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All together now: Awwww!

WARNING: Moments pages are Spoilers Off!

  • Natsu's speech about why he's rescuing Macao and how he feels about his guildmates from episode 2:
    "You listen up! I consider everyone in the Fairy Tail guild my friend! Whether it's Gramps and Mira, or even those annoying jerks, Gray and Elfman! And Happy and Lucy, too! They're all my friends! Which is why... I'M NOT LEAVING WITHOUT MACAO!"
  • A small one, but Natsu running (without hesitation) to help Erza in her 'trial' in episode 10. Her small, genuine smile when she says "You meant well." sells it.
  • Everything about Ur.
    Ur: "With my two bright pupils growing day by day... Every day an adventure... That's all the happiness I need."
  • The reveal of The Chief's son being alive. Everyone had happy tears when they see that the chief's beloved son was not actually dead.
  • Episode 20 easily qualifies. We see a little more than in the manga the relationship that Natsu and Lisanna had when they were younger. It's also a little painful to watch when you know what finally happened to Lisanna.
    • The friendship of Natsu and Happy brings on the Heartwarming here too. Happy's origin story (the picture shown is from the moment he first hatched) establishes that he made everyone in the guild happy (where he got his name), after the tension built between the guild members. After he and Natsu get into a falling-out, Natsu remembers that they're like family... and reconciles with Happy by bringing him a whole bunch of giant fish! Awwwwww.
  • Lucy, kidnapped by the Phantom Lord guild, throws herself out the window rather than be taken back to her father. However, this is only because she heard Natsu in the distance and had complete faith that he'd catch her...and he does.
  • Erza's response to Jose demanding they hand Lucy over. Bonus points in that she's completely depleted her magical energy, is running on fumes, and can't even stand:
  • It's a minor one, but after years and years of teasing her and her rain for their "gloomy atmosphere", Juvia finally gets to see a clear blue sky before she's defeated by Gray.
    Juvia: (paraphrasing) It's...beautiful...
  • The reason why Elfman could control his powers when he was going against Sol, was because his sister was crying again...and he promised himself he'd never let her cry again.
  • The Dénouement of the Phantom Lord arc in episode 29 has Makarov reassuring Lucy in front of the rest of the guild, bringing her (and the audience) to tears.
    Makarov: Lucy. Though we may not be able to share our feelings of happiness or sadness entirely, we do share them to some extent. That's what happens in a Guild. One person's happiness becomes everyone's happiness. One person's anger becomes everyone's anger. And one person's tears become everyone's tears. There's no reason for you to feel guilty, so don't cry - you should already know how much everyone here cares about you. Hold your head high, my dear, because you are a proud member of the Fairy Tail family.
  • Loke's entire arc is a combination of this and Tear Jerker, especially when Loke thanks Lucy for restoring his faith in Celestial Wizards, and when Lucy shows him just how far she's willing to go in order to save his life.
    Loke: Cut it out, Lucy, you're starting to assimilate with me! If you don't stop this, you're going to disappear too!
    Lucy: I won't stop til the gate's open! I won't let you die! What's the point of having magic power... if you can't use it to save the people you care about?
    • And when she's confronting the Celestial Spirit King over the verdict, she channels enough magic energy to be visible and summons all eight of her Spirits at once.
      Lucy: You disappearing isn't going to bring Karen back to life! All it's gonna do is create more sadness! You did nothing wrong. Because it can't be a crime to protect the people you care about!
      • Adding to it is the fact the Spirits are staring down their own ruler to help Loke, even Aquarius is standing (er floating) firm against her ruler for the sake of Lucy and Leo. That says a lot of things about how much they trust Lucy's judgement. It even moved the Spirit King enough to reverse Loke's banishment.
  • Juvia and Lucy teaming up in the Tower of Heaven arc, and becoming friends. Juvia even cries when Lucy accepts her as a friend, since nobody has ever treated her so kindly before.
    • There's also the speech she made to Lucy about loving Fairy Tail, even in the midst of being Brainwashed and Crazy.
      Juvia: "Lucy-san...Juvia doesn't want to hurt her friends...Although it's a little presumptuous of me to call you that, after all you are my rival in love...Juvia has truly come to love Fairy seems so though even if it's raining outside in the guild the sun is always shining..."
  • The grand finale for the Tower of Heaven arc has Natsu carrying Erza on his arms after she thought about sacrificing herself to suppress the Etherion power from going loose; doubles as a Ship Tease with Erza crying in his arms.
    Erza: "You don't die for your friends... you live for them."
  • The end of Chapter 100 in the Fairy Tail manga where Erza is revealed to be alive, and for the first time sheds tears of joy.
  • Chapter 105, when Gajeel, after being allowed to join Fairy Tail (invited by Juvia and Makarov), is confronted by Jet and Droy of Shadow Gear, the team he attacked and practically crucified to a tree when he was with the rival guild Phantom Lord. He acts arrogant, but takes all their hits while Levy (the one most affected by the attack) watches. Laxus, one of the S-Class mages from Fairy Tail, arrives, and attacks Gajeel in a rage about how people believe Fairy Tail to be weak. Still, Gajeel takes the attacks, making Shadow Gear realize that he wasn't fighting back because he wanted to be recognized as True Companions by them and everyone else. As Laxus continues to beat on Gajeel, the team tells him to stop, but he answers by attacking them with magic. The attack heads for Levy, only for Gajeel to jump in front of it just in time.
  • The entirety of Chapter 127, but especially the interaction between Natsu and Laxus, and Makarov's talk with Laxus, ending with Laxus's excommunication from Fairy Tail to be both this and a Tear Jerker. Especially the last two pages.
    • Laxus invokes Fairy Law on Magnolia, but no one dies because regardless of all his tough talk, inside his heart he doesn't consider anyone of Fairy Tail or Magnolia as his enemy.
    • All of Fairy Tail's members doing Laxus's sign at the same time upon his departure during the Fantasia Parade is also smile-worthy. And the fact that that hand-signal had such a humble origin makes its usage in the second episode Heartwarming in Hindsight.
      Makarov: I may not be able to see you. There may be hundreds of miles between us, but I'll always be looking your way. I'll be watching over you forever. I promise.
    • Made even more powerful by what it means;
    Laxus: It's a message. It means, "Even if I can't see you, I'm always looking your way."
  • Chapter 144, when Angel of the Oración Seis commands Gemini to kill Lucy.
    Gemini: "Lucy loves us from the bottom of her heart... Us Celestial Spirits..."
  • The Reveal at the end of the Oracion Seis story arc is a Tear Jerker and Heartwarming: We find out Wendy's Guild Cait Shelter isn't a real guild: all their member, minus Wendy and Carla, were illusions created by Robaul so Wendy would have friends and a guild to live with. Think about it: Robaul created an entire Guild out of illusions, and maintained it for ''years'', just to make a little girl happy.
    • And the reason he's revealing all of this? Because Wendy no longer needs the illusions - she's finally found real friends in the wizards of Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, and Lamia Scale. Before fading away himself, Robaul asks them to take care of Wendy and Charle.
    • And just as Wendy is breaking down over this, it's Erza - the character who prior to this had gone through the biggest emotional wringer in the arc - who reaches out to Wendy, telling her that her friends will help her bear that sadness, and asks her to come join Fairy Tail.
  • There's also when Jellal is being taken away by the magic soldiers. What happens? Natsu and the other allied Guild wizards go to save him from being arrested. It's part Tear Jerker as well as Erza is watching with heartache as her friends fend them off. A Shout-Out moment especially goes to Carla, who is clawing a person's arm for touching Wendy.
  • Chapter 165/Episode 69: The conversation Lucy has with Gemini, Aries, and Scorpio when they declare their intention to contract with her. After all the time they spent as "things" of Angel, to be addressed as not just "people," but her friends, takes a little getting used to, but they warm up to the idea that Lucy treats Celestial Spirits very differently, as seen back during the Loke Arc.
  • Episode 76 is part Tear Jerker, part heartwarming.
    Natsu: (lying in a river, staring up at the sky) "Are you doing okay, Igneel? ...Dad?"
  • Chapter 177: Happy and Carla are given refuge after they rebel by an old exiled couple outside the city. They tell them they were exiled because they opposed an operation some years ago when their eggs were taken from them for a "Dragon Extermination Project". Happy and Carla leave the house without being told this, but it's quite clear that they are Happy's parents. Cue tears.
  • Chapter 188 & 189: Carla, calling the Queen (and the rest of the Exceeds at the same time) out with a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech for giving up and vowing to save Extalia all on her own, resulting in the entire population of Extalia following her to help push back the giant lacrima. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for the entire race, as they join the rest of the Earthland mages in doing so.
  • The end of the Edolas arc, when Natsu acts as the Big Bad in order to unite Edolas under Mystogan. Then he gives the three rules for anyone leaving Fairy Tail to Mystogan, and all of Fairy Tail and the Exceed being sucked into the sky back home.
    Natsu: "You must never consider your own life to be of little value and you must never..."
    Mystogan: "...forget about your friends, who loved you."
    • Basically, anytime somebody is given the farewell ceremony is this along with Tear Jerker.
  • In the Edolas arc, The Fairy Tail guild are still as close as ever, even if they are Bizarro World versions of themselves. Especially Edolas!Wendy helping getting an injured Carla away from the fighting. Even if she looks like a Ms. Fanservice character, Wendy is still Wendy, which seems to relieve Carla some.
    • Also Edolas!Lucy acting like a Tsun Dere towards the Earthland Dragonslayers, showing that she is still a caring individual under the more outgoing and combative self.
  • Juvia intentionally sacrificing herself to get her and Cana out of Fried's enchantment, just to gain acceptance in the Fairy Tail guild. Cana tearfully insists that she was one of them all along. Doubles as Juvia's Moment of Awesome.
  • After Mirajane's Moment of Awesome Curb-Stomp Battle against Freed, a memory of Lisanna keeps her from killing him, she reverts back to normal and reminds him of all the friends he has in Fairy Tail, holding his hand as he cries and admits to never wanting to be a part of the battle.
  • following Laxus's excommunication, Makarov attempts to leave the guild, only to be stopped by Fried, who understands that makarov did it for laxus's own good, when he insists that leaving the guild he that he loves will only unnecessarily punish his grandson more. Even Lucy flat out admits that she was surprised that Fried was capable of being so understanding.
  • A fairly minor one, but the Raijin Tribe being fully accepted by the guild, despite how they helped Laxus, is actually quite sweet; Evergreen bonded with Reedus Jonah and offered to model for his paintings, Bickslow and his 'babies' joined Happy in teasing Lucy, and Fried was seen laughing at them all alongside Mira
    • It's actually more heartwarming when you consider the fact that they hardly even went back to the guild; even since they joined Fairy Tail when they were young, they only ever relied on Laxus. They were finally beginning to open up to the others and learning how to be themselves.
  • After Lisanna returns to Earthland, the first thing she does is hug Natsu and explain everything that happened, from being stuck in Edolas to her tearful farewell to the Edolas versions of Mirajane and Elfman, who knew all along that she wasn't their sister. She then goes to Caldia Cathedral, where she is reunited with her brother and sister as they are visiting her grave. Their faces of shock say it all, and the family is then brought together in a single hug.
    Mirajane: "Welcome back."
    • The Fairy Tail members hold a rambunctious party after they return from Edolas, and the next morning, Lucy is the first to wake up... to see the Strauss sisters sleeping in a deep embrace. They're making up for all the time Lisanna was taken from them. Lucy smiles.
    • Elfman's reaction is very poignant with a mix of Tear Jerker: For years, he believed he was the one who killed his younger sister 2 years prior, but is suddenly seeing her alive and well again as she comes running to embrace them. Two years of guilt melted in that rain when his baby sister finally came home. Makes it especially adorable when he gets protective over her when the others were about to glomp her when she came into the guild hall.
  • Wendy, Chapter 167, after being reunited with Mystogan. Her crying makes it even more heartwarming.
    Wendy: "You're the one from seven years ago... Jellal, back then... I've wanted to... see you again for such a long time."
  • In Chapter 212, we find out that Makarov scouted Gajeel HIMSELF and we learn why he decided to let him join the guild. It's just the sort of thing you'd need to hear from a fatherly figure:
  • From the bonus chapter, when Lucy takes a look around Natsu and Happy's... house and sees his souvenir gallery from all the missions they've had together. Awwww.
  • A really nice one from the end of the Oración Seis arc: Hoteye's prayer was to meet his long lost brother again, who turns out to be Wally, Erza's childhood friend. When Erza tells Hoteye that is brother is doing well, Hoteye lets his tears out, and believes it is a miracle of the light side that he was able to find this out.
    • And later after the disappearance of Cait Shelter Erza comforts Wendy on her loss and invites her to Fairy Tail.
      Erza: "Bury the pain of losing your loved ones... in the arms of your friends. Come with us, to Fairy Tail."
  • One of the omakes (animated as Episode 73) has Lucy out sick, causing her to miss the Magnolia Sakura Viewing. While in bed, she sees a beautiful rainbow sakura tree, floating outside on the river. Turns out that Natsu and Happy did it to make Lucy feel better.
    • Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome, since any girl would definitely fall head over heels for a guy who'd do something like that, and a Moment of Funny, as next morning Makarov rails Natsu for the stunt which jeopardized the city's precious rainbow sakura tree.
  • Episode 106: Mirajane shielding Lisanna from the time bomb she was trapped in and using her body to divert the explosion.
    Mirajane: "I won't let you die again."
  • Chapter 224: Capricorn is revealed to actually be a benevolent spirit who was possessed by his master. After the battle, Loke asks if he'll lend her power. He replies no... as his power has always been hers in the first place.
  • Chapter 227: Lucy refuses to run out on Natsu when he's trapped under some boulders and she's clear out of magic.
    Lucy: "I don't want... to run away by myself... Because no matter what... I'd rather be together with everyone."
  • Chapter 230: Juvia finally defeats Meredy. How'd she do that? Not by pure yandere-rage fueled ass-kicking, as it looked like would happen at first, but by overwhelming her with the The Power of Love.
    "Although we may defeat our enemies, the mages of Fairy Tail would never take their lives!"
    "Even you smile! Even you have someone important to you, too!"
    "I live for the ones that I love! You've got to, too!! If you have love in your life, then you must keep on living!!!"
    • Also counts as a meta example. According to his Twitter post, Hiro Mashima was still drawing out this battle when the March 11th Tsunami happened. He couldn't go with the original idea of Juvia winning using her powers because they all involved water, so he decided to go with the above scene to send a message to the victims of the tsunami.
  • Chapter 232: Cana realizing how mistaken she was on just focusing on the test. She's now rushing to save her True Companions with the power of Fairy Glitter imparted to her by the first master of Fairy Tail. A power right up there with Fairy Law.
    • Which she doesn't know how to use anyway. Bringing up another Moment of Heartwarming in the very next chapter, where she's saved by Gildarts, who was revealed to be her father a few chapters ago. It's unclear whether or not he knows this.
  • The end of the Fairy Hills omake and OVA. Lucy is made to look around the women's dorms by the elderly matron, Hilda, in a Stripperific Cat Girl costume. When she finally finds the treasure box, Erza tells her that Hilda has been dead for 6 years. When they open the box, it's full of jewels. Jewels that Hilda told Erza that she'd give to girl once she became an adult after seeing Erza pretend that she didn't need to accept one of the play jewels Hilda got for the children when she saw that there wasn't enough for all the girls. Lucy's monologue at the end clinches it.
    Lucy: "People's feelings are connected. It transcends time, and it reaches your loved ones. I was able to feel that. And that's reward enough for me."
  • Chapter 241: As she fights with Gray, Ultear thinks about her past, about how Ur had abandoned her at a laboratory where she was subjected to numerous inhumane experiments, pushing her body and spirit to their utter limits. And when she finally escaped and made her way back to her mother, she saw that she had been replaced, which is what lead her to hate Ur as much as she does. This is why she joined with Hades, why she wants to create the Great World of Magic, and why she learned Arc of Time. With those two keys, Arc of Time, and the Great World of Magic, she could go back, back to when she and her mother lived in happiness. But when both she and Gray fall into the ocean, first a voice and then images begin to flow into her mind. Her mother, scared for her daughter's life due to excess magical power, begs the researchers to help her. Her mother, utterly broken when she's told her daughter is no longer living. It's that, and Gray telling her the one story Ur ever told her pupils about her daughter, that allows Ultear to realize just how mistaken she was about her mother, just how much Ur loved her.
  • Chapter 245 has this:
    Laxus: "I'm no longer a member of Fairy Tail, but if something happened to the old man... I can still get angry about it, right?"
    Natsu: "Of course you can!!!"
  • Chapter 250: Meredy forgiving Ultear and stopping her from killing herself.
  • Chapter 251: Cana revealing to Gildarts that she's his daughter and his reaction is this and Tear Jerker at the exact same time.
    • As is Laxus checking to see if Lisanna was real. And patting her on her head.
      • Wendy is intrigued by Laxus but a bit afraid of talking to him. Erza then assures her that Laxus is not really a bad guy, just one difficult to understand. Coming from Erza, and remembering the last time they where face to face they where brutally fighting each other, this says a lot.
  • Chapter 253: "Let's Hold Hands".
  • Chapter 255: Romeo crying Tears of Joy and finally smiling after Natsu and the others return from Sirius Island after seven years.
    Romeo: "Welcome back, Natsu-nii! Everyone!"
    • The chapter's cover page showing Alzack and Bisca's wedding, which is included in episode 124 with a side of Funny from Erza.
      Erza: (looking completely shocked) "You're married?!"
  • The entirety of Chapter 257/Episode 124. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    • One month before Lucy re-appeared from the Time Skip, her father died of a heart attack. She had not been on the best of terms with him after the Phantom Lord incident, but by the time she left for Sirius they were just starting to repair their relationship and this denied her a chance to talk it out. The letter reveals that her father had never given up on her and had indeed wanted to make amends. Until she read that letter, she could not really mourn her father's death. But now, she begins to cry and finally forgives him.
      Lucy's Father: (through letter) "Lucy, I've always loved you."
    • It's also very heartwarming how Natsu tries to be there for Lucy and even drops his usual loud and brash attitude, shuts his mouth when she needs to think by herself (and makes Happy do the same) and in general shows a sense of situation that he doesn't generally have (except for when he ironically shouts loudly at some Valley Girls for not being able to read the air). When they get home, he even avoids participating in a fight, probably because he is busy feeling sorry for her.
    • Lucy's landlady also proves to have a heart. At first, she won't let her back into her apartment because she owes her seven years worth of rent. But later, she practically drags her back into her old place and reveals (1) she had kept it vacant, clean, and virtually untouched except for the birthday presents and letters her father left her every year, and (2) that with the last letter, arrived that morning, her father had also paid her back rent.
  • Chapter 259: Gildarts reinstating Laxus back into Fairy Tail.
  • Chapter 262: Lucy's Celestial Spirits invited her and her friends to their realm to celebrate their homecoming.
    • Everything in this chapter, especially the song, is taken up a notch in the anime.
  • Chapter 263: The mages of Fairy Tail meet up Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy. It's just one panel, but Juvia and Meredy reunite and aw... just awww.
  • Chapter 267: Porlyusica taking care of Wendy and Carla after being attacked by Raven Tail.
    • Mavis cheering on with the rest of Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games.
  • Both times Natsu stopped Gray from using Iced Shell. Particularly the second time, where Natsu stands in front of Gray as he's performing the spell, letting him know that if he wants to use that spell and kill himself, Natsu was going with him.
    Gray: "Move, Natsu! Don't get in my way!"
    Natsu: "I stopped you the first time because I didn't want you to die. Did you not get the message or something? If you wanna use that spell, go ahead."
    Gray: "Natsu..."
    • It's also a funny moment, as the first time Natsu stopped him, he did so by punching him in the face and telling him to shut up.
  • Chapter 272: After Flare is declared the winner of the battle and Lucy is getting jeered on by the audience, Natsu helps a sobbing Lucy up and comforts her.
    Natsu: "Don't cry, Lucy."
    Lucy: "'s just so frustrating..."
    Natsu: "Let's save the tears for when we win. You were amazing! Thanks to you, I realized that we could fight in this world. Zero points? That makes things interesting, right? We'll turn the tide now."
    Lucy: "Yeah...I'm all fired up."
    • Heartwarming in Hindsight: This moment happened on Lucy's birthday, and Natsu eventually made good on his promise on the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games.
  • In Chapter 273, Jellal states that, even if it's only temporary, nothing could make him happier than to be able to fight under the Fairy Tail name.
    • Ren, in his usual Tsundere way, telling his fiancée Sherry how much he loves her.
    • Also adding to the thing with Jellal, with how Ultear stopped him from going to far is by tickling Meredy like crazy. Seeing that they treat each other as mother and daughter, it is actually kinda cute seeing her do that.
  • Chapter 276/Episode 161: Natsu's answer to why Fairy Tail entered the Grand Magic Games. It moved most of the other guild members to tears and even made some spectators finally cheer for them.
    Natsu: "For seven years, they were always waiting for us. No matter how tough it was, no matter how sad, even if they were made fools of, they endured and endured and protected the guild. For our comrades, we'll show you. The proof that Fairy Tail has kept going! And that's why we'll keep moving forward!"
    • This scene was even more heartwarming in the anime. It was voiced to perfection and captured every drop of emotion.
    • What adds to it is that it seemed to have had an effect on Sting, who was stunned silent while Gajeel was just grinning away with equal determination.
  • In 278, Elfman shows a scene of clear anger when Bacchus makes a bet that involves both of his sisters staying a night with him. Likely Big Brother Instinct takes place when the fight begins.
  • Several in Chapter 281. The first is Jellal being truly thankful that he and Erza can just speak normally to each other. A second is Erza and Millianna's reunion. The last one is Rogue comforting Frosch after the later started to doubt whether of not he could stay in the guild after Yukino was kicked out and Sting said she wasn't needed because she was weak.
  • Even the Fanservice and Ship Tease packed Ryujutsu Land episode/chapter had one for Gajeel and Levy. When they accidentally end up on the love slide and Gajeel gets sick, he asks Levy to let him hold on to her so that he doesn't barf all over everything. As she is being aggressively held in his arms, Levy initially is embarrassed and hopes no one see's them together. After a few moments ,however, she begins to feel safe and enjoy it, and decides that it is kind of nice and that she probably really wouldn't mind being seen.
  • Natsu gets one in Chapters 282-283 for storming into Sabertooth's grounds and challenging Jiemma to a fight after finding out what happened to Yukino.
  • Chapter 287: In addition to providing a kickass Curb-Stomp Battle, this chapter also shows off how much Laxus has changed since we first met him. If you were a member of Fairy Tail and were humiliated in a battle in front of the public, the old Laxus would just laugh or rage at you and/or the guild. The Laxus of now however, would be happy to pulverize the people responsible, just like the rest of the guild members.
    Ivan: "Wait! I'm your father! We're Family! Are you going to hit your own father?!"
    • It's not a general thing either. He remembers the grievance against each individual familiar member, saying And This Is for... as he clubbers each Raven Tail elite: Flare for Lucy, Obra for Wendy and Carla, and Nullpudding for Gray.
  • Chapter 289: After a heated battle that ends in a draw, Sherria offers to be friends with Wendy while healing her; the latter accepts her invitation and one of the judges even lampshades it by commenting on how heartwarming the friendship moment is.
  • Chapter 290: What was the first thing Elfman saw when waking up after his match? A sleeping Evergreen. She had been waiting the entire time for him to wake up. D'awww. What makes this a heartwarming moment, and Ship Tease to boot, was that Evergreen had no real reason to be there. She was there because she wanted to be there.
  • Chapter 292: After the severe beating she got in the previous chapter, Lucy is resting in a hospital bed, and both Fairy Tail teams come to see her and make sure she's all right, even Gajeel and Laxus.
  • Chapter 298: Flare's apology to Lucy. The expressions really sell the moment.
  • Chapter 299: A chapter without dialogue follows Gildarts in his travels as he saves a village. Later on, he's able to see what's going on with Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games through some sort of magic monitor in the saved village. Through it, he sees Cana's performance in the MPF. Being the proud papa that he is, he runs around telling all the villagers how great she is. You can just hear him say "That's my girl!" as he runs around.
  • Chapter 300: After Jiemma lashes out at Lector, Rogue's immediate reaction is to wrap his arms protectively around Frosch and turn his back to Jiemma, who was attacking him just a moment ago, in order to ensure Frosch's safety.
  • Chapter unknown (probably 306): When Arcadios is talking about the Eclipse plan, he makes a reference to needing a Celestial Spirit Wizard, and Natsu zeroes in on that. He won't listen to anything else until the knight explains what he means. He even gets up in the face of this VIP to restate his question. The subtext is clearly, "are you a threat to Lucy?" Given the context of the scene, a dragon graveyard where we learn that dragon slayers risk becoming dragons themselves, it resembles a dragon guarding a princess.
  • Chapter 307: Natsu gets one, just for how adamant he was in taking part in rescuing Lucy from prison, that he gave up his spot in the Grand Magic Games to Juvia.
    Happy: You should have heard him. He was all "We have to save Lucy!!"
  • Chapter 310: While Natsu is in the middle of utterly owning and beating down the leader of the Hungry Wolves, the leader asks Natsu if he plans on making an enemy of the entire empire. Natsu replies to his question with this:
    Natsu: "Making it... my enemy...? The question you should be asking yourself is... Are you really prepared to make Fairy Tail your enemy? If it's to protect our family, be it the Kingdom or the entire world... We would make anyone our enemy! That's what it means to be Fairy Tail!!"
  • Chapter 315: Erza turns out to be the reason why Kagura was never enslaved in the Tower of Heaven. The two appeared to be close to reconciling too if it weren't for Minerva using it as an opportunity to take out Kagura.
    • Goes into Tear Jerker territory when you realize that Erza essentially gave up her chance at freedom to protect Kagura. It was Kagura's crying that alerted the captors and then Erza gave up her hiding spot (which obviously worked). Still, Erza wasn't resentful. 'All she cared about was that Simon's sister was safe.'
  • Chapter 317: In the middle of his rematch with Gajeel, Rogue is beginning to fully understand how friendship works. Gajeel then clarifies he does have a friend in the form of Frosch. Her response?
    Frosch: "Fro agrees!"
    • It gets even better when you remember this is Gajeel we're talking about here. One of the roughest members of the Guild both recognized friendship and reminded Rogue to cherish it. It just brings to mind how much Gajeel has truly changed.
    • Future!Lucy has doubts about whether everyone else will believe her story. Both Natsu and Present!Lucy assure her everything is going to be fine.
      Natsu: "They would never doubt the words coming out of Lucy's mouth..."
      Present!Lucy: "My future self shouldn't be filled with so much doubt. Have more faith in your Nakama..."
    • The amount of trust Natsu puts towards Future!Lucy after her revelation, as well as his putting his forehead against hers when she confesses that she didn't plan any strategy for the dragon attack.
      Natsu: "Thank you. For the sake of everyone's future...I won't let it happen."
  • Chapter 322: Sting and Lector's reunion after Fairy Tail takes the victory, apparently thanks to Erza. This also doubles as a lovely Tear Jerker moment.
  • Chapter 324: Despite being placed in the middle of the Tear Jerker that is Future!Lucy's Heroic Sacrifice, Natsu's flashback of Lucy showing him her new guild mark from Chapter 2. It should be noted that while Natsu was shown seemingly uninterested in that chapter, the flashback revealed that he cared more than he let on about it.
    • And then there's the fact that he referred to Lucy as someone precious to him in the next chapter.
  • Chapter 325: It turns out that Yukino separated herself from the group because she feels that she will bring more misfortune on them if she stayed. Mirajane finds her and tells her otherwise.
    Mirajane: "People all have their own reason for living. No matter how small it may be, even you have a purpose."
    • It gets even better when you look at Mirajane's past.
    • This scene demonstrates that Mirajane has basically adopted Yukino as a little sister (for resembling Lisanna). She notices that Yukino is missing, searches for her, and upon finding her, gives her a hug and a pep talk.
  • Chapter 332: When Atlas Flame realizes that Natsu is Igneel's adopted son he immediately sides with him since Igneel was his friend. Natsu even calls him Uncle.
    • Igneel is revealed to be the Flame Dragon King. Atlas Flame is a Fire Dragon. But its not loyalty to the Fire Dragon King that causes Atlas Flame to go through a Heel–Face Turn of sorts towards Natsu. It's that Igneel was his dear friend. It says a lot about the character and nature of the three dragons that raised the Dragon Slayers and how good they might have actually been.
  • Chapter 334: When Rogue is in shock over the idea that he's the one at fault for the dragon attack, Sting bursts onto the scene and calms Rogue down by taking what he knows of the situation incredibly lightly and insisting on sticking by Rogue's side. He manages to comfort Rogue without even realizing something was wrong with his friend.
  • Chapter 337: After Natsu destroys the gate, Future!Lucy fades out and appears to enter the afterlife. Who does she see first? Natsu and Happy. Present!Lucy sees her future self's diary fade out and realizes what happened...then goes over to Natsu and gives him a hug from behind.
    Natsu: "Is something wrong, Lucy?"
    Lucy: "No...not really... Just...thank you."
    • Future Rogue's last act before fading away is to tell Natsu to prevent Frosch's death in a year's time. In his last moments, all he wanted was to protect his old friend.
  • Chapter 338: Sting is having the time of his life with Lector and wants to find Natsu so they can enjoy some drinks in the hopes of striking a friendship. Orga even notes how cheerful the guy is.
    • Sting in this chapter deserves more of a mention. He actually apologizes to Yukino for the way he treated her in the past. Seeing him trying to change himself for the better is one big moment of heartwarming. As time passes, we realize this moment extends to the Sabertooth guild as well. A guild that entered the games utterly ruthless emerges understanding The Power of Friendship.
    • All of the guilds letting Yukino know that she is welcome in any of their guilds.
      Yukino: (while crying) "Even if it's just a lie... I've never been happier..."
    • Kagura asks Erza to be her big sister. Erza is more than happy to oblige, giving her a a hug to show their new bond. Then she gives Milliana the Fairy Tail cats to help cheer her up when she was feeling down.
    • Gajeel and Levy's talk is rather awkward, but Gajeel reassured her that he would be okay and she gets Tears of Joy from it. He's a little confused, but given what is revealed later, it is rather nice.
  • Chapter 339: Cobra tells us about how the outside world felt good and that he heard 'lots of voices...' including the voice of his best friend, Cuberos/Kinana's voice.
    • As an elderly Ultear is thinking about her insignificance in a world so large and the infinite possibilities that the world holds, she basks in the rays of the sun and notes that she feels them washing away her sins. She then states that for the first time, she felt glad that she was born and was finally able to forgive herself for her sins, happy and at peace with herself.
  • Chapter 340: The entire town of Magnolia pitched in to rebuild the original Fairy Tail guild hall, much to the joy of Makarov and the rest of the guild.
  • Chapter 341: Directly following the Grand Magic Games, when Lucy and the girls are in full furo scene at the newly-restored Fairy Tail hall, a repentant Flare Corona appears and tells Lucy how sorry she was for what she did to her during their match. Flare mentions that she left Raven Tail and has nowhere to go, but wanted to make amends before she leaves town. Cue a heartwarming scene of Lucy, Wendy, Lisanna, Mirajane, and Levy (who are all naked, btw) all hugging Flare and telling her that she's forgiven and is welcome at Fairy Tail.
  • Chapter 345.5: In a side story detailing the bet set up between Fairy Tail's Team A and Team B from the Grand Magic Games, it starts off as amusing when the B Team dishes out absurd and silly commands to Team A. Then we get to Cana and Wendy's side, and what did Wendy have to do? After playing "dress up" a bit, they both go to a Church where Cana used to reside at. There, it turns out all the children there are huge fans of Wendy and her feats in the Grand Magic Games. We also find out that Cana wanted to cheer up the orphans there as well as reminding Wendy that her family is Fairy Tail.
  • Chapter 353: Even after all the crap she pulled in the Grand Magic Games, Erza still tried to convince Minerva to not get involved in the world of the Dark Guilds because she doesn't want her to get corrupted by its darkness.
  • Chapter 354: Flare is reluctant to interact with the people of her home, since she left the village without a word. After Lucy pulls her out of hiding, the giants welcome her back with open arms. Her response it what really sells it.
    Flare: (while crying) "I'm home..."
  • Chapter 358: The front of the chapter describes how during the seven years that the Sirius Group was missing, Ichiya never stopped searching for them.
    • Warren on the cover page of Chapter 268 is described as doing something similar. Every day for seven years, without fail, he used his telepathy to call out the names of the missing Fairy Tail members, hoping that they would finally respond.
  • Chapter 367: Happy is distraught over leaving Natsu behind when he escaped from Tartaros' HQ. In response, Lucy gives him a hug and tells him he did a good job by bringing the hideout's location to the rest of Fairy Tail. Despite all the teasing between the two, they genuinely care about each other.
  • Funimation's DVD/Blu-ray cover art for Volume 9. The Strauss sisters reunited. IT IS ADORABLE.
  • Chapter 376.5: In the midst of all the fanservice and imagine-spots disguised as Ship Tease, Juvia knits Gray a scarf for a gift and he blows it off. She later finds out that it's the anniversary of Ur's death and feels bad about it... but Gray remembers a time when Ur gave him a scarf and goes back to retrieve the gift. The next day, the two apologize to each other... and then Juvia gives him a customized Juvia body pillow as a follow-up gift.
  • Chapter 377.5: After delivering a bit of a beatdown on Moulin Rouge for impersonating a Fairy Tail member, Erza pats her on her head, and invites her to join Fairy Tail, since Rouge was an immigrant who could hardly get enough money to eat. Coupled with various hints from Mashima, it is heavily implied that this woman is Bisca. This is then really Heartwarming in Hindsight, since this means that not only did she surround herself by comrades at last, she also managed to start a family of her own thanks to Erza's invitation. D'aaaw.
    • The adaptation of this episode in the anime (Episode 203) confirms that Moulin Rouge is Bisca. She says her real name after the aforementioned head-pat by Erza.
    • Her hair grew out really fast.
  • Chapter 378.5/Side Story 2/Episode 219: Natsu and Lucy babysitting Asca is a whole chapter's worth of "D'aaaawww...." moments, but the incident where Natsu helps Asca get back her stolen lacrima from bandits after Asca's teary breakdown is a stand-out.
    • The fact that "big brother" Natsu is the babysitter is by itself heartwarming, because he is normally a battle-happy maniac. It emphasizes the fact that Fairy Tail is an extended family.
    • Special mention should go to Aquarius for "playing the fountain" for Asca's sake. While she is pretty annoyed at it, as soon as Asca says "beautiful mermaid", she gets Luminescent Blush and goes along with it. Coming from someone who has left Lucy in the lurch multiple times during battle "to go on a date", and is generally quite grumpy, it is quite heartwarming.
    • Thanks to Natsu's accuracy in shooting down the bandits, Lucy realizes that he let Asca win their earlier target-shooting contest (after a whole lot of bluster about how he wouldn't take it easy on her).
      Lucy: (blushing and smiling) "He definitely has a good side, huh..."
    • Natsu pushes down Asca's hat when he shots down the bandits, letting her think that she did so, because she would if she were not using a toy gun. That blow-the-smoke-away victory pose will melt your heart.
    • Why does Asca suddenly want to go on jobs? She wants to buy a lacrima because she knows it is precious to her parents. She wants to make them happy. When hearing this, Lucy hugs her and says she's a good girl.
    • The whole story surrounding said lacrima. It was a prize from Bisca and Alzack's first job together. When Asca fell ill at one point, they sold it to buy her medicine (this was during the seven-year period the Sirius Group went missing and Fairy Tail dropped in the rankings), with the two citing they don't need it anymore as they have something much more precious to them. Ironically Asca, with help from Natsu and Lucy, manages to buy it back.
  • Chapter 379: After Franmalth is defeated, Hades' soul is released, and offers up a mix between a warning and a heartwarming redemption: "It has only...just begun. Tartaros' true goal was not Face. Tell is time to release the Light."
  • Chapter 381: The flashback tells us that Lisanna and Elfman went through all the trouble of learning Take Over Magic just to let Mirajane know that she is not alone.
  • Chapter 384: Despite Aquarius' hot-tempered and rude treatment of Lucy, we find out moments before Lucy breaks her Key to summon the Celestial Spirit King on her suggestion, that deep down she really cared for Lucy and that never being able to see her again makes her feel sad.
  • Chapter 388: After all that Minerva has done, Erza refuses to kill Mercy Kill her, telling her that there are people waiting for her. And just to prove Erza's point, Sting and Rogue show up just in time to save her from Mard Geer.
    • Sting holding her in a bridal carry no less.
      Sting: "We've come for you, princess."
      Rogue: "Your guild is Sabertooth."
  • Chapter 392: Heartwarming in Hindsight, but Silver's panicked reaction when Gray starts to cast Iced Shell is this since Silver never intended to bring about his son's death (vice versa actually).
  • Chapter 393: A lot of this chapter is both a Tear Jerker and Heartwarming. It's a rather bittersweet chapter.
    • The fact that Silver's actions in the previous chapter were for the purpose of helping Gray past the trauma of Deliora (which explains his look of absolute panic when it looks like Gray is going to cast Iced Shell.)
    • The expression on Silver's face in the flashback, when he first learned Gray was still alive.
    • After the damage done to him in the fight, Silver drags himself up to embrace Gray. He even asks to stay like that. Silver would end spending his last moments in the world holding his son.
    • We see the grave that Silver made for Gray and his mother, Mika, but Gray's name is crossed out. When we see Silver for the first time in Chapter 353, he's visiting this grave. Since 353 takes place almost immediately after the Grand Magic games, it's highly likely that Silver made the journey to Isvan just for that. It was through coverage of the Grand Magic Games that Silver first learned Gray had survived Deliora's attack. After all, nothing screams "my son is alive" like crossing his name off of his grave.
  • Chapter 396:
    • The moment where, after seeing that Natsu was at a serious disavantage against Torafuza's Curse, Gajeel instantly yelled at him to grab Juvia and Lucy and find a way out there, showing off his Character Development.
    • Sure it was for air, but Levy giving Gajeel an Underwater Kiss was undeniably heartwarming. After being saved by him so many times, Levy returns the favor.
      • Though it is worth mentioning that it is far from the first time Levy helped Gajeel or saved him. Remember her undoing Fried's runes in the Battle of Fairy Tail ? Her preventing Gajeel from being cut in half, cancelling the script that rendered him incapable of fighting and giving a big ass iron to him before leaving on Sirius Island ? And the fact she assisted him against a f—- dragon during the Dragon king festival ? Yep. They may be the most even ship when it comes to saving each other...
      • For props, immediately before it, when Gajeel was still fighting to stay conscious and Levy was nearing him, he saw a light approaching him.
    • And at last, after waking up immediately after the kiss and seeing Levy drowning and Torafuza rushing out to kill her, Gajeel proceeds to instantly turn into his Iron-Shadow Dragon Mode and deliver a massive blow to Torafuza's head, while yelling "Hands off!!".
  • Chapter 398. After Mirajaine punches Seilah, thus disabling her curse, Kyoka thanks Seilah for the effort. Seilah then begs, with tears on her eyes, Kyoka to avenge their fallen comrades and let them return to their creator Zeref. Kyoka assures she will send both Seilah's body and soul before absorbing her power. This clearly showed that despite the fact that they were both villains, their relationship was one of genuine trust and love.
  • Chapter 414: While it's mostly Tear Jerker, the fact that Igneel bothered to make his last words to Natsu when he was about to die about how he always loved him and was proud of how much he had grown really does tug at the heartstrings.
  • Chapter 415: As the Dragons' souls get ready to disappear, Wendy begs Grandine not to go, but Gajeel comforts her with a pat on the head and insists that they should proudly see the Dragons off. As Metalicana disappears, he gives Gajeel one last jab about his ugly mug, and Gajeel takes a bit of offense to those odd last words. But he still sighs and gives a sly smile, knowing it was just Metalicana's way...and a big reason why Gajeel's the way he is.
  • Chapter 416: Despite the overall tone of the chapter there are still a few heartwarming moments
    • Laxus wakes up surrounded by the Raijin Tribe. He promptly pulls them into a bear hug an apologizes for failing to protect them.
    • Gray visits the grave of his parents. Juvia follows him and tells him she is responsible for killing Silver. She then declares she is unworthy to love him anymore. Gray breaks down crying thanking her for giving him peace, then comments how warm she is as they hug.
    • Erza, thinking how weak she is because of Kyoka's torture as well as her childhood in slavery (the former reminding her of the latter), is interrupted by Jellal, who gives her a combination speech of You Are Better Than You Think You Are and You Are Not Alone before leaving with the reformed Oracion Seis.
    • Sabertooth throws a party to celebrate the return of Minerva.
    • Lucy, running after Natsu and Happy after finding out they've left for a one-year training trip.
  • Chapter 7 of Fairy Tail Zero gets a big one. Mavis encounters Zeref at a watering hole bathing, where he immediately pulls his "don't come near me" routine right before his "Instant Death" Radius activates. Seeing what he's cursed with—and identifying it by its actual name, much to his shock—she decides to use her Illusion Magic to create a bunch of animals for him to pet. He was so moved by what is probably the first genuinely kind act he'd experienced in centuries, if not ever, that he starts crying Tears of Joy and obliges her request to teach the other future Fairy Tail founders some magic to help defeat Blue Skull.
  • Chapter 417: The chapter (which like 299 is textless, and is told by Happy as part of Episode 277) is heartwarming and funny in equal measure, featuring the interactions between Gildarts and Natsu after they run into each other on the road. Gildarts spars with Natsu, laughs with him over jokes, and protects him from a monster that snuck up on him. At the end of the chapter, they accidentally swap bags, and Gildarts, in tears, frantically rushes to catch up to retrieve what we are led to believe is his porn collection ... only to discover that he was worried about the picture of him and Cana that was inside the bag.
  • Chapter 419: Everything about Lucy, Natsu and Happy's reunion. From her greeting them at the gates of the jail, inviting them to crash at her place as they don't have anywhere else (and they're just now finding that out), them seeing the wall where Lucy kept track of everyone, to finally the three of them hitting the road to find the other members of Fairy Tail. If you look closely, you can even see Happy carrying a bag for Lucy, as they... had to leave Crocus in kind of a hurry.
  • Chapter 421: Wendy not wanting to go with Natsu and Lucy to put Fairy Tail back together. While this might not seem like such a moment at first, it becomes so much more when we learn her reasons behind it: She doesn't want to leave her friend Sherria alone (since her cousin Sherry is getting married soon and will be leaving the guild), potentially because she doesn't want her to be lonely like she might have been when Fairy Tail disbanded.
  • Chapter 424: Juvia spent half a year looking for Gray after his disappearance. We find out that she wants to bring him back to their house where they had great times together. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    • Natsu calms her nerves by telling her that he's going to find Gray so he can bring the guild back together.
  • Chapter 432: Juvia joining in on Gray's usual "stripping during a fight" act has a nice Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other vibe to it.
  • Chapter 435: Gajeel, Pantherlily and Levy's reunion with the Fairy Tail core group. In addition, Gray hugging Frosch, showing the future that Future!Rogue predicted might not come true after all.
  • Chapter 436: There's something just strangely nice about seeing Zeref reminiscing with E.N.D.'s book about his past, which is shown in and of itself to be surprising sweet. It also shows that everything Zeref originally did was for one purpose: To bring his little brother Natsu back to life.
    • The Reveal in this chapter makes their brief reunion during the S-Class Exam Heartwarming in Hindsight. It looks like Zeref wasn't just happy to see Natsu just because he thought Natsu would kill him, but because he was seeing his beloved little brother alive and grown up.
  • Chapter 437/Episode 284: Fairy Tail is reborn.
    • Natsu, Lucy, and company finally return to Magnolia after a year. As Lucy starts to have cold feet about what to expect, Cana suddenly appears and points out everyone else felt the same way...but it was Lucy who sent the letters out to everyone asking them to come back.
    • So Cana drags Lucy to where the guild hall once stood...and lo and behold, everyone is there. As she stands among them, the tears start to flow as she realizes that Fairy Tail really is her home and her family...and it's because of her that they're back together.
      Lucy: I'm home!
    • Finally, Natsu finds the guild's old flag among the rubble and raises it high. Fairy Tail is back!
  • 438: Mira's happy to notice that Elfman is starting to forgive himself for destroying the guild hall while under Seilah's control, especially since no one else blamed him for it in the first place.
  • 441: While undercover on a foreign tourist island, Natsu and co. see a kid begging a soldier from Alvarez to see his father again. Natsu is understandably pissed, but can't do anything at risk of blowing their cover. Then the soldier attempts to kill the kid and EVERYONE moves in to defend the child.
  • Chapter 446: Makarov feels bad for trying a peaceful solution, but Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Carla, Happy, Gray and even Natsu tell him he did the right thing.
  • Chapter 449: Mavis and Zeref's second meeting. That look of sheer delight on her face when she recognises him. Despite his warning for her to stay away, she still runs forward and hugs him with no hesitation at all, thanking him for helping her and her friends years ago. When she learns who he really is, she refuses to believe in rumours of his being the evilest mage in history despite his own affirmation of them, and says that he has kind eyes.
  • Chapter 450: The Big Damn Kiss between Mavis and Zeref. Though it makes what happens afterwards all the more of a Tear Jerker.
  • Chapter 451: Got to give Precht (Master Hades) credit despite his eventual Face–Heel Turn. He spent over 30 years researching forbidden magics in an effort to revive Mavis after placing her in crystal, only to ultimately create the Eternity Magic: Fairy Heart in the process. It really speaks of how close as a friend he was to her.
    • When Mavis tries to apologize because all her mistakes have come to haunt the guild, Gajeel tells her there's nothing to apologize for. All she did was fall in love, and that in itself is not a crime.
    • Actually,despite his guild mates obvious shock at hearing something so profound from him,the most recent chapters make Gajeel comforting Mavis even more heartwarming in hindsight;he has secretly been in love with Levy for a fairly long time. He fell in love with a girl he once tried to murder; he of all people could understand and sympathize with Mavis
  • Chapter 453 is shippers' paradise. First of all, we have Natsu sneaking a peek in Lucy's diary. Gray finally tells Juvia when he's going to give her an answer. And last but not least, blink-and-you-miss-it: it's on different pages, but Gajeel and Levy's blankets have the same pattern.Tumblr has already exploded.
    • In a non-shipping example, as Erza angsts about letting a child as young as Wendy get caught up in the coming battle, Wendy simply hugs Erza and tells her that this time, she will protect the rest of them. Erza's impressed, and says Wendy has become the pride of the guild.
  • Chapter 456: Mirajaine reveals that she had used Take Over on Seilah and Lisanna said they couldn´t just let her die. Let´s just remember that Seilah nearly choked Lisanna to death, forced Elfman to blow up the guild and nearly killed Mirajaine, and despite all this, Mirajaine still saved her life.
  • chapter 460: While battling Wahl Icht, the Raijin Tribe begins getting severely beaten and Laxus's first reaction is to yell (Via Warren's telepathy) that he is coming to back them up. The Raijin all vehemently object and tell him to stay put; they all want to protect Laxus for once, after all the times he has saved them. Despite being on the verge of losing it, Laxus agrees to let them.
    • looking back to their introduction,the relationship between the four is quite heartwarming in retrospect; during the fighting festival arc, Laxus only saw the Raijin as tools, while they blindly followed his every command without a second thought. Based on the latest chapters, their relationship has evolved into a deep friendship based on genuine love and trust for each other.
  • Chapter 468 is a series of these. Aquarius is back, and she's treating Lucy like a beloved friend rather than her usual abusive demeanor. We find out that Layla didn't murder Brandish's mother. In fact, she consoled Grami even as she was lying on what would become her deathbed, saying she considered Grami to be a dear friend and hoping their daughters would be friends too, even as Grami blamed herself and begged for forgiveness for getting back too late. And when Brandish sees her mother murdered (by Zoldeo, no less) before her eyes, Lucy pulls her into a hug and comforts her, even though Brandish had been trying to strangle her to death not an hour ago.
  • Chapters 471/474: Lucy has stayed by Natsu's side since he fell ill. The most recent chapter shows her asleep with her head laying on the side of his bed.
  • Chapter 486: Levy jumps into the battle between Gajeel and Bradman and saves Gajeel's life with her holy attribute magic. He immediately begins screaming at her to run before the magic barrier particles begin poisoning her, but she insists that her solid script mask will protect her and states that she is not leaving him. She then chews him out for saying that he didn't care if he died and would welcome it; she tells him that she wants him to live and would be sad if he died.
  • Chapter 487: Everything about Gajeel and Levy
    • Gajeel admits to being in love with Levy; she collapses, coughing up blood and going glazed-eyed, and admits that she lied and was slowly being poisoned the whole time she was helping him fight Bradman. Gajeel is enraged, demanding to know why she jumped in to fight while knowing that she was dying; she states that she just wanted to save and protect him, and Gajeel promptly promises to defeat Bradman and bring her home, safe. While fighting, he remembers his past and how he had been a bad person and was the weakest of the dragon slayers;
      • Gajeel: "But y'know... I don't give a shit about any of that anymore. As long as I can keep the woman I fell for safe, Nothin' else matters!"
    • when you think about it, it's EXTREMELY heartwarming how much Gajeel really cares about Levy. He doesn't care about anything else, except keeping her alive, and is willing to ingest high amounts of poisoning toxins because he cares about her so much. He originally attempted to murder her, but she ending up being the single most important person/thing in his life.
  • Levy's reaction to Gajeel eating the barrier particles and battling Bradman is to begin crying and screaming for him to stop before he dies; she's laying on the ground, slowly dying, and she's more worried about him. It really shows how deeply they really, secretly love each other.
  • Despite how heartbreaking and gut wrenching it was, Gajeel's death and his final conversation with Levy makes many of their past interactions heart warming in hindsight.
    • Gajeel credits Levy with him becoming a better, more responsible member of the guild. When he first joined, he had no clue how to interact with the other guild members, and almost everyone hated him. Even though she was scared of him, Levy trusted him and was okay with him being there. She was most likely one of the first people he could could trust in a long time. Given his tough childhood and his past with Phantom Lord, the years he got to spend with Levy were probably the best of his life
    • Despite being obviously protective and caring toward her, Gajeel's feeling's for Levy were unclear and hotly debated by the fandom, but he flat out admits to loving her and wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. Despite being one of the roughest, more fearsome members of Fairy Tail, he admits that all he really wanted was to marry Levy and have a family with her. Even he finds it ironic that he of all people would want something like that.
  • Chapter 488. August, despite being a fierce follower of the Emperor, decides to listen to Fairy Tail, showing he is still a reasonable man. Brandish thanks and says she always saw August as her grandfather. This shows that some members of Zeref's empire truly see each other as family.
  • Chapter 489.5: The Stone Age omake has two cute moments.
    • Natsu claims Lucy for himself, but then gently pats her head and promises to take care of her.
    • Zeref and Mavis cuddle together in a tree, while hoping the male and female tribes understand what love is soon. Nice to know there is at least one reality where the two were able to be together.
  • Chapter 491. The King of Fiore declaring that he still loves his daughter Hisui, even if she has the form of a mouse, and saying that he will return her to her original form even if that kills him. Father of the Year.
  • Chapter 493. Brandish shrinks Mirajane's wound, thus saving her life. Even after being used by one of its members, she still believes that Fairy Tail is composed of good people.
    • The last member of the Spriggan 12, Larcade, saves Dimaria from some members of Lamia Scale. Most of the stereotypical villains would have killed her on the spot because not only was she defeated but was captured twice. It seems August and Brandish are not the only Token Good Teammates among the Twelve.
    • While Sorano denying being Yukino's sister is a sad moment, it also shows that Sorano, who'd been introduced as a sadistic villain, is making an effort to atone for her sins and become a better person for Yukino's sake.
    Sorano: If all my sins are ever atoned for... I'll come back and give my little sister the biggest hug in the world!
    Yukino: That day will definitely come if shenote  waits patiently, right?
    Sorano: I'm fighting every day to make sure that it does!
    • later, in chapter 497, they are seen joining the battle together; even though they can't be sisters, they still know that they are alive and can fight side by side.
    • Even later, in 100 Years Quest, it's shown that Sorano has joined her sister at Saber Tooth.
  • Chapter 494 has at least two heartwarming moments for the bad guys.
  • Gajeel is still alive it seems that he will actually be able to get his happy ending with Levy after all.
    • the look on Levy's face when she realizes that Gajeel is alive and that she can tell him she loves him back. A major heart-warming reunion is bound to happen sooner or later.
    • Invel freezes Mavis in ice, Zeref orders him to cease it, saying that after an eternity trapped in crystal he wouldn´t dare take her freedom away right after she was freed. Even though Zeref and Mavis are now officially enemies, he still cares for her nonetheless.
    • Dimaria sees Brandish and instantly asks if Fairy Tail did anything to her and even though Brandish answered no, Dimaria hugged her. She then vowed, with tears on her eyes, that she won´t say cruel things to Brandish ever again and that she would make Fairy Tail pay for laying hands on her. Even Larcade is truly moved by such moment.
      • This makes her actions back on chapter 484 while she was still imprisioned Heartwarming in Hindsight. She wasn´t crying out of humiliation of being defeated or being captured; but because she realized how cruel she was for mocking Brandish for being imprisioned. Laser-Guided Karma truly turned Dimaria a better person.
  • Chapter 499, despite it being a Wham Episode and Tear Jerker of the highest order, has two Heartwarming Moments of note:
    • First, Zeref's necklace is, in fact, confirmed to be a locket. And inside is a picture of him and his little brother Natsu when they were kids.
    • Second, despite Invel's forcing Gray and Juvia to fight to the death, both of them find the strength to resist if only by killing themselves SIMULTANEOUSLY. Both are devastated, with Gray admitting that Juvia is not just another comrade to him and that he had wanted to protect her at all costs. Coming from Gray this is a HUGE admission, one that moves Juvia to tears of joy. Then again, considering the rest of the chapter...
  • Chapter 500. Juvia pulls through with Wendy and Carla's help and gives a truly heartfelt thank you to her saviors.
  • Chapter 502.
    • As Mavis is climbing the mountain side wondering how she is gonna get to the others, who shows up to take her there? Mest, specifically offering his help to take her there. Crosses over with Tearjerker in that Mest looks crestfallen as he tries to tell her something.
    • Gajeel comes to Jet and Droy's rescue even though he's worse off than they are simply because he considers them his friends. As Pantherlily points out, he's certainly turned over a new leaf.
      • For that matter, when Pantherlily shows up, he brings Levy with him. Though she starts off by kneeing Gajeel and calling him an idiot, she begins letting out Tears of Joy, and tells Gajeel he better keep his promise to her that he'll carry her to the guild hall.
    • The concern everyone shows for Zeira when she says she's is going to vanish. Gajeel is the only one among them to have really interacted with her, yet they all hold great sorrow at the thought of her vanishing. Zeira telling them its not worth shedding tears over shows how much the group sees Zeira as family, and how much Zeira truly is a member of Fairy Tail.
      • Even better is Pantherlily saying they now have another reason to get to the guild hall and win the war; so they can hear the stories of Mavis and Zeira, the story of Fairy Tail's birth.
    • Mavis reunited with Zeira in its entirety.
    • Porlyusica noting Brandish is hurt and trying to help her as she asks about Natsu.
  • Chapter 503.
  • Chapter 507. Erza brings Natsu and Gray to their senses by reminding them what it means to be comrades, with the implication being that she's thinking of all the times the two have helped her, and concludes with a tearful Cooldown Hug, causing both to realize that they never wanted to make Erza cry. Shortly thereafter, Gray and Natsu are reunited with Juvia and Lucy, even though Gray had thought Juvia was dead, and it's implied that Natsu might have thought the same thing about Lucy.
  • Chapter 512: With Natsu's condition worsening and his body temperature dropping, Porlyusica encourages Lucy to strip in order to warm up Natsu with her body heat(a legitimate method of warming up hypothermia victims). She says that perhaps "another's warmth and feelings will bring about a miracle". Despite being incredibly embarrassed about the frank request, Lucy agrees to do so in order to save Natsu.
    • Sure enough, a chapter later we see her (and Happy) under covers next to Natsu. Lucy is still adorably red-faced.
  • Chapter 515 there are two major examples for the villains but they lead to tragedy.
  • Chapter 519 makes the prior one even more meaningful. It turns out that when Erza was born, Irene didn't even try to possess her, because she couldn't find it in her to do that to her own daughter.
  • Chapter 527: While it's also a major Tear Jerker, August finds that he can't kill his own mother, even if it's for his father.
    • Natsu berates Zeref for thinking he has no family, even calling him his brother.
  • Chapter 532.
    • While he was taking Fairy Heart by force, Zeref explains Mavis about Neo-Eclipse and while he knows that they will never meet each other, he thinks she will live a happier life by not meeting him. He also apologises for all the pain he had caused her. Zeref is fully prepared to sacrifice the happiest moment of his life, meeting Mavis, so that she could have a better life.
    • Mavis' response. She doesn't care how unfair the world was to them both, because it is nonetheless the world where they met and fell in love.
  • Chapter 535: Jellal is fighting Acnologia, with zero chance of actually defeating him in combat. His only hope is to serve as a distraction while the real plan goes into effect. His one thought? If it works, he can protect Erza. Against an impossible foe, that's all that matters to him.
  • Chapter 537: After four hundred years suffering and endless heartbreak, Zeref finally gets everything he wanted. Thanks to the One Magic, his and Mavis' curses are lifted, allowing them to die in each other's arms and spend an eternity together in the afterlife, bringing another miracle in the process: the revival of Makarov, who told a tearfully joyous Laxus about a mysterious dream he had before he awakened.
    A barefoot girl and a jet-black boy were playing ever so joyfully...
  • Chapter 543: As everyone gathers around for Lucy to cast Fairy Sphere, Sherria looks downcast, thinking she has no magic to contribute. Then Carla (in human form) offers her hand to her anyway. The tearful smile on her face says it all as she takes it and joins in. Also in that chapter, observe carefully that Lucy changes to her Aquarius Star Dress when she begins to cast Fairy Sphere: the Zodiac sign that means the most to her, and to whose spirit she asks (along with those of Mavis and her parents) to lend her strength.
  • Chapter 544: Meredy's massive Resonance Link with just about every mage on the continent (emphasized in the anime, which expands the montage into a huge Curtain Call). Consider: Resonance Link only works between people who share a bond with each other. If it weren't for all of Fairy Tail's travels and adventures, this tremendous linking of magic wouldn't have been possible.
  • Chapter 545: The Epilogue.
    • Lucy finally manages to publish her book and even won an award for it. The anime accompanies this moment with a Last Episode Theme Reprise of the very first opening, "Snow Fairy".
    • King Toma has abdicated and his daughter Princess Hisui has been crowned queen. She promptly pardons all of Crime Sorciere. With Jellal no longer a criminal, you'd figure he and Erza would finally hook up...but Erza's lack of social skills are getting in the way. But Lucy realizes she's trying to figure out how to approach him, as for the first time she's seriously paying attention to her hair.
    • Gajeel and Levy have gotten together, and it's implied that Levy is pregnant. Confirmed in the 100 Year Quest sequel.
    • Lucy says that Elfman and Evergreen have started dating; Ever is running around the party in the background, karate-chopping Elfman in the back of the neck and trying to stop him from making a fool out of himself.
    • It's implied that Kinana and Cobra ended up together; Kinana is seen telling Laki that she has a boyfriend, and mentions that his name is Erik (Cobra's real name).
    • Lucy narrates that a lot of rumors have been circulating over speculation of who Laxus likes. She quickly goes through all the possible ships and shoots them down, stating that Laxus and Mira are just friends and that he views Lisana as a little sister. Lucy then adds that a lot of people think Laxus and Cana would be a good couple, which Lucy thinks is ridiculous. Right after she says that, Cana happily approaches Laxus, who is sitting all alone in a corner, and teases him about acting boring at a party. She asks him to come have a drink with her and, from the soft little smile on his face when he agrees, it's implied that Laxus has developed feelings for her. When you think about it, they actually would make a good couple; Laxus is much more calm and reserved than the energetic and happy-go-lucky Cana (especially when she is drinking) and their personalities would balance each other out.
    • The other guilds have happy endings, as well; Mermaid Heel becomes a modeling group for Sorcerer's Weekly and Beth is revealed to have survived getting hit by a bomb, Minerva wins Sabertooth's annual eating contest, and Ichiya is voted in as master when Bob retires.
    • Anna ended up stuck in the present timeline and became a school teacher. Lucy regularly visits her, but admits it's weird that someone not much older than her is her ancestor. Still, it's quite comforting to her, especially since she has no other family now.
    • Makarov ended up crippled and wheelchair bound after using Fairy Law, but is still master and he attends the party with Polyucheka and Mest, who are implied to have become his caretakers.
    • Sherria is beginning to regain her use of magic! She thought she had given it all up to save Wendy; now she's being given a second chance.
    • Mavis and Zeref have been reborn with no memories of their past. They meet again at Lucy's award celebration as a publisher and writer respectively, in the month of August. This Meet Cute is, unbeknownst to them, played out in front of the members of Fairy Tail, who know of the tragic past of their previous lives. They all smile at the scene, glad to know that Mavis and Zeref will finally have a chance at a happy life together.
    • Life in general has gone on for all the protagonists, many finding new things to enjoy now that most crises have past.
    • Lucy hugs Natsu and thanks him for being in her life. Without him, this wonderful adventure would've never happened.
    • And the Adventure Continues: the last page is Team Natsu going on another adventure: the fabled 100 Year Quest.
    • Lucy narrates an afterword, summing up what the whole tale has meant for her. Makes one wonder if these same words were the afterword for her in-universe novel, The Adventure of Iris:
      "Do fairies have tails? Do fairies even exist? It's an endless mystery that can lead you on an endless adventure. That's the meaning behind the name Fairy Tail. For such a cute name, it's actually a very boisterous bunch of people, but it's never a dull moment, and I love them! I hope everyone can find a Fairy Tail of their own someday: a place where they belong, where they can find love, acceptance...and True Companions."
    • And one last little note. The little fairy that tells the reader goodbye...looks like Zera.