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     "X is related to Y" Theories 

Ivan is not Laxus' real father.
That's why he looks nothing like him and Makarov.

Jellal is related to makarov.
If faust is the edolas version of makarov and mystogan is faust's son, then it makes sense, right?

Mard Geer is Acnologia's son.
That explains why he hate Dragon Slayers because his father was one. Also his Demon Form and Acnologia's Dragon Form bear some similar pattern.
  • Jossed. He's just a demon created by Zeref.

Everyone is Jellal.
He's been showing up at least once an arc, usually as a different person. Given that we know he can split himself into multiple people, we can only assume that everyone in the world is Jellal. C'mon, you know you were thinking it.
  • And since now his crucified body is back, with a chance of coming back to life, we can assume Jellal is Jesus. Maybe in Purgatory. Following the above WMG, Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory.

Bixlow's "babies" are really his babies
Alternate Character Interpretation - Bixlow is actually a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who sincerely care about his children (which either came from an deceased wife/girlfriend or orphans). Yet he realized that his five children will only be miserable because he doesn't have the adequate skills to become a father and that his job doesn't allow him to be with them everytime. He is forced to implant them to five dolls, as painful as it is to him. But at least Bixlow doesn't have to leave them anymore (nor does he have to feed them).
  • Or his children may have been on the brink of death, and since there is obviously very little healing magic his last resort was implanting their soul.

Natsu is the son of the Killing Mage aka Black Mage Zeref
  • Nope, but close enough they are brothers.

Ultear and Laxus are siblings.
  • For starters, We don't know anything about Laxus's mother or Ultear's dad. Ultear mentioned something about her mother, Ul/Ur being abandoned by her father for being foolish. Laxus's father, Ivan,was excommunicated from Fairy Tail and is now the master of a dark guild. Hmmm.
    • My only real problem with that is that Laxus and Ur look nothing alike. I mean, sure, maybe Makarov's hair color skipped a generation and just showed up in Laxus instead of Ivan but from what I've seen so far, everybody in-series who has blood relatives all tend to favor. Makarov, Ivan and Laxus all have similar eyes; Ur and Ultear could be twins. Happy and Lucy both look like a mix of their parents... Can't say that for Laxus and Ur.

Gran Doma is Jellal's father
I've noticed that, rather than looking like Edolas!Makarov, Faust (who's Mystogan/Edolas!Jellal's father) looks very similar to Gran Doma. So, maybe Gran Doma's Jellal's long lost father. Unlike Faust, he loved his son, but he was kidnapped by the dark guild who built the R System, causing him to become the bitter, stern man that he's today. And after the Etherion's incident, he disowned him.
  • Makes sense. Faust is the king of Edolas while Gran Doma is the chairman of the magic council. Both of their sons rebelled against their ways of ruling. They also both wield staffs, are pretty ruthless and are/were targeting Fairy Tail.

Hisui is Jellal's little sister
Since Edo!Jellal is royalty. Somehow he'll be mentioned when Natsu and co. meet the princess, and she'll talk about him like some deep family shame.

Lucy Ashley has/did have a little sister named Michelle.
Just because Earthland!Michelle/Imitatia turned out to be a doll doesn't mean there's no possibility of her having a human Edolas counterpart. This, however, doesn't mean that's she's still alive there either.

Abel from Avatar is Kain Hikaru's little brother
They both seem to use the same magic; the curse doll, and in the bible Cain and Able were brothers...

Gray is actually Silver's son.
The reason for this is that Silver looks a bit like a older Gray with scars, visits the grave of someone he seems to of cared for,Uses Ice Devil Slayer Magic, and Gray was capable of using said Ice despite not having the ability to use Devil Slaying Magic, and lastly because Gray and Silver are almost the same color, but Gray is a darker color while Silver is a lighter color. If this turned out to be true, then it would also explain why Gray is so strong, even though he really shouldn't.
  • On Silver The hints seem to be leaning toward Gray's father but the panel showed him visiting a solitary grave, so you could argue its Ul's grave, meaning he is Ultear's Father which could explain her unnaturally high magic power.
  • Going into Fridge Brilliance here, but remember when Gray froze Natsu's flames back in the Tower of Paradise? flash forward seven years, and we find out there's someone who can freeze a dragon's flames. And Gray was able to use the ice that froze the flames. This would explain why Gray's Ice magic was so particularly strong. It's because he had the potential to use Ice Devil Slayer magic all along.
  • I Got it! He is both Gray and Ultear's father from different mothers. Silver displays signs of being a vagrant and womanizer. A guy always running slaying demons wouldn't be tied to one place. Gray's Mother then married a man who wasn't Silver, and never got around to telling him. Ur has always been shown alone even when they discuss her child.
  • In chapter 366, Natsu notices that they smell the same.
  • Original WMG purposer here: I recently thought of other reasons why Gray could be [Silver's son. When Silver tells Natsu not to mention the name, it's possible Silver slept with Gray's mother and then left. After finding out that he had left a kid who was half human, half demon, he sent Deloria there to kill Gray!
    • Uh, Gray was adopted
    • Adopted by Ur, yes. But we don't know anything about Gray's birth parents except they died when Deliora attacked his village.
    • Who's to say that the parents he lost to Deliora were his birth parents? A lot of people don't tell a kid they're adopted until they're older, and Gray looked about 5 or 6 when Ur took him in.
  • Possibly confirmed: In chapter 386 Gray seemed floored to see Silver (not comedic at all), and chapter 387 is titled Father and Son
  • Also, does Silver really hate Gray? He referred to his name as disgusting but it's been shown that Marde has some awareness of what's happening instead the base. So could he have been faking just in case Marde was paying attention. Someone bursting in through the window is probably something that would attract his attention.
  • Mashima is a fan of Theme Naming, and Silver and Gray are both colors. In fact, if something silver tarnishes, it becomes gray.
  • Confirmed and also Jossed. Silver is Gray's dad, but its actually Deliora in possession of Silver's body.
    • So do we move this theory into the confirmed folder or the jossed one?
    • And now it appears Silver was bluffing about being Deliora, with Gray stating that he is not Deliora. So I believe this one is confirmed as of chapter 392
    • Yep. Safe to say this one is Confirmed now.

The boy shown at the end of Chapters 234 and 253 is Macao's son.
During the seven year Time Skip he joined Fairy Tail. He never believed that all the most powerful members of the guild were killed so he's back searching for what happened to them.
  • Confirmed in chapter 254. Say hello to Romeo, everybody.

Raven Tail's armored man... Laxus's half brother. They're going to wind up in the same event and he's going to Breaking Speech Laxus. Although considering who we're dealing with, there's probably going to be a Shut Up, Hannibal!.
  • Alternatively, he's Ivan himself in his best disguise. Come on, do you think he'll let go a chance to fight his own son face to face?
  • As of chapter 286: Holy crap, I was right!
  • Clarification: It is Ivan.

Kagura is Simon's sister.
Simon's death was brought up earlier in this arc, so it seems like it might be relevant in the future (similar to how it was stated to be the anniversary of Lisanna's death before the Edolas arc), and it would make more sense if she wanted revenge on Jellal for something that we've seen him do, as opposed to something that we only hear about after the fact.
  • Confirmed.

Zeira is Makarov's mother
She will hook up with Yuryi somewhere in the future and she will be his baby mama
  • This would also explain why Makarov's son, Ivan, is such a jerkass - he got it from his great grandfather Jeself!
  • {{Jossed.}} Makarov's mother is named Rita and Zeira was Dead All Along.

Flare Corona is related to Erza.
Their backstories have them both lose their families at young ages, but are vague as to the exact details. The arc that introduced Flare also introduced a woman who was also the sister of one of Erza's friends, meaning family of the slaves might not have all been killed or kidnapped. Flare and Erza have the same hair color, and are the only two characters with that hair color, it would also be very appropriate for a character who refers to everybody by their hair color to be related to someone who was named after their hair color.

Yukino and Kagura are related.
  • While her name is different, we see Sorano, a little girl in Yukino's flashback (as of chapter 303), and it looks like she has a hairstyle that resembles Kagura's. Kagura's grudge against Jellal would make sense as well, because when they were little, it could've been the time when Jellal was building the Tower of Heaven. That would be why she has a score to settle with him. She thinks he is the reason she suffered throughout her life, and that she wants to make him pay (even though he didn't do anything). However, the only things missing from this so that it would fit in is that Kagura hasn't even stated what exactly Jellal did to her and why she wants to kill him. If she soon states that she was separated from her little sister, then it would all come together. But we also don't know how Kagura would know that Jellal was a follower of "Zeref". She didn't seem to have lived her childhood in the Tower.
  • Jossed

Kurohebi is somehow related to Cobra
The snake theme and they look alike.

Dimaria is related to Lucy. She's Layla's Second Daughter
The two have an uncanny resemblance once you see Dimaria in color, and both incur Brandish's ire for little reason.

Angel is Yukino's elder sister Sorano.
  • They bear a strong resemblance to each other.
  • Also it was that Sorano was captured by Zeref followers.
  • They both also have the same uncommon speech pattern in Japanese.
  • Adding to this, their names are also similar. Yukino means "of snow" and Sorano is "of the sky." Angel's prayer was always to fly in the sky like an angel.
  • They also both use Celestial Spirit Magic.
    • Chapter 365 revealed that Angel's real name is indeed Sorano. That pretty much confirms this one.

Irene Belserion is Erza's Mother
  • Even ignoring the fact that have rather similar appearance, Nienhart has compared the two before with an Oh, Crap! face. Not to mention the fact Erza is Fairy Tail's Strongest Woman and Irene holds the same title among the Spriggan Twleve.] ... dear god no.
    • Alternatively, Irene is Erza's sister - either an older sister or a twin, who would technically have a seven year lead on her thanks to the seven year Time Skip.
      • Sorry, jossed as above
    • Yeah, Chapter 484 has added more support by saying Irene use to live in Ishgar (AKA Fiore).
    • Adding more to the theory, Irene's scar on her waist is the result of a hastily-done caesarean operation. Which of course, is how Erza came to this world.
      • As the first bit is confirmed, let's wait for this theory to happen!

Acnologia is Gajeel's biological father
Ok, maybe it's just a coincidence, but it so happen that their designs are kinda similar. Moreover, after some revelation, whe know they come from the same era.And almost all the main characters have had/have a relative or someone close enough on the opposite side linked to Zeref :
  • Gray had Silver (not mentionning all the stuff about Ur, Lyion and Deliora, and Ultear of course)
  • Lucy has Brandish who was connected to her mother … who is the one who allowed to DS to arrive at that era because their ancestor was sort a friend to The Black Wizard
  • Natsu has Zeref himself, [[spiler : oh ! And he and Igneel were friends!]]
  • Ad now Erza seems to have Irene, plus all the stuff with Simon and Jellal
So it wouldn't be surprising if Gajeel too had a relative on the dark side. It would reinforce his rivalry with Natsu, especially considering Zeref and Acnologia's relationship would parallel it.Now, IF that is true it would also give both Gajeel and Acnologia some more background and a possibility for an interesting character development.

Oh. And this is a minor point but Acnologia has blue hair and most of the people Gajeel has a significant relationship with have blue hair too (Juvia, Levy, Wendy) …

So why not ?

Invel is Ultears father
Farfetched admittedly, but there is possibility here, for starters in appearance of design they have the exact same eyes, other than coloring of hair and shear length Ultear has the same skin tone based on colored volume artwork, Ur whelst pale was not as pale on the covers as Ultear appear which is as pale skinned as Invel. Invel was also mentioned as the emissary of the empire giving him the possibility to have met, married than when his time in Ishgar ended his sense of duty called him back leaving Ur alone.

Irene is erza sister not mother
Even by the age ambiguous nature of the art Irene seems incredibly young, at most late twenties, with Erza parents being at the absolute minimal age possible 40 Irene being mother seem very unlikely. The theory goes that as the village was burning Irene and erza got separated where Irene assumed Erza died. Whilst alone The grieving Irene was discovered by Zeref whom felt connection with the young girls plight and took her with him to Alvarez and taught her the ways of high enchanting.
  • Sorry, jossed, chapter 513

Erza and Irene are not related
In fact, Erza is one of her creations, just like Juliette and Heine. The reason she wants to kill her? Erza was one of the first enchantments, and perhaps her strongest, who either rebelled against her or escaped. Naturally, Erza has no memory of this, but Irene loved her like a child, just like she did to Juliette and Heine.
  • how did Erza age then?
    • We have no indication that Juliet and Heine were incapable of aging. Irene's enchantments could simply be that strong.
  • Jossed, chapter 513

     Shipping Theories 
She`s shown some interest in Mirajane and Erza (though neither of those are particularly surprising) and she seems pretty close with Levi. Sure, she has Ship Tease with guys too, but she openly oogled pics of Mirajane!
  • Well, lets consider this. At the start of the series, she only has one idea in mind, to join Fairy Tail. She says that she's a big fan of the guild. The thing is, she didn't know any of the most famous members, except Mirajane. She had never heard of Laxus, Mystogan, Erza or Gildarts, even if, like Jose said at the end of his arc, they are famous all around the country. So, the only thing she knew about Fairy Tail was that Mirajane was there. What a devoted Fangirl Lucy is...
    Happy (Asking about who various Fairy Tail members like): What about Lucy?
    Levy: It's definitely Natsu.
    Bisca: It could be Gray.
    Juvia: Juvia thinks it's Loki.
    Lucky: Isn't it Mira?]]
  • Also, Lucy has so much Les Yay with so many girls, (just look at the main page), it's becoming hard to believe she's only interested in men. It will probably soon be canon. Let's hope.
  • Lucy has only shown explicit interest in a man twice. The first was Loki, and that stopped when she found out he was a Stellar Spirit. The second was in a bonus chapter, that appears to have been rendered non-canon by the events of chapter 253.

The above WMG is true and it started like that...
After her mother's death, our dear Lucy was feeling really lonely, her father keeping her in their mansion and always working, neglecting her. The only friend of her age that Lucy had was a maid, daughter of two servants working for her father. Both of them had developed a strong bond and were the best friends someone could imagine. One night, after Lucy first met the man that her father wanted her to marry, she ran in her room, crying. Her friend came in her room, not wanting to let Lucy alone. Only, the maid couldn't keep her secret to herself any longer, and declared her love and admiration to Lucy, and how she wanted to always be with her. At this moment, both Lucy and her friend understood that their friendship was much more than that. It lasted for a little while, but when her father discovered it, the maid and her family were fired and sent away. Obviously, Lucy never forgave her father and it was one of the reason as to why she ran away, hoping to find her again.

Finally, Virgo uses the appearance of Lucy's long lost love, because it's how Lucy wants her to look like.

Erza is a Lipstick Lesbian and Jellal is either her If It's You, It's Okay or The Beard
Given all the Les Yay she gets with Lucy and Mirajane, and the fact she has no such moments with anyone male except Jellal, this doesn't seem impossible. Either Jellal is the only man she feels that way about, or Erza's consciously trying to avert Transparent Closet.

There will be Ship Tease of Bixlow and Lisanna.
  • Mirajane/Fried has a following, and the latest chapters have really pointing towards Elfman/Evergreen. Of the respective trios, only Bixlow and Lisanna are left. Granted, Lisanna is more likely to end up with Natsu than Bixlow, but this is Fairy Tail.
    • Fried is gay and does really have a thing for Laxus. So I think Mirajane and Fried are just friends.

Levy is in love with Lucy
Besides all the lesyay, at the end of chapter 274 she writes a letter 'to my Beloved Lucy Heartfilia'.
  • Non-romantic love?

Gray does like Juvia back.
The likely reason why he doesn't reciprocate is that he knows that her behavior towards him and her wild imagination won't make for a healthy relationship yet.
  • Does seem to be headed that way, as of the Tartarus Arc...
  • Practically confirmed by his reaction with Juvia's sacrifice in their battle with Invel in the Alvarez Arc.

Because they're cute together and why not?

Fried and Bixlow are a couple
Fried is already semi-confirmed to be gay, or at least an attraction to certain men, and he is very rarely seen without his partner Bixlow. Maybe their partnership applies on more than one level.

One of the coming chapters will explore the UST between Natsu and Lucy.
Especially since Lisanna is one again part of the equation, even getting Ship Tease right off the bat... It'll mostly be Lucy being anxious, though.
  • In one of the next chapters, she watches Natsu and thinks he looks cute as he's sleeping...
    • Jossed. Jossed years ago.

     Edolas Arc Theories 
Mystogan is not as smart as he seems.
Mystogan's magic transports all magic from Edolas to Mangolia. So if his plan has gone the way he wished, Pantherlily would have been the king, and be transported to Mangolia soon after, leaving a disorganised Edolas.

Everyone has got an automatic powerboost
The source is the magic from Edolas.

King Faust is the Edolas counterpart of Master Hades.
They look the about same and are both leaders of a dark organisation.

The reason why Edolas!Cana is the way she is...

...and why Edolas!Gildarts was never shown is because, unlike his Earthland version, he found out earlier that he was going to have a child, and decided to retire from Fairy Tail so that he can take care of Cana after she was born.

  • CMOH Worthy :)

The versions of Natsu and Wendy that exist in Edolas aren't Dragon Slayers
Why else would the kingdom send Happy and Charle to another world to find people that already existed in Edolas?
  • Confirmed. They're normal mages (as far as Edolas mages go) there.

Earthland Lisanna Switched places with Edolas Lisanna very shortly after her Death
By which I mean, when Edolas Lisanna died, she somehow switched places with Earthland Lisanna, thus why her brother and sister thought her dead (especially if they buried the body)
  • I was under the impression that Edo!Lisanna fell from a great height and they Never Found the Body. That was why they're so happy in seeing Lisanna.
  • The anime makes it clear that this is true.

We will meet more Earthland counterparts Edolas residents (Particularly the Exceeds)
Because the only thing more awesome than finding backwards counterparts to main characters is to meet a counterpart to a character from the other world. We already have Porlyuchka, who was Grandine's counterpart.
  • Confirmed. The Key of the Starry Sky canon filler arc gave us Earthland versions of Byro, Coco, Sugarboy, and Hughes.

Mirajane will change in the Edolas arc
The Erdoras Mirajane acts just like the regular one because in this world Hisana never died and her personality never reversed. Because of this one of several things will happen.
  • The other characters will realise she's pulling a Stepford Smiler and convince the original Mirajane to revert to her original Delinquent Jerkass personality.
  • Mirajane will realise this herself and change on her own.
  • The Edolas Lisanna will come back to normal world with them, causing Mirajane to revert to her true personality as her sister is back. Sort of. The local Silk Hiding Steel Mirajane will be shown transforming into a Delinquent too, perhaps as a result of no longer having to set and example for her little sister. Or deciding she needs to set an example of badassery for the wimpy Erdoras Elfman.
    • I don't really see much point in Edo!Lisanna going to Earthland. As far as I'm concerned, the members of Fairy Tail acknowledge the fact that the dead are such, and they aren't going to return. If anything, Lucy is the Replacement Goldfish since it's been pointed out that she's similar to Lisanna in that she looks somewhat like her and is good friends with Natsu. But that's not the point you're trying to make. My opinion is that Mira won't change, or at least not as dramatically as you seem to be implying. My guess is that she'll take on a more active role, possibly helping more in future battles involving the entire guild, but I think her personality might remain as-is. And who's to say that Edo!Mira isn't the Stepford Smiler for a different reason?
      • Actually, Edolas!Lisanna does go to Earthland. She may have been the Earthland!Lisanna all along without realizing it, considering she actually had magic in her body to be able to transport herself to Earthland.
      • Edo Lisanna is Earthland!Lisanna. Edor Lisanna died, btu Edo Mirajane and Edo Elfman didn't change, since Earthland!Lisanna took the role of Edo Lisanna. Edo Mirajane and Edo Elfman knew this, but we didn't see them change.

Edo-Lisanna will be severely injured or nearly killed by Faust, triggering a second Dragon Force form, and an Unstoppable Rage in Natsu
This arc, we've gotten quite a few hints here and there about Natsu's feeling for Lisanna, and how no one talks to him about her anymore after her death. To see history seemingly repeating itself with Edo-Lisanna, Natsu could conceivably lose it, and trigger a Second Dragon Force form, where he is more dragon than human. The ensuing rampage against Faust would leave him powerless against this new form, and should anyone else try to attack him in that berserk state (say, Edo-Erza for example), they'd be killed in an instant. I say this because the Black Dragon felled Fairy Tail's strongest in an instant, and in the Second Dragon Force State, a similar fate would await anyone in the way of Natsu's rampage.
  • Alternatively, it could happen to Lucy, since everyone has been drawing the parallels between them, and something happening to her would exemplify them more.
  • The black dragon mecha has gone kablooie so that's unlikely, but there's always the real deal later on.
    • Jossed. This never once happens.

Edolas is not an Alternate Universe ...'s Bad Future. Wendy is all grown up, Lucy has toughened up because of the harsh world, Levy (and the other members of Team Shadow Gear) have become badass in honor of dead Gajeel, the master & Rajin tribe sacrificed themselves, Natsu has a trauma because Happy died. Jellal travelled back in time to redeem himself, furthermore, Jellal was based on Siegrain from Rave Master, who also travelled back in time, King Faust is either Hades, the council leader, or the actual king. The catalyst of the magic disappearance is Zeref, who did not quite remove all non-mages from existance.
  • What about Elfman being a wuss? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
  • Jossed, Edolas is indeed another world. As for Elfman his sister is dead in this world too.

Edolas Natsu will be a Weak, but Skilled Anti-Hero
Edolas inverts people's personality's but not their morality. Natsu will not be a dragon slayer in this verse, but have other weaker magics. He will fight by being a tricky manipulative and ruthless bastard rather than being a Determinator Idiot Hero.
  • As of Chapter 174, the weak part is somewhat confirmed. If Natsu gets sick when he is in a vehicle, his counterpart is afraid ot everything when he is "not" in his car.
  • Also in this universe Laxus(who is a Shrinking Violet and wears conservative suits) and Gildarts will be fanboys/mooks of his. Like Laxus' own bodyguard in the main world.
  • Jossed. Edolas Natsu is just a wimpy Extreme Doormat, except when he is in a vehicle.

Edolas!Jellal is not Mystogan
Rather, the original Mystogan was another person who didn't want his identity to become public. Gellal usurped his identity. Mest was a student of the original one. Gellal had to keep his cover and told Mest some information.
  • Don't really know what's being said here, but Mystogan is indeed Edolas!Jellal.

Edolas!Lucy isn't an abusive jerk
Rather, she's not as much of a jerk as she seems. She's got a rivalry with Levi but she's only really ever 'mean' to Natsu. This is because she's in a consensual BDSM relationship with him and they're very public with it. Part of the Edolas personality shift is relationships changing from UST to full blown romance. Lucy's first action when seeing Natsu is hugging him and being happy that he's safe.

     Sirius Island Arc Theories 
Master Hades acted undercover as the former Chairman of the Magic Council.
Looking through the earlier chapters in the manga, specifically at Erza's trial after the Lullaby arc, one can spot who is presumably the Chairman judging the case. What's notable about it? Not only is his entire body framed in shadow apart from eyes, but it's only one eye we get to see, his left eye. The right eye isn't seen, which is the eye Hades has his eyepatch on. It also makes sense during the Tower of Paradise arc, where the Chairman is said to have fallen ill. We learn after that arc that Hades managed to get one of the keys to unseal Zeref. Essentially this might be what he did while he pretended as the Chairman to be ill.
  • Nice catch, but the ONLY real problem with this theory is that he can't appear shadowed all the time, and probably made a public appearance or two - at least to the magic guilds. Makarov, being a Guild Master, should know what he looks like, and would've recognized the former master that he hasn't seen in 40+ years.
    • Quite true that I shall admit. Of course we don't know if does make such public appearances either though, or if he uses transformation magic for such, but that is speculating too far. Also, Makarov didn't recognise Hades purely on appearance alone, but also how he spoke to him, what he spoke of, as well as him using Grimoire Law.
  • Jossed. The former chairman is named Crawford Seam, and he has a role in the Tartaros arc.
Zeref was trying to kill Ultear
She told him she wanted to use his power to make the ultimate magic world, which he had to have known the implications of, and attacked him when he refused. After she'd made it clear that she wasn't above knocking him out and forcing him to do things her way he tried to beg her to stop before passing out. He later begins to regain conciousness while being held off the ground by someone, and can sense Acnologia approaching. He has no way of knowing he's changed hands several times and the logical conclusion is that this mad woman has successfully abducted him and has now found yet another potential world ending power. Having every reason to want her dead, he goes into full power mode and blasts her instantly, only to fully come to and see that he was actually being carried by someone else, which reverts him back to his normal melancholic state.
Laxus will come back
It's kinda obvious actually, since there's a plot hook for the Raven guild. He will be a an important part to Fairy Tail's victory against Raven (or dark guild alliance). Perhaps he might even make a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Confirmed.
Gray will fight Ultear
As Ultear is the daughter or Gray's mentor, it would be a very fitting match for Gray. Lyon could possibly join the fight if the Light Team rejoins to fight Grimoire Heart.
  • Confirmed - they did fight, one on one. Gray won.
Caprico is Capricorn.
  • Or a Stellar Spirit Mage using Capricorn, whose power is apparently turning people into goats.
  • Now his name is revealed it is even more obvious.
  • He's actually A mage who was using Capricorn's body.

Mashima is setting up for a big fat Player Punch.
  • My money is on Lisanna being the recipient, btw. Unfortunately.
    • Played with Acnologia's blowing up Tenrou Island

Gildarts will be the next Master of Fairy Tail, but will HATE the job.
He'll do it because it needs to be done, and because he knows he's the only one capable of doing it. He'll often daydream of the days that he used to be able to take SS-level quests and travel wherever he wanted, but it's not all bad, because he'll know he only has to do the job for a few years. That's because he'll spend most of his spare time training Natsu and Laxus, the former to reach his full combat potential, and the latter to take over the position of guildmaster. Fairy Tail will end with Laxus as the Big Good and Natsu as his Dragon.]]
  • This is confirmed when he made Makarov the Sixth Master after he went on his journey. He immediately reinstates Laxus and then makes Makarov the next master.
The hand from Charle's vision belongs to Lucy.
It would explain why Cana and Natsu are crying in the premonition. Lucy did narrate that she would be participating in the S-Class Mage Exam in a surprising way, and maybe it didn't just mean by being Cana's partner.
  • Confirmed, though it had nothing to do with their crying.

Issue 244 will be Laxus pulling a Big Damn Heroes
The name of the issue is "Thunder Crashes" which could be a reference to the storm outside, to Laxus (who was shown sensing something was wrong after Makarov went down) or possibly both. He could have some super move or powerup that he can only use during a thunderstorm, that will allow him to challenge Hades. Bonus points if he takes a hit to save someone, and then berates them for being weak.
  • Confirmed.

Gildarts being over-protective or a bit too intrusive with Cana, his daughter,
will become a running gag.
  • This is correct! At least, until Gildarts leaves the guild to go on a journey.

That mysterious girl seen in Chapter 253 is either...
  • Mavis Vermillion's ghost/spirit
    • It is her.
  • An actual fairy
  • all of the above.
  • Or Grandine, the Sky Dragon.

Tenrou Island and the mysterious girl spared everyone
Tenrou Island is stated to "protect those bearing the mark of fairy tail", But let's face it, that dragon's tailed beast bomb (I'll call it that for a mo') was SUPER strong, and the island was destroyed. Even residual protection would have been very little. So that fairy, who we believe was Mavis, cast a protection spell on the members of Fairy Tail, which would spare their lives and lead them to a safe place to recover. However, none of them has any form of transportation and I doubt Levy has enough magic power to create runes for a large vehicle, so they haven't been able to return for 7 years
  • In chapter 255: Mavis' ghost protected everyone in Tenrou Island by enclosing the island in a sphere called Fairy Sphere. They also haven't aged by the looks of it.

The side characters that appeared on the splash pages from Chapters 237-251 will in someway be involved in the current timeskip arc.
  • Partially confirmed already. The members of Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale have already visited the FT guild.

The time-skip will not take it's toll on Natsu and Friends.
Something really big happened in the Shounen medium with this 7 years time-skip, I mean what other manga in recent memory had a time-skip this long? Even big names such as One Piece, Naruto and Bleach didn't dare to skip more than 2 to 3 years, it's a huge challenge for the writer, everything has to look all new: the characters, the setting, everything. Seriously, in 7 years basically everyone but Wendy will be at least in their middle twenties, nothing to say about those who will probally be in their early thirties; my point is that modern Shounen just doesn't stick with adult characters as the Main Characters, I predict Mashima will Hand Wave Natsu and friends not growing up with something as wherever they may be, it's a Year Outside, Hour Inside for them, or if they do grow up, it will be something just for this arc and in the end some Time Travel or Alternate Universe shenaningan will happen.

That's just me being skeptical in vision to what modern Shounen seems to have turned out, though. In reality I do hope Natsu and Friends will come back Older and Wiser, it sure would be a fresh breath in the middle of so many Shounen with a young main cast, it could step up to all time classics like Dragon Ball (the Z part in particular) and Fist of the North Star with their adult cast.

  • There are some more modern shonen with adult protagonists. Hell, Kenshin is in his thirties for the whole series. Simon is 21 after his Time Skip. It matters more how they act than their actual age (Kenshin is quirky, and Simon can still act like a Hot-Blooded teenager despite his age). They will be more mature.
  • Wow you got me with Simon, can't believe I forgot about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann for a second, but that's one of a kind though, Rurouni Kenshin is certainly not a modern Shounen as it started in 1994 and he was 27 for the whole run, he went 30 in the finale; I see modern Shounen as any work post the aforementioned big three (One Piece, Naruto and Bleach). Anyway, I do see Natsu not really changing even as an adult, and here I am hoping the timeskip sticks for good.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 255. They haven't changed a bit thanks to Tenrou Island being in Mavis' Fairy Sphere.
  • Damn, I predicted it right, and kind of feel bad about it...
    • It should be noted however that this ends up being a really, really bad thing.

Totomaru is now a teacher/mentor.
Why else would Romeo learn Fire Magic from him?
  • Confirmed. He was specifically said to teach a magic class by Romeo.
Bluenote Stinger will be Gildarts' Evil Counterpart.
The descriptions given to his magic are very similar to the way Gildarts fights. Emphasis is put on his ability, and the fact that he's highly destructive. He and Hades keep referring to the Fairy Tail mages as "Makarov's kids" suggesting that Bluenote is significantly older than they are (Gildarts is 45). Bonus points if he turns out to be an Expy of Gale Raregroove. It could also give Natsu another chance to show that he actually learned something from his fight with Gildarts by watching him back down from a majorly superior opponent. Or maybe someone has to pull a Heroic Sacrifice to save him, and he's forced to live with that for the rest of his life.
  • Bluenote was basically treated this way to Gildarts until the end of the Tenrou Island arc. There was not a Heroic Sacrifice, though, and no Expy.

Cana started drinking because she failed her first S-Class Exam.
Hades is really in the Magic Council
Notice how Hades wears an eyepatch covering his right eye. It just so happens that Org of the Magic Council had been closing his right eye throughout the entire series, not having ever opened it even once. And to boot, he slightly resembles Hades. Perhaps Hades is pulling a Jellal and keeping tabs on the Council.
  • Jossed. Org turned out to be a pretty nice guy by now and we saw him post Time Skip, after Hades' death.
Meledy uses Clone magic
Chapter 228 is called 13 Women drenched in the rain. Juvia is obviously responsible for the rain and she is currently fighting Meledy whose magic has not yet been revealed.
  • Alternately, Meredy has multiple personalities and each personality uses its own type of magic. Every time we've seen her, her personality was different, from quiet and stoic, to cold and calculating, and childish and insecure. A Storm of Blades by themselves wouldn't be powerful or rare enough to be considered Lost Magic, so she can probably use all different kinds.

The hand was Gray's
It may have just been a sucker punch with Lucy passing out, but no matter who wins Juvia's fight, Gray's gonna be pretty beaten up by the end.
  • Jossed.

We will then be treated to a much Darker and Edgier storyline in which the dark guilds curbstomp the New Council and proceeds to start a campaign of terror and Muggle killing. The surviving heroes, of course, will form La Résistance and be joined by Jellal and Hoteye, find a new leader in Gildarts or Laxus, form an epic stand of awesomeness against Hades, and somehow pull off a particularly crazy win. Perhaps involving property damage. Finally, as the dust settles, the New Council's remnants will pop up to re-arrest Jellal and Hoteye, and Natsu will finally torch their asses.

And then Zeref will pop up from the rubble and kill everyone.

  • Jossed for Hades is defeated
    • However it was Acnologia the Black Dragon appeared instead

The hand was Gildarts'
His lesson to Natsu is going to be hammered home by his own death. Natsu is going to find Grimore Heart's ship and challenge Hades, but Bluenote will step up to fight him in a "you can't get to my boss unless you go through me" kind of gesture. Natsu, being the typical shonen Leeroy Jenkins, will charge ahead and get his ass handed to him. Gildarts will come in to save him, and his fight with Bluenote will be a Mutual Kill. Why do I think they're going to do this? Because Gildarts is an expy of Gale Glory, and right after Gale was introduced, he fought his Evil Counterpart to the death in order to save Haru.
  • Possibly made more likely by Cana's revelation that Gildarts is her father and she was seen crying in Charle's vision.
  • Jossed.
Gildarts actually did recognize Cana
She just didn't realize it and he was hiding the fact that he knew for some reason. Fairy Tail focuses too much on bonds and True Companions for this not to be the case.
  • He might feel he didn't deserve to be her father when he wasn't around for her mother's death or feel his constant traveling on quests would make him ruin raising her. Something like that.
  • Possibly confirmed, since he looks like Bluenote utterly destroyed his Berserk Button by nearly killing Cana.
  • Jossed. He had no clue that Cana was his daughter, and when he does find out, he had to list down thirteen different women before he realized who her mother was. His anger at Bluenote was just for attacking his comrades in Fairy Tail.

Gildarts (or Makarov) is gonna die.
Natsu will pull his typical Leeroy Jenkins antics and take on enemies infinitely stronger then himself forcing Gildy or Makarov to pull a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Made more likely by the incoming arrival of the Black Dragon Acnologia.
    • Officially jossed as of 255.
Mest is Mystogan.
Because he's too cool to from being kicked out of the plot. Also, implanting memories is one of Mystogan's powers.
  • But if you take the latest chapter into account...for god's sake, can't any Jellal's stay freaking good?!
  • Jossed, hopefully.
The Killing Mage is Igneel.
  • Unlikely, since the Killing Mage is Zeref. Unless Zeref is also Igneel. And Jellal.
    • Original poster here. This was my thought process in doing the WMG- Killing Mage=Zeref=Igneel. Wouldn't put it past Jellal though.
  • Jossed.

More than one mage will be S-class at the end of the Arc
Considering a war is going on, there is a chance that Makarov says that they've proven they're S-class material by kicking Gilmoire Heart's asses. Or the grave is found by multiple persons at the same time.
  • Subverted none of them become S-Class because of the attack.

Caprico's magic involves making people into animals.
Caprico lokks like a goat-man and his two subordinates Yomazu and Kawazu are also animal people, so it seems likely. Even if he is Capricorn, it could still be his power.

Makarov will die at the end of the Exam arc
He's extremely old and has had major health problems for quite a long time now. Either Hades or the combined forces of the Seven Kin of Purgatory will be the ones to finish him, possibly in a You Shall Not Pass! Obi-Wan Moment. Gildarts or Erza will lead the guild, while Laxus will settle his unfinished business with Ivan.
  • It'll be Gildarts. Makarov flat out says that Erza's too young to lead the guild. Bonus points if they toss in a Time Skip and bring Laxus back as The Dragon.
    • That's if Gildarts wants to. If Makarov dies, he won't get to choose the next leader - they'll have to take that burden upon themselves. If no one else steps up to the plate, Erza will have to do it. Mirajane can be her dragon!
    • Hades just curbstomped Makarov, and it's very strongly suggested that it was a fatality.
      • He's still alive...but he's just taken a severe beating and had a heart attack, so who knows if he'll survive.
      • He's still alive thanks to Mavis's Fairy Sphere

Zeref will become fully unsealed
Grimoire Heart will win the battle and their goals will be fulfilled, leading the series to a Darker and Edgier route (especially if the above WMG is true and Makarov dies).
  • Subverted he was never sealed in the first place.

Hades will be the series definite Big Bad
Zeref will become the tool to unleash his plans however, in one way or another, depending on if his evil self is unsealed immediately or not. If not that, Zeref will be the Greater-Scope Villain instead.
  • Zeref killed Hades.
Caprico's lost magic... the ability to use his own key to summon himself.
  • Actually, now that we get to see him in action in 223, that's not far from the truth. Like Loki, he can stay in the human world for an undetermined amount of time. His actual magic summons people the same way Lucy and Layla summon spirits.

What happened to Capricorn and Zoldeo
When Lucy was born, Capricorn tried to return to the Heartfilia family, but Zoldeo wouldn't let him. Thus, Zoldeo tried to subdue due him with magic to force him to stay, but because the magic wasn't supposed to be used on non-humans, Zoldeo got stuck in Capricorn's body. It's just what I figure to have been the logical course of actions.
  • This is more or less what happened.
Mest has the exact same powers of Koishi Komeiji — The power to sense and manipulate the subconscious
Mest is only able to implant memories on a subconscious level. This explains why the Fairy Tail members can only vaguely recognize him. Also, he cannot teleport, he can only make others fail to register his existence in their minds. If this WMG is true, then this would automatically make Mest either a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass or Obfuscating Stupidity, since Mest basically won the Superpower Lottery.
  • He can teleport.
    • He also has Memory Control magic, which works similarly to Charm Magic.

Natsu will exploit Ultear's magic.
In chapter 225 Ultear stated that she can create/conjure all possible futures. At one point during their fight Natsu will find one in which he is complete and utter badass (well, more than now) and somehow trick Ultear into using it, or in some other way will bring it into life. As a result the ending of the fight will be Ultear versus Future Badass Natsu, say from ten years into future after realizing his Dragon Slayer potential to the fullest and gaining experience from innumerable battles.
  • Also few things may happen:
    • Ultear will use the magic on Natsu,which fast forwards him into future but we will find that he's immortal and never changes his appearance
    • Future Natsu will appear,but he will come from a doomed future where everyone is dead, which made him into an angsting badass that is willing to rip Ultear apart and rest of the Black Mages
    • Natsu will turn into a Dragon
    • Subverted it was [[spoiler:Gray.

Ultear is actually Older Than She Looks
Think about it. She said it herself that she manipulated Jellal into thinking she was Zeref since childhood, but looks no older than him. But how would this be possible? Remember, her magic deals with time, so she actually COULD have traveled back in time, and brainwashed Jellal than. Another possible theory would be that Ultear is using her magic to actually keep herself younger, or even take herself out of the actual time stream. It could explain why her mother thought she was dead, too.
  • Not likely. She looks pretty young in that flashback.
  • She was young when she did use mind control, she was just a very talented and powerful mage from a young age. She wasn't time traveling, either, since everything she ever did was to get to the Ultimate World of Magic, so she would get the ability to time travel in the first place.
  • Jossed.

Mashima is bluffing.
He's set the current arc to bluff the fanbase, mostly those who have drawn the connection between Gildarts, being a father figure to one of the main characters and the actual father of Cana, a primary (for this arc) supporting character and Gale Glory from Rave Master. Charle's vision eggs this on. He'll make us think Gildarts is dying, but he'll survive. He just wants to mess with us. Although, this might just be me looking for a way for Gildarts to survive.
  • This may be true. Especially considering who Gray is having a conversation with right now. Ultear doesn't seem like the type to bat an eye at killing someone For the Evulz.
  • It was Lucy's hand, not Gildarts'. And she survived.
Laxus will be the next Master of Fairy Tail.
The end of chapter 216 did say "The one who shall inherit... Makarov's soul hands over Fairy Tail and entrusts the future to his 'kids!!'" with Laxus on the page.
  • Jossed, at least for the point the guess refers to. Makarov hands the tourch to Gildarts before having it shoved back into his hands and deciding to hold onto it for as long as he can.

     Grand Magic Games arc Theories 
Provided we ever see him, the king of Fiore will be Earthland's version of Faust
Fiore is afterall stated to be a kingdom, so it'd obviously make sense for there to be a king, as the Magic Council only governs those who use magic. In contrast to Faust, the king will likely be a Reasonable Authority Figure. The possibility of being a Badass Normal is also there, to put a contrast to Faust who was completely obsessed with magic. Jellal would still be the king's son, just as Mystogan was to Faust.
  • Not to spoil the party, but if you look well, you'll see that Gran Doma looks a lot like Faust, so he's possibly the Earthland Faust (with another name).
Narpuding is tracking Gray via magical power, something the illusions cannot duplicate.
Which Gray will counter by completely draining himself of magical power, leaving him unable to cast spells but also undetectable. Remember any attack works, it doesn't have to be a magical attack to score a point.
Wendy versus Obra
Our cute little Dragon Slayer, who since her appearence has never fought someone one on one will eventually face down with Obra of Raven Tail and defeat him with the two new spells taught to her by Grandine. It would also be awesome and also kinda Karmic.
  • They were disbanded at that point. Instead, she fought Chelia and tied against her

Sting will have a Face–Heel Turn moment and try to save Yukino [[spoiler: only to end up failing horribly
  • Jossed. He does have a Face–Heel Turn and he does accept her back into the guild when he becomes the new master, though.
The Eclipse plan...
They seem to be targeting Lucy and now Yukino for it, right? Well, Layla Heartfilia was also a Stellar Spirit mage and she died on the day that the dragons disappeared. My theory is that the Eclipse plan has already happened once before- it sacrifices a Stellar Spirit mage in order to seal away the dragons. Layla was the first sacrifice- I guess voluntarily, since she gave away her keys beforehand - and after that the dragons went missing. Lucy and Yukino are the only Stellar Spirit mages in Fiore with golden zodiac keys, so it's only logical that they'd be targeted.This could mean that the plotters are WellIntentionedExtremists who want to seal away Acnologia for safety.
  • Or possibly Arcadias learned of the original Eclipse plan and wants to reverse it, if he believes he can somehow use it or another method to control the Dragons. The king just doesn't realise Arcadias wants the power for himself, not the kingdom.
  • Both are possible. The only problem is that they never say what day Layla died on. Her grave only showed the year.
  • Actually, the anime did give that date. Refer to the episode where Lucy tells her father that she anted to stay with Fairy Tail. The shot of her mother's grave had five 7's.
Yukino will join Fairy Tail
After hearing her story, Makarov will accept her into the guild to provide the comfort that she needs as a Heartwarming Moment. After that, he will head over to Sabertooth, and in a Momentof Awesome informs Gemma that he accepted Yukino in before dropping "The Reason You Suck" Speech on him.
  • Jossed.

Rogue and Sting will be booted from Sabertooth, and go to different guilds
Sting seems to be pretty big on the whole 'strongest' thing while Rogue seems to lean towards the idea of nakama. They'll fight Natsu and Gajeel in the final found of the tournament, almost win, then ultimately get their asses handed to them by their former idols. After being booted for their failure (and it may just be that only Sting is booted, since he's the one who's gotten a warning, and Rogue will just get fed up and quit) Sting will decided to go to another guild that's big on being the best, like Raven Tail, while Rogue will go to the number one nakama guild, Fairy Tail, and the two will have a friend turned foe dynamic.
  • Well, the first part was confirmed. After beingcurb-stomped by Natsu(Yes, just Natsu) Gemma (Or whatever his name was) confronted them and berated them for being weak. Although he's yet to officially boot them, it's reasonable to assume he will after killing Sting's pet cat/exceed Lector simply for bearing the sabertooth mark and being attacked by Sting for it.
    • Jossed, They pretty much lead the guild now
Jura will make a timely appearance and save Jellal from Doranbolt.
Perhaps going to get bandages for Chelia or heading to check up on her, he'll distract Doranbolt so Jellal can slip away.

We'll see Raven Tail again
Imp!Obra will get the others out of prison and the Fairy Tail's wizards (sans the best 5 sent to partecipate to the Tournament) will have to deal with them, this time being a little more difficult.

The people who will "die"
It's in quotes since we don't know if Mashima will pull another miracle out. But at the very least, there's three (if each box is just Levy stammering). At the most, six.
  • Possibly the six remaining Dragon Slayers?

Future Levy is from one week in the future

Lucy is not dead theories
  • She's in a coma
  • A second use of Fairy Sphere
The Eclipse Project arc will be a recycled plot from Rave Master
The Eclipse Door uses Stellar magic to change history (Stellar Memory) which the conspirators intend to use to destroy Zeref and Acnologia before they get started. But of course anyone who has read Rave Master knows that screwing with history in Mashima's universe creates something far worse than that. The destruction in Levy's narration was caused by another Endless and the girl under the hood is Future-Lucy come to set things right.
Lineup for Fairy Tail VS Sabertooth, last day of Grand Magic Games
Well, we already had Gray VS Rufus (like no one saw that coming), now we have four more fights to do. Gajeel VS Rogue is pretty clear, even if it goes against Mavis's plan it will happen due to Rogue wanting to rematch Gajeel. Erza and Minerva will be going at it hammer and tongs. The remaining two I think will be Laxus VS Sting and Juvia VS Orga. Laxus is one of the strongest members of the guild, period, so he would need to go up against the White Dragon Slayer, and Juvia VS Orga will allow our little Water-girl to show just how awesome she has become.
  • Possible modification: Juvia VS Sting after Laxus loses to him? Could be interesting.
  • Laxus vs Orga is almost definite. Juvia might face Sting, but it wouldn't be a drawn-out battle. She has no personal reason to take him. Both Laxus and Orga are the respective big guys of their team, while Sting is The Hero and Juvia would be Sixth Ranger.
  • It'll be Gray vs Rufus, Gajeel vs Rogue, Erza vs Kagura vs Minerva, and Laxus vs Orga and possibly Jura. Juvia is already facing Chelia.
    • And all of those match ups end up coming to fruition!
    • Some confirmed, some jossed
      • Gray fought Rufus and teamed up with Juvia to fight Lyon and Chelia
      • Gajeel fought Rouge
      • Juvia fought Chelia
      • Erza fought Kagura and Minerva
      • Laxus was about to fight Orga before Jura one shotted Orga
      • Sting gave up in the end
Climax of Grand Magic Games
This is for after the final fighting event, and Natsu and Co get out of that dungeon place. My thought is that the start of the climax will be three huge flying shapes appear over the awards ceremony for the Grand Magic Games. Those shapes? Igneel, Grandine, and Metalicana. They explain that they are here to finish something. That thing then shows up to the party: Acnologia. Cue the begining of an epic battle of three-against-one dragon fighting. Gajeel will be the first Dragon Slayer to join the fight, followed by Natsu and Wendy. Sting and Rogue will end up fighting as well, after the Fairy Tail three shouting at them for a while. This will be the massive destruction Charle saw in her vision. However, like the last fight against the Black Dragon, it will largely be a Curb-Stomp Battle, though not as bad as it could be since Acnologia has three dragons to deal with as well. The turning point will be Acnologia using his Dragon Roar to take out the other three Dragons at once (killing them is unlikely, though they will be out of the fight), and then turning to the Dragon Slayers. My theory is that we might actually here the Black Dragon speak. Cue further Curb-Stomping, and everyone fleeing. Flash-forward to Levi's battle-scared writing, which we get to read without the names scratched out. After that, I got nothing.


  • After that all happens, the only way Team Natsu can escape is by going through the Eclipse Gate, leading into the next arc which takes place 400 years in the past and we can finally get details on Zeref.
    • Jossed and confirmed. The Eclipse Gate was destroyed outright, and is now unusable. And Zeref did indeed appear after the Games, and we learned just a little bit more about his past; namely, that he and Mavis Vermillion did indeed know each other. And it looks like he's now officially going to become the Big Bad.
The people who Levy said were dead were the main characters
It would seem unlikely that the main characters of the wstory would be killed off under normal circumstances. However, in this arc we've also been introduced to Eclipse, a magical gate that can send you through time. All the death and destruction will be undone by someone (Most likely Lucy) and the crisis is averted.
There's nothing evil about Future!Rogue
He's trying to kill Lucy for a easily justifiable reason, he killed Sting to put him out of his misery or for some other reason (such as only one of them being able to make the trip while both their powers being needed, and Sting pulled a Heroic Sacrifice in letting himself be killed), and as for the evil Natsu and Mavis are claiming to pick up from him, he attacked Natsu's nakama and used Zeref's magic to get to Crocus before the eclipse. It's been established that doing that leaves a sort of evil residue on you for a short while. Not to mention what other dark magic he could have seen before coming to ensure the Eclipse II that could have had the same side effect as passing through the gate.
  • Another possible explanation is that Future!Rogue is a Well-Intentioned Extremist under the possession of Shadow (assuming they are/were two completely separate entities).
  • He could have arguably had to resort to those methods to even stand a chance against Acnologia, who had taken over the world and created a dystopian future. Still, from how that arc ended, Well-Intentioned Extremist would be a very generous label, no matter how Eviler than Thou Acnologia is.

The present timeline has diverged from Future!Lucy and Future!Rogue's timeline.
It may have happened because of the interference of the two time travelers or when Gajeel defeated Shadow-Possessed Present!Rogue, either way the future of the current timeline will have already changed in some form.
  • Well, yeah. Among other things there isn't an Eclipse Gate for Lucy or Rogue to use... nor is there an Eclipse Gate to cause some sort of apocalypse.

Hisui will be a heroic self sacrifice
She may sacrifice herself both as a way to atone for her mistake and to save Fiore from the dragons. This could possibly be to protect Lucy or buy time for her to close the Eclipse gate, since Hisui hasn't been shown to have any magical abilities and as such has no other way of helping.
  • Jossed.
Rogue will have his magic either sealed or outright taken away.
Future Rogue needs to be stopped, yet at the same time, I can't imagine Mashima killing off Present Rogue. The most logical choice would be Ultear. If she can force open magic containers, she can probably force them closed, too. Oh, and of course Present Rogue would be on board with this if it meant preventing his Start of Darkness.
  • Not looking too likely. It may need to happen eventually, but given that he came out of the Eclipse incident unscathed they can probably prevent his Start of Darkness by following his future self's advise and keeping Frosch safe.

The comedy in the chapters before 334 was to put us off guard
Think about it. This is the apocalypse and yet Hiro kept playing us for laughs for nearly three chapters with Zilconis, Lucy and Natsu. And then suddenly Ul is suicidal and Gray takes the bullet for Juvia in the worst way possibly (read: he gets riddled with literal bullets and then takes one straight through the head. I suppose to anyone whose read Rave Master, this isn't a surprise, but what the actual hell, Hiro!? You give us three chapters of comedy and then pull that!?
  • It's actually less "put us off guard" and more "lighten up the mood" on Mashima's part.

Future!Lucy's theory is correct, but only up to a certain extent.
Future Rogue's last advice was actually an elaborate Batman Gambit to make his present self become just like him.
It was already explicitly shown that, by that point, he cared nothing about anyone other than himself, not even about Frosch, so why would he try to assure his present self would protect it at all costs, an action which, according to his own words, would prevent his own existence to come to be? It's because, in fact, it's not Frosch's death at all what causes his Face–Heel Turn, but rather his obsessive desire to keep it safe from any harm! While searching for a way to save his exceed partner's life, he'd come to the conclusion that only by accepting his Superpowered Evil Side's help would he be able to do that - thus causing him to lose his soul and heart to the shadows. Talk about irony. What makes this WMG particularly plausible is how much emphasis Mashima puts on Rogue's protectiveness towards Frosch, especially on the Sabertooth's Special, showing how far he would go only to keep it safe.
The tall masked guy who is supposed to be Obra is in fact just a puppet. The actual Obra is that creepy critter who directly attacked Wendy.
(Thanks to the "最強 [Saikyou] Dragon" blogger who proposed this theory.)
  • Confirmed.
The Eclipse Project will backfire horribly.
Rather than alter the past so Zeref and Acnologia won't exist, the time travelers' actions will actually help ensure that they become the ultimate evils of their world in a You Already Changed the Past manner.
  • One point supporting this would be that Zeref knew Natsu, but Natsu didn't know Zeref - presumably, that would be the case because Natsu went/will go back in time, but Zeref will survive the attempt to kill him.
  • Both confirmed and jossed. Yes, the Eclipse Project backfired horribly, but it had nothing to do with going into the past; actually, dragons were brought into the future, and another time traveler, Rogue Cheney's future self, wanted to use them to Take Over the World and eventually usurp Acnologia's eventual position of Dragon King. And Hisui was manipulated into allowing this to happen from the very beginning, resulting in a major My God, What Have I Done? moment.

The little imp inside the 'Obra' suit is actually a demon.
And it is working with Arcadios to open the gate for the Eclipse Plan. A world of humans, dragons, and demons was mentioned.
  • Metaphorically speaking maybe?
    • Demons do exist, as shown with Lullaby, Deliora, and the Galuna Island villagers.
    • Confirmed in 340. He's a creation/servant of Zeref, just like Lullaby and Deliora.
    • Also somewhat jossed. Obra had no interest in the Eclipse Plan, he was actually being used as a spy for Zeref to observe the Grand Magic Games. And he didn't like what he saw.
Sooner or later, Tartaros (the 3rd main Dark Guild in the Balam Alliance) is going to appear.
Seems weird that this guild still hasn't made an appearance, despite being the only main Dark Guild left. It's the type of guild that's probably operating in secret for a much larger plan, considering they haven't done anything noteworthy as of yet.

Raven Tail is a legal guild now.
Ivan is no fool. He knew that the reason he was managing to stay out of the Magic Countil's eye is because the Balam Alliance was taking up so much of their resources. When they got taken down, he cut a deal with someone to change Raven Tail into an official guild. It's not like there's never been a "legal" guild that breaks laws and operates as a dark guild in disguise (Phantom Lord), so he could still be an outright villain.
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 267.

There will be a 13th, probably evil Stellar Zodiac, Opiuchus.
Come on, you know this will happen.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 280

The Hooded Member Of Mermaid Heel....
Is Millianna
  • You can see that she has whiskers underneath her hood, also her Cat Smile.
  • Confirmed.
Lector is alive, Minerva is pulling strings.
Now, not only is this a hope spot to spare an innocent character from death, but Jiemma's attack left nothing behind and his daughter -who is just as cruel as him and would be a potential backstabber- has that little convenient teleport magic and seemed rather unfazed by most of the events, including daddy's heart exploding from a straight shot that can kill a dragon. Her next move could easily be to become next guildmaster, for which she should be first seated candidate anyway. Kitty would stay in the shadows for a while, though; a happy Sting might be less effective in combat than a brooding one.
  • Confirmed.
Erza will battle Kagura.
Pretty obvious, but the scenario is there: Mystogun will be unmasked before everyone, revealing his true identity, Kagura will go berserk and unleash the Archenemy and Erza will have to stop her.
  • Correct, but the details are wrong. They clash during the games and Minerva joins in.

The girl under the hood is...
  • Future!Lucy
  • Future!Levy
  • Layla Heartfilia
  • Hisui E. Fiore
  • Dibs on Sorano, Yukino's sister. Jellal could have known her during his days as a brainwashed servant of Zeref.
  • Future!Yukino
  • Future!Lisanna: Just because.
    • One of these has been confirmed. It's Lucy.

Orga is Generation 2 God Slayer
The main arguement against Orga not having God Slayer magic is because his attacks don't share the name of God Slayer abilities(by logic, he would be sayings things like "Lightning God's Bellow"). However, Laxus utilised several different lightning magic attacks that didn't involve Dragon Slayer abilities. When Orga decides to unleash his God Slayer abilities, through the "God Lacrima," his attacks will change accordingly.
  • God Slayer is Confirmed.

Minerva was telling the truth. Lecter is alive.
And he came out of her pocket dimension thing with Milliana, or Minerva lost control over it when Erza attacked her, letting him escape. At the beginning of Chapter 321, we see a cat-shaped object underneath Milliana's cape - and it's him!
  • Confirmed.

Something horrible is going to happen to Lucy in the Tournament Arc.
Think about it: it's usually Lucy who would act as the "narrator" of the series. The end of Chapter 274 has Levy narrating/writing a letter to Lucy that has some foreboding implications about the aftermath of the Grand Magic Games.

The hooded girl is not Hisui's real informant.
Mashima is pulling another Red Herring. Even now that we "know" who told Hisui about the future, Hisui hasn't told Datong a name, or even a gender. She keeps saying 'that person.' Plus, the information that Arcadios knows and that Lucy told everyone doesn't add up. Arcadios thinks she's lying and Jellal thinks she's an impostor, but they're both wrong! It's similar to what Mashima did last arc when he had all signs pointing to Mest/Doranbalt being a member of Grimoire Heart. There has been someone else telling Princess Hisui of the future events, and the Eclipse 2 Plan. Lucy really doesn't have any concrete plans to save the day!
  • It's also likely that this real informant used the Eclipse Gate before Lucy and had at least some knowledge as to how it worked. This goes in line with Lucy's explanation about managing to open Eclipse without any prior knowledge as to how to activate it.
  • Confirmed. Hisui's informant was a man who claims to be Rogue from the future.

The identity of Mato, the pumpkin referee.
It's Happy. Like Lucy, but unknown to her, he came from the future to stop the catastrophe, and, related to the above theory, is Hisui's true informant. An example of Foreshadowing is Nichiya, who came out of the bunny suit, like Happy would come out of the pumpkin suit. Note Happy's tendency to be creepy sometimes and his love of strange VerbalTics, like how he thought Cancer's should have been "-crab."
  • The King of Fiore is also another possibility. The only time we get to see him watch the Grand Magic Games was when Mato had a "day off." He also shares the same voice actor with Mato in the anime.
  • Confirmed. Mato is indeed the King. As a bonus, the King's name is Toma E. Fiore. When spelled backwards in Japanese, it becomes MA-TO.

Lucy wants to close the Eclipse Gate now because...
  • She became possessed or was put into a trance by something that wants to close the gate, or
  • She saw something (dragons are the most likely) as she stepped closer to the gate.
    • Confirmed. Dragons came out of the Gate.

Sting and Rogue are actually all talk.
They used to be great fans of Gajeel and Natsu, so they just mastered the Artificial Dragon Slayer (btw: "Darkness" for Rogue and "Light" for Sting) and persuaded those two Exceed (who went on Earthland after Edras' fall) to join them. The thing about murdering their dragon parents is just a lie they spread.
  • Equally confirmed and jossed in Chapter 329: While both of them did actually kill their dragons, the circumstances were far from their implied claims. Weißlogia forced Sting to kill him to complete Sting's training. Rogue pulled a Kevorkian on a deathly ill Skiadrum.

Tartaros will be involved in the next arc, and several things will be involved.
Their name got mentioned in a conversation between Jellal and Doranbolt. It's very like they will be surfacing soon. They also are responsible for past actions and will be involved in the plot.
  • Jellal called them the Gate to Hades, which implies they warped Precht's mind and forced him into being Hades in hopes of a new member.
  • They also covet more items that Zeref was associated with, one of them designed to help them assimilate new members.
  • There will be the Water Dragon Slayer, who was brainwashed and assimilated into the ranks.
  • Tartaros is composed entirely of beings created with or altered by Zeref's magic, and they have been waiting all this time for their master to return after he took a 400 year sabbatical. The reason they are becoming more active is because of Zeref's new omnicidal agenda.
  • Confirmed. Sun Village arc was something of a prelude to the Tartaros arc. And yes: They have a deep connection to Zeref, moreso than Grimoire Heart. They are all demons from the Book of Zeref. Their ultimate goal is indeed to kill off humanity, and they intend to use Face, an Anti-Magic nuke to deny humans the means to fight back against them, and they specifically mention being 'humanity's judgment,' a possible reference to Zeref's Humans Are Bastards speech he gave to Mavis. And on a side note, no, they don't have the Ice Dragon Slayer, but they do have the Ice Devil Slayer, whose magic apparently rivals a Dragon Slayer.
Gildarts will have a Big Damn Heroes moment in the Seven Dragons arc
Gildarts will once again return and pull a Big Damn Heroes moment save to Cana somewhere during Seven Dragons arc after Walking the Earth and taking multiple levels of badassery along the way.
If the WMG above the last is true, Gajeel will be in Magic Games, but on Raven Tail
.]]Because it seems far too important an event for Gajeel not to join in. Pantherlily may not be present, as a subtle signal to Team Natsu that something isn't right.
  • Raven Tail is revealed to be participating in the games with a mage completely covered in armor and a helmet. It could possibly be Gajeel.
  • Both Jossed. Gajeel is in the Games, but on the Fairy Tail B Team.

Flare Corona will have a power similar to Chrona
In the first shot of the Midnight Commando, we see a sort of wolf-like thing just right to her. Maybe she can summon spirits or beasts from her body, like Chrona summons Ragnarok from his/her body.
  • Jossed. Flare's magic involves Prehensile Hair.
    • Partially still, if you look at her Hair Wolf it's so perfect and well detailed that it has well defined eyes, claws, teeth and even tongue. Plus, it cries when is cut by Cancer. I'd think it's close enough to the abovementioned theory (even if it's done with hair).

Minerva will be a Little Miss Badass and Wendy's rival in Sabertooth
Natsu has Sting, Gajeel has Rogue, Lucy has/had Yukino as a counterpart, Gray has Rufus, and Laxus has Orga. We'll also finally get the chance to see Wendy go up against an opponent one-on-one.
  • Jossed, she's shown in chapter 283 to be an adult, black haired woman with a chinese motif and possibly a sort of Barrier Warrior power set. Oh, she's also Jiemma's daughter.
Lucy won't get Libra and Pisces because they are in the hands of a wizard that doesn't break the contract.
By weird chance, she gained four (or five, depending on your opinion of Capricorn's case) new golden keys purely because the former owner got in trouble and broke the contract terms. Because of this, Lucy will be surprised that the keys for Libra and Pisces won't be in the hands of a Dark Action Girl, but just some Jerkass that follows his/her terms. Really, it's a bit weird that such rare items somehow come into this girl's possession so easily.
  • Mostly Jossed. Pisces and Libra are in the hands of a wizard who isn't evil, but it appears to be that Libra is a Gravity Master and Pisces is at least non-human. Worse that they both serve as The Worf Effect for Sabertooth's team as Yukino isn't exactly experienced.

Libra will be an Action Girl who can Detect Evil and Pisces will be the strongest spirit.
Up to this point, ten of the spirits look relatively human and some have shown some sort of powers. Since Libra is usually associated with justice, she is likely going to be able to have Detect Evil as a power and Pisces, like Aquarius, requires water and is a potential Eldritch Abmomination. As for strongest, this will show that Aquarius isn't exactly The Ace of the zodiac spirits in general and would provide that even she can suffer The Worf Effect.
  • Jossed: Pisces is a two-bodied, Yin Yang like fish spirit who can use water, while Libra looks like a sexy belly dancer with gravity powers.

Gemma kicking Yukino out of the guild is part of a Batman Gambit in getting someone from Fairy Tail to react
He looks down on all the other guilds, but is smart enough to acknowledge them as potential threats and is willing to use an ex-member as a pawn to abuse Fairy Tail's True Companions and Honor Before Reason beliefs to get them riled up enough to assault their lodges outside the match in a bid to get them expelled from the games.
  • Jossed thanks to Minerva's interference.
In the very likely event that Raven Tail gets Laser-Guided Karma handed over to them:
The mystery bunny in the tournament is Zeref.
  • Considering that apparently Chelia has something to do with him,that could actually be possible.
  • Jossed. It's Nichiya, Ichiya's Edolas counterpart.
Raven Tail's real objective is the slayer lacryma
Ivan already expressed an interest in getting the lacryma he left in Laxus, as the value has apparently gone up. In addition to declaring they'd start their real objective right before a battle with Laxus, there are now two more dragon slayers right in front of them who are using slayer lacryma. If Laxus loses his power then they still have a lightning slayer thanks to Natsu, so as far as powers go he is at risk of being phased out, and if Sabertooth's slayers loose a significant chunk of their power they can still fight, but now have both a motive to go after Raven Tail and potential reason to get booted from their own guild, clearing the way for their obligatory joining of Fairy Tail.
  • Jossed. They wanted information on Fairy Tail's dark secret.

Chelia is Zeref in disguise
The moment she stepped onto the field, Mavis is visibly reacting to her magic, and her reaction is far from pleasant. Jellal, Meredy, and Ultear all sense Zeref the moment she enters the field. That girl is not as innocent as she seems to be.
  • Not quite. She's the Sky God Slayer, but according to Jellal, she does seem to be connected to Zeref somehow.
    • She's not at all connected to Zeref, unless it turns out all God Slayers are.

Gajeel's Double Agent status will be revealed in the worst possible way.
With Raven Tail joining in the Grand Magic Games, this might actually happen.
  • Jossed.
Raven Tail's plan for Fairy Tail involves a Hate Plague.
With the humiliating defeats Fairy Tail has suffered in the games, it may be only a matter of time before the pressure gets to them. Maybe the reason the members of Raven Tail have exclusively fought/targeted Fairy Tail thus far is because they're trying to cast a spell on them that would turn everyone against each other or something, thereby destroying the guild from within. We've yet to see Gray again after his fight, and he looked pretty damn pissed at the two specific guys who beat him. Let us wait and see how Gray will continue to behave when he next appears.
  • Jossed. They were just having some fun while trying to get some information from FT.
Minerva is trying to turn Sting into the next Acnologia
Acnologia was created by having someone kill a huge number of dragons and then basically absorb thier power, plus added magic via Zeref (we think). Maybe Minerva's endgame is to have Sting (in his now emotionally unstable state), kill Acnologia, gain his power, and then Minerva hopes to have a nigh-unkillable draconic monstrosity at her command. Also, at the same time, since the four remaining mages who have the best chance of killing a Dragon (Rogue, Gajeel, Natsu, and Wendy) will be right nearby when Sting becomes a monster, we can just wipe them out then and there.
  • She could be hiding something, but she's more or less stated that her goal is just to keep Sabertooth on top.
Arcadios will target Yukino
Since she's a more vulnerable Stellar Spirit Mage. This could lead to a team up between Sabretooth and Fairy Tail against the bad guys.
  • Arguably Jossed. Gemma has shown he has no tolerance for even the slightest defeat and likely won't raise a finger to help after kicking her out. Rogue (and maybe Sting) will likely help since they shown some concern for her, but the rest of the guild is a bit tough to follow.
    • Only the second part. But the first one is confirmed: now that she's expelled she's even more vulnerable. Arcadios may even take advantage of her desire for revenge against Gemma in order to trick her into willingly partecipate to the Eclypse Doomy plan of Doom or whatever that's called.
  • Jossed, since Yukino joined him willingly and genuinely wants the Eclipse Plan to succeed.

Minerva uses "Arc of Space" magic.
If there's an Arc of Time, its Space counterpart has to be somewhere. Minerva's magic also deals with teleportation and space manipulation. The heat from the attacks she used against Lucy in the Naval Battle came from the attack she blocked earlier from Natsu, stored in some kind of spatial dimension she uses with her magic. Also, because of her magic, she'd be a good opponent for Ultear.
  • Jossed. It is spatial magic, but it is called Territory.

Lamia Scale will win the Grand Magic Games
Jura and Lyon are laying low for now, but both have taken out some easy targets. They know it's bad tactics in a big battle to challenge mages that can rival their power head on. They're going to let Fairy Tail and Sabertooth wear each other down and then swoop in and claim victory.
  • Oddly, this theory looks very likely. They are the ones who have been second to Sabertooth and seem to be very low key compared to the other guilds. Given Jura is the only person who can fight people like Erza, Minerva, and Kagura, it might be part of the plan.
    • Not only that, Jura is probably the strongest person on the battlefield right now. As powerful as Erza and Kagura are, they're not on the same level as Laxus and Orga, and if the magic power meter from day 3 is anything to go by, Jura could take both lightning mages simultaneously. Oh, and lets not forget that Makarov compared his power to Gildarts. The only wildcard here is Minerva. She might be stronger than Laxus and Orga, but considering she outright said she couldn't take on Erza and Kagura together, she probably couldn't beat Jura either.
  • Jossed. Fairy Tail won.

Minerva lied and Lector is dead
She only pretended to save him so Sting would be motivated to carry the guild through to the end of the tournament. No matter what the results she'll confess after the Grand Magic Games end that Lector is actually gone, shocking Sting yet again.
  • She's the same woman who smiled when her own father was being gutted like a fish. I guess that she has no qualms about telling lies to people.
  • Jossed.
The (first) movie is going to be about the events after the Grand Magic Games.
  • Jossed. It's an original story.
Wendy Marvel and Chelia Blendy will perform a Unison Raid in the final battle of the Tournament arc
They've already met most of the requirements. Using the same magic, and being friends. So it makes a-lot of sense to me. It's simply a matter of time.
  • Dibs on them performing it on Obra.
  • Jossed. They never clash with Obra.

Kagura had nothing to do with the Tower of Heaven
She was actually going to be Jellal's wife, but because he disappeared after the Tower's incident she tought that he was cheating on her and so started a Serious Business Disproportionate Retribution. Knowing Mashima, this could work.
  • If Mashima decides to go for the wacky, the "Jellal" Kagura is looking for is not even Earthland's Jellal. Mystogan is the one who left her at the altar and since Jellal's face has become so well known as a dangerous fugitive, Kagura figures that it was him. Maybe Archenemy is so powerful because its an Edolas Magic Armament, one of the very best available at the time.
    • Read chapter 314 it explains Kagura and the Tower of Heaven.
    • Somewhat confirmed. Her brother Simon was Made a Slave there. Erza narrowly helped her escape this fate.

Fairy Tail won't win the Grand Magic Games
Either they lose to another guild through some contrivance or the Games themselves are disrupted by the sinister conspiracy and are declared null and void. Still Fairy Tail probably will be alright in the end; their exploits in the Games bring back the level of popularity they once had if not the same degree of respect. More jobs flow in and the newly improved members rescued from Tenrou Island make enough to eventually buy back the old guildhouse.
  • Jossed. They win it.

Minerva might be pulling Sabertooth's strings, but Arcadias is pulling Minerva's
Minerva's action causing so much internal strife in Sabertooth are sure to end badly when Sting (likely) goes on a rampage to DESTROY Natsu, who could arguably be blamed for Lecter's death (If Natsu hadn't beaten Sting, Lecter wouldn't have needed to stand up for Sting, and therefore be obliterated). Rogue might try to calm Sting down, and get trashed. The reason for all this happening? So that Arcadias doesn't get noticed setting up whatever the Eclipse Plan really is (unlikely anyone but him knows the real details of the plan, whatever they are). Also, maybe Minerva is in serious cahoots with Arcadias, and could be set up as a potential fall-guy (er, girl) incase the Eclipse Plan fails/gets stopped.
  • Not looking too likely at this point.
    • Indeed, it's jossed.

The hooded woman went through A LOT of trial and error just to get to the year X791.
Jellal did say that a Zeref-like magical force was always present during the Grand Magic Games in the past seven years. The reason for this is that the woman specifically wants Fairy Tail's help in whatever plan she has in preventing the Bad Future from ever happening. However, the constant traveling may have taken its toll on her, rendering her left arm (or at least her left hand) unusable.
  • The force they sensed was the gate itself. Lucy only came back once.
  • Jossed. She had no plan beyond "stop the bad future somehow."

End results of the Grand Magic Games
Gajeel will defeat Rogue, Laxus will defeat Orga, and Gray and Lyon will find each other and begin fighting. Gray, being weakened from his fight with Rufus, may be on the losing end until Juvia comes to save him, turning the fight into a 2 on 2 battle with Chelia in the mix. Gray and Juvia will win. Erza may possibly lose her fight with Kagura only so FT doesn't get all the points at once and win the games by default before everyone else is defeated, and then Kagura will go on to look for Minerva. While that is happening, Jura will appear to fight Laxus at the end of his fight with Orga (or turn it into a 3-way battle... if that happens, Orga will still be first out) and Jura will have Laxus on the ropes. Gajeel, Gray, Juvia, and possibly Erza (if she didn't end up losing her fight) will appear to help him, echoing how he helped them all against Hades on Tenrou Island, and they'll all take down Jura together. From here, multiple things may happen:
  • Minerva will come to finish everyone off at once while they're distracted, having finished off Milliana. She will either succeed or Kagura and/or Sting will appear to stop her, betraying Sabertooth and siding with FT.
  • Sting will be the one going to finish everyone off, possibly by planning to team up with Minerva. However, drama will ensue and he still might turn on her.
  • Minerva will forget about Milliana and after the chaos finishes Milliana will be the last one standing and manage to win the games.
    • This part, at least, has been disproven.
  • Everyone will end up getting disqualified, letting Pegasus or Quatro Cerberus win by default.
The details are a little wrong since Kagura was eliminated by Minerva, but the above matchups did happen. It remains to be seen how the Games will end, though.

There are three Big Bads for the Grand Magic Games: Minerva, Orba, and Arcadias
They also have three different goals: Minerva wants to take over the Magic Council and/or all the Guilds in order to effectively rule the world. Arcadias wants to pull off the Eclipse Plan (whatever the hell that is), and Orba... I think Orba is some little demon creature who just wants to destroy the world and/or something worse. Cue one of them coming out on top (in this theory, probably Orba hijacking the Eclipse Plan after Minerva gets taken out by someone)
  • Jossed. Minerva just liked being top dog and Arcadios has been pretty benevolent as of late. Obra probably won't be seen again for an arc or two.

Ultear will kill Present!Rogue.
She's going to see all of the people killed by the dragon attack, and realize that it's a choice of one life or thousands.

Arcadios will successfully kidnap Lucy (and maybe Yukino).
As a result, Fairy Tail will chase after them and break into Mercurius (IIRC, the Eclipse Gate whatever is in Mercurius). As a result of Fairy Tail's rampage, Mercurius falls, since Fairy Tail specializes in property damage. Before Lucy can be sacrificed, though, Zeref will appear, kill Arcadios, and force Lucy to join him.
  • Jossed. Eclipse Gate was destroyed, making this impossible.

Yukino will join Mermaid Heel after the Grand Magic Games

     Tartaros arc Theories 
Zeref created Tartaros specifically for the purpose of testing and preparing Fairy Tail for fighting Acnologia
  • Is it possible that Zeref created Tartaros and its demonic members specifically for the sake of testing Fairy Tail's strongest to prepare them for the upcoming battles with Acnologia and perhaps other dragons? Think about itL
    • He's acquainted with Mavis, even spending time at Tenroujima.
    • He expected Natsu to meet him in the Tartaros cube in that particular manner.
      • Kind of. Zeref appeared to Natsu, and gave a bit of background on the real history between E.N.D. and Igneel, stating that Igneel couldn't kill E.N.D., and that Natsu would have to make a similar decision regarding whether E.N.D. lives or dies. He almost implies that it wasn't so much that Igneel wasn't able to defeat E.N.D., but that he chose not to kill him.
      • E.N.D. is literally Natsu, that is why Igneel chose not to kill him
    • Despite having easily defeating other mages elsewhere in Fiore, the Tartaros demons who have directly fought Fairy Tail's strongest members (Natsu vs. Jackal, Laxus vs. Tempesta and Erza vs. Kyouka, at least initially) were easily outmatched and has had to resort to sneak attacks and cheats to defeat them.
    • Also ties in with the WMG below that he is the Big Good; and that Silver is secretly on Fairy Tail's side, and could be the only confidant to Zeref's true plans.
    • Probably not why he created them, but might be why he didn't wipe them off.

Silver is an example of Crusading Widow, and Demonic Possession.
Can tie into the WMG above. After Deliora, Silver went a crusade of vengeance, hunting and killing demons. One of Zeref’s demons was created without a physical form and managed to convince Silver to agree to an Alliance. The demon would be able to use Silver’s body and the Demon and its “siblings” would help Silver find and kill Deliora. Okay, they would have to kill another sibling to hold up their end but the Demon didn’t like Deliora and Deliora wasn’t high on the pecking order, given that it was all power and brute force with limited brains. No big loss. Now where is the bastard?

Deliora already being dead could be a problem for the Demon depending on how Mashima portrays demons and contracts. Some folklore claims that if a demon makes a deal with someone, it has to hold up its end of the bargain. So if Mashima uses that concept, it will be impossible for the demon to do so.

Silver apparently going along with the Demons plan to wipe out humans may be for a number reasons

1) He’s that bitter and jaded over the deaths of his loved ones.

2) If the demon contract thing plays a role, he can act against them and is waiting for the best opportunity to screw them over

3) He has some sort of Batman Gambit going on.

  • One part is confirmed, Silver is possessed by a demon, aka, Deliora.
    • While one part is still confirmed, it is different than initially implied; Silver is not in fact possessed by Deliora, but instead a reanimated corpse. He's been bent on revenge against the demons that killed his family and has worked behind the scenes to weaken them enough to be defeated. He had thought Gray to be dead along with his wife until seeing him in the Grand Magic Games.

Silver used to be human.
Then Kyouka turned him into a demon like she's doing to Minerva.
  • ... Somewhat confirmed. The original Silver was human. Silver as we know him now is actually a victim of Demonic Possession. Still not enough to completely confirm it; for all we know, it wasn't Kyouka that arranged this.
    • Still somewhat confirmed, depending on your definition. Silver is - technically speaking - human, but essentially is a zombie reanimated by Keyes/Keith.
  • Still sounds confirmed to me, since the OP says used to be human.
Tartaros is a Dark Guild of Complete Monsters
Considering how little we know of this guild and how Tartatros is another name for the worst part in the Greek Underworld which is very similar to hell, they'll likely be this. Especially as the series is gradually going Darker and Edgier, I wou;dn't be surprised if they were extremely supremacist, cannibalistic, sadistic, genocidal Humanoid Abomination psychopaths who want hell on earth by using Achnologia as the threshold to start neverending calamities.
  • They also might be The Heavy because it's likely that everything bad can be traced back to them like being the real reason behind the demon that attacked Gray and Erza's villages, Lucy's parents' deaths the reason Ivan, Jienma and Precht went evil.
  • They also might be equal to the Wizard Saints in power, making them even more dangerous. As well as Zeref's possible Quirky Mini Boss Squad
  • One of their members was introduced in 353. He's shown visiting the grave of someone he clearly cares about to some degree, and he's an Ice Devil Slayer who hunts demons. It's likely a case of Light Is Not Good, but he's not coming off as a Complete Monster quite yet, but it's still too early to consider this jossed. That said? He froze an entire village of giantsand Atlas Freaking Flame solid by himself. And Natsu apparently can't melt his ice. Damn.
    • Silver being a monster IS jossed. he is Gray's father reanimated as a corpse, he wants to die
    • The second revealed member, Kyouka, might qualify. She mercilessly killed off all of Succubus Eye, a guild that stated to be subservient to Tartaros, leaving Minerva Orland as possibly the only surviving member, because they were too weak to accept her magic, all without batting an eyelash.
    • Jackal most definitely qualifies. He killed of all of the Magic Council, and was about to force Mikelo to choose between him and his granddaughter dying, or just his granddaughter dying if he turned over the location of an Artifact of Doom. And that was before he was going to force Lucy into a similar Sadistic Choice between saving Mikelo, or a pregnant woman. He's a major scumbag.
    • Tempester gassed a city full of innocent civilians, killing hundreds of them and nearly killing the Raijin Tribe, in a way that is disturbingly reminiscent of a chemical weapons attack in real life. And now there is Seileh, who can use magic to control the bodies of others, and is using this to make Elfman strangle his own sister Lisanna. And keep in mind, this isn't mind control, he's fully aware of everything. If this trend continues, I'd say this WMG is confirmed for everyone except Silver, unless he runs headfirst into a Moral Event Horizon, too.
  • Fairly accurate. The master and Quirky Miniboss Squad are all demons from the Book of Zeref, and based on the likes of Deliora and Lullaby, they love killing humans. Another member of the Nine Demon Gates, Jackal, gleefully blew up everyone in the Magic Council except Doranbolt.
  • Honestly, I'd say pretty much everyone in Tartarus that we've seen so far except for Silver is a Complete Monster, though we still haven't seen Ezel, Ki-Su, or Torafusa in action quite yet. The latter two seem rather calm and collected by first impression, though who knows with Tartarus.
    • By this point, we've seen Ezel in action and he definitely qualifies.
Zeref has his own dark guild.
Assuming Zeref and Acnologia are the final villains of the series, they would need aditional underlings for the rest of the cast to fight. This will end up being Zeref's dark guild which is made up of the greatest magicians from throughout history who have recieved Zeref's immortality and are currently hiding away in preparation for the war on the rest of humanity. Also Layla is alive and has joined this guild.
  • Though he seems to try to avoid human contact as much as possible, and has stated he doesn't like causing harm.
  • Alternatively, maybe he founded said guild when he was a menace in the past. And they want the now remorseful Zeref to lead them again.
  • Tartarus might actually fit this bill. All of its high-ranking members are demons from the Book of Zeref, and they call Zeref 'Master.'
    • Zeref's ties to Tartarus are informal at best. He may have created its members, but the guild itself was founded by E.N.D., who is it's official master. Yes, Tartarus pretty much worships Zeref and thinks of him as their "Well Done, Son" Guy, but technically, Zeref is not their leader, though he may definitely be considered a de facto figurehead of the guild that otherwise has no direct involvement with them.
  • Confirmed(ish). While not a guild, Zeref did establish an entire empire, and his personal guard consists of 12 mages who are shown to be at least equal in power to God Serena, the highest ranked member of the Wizard Saints as well as the most powerful mage in Fiore. Layla is most definitely dead, though. She sacrificed her life to allow the Dragon Slayers, that is, Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, and Rogue, to travel to X777 from 400 years in the past so they could defeat Acnologia. Interestingly, that was Zeref's plan in the first place.
Zeref will be the Arc Villain of the next arc.
He more or less comes right out and says he's at last stepping down to Big Bad following the Tartaros Arc's climax.
  • Confirmed!
Aquarius was lying to protect Lucy
There is another way to summon the Celestial Spirit King: rather than destroy a golden key, the summoner's life can be used as a key. Layla was forced to summon the Spirit King 14 years ago, but had no keys to destroy, since she entrusted them with other owners who would give them to Lucy.

An alternative to the theory above.
My theory is that Silver is future Gray. That's why they smell the same. I doubt that a father separated from his son for 20+ years will smell like him, however if they are the same person....Fairy Tail already included time travel in the previous arc, so why can't they use it again. Gray will probably do something he regrets, gain a scar from it, make a Deal with the Devil and travel back in time to fix it. The mistake/and or deal will have something to do with E.N.D.
  • Potentially Jossed though. It's mentioned that the Eclipse Gate needs to be intact for it to work. If the above theory was true, Silver would be pulled back to his own time since Dragons were not immune to it. Also, Natsu said that his smell "reminded him" of Gray, implying the scent has some level of familiarity. In addition to that, Silver knows Kyouka and is familiar with her meaning if Silver was Gray, then their knowledge of each other sorta creates a plothole.
    • It doesn't create a plothole if Gray goes back 20 years sometime in the near future. If he does it in, say, five days, that still gives him 20 years living as a completely separate person, during which time he could have met the demons of Tataros and even been transformed himself. It would also give him a way to avoid messing up the timeline, as Gray would have remembered that he never had any dealings with Tataros until shortly before getting sent into the past.
    • That doesn't make sense at all. If Silver was future Gray, which in-itself is already a bit of a Ass Pull, why then did Future Rogue, The Dragons, and Future Lucy return to their times when Eclipse was destroyed? Point is, if Silver was Future Gray, he'd have to of come from the Eclipse Gate and with it gone, it totally Josses the theory. In addition to that, when Gray and Silver finally met, Gray seemed to recognize him, yet nobody else does. If he was future Gray, the others would be able to tell despite the aging because Fairy Tail as a story is kinda like that.
      • Completely Jossed, knew I was right!
      • To explain... Silver is Gray's father. Or at least, his body is. Silver as we know him is actually Deliora, having taken Demonic Possession of Silver Fullbuster's corpse.
Lucy's power up won't be permanent
Because Hiro can't let anyone not named Natsu or Erza actually be repeatedly awesome in a battle.
  • The Aquarius tattoo began vanishing in Chapter 386, but it's still a bit early to consider this one confirmed.
    • It reappeared briefly in Chapter 394, but again, it's still to early to consider this jossed.
  • It's jossed, and much more of a powerup than it first seemed! She gets to use the powers of all her spirits now thanks to "Star Dress."
Seilah isn't actually immune to Take-Over, just extremely resistant.
  • Given that magic seems to gain power in that world when fueled by emotion, it would explain why Mirajane fails at using Take-Over on Seilah while calm, but manages it enough to borrow Macro when under extreme stress and desperation.
    • Confirmed. The Albareth Empire arc reveals that Mirajane managed a Full Take Over on her.
Seilah and/or Kyouka is/are Yandere
Now that chapter 367 didn't even try to be subtle about the Les Yay between them, when they inevitably have to fight Fairy Tail and when one of them starts losing (which, eventually, of course, one or both will), it will show, since, you know, demons.
  • Confirmed. Seilah is quite yandere for Kyouka.
Marde Guille knows Zeref is a Death Seeker
It's why he seemed particularly disgusted with Minerva's Villainous Breakdown, in which she begged Erza to kill her.
  • Confirmed.
Silver is actually a good guy with his own sympathetic agenda.
There are several other theories to back this WMG up:
  • The reason he took over from Franmalth in subduing Natsu was because he wanted to capture Natsu unharmed and allow Natsu to reek havoc inside the cube later. Correctly guessing that Natsu would be distracted by his similar scent to Gray, he easily achieved his goal of capturing Natsu quickly and without harm.
  • He was the one who arranged for Natsu to be placed in the same cell as Lisanna. Given that the Tartaros cube is a huge place, you'd think that it would have a large number of cells to negate the need for prisoners to share one.
  • He was the one who gave Natsu, a Fire Dragon Slayer, the Fire Magic-imbibed sword the somehow "magically" appeared outside Natsu and Lisanna's cell at the same moment Fairy Tail launched their counter-attack on Tartaros.
  • How else would Happy have been able to escape the Tartaros cube if Silver had not let him go willingly. You'd think someone who could freeze Natsu in an instant would have no problem catching a blue colored, tiny flying cat, yet somehow Happy was able to get back to Fairy Tail relatively unscathed.
  • In Chapter 371, Cana remarked that a "dark-skinned hunk" she met in town warned her that something was going to happen at the Fairy Tail Guild building. Could that "dark-skinned hunk" be Silver?
    • A different translation had her saying a 'dark-skinned hunk' taught her 'that one,' referring to her turning people into cards. If that is the case, she probably meant Sho.
  • This WMG and its theories can tie in with the WMG above that Zeref is the Big Good who created Tartaros to test and prepare Fairy Tail's strongest mages for the future fight with Acnologia and Silver is Zeref's real confidant and trusted lieutenant.
  • Seems to be Jossed, hard. Silver is Deliora, and there's nothing good about him. The only reason he seemed to be Good All Along was because his real target was Gray, with the other members of Fairy Tail being inconsequential to him.
    • Or not. Turns out Silver is not possessed by Deliora, but is in fact a reanimated corpse with residual will and thought of his own. Because of this will, he has been working to weaken and defeat the demons of Tartaros as revenge for the destruction of his village and death of his family. Upon seeing Gray alive and well, he realized that his methods were not the path he should have taken and, feeling regret, decided to pass the torch on to his son.
  • Confirmed. Him being Deliora turns out to be subverted, and he really was the Token Good Teammate, though whether or not he was actually completely good is debateable, as he fully admits to helping Tartaros with the Face Project, including by killing former Council members himself.
Kyouka's face under her mask will be a huge spoiler.
She's going to appear identical to a major character, or maybe even be a major character who was transformed into a demon much in the same way Minerva was.
Marde Guille will fight Jellal, Gildarts, or Makarov
Marde will be Tartarus' equivalent of Bluenote, and thus will need to be taken down by a very, very high-tier mage while Natsu's group goes after E.N.D.
  • Jossed. He was killed by Zeref after fighting Gray, Natsu, Sting, and Rogue.
When the Spirit King cast Galaxia Blade, Minerva's soul was cleansed.
And she starts changing immediately afterwards, when she resumes her fight with Erza.

     Albareth Empire arc Theories 
Layla Heartfilia is one of the Spriggan Twelve
She's been gone all of these years because she joined the Albareth Empire for some reason.
  • Not looking likely, since Brandish has wanted to kill her all these years.
Makarov's Location
Makarov has seemingly disappeared off the map, even Lucy hasn't been able to find him; and shes had tabs on basically every fairy tail member's location. Perhaps she couldn't find Makarov because hes become the master of Avatar and Lucy didn't know about the guild until Natsu took the mission from Rogue. What further drives this point home is that right before Lucy defeats Mary she calls out for a Gramps...
  • Jossed, he was in the Albareth Empire. The "Gramps" Mary was referring to was Arlock.
God Serena is a Fake Defector
Naturally, just after this is uncovered there will be a heroic sacrifice to take out some villain or other to avoid giving the heroes an overpowered ally.
  • Jossed as of chapter 470. Acnologia kills God Serena.

Invel will be An Ice Person
Between his title as Winter General and his hair and eye color.
  • Confirmed by Makarov, though it is unclear what kind of ice magic he uses.

Aquarius has a new holder, and its one of the Spriggan 12 of Albareth.
And the feels will hit the fan.

Invel is the Ice God Slayer
Think about it...
  • He is a member of the Spriggan 12.
  • He is said to use some form of Ice magic.
  • His title is "the Winter General".

Lucy will fight August... and win
In the chapter where Makarov introduced half of the Spriggan 12, the members of Team Natsu responded after he revealed most of their names, hinting who would fight who (Gray made a comment about Invel, Erza about Dimaria, and Natsu about Azir, though that last one didn't come to fruition). One panel focused on Lucy after August was mentioned last. Additionally, it would be an epic callback to Rave Master when Elie fought and defeated Shakuma Raregroove, the strongest sorcerer in the world, who even resembles August. It would probably require a Power-Up, but it'd be so satisfying to see Lucy take down one of the strongest mages in the series.
  • There have been hints that Lucy is a lot stronger than she was before. She spent the entire time-skip year training (when she wasn't working for the magazine), and when she reunites with Natsu she challenges him to a training duel and comments that she's gotten stronger. She isn't the kind to show off, so it hasn't come up. But a few points: Almost certainly she can now do three summons simultaneously without distress. Also she should be able to do Urano Metroia without using tricks like summoning Gemini. Finally, I won't be surprised if she's learned how to do Galaxia Blade.
  • Does she have a Star Dress for the Spirit King? If so, what capability does it give her?
  • Entirely possible by Chapter 526, as it is revealed that the nature of August's magic make it vulnerable to Holder-type magic. Gildarts even pointed this out directly.
  • Jossed, August killed himself with the Ars Magia.

Natsu's magic tumor
Actually is not an example of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot to show that Brandish is kind of good now. Brandish herself said it was only a temporary solution to shrink it. At the end of the series, it'll crop up as an issue again - meaning that it'll either kill Natsu or result in him being forced to go back to his own time, where there was far less ethernano in the air and the tumor wouldn't harm him anymore. Whether or not anyone else can join him is anyone's guess.

God Serena is not dead
He's either Not Quite Dead or just badly wounded, and his own Hybrid Theory magic or August (being a master of every type of magic, supposedly) will revive him. We still have so much to learn about him, such as who he was before being on the Magic Council and why he defected to Alvarez in the first place.

Though Crime Sorciere joined the battle, Ultear
now exists outside of time.She really did die as a result of using Last Ages, but the spell kept her spirit from truly dying. Now, she has become some sort of Time Police to stop those who interfere with time or use time magic for evil, such as DiMaria. Her guildmates might not know this, or even know that she's back.
  • Further supported by the next chapter, where Di Maria attacks her but just goes right through her, thinking she is using Thought Projection magic. Some fans think her real, older body is hiding somewhere else, but it's likely that this is the only way she can exist now.
  • Jossed. She's still alive and an old lady - the form that appeared was a Thought Projection.

Sherria will activate Third Origin and lose her magic power.
Since she's a God Slayer, she is the only one who has a chance of defeating Chronos. Wendy might activate hers as well, leading to her getting her own Goal in Life to get it back, just like Lucy is going to search for Aquarius after the fighting is over.
  • Confirmed, though Wendy does not activate hers.

This is the last major arc of the series.
With all the major players coming together, the Myth Arcs coming to an end, and most major mysteries solved, there isn't much left after this. As stated above, Lucy has a new Goal in Life to find Aquarius' reborn key, Wendy might have a Goal in Life as well, due to having to find her magic again (or she may journey with Sherria to find hers, if only the latter activates Third Origin), and Natsu's magic tumor forcing him to go back to his own time, possibly with Gajeel, Sting, and Rogue - sparing Wendy because of Third Origin. Basically, they'll all go Walking the Earth for their own reasons.
  • Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers will probably get to come back to be with their friends, though. Somehow. Just narrowly averting a Bittersweet Ending. Confirmed. They got back.
  • This has been confirmed as the last arc of the series.

A well-known member of Fairy Tail or one of their allies will be permanently killed off.
Jellal is likely to go down fighting Zeref or someone on a similar level.

The Last Unrevealed member of the Spriggan 12 is...
... recently-Back from the Dead Zera. Bear with me, here:
  • It's a blink-and-you-miss it scene, but in episode 272 of the anime,Zeref did look right at her as Zera was hiding behind a tree. Skip to 7:35. He might actually know she existed.
  • It would be pure psychological warfare. Zera was Mavis' best friend growing up, and it wouldn't be too hard to make her Brainwashed and Crazy if he managed to convince her that this is for Mavis' own good, or that Acnologia is a genuine threat that needs to be taken out by any means necessary, or both.
  • The previously revealed member is possibly related to Erza. If the last member is just some random mage with no real plot significance, that's kind of a letdown. Granted, Irene would be a tough act to follow no matter what.
  • One of the silhouettes of the Spriggan 12 while Brandish was talking about them could be a dead ringer for an older Zera.
It would be the perfect plot twist.
  • It actually might be possible! Zera made a reappearance at the end of Chapter 490, though it is unclear if she is friend or foe.
  • Officially Jossed. It's Larcade. The Zera that appeared to Gajeel is certainly a friend.
    • Not Necessarily whelst mashima may have decided to change the original spriggan lineup or appearances it is obvious that the silhouettes whelst matching some members, (ie, Dimaria, Wahl in his first form, Invel, Irene, Larcade, Serena, Bradman,) don't match all and there are a few to the left side which don't match either Jacob or Neinhart not too mention the cat like silhouettes on top of wahl shoulder and given Zeref lack of concern for the loss of spriggans it is entirely possible the spriggans we have seen are not the complete lineup or had only taken up there mantle only recently for the purpose of subversion.

Anna Heartfilia and Acnologia knew each other in the past.
They possibly even grew up together and were friends/rivals/acquaintances/whatever (or were even the back-in-the-day version of Natsu and Lucy; Dragon Slayer and Celestial wizard)]]. We know that Acnologia and Zeref are connected somehow, but [[spoiler: Anna's backstory is still a mystery beyond that she was the greatest Celestial wizard who ever lived. How did she know Zeref, where did she come from, what were her other deeds? Did she know that Zeref is supposedly responsible for Acnologia turning into a dragon, and why was she willing to help a dude who is known as the most evil Black Wizard ever? If she did know, then she might have seen helping Zeref as being the lesser of two evils or even a necessary evil. Perhaps she had known Acnologia before he fell to the darkness, and after seeing the terrible things he'd done, assisted Zeref in order to put her old friend out of his misery.
  • If the above is true, it is possible (though admittedly highly unlikely) that Acnologia was the father of whoever her child was, since we know she must have had a kid at some point as she is Layla's and Lucy's ancestor. Though, this would make his attempted murder of Fairy Tail on Sirius Island even worse—it would mean he tried to kill his own great-great-...-great-granddaughter. Of course, it would also mean that his descendants were all tied to a plan to kill him as well, so...

Larcade is not Natsu or Zeref's brother/father/relative
He is Natsu's Literal Split Personality, created when Zeref turned Natsu into END. It's too late in the game to introduce another member of the Dragneel family, particularly one who is subordinate to Zeref who was never mentioned before. And it's possible that bringing Larcade and Natsu together will unleash END.
  • Partially Confirmed. He is a Demon from The Book of Zeref, and originally a failed prototype body for Natsu. August is Zeref and Mavis's true son!

Simon was the body used to create Bradman
Based on what we have seen of Bradman he was created recently, being able to use Silver Devil slaying magic. Also when Bradman was first seen up close, [[Spoiler:by getting impaled by Gajeel]], you could see the that the face Bradman has is in fact a mask with a human mouth underneith it which had the same kind of skin tone that Kagua and Simon have.

Invel will be the Winter Godslayer
Winter godslaying would work by Allowing Invel control of not only Ice but, Snow, water, cold winds and finally thundersnow. Invel will be capable of creating mini blazing made out of godslaying winds and snow that have a magic drain effect. Thundersnow is bit more complicated a secret weapon in his arsenal where Invel control thundsnow which are lightning bolt of positive charge. Thundersnow thansk to being positively charged are just on average TEN TIMES! the power of regular lightning and have a much greater range of impact along with striking without warning. I theorize that Invel strongest attack will be a thundersnow bolt gather by the eye of one of his blizzard which shoots a mass bolt of 3.5 billion volts. Which is the highest ever recorded voltage of thundersnow.

Ultear was restored to her original age by Universe One
cause it'd be awesome to have her back permanently.

Larcade is the God or Devil Slayer Equivalent to Acnologia's Dragon Slayer Element
It's why he uses Soul Power and why Zeref calls Larcade his 'secret weapon' against Acnologia.

Zeref will kill Invel
Invel has said that his goal is to have Gray kill E.N.D. and have Zeref defeat Acnologia, which runs counter to Zeref's stated goal of dying at E.N.D.'s hands. While Invel's quite loyal to Zeref, Zeref doesn't think much of people who do things he disapproves of in his name (Zeref certainly wouldn't approve of a plan that would involve killing his younger brother, and might even find what Invel did to Gray and Juvia to be morally reprehensible), and will probably kill Invel for undermining his plan when and if he finds out about Invel's scheme.

Irene was the one to turn Kinana into a snake.
Kinana was turned into a snake at the tower of heaven and has remained so for several years afterwards. Irene had a connection with Erza and has so far been the only person to turn a human into a animal and is the only one powerful enough to hold the transformation for all those years and be a logical choice.

Natsu's Curse powers will enable him to break out of Dimaria's shackles
Remember that Kyouka was able to break free of the chains that had bound Erza, because, as she points out, they don't work on demon curses. Since Natsu is the demon known as END and the "tumor" might be related to his status as such, it's possible that since Brandish re-enlarged it, he can use its power and break out of his present predicament.
  • Possibly confirmed. E.N.D. did indeed awaken because of Dimaria.

Similar to the above, Natsu's new power came from his demon side, not Igneel
Igneel's last flames most likely only gave him the catalyst for it to activate, or served as a Magic Feather of sorts. Perhaps if Natsu was wrong about the kind of power it was, he may also be wrong about only being able to use it once, and that may explain why he brought it out again against Jacob.

Mavis is the evil one and Zeref is the good.
Note this isn't a theory that Mavis is actually evil but being controlled by Ankerseram to make Zeref miserable.

the real history of Mavis and Zeref is actually far more complicated than we have been lead to believe.
Basically the idea is that what we know about what occured after Mavis ran form the guild actually isn't true and based on above lies she forced to say by Ankerseram.

Mavis was the white angel who battled the black angel over Zeref
while I don't know why they were fighting or how they came to love him at the same time per se. But I theorize that munch like what happened to Natsu and END. Mavis was once an angel who loved zeref and with her powers was able to be in Zeref presence with dying and eventually had the child Larcade with Zeref. What ever happened to END made her lose her angelic nature and sent her whirling through time and ended up on Tenrou Island with the jade and as a baby and was adopted by the guild red lizard.Why not? it's just as believable as zeref taking the egg of 13 year old and growing a child from them.

Mest is a demon and the true body of Bloodman
only real reason for this is that one of Mashima possible alligence for Mest was as a member of tartaros so the possibility he;s a demon is there and considering his ability creating some insane story about him wiping his memories to join the council isn't insane.

END and seilah were once lover's and had a son who's Mest.
going further into the crazy from the above WMG. the only thing to go off of was this trooper finding it suspicious that mira take over of seilah retained her black her when all take over had mira keeping her natural hair color and believing that Seilah will somehow break free and beocme important somehow. As for the rest..... wild?

Mest real name is Mephistopheles
look above. Why not?

Zeref's true goal.
What he told Gray in 522 that left him in a state of shock, and which Zeref says not even the Spriggan Twelve knows. He doesn't just want to kill everyone; he wants to kill Ankhseram. And Zeref thinks nothing would be more poetic than for him to do it using the very curse Ankhseram created, amplified by Fairy Heart, born from the person Zeref loved and Ankhseram tragically took from him.
  • Jossed. Chapter 530 reveals he wants to reset the timeline.

528, mystery woman identity guesses
1.- Anna Heartfilia2.- Layla Heartfillia.3.- Some random new character. (for this one gambling on Mermaid's Heels Guild master.)4.- Humanized redeemed Kyouka. (same cloak and arm sleeves is only thing to go on with this)5.- the fourth female spriggan who was missing from the initial.6.- Ankhseram (WMG).7- One of the two angels form irene's story.
  • 1, she is Anna Heartfilia. Chapter 529.

Obra will really be Ankhseram in disguise
He'll reveal himself by killing Zeref and form a Final Boss Big Bad Duumvirate with Acnologia to destroy humanity.

     Time Travel theories 
The Future has already been changed thanks to Future!Lucy
As Future!Lucy described in the original future she is from, a herd of 10,000 dragons destroyed the world, but thanks to Present!Lucy closing the Eclipse Gate, only 7 made it through, giving the present mages a much better chance of survival and victory. If this is true, it would also mean that the Future!Future!Rogue (oy...) from Future!Lucy's timeline might have failed to control all 10,000 and was killed, thus explaining why Future!Lucy has no knowledge about a Future!Rogue controlling the dragons/ruling the world in her timeline. It also means Future!Rogue lied about Future!Lucy closing the Eclipse Gate in his future, he simply knew she had the ability to close it and wanted to kill her off before she could interfere with his plans.
  • Confirmed, actually. Future!Rogue comes from a future where just one dragon attacked: Acnologia, which was quite enough to destroy human society, even if a few individual humans slipped through the cracks. Additionally, Word of God apparently confirmed that Rogue came from a future created by Future!Lucy's time travel.
Romeo will travel back in time and become Zeref
Because post time-skip Romeo really looks like he could be a less cute, child version of Zeref. It would also explain how Zeref somehow knows Natsu. He looked up to him as a child but Natsu never saw Romeo as an adult. Something in the past-perhaps just missing everyone from the present-will drive him mad and he'll become the infamous black mage.
  • Chapter 302 gives us a time machine that would make that one possible.
  • Not looking likely at this point. We saw a young Zeref in a flashback and he didn't really resemble Romeo.
Natsu will end up going into the past, and fight Zeref.
Zeref not only knows who he is, but believes he is the only one who can kill him. This is because Natsu went into the past, before Zeref became immortal, and nearly did kill him.
  • If Natsu killed Zeref in the past, how could he be still alive in the present and even remembering about the time he was killed?
    • Zeref knows Natsu because Zeref is Natsu's brother, Natsu is also E.N.D.

There are other Time Travel Magic items like the Memory Days book.
However, they are either considered lost or got stuck in their own Stable Time Loop.
  • Confirmed. We have the Eclipse Gate now.

     Fairy Tail Zero/ Pre-series 
Lucy's mother has something to do with the dragons
This troper just nearly shat himself rereading old chapters of Fairy Tail. Lucy's mother's grave said she died in the year 777. Same year the dragons went missing. Coincidence? Some catastrophe happened that year that she just caught up in? Or did she have some relationship with the dragons?
  • One of Lucy's flashbacks implied that her mother may have been a Celestial Wizard as well. There's a dragon constelation. It could have to do with that.
  • Lucy's mother was definitely a Celestial mage. She had three gold keys: Cancer, Aquarius, and Capricorn. She was powerful enough to summon all three of them simultaneously. When she retired from adventuring she gave those keys to three other Celestial mages, with their promises to give those keys to her child if the child should turn out to be a Celestial mage.(That's all described in anime episode 108.)
  • Confirmed in chapter 465. She's the Celestial mage who opened the Eclipse Gate for the Dragonslayer children in 777.
The dragons are the ones that capture Zeref the last time.
That's the true reason that Igneel and other dragons dessapeared, beacause they know that te return of zeref is near, and the "Dragon King" have summoned them to discuss what to do.
Zeref was the first mage in existence and is the source of almost all of the magic in the world.
Except Dragon Slayer magic. That's why he thinks Natsu is the only one who has a chance of destroying him for good — no other magics can harm him because he created them.
  • Not sure on that, he did study magic theory

Alternatively, gods
are the source of all the magic in the world.As a God-Slayer, Zancrow implies this since he is a user of ancient, Lost magic. Hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago, mages probably learned magic that way. This probably makes Zancrow the Last of His Kind.
  • If this pans out, then it's possible that Zeref is also a god, which would explain his power and immortality.
    • This then leads to Zeref being the Prometheus-figure of Earthland. He granted humans magic which was originally the province of the gods. God-slayer magic may have originated in this time period as a Rage Against the Heavens plot by humans bitter that they had suffered so long due to the lack of magic. Zeref's strange curse is a Take That! by the rest of the deities. So you love the humans so much? Fine, have fun being a Walking Wasteland for eternity unless you're willing to just up and slaughter humans. The evil reputation that Zeref has? Misremembered propaganda or a Heroic BSoD when humans used the magic he gave them for purposes Zeref never intended.
Zeref created Lumen Histoire
It's how he not only knows what it is, but how he knows it's true name. And he created it because he wanted to resurrect Mavis the same way he resurrected Natsu.
  • Jossed. Well, kind of. He killed Mavis which resulted in Precht using her body to turn her into a Living Battery, which is what Lumen Histoire is.
Zeref caused the creation of Nirvana
400 years ago, he was alive and plagueing the world with giant demons and death magic. Also 400 years ago, Raubaul and the Nirvit made Nirvana to create peace in a war-plagued world. Is possible that the two events are linked.

Zeira is actually Mavis' imagination
Zeira actually did die seven years ago, Mavis just imagined she had lived so she wouldn't feel so lonely on the island. Yuriy only "noticed" her after Mavis pointed her out, and even when she comes out of hiding he appears to have an unsure expression on his face, like he sees no one there but Mavis carrying on a conversation like there is. When the question of Zeira's age comes up, Zeira makes a snarky comment while Mavis is the one to actually answer. Yuriy's answer after the fact could be him deciding not to point out that she's speaking to air to avoid breaking her heart.
  • in chapter 11, Yuri confirmed that Zeira is Mavis' own illusion, that only she can see
    • Interestingly, Geoffrey, Blue Skull's master was able to notice her, which kinda mean she is no mere Imaginary Friend either.
  • Confirmed.
Zeira is still alive.
Is it to much to ask for Mavis to have her friend be alive? Really?
  • {{Jossed.}}
The "Tenrou Jade" in Fairy Tail Zero is what Mavis used to become a ghost
Whether she dies for other reasons or as a result of direct exposure to it, the Tenrou Jade's true purpose is as a means to cheat death by continuing to exist - albeit as a ghost - after dying. With strings attached, of course. This is why it's considered an "S-Class Treasure."
  • Jossed.

The "Tenrou Jade" in Fairy Tail Zero keeps Zeira "alive"
In relation to the WMG above, it is the Tenrou Jade that makes it possible for Zeira to exist as a ghost in the Fairy Tail world. But only to those who are attuned to that specific spectrum of magic can see her, kinda like how only members of Fairy Tail can see Mavis. Mavis is the only one who can see Zeira at this point.
  • Jossed.

Zeira is one of Mavis' illusions.
Related to the above theories regarding her. However, we have seen Yuriy and the others directly interacting with Zeira, so we know they can see her. However, we've also learned that Mavis is a Master of Illusion, making it extremely likely that Zeira isn't actually real.
  • Them interacting with her is a matter of translation. There is only one or two times when they might have mentioned her, but depending on the accuracy of the translations, they could have been only referencing Mavis - "this one girl" versus "these two girls". Take note how none of them have ever spoken to her directly just yet, despite it having been several days since she and Mavis joined the group. Then there is Yuriy's aforementioned scene with Mavis, where he looks genuinely confused and then sad by her conversing with Zeira.
    • Confirmed as of chapter 11, but only Mavis can see her

Zeira is real, but is only visible to Mavis due to some conditions.
It is possible that Zeira is real but can only be seen by Mavis due to some unknown conditions. This could possibly be a lead up to how only those with the Fairy Tail guild symbol could see and hear Mavis.
  • Jossed... and Confirmed at the same time? She IS an illusion that only Mavis could see but a sentient one. When Mavis finally dispelled the illusion, she was visible to Yuriy for a short time. She was also visible to the present Fairy Tail members during the Alvarez Arc, not unlike Mavis previously, and was the one who rallied the other Fairy Tail members back to the guild after Irene invoked Universe One, but dispelled again after Mavis was freed from Invel's mind-control.

The 100-year mission that Gildarts failed to complete at great personal injury is the same reason why Mavis died and became a disembodied spirit
  • The timing is right, if you consider when Fairy Tail was founded, Mavis child-like appearance post-mortem, and Yuriy Dreyar's ominous thoughts at the end of Chapter 3 of Fairy Tail Zero.
  • Jossed. She died because of Zeref's curse and a Kiss of Death.

     Zeref, E.N.D., and other Demons 
Zeref was a dragon slayer who became the current Black Dragon.
One of the WMGs flying around is that Dragon Slayers are actually dragons who start life born as humans. Wouldn't it make sense for the most evil black mage of all time to turn the most powerful dark monster of all time? As for the killing mage that everyone thinks is Zeref: he's the black Dragon Slayer.
  • Acnologia and Zeref were revealed to be two different entities.
Zeref's demons were originally living anti-dragon weapons.
Zeref himself is not a Dragon Slayer. To get around the fact that humans were virutally powerless against dragons before the advent of Dragon Slayer magic, he created demons, whose Curses can affect dragons. Either this Went Horribly Right or he became Drunk with Power after this, giving him the reputation he has now... until something happened that caused his Heel Realization. This would explain why Marde Guille seems almost offended by the idea of human Dragon Slayers.
  • Seems Jossed as they appear to have been created for the sole purpose of killing Zeref.
    • Unless Zeref himself is a dragon.
He turned Acnologia into a dragon because he thought it was humanity's only hope to survive. When Aconologia turned on them, all of Zeref's monsters were attempts to create something that could defeat Aconologia. He kept thinking that it doesn't matter how many people are killed by his creations, because he can get rid of them once Aconologia is dead and if he fails, humanity is done for. Him "learning the weight of life" was his acceptance that killing people in the crossfire is unacceptable, but now he realizes that there's so much evil in the world that he has no choice but to destroy it by any means necessary. Two supports for this: most of Fairy Tail's villains have sympathetic or otherwise good motives, and Zeref seemed extremely angry at Hades for bringing back his old mentality.
  • Don't forget that Mavis, arguably the Big Good of the series, showed absolutely no fear towards him - quite the opposite, actually. She also clearly had no problem with Zeref staying on her island as long as he did.
  • It's also possible that he turned to the Black Arts entirely out of necessity, rather than the typical power for power's sake mentality of stereotypical Evil Sorcerers. Before the advent of Dragon Slayer Magic, it's not exactly a stretch to think Death Magic might work on dragons, and failing that, creating a demon that could kill dragons instead. And if this 'E.N.D.' thing is as bad as it sounds, he did indeed create one, as it apparently kicked Igneel's ass.
  • A continuation to this theory is that in the 2nd Chapter of the Tartaros arc, Kyouka told Erza that the reason why they wanted to activate Face was to eradicate (which might also mean collect) all magic from the continent and give it all to Zeref. Perhaps Zeref needs all that crazy amount of magic for him to defeat a still at large Acnologia, the one thing that have Zeref quaking in his boots. He specifically created Tartaros to help him achieve this and allow him to focus on the bigger picture. Mavis disapprove of his methods, and that's the reason why she assured Zeref that Fairy tail was going to stop him.
  • Possibly Zeref has seen the dystopic future, which have been directly referred to many times, where dragons will rule and decided that to defeat Acnologia, he must do whatever he can because humanity's entire existence depends on it.
    • This might actually be possible, as well, given the fact that he's disgusted with humanity spending all of its energy fighting each other, being greedy, and being humans in general. Honestly, if he really wanted humanity gone that badly, why not just let Acnologia do it, since apparently Acnologia just flies around blowing things up for the lulz anyway? Besides, even if he did wipe out humans, he (and presumably Tartarus if Acnologia is no more of a fan of demons than he is of humans) would have to deal with Acnologia and all of those dragons eventually.
About Lumen Histoire, After The Reveal
  • Lumen Histoire was created because Mavis is not immortal, like Zeref is. Zeref was sealed on Sirius Island, only not in the way most people assumed: It was completely voluntary, because only a small handful of people even know how to get to the island in the first place, and it was the only place he could live comfortably without worrying about killing someone or being used by Dark Guilds for their own ends. To ensure he wouldn't be disturbed, Mavis had her physical body frozen in suspended animation, and Mavis as we know her now isn't so much as a ghost as she is a very, very elaborate Thought Projection. Everyone said she was dead so that her cover wouldn't be blown. Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail's dirty little secret because the idea of freezing someone like that can be considered... well, unethical at best, and it could be argued that they were, in fact, doing so to harbor the darkest mage ever.
  • Jossed. Lumen Histoire is kept secret because it is an infinite source of magic.
Zeref is actually the Big Good all this time and the entire creation/existence of Fairy Tail has something to do with it.
Zeref was actually the one who help stop the evil Dragons 400 years ago, sacrificing his own happiness to acquire his deadly magic to defeat the Dragons. His entire myth of being the Big Bad and dying is a cover story to avoid any contact with the human world. Mavis was instrumental in creating and perpetuating the myth to protect Zeref and the creation of Fairy Tail and the secret of Lumen Histoire is an important part of it.
  • Didn't Zeref turn Acnologia into a Dragon, though?
    • If we're already talking about recorded history being made up to cover Zeref's trail, then any claims a present character makes on the subject of Zeref can't be considered.
  • Assuming Zeref IS the Big Good, it may be entirely possible that Acnologia was the one Dragon that got away 400 years ago and that Zeref has been inactive all this time is because he was waiting its reemergence and the entire myth of Zeref was created to throw Acnologia off his scent.
    • Perhaps the reason Acnologia attacked Tenrou Island in the first place was because it was somehow able to obtain information of Zeref's hideout.
  • At the end of the Tenrou Island arc, Zeref did say to Master Hades that the Book of Zeref and the legend of the Keys to resurrect him was entirely a ruse, to cover the fact that he was never asleep.
  • Considering Lumen Histoire is Mavis' physical body and given what we know about her relationship with Zeref, this could actually be more likely than previously thought.
Zeref and Acnologia performed a "Freaky Friday" Flip in the distant past
Acnologia is trapped in Zeref's original Dragon body while Zeref is stuck in Acnologia's original human body. The reason Acnologia is hellbent on finding Zeref is because he wants his old body back. He tried to destroy E.N.D because E.N.D. is one of the only beings able to kill Zeref.

Zeref is a dragon turned human
Since we've been told the reverse can happen. Zeref would be the dragon of life, who a multitude of techniques for absorbing/consuming life, as well as a variety of ways to use the energy he takes in. He can also manipulate the physical forms of things, which is how he created those demons. They're victims he infused with the life force of other victims to turn into powerful monsters. Since he wasn't human, the death of humans meant nothing to him. He was one of the dragons on the anti-human side of the war. At some point, maybe involving a time traveling Natsu, his magic backfired on himself and he ended up trapped in a human body, and while being forced to interact with other humans to adjust to the change he realized the weight of what he'd done in the war. Support for this is that he references the war when talking about how much death he's seen, and he is apparently responsible for Acnologia's transformation from dragon slayer to dragon.
  • It makes sense since he was waiting specifically for Natsu to kill him, who just so happened to be a Dragon Slayer.
  • Most likely jossed. We saw him as a (human) child in a flashback.

Zeref was just on the island because it had a tropical climate
And they found him in winter. For all we know he lives exclusively outdoors. It kind of makes sense that when Magnolia's shown to have about a foot of snow, he'd gravitate to some place where it's hot enough for people to be wandering around in swimsuits.

Natsu is a demon from the Book of Zeref
Mard Geer confirms that Zeref made the demons in order to create someone who could destroy him. Zeref is expecting Natsu to do just that. Put two and two together, and...
  • Adding to this, Natsu is actually E.N.D. Or rather, he was. In the aftermath of E.N.D's battle with Igneel, he was somehow reincarnated as a baby, Natsu. Igneel couldn't bring himself to kill a baby, so he simply sealed E.N.D's demonic power and memories in his Book. Opening the Book would cause Natsu to regain his memories as E.N.D.
  • Confirmed, Natsu is explicitly called "Etherious Natsu Dragneel" by Zeref.

An epileptic tree of disjointed thoughts regarding the E.N.D. as Evil Natsu Dragneel theories
What if Natsu's been a Fire Devil Slayer all along, not a Fire Dragon Slayer? Given the whole 'sealed memories' theories, it doesn't necessarily contradict Zeref telling Natsu to duke it out with E.N.D. since that still leaves the possibility of a Battle in the Center of the Mind. Igneel could have been lying to him in order to hide this fact, especially compounding onto the theory of Igneel sealing himself in Natsu as a precaution in case Natsu became E.N.D. again; this also explains why Igneel would tell Natsu not to open the book sealing E.N.D. within it (aside from the fact that Natsu's just kind of stupid at times and might do it by accident if not told otherwise). It also explains (or at least makes more believeable) a few other moments in the series:
  • Eating Zancrow's Flame God Magic: God vs Devil is a bit more of an even playing field than God vs Dragon, and if you subscribe to the school of thought where devils are just fallen angels, well...
  • Dragon King Festival: Devil Slayer Magic's been shown to work just fine on Dragons, as with Silver and Atlas Flame in the present, and shares plenty of properties. How does one tell the two apart? It's not like God Slayer Magic, which is all black for some reason.
  • Curbstomping Jackal despite Tartaros being something that readers should take as a legitimate threat: Fire Devil Slayer vs demon using heat-based attack magic. Easy.
  • Getting completely owned by Silver: Ice Devil Slayer Magic would be super-effective against a devil, wouldn't it? I mean, yes, Silver was ludicrously powerful, but Natsu got frozen solid in an instant.
  • Mard Geer also has a remark of "you're no dragon to begin with", which has quite a few interpretations.

And now I find myself wondering if Second Origin partially unsealed the E.N.D. side of things. What if his 'second origin', taking the term as a backstory, is that he was E.N.D.? Yes, Second Origin was a huge power boost for everyone involved, but Natsu's been on a roll with the relative invulnerability ever since then aside from Silver (and maybe Franmalth but he got what was coming to him, so).

I get the feeling there's a massive hole in my theory regarding Dragon Force (namely, how someone like Jellal would mix it up with a devil mode transformation), though Natsu doesn't seem to get quite as scaley as Wendy, Sting, or Rogue when in Dragon Force, so the minor distinction between the two might be important? I'm probably thinking too hard in the wrong direction. Someone poke holes in my theory, please.

  • Could be both Dragon and Devil slayer powers, or [[Spoiler:Fire Devil Magic + Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, the E.N.D part makes Natsu naturally talented at Devil Magic and Fire based magic.]]
Lucy will rewrite the book of E.N.D.
Lucy has been writing a novel since her introduction. One of the most deadly enemies is quite literally a book. Who also seems to be some form of Natsu, her closest friend if not love interest. She also has some familiarity with the 'original magic' and thinks it's love. Who better to rewrite Zeref's script and trigger a Heel–Face Turn? E.N.D. is literally Natsu
"E.N.D." is the same spell that turned Acnologia into a dragon, if it isn't Acnologia himself
.Atlas Flame states that Igneel 'couldn't defeat it.' Unless Zeref created a demon capable of defeating dragons, something that is referred to with that much fear from beings that can normally No-Sell almost anything that isn't Dragon Slayer Magic, and is also referred to as 'the most vile spell in the Book of Zeref,' can only be the same spell that turned Acnologia into a dragon, unless it's just another name for Acnologia himself. Otherwise... damn, just how many Doomsday Spells does this guy know!?
  • ... Okay so E.N.D. is Tartaros' Guild Master. It could still be possible.
  • Officially Jossed.
  • E.N.D. is an amnesiac Natsu
E.N.D.'s revival will go wrong
If Natsu is somehow tricked/forced/coerced into opening the Book of E.N.D., the sheer amount of Amnesiac Dissonance and Heroic Resolve that Natsu has will trigger a Battle in the Center of the Mind, which Natsu will win.
Zeref and Mavis know each other personally.
Maybe Mavis taught Zeref the value of life 400 years ago, or is at least the reason why he came to learn it. She may be a lover or an irreplaceable friend to Zeref. That, in turn, may be why Zeref has spent the last 400 years on Tenrou Island, where Mavis is buried.
  • Not likely. For starters, she looks really young. Even if she was old when she died and is just a kid in spirit, Hades couldn't have been more than 150, so Mavis would have had to have lived 250 years to have known Zeref then. Since only members of Fairy Tail are supposed to be able to see her he probably didn't meet her ghost either. Even if she met him after his rampage and he came to her island because of that, one would think he'd have then known it was her guild's island. He was probably just there because it was a warm climate.
  • Entirely possible if you assume that Mavis is way, way Older Than She Looks. Let's look at the facts:
    • She was Fairy Tail's founder and first Master.
    • She is immensely powerful (having been able to cast Fairy Sphere post-mortem).
    • Mavis did not look surprised at the appearance of Acnologia on Tenrou Island, suggesting she has seen it or others like it before.
    • Mavis recognizes to the point of familiarity all the various ancient magics practice by the various mages in the Grand Magic Games just by watching it in action.
    • Zeref is over 400 years old, but he would not look out of place in a High School manga.
    • Mavis has not once commented or said anything bad about Zeref even though Zeref was practically living/hanging around on her island.
    • Mavis "chooses" to hang around at the Grand Magic Games at that particular moment, where traces of magic associated with Zeref are cropping up left and right.
  • Mavis may not have been Zeref's lover, as it has been suggested elsewhere, but it is entirely possible that they were friends at some point and has deep understanding about what Zeref is going through.
  • CONFIRMED in Chapter 340. They definitely knew each other, the only question now is to what degree. Mavis knew Zeref was a Death Seeker and implied that she willingly let him stay on Sirius Island with her, and Zeref hinted that Mavis wasn't human. There's some definite implied Sympathy for the Devil/Big Bad Friend kind of deal going on, but there is no question that they're now going to be opposing each other.
  • Confirmed again in Fairy Tail Zero. Zeref taught Mavis magic. [[spoiler: Furthermore, she has the same curse as him and they fell in love, which resulted in her "death".
E.N.D stands for Evil Natsu Dragneel
Zeref knows Natsu because he was his creation centuries ago, hence Natsu's inability to pass the over 81 spell and why Silver's demon slayer magic was so effective on Natsu. Igneel couldn't destroy E.N.D so he turned him into the Natsu we know and raised him instead, or alternatively Natsu was demonised by the same process as Minerva and the reason Igneel couldn't destroy him was because he couldn't bring himself to kill his beloved son, instead having to wipe his memory and abandon him. It's even been outright revealed that E.N.D is a flame demon so it all fits.
  • E.N.D was mentioned to have been sealed away, but also can give orders to Tartaros from time to time. Barring some kind of crazy time hijinx Natsu can't possibly be E.N.D because he's not sealed away, and obviously can't be giving orders to Tartaros when he's doing his Fairy Tail stuff. And when Natsu was sealed away for the 7 year gap, Tartaros was still active. Beyond that Zeref wouldn't say Natsu could defeat E.N.D if he WAS E.N.D.
  • Confirmed, sort of. E.N.D. is Natsu, but it stands for Etherious Natsu Dragneel, making him a demon.
  • Given that Natsu has been active as a mage for nearly the entire time E.N.D. has been sealed, it's likely Natsu is a [1] with E.N.D.'s name.
  • Alternatively, the book is another part of the ridiculously powerful seal on E.N.D. that is blocking Natsu's memories/powers as E.N.D. If so, whether releasing the seal will simply return it all to Natsu or force a Split-Personality Takeover, we will see in time.

Zeref will turn out to have been Dead All A Long
Mavis has shown herself to be able to move as she pleases, despite having apparently spent most of her afterlife in the area around her grave. She also still seems to be capable of affecting the living world, though only through others, and can be seen by members of Fairy Tail. Zeref would be in a similar situation, there's just no requirement for people to be able to see him. He can still use some of his power (perhaps because of the whole 'world rejecting him' thing) but he can't use his full power because he's dead. It's not like he went and summoned a giant demon to take out Hades after all. In fact, the event that made him value life was dying himself.
  • Jossed so far, he has been cursed to be immortal.

Zeref is the black dragon.
Or sealed inside it, or something very closely related. Evil crazy powerful dark mage, evil dark dragon that's also ridiculously strong. Probably a connection at least as strong as Zeref being the Black dragons Dragonslayer pupil... type... thingy.
  • Probably not. We know what Zeref looks like now.
    • Jossed.

Zeref is part celestial spirit
That's why he hasn't aged, or how he can take a hit from Natsu and come out no worse, or why he recovered from Ultear's beating so fast. All the other spirits seem unaffected by time and pretty good at handling punishment. Also, that would be why the world rejects him-only half of him belongs there. He can't properly control his powers because the magic he uses isn't meant for humans or vice-versa, and he didn't used to value human life because having a spirit for a parent warped his views/perspective of life.

Zeref's Heel Realization happened after accidentally killing Mavis Vermillion
Think about it. He chose Tenrou Island to be where he lived in complete isolation where his magic won't hurt anyone, which is also where Mavis was buried. Given that Mavis couldn't have possibly not known he was there, she was totally okay with him being there with her, and maybe even wanted him to be there. After all, there's no way to get through her barrier without someone like Makarov letting you in. I mean, this is Zeref we're talking about, if she really thought he was a threat, she'd have called a Condition Red a long time ago. I think Zeref accidentally killed Mavis, who was someone he might have genuinely cared about, and that was the last straw for him, and caused his Heel Realization and finally made him decide to go into a self-imposed exile.
  • Of course, given that Zeref has stated that his whatever led to his Heel Realization occurred 400 years ago, this means Hades would have been at least 360 years old at the time that he declared Makarov the next guild master.
    • How old is the Fairy Tail Guild? And is it possible that Mavis created it while dead? And now I have a mental image of Mavis grinning at the members of newly created Guild and announcing "Oh yeah, I'm kinda dead" and everyone freaking out.
      • It was revealed in Chapter 342 that Fairy Tail was created 105 years ago (post-timeskip).
    • Jossed. He had already had his Heel Realization when he and Mavis first met in Fairy Tail Zero. That said, their meeting did have such a profound effect on him that he considers it his 'most precious memory.'
Obra, the Imp last seen hanging with Zeref, is E.N.D.
Tartaros only seemed to have become active upon Zeref's declaration to annihilate humanity and the only other living being present was Obra. Obra seems to have some significance beyond just a flunky from Raven Tail and the fact that he can so casually hang around with Zeref like a pet is a bit of a red flag (unless Obra is like some sort of demonic version of an Exceed). And really... It's just plain amusing if that tiny Imp is the most powerful demon ever in sleep mode.
  • Looking to be rather doubtful. According to Chapter 380, the real reason we haven't seen E.N.D. yet is because, unlike the other demons of Tartarus, E.N.D. hasn't been summoned from his Book of Zeref.
  • Jossed. According to Zeref, E.N.D. is Etherium Natsu Dragneel
  • Jossed even harder. E.N.D. is literally Natsu. And Natsu is Zeref's brother.
Acnologia and Zeref are the source of Dragon Slayer Magic and God Slayer magic respectively.
  • Due to being the most powerful of each race. So yes, I'm saying that Zeref is some kind of god. They taught each elemental Dragon / God the fundamentals, and then let their students create the variations based off their element. This is why Chelia the Sky God Slayer is believed to be connected to Zeref.
    • Half jossed. Dragon Slayer magic is older than Acnologia. No word on Zeref yet.

Mavis is a demon from one of the Books of Zeref
The reason she and Zeref know each other is because she is one of his creations. The "darkness" of Fairy Tail that Ivan wanted is connected to that. And think of how twisted it would be for Fairy Tail to owe its very existence to Zeref.
  • Jossed.

All demons were originally humans
We've been shown that humans can be transformed into demonic beings. It's possible that Zeref took a few fellow misanthropes and turned them into the first demons.

Lucy is E.N.D.
She's the first character we're introduced to, but the story focuses on Natsu. It's a common storytelling method, but it would be much more shocking if she were E.N.D. Plus, she's the only one who manages to get free when Tartarus uses Alegria. Not even Natsu gets out. As far as we can see, that is.
  • Jossed, it's Natsu

E.N.D. isn't just a Fire Demon, he's the Fire Devil Slayer
  • This would explain why Igneel couldn't kill him. Igneel's most powerful attacks would only feed E.N.D. Meanwhile, assuming Devil Slayer magic is similar to God Slayer magic, E.N.D.'s fire could hurt Igneel.
    • It would also explain why he's Zeref's strongest Demon if his power kills other Demons.
      • Jossed E.N.D. is Natsu, but we don't if Dragon and Devil slayer magic can be used together

E.N.D. isn't some sort of sealed split personality
  • Natsu was revived as a demon by Zeref but he's clearly shown as a little boy while he was being raised by Igneel and with the reveal that he and the other Dragon Slayer were actually sent forward in time he appears to be about the age he looks, discounting the time while he was dead. This means there is a big possibility that Zeref handed Natsu over to Igneel shortly after reviving him in order for him to get the training needed to kill him after which he was sent into the future, joined Fairy Tail and started looking for Igneel. Zeref has also stated that while Mard Geer said E.N.D. created Tartaros it was really just that he was kind of crazy and was inspired by the book of E.N.D. to create the guild himself. There is no real evidence that E.N.D. once committed a bunch of atrocities and Natsu simply doesn't remember it, the only thing we know he doesn't actually remember and is not just misinformed about is his relation to Zeref which can be explained with him having died. It's only stated that Igneel couldn't kill him but that could just mean that he couldn't bring himself to do it. Maybe he never knew he was a demon in the first place becuase no one told him. Thus E.N.D. is just a fancy name and he's not going to suddenly remeber being a demon and start killing people. He might unlock a demon form at some point but that doesn't mean he won't have the same personality.

E.N.D. is not actually interchangeable with Natsu
The real E.N.D. is actually a Sealed Evil In A Person-Shaped Can( this can being Natsu) and looks like a humanoid Atlas Flame with horns of flame. He's also asleep, so this is why Natsu hasn't gone on an insane arson-murder spree. When he wakes up, Natsu will enter a Superpowered Evil Side with even stronger Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Natsu will also have glowing red eyes in this state, so that's an indicator of whenever E.N.D. is in the driver's seat. He just hasn't woken up yet.

    Dragons and Dragon Slayer theories 

3rd Generation Dragon Slayers are true Dragon Slayers.
Remember, back in the Dragon War, the humans killed the dragons who taught them Dragon Slayer magic. Then, going with the theory that Dragon Slayer lachryma come from dead dragons, they found these lachryma and implanted them in their bodies. And, by killing their teachers, they bathed in their blood therefore becoming more like dragons, and so were able to kill other dragons. Sting and Rogue have not completed this process because their dragons, Weißlogia and Skiadrum were sick and/or old. Thus, to achieve their full potential and kill Acnologia, Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel will have to kill Igneel/Grandine/Metallicana.

All of the Dragon Slayers ARE dragons, but when they hatch they're in human form.
So far, it's safe to say the Dragon Slayers seem to have no human parents and were raised by their respective dragons/parents. The ages can be explained by 80 years gestating in a dragon egg; the practice in many Asian countries is to determine that a child is 1 year old when its born, after all. Their skin seems to be a hint at it too; Gajeel's skin even has bolts in it, and Natsu's skin develops scales when he uses his Dragon Slayer magic, and both have fangs even when not using their magic attacks (Laxus only had fangs when using it, a hint to his being fake). Another big hint is that they can eat their respective element; even with magic, it's a bit hard to explain how a learned magic (in comparison to an inherited magic) can be in constant use to keep Gajeel and Natsu's insides from getting ripped to pieces/burned. Even looking at Natsu's nickname (The Salamander), it seems to follow that he's not quite human.So, then why are they Dragon Slayers? Simple: there's only been one Dragon of anything at any one time, and even though they're referred to as Dragon Slayers, they're also the Dragons of ___ (Natsu being fire, Gajeel metal, and Wendy sky): in order to master their magic, they must slay the previous dragon (their parent). Natsu and Gajeel have been referred to as the Dragons of Fire and Metal repeatedly in narration and dialogue, despite that they use Dragon Slayer magic. It's not that big of an assumption that the purpose of the magic is to indeed slay dragons, and it follows that the best way to know it's been mastered is by slaying the dragon that taught them how to use it.
  • The previous WMG about them turning into dragons applies in the sense that they'll change forms once they finally master their magic, but in reality they've just been dragons in human form for the time being.
  • It's worth noting right off the bat that Laxus' reveal as the supposed Lightning Dragon Slayer does nothing to challenge this. It's been revealed that it was a fake magic that he acquired as a child, and his father plans to remove it for his own uses. There's been no such discussion in the manga to point to the idea that the others' Dragon Slayer magic is removeable.
  • Wendy's appearance seems to promote this idea too; she's very young (Natsu or Gajeel is the oldest DS so far), doesn't seem to have any parents with how Charle takes care of her, and her dragon (ie parent) doesn't seem to be around.
  • This WMG (and the one above it) actually makes more sense when you remember that in Rave Master, not only were dragons capable of reaching a human form, they were actually stronger as humans than dragons. Mashima could simply be inverting that idea for Fairy Tail.

The Dragons didn't disappear, they reside inside the True Dragon Slayers.
Surprised this isn't here yet. I actually had this idea when Natsu beat Jellal, given he started forming scales of all things on his face but from what's been seen since then it explains a lot of things, especially the Dragon's Roar chapter, along with the fact that both Natsu and Gajeel couldn't get through the barrier. Ultimately this will result in a scene in which the Dragon Slayers learn that the one who had taken care of them for so long never actually left, and instead were right there all along, in order to protect them and in turn prepare them for what was to come. Likely something to do with the Big Bad Zeraf given the way multiple plots have been set up and interconnecting of late.
  • The only issue with this is that we've had a scene where Igneel was talking to a wisp about him leaving Natsu behind. Doesn't quite fit together.
    • Depends on where that took place. If it took place elsewhere, then yeah, there's an issue. If it took place in the equivalent of Natsu's mind scape, then everything still fits together.
    • That wasn't a wisp, that was Grandine, the dragon who raised Wendy. She mentions Wendy in that conversation too, and I believe Wendy refers to her later on when she herself appears.
    • Exactly. And for some reason Natsu remembered the name Wendy when he first met her, but just couldn't place where he heard it (telling Gray to remember for him). Provided that conversation took place in the equivalent of Natsu's mind scape, many things click together all at once.
      • Confirmed as of chapter 400: Also the reason why the dragonslayers couldn't move past Fried's barrier since the dragons are WAAAAAY older than 80.

Blue Note is the Water Dragon Slayer.
The fact that he had what was described as a "Gushing Aura" and what he said about Natsu being able to fly, seems to imply that he knows something about Dragon Slayers. He could very well be the first Dragon Slayer not to Face–Heel Turn.
  • He uses gravity magic, that is why the water gushes: he makes it fall faster, so this is jossed.

Dragon Slayers are actually stone statues turned into living pseudo-human beings.
Because the author loves doing the exceedingly bizarre at times, and it explains their completely bizarre vitality.
  • more evidence within the Laxus arc, in which Natsu, Gajeel, and Makrarov are stuck behind that barrier. "Rule: Those above the age of 80, and stone statues, may not pass." And since we've seen Natsu as a little kid with Erza as a little kid, he can't be much older than her. Unless she's actually 80 as well.
    • Not outright jossed, but we now know the reason they couldn't pass through the barriers. Igneel and Metalicanna were inside of Natsu and Gajeel the entire time.

Zeref will turn out to be a Dragon Slayer.
Since it's somewhat common in Shonen for Big Bads to share similar Game Breaking powers as one or more of the protagonists, such as the case of Haru vs. Lucia in Rave Master. We already know that Zeref is at least capable of creating demons, but nobody said that was the limit of Zeref's abilities. That, and Dragon Slayer vs. Dragon Slayer fights are always awesome.
  • Actually this one would also work with young/amnesiac? Zeref saying that he is waiting for Natsu to kill him because Natsu is the only one who can. Since dragon slayers already seem to be as good as dragons, it would make sense for dragon slayers to be slain by other dragon slayers.
  • Specifically, he's probably the Life Dragon Slayer, given the nature of his ability to kill anything that comes near him (consume life) and create living magic (breathe life). And if that's the case, then the dragon he's connected to is most likely Acnowlogia.
  • Alternatively, he is a God Slayer, like Zancrow.
  • Well, the first thing I've noticed in a Zeref's close up is his sharp canines. Maybe he's the Dragon Slayer of the Dragon King, who can use Yin (Death) and Yang (Life)?
    • Alternatively, he may be the 'human' part of Acnologia, created when he transformed from a Dragon-Slayer into a full dragon.
  • Chapter 353 revealed that Igneel couldn't defeat something called E.N.D., a spell that was referred to as 'the most vile spell from the Book of Zeref.' So while he may or may not be an actual Dragon Slayer, Zeref apparently does indeed have tricks up his sleeve to deal with dragons and make even Atlas Flame afraid of him.
    • E.N.D. is Natsu

Fried's word-law magic registers Dragon Slayers as thousands of years old.
Dragon Slayer magic incorporates the very essence of dragons into the user's body and dragons are often up into a couple millenia in age at least. So Fried's barrier around Fairy Tail during the Festival arc registered them as MUCH older then 80 even though their really around 16.

Dragons are from the Stellar Spirit World.
Every constellation has a spirit or spirits based on it and there is a Dragon constellation. The Dragons had to go back for a similar reason to Loki's: they were running out of energy.
  • Jossed.

There are seven "True" Dragon Slayers
While its hard to figure the two other elements, this might just happen since that number motif is prominent when it comes to dragons.

True Dragon Slayers each have access to "Lost Magic" in addition to their normal magic.
Natsu's "Flames of Emotion" are said to be exclusive to Dragon Slayers, and Wendy's healing magic is a lost art only available to users of Sky magic like herself. It's not too much of a stretch to think that Dragon Slayers each have abilities in addition to their standard magic.
  • What about Gajeel then?

Dragons (and Dragon Slayers) have bodies made of Lachryma.
It would explain a lot. Lachryma is crystal so a human fashioned out of it would count as a crystal statue, which may have been close enough to stone for the barrier. In the Phantom Lord invasion arc Natsu destroyed the Lachryma that controlled the cannon when his opponent said that he wouldn't be able to damage it enough to destroy it even with the crack in it, if Dragons = Lachryma then Dragon Slayer magic should do more damage to Lachryma as well. It also answers questions about the Edolas arc; the Dragon Slayers don't get converted to Lachryma because they already are Lachryma, and they can turn the Lachryma back to who it had been previously because they convert things to and from Lacryma all the time!
  • additional thought: maybe when Dragon Slayers slay dragons the dragons revert to the (human) form they previously had, while the Dragon Slayer begins changes into a full dragon.

Dragonslayers have the potential to use elements similar to theirs.
Natsu can become a Dragonslayer of Energy, Wendy a Dragonslayer of Gas, and Gajeel a Dragonslayer of Solid.
  • Natsu has been shown to Use lightning, days after he absorbed it from Laxus. So partially confirmed.
  • Jossed, since iron and shadows have little to do with each other.

Dragon Slayers CAN eat their own magic
Natsu's reason why he can't is it would feel the same as Lucy eating one of her spirits, so it's more of a mental thing rather than physical.Besides, in episode 2 Natsu catches an axe with his hands, uses his fire magic to super heat it until a bit melts of, the drops fall in his mouth and he then eats the "fire" in them, spitting out cold chunks of metal, how is that him not eating his own fire?
  • Look again: rather than "eat" the metal he just chew it and spit it back. I Think that Dragon Slayers can eat their own element, but since it comes from their own energy they don't get much force back, only the one spend for the produced element. For example: if Natsu spends "5 mana points" to make a fire, then he eats said fire he gets just 5 mana points.

The Dragon Slayers were made to destroy Zeref.
It makes sense, Zeref knows Natsu beforehand, though Natsu doesn't know him. What if the Dragons all created Dragon Slayers in the aim of killing Zeref, as to why they can't themselves, maybe that black dragon is protecting him, so naturally they make a mage who can kill dragons. Igneel may have even fought that black dragon at some point, he had to get those scars from somewhere. As to why Zeref seems to be waiting for Natsu over the others, it could be that Natsu showed the quickest growth early on, and thus had the highest potential out of the Slayers, but slowed his progress once his daddy went missing.
  • Is also worth mentioning that Igneel's scarf (made from his scales, I presume) was capable of absorbing Zeref's Death Magic.
  • Zeref knew Natsu because Natsu is Zeref's younger brother

The real reason Dragon Slayers have Exceeds is their motion sickness.
We have seen that all Dragon Slayers suffer from motion sickness, whether they are riding a vehicle or being carried, but when Happy carries Natsu, Natsu doesn't get sick
  • But Gajeel (who suffers from Motion Sickness) didn't have a cat, and also the artificial Dragon Slayers like Laxus and Cobra.
  • And Wendy subverts this, thanks to Grandine giving her a Troia Lachrima.
    • Lachrima? Well, I thought that Toroia was part of her healing spell baggage, separated from her Dragon Slayer magic. Maybe she can just cast it at will on her. Or the author simply thinks that a little cute girl about to throw up is a bit too gross.
  • Jossed: She finally gets sick in chapter 441.
  • Jossed. There's no real reason for them to have Exceeds - it seems to be just coincidence.

There are only seven Dragon Slayers.
Their elements are Fire, Iron, Sky, Lightning, Poison, White, and Shadow (for Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Laxus, Cobra, Sting, and Rogue, respectively). As such, we've seen them all. It matches with the Numerological Motif commonly seen with Dragon Slayers along with the different magic elements seen in Rave Master. There were originally only five, but Laxus and Cobra were created artificially to add to that.
  • Alternatively, there is a "real" (or First/Third) Generation Lightning and Poison Dragon Slayer somewhere that we haven't seen yet.
  • Zeref could also possibly be the 8th Dragon Slayer, whose element is death or space, the ultimate element from Rave Master.

Laxus will eventually get his own Exceed partner.
It will be Fried's Edolas counterpart, a Moe girl cat with a massive crush on Laxus.

Natsu will use a black lighting attack.
The target will be Orga and he will effortlessly eat Orga's attack.

The Earth Dragon Slayer

Will either be:

1) A lookalike of Doryuu from Rave, as Earth Dragon in Japanese can be translated as Douryuu and Mashima seems fond of recycling old plots and characters in his new work.

2) A man/woman who looks like a mole. In case you didn't get the joke, mole in japanese is "Mogura", and is written with the kanji for Earth, Ground and Dragon.

All dragon slayers are really type 2
None of the slayers who were actually raised by dragons indicate that they remember life before they had a dragon parent. If Cobra was right about humans not being able to actually use true dragon slayer magic then all the slayers have lacryma implanted in them. The difference between 1st and 2nd is that 1st gens were taught how to use the magic properly while 2nd gens had to figure it out themselves. The difference in 1st and 3rd is just that 3rd gens have a larger store of lacryma to work with.

Dragon slayers are a desperate means by the dragons to Fling a Light into the Future
All the dragons appear to be forced or compelled to leave Earthland to its own devices, disappearing on the same day. This may be connected to Acnologia and the ending of the current age that he heralds. In a gambit to protect the world and people they love so much, those dragons that favor humanity take in disciples and teach them powerful Lost Magic. Their final purpose? To kill Acnologia or possibly serve as humanity's champions against another Big Bad.
  • Jossed. In chapter 301 it was revealed that the dragons started a war, with one side fighting to coexist with humans and the other to continue ruling the Earth and hunting humans. To assist them in the war the dragons taught humans magic that could slay dragons.
    • While that chapter does account for ancient dragon slayers (and why people would even be aware of dragon slaying magic in the first place), it still leaves open the motives of Igneel, Metallicana, Grandine, et al who trained the modern day dragon slayers. They are already aware that it is a demonstrably dangerous form of magic that created Acnologia, so why teach it again to humans?
  • Actually, this was recently confirmed. Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, and Rogue were indeed born 400 years in the past, and were sent into the future by Zeref Dragneel and Anna Heartfilia, with help from Igneel and co., in order to defeat Acnologia.
Natsu was a Dragon
Specifically, Natsu was the dragon who suggested that humans and dragons should live together. Why? Well because when Natsu was a dragon, he fell in love with a certain girl. This girl transformed Natsu from the hating humans dragon to a good hearted dragon. She was kind and gentle towards him. This made Natsu realize that humans and dragons can be friends and live together in peace. But then the war started.

Natsu's side which supported humans battled against the other dragons. And well you know what happened. The dragons taught the humans dragon slaying magic and then the slayers betrayed them. Acnologia turned into a dragon and so on...

But I think that Zeref was the one who turned Natsu into a human and Acnologia into a dragon. Natsu wanted to become a human in order to be with the one he loved while Acnologia wanted to become a dragon for power.

  • Jossed. He was originally a human who became a demon.

Sting and Rogue enter DF at will because they're closer to becoming actual dragons
Acknologia became a dragon by killing other dragons (and maybe some help from Zeref.) Since Sting and Rogue have both killed their parents they're a little closer to whatever dragon killing quota is needed to change forms. Dragon Force happens to be the first step towards becoming a dragon, so being closer than the others it comes more easily to them.
  • They can enter DF at will because they're third generation Dragon Slayers. They've been implanted with Dragon Slayer lacryma. The second-generation Dragon Slayers also have the ability to use Dragon Force much easier. It would seem that the Lachryma just let them activate it a lot easier.
  • Possibly jossed, since Wendy can enter it at will now.
3rd Gen Dragon Slayers have 3 forms of Dragon Force
  • 1st Gen Dragon Force- More Potential, harder to attain
  • 2nd Gen Dragon Force- Less potential, easier to attain.
    • Sting and Rogue only have this
  • 3rd Gen Dragon Force- Strongest power, hardest to attain and Easiest to control.

Igneel was the one who started the Dragon Civil War.
In the flash to Igneel after Natsu beat Laxus in the Fantasia arc, Igneel is really ticked off at the concept of interfering with humans in any way, and Grandine mentions that Igneel used to be/is very reckless. If Igneel did start the belief that humans should be equals to dragons, that would be pretty reckless, seeing as he made an enemy of himself to about half his own kind. Grandine was probably one of his first supporters, for whatever reason, and Metalicana... I'd be that he tried to stay out of the fight an beat up anyone who tried to annoy him, until he gained a good reason to join Igneel's side, and then became one of his loyalest supporters.

There is a connection between Acnologia and Weißlogia, Sting's Dragon.
They have a few things in common that the other dragons don't.
  • Instead of being called the "Dark" or "Light" Dragons, they're specifically called Black and White, unlike all the others.
  • The ending of their names.
  • Black and White are opposites, obviously. Their magics also seem to be opposite, though we admittedly still know very little about Acnologia's magic or even what element he uses.
    • Sting and Rogue are usually portrayed this way with their Yin-Yang Bomb, but they're White and Shadow, not White and Black.
Since Acnologia was probably the Big Bad of the Dragon Civil War, Weißlogia was probably the Big Good, and now Sting might be an important factor in defeating him.
  • While Sting (and the other four Dragon Slayers) will likely be need to defeat Acnologia, I doubt that Sting will be this important to said defeat. You are forgetting that while Weißlogia and Acnologia have similar names, Acnologia didn't start out as a Dragon, and thus we probably have coincidence on our hands.
  • But what if Weißlogia became a Dragon in order to match Acnologia?

Acnologia was Weißlogia's Dragon Slayer pupil
Sort of connected to the one directly above, perhaps Weißlogia is the one who taught Acnologia dragon slaying magic (though back then he probably had a different name). Acnologia grew up hating dragons because of their dominion over humans and always wished for a way to eradicate them. Some time after learning from Weißlogia, he began to descend into darkness as he killed more and more dragons, including ones that were friendly to humans, and Weißlogia fled before he could meet the same fate. Later on, Acnologia met Zeref, who was intrigued by how ruthless and feral the dragon slayer was. Zeref, perhaps catching a glimpse of scales on Acnologia's body, began to theorize that a dragon slayer could become a dragon by killing enough of them. He then asked Acnologia for help proving a theory, heavily editing the details, and Acnologia, also intrigued by Zeref's abilities, agreed, especially if it meant having more power with which to kill dragons. Some time later, Zeref's experiment succeeded, but in the worst way - instead of becoming a White Dragon, as his magic should have dictated, the addition of Zeref's Black magic corrupted the process and Acnologia turned into a Black Dragon instead. Horrified and enraged at becoming the very thing he most hated, he adopted the name "Acnologia" to reference and mirror his former master's name, and spent the next 400 years searching for Zeref to enact his revenge. It was during this time period that he also took the souls of Igneel, Metalicana, Grandine, and the rest.

Hisui is a Dragon Slayer, probably 2nd-Generation.
And she would be the Jade Dragon Slayer, using lacrima taken from harvesting the magic from Zirconis' body. The jade pendant she lent to Arcadios is similar to Natsu's scarf from Igneel, with protective properties. Also the fact that her name means 'Jade' highlights her possible connection to Zirconis. She's most likely 2nd Gen as opposed to 1st or 3rd because Zirconis died years and years before she was born. This would also avert The Smurfette Principle as it applies to the current Dragon Slayers.
  • Jossed, unfortunately. Zirconis is called the "Jade Dragon" because Hisui gave him that title to calm him down so that he could be sent back to the past without making any more of a fuss. It would seem that he liked it enough to keep it, even after he died. Hisui, meanwhile, is apparently a Celestial wizard, at least according to the anime-only Celestial Spirits filler arc. She has no actual Spirits, however, and functions more as an engineer or inventor than a summoner.

Acnologia is Natsu.
In one of the previous timelines, perhaps the one where Future!Lucy comes from, Team Natsu went into the Eclipse Gate and went 400 years back in time to the time of Zeref, the creation of Dragon Slayer magic, and the Dragon Civil War. While there, Natsu got involved, became increasingly powerful, and Zeref eventually turned him into Acnologia the Dragon King against his will. Zeref's dark magic influenced his thoughts and mind and eventually made him evil. Further support for this is the human silhouette of Acnologia that we saw looked quite a lot like "The Great Demon Lord Dragneel" from the end of the Edolas arc. Additionally, Acnologia isn't always present in the world because Natsu sometimes gains control over himself and tries to stay in isolation so he doesn't hurt anybody. The current Zeref wants Natsu to kill him because he long ago realized what he did wrong and needs Natsu to stop him before Natsu goes back in time and becomes too powerful again, creating a vicious, never ending cycle.
  • The main evidence against this theory is that Natsu already knows that Acnologia was once human, but he may not realize that he is Acnologia until it's too late. Future!Lucy mainly went back in time to stop it from happening.
    • Jossed. Acnologia is a completely different being.

Gajeel will become a hybrid Dragonslayer like Natsu, and this hybrid is the key to beating Acnologia
First off, on Gajeel going hybrid: Natsu became the Lighting-Flame dragonslayer by being given magical power by Laxus, but before that ever happened, Natsu also once ate Laxus's lightning (wasn't good for him, but it still worked). Now Gajeel has eaten Rogue's shadows, and gone freaky-as-hell super-saiyan (last page of chapter 318). I bet that Gajeel will beat Rogue (or more accurately evil Rogue, read the chapter for explanation)and then when Sting shows up to KO Gajeel, Rogue will pass his magic to Gajeel as thanks for beating his darker side. Might not help Gajeel win against Sting, but would still be cool.
  • Confirmed. He ingests Rogue's shadows during the Grand Magic Games and gains an "Iron-Shadow Dragon Slayer" form.

Now, for how this helps beat our huge winged abomination of a black-winged dragon: Acnologia probably has the powers of multiple Dragons within him due to his whole "slaughter other dragons" deal 400 years ago. If he absorbed multiple magics, then maybe no single magic can actually damage him. Remember, when Acnologia showed up on Tenrou Island, the only time he actually seemed to take damage was when everyone attacked in the huge Unison Raid, and the triple dragon roar from Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel.Therfore, Natsu, and hopefully Gajeel, will become the only mages who can harm the Black Dragon on their own.

Future!Rogue is Acnologia
I mean, let's check the similarities:

  • Both are/(in Acnologia's case was) Dragon Slayers
  • Acnologia has dark scales with white markings, Rogue has black and white hair.
    • Acnologia has blue markings, and there's debate over whether Rogue's hair is white or blond.
  • Acnologia seemed to be firing a shadow/light blast at Tenrou Island, Future!Rogue now absorbed future!Sting's dragon slayer magic.
  • Both are able to command several dragons.
    • Where did it ever say that Acnologia controlled other dragons? They just run away from him or get killed.
    • Also, I don't think Future!Rogue is Acnologia, instead he is trying to become a better version of said Black Dragon, preferably without having to turn into such a scaly beast. If you really could have that kind of titanic power in a human-sized body, isn't that better than being stuck as a giant lizard-thing? All the power you could want, same package to contain it that you have always had.
      • Probably explains why he figured out Dragon Manipulation: now he can control his own pack of dragons, thus always having their power to use, while still being the (arguably) strongest Dragonslayer in existence (combined power of two 3rd-Gens).
  • If that WMG is right, though, then we may finally have found an explanation for why Igneel, Grandine and Metalicana disappeared from the face of Earthland: they were afraid to become Acnologia/F!Rogue's mind slaves and being used against their own children.
  • Jossed. We know what Acnologia's human form looks like now, and it isn't Rogue.

The Dragon Slayers will use inspiration from current Dragons to better themselves.
For example, Atlas Flame's literal flame body will eventually be learned by Natsu to show his Dragon Slayer growth. Gajeel would probably steal a technique from Motherglare, from which he will use to further increase his high defence.

Acnologia is really a dragon that feeds on death and hatred and turned into a dragon as result of overfeeding
.Acnologia is always appearing in areas that are about to get destroyed or spots that are doomed for something bad. To Acnologia, he is really there because it means it's a big feast for him. And such over-eating is what caused him to become a dragon because the consumption was too much for his human body to truly handle. All because he chose to devour the hate from the likes of Zeref.

Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, etc were raised Post Acnologia becoming a dragon
.Igneel and the other dragons deliberately picked children because they believed raising them as Dragon Slayers won't backfire as much since they won't know the concepts human adults would be aware of at the time, giving them an ability to raise them without much fear of being backstabbed. Furthermore, they added a Power Limiter with their gifted magic in the event that fails so they can defend themselves without actually being able to mow down hoards of dragons without an issue. The only exception is if it was truly evil beings such as Zeref and Acnologia.

The Ice Dragon Slayer will make their debut in this arc.
Think about it. Natsu's fire can't melt the ice freezing the Sun Village, nor does Gray's magic do anything. Furthermore, Gray stated the ice reminds him of someone else's magic. If it's Dragon Slayer magic, then he would know it instinctively due to his many fights with Natsu (though he's probably not thinking a Dragon Slayer's involved).
  • Jossed. A new slayer did show up, but it's the Ice Devil Slayer.

There's something significant about the fact that some Dragon Slayers are younger.
Namely, Wendy. But if you think about it, both Sting and Rogue are the exact same age as her. They're both currently 19. Before the time skip, they were 12 - the same age Wendy is now. Perhaps Natsu and Gajeel becoming Dragon Slayers around the same time was done on purpose, while Sting, Rogue, and Wendy were chosen to become Dragon Slayers some time later. Also notable: Natsu and Gajeel are the only Dragon Slayers without actual ages given.
  • Don't know if it's related to this, but also note that Edolas!Wendy was actually older than our Wendy, and that for all matters and purposes, all the exceeds are somehow the same age.

The Dragonslayers were raised in the Stellar Spirit world
There is a Dragon constellation which means dragons may be related to the Stellar spirit world. Since a day in he SSW is 3 months in the real world a child raised to teendom there would have to be gone for hundreds of years, explaining why they are technically over 80, and why someone who hasn't been seen in hundreds of years knows Natsu.
  • Jossed. Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, and Rogue are from 400 years in the past, but as children were sent into the future as part of a plan to kill Acnologia. Thus far the Draco constellation has yet to even be mentioned, oddly enough for a series with such a prominent stars-and-dragons theme.

There are two more Dragon Slayers
For whatever reason, Acnologia can only be killed by a combination of seven Dragon Slayer magics. In response, Igneel, Grandine, Metallicana, Weißlogia, Skiadrum, and two unknown Dragons raised human children for the past 400 years, ultimately ending in the current Dragon Slayers. While Laxus and Cobra's magic could ultimately count towards that total, they weren't raised by Dragons, so their magic might not be as lethal to Acnologia as say, Natsu's or Sting's, thereby necessitating the other two Dragon Slayers.

Gildarts is NOT a Dragon Slayer.
You know you were thinking he is due to the chapter title. Reason he's not: The members of Fairy Tail are obviously very close to him, so if they declare Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy their only Dragon Slayers, they mean it.
  • Alternate explanation: His "100 year mission" is to kill the Dark Dragon.
    • Jossed in Chapter 166. The dragon was apparently just a random encounter that was too much even for him. Gildarts was forced to withdraw from the mission after said dragon tore away an arm, a leg, and one of his organs.
  • Er, confirmed. He's no Dragon Slayer.

Grandine, Igneel and Metallicana will make their reappearance to prepare the Dragon Slayers for the final battle
When they return to the story before Natsu and co., they'll reveal the secrets of Dragon Force. Wendy wouldn't be able to, however, and will instead learn a spell that forcibly gives Natsu and Gajeel access to Dragon Force. The reason why Wendy can't access the form would be that her body and magic isn't developed enough to handle such a strain. As for Laxus and Cobra, Grandine will summon their respective dragons' souls to teach them properly, including the Secret Arts.
  • Jossed. They appear at the end of the Tartaros arc and die shortly after.

Like Natsu gained lightning from Laxus and Gajeel gained shadows from Rogue, Wendy will get White Magic from Sting at some point in the future
Natsu is the main character so no one's going to be copying his fire magic any time soon and of the remaining five Dragon Slayers, Sting's White Magic would seem to fit with Wendy's magic, both thematically and in terms of temperament and without doubling up. (Okay, technically future!Rogue but we probably won't be seeing him again any time soon).
  • Technically she could absorb Cobra's poison and completely avoid double ups, but even with gaining levels in badass in the Tartaros arc, it doesn't seem like an element that Wendy would willingly use.

Wendy will become the Poison Sky Dragon Slayer
Related to the above, Wendy will indeed absorb Cobras Poison at some point and gain a dual element mode. This avoids any Dragon Slayers doubling up on any elements and gives all five of the true Dragon Slayers both Dragonforce AND a dual elemental mode (Sting and Rogue won't get a dual elemental mode as such, but have their Unison Raid special attack instead (that, and we've already seen a White Shadow Dragon Slayer in future!Rogue). This works based on how both Natsu and Gajeels elementals work thematically and follows the pattern set by both; Natsu acquired Lightning, another energy based element, Gajeel gained Shadow, which involves lots of shapeshifter techniques similar to his Iron transmutation. Wendy already has Sky, which is based around wind and air manipulation and Cobras Poison takes the form of a gas, which would fit right alongside with air.
  • Furthermore, Wendy already has healing powers, and what’s the opposite of that? Poison. By gaining the exact opposite of her normal powers it balances out her strengths and weaknesses, especially considering she also has various enchantment based spells and Poison would allow her to weaken enemies whilst strengthening herself and allies, making her an excellent buffer/de-buffer. Add to that there is also the supplemental material that mentions that whilst Wendy can eat the air to regain power, she can’t do it in polluted or poisonous areas. Gaining Poison eating powers negates that one obvious weakness and makes her able to regain her magic pretty much anywhere, except in an absolute vacuum, or underwater.

The Eclipse Project is why the dragon civil war happened.
Since we've seen that Natsu's interactions with Atlas Flame stuck despite the cosmic retcon that was triggered after the destruction of the gate, that means that all of the dragons that came to the present remember their venture into the future. It's been theorized that Igneel was the dragon who essentially began the war by declaring humans equals; it's possible that his good friend Atlas Flame telling him of a future human son had a hand in that decision.
  • Jossed. The dragon civil war happened because one of them wanted to get along with the humans instead of using them as a food source, and this idea was so polarizing that eventually a devastating war erupted. Also, the five first and third generation Dragon Slayers are actually from 400 years in the past, the same time period as Zeref, Acnologia, and the civil war.

Unifying Theory: Dragons are Stellar Spirits whose children look like humans and must live in the human world until they Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.
My proof: Natsu went through the Stellar Spirit world and came out unharmed- something which Lucy has stated should not be. Only Stellar Spirits may reside in the Stellar Spirit world- humans going to their world is far more lethal than Stellar Spirits coming to ours. We can thus conclude that Dragon Slayers are either offered a measure of protection against the Stellar Plane, or, he is a Stellar Spirit. Possible proof for the latter: Natsu is the only one who understands what Plue, a Stellar Spirit, says.
  • Jossed as of recent chapters, as most of the main cast made a trip to the spirit world and didn't suffer any ill effects, besides lost training time.

All Dragon Slayers are demons from the Book of Zeref.
So far, Natsu has been revealed to possibly be a demon, E.N.D. specifically. But if he came from Zeref, where did Wendy, Gajeel, Sting, and Rogue come from? It's possible that they are also demons created from the Book of Zeref, and thus essential to unlocking E.N.D.. On the other hand, Laxus and Cobra became demons when the lacrima was implanted in them, and are also needed to unlock E.N.D..
  • Natsu IS E.N.D.
    • While all Dragon Slayers being one is not likely it is shown that there are four eggs that hatched before E.N.D., and Wendy, Gajeel, Sting, and Rogue have no known relatives before being raised by the dragons. Natsu being the exception since it was his brother who revived him as a demon.
    • Seems to be jossed, as of chapter 468 or thereabouts. The other four were kids that Metallicana, Grandine, Weißlogia, and Skiadrum were raising to be Dragon Slayers, and had nothing to do with Zeref before their parents offered them up to help with the plan to kill Acnologia.

Flare is Atlas Flame's Dragon Slayer.
Flare mentioned that she received her magic from the "blessings of the Eternal Flame." But what if her hair is the magic she was born with? What if the ability to ignite it comes from Atlas Flame's magic, in a similar method to his flame body? What if Flare is unaware of her power as a Dragon Slayer?

My theory: Igneel knew Natsu would one day become E.N.D, so he instructed Atlas Flame to raise a Dragon Slayer of his own to one day serve as a check to Natsu if E.N.D. totally consumes him? As two Slayer-type mages, Flare and Natsu would hopefully be able to neutralize each other, since fire can't hurt either of them. The reason this hasn't been explored yet is that Natsu is still a Dragon Slayer with the potential to become a Devil Slayer through E.N.D.,, and there would be no reason to introduce a second Fire Dragon Slayer as of the Sun Village arc.

  • Natsu IS E.N.D.
  • Jossed. Her magic is just Hair Magic.

Natsu's use of Dragon Force in Chapter 411 was partly due to his powers as an Etherious Demon.
The thing to note is that he had horns of flame, reminiscent of devil horns.

Acnologia has/had Take Over magic.
It would explain the "Soul Eating" part, and the Voluntary Shapeshifting. Also possible he wasn't aware of it when he became a Dragon Slayer.
The dragons all left after somebody killed one of them
Igneel told Grandine that they're not supposed to get involved with humans, but that clearly wasn't an issue when they all adopted kids. At the same time, Rogue and Sting said that rather than heve their dragon(s) leave on July 7th X777 they slayed it, an implied that they did so before it would have left. What better reason to make a rule to avoid humans then the humans you showed kindness to killing you in return?
  • Yes but, if you think about it, Igneel, Grandine and Metallicana all left suddenly before their children could imagine. How could Sting and Rogue know about their dragons' plan of leaving?
    • Or they were planning to kill them all along, and set up a huge plan for dragon genocide. After word got out they killed their dragon parent, the dragons left and tried to not get involved with humans any more.
  • Again, some of the first generation Dragon Slayers were weak. Look at Wendy, for example: even after her Dragon Slayer training, she couldn't harm a rabbit, much less a dragon. And considering that all the first and third generation Dragon Slayer si far seems to be lone children, it's unlikely that they knew much of the outside world, or about the existance of other dragons. In short, I can't see why the Dragon Slayers should start a Dragon Genocide. If you really want to believe in someone bent on killing dragons, I'd say Zeref.
  • Both Sting and Rogue were more-or-less forced to kill their dragon parent by said dragon except not. I suppose it isn't really known whether the other dragons know that that was how it went down, though.

Acnologia is the Dragon of Magic/Dragon Slaying
Due to the events that created the Acnologia who is currently running around (and we all know he's going to show up again soon), it is possible that Acnologia absorbed properties of other dragons during the original Dragon King Festival, thus creating a dragon that has a combined "element" of all those he has killed, resulting in magic that can't be absorbed by any Dragon Slayer, or really countered by anything short of something like Fairy Sphere.
  • On the same note, Fairy Glitter is likely not a One-hit-KO to Acnologia simply due to the sheer body mass and power the thing has.

more of a question, but where the hell is Metalicana?
Of the dragons that we know the names of, Metalicana is the only one who we don't know the status of. Acnologia is still running around, Igneel and Grandine are lurking in their respective hidey-holes waiting for...something. Sting and Rogue's dragons are both dead (as is Zirconis), but we haven't heard anything either way about Metalicana. We can assume that he is still alive, as the only way the Iron Dragon could have been killed would be Acnologia finding him (admittedly possible), or him tangling with a Dragon Slayer (unlikely).

We will see the ancient, human self of Acnologia soon, due to Time Travel, perhaps.
  • Confirmed, but not due to time travel. He seems to have the ability to transform into his human self.

The White Dragon Slayer and Shadow Dragon Slayer...
...Can achieve infinite power if they work together. The WDS eats light, creating darkness. The SDS eats the darkness, creating light again. And so on, until they're as powerful as they want to be. [Got this theory from a point on the Abstract Eater page.]
  • Sting's magic is actually holy, not light. So sort of jossed on that technicality.

Gajeel is also a demon
Both he and Natsu were unable to pass through Freed's 80 over runes. This might be because Metalicana was inside him, but I suspect it had to do him being a demon as well. His and Natsu's ages are still unknown for the most part as well, they share far too many things in common for Gajeel to not be a fellow demon. Torafuzar lampshaded it himself when he called Natsu and Gajeel demons. Perhaps Gajeel is E.G.R
  • Jossed. He was just a student of Metallicana's who was offered up to help with the plan to kill Acnologia, along with Wendy, Sting, and Rogue.

Dragon Slayer doesn't mean they slay dragons
It's a two part title, they are slayers, who were trained by dragons, or as also been stated before, they are slayers from the dragon race.
  • Well, the japanese kanji for "Dragon Slayer" read as "Metsuryu Maho", literally "Magic of the Dragon Destroyer". A dragon-killing attack would have been named something like "Ryuumetsu" (eg: "Hito-kiri" means manslayer, but Kiri-Bito would mean more like "a man who cuts". So in short, Dragon Slayer/Metsuryuu is more like Dragon-who-destroys).
  • Jossed. Dragon Slayers were created as part of the dragon civil war, in order to kill the members of the opposing side. Of course, this turned into a double-edged blade later on once they inevitably turned on the dragons who'd trained them.

Mastering Dragon Slayer magic will transform you into a dragon.
The magic attacks highly resemble the typical attacks a dragon would use (e.g. breathing fire). As the slayers utilize the power more fully, their skill starts to develop scales. The users of the magic seem to have unusual longevity. This also explains why the dragons themselves would be teaching something called "Dragon Slayer" magic to humans: They used to be humans, too.
  • That, or...
  • In addition, the final test of mastery is to kill the dragon that taught you the magic.
    • Those two jerkass guys in Sabre Tooth killed their dragon/parent/master with its consent because it wanted them to kill Acnologia; unfortunately they have no idea what they're going to be dealing with if they face Acnologia for real.
      • Confirmed in Chapter 301, though it's actually more of the overuse of Dragon Slayer magic. In fact, this was how Acnologia came to be.
      • Wasn't it Jossed instead? Arcadios said Zeref turned the Dragon Slayer into Acnologia. That would shoot the theory down.
      • It's the word of a man who may or may not be honest or informed against that of a dragon who was there when it happened.

Acnologia is the Dragon King
According to Zeref it won't even talk to mere mortals. And considering that very few dragons talk to humans anyway, it's not a big step that he wouldn't deign to talk to creatures that only a few of his subjects would bother talking to as well.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 301.

The dude in Chapter 200 is connected to the Black Dragon.
Gildarts appears again, talking with Makarov and Lucy wonders if Natsu ever gets lonely, specifically mentioning Igneel. The new dude has everything dropping dead around him, anxious to meet Natsu. My theory? Being the same person who wrote the huge Doroma Animu is Black Dragon guess, I'm not of the mind to avoid repurposing a guess. That whole energy sucking thing? Yeah. I'm guessing the Black Dragon double-crossed this guy and didn't help to stabilize him. Gildarts being asked if he's gonna stick around is like saying, "We're gonna focus on the dragons for a while now! Not ALL about them, but we'll give you a better idea of their role! :)" Yeah. This has definite possibilities. Exciting ones at that!
  • Nope. The new guy is actually Zeref. The black dragon is the "Black dragon of the apocalypse, Acnologia, who apparently flies around the world destroying everything.
  • Whether of not the details pan out to be true is anyone's guess, but Zeref is the reason Acnologia exists, and it's hard to get much more connected than that.

Dragons are immune or at least highly resistant to all non-Dragon Slayer magic
That's why they're so fearsome. How else would the Black Dragon have seriously injured Gildarts, the guy you burst into pieces if you even touch?
  • That's kind of the point of Dragon Slayer magic, which is more effective for slaying dragons.
Urtear will turn out to be a Dragon Slayer.
Related to the "Zeref will turn out to be a dragon slayer" idea, except Urtear will be a dragon slayer(probably ice or darkness) and Natsu's last foe. Zeref with his habit of creating monstrosities will instead be Lucy's final antagonist in a massive summon battle. Averting Designated Girl Fight.
  • Urtear's powers are time related though (she can freeze or accelerate the "time" of objects, but not people). Meaning that she might be the Time Dragon Slayer.
  • And the two of them have already fought once before, with inconclusive results (Natsu did land one good hit on Urtear, but she was only using about half of her power).
  • Jossed.

The dragon that raised Sting and Rogue was Metallicana.
We see Sting bite the head off of a metal arrow, and they claim that they murdered the dragon who raised them. They also look to be about 16 to 17 years old, so they were obviously pretty young when the dragons disappeared 14 years ago. And unless there was a pair of three-year-olds who killed a dragon by themselves, it might not too far a stretch to say that at least one dragon attempted to raise another child. Also notice how, out of the three parents of the main Dragon Slayers, Metallicana is the only one who has yet to actually show up in some way. (That illusion-thing Gajeel made of him in Edolas notwithstanding.)
  • Maybe he has the "Wood" dragon slayer? Or it was a magical arrow and he was eating the magic inside it. And if Gajeel is of any indication, Metallicana doesn't seems to be the friendliest of the dragons....
    • According to Igneel they were raised by Weißlogia and Skiadrum.

The "True" Dragon Slayers are of the five Japanese elements.
So far, we have three "true" Dragon Slayers- Fire, Metal, and Wind. The five elements are: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Void. Earth extends to metal, so that explains that. If this is true, we can expect to see Water and Void Dragon Slayers in the future. "Void", so far, has been seen as just an extension of air magic, but in Japanese fiction Void is usually associated with magic power- something that Dragon Slayers can eat, but not something they normally should. So, it shouldn't be doubted that we'll see a Dragon Slayer who eats magic power instead of magic converted into an element- most likely as a villain. Wouldn't be surprised if this meshes with the "Zeref is a Dragon Slayer" WMG.
  • The element of Metal implies that they're using the Chinese element system. But there's also air, which is Japanese or Western. Plus, Poison and lightning Dragonslayer fakes probably means that those are real schools of Dragonslayer magic. Most likely it's whatever elements they feel like having, and the Black dragon would be Darkness.
    • Jossed. There are now a white and shadow slayer.


Anime hair (blue, green, pink, etc) is always a sign of magic potential.
  • Think about it: every character we've seen with the more exotic hair colors has been a mage.
    Pink Hair: Natsu, Meredy/Meldy, Blendy cousins, Mary, Cosmos, Ikaruga
    Blue: Levy, Juvia, Jellal, Wendy
    Green: Freed, Bisca, Brandish, Princess Hisui (A celestial summoner in the anime), both Sue and Sol from the Phantom Lord guild

Exceed are Made of Iron.

That how Happy tanked the explosion.

That is also how the people of Edolas became convinced they were gods. The fact the flying kitties survived everything they threw at them convinced them. When their queen predicted deaths, it just made the belief solid.

Makarov will die...
Leaving Gildarts as the 7th master (7 being an important number in Fairy Tail), who will then train Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, Laxus, Erza, and Mirajane (seven wizards total) to fight Zeref and/or Acnologia alongside him. Why? Because it would be awesome, and because Makarov was originally intended to die on Sirius Island, so Mashima probably has plans to kill him at some point.

Gray will learn to use Mystogan's staves
He doesn't have the raw power to match the likes of Dragon Force, Nakagami Armor, or Satan Soul: Sitri. However, Mystogan's staves contain enormous magic power (enough for him to compete with Laxus). So, Gray can learn to use them to get his enemies where he wants them, then hit them with powerful Ice-Make magic. Gray can do this because he has shown repeatedly that he is a very strategic fighter. Plus, it would be awesome to see Gray combining his Molding Magic with Layered Magic Circles.
  • Jossed.
Tenrou Island (or at least the Grave Stone) is Mavis Vermilion's Soul Jar.
Despite the usual taboo on soul jars in various media it doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing and it very well may be true. We've already seen that Master Hades kept his life-force and vitality sealed within the "Heart" of his ship so why couldn't Mavis have done something very similar, except with her very soul? She wanted to watch over her guild as it grew and matured into the modern age, and found a way to do it, which is why she's still hanging around after her physical body died.
  • I was thinking it was the Lumen Histoire/Fairy Heart
  • Jossed.

The events we are seeing are those from the book that Lucy is writing.
Igneel is just sulking.
In chapter 101, Igneel seems to be short tempered and jerkish, however Grandine doesn't seem to take offence. This may be because Grandine knows Igneel is simply sore about not being able to help Natsu, so he's lashing out at others. Hey, just because they live a long time, doesn't mean dragons can't have tantrums too.

Raven Tail, the Balam Alliance and Fairy Tail will have a Mêlée à Trois
There's also a possibility of Heel–Face Turn for Makarov's son / Laxus' father, and Raven and Fairy tail will ally together and take on the dark guild alliance.
  • Probably Jossed at this point, seeing as Raven Tail is disbanded, and the Balam Alliance as we know it no longer exists at this point.

There's more to Frosch than we imagine.
It's guild card reveals that not only its real gender is unknown, but so is its age. I don't see why Mashima would hide a mere Animal Sidekick's age unless he has bigger plans to it.

Stellar Spirits are the spirits of the deceased.
All the Stellar spirits are named after constellations and in Greek mythology, constellations were the deceased put into the sky by Gods. The Stellar Spirits were people who were renown for their strength and were turned into Stellar Spirits after their death.
  • It means that Cancer was the most badass hairdresser the world ever saw, Sagittarus was a cosplayer who went so overboard that even Gods thought he deserved to live forever and that Virgo was...lets not talk about it.
    • Aries... made awesome pillows? Yay.

Fairy Tail takes place in the past or future of Rave Master.
Evidence for the future of Rave Master: Magic becomes more common due to the un-exile of mages from Sieg's village. Etherion has either been passed on to the planet or the council can call on Resha somehow. The parallel world of Edolas is reminiscent of Makai or the Mystic Realm, where Let, Julia, Ruby and various dragons/dragon race and other sentinoid races are from (i.e.: the Green Race). Dragon Slayers are mechanically different from Dragon Race, however, who's to say that the Stellar Spirit World and Edolas would not be able to coexist with Makai if Fiore and Symphonia are indeed on the same planet. The method of creation of Rave Stones and Dark Bring (Crystals formed through special magic power and processes) are passed down to the guilds as Lachryma. Lost Time magic.

Evidence for the past of Rave Master: Etherion is never given an origin, it's fired from the sky, can be stored in lachryma and as far as we know wasn't possessed by a single person. I've always wondered what it was that got the Raregroove family so screwed over. Well now I have an idea. Zeref wants to destroy/rule the world/is really evil. He's a Raregroove and a big reason the world of Rave Master got screwed up the way it did. Lost Time Magic due to threat of Endless, but Ultear doesn't know/doesn't care.

At the end of a future arc, the very last fight will be between the bad guys and Natsu, Erza, Mystogan, Gildarts and Mirajane.
Notice that the roles could be changed a little. Anyway, things would turns out so bad, only the ultimate team of Fairy Tail would stand a chance to save everyone. The possibility of a Sixth Ranger is also there, and it would probably be either Gajeel, Laxus Jellal. Have we any reason for thinking that something like that might happen? Not at all. But does someone has the guts to say that it doesn't sound awesome? That's what I thought.

Lucy's mother may still be alive, and she is the holder of the Stellar Spirit Dragon. It's not explicitly stated how she died, so there may be a possibility

Someone sealed Wendy's real age
For one, both Gajeel & Natsu have been hinted to be Really 700 Years Old, so it'd be true to form if Wendy were so as well. Moreover, Edolas!Wendy looks about the same age as them, which implies that either 1) Edolas!Wendy existed for ~10 (apparent) years before Our!Wendy came to be, or 2) they're both the same age, but Our!Wendy looks younger. Given how everyone has a matching counterpart and it'd be really weird to have only half of the picture for so many years, so I lean towards the latter.
  • Moreover, Wendy's the Sky Dragon. Not Wind or Air, but Sky, an element usually associated with the holy, a "higher element" of sorts. In conjunction with the fact she could bring back from near-death someone even though she's still pretty immature in the use of her powers, we can suspect she will eventually grow to be extremely powerful, perhaps even more so than Natsu or Gajeel. Ergo, someone, fearful of her power, and probably incapable of completely sealing it, chose to limit it by de-aging her.
  • coughandfuturewendysreallyhotandidlovetoseemoreofhercough

The dragons are immune to the stellar spirit world.
maybe they have some kind of magic that protects them, that's the real reason that Natsu can be in the stellar spirit world without die.
  • Or it has something to do with him being E.N.D.

Gray will put lachryma to acquire dragon slayer's magic
I don't think Mashima will explain about the fake dragon slayers if he wasn't going to make one to unite the guild, and before someone new, I prefer an old one.
  • Ehm, dude... Laxus is a "fake" Dragon Slayer who's already in the guild. Gray is still the main example of -element- Make magic.
  • He becomes an Ice Devil Slayer.

The Killing Mage will join Fairy Tail
  • Consider the four guards from Edolas. One was Edo!Erza, one looks like Macao's drinking buddy, one Joined Fairy Tail as Gajeel's cat and the other looks like The Killing Mage. Logic dictates he will join Fairy Tail by the end of the arc.
    • So what if he's also Zeref? It could still happen.

Lucy will get Ophiuchus (Serpentarius)
  • It will either be a gold key, or a silver, but with the strength of a gold one.
    • In addition, Ophiucus is the current Chairman of the Magic Council, or the Chairman stole his snake staff.
    • Alternatively, the staff is either Ophiuchus' key, or Ophiuchus himself.
    • Possibly Jossed since Yukino of Sabertooth possesses it.

All Lacrima is created by torturing people.
Lacrima is Italian/Latin for tear, so it might be an indicative name.
  • Possible, but not necessarly. For example the spell used by Edolas, Anima, is the Italian for "Soul", but it doesn't seems to have something to do with souls, hasn't it?

Plue was the one who sent Etherion back into the sky
Erza figured that Natsu was only able to rescue her from the Etherion because she hadn't actually fused with it, since that would mean having her body broken down way to much for anyone to piece back together. She reasons instead that Jellal sacrificed himself to save them, but Jellal didn't die, so that's also unlikely. In Rave Master Plue had a few special abilities linked to Etherion (AKA Resha). Lucy's summons have displayed an ability to appear without her trying before, and to recognize if she's in danger. Plue, sensing that Etherion was about to kill her, came out and sent the Etherion into the sky himself.
  • During the Oracion Sies ar it's revealed that Jellal was in a coma due to Ethernano poisoning.

Gildarts is stronger than Makarov.
Or at the very least, he has the potential to be. His personality seems to be bordering on Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass and with Makarov down, someone has to stop Hades. Also, nothing Makarov has ever done could make Natsu drop to his knees crying in fear, which Gildarts did just by releasing his Battle Aura.

Either Laxus OR Jellal will be the next master of Fairy Tail.
It's pretty obvious why Laxus is a legitimate choice, see WMG above. Jellal on the other hand seems to be the only person both powerful and wise enough to have the makings of a good master.
  • Jellal isn't even a member of the guild. He IS, however, either the leader or one of the leaders of Crime Sorciere.
Natsu will have the worst hangover in history at some point.
He'll discover that you can light alcohol on fire and will spend an entire afternoon doing nothing but drinking flaming cocktails, only to wake up the next morning with a very rude realization of why that's a bad idea.
Natsu and Black Fire...
  • Natsu now has officially copied God Slayer magic. He now has the ability to create Black Fire and combine it with his default Dragon Fire permanently.
  • OR Natsu can only create Black Fire after every time eating it. Therefore, he virtually can only do it once.
  • Natsu will be horribly sick after eating Black Fire. Sick enough to take him out the rest of the arc, giving way for everybody else to shine. Especially Lucy.

Master Ivan is Gildarts' Rival Turned Evil
It says in Giltarts' profile that he majorly dislikes Ivan, and the two of them are about the same age. (Gildarts is 45, and while we never actually get Ivan's age, his son is 24, so it's not a bad guess) It would also make sense why he's in a tight knit guild like Fairy Tail when he's practically a nomad; he wants to stay close with Makarov.

Erza and Jellal have fractured personalities that aren't completely what their true natures are.
Erza Knightwalker and Mystogan are what they would have become had they not been tortured and enslaved as children. Erza is violent by nature, using corporal punishment on a regular basis. Her magic also reflects this; it's different armors that help her cut her opponents apart rather than something more "hands off" like fire or summoning. The reason Erza Scarlet isn't a saddistic Blood Knight is because of the torture and slavery she experienced as a child. She knows what hopelessness and pain are like, and would never inflict them on another without good reason. Knightwalker never went through anything like this, so she doesn't understand the full scope of how horrific what she's doing is.
  • Probably not. Erza Scarlet displays no violent tendencies until the very end of her captivity.

Mystogan/Jellal on the other hand, has a kindhearted nature. Mystogan made it his life's work to save a group of people he'd never met and barely got to know while he was even doing it. He even jumped in to help them against completely unrelated dangers (taking out Phantom Lord's subunits, challenging Laxus) Jellal reflects this, as even while he's a villain, he's got good intentions and believes that he's creating a better world. When he gets amnesia and loses Ultear's brainwashing, he becomes a legitimate hero, fighting to stop Nirvana from awakening.

Following on from that: The difference in the Lucy's is due to the spirit's influence or lack of.
Lucy Ashley is pretty abusive. A domme who doesn't quite understand where the line is. However Lucy Heartfillia had an example of what not to be thanks to Aquarius. And as much as Lucy tries to be prudish, Virgo's default appearance and act upon Lucy's first summoning reveal that Lucy Heartfillia certainly is into that sort of thing.

Brain had good intentions
Nirvana is a magic which reverses light and darkness. Every member of Oracion Seis was more or less good until they were turned in the Tower of Heaven. But how does Brain want to use Nirvana? To turn his Superpowered Evil Side into Magic Jesus, at that point he knows that Nirvana is dangerous and destroys it. That also explains why Oracion Seis has six members, one for every Nirvana Lacrima.
  • Holy...shit...I LOVE THIS THEORY. It's too bad that he was shown even before turning into Zero to want to use Nirvana on Cait Shelter...Otherwise, this would be a cool idea.
    • That could be written off as a sensible precaution to prevent those who might have a sneaky surprise from sealing if they didn't realise what he was doing or didn't agree.
  • Nirvana is not a simple heel-face switch, it can't turn someone to other side just by itself. It needs kind of anchor, e.g. strong emotion or affection, which can turn the person to one side or another. Sherry turned to evil because she thought Lyon died and blamed Gray for it, and Hibiki turned because he hates stellar spirit mages, but both of them turned back when these their feelings proved wrong or pointless. Hoteye, on the other hand, turned to good because of his love to his missing brother. And Natsu wasn't turned at all despite the fact that he was burning with anger ATM - all he wants is to defend his friends. Now try to imagine good feeling, strong enough to not only turn Zero to light side, but to hold him there. Yeah...
    • Actually, from what we're told, though Nirvana's aura while activating works the way you describe, it's fully active Wave-Motion Gun blast is a heel/face beam; that was the whole point: to forcibly change people's outlooks to achieve some ideal balance between good and evil.

Layla Heartfilia is alive.
She disappeared on a strangely important date - X777, the same year the dragons disappeared. However, with the recent revelation that she was a summoner, and had Capricorn as one of her spirits, it is possible since his magic lets him summon humans for himself. Foreshadowed with the Hero of Rubengard, who went "mysteriously MIA" when Capricorn kidnapped him. How is Capricorn still alive after being in the real world for 17 years, when Loki could barely last three? He's been drawing on Layla's magic power.
  • Officially jossed as of 224. Capricorn got a new master after Layla's retirement. Now that he knows Lucy's alive and his old master kicked the bucket, he's back to being the property of the Heartfilia family.

Lucy is Layla
They look almost identical, and Rave Master (of which Fairy Tail recycles ideas) features a similar scenario with two identical characters of which one was disappeared.
  • That would mean Lucy is her own mother...eew.
  • WARNING. Rave Master spoiler ahead: The scenario that was mentioned involves Elie and Resha. Elie was originally thought to be Resha's reincarnation, but then it was found out that Resha never died, she was only put into suspended animation and her memory wiped. However little a chance this has to be right, the chance isn't zero, as Lucy is an expy of Elie/Resha.
    • But now that's wrong, since Chapter 224 says that Lucy's mom retired as a mage due to sickness and passed her keys on. Lucy apparently got Aquarius and Cancer while Zoldeo got Capricorn...and then...just read the chapter guys.
    • That doesn't discount the theory at all.

The reason that Aquarius is a jerkass to Lucy...
Is because she considers her a Replacement Scrappy for Layla. We learn in 224 that she along with Capricorn and Cancer used to belong to Layla. Maybe it just pisses her off that no matter how much Lucy looks like Layla, she's not actually her.
  • Confirmed! Aquarius pretty much says it herself before sacrificing her key to summon the Spirit King. After a while, she did come to love Lucy, though.
The Black Dragon is actually Death Magic Incarnate
He just didn't kill Gildarts because he wasn't near Zeref.

Lucy's mother is half stellar-spirit
Plue is the REAL Celestial Spirit King
and the king Lucy meets is his right-hand who pretends to be him because Plue prefers to know the human world. it's easy to have him in the human world because near the 99% of magic needed to maintain him in the human-world comes from him.
  • Plausible since Mirajane does think that Plue is the strongest spirit that Lucy has.

Lucy is able to fuse with her spirits and fight using their powers
  • Confirmed, but doing so prevents her from summoning that specific spirit ever again.
    • She got a way around that, but it isn't true fusion. Instead, their powers are represented by the clothing she wears, called Star Dress.
The last arc will include Natsu and the rest completing the 100 year mission.
Self explanatory. Or it will be the second to last arc, the last including the dragon slayers meeting up with their dragons. Or those two will be combined.
  • The last arc is the Alvarez Arc.
Ultear has the power to permanently seal or even defeat Zeref
Seen in the flashbacks of chapter 241, Ur says that Ultear is proof of the "Power of Life". While it may be taken as simply the phenomenon of Ultear's birth into the world, it may mean something more, given that Ultear was discovered to have enormous amounts of magic power in her (hence she was sent to the magical doctors for treatment). This power might be what it takes to defeat Zeref (whose power is death), and it also might be why she became so Yandere towards Zeref (the "opposites attract" phenomenon). In the end, she may not do it herself, but lend it to Natsu.
  • Jossed.

Ultear is a human lacrima
This explains why Ultear was born with huge magical power: she absorbed Ul's magical power. Ul knew this and thus named her Ultear, lacrima is Italian for tear after all.

Lucy will attempt a Heroic Sacrifice
Rule of Three. Gray and Erza have both nearly gotten themselves killed trying to pull one off, only to be stopped by Natsu just in time (twice in Gray's case), then gone on to later have a perfect opurtunity to do this again but decide not to, as Natsu has opened their eyes to how they must cherish their lives. If Lucy tries this too then that'll be all of Natsu's team mates.

Lucy will become the next leader of Fairy Tail
First of all, most of the rest of the guild would not be good choices due to how... chaotic (for lack of a better word) they all are. Secondly, since Lucy is the narrative voice of the series, it stands to reason that she will be very closely tied to the final moments of the series. Also, during the Fighting Festival Arc, she is the one member of the guild who got everyone to stop bickering, and actually work together, prompting one character to say that she (as a newbie) has more Fairy Tail spirit than any of the other members.
Natsu carries around a sewing kit
After most fights Natsu's cloths are damaged, so he carriess needles and thread to fix them himself
  • that, or there is someone in the guild who has sewing magic, and fixes everyone's clothes.
  • or Happy carries it for him.

The three sacred spells of Fairy Tail...
...were each invented by one of the guild masters. Mavis invented Fairy Sphere, which is why she can use it from beyond the grave. Precht invented Fairy Law, which is why he can use Grimoire Law as Hades; it's practically the same spell. That would leave Makarov inventing Fairy Glitter, which we've seen nothing to confirm or deny.
  • Zeref taught those spells to the original Fairy Tail last time I read

Alternatively, switch Makarov and Mavis. It would make perfect sense that Makarov would make a defensive spell, as protecting his "kids" is his number one priority.

  • Makarov did not invent Fairy Glitter; if he did, how was Mavis able to transfer it to Cana?
    • OK, so Makarov invented Fairy Sphere, Precht invented Fairy Law, and Mavis invented Fairy Glitter.
      • Or Mavis just invented all three, and taught Fairy Law to Precht, who taught Makarov.
      • According to Fairy Tail Zero, Zeref invented them
Rogue and Sting will join Fairy Tail
That, or they're fake.
  • It is possible that they are Artificial Dragon Slayers, since we have not seen the over-sized canines on them that Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy have, though Chapter 258 didn't really give us a good look at their teeth. However, Sting was shown to be able to use his Dragon's Roar without being in Dragon Force mode, which changes things. The two Artificial Dragon Slayers we have seen so far have had to enter Dragon Force (Where the user's body grows scales and basically becomes a humaniod Dragon) to be able to use any Dragon Slayer abilities. Sting's body showed no signs of scales while eating his element, or during/after his Dragon's Roar. Rogue was not seen to use any Dragon Slayer magic, so we can't say anything about him yet.
  • Sort of. While remaining in Sabertooth they've chosen to rebuild that guild in Fairy Tail's image.

Urtear's scar is from....
Her fight with Gray
  • It's possible since she was struck by Gray's Ice Make: Gungir in the back and her back was never shown afterwards.
Fried used his runes to regrow his and Juvia's hair.
He can cut off your air supply for breaking the rules. So why would he not be able to do this.
Flare has been a victim of abuse for a long time.
The new chapter makes it clear she's definitely not treated well in Raven Tail, with being seen bruised up after her near-loss, and she's the only female villain this editor can think of in this series who is drawn with crazy eyes/thousand yard stare. Also, notice that she's crying when she's being threatened by the masked man, whilst she just seemed shocked when Lucy nearly defeated her, and frightened because It would have ended in her being beaten even more badly.
  • This could also make her suitable for an Heel–Face Turn.
  • She was apparently treated very well in the Sun Village. I guess it would depend on how long she's been with Raven Tail.

Kinana aged really slowly while she was still Cuberos.
Compare her appearance from before the seven year timeskip; her body was more childlike in contrast to her now taller and buxom build. It's possible that after she changed back to her original self, her body started to catch up in growth during the seven years.
  • Quite possible, Hell, the second Time Skip point in that direction.

Jellal is dead
He was executed during the time skip. He was facing either a lifetime sentence or the death penalty. No matter how messed up a criminal you're dealing with you don't put someone in a room too small for them to lie down in for the rest of their life. That was a temporary cell for criminals too dangerous to let live. He's dead.
  • I doubt it, Jellal is related to many plot threads to just die off like that, hell, he wouldn't be such a Base-Breaking Character if he didn't appear that much in story; the guy is a an Expy from Sieghart, he is a fountain of Ship Teasing for Erza. I say he still is alive, in fact I would go as far as to say Jellal will become more important as the series goes on, Mashima uses him that much, much to his fans joy and his detractor's chagrin.
    • His being an Expy of Seighart just suggests that he did die. Sieg dies before the end of Rave Master.
    • I pointed his likeness to Sieghart not because Jellal will never die, it's for comparison, Sieghart became a very important character after his debut, and his death was way later in the story, and all there was to his character got developed through, and Jellal will follow suit in living for more volumes.
    • So he isn't dead, but he will be soon.
  • Jossed, at least for now - he was going to be executed over the Time Skip, but Ultear and Meredy broke him out of prison before that could happen.

Flare will have a Heel–Face Turn and join Fairy Tail.
Come on, they forgave Gajeel and even Jellal, she's still in time to switch sides. Also: during her battle with Lucy she tried to put the Raven Tail's brand on Lucy's Fairy Tail's mark. Maybe after joining Fairy Tail she'll put the new mark over her old one?
  • Half confirmed so far, Flare turned Face, bur didn't become a member of Fairy Tail yet.
On the origin and nature of God Slayers.
It is an earlier (and with "earlier" I mean so old that is by now Lost Magic in itself) attempt to copy/counter Dragon Slayer Magic.

Its basically the element of Dragon Slayer magic, but artificially created and boosted with Dark Magic (giving it it's signature black color). The Dark Magic portion makes Dragon Slayers incapable of eating it (mostly) and giving it a higher base power than a comparable Dragon Slayer (like a Second Gen has a higher base Power than a First Gen, but the latter has more potential).

But as Natsu has proven, Dragon Slayer magic IS capable of absorbing it, assuming the Dragon Slayer in question has the will/motivation/skill to do so and overcome the Dark Magic Portion and therefore access "Dragon God" Power.

Essentially: Element < Element + Dark but Dragon Slayer > God Slayer

The "God" part of the "God Slayer" comes not from the ability to slay a God, but is a play on the "Dragon Slayer" description and the fact that it is granted by a "God" (like a certain Dark Mage who is revered as one by some bad guys...). Zancrow did say that he received his magic from Hades, and did not learn it from a "God".

As the ability to create God Slayers was probably mostly lost (with exceptions, like Hades giving it to Zancrow) without Zeref, people created Artifical Dragon Slayers to copy the awesome Power of that school of Magic.

Lucy will be the next Zeref and will turn Natsu into a dragon
This is what is happening in the spoiler where Zeref tells Lucy to mourn that she will never see him again, and also why Future!Lucy's magic is similar to Zeref's.
  • Jossed. The magic similar to Zeref's that Jellal had been sensing belonged to Silver, not Future Lucy or Future Rogue.

Aquarius will be in big trouble with several of her fellow Celestial Spirits and become The Atoner
  • She's left Lucy in the lurch before but this time it resulted in Lucy being seriously injured to the point where her life was in danger. Given that Aquarius often just wants to go on a date instead, this becomes even more egregious. Its highly likely that Leo, Gemini and Capricorn at least have something to say about that.
    • Well 'something' must've happened. Compare her attitude in the Naval Battle to the battle with Uosuke. No lip, no friendly fire, just a clean, efficient attack.

When we next see him, Natsu will be able to beat Gildarts
Before the training, Natsu was being beaten by Max, who by this time period's standards is apparently pretty weak. In the tournament, after the training, he utterly annihilated Sting and Rogue, two of the most feared wizards around. Gildarts wasn't around, so considering how Natsu has imrpoved tenfold it's not too much of a stretch to think that he'll at least be Gildarts' equal.
  • Probably not. Makarov estimated that Jura is equal in power to Gildarts. Natsu and Gray are still about even, as are Gray and Lyon, and Lyon is nowhere near as powerful as Jura.
  • Besides, Natsu "knew" what Max was capable of and consequently wasn't seriously fighting him; their reaction, to my eyes, seemed less "this is an incredibly powerful spell" and more "this is far more powerful than anything we expected from Max."
  • It's possible after the second Time Skip since Natsu can now oneshot people at Bluenote's level, unless Gildarts himself has also become stronger.
Minerva is Lucy's Evil Counterpart.
Jiemma and his wife (Minerva's mother) started Sabertooth together. Minerva lived and trained happily with her parents until her mother died sometime after Acnologia's attack on Tenrou Island. After this, Jiemma, obsessed with their shared dream to make Sabertooth the strongest guild, resorted to morally questionable methods to train Minerva, instilling a deep-seated hatred of her father in her. This explains her brutal defeat of Lucy, despite Minerva telling Natsu she wanted to save face: Lucy has a guild that loves her, and Minerva never had anyone to care for her, pushing her Berserk Button and causing her to lose control against Lucy, who also had to deal with an (emotionally at worst) abusive father. See where I'm going with this?
  • More or less confirmed with 388.
The Human world isn't as deadly to Celestial Spirits as we've been led to believe.
Loke / Leo was able to live in the human world for Three years, when it was believe that Aries would have died after a mere week. It's possible that it's not just his greater strength that lets him survive. All Celestial Spirits can will themselves to endure living in the Human world for a longer period of time if they want too. Probably not as long as Loke(Capricorn may or may not count. We don't know if it was his possession that let him do it or not), but longer than the week that we were told would kill Aries.
  • It could be that the harmful effects of living in the human world lessen over time, but never go away completely. Leo did mention that it got easier to cope with the pain the longer he stayed in the human world. I would also guess that if a Spirit uses it's own magic, it is more and more taxing as time goes on, hence why Leo/Loke was using those rings to cast spells instead of his Light-based magic that he uses as Leo.

Jiemma was Dead All Along
.The Prophet Eyes are really a sign he is undead and was a resurrected wizard of old to act as head to the guild. Minerva didn't just kick him out, she allowed him to die. It's where the source of dark magic Jellal is sensing coming from, as Minerva is really working with Zeref in some way!
  • Jossed.

God Slayers have a resurrection ability
Just as in Christianity, three days after a God Slayer's death, he or she will come back to life. However, once used, the God Slayer in question loses this ability. It may sound far-fetched, but with more emphasis on God Slayers in the Grand Magic Games, I'm not 100% certain we've seen the last of Zancrow, despite Zeref having killed him, especially considering he's more or less an Expy of Natsu.

Shadow will come back and go on a possession frenzy.
The reason it's doing this is because it wants to ensure that the Bad Future of 10,000 dragons destroying Fiore WILL happen.
Lumen Histoire is immensely important.
  • Lumen Histoire, considered Fairy Tail's greatest dark secret (even lampshaded by Ivan, was remarked by Mavis as being the light of Fairy Tail, suggesting that while most will see it as something evil, it will ultimately benefit/or has benefited all of them somewhere in a future storyline.
    • Well, considering it's the frozen body of their founder and First Master, yes, it's indeed immensely important. Still not quite confirmed, as we haven't seen what it actually does yet. That said... freezing your First Master's body in suspended animation, whether she's alive or dead (it's not clear yet), can probably come across as slightly unethical at best, at least without knowing the reason why it was done.
  • I'd say this is confirmed, seeing as how it's the MacGuffin of the Albareth Empire arc.

Gender equality is a new concept in Fiore
Fairy Tail is riddled with examples of Would Hit a Girl, because most of the teenage main cast doesn't seem to see any difference in gender in relation to magical ability. And there really isn't. Erza and Mirajane are proof of that. Among the main cast's generation power seems evenly distributed among genders. There are four young S class wizards in Fairy Tail throughout the story, (Laxus, Erza, Mystogan, and Mirajane) two male and two female. It's about an even ratio when you look at the ones who are just a step below S class (Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Wendy, Gajeel, Juvia, Elfman, Cana).

But in the older generations, there are very few female wizards, and all of the powerful ones are male. If there are any older women with power comparable to Makarov, Jose, Hades, Jura, or Gildarts, we haven't seen them yet. It would make sense if women were discouraged from studying magic until within the past 20 years. Erza and Mira were never told they couldn't be wizards, but their mothers' and grandmothers' generation might not have been so lucky.

  • Two words: Mavis Vermillion. She founded Fairy Tail 105 years ago, and the co-founding members were Hades/Precht (someone who initially made mincemeat out of Fairy Tail and curb-stomped Makarov), Walrod Seeken, someone who is among the Four Gods of Ishgal (that's the top four out of the Ten Wizard Saints), and some other guy we (probably) haven't seen yet. Granted, we don't know how old Mavis was when she died, but considering she was powerful enough to be made the first Guild Master of Fairy Tail by two of the most powerful wizards in the series this side of Zeref, and was powerful enough to protect the guild from Acnologia's Breath Weapon from beyond the grave, there were certainly examples of powerful female wizards in older generations. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to learn Mavis was a former Wizard Saint while she was alive. And if you count demons, Sayla and Kyouka certainly qualify, too, and Zeref almost definitely didn't create them recently, either.
Minerva will be Team Natsu's Butt-Monkey.
  • Since it has been suggested that the Dark Guild Tartaros will be a major threat in the near future, and Minerva only joined the previously unheard of Dark Guild Succubus Eye, it's entirely appropriate that she will, from now on, serve as Team Natsu's Butt-Monkey, treated as a cannon fodder prologue to the real baddie.

Mavis is an actual fairy.
  • When she created Fairy Tail 105 years ago, she looked just as young as she does now, and yet she was wise and skilled enough to lead it. It's also implied that she has some connection with Zeref that predates him being on Sirius Island. This would mean she was over 300 years old when she created Fairy Tail.
    • And yes, she does have a tail.
  • Probably not. She also definitely does not have a tail.

Zeref will kill some or all of the Four Gods of Ishval.
  • The ones that haven't been seen will be walking examples of The Worf Effect. They'll show up, pull off something impressive, and then get annihilated by great and powerful Zeref. Bonus points if they all go down while fighting as a team.
  • Or worse, some of them might end up joining him for some reason.
    Lucy will eventually become Guild Master
Edo!Lucy seemed to have wound up as more or less the defacto leader of Edolas Fairy Tail (albiet with a lot of arguing) and its a big point that for all their differences, the Edolas counterparts of the Earth-land characters are still very similar people so Earth-land Lucy will eventually wind up in charge as well. (Probably not any time soon though. Because Makarov being able to retire wouldn't be funny).
  • Another point in her favour is that unlike most of the others, her contracts with her Celestial spirits means that she's used to commanding others and manages to have good relationship with most of them.

Lucy will somehow take back her Father's Company

Second Origin is responsible for Minerva's Villain Decay.
  • Consider that in the first instance of Erza vs. Minerva, Erza spent the majority of the fight without Second Origin active, and proceeded to one-shot Minerva once it activated. Since Second Origin is a permanent boost, perhaps it was simply a far stronger boost than Minerva's demonization, even taking into account Erza being weakened from several chapters of torture beforehand.

Doranbolt will join Fairy Tail.
  • Assuming that's how he interprets Org's last words at the end of the arc.
    "'Org:'" "Live to carry out your own sense of justice!"
  • Confirmed somewhat as He was initially a spy for Fairy Tail before he jumbled his own memories

Gray had a little sister.
  • His interactions with Wendy give a definite "would've made a good big brother" vibe, such as the ice crwon from chapter 390's title page, the way he and Loke beat her by eating pickled plums as opposed to straight up fighting her (and yet Gray said he wouldn't hold back against children to Juvia. Character Development or just big talk? You be the judge.) and dancing with her in episode 199. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if he did have a little sister that died when Deliora attacked his village, and he now looks after Wendy as a surrogate sister.
    • Having no problem fighting a child doesn't necessarily mean you're going to beat on one from your own guild, especially considering she's not even the S Class candidate they're supposed to be stopping.

Unleashing Lumen Histoire will kill Mavis for real
That's why Makarov couldn't bring himself to activate it. Or at least it's one of the reasons.

The real threat of Ivan and the Raven Tail guild is not that Ivan is powerful, but that he has knowledge of Fairy Tai's secrets
We've seen during his fight with Laxus in the GMG arc that he's probably not much of a fighter, unless he was seriously holding back for some reason. This is despite him having been stated to be immensely disliked by Gildarts, prompting some people to speculate that they might have been rivals at one point, but it's not such a stretch to believe that Gildarts might just dislike him for whatever action he committed that ended in him being excommunicated from Fairy Tail and then forming his own dark guild. I think the the thing with Ivan Dreyar is not that he's powerful - it's been outright stated that Laxus was weak as a child and became strong because of the Lightning Dragon lachryma that Ivan implanted in him. Perhaps Ivan was the same way - weak, having for some reason not inherited the same power levels as Yuriy or Makarov. Perhaps the real threat that he poses is that he has knowledge of Fairy Tail's secrets, such as Lumen Histoire, and has a deep connection to both Makarov and Laxus, and Ivan himself has a relatively low level of magic power. At least in comparison to most of the other series villains; who knows how much magic it might take to turn living things into shikigami...

Natsu will fight Gray and make him remember his nakama, which will cause Gray to do a Heel Face Turn OR Gray is pretending to have done a Face Heel Turn and is actually spying on the new bad guy
Seems par for the course, given the type of story FT is

Gray will kill Frosch
  • Way back when future rogue revealed to Natsu who kills Frosch in 1 year Natsu reacts as if he knows the person. Now its all coming together, Gray has possibly made a Face–Heel Turn. Natsu has announced that hes going to Sabertooth, it seems that even he is worried that Gray might just do it now
    • Future Rogue did tell Natsu that Gray will kill Frosche, whether or not Gray actually gets the chance remains to be seen

Gray is turning into a demon
Assuming Devil Slayer magic works on similar principles as Dragon Slayer magic, it turns its wielder into a demon. And unlike the Dragonslayers, Gray didn't have a parent sealed inside him creating antibodies to prevent the transformation. As for why the Devil Slayer magic didn't transform Silver in the same way, presumably it's because Silver was a zombie. The transformation may be more than skin deep — his mind might also be changing, which handily explains his apparent Face–Heel Turn.

Lumen Histoire can somehow affect history
With a quick glance through google on Lumen and Histoire's meanings in latin and a quick look at a bit of etymology Lumen is a word related to light, and Histoire, just by looking at it, relates to history.So it's possible what makes Lumen Histoire such a terrifying thing is that it can essentially change history in some way.Perhaps the name is just metaphorical and simply relates to how powerful Lumen Histoire is. That is so incredible powerful, that all of the world will be changed to the point of making history.Alternatively if you take the name more literally, it could possess the power of actually changing history. Remember Ultear tried to go far back in time at one point, but only managed a minute. That one minute took up her entire life, but it was also enough to drastically change the outcome of the fight against the dragons. It's possible Lumen Histoire's danger is in how it changes history. Perhaps the change is completely random, essentially making it a massive potentially world destroying wild card.
  • Jossed. It's a battery for eternal, unlimited magic power.

Gajeel is spying on the magic council for Makarov
They seemed to be doing it before, and Gajeel also spied on Raven Tail for him, so why not now on the magic council? With Makarov MIA he might be using Gajeel as a way of keeping tabs on whats going on in the Magic Council.
  • Gajeel spied on Raven Tail by infiltrating their ranks as a double agent, supplying whatshisface with information on Fairy Tail. Unless he's planning on joining the council like Jellal did I don't see him spying on the council.
  • Jossed. He joined at Warrod Sequen's suggestion.

Why Erza's "nakama pants" actually work as far as use as a magic armor (or rather, the lack thereof) goes
Going off of Morrowind (and a bit of general RPG) logic here for a moment. The pants are non-magical, which means they likely don't have a magic cost or upkeep. This means she has a higher magic pool still available to work with. One's magic pool is usually akin to their stamina, as has been shown on multiple occasions. Said aforementioned Morrowind logic regards the fact that one's Stamina — or rather, how close to full or empty it is — affects the success rate of anything you do. It's about a +/- 20% modifier either way at full or empty.

Combining this modifier with the fact that during the Tartaros Arc:

  • Erza had the massive permanent power boost from Second Origin, thus her "base stats" were even more absurd than ever.
  • Erza had been tortured for however long and probably was running low on "stamina" as a result.

We get the possibility that she was using the hakama pants in order to have the upkeep or casting cost not cut into what little stamina she had, instead figuring that just regenerating it and fixing that penalty would do more for her ability to fight than any of the special abilities her armors would provide. Elemental resistances wouldn't have helped against Kyouka or Minerva, neither of which uses elemental magic, Nakagami's ability to bend the laws of magic wouldn't do anything to curses on top of having a casting cost higher than anything else she has, Adamantine Armor would be of absolutely no use against Kyouka attacking her nervous system directly, and so on.

It also works somewhat in her Azuma fight; after having her magic drained from constant armor swaps and Azuma meddling with the tree on the island, cancelling that penalty and putting everything into attacking may have been her best option at that point.

It's leaning more than a little on RPG logic and game mechanics, especially that of Morrowind, sure, but this is the WMG section, after all, so why not throw something wonky like this on the pile?

The Strauss Siblings will become Wolfheim's students
Wolfheim's magic seems to be a breed of Take-Over magic. It's likely that he not only has access to Beast-type takeovers, but every single form of Take-Over magic that exists. Mira now has Seilah's form, but has yet to control her Etherious form. Elfman's Beast-Soul will gain a boost from training with Wolfheim by absorbing and studying his various transformations. Lisanna can get stronger by being able to use multiple forms at the same time, which is a secret technique of Wolfheim's that he dubs "Chimera". By using different aspects of multiple animals, she can have the sight of a hawk and the sharp nose of a dog to increase her effectiveness in battle, for example.

Mirajane used Take Over on Kyouka too
Kyouka's body should have been in the same general area where Mirajane found Sayla and there's no real reason why she would ignore another powerful female demon she could use Take Over on.
  • Not likely, since we know Kyouka died because of her Living Link to the Face mechanism. She used Take Over on Sayla while she was still alive.

Orga Nanagear is a Lightning God Slayer.
The last person we saw using black elemental magic was Zancrow, the Fire God Slayer. Since Zancrow is dead, we're not likely to learn much about God Slayers unless a new one comes into the picture. Just like Natsu had to overcome God Slayers, who are superior to Dragon Slayers, Laxus will have to overcome Orga's Lightning God Slayer magic.
  • Seems likely now that we've been introduced to the Sky God Slayer and Ogra gets a reaction shot.
  • Apparently not, if we look at his techniques: It seems that, just like Dragon Slayers, God Slayers use japanese names for their attacks, and always preceeded by the "(insert element here) Dragon/God" and "(insert attack name here)". For example, Natsu's Fire Dragon Roar and Zancrow's Flame God Bellow. Orga's attack didn't have this theme naming, so maybe is just black-colored lightning. You know, like Macao's purple flames.
  • Confirmed. He is, in fact, the Lightning God Slayer.

Gildarts is really nice and fun to be around.
So far most of the strongest of Fairy Tail's mages have been either dicks(Laxus) or loners(Mistgun) so the reason Natsu so happy that Gildarts is back is because he's much more fun to be around.
  • Pretty much. He's revealed to be a fairly cheerful and affable figure, despite missing two limbs and a kidney.

Mystogan's powers are stored in his staves
In chapter 172, we see that Edolas' magic is largely stored via Lachryma, and no person can use magic naturally. We shall assume that Mystogan's home world is Edolas and his staves are made of Lachryma. In order for him to be more powerful, he will need obtain many staves, thus the explanation for his apparent staff obsession.

Fried is Straight Gay
In the anime he was the only not in line when Erza put on her Naughty Nurse Outfit.
  • Plus he's far more devoted to Laxus than the other Raijinshu...
    • Officially confirmed from Vol.33's omake where he buys a magazine with pictures of the naked Blue Pegasus members in it.

The Key of the Starry Sky arc will give some Foreshadowing as to why Lucy is being targeted for the Eclipse Plan.

Jellal and Mystogan are Zeref clones
It makes some sense, it explains why they look the same and why they seem to possess such incredible magical powers.

Jellal and Mistgun will fuse ala Kami+Piccolo style from Dragon Ball Z
Going from the previous entry, let's just say that Mystogan is the good side and Jellal is the evil side of the same soul. But now Jellal has lost his memory and potentially has an opportunity to redeem himself and stop being evil. Obviously, at some point later in the manga, there will be a much stronger opponent that no one can beat, and then they will fuse back into one body and powerup.
  • Which of course means the Saiyans in this equation, the Dragon Slayers, will within an arc or two if not the arc in which they fuse, will surpass them. I mean, just look at Gajeel's hair style!
  • Jossed.

Winged Cats are a (future) Dragon's wings
Related to the two "Dragon slayers become/are dragons" theories, and to the "Winged Cats really are dragons" theory. Wings are one thing that humans (or human-form dragons) can't develop, so a separate creature is created in egg form that later merges with the dragon slayer when they become a dragon. Gajeel simply hasn't found his wings yet (or perhaps Iron Dragons don't get them).
  • Jossed.
Org, of the Magic Council, will pull a Big Damn Heroes at some point for Fairy Tail.
Although it might be a less direct, political one. He seems to consider Fairy Tail differently now, and you'd think the members of the Council would be powerful. Two were S-Class (assuming Urtear is), one of whom was one of the Ten Wizard Saints, and another was a member Makarov's group in his youth.
  • Jossed. Because he was killed off for real.

Natsu has heard Wendy's name before- when he received his scarf from Igneel.

Igneel gave him his scarf, so Natsu has a great attachment to it. But why did he receive it in the first place?

Take note- this is pretty much the only time you see Natsu's uncovered neck.

My guess: Natsu sliced open his neck pretty badly when he was with Igneel (that is a HUGE scar to have on one's neck!), and Igneel turned to Grandine to help heal it. Thus, explaining why Natsu would know the name Wendy!

Lapointe is actually Brain
He just looks a little different. Not to mention it would be the perfect cover.
  • They both have the same voice actor.
  • Edolas!Brain? Anyone?
  • Jossed. He's actually a puppet that's made from a lock of Brain's hair.

The Stellar Spirit King also has a key that can summon him.
Naturally, it will be in the hands of a major villain, leading to a Shadow of the Colossus style boss fight. And it will be awesome.
  • Alternatively, it's in Zeref's hands, and he hasn't given it to anybody since the contract was broken by his being evil.
  • Or it can only be summoned by the holder of the other 12 Zodiac Stellar Spirit- 13, counting the Ophiucus. Or maybe the Spirit King actually is the Ophiucus.
    • He isn't Ophiucus.
  • Jossed. He can only be summoned if one of the Golden Keys is broken.

Lucy and END
Now that we know that if Zeref dies, Natsu dies, Lucy (as a writer) will rewrite the Book of END so that he can live, though his own life will be connected to Lucy's in the same way.

Lucy will be killed in a future arc, possibly by Zeref or Acnologia.
For the record, Lucy is actually one of my favourite characters, so it's not like I hate her or anything. But this happened to pop into my head so I gave it some thought

Basically, the next time Natsu faces down Zeref or Acnologia, Lucy goes with him for one reason or another. Each of these characters then proceeds to kill Lucy in cold blood, Zeref to make Natsu angry enough to finally kill him or to distract him emotionally, whilst Acnologia would be doing it because they felt like it, or something along those lines. Said death could possibly be permanent. If it is, it's right near the end of the manga, if it isn't, it's near the end of that particular arc and the next one will focus on Natsu trying to find a way to bring Lucy back.

  • Additionally, if this does happen, the anime adaptation's openings and endings will foreshadow it in a way that doesn't make it obvious until people go back and look at them after it happens.

Gray already knows that Natsu is E.N.D. or at least a Demon in general due to his ability to analyze Demons through Devil-Slayer Magic.
But he doesn't say anything because Natsu is like a brother to him. He may even drop the whole E.N.D. issue altogether cause he knows that Natsu isn't anything like what was described about him.

Gajeel is from the same small country as Ajeel and Yajeel.
There are several clues pointing to this, the most obvious being their names. Gajeel, Ajeel, Yajeel―noticing a pattern? Their names all end with -ajeel. This may be a cultural naming scheme. Additionally, all three men have tanned skin (it's most obvious with Ajeel, but Gajeel's skin is noticably darker than his guildmates). Of the known Dragon Slayers' pasts, Gajeel's is the one we know the least about; it's not a stretch to say that he was born in the same small country in Alvarez that Ajeel and his grandfather are from, them immagrated to Ishgard as a small child and was found by his dragon Metalicana. Heck, it's even possibly that Gajeel and Ajeel/Yajeel are distantly related, if Gajeel still had family in Alvarez when he found himself in Ishgard.

     Just for Fun/ Crossovers 

The Canis Major celestial spirit.
Those who read Rave Master may remember the scene where everyone goes to a museum dedicated to the Kingdom War. While getting a special tour, the gang sees a painting of what looks like the love child of a wolf and a unicorn, later revealed to be... a wild mass guess made by historians/artists as to what Plue might look like. This is what the Canis Major looks like.

Erza is a magic girl.
Complete with her own transformation sequence
  • Someone find an alternative website to upload one with the original sound, it's CMOA worthy.

Laxus at one point considered joining Phantom Lord.
He'd Ride the Lightning on his way there, and then stopped because he remembered that Phantom Lord was on a different Metalica album.

Clannad Arc
To prevent overtaking the manga, there will be a Filler Arc of the anime that will basically retell the story of CLANNAD, with Gray and Juvia taking the respective rolls that their voice actors played, Tomoya and Nagisa.
  • As a fan of the series, I REALLY wish that would happen! XD

The world of Fairy Tail is the original world Lucia was trying to reach.
In Rave Master the original world had become uninhabitable at a previous date and abandon. If Zeref is revived then the world will become just that for 90% of the population. Plus, having a powerful wizard parent doesn't mean magic is strong with you as well, as proven by Laxus, who's magic comes from the implanted lachryma. That remaining 10% would dwindle until eventually only Aciela is left. This doesn't mean a Downer Ending. Natsu can still save the day, he'll just save the day after a lot of people are dead. There will still be hope to rebuild in the end, making it a Bitter Sweet Ending, but they'll fail at that.
Insert Time Lord theory here.
Someone had to say it.
  • Zeref is a Time Lord, which explains why he is so old and seems to know Natsu.
  • Alternatively, Natsu is a Time Lord who regenerated into someone new, and for some reason forgot who he previously was. Zeref, however, recognizes him. Gajeel and Wendy are the same, but Zeref doesn't recognize them.
    • Or the Fairy Tail version of God cursed Zeref to be immortal for trying to bring Natsu back to life as E.N.D.
Natsu is awesome at Guitar Hero.
He can get 100% on expert on every song, but only when he activates Dragon Force.
Jellal is actually Albert Wesker
Jellal (in Episode 38) :7 more minutes. 7 more minutes until Etherion fires down on us. Let's have fun for the next 7 minutes, Erza.

I CANNOT have been the only one to think Wesker when Jellal said that.

Wesker (in RE5): 7 minutes. 7 minutes is all I can spare to play with you.
Arcadias will get Candle Jack to kidnap Lu...
Tobi is the Blue Pegasus mage in the rabbit costume.
Just because Erza started wondering about him in the last chapter. He is also responsible for the dark magic that has been gathering. Raven Tail and Arcadias are just Red Herrings. He just came over from the Naruto verse to cause some trouble.
  • Jossed, though it goes without saying. It's Nichiya.
The Stellar Spirit World is actually the Rave Master universe and is a Alternate Universe similar to Edolas
This explains how Mystogan, Jellal, and Sieg Hart from the Rave Master universe look alike and how Lucy was able to summon Nikora/Plue from the Stellar Spirit World. The Stellar Spirits are probably memories of famous people stored within Stellar Memory. This also explains how a dragon slayer manage to go through the Stellar Spirit World since dragons are somewhat common in the Rave Master world.
  • It could at least the Makai World/Mystic Realm
  • Fridge Horror: The Fairy Tail world could be the world that was devastated so horrifically that it was necessary to create a whole new reality to prevent all of humanity from dying off.
Zeref spent a good portion of the past four hundred years after using the eclipse gate on the five first generation dragonslayers.
on massive alcohol and drug binge to pass the time and dull the pain.
  • He eventually ended up using so munch and building such high tolerance toward every single intoxicant in the fairy tail world even at the most their most pure forms his body metabolized everything faster than he could possibly ingest the drugs. After this he turned to forging the Alvarez empire, and creating a few demons(I can not be the only one who thinks some of their design had to have been created under the influence of drugs) to pass the time.

Acnologia either is the same as or is somehow related to Alduin
A black, villainous dragon which is actually more Eldritch Abomination than dragon which signifies The End of the World as We Know It and has a lot of Pride? Hmmm....