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  • The Headmaster tells Arata about the Trinity Seven, and that a good way to advance his magic would be to "Meet them, fight them, violate them."
    • The last part is the only one he remembers later on.
  • Arata wakes up to notice that Arin and Yui are in bed with him. Lilith walks in and sees them, and starts acting flustered again. Arata ponders why she is upset, comes to a conclusion, then scooches over on the bed so Lilith can get in too. Her reaction is priceless.
    Arata: Okay, Lilith! Come on!
    Lilith: I'm not going to "come on"!
  • When Levi enters Yui's dream world, she sleeps in the ceiling.
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  • After a particularly long Straight Man routine, Lilith is dubbed the Comeback Alchemist. She is not pleased.
  • When Arata wakes up in the first chapter, he accidentally gropes Hijiri/Astil Manuscript, then nonchalantly asks if it's time for breakfast.
    Hijiri: That's not breakfast!
  • Lilith's revealing her Archive: Lust. The subsequent trolling is hilarious.
  • All of chapter 39. Arata chases Levi around the school trying to steal her magic (i.e. strip her) as she continues to troll him. And at the end, it is revealed they wrecked the entire school in the process.
  • In episode 4, the headmaster and Arata get punched by Lilith after they think of doing naughty things to the sleeping girls in the school. Arata tells her to stop that, asking "what if I started to like it?"

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