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Funny / Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess

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  • Natsu and Gray playing "Hot Potato" with one of the thugs they were fighting against with their powers.
  • Team Natsu splits up to enjoy some downtime in a town they're in. Highlights include:
    • Natsu and Happy stuffing themselves at a restaurant only for the bill to come. Naturally they don't have any money and have to work it off in the kitchen.
    • Wendy using her powers at a carnival game and getting chastised by the booth owner for cheating.
    • Erza goes out shopping for armor but nothing catches her fancy. What does? A wedding dress. What make it even funnier is that it becomes a plot point later on in the movie.
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    • Gray heads up a hill to admire the sights, but subconsciously strips naked as usual and winds up arrested for public nudity.
  • After Natsu and Gray chase off Chase, they return to Lucy and Eclair to check up on them. Lucy tells them they're fine... but doesn't notice that her bath towel has fallen off and that she's naked until Happy points it out.
    • Even better is the reaction Natsu and Gray have.
    Natsu: Your freaky stripping habit has never been contagious before, has it?
    Gray: Uh, if it is, I can think of worse things.
  • Team Natsu's trip through a dangerous forest to reach a acquaintance of Eclair's. Especially when the group sits to rest for a moment. Happy complains that he wants some fish. Cue a giant fish monster coming from a nearby swamp. Everyone starts freaking out. His response?
    Happy: "Sooo yummmy!"
  • Juvia getting steamed whenever Cannon calls Gray "pretty boy".
  • The end of Erza's fight with Coordinator.
    Coordinator: "You must be desperate to get married."
    • Considering how Erza reacted to finding out that Alzack and Bisca married during the time skip, the Coordinator may actually be right!

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