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In General:

  • Just about everything from this show being Censored for Comedy to the shenanigans brought by the characters. It can easily give Seitokai Yakuindomo a run for its money when it comes to sexual humour.
  • The opening credits introduces Ayame and describes her love for raunchy jokes in less than 3 seconds.
  • The visual metaphors that accompany scenes of sexual arousal are also quite hilarious (i.e. Tanukichi's erection being shown through a seal rising up or a giraffe lifting its neck)
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  • Whenever Ayame uses her special flip phone, expect a few dirty jokes from her.
  • Ayame and Tanukichi constantly having the Boke and Tsukkomi Routine whenever they are with each other.
  • The name of the cafe that SOX hold their secret meetings in is called "FELERSIO", an obvious Engrish stand-in for "Fellatio".
  • Pretty much whenever Anna is on screen after her "awakening."
  • The show's ED ("Inner Urge"), simply due to the hilarious dance routine Ayame does. The others gradually join in, starting with Tanukichi, until they're all doing it; including Anna!

Episode 1

  • Blue Snow's debut at the train station starts off with her shouting out explicit blacklisted words:
    Blue Snow: C*CK-A-DOODLE-P*SSY!
    • The passengers at the train station ran for their lives as if Blue Snow is going to bomb the station. If that isn't overreacting, what else can you call this?
  • The school's resident scientist Hyouka Fuwa introduces herself to Tanukichi: by coming from under of his desk and placing her hands on his lap.
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  • This rapid-fire exchange between Tanukichi and Ayame:
    Tanukichi: (angrily) "Best friend"?! Says who??"
    Ayame: (makes 180º turn) "Says "this" mouth!"
    Tanukichi: "You only have one mouth!"
    Ayame: (makes 180º turn again) "Girls have four mouths!"
    (cue static background along with Tanukichi's stunned expression)
    Tanukichi: (mumbling) "Wait... the mouth... then, that hole. Then..."
  • Ayame reveals herself as the "Blue Snow" thinking that Tanukichi is her ally, only for Tanukichi to promptly call the Decency Squad. Ayame had to restrain Tanukichi to prevent her cover being blown.
    Ayame: Now that you have unmasked me, I cannot let you escape!
    Tanukichi: You unmasked yourself, idiot!
  • Ayame shows off her special flip phone that allows her to say any blacklisted words without triggering the Peace Maker alarm for only 3 minutes a day. Tanukichi retorts with a (censored) pop cultural reference by asking if she's Ultraman.
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  • While Tanukichi acts as the decoy "Blue Snow" outside at the track and field, Ayame broadcasts a video of two flies mating and adlibs porn dialogue as the students watch. Soon, the entire students got so hot and bothered to the point where they collapsed one by one. That's right. The youth of Japan are so starved for erotic content that an extreme closeup of two unsanitary insects is literally the hottest thing they have ever seen.

Episode 2

  • Not even desserts are spared from Ayame as she doesn't hold back with her sexual innuendos.
  • At the student council's meeting, it is revealed in a flashback that Tanukichi (posing as Blue Snow's decoy) drew a gigantic Japanese nuclear symbol instead of a penis at the track-and-field. This confuses everybody at the school as they wonder how that symbol is suppose to be lewd. The symbol is for "private power generation" which can also refer to masturbation.
  • A random survey suddenly popped out of nowhere that shows "Where do most boys "release"?:
    • 1. In the morning shower (85%)
    • 2. While pretending to study (10 %)
    • 3. In the bathroom at school (3%)
    • 4. In bed, before sleeping (1%)
    • 5. At lunch. On the roof (0.5%)
  • Anna hangs an erotic picture of a woman salivating on a mushroom between her cleavage in the student council room. Her reasons for doing this? Anna thought the illustration was cute, but had absolutely no clue that it's actually from a dirty magazine. Tanukichi's face is simply priceless when he first spotted the picture on the wall.
  • How did Blue Snow get the student council on high alert during the health examination period? By threatening to steal the boys' urine samples and adding protein to all of them.

Episode 3

  • Saotome all of the sudden cuffs Tanukichi's neck with a chained collar, making it into a Not What It Looks Like moment when Ayame stumbled upon those two.
    • Gouriki then shows up at the same room and picks up Saotome like she's just luggage.
  • This conversation between Ayame and Tanukichi when they discuss about Tanukichi not confessing his love to Anna:
    Ayame: You want to whip out your d*ck-sausage and shove it into Anna's p*ssy-bun, don't you?
    Tanukichi: Kajo-san. Let me be utterly clear. I don't want to do that action with Anna.
    Ayame: (Surprised) Wait, don't tell me... It's her butt-hole you're after?
    Tanukichi: That's not what I meant!!!
  • Ayame keeps thinking that bribing Goriki with bananas is a good idea despite the fact that Goriki utterly hates bananas.
  • Another raunchy punchline courtesy of Ayame at the rooftop:
    Ayame: Just FYI, I meant it made [Gouriki's] emotions hard, not his d*ck!
    Tanukichi: Thank you, Captain Obvious! Can't you go five minutes without being dirty?!
  • When Tanukichi told Saotome is into Anna, Ayame assumes that Saotome could be the stalker and freaked out for not realizing sooner. Then, Ayame proceeds to roll over the rooftop as she shouts out "P*NIS" and "V*GINA" at an interval.
  • Tanukichi had to cross-dress once again, with this time being in disguise so he can survey Ayame and Anna going on a fake date.
    • Saotome helped Tanukichi shaved his legs earlier before the fake date is used to draw out the stalkers.
    • Gouriki found Saotome and Tanukichi in disguise, only to suddenly get blush when he sees Tanukichi in drag.
  • Anna's reaction of receiving an Accidental Kiss with Tanukichi resulted in her being so flustered and having hearts as Wingding Eyes.

Episode 4

  • Hyouka Fuwa enters Tanukichi's hospital room through the window when There Was a Door. Turns out she got blacklisted from the hospital for asking questions about pregnancy (if not for something worse...).
  • There is no stopping Ayame's dirty mind as she is committed to making at least one raunchy punchline per episode:
    Ayame: Hear my surprise! See my surprise! Make your d*ck super-rise!
    Tanukichi: (Plants his head on table out of exasperation) Please can't you speak normally for once?
    • Ayame proposes to have Tanukichi lure out his stalker though an invitation of body-melding:
    Ayame: Just the tip! Just the tip is enough!
    Tanukichi: I don't need any of your "tips"!
  • Tanukichi got himself in a Rape as Comedy situation when it turns out that the stalker that entered his home is none other than Anna, who proceeds to bind up Tanukichi and blindfold him with her panties. If Ayame didn't interrupt this steamy foreplay session, Tanukichi would surely be sexually traumatized.
    • In the same episode, while Ayame is freaked out at Tanukichi's exposed penis, Saotome furiously sketches the erotic scene using only her mouth with passionate inspiration.

Episode 5

  • Anna's secret recipe in her cookies? Turns out it is Love Nectar made when Anna's love reaches its maximum potency. Okuma had to rush towards a water fountain to clean his mouth.
    • It's even funnier that in the manga version, Ayame fainted with foam in her mouth as she laments on how corrupted Anna has become.
  • This is shared with a Nightmare Fuel moment, but after Tanukichi saved Ayame from Yandere Anna being held with scissors near the neck, the scissor went flying up and landing near Tanukichi's crotch. He was so scared from nearly getting castrated that he fainted.
  • The scene where Anna surprises Tanukichi in the hallway at school by offering him a drink of "her love". An entire 20 oz. bottle of it.
    • Followed by a montage sequence of her chasing him around school each day, in an attempt to get a sample of his. First with a butterfly net and tongs, then she's seen with a vacuum cleaner strapped to her back as if it were a proton pack. All while Tanukichi clings to a pipe outside the building for dear life.
  • Ayame pulls out another raunchy punchline that sort of ruins the heartwarming moment when she insisted Tanukichi to stay put and not get caught.
    Ayame: Yes... Starting now, I'm a solitary master fighter. (pulls up flip phone) I'm also a masterb*ter!
  • As Tanukichi discovers the hidden stash of dirty books in the cave, he was shocked to see Yaoi is also included in the collection.
    Tanukichi: People are into that too?!
  • As a meta-example, Anna's love rainbow undergoes serious analysis using real life physics.
  • Instead of student signatures that supports the "X Prohibition Act" petition, Sophia was holding a naughty picture; she didn't realize it until she saw her audience reacting to the lewd illustration she was holding. The cameraman next to her couldn't even take his eyes off from the erotic pictures.
  • Ayame ends her final naughty punchlines:
    Ayame: We did it, Tanukichi! Spanking...
    Tanukichi: It's "high five", dumb ass! (high fives Ayame)
    • Another punchline worth noting as the duo runs away from the Peace Keepers:
    Ayame: Hurry, Tanukichi! Once we turn this curve, we head straight into that man's hole!
    Tanukichi: IT'S "MANHOLE", EINSTEIN!
    • Ayame is on a roll with her dirty jokes:
    Ayame: Stroke your ego! And also stroke what's between your legs!
    Tanukichi: SHUT UP!

Episode 6

  • The title "Meisterb*ter" is given to Tanukichi for one reason: he's the only SOX member with a penis.
  • SOX attempts to create a sex toy based on Ayame's limited knowledge: a cold gel sheet wrapped around a sausage.
    Ayame: Now! Test it out, Meisterb*ter! I bet just the sight of it made you rock hard!
    Tanukichi: THAT'LL HURT!
    • The second revision of the sex toy is called Legendary Potato Starch X, which is nothing but superheated potato starch surrounding the sausage.
    Ayame: Now! Test it out, Meisterb*ter! Make your heart and your d*ck hot!
    Tanukichi: THAT THING'S LETHAL!
  • Anna does not take kindly about Tanukichi's interaction with other girls, as demonstrated when she crushed the doorknob in her hand when Anna "caught" Tanukichi and (nearly naked) Hyouka in the school lab. Tanukichi had to improvise by claiming that he's asking for advice about giving Anna a present.
    • Even though Anna was skeptical about why Tanukichi would go to the school lab during the weekend for advice, she nonetheless accepts her "present" and made a pendant out of it. Little did she know that the custom-made pendant is a wireless vibrator.
  • Ayame laments on not having the wireless vibrators after breaking the last available model. How Ayame broke the vibrator is revealed in the flashback that she recklessly handled it by placing the vibrator inside a giant radish as a makeshift giant dildo.
    Ayame: Thrust on, S*xcalibur! (radish explodes).
  • The look on Ayame's face is hilarious when Tanukichi accidentally turn on the vibrator pendant Anna was wearing. Her comment is also Leaning on the Fourth Wall:
    Ayame: Remember this, Okuma... Vibration noises echo quite loudly. Unlike in naughty anime, the people nearby notice it right away.
  • Tanukichi asked Gouriki if there is something strange about Anna after he accidentally turned on the vibrator on her chest. Gouriki only commented that Anna's upper body is vibrating more than usual, but nothing strange worth mention. Tanukichi is only exasperated by how sexually ignorant Gouriki is at that moment.
  • Tanukichi's struggle to not ejaculate when he's pinned down by Anna and has the wireless vibrator pendant stimulating his crotch, made funnier by his expressions as he tries to hold it in and the visual metaphor of a champagne bottle getting ready to pop.
    Tanukichi: Dangerous!
  • The ending credits show live-action tutorial video on how to create your own sex toy "Potato Starch X". The staff really enjoyed the end product (wink wink).
    • Even better, the kanji on the apron 裸 is read as naked, so even though though they were clothed, it was still a Naked Apron

Episode 7

  • Ayame commented on how a heart looks like a penis if you turn it upside down and draw two lines on both ends. Tanukichi can't help but feel exasperated on Ayame's dirty mind going wild first thing in the morning.
  • Ayame found Tanukichi eating lunch with Gouriki together. Her reaction is as subtle as an overt Yaoi Fan Girl
    Gouriki: (Places hand on Tanukichi's shoulder) We spend our free time together now.
    Ayame: "Together"? So you share each other's bananas for dessert?!
    Tanukichi: We most certainly don't! Don't even go there!
  • While Tanukichi and Ayame goes on a stakeout outside of the girls changing room, they have their usual Boke and Tsukkomi Routine.
    Ayame: That's right. You shouldn't drop subjects; you should drop pants! (Rapidly air humps)
  • Another Rape as Comedy moment for Tanukichi is when Anna locked him down in a muscle buster stretch wrestling move. She first licks one of Tanukichi's earhole, and then proceeds to pin him on the ground upside down. Anna then yanks off Tanukichi's zipper with her mouth and gets ready to "eat" him up, only to suddenly get interrupted by an Immodest Orgasm. Anna's Love Nectar splashes all over Tanukichi's face in the uncensored version.
    • Gouriki went to find Anna (due to Anna making him run a wild goose chase), only to wonder why Tanukichi next to her is upside down and covered in "sweat".
  • Upon seeing the yaoi doujin of him and Gouriki, Okuma asks in the calmest way possible if anyone has seen a lighter around.
  • When the underwear thieves are caught and bundled together by the Student Council, they shout out their mantra "LICK OUR UNDERWEAR" as an act of defiance.
  • Both Ayame and Tanukichi agreed how big of a pervert White Peak is when he's enjoying the fragrance of white panties dipped in white wine.
  • Saotome attempts to yank the condom off of a banana she's trying to eat to no avail.

Episode 8

  • Tanukichi got startled by Anna breaking and entering his bedroom, which makes it even worse when Anna caught a glimpse of Kosuri sleeping next to Tanukichi. Poor guy is sweating bullets as he tries to come up with an explanation that won't get him killed by Anna's kitchen knife.
    • After Tanukichi requested Kosuri to pretend that she's the illegitimate little sister, Kosuri proceeds to get into character and asks Tanukichi who Anna is and is she his girlfriend. That made Anna suddenly hot and flustered, thereby disarming her with words.
  • While Anna stabbing the floor around Kosuri in her yandere moment might be scary, the event turns hilarious when her doing so ends up causing the floor under Kosuri collapse, causing her to fall through the floor.
    • Doubly so, considering the Kosuri-shaped hole resembles a penis.
  • The first thing Oboro does as a Decency Prefect is getting rid of anything she deems lewd: basketball hoops, tug-a-war ropes, ping pong balls, volleyball nets, and more innocuous objects at the gym. Her logic process goes like this:
    • Basketball hoop: resembles contraceptive rubbers.
    • Tug-a-War rope: can be used to tie up boys and induce acts of unhealthy perversion from them.
    • Ping ping ball: a danger for being shoved up a person's b***.
    • Volleyball net: resembles a leg garment that can bring out the latent lewdness in girls.
  • Oboro is practically The Comically Serious due the fact she keeps the same deadpan face and voice no matter what. Like when she and fellow stoneface Hyouka argue on whenever or not the obvious yaoi doujinshi should be banned, with Hyouka managing to convince her to approve the books among Tanukchi's protests.
  • More hilarity with Tsukimigusa happens when she decides to almost ban toiler paper, claiming that the roll can be used for sexual release and the paper to clean up the evidence, and was forced to ask Okuma if they are as lewd as she imagines. Though the real kicker is that for the whole scene, Anna desperately needs to go to the bathroom and is trying to get the whole thing over so that she can have a roll of toilet paper.
    • After Anna (who was having a Potty Emergency) roundhouse kicked an escaping Gathered Fabric goon, the Decency Prefect squad she assembled thanks her with an Unintentional Pun:
    Decency Prefect: Without your help, another one would have leaked through the cracks!

Episode 9

  • Ayame elaborates that her risky plan involves capturing Gathered Fabric underwear thieves using one crucial bait: Tanukichi's unwashed underpants.
    • While Blue Snow distracts the Decency Prefects, Tanukichi just hangs his underwear nearby a window and wonders what he is doing with his life.
  • During the mission briefing, Ayame spits the group using codenames "Team Cl*toris" and "Team C*m Inside", only to be pointed out by Tanukichi that the rest of SOX can't use those names without triggering their PM alarm. So Ayame had to settle with "Team Prong" and "Team Tuck-In".
  • Ayame's dirty punchline of the episode:
    Ayame: (to Tanukichi) Calm down, dear. Now, take in a deep breath... breathe out...(whips out flip phone) And ***.
    Tanukichi: Don't shove unnecessary orders into my head!
  • When Tanukichi hears a noise, recognized two people entering the room and hides, one of them catching his underwear and smelling it. His normal thought is those are Gathered Fabric members, so he jumps into the one with his underwear, just to discover... it's Anna! Even more, after everything is cleared out, she still REFUSES TO RELEASE Tanukichi's underwear, handling it as her prize.
    Tanukichi: Anyway, this is a bait for underwear thieves, so could you give me ba—
    Anna: I refuse! I've trying so hard this whole time! (putting the underwear in her face) Can't I get a little treat every now and then?
  • While Tanukichi is being pinned down by Anna, he asked Oboro why the Decency Prefect isn't doing anything about it. According to Oboro, the 5 provisions priorities Anna's orders above everything else.
    Tanukichi: So ping pong balls and toilet paper are lewd... But not this!?
  • The following 5 provisions Tsukimigusa must follow as a Decency Prefect:
    • Provision #1: Any information that could taint boys or intelligence from a government organization is to be kept secret.
    • Provision #2: Entrance to Miss Anna's personal room, bath and any place where she undresses is prohibited.
    • Provision #3: Taking Provision #2 into account... Whenever lewd actions are taking place, never leave Miss Anna's side.
    • Provision #4: Protect Miss Anna's eyes from anything lewd.
    • Provision #5: Taking Provision 1, 2, 3, and 4 into account... Prioritize Miss Anna's orders and actions above all other orders.
    Tanukichi: (exasperated) "Like the Three Laws of Robotics, except eff'd up!"
    • Two scenes later, he mistakes Oboro for a member of Gathered Fabric and stomps a mudhole in his groin; complete with Joestar's: "ORA! ORA! ORA!!"
    • The manga version is even funnier, since the moment Tanukichi realizes his foot is on Oboro's crotch, he also realizes Oboro is really a guy!
    Tanukichi: (thinking) "Let's examine the situation..."
    (proceeds, causing Oboro's back to arch, along with her foot)
    Tanukichi: (sweatdrops) "...that's a d*ck."
  • After Oboro lets Anna in the girl's locker room and sees Tanukichi (in his Meisterb*tor persona), she immediately readies herself to attack. Tanukichi saves himself by using his last resort... he takes off his boxers and hurls them as a distraction. Anna instinctively goes for the undies and indulges herself, while Tanukichi escapes!

Episode 10

  • Gouriki wonders why everybody on the bus including the hijacker is puking after seeing him wearing his little sister's underwear.
  • This episode's raunchy punchline has Tanukichi being too tired to make a Straight Man retort for just one time.
    Ayame: Good job escaping, Tanukichi! Though the news said it was real guns, not crotch-guns.
    Tanukichi: Yes... It was biological warfare.
  • The Decency Squad attempts to imitate Blue Snow's white underwear trap, only to find out none of the female Decency Squad members are wearing white underwear. In fact, there are female members that actually go commando!

Episode 11

  • Kosuri attempts to stun White Peak after realizing he only cares about collecting dirty panties instead of making a revolution against the current Japanese system. Unfortunately, White Peak counters Kosuri's taser shock by applying white wine all over his panties jumpsuit, leading to a combination of Kosuri's Epic Fail and My God, What Have I Done?.
  • When Gathered Fabric sends pictures that they're threatening to send online with hostages wearing panties on their heads, several of them are shown. In a "blink and you'll miss it" Freeze-Frame Bonus, it then also shows Otome wearing one. But instead of looking worried, she's smiling at the camera, sticking her tongue out, and doing a double v hand sign.
  • Where does White Peak hide his stun gun given by Kosuri? In his crotch.
  • Tanukichi constantly scrubs his armpits and crotch to prevent his scent being detected by Anna's nose while he's under his SOX disguise.
  • In The Stinger, Kosuri shows up again, and when she's being pinned down, throbbing up and down, some stuff seems to eject from the top of her head.

Episode 12

  • The main characters go to a hot springs, apparently invited by Anna's mother. Instead it turns out to be a guy wearing black panties much in a similar fashion as White Peak did, and calling himself Black Base. He's also horrendously out of shape...
  • The fact that the main characters initially mistake Black Base for White Peak despite the vast difference in body shape.
  • Tanukichi getting manhandled by Anna in the public bath, after sending Goriki on yet another Snipe Hunt to ensure no one else went into the men's bath. He's only saved by her mother getting knocked out by Black Base, causing her to enter the women's bath with him still attached to her.
  • Black Base loses a hand at a paper-rock-scissors game to "Binkan-chan". He then strips a panty covering his left nipple, which causes her to run away. He then throws up when Goriki strips his shirt off, revealing he's wearing his little sister's bra. Tanukichi uses this distraction to grab the bag with the wheel, and seemingly hits Otome with it at the same time.
  • After Tanukichi and Ayame get on the rail car, something disrupts their ride. It then turns out to be Anna, who says she beat Black Base at the game, and is climbing up to the car on the wire. She later falls when the car's floor breaks away, but Ayame says she'll be fine. Anna then shows up without a scratch after they finish their mission.
  • A giant penis-shaped statue falls in the ruins Tanukichi and Ayame are exploring. They at first assume it's Kosuri. Later when they get help turning the wheel, a similar shape shows up, and they assume it's the statue from earlier. Except this time it really is Kosuri, who came up via a secret pathway shown to her via Black Base. Otome also helps them, having somehow smuggled herself in the bag earlier.
  • The episode ends with Oboro startling everyone by blowing up the cable car! When Anna asks why, he replies in his usual monotone as if what he's done is perfectly natural:
    Oboro: "This car was used to transport co-ed passengers. It may even be that it was intended for untoward purposes. It was lewd and had to be destroyed."


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