are provided with a potion that allows them to breathe underwater and swim at incredible speeds, which is essential to surviving the high tides that turn Ermina into an Underwater City.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: In terms of form rather than character, the temporary Super Mode Natsu gets from eating Ignia's flames bears more than a few similarities to his E.N.D. form (Creepy Shadowed Undereyes and blackened arms resembling claws) mixed with his Dragon Force. He also begins to act in a similar fashion to E.N.D., craving death and destruction with the same Tranquil Fury as he did towards killing Zeref and anyone standing in the way.
  • That's No Moon!: While examining the map of Draseal, the capital city of Guiltina that dwarfs Fiore's Crocus, Lucy notices that the surrounding landscape and mountains seems to be shaped like a hand. Cue The Reveal that it really is a hand, more specifically the Wood God Aldoron's.
  • There Is Another:
    • Zig-Zagged in regards to the dragons, who were previously thought to have been totally exterminated with Acnologia's death at the hands of Natsu. The dragon who recruits Fairy Tail, Elefseria, is actually a dragonified human like Acnologia and Irene. It also turns out there are still at least five other dragons, and all of them are as powerful as Acnologia was.
    • After their second clash leaves them on the receiving end of Natsu and his team's wrath, Skullion admits that technically they weren't at their best themselves with only himself, Madmole, and Kiria present, prompting Madmole to reveal that Diabolos is a larger guild of Dragon Eaters than just the three of them.
  • Troubled Fetal Position: All Juvia can do is to slump her head onto her knees in despair after she is once again left behind by her beloved Gray.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: The Water Dragon God arc jumps back and forth between two plotlines: Natsu's team taking the titular quest on the continent of Guiltina, and the rest of the guild back at Magnolia along with their latest recruit, Touka. This quickly leads to a Plotline Crossover when it's revealed that Touka has a Superpowered Evil Side who's stolen the powers of one of the Five Dragon Gods that Natsu's team is pursuing, and subsequently brings the fight directly to Natsu's team after losing said dragon's power because of them.
  • Underwater City: Zig-Zagged with the city of Ermina, which is on dry land during the day, but totally submerged by the high tide at night. The Water Dragon God gave its human inhabitants the ability to change into fish to survive, and they leave Natsu's team a potion that lets them breathe underwater and swim at high speeds.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension:
    • This becomes Discussed between Gray and Juvina (an Identical Stranger to Juvia), where Gray confesses that despite finally gaining feelings for Juvia after a long period of neglecting and then rejecting hers, he still harbors deep insecurities about being with her, especially since she nearly killed herself for his sake during the war against the Alvarez Empire. Thanks to a pep talk from Juvina, he resolves to finally gain the confidence for a Relationship Upgrade.
    • Erza and Jellal are as rife with this as ever, with their "battle" being filled to the brim with Ship Tease when the latter is brainwashed by the White Mage, neither side being forward with any sort of romantic feelings. Later, after Ultear snaps Jellal out of a Heroic BSoD by reminding him of his feelings for Erza keeping him alive, he finally decides to take those feelings seriously.
    • Lucy acts bashful when she hears about Touka's crush on Natsu, and gets teased by Cana and Juvia for just sitting silently while Natsu's about to be "taken". In response, Lucy just sheepishly says that she feels sorry for Touka because Natsu isn't the kind of guy who's interested in romance, but doesn't deny that she has harbors feelings of her own for him, either.
    • Happy still harbors unrequited feelings for Carla, which becomes especially awkward when Touka is revealed to have a crush on him, not Natsu, and finds he now has two Exceed girls to choose between.
  • Unwitting Pawn: In the Wood Dragon God Arc, it turns out everyone involved was one for the Moon Dragon God Selene, who tricked the White Mage into believing destroying the orbs located on the towns on Aldoron's body would allow her to seal and steal his power, when in reality they were Power Limiters he himself set with the intent of healing ancient wounds of his. The White Mage acting on this false information lead Diabolos to also believe it and destroy some orbs themselves. Once all are shattered, Aldoron awakens and goes on a rampage to the White Mage's shock, realizing she was utterly tricked.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting:
    • The residents of Ermina were given the ability to freely transform between humans and fish as the need requires, though this somewhat deconstructed, as Karameel notes that after so long, they aren't sure which they are in the first place.
    • The Dragon Gods are revealed to possess shapeshifting magic to turn human, with Ignia implying that all Dragons possess this to at least some extent with training.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Levy isn't happy with Gajeel for his and Juvia's attempts to spy on Touka, insisting that it's wrong to treat a member of their guild with seemingly baseless suspicion. It quickly turns out Gajeel was being Properly Paranoid, however.
    • Laxus gives one to Jellal when he starts grilling Touka over suspicious activity, pointing out by the logic Jellal's using he's still as much a villain. Laxus proceeds to tell Touka that he only defended her because she's yet to show any ill will towards the guild itself, and that they won't protect her if she really has ulterior motives, however.
    • Aquarius briefly gives Natsu one as she appears while the latter is fighting yokai-Lucy, criticizng him for entering Lighting Flame Dragon, noting that if he used power like that, he'd probably seriously hurt her.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer...: Naturally, as Natsu's wont to do, his solution to any given issue is generally to try and beat it up until it goes away.
    • After Aldoron wakes up from his dormancy, Natsu's first plan is simply to beat the (extraordinarily large) dragon up manually. The God Seed Aldoron even points out how futile such an effort is.
    • When fighting Lucy, transformed into a yokai, Natsu concludes that the way to turn her back is to simply to "wallop her back to normal", much to Youko's befuddlement.
  • Worf Had the Flu; According to Mercphobia, Fairy Tail fought neither Aldoron or himself at their full strength. Mercphobia's power was in flux due to the White Mage's powers, and Aldoron's power was at half due to him just waking up. This makes things particularly ominous when the team comes upon Selene.
  • Worldbuilding: This series reveals the origins of wizard guilds, with the first guild—Magia Dragon—being formed 160 years ago to protect wizards from Witch Hunts conducted by those who feared their magic. It's all but stated that the guild's name also inspired the tradition of naming guilds after fantastical creatures and animals.
  • Youkai: Elentir appears to be populated by these, and later Lucy, Happy, Erza, Wendy, and Carla are all briefly transformed into them.


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