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Carlton Mellick III (born July 2, 1977) is a bizarro author whose surreal counterculture novels have made an international cult following despite being shunned by most libraries and corporate bookstores.

His works include:


General Tropes associated with this author include:

  • Author Appeal: Mellick likes punk, Japanese pop culture and nerdy pasttimes like D&D. He really likes sexy, terrifying monster girls. Expect to see a lot of all of it.
  • Author Avatar: Many of his books has a short comic in place of the afterword, where one of these talks about the story and the process of writing it. Sometimes it seems to be telling the truth, sometimes it veers into absurdity, like claiming that one particular story was hard to write because Mellick's computer kept biting his hands off.
  • Babies Ever After: If a story has a moderately happy ending, there's likely to be an epilogue where the protagonist has settled down with their love interest and had children. The stories that don't end like that are likely to have massive Downer Endings. On rare occasions, both happen at once.
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  • Cute Monster Girl: So common in his fiction that for almost all his books, one of them serves as the Face on the Cover.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: Mellick's male characters very frequently get raped (or else strongly pressured into sex) by powerful, terrifying women. They usually find it upsetting, but eventually get over it and often end up in a loving relationship with the woman. His female characters occasionally get raped too, but for them it's portrayed as a harrowing and traumatic experience, and the rapist usually comes to a well-deserved bad end.
  • Straw Conservative: Conservative characters are almost always loud-mouthed, ignorant, hateful and prejudiced.


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