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    Unmarked/Arc 1 
Episode 4
  • As Tama popped out of the hole to see the commotion, La Pucelle stepped on her, causing her to fall back in.
    • In the Light Novels, he actually kicks her back in instead, not wanting her to cause any more surprise attacks.
  • In a dark way, the Peaky Angels happily cheering over Ruler's death.

Episode 6

  • Despite being in a middle dramatic battle against Cranberry, La Pucelle's flashback has a few funny moments:
    • When Souta first became La Pucelle, he was in disbelief that he became a magical girl. Fav explained that men can become magical girls, and that's rare for them. Then he realized that he became a girl and pulled down his bra to see for himself...
    • When Sister Nana introduced herself as his mentor, La Pucelle looks away, flushing.

Episode 8

  • During the Peaky Angels' flashback in their teen years, when a boy confesses his love to them, they rejected him by kicking him off the hill.

Episode 11

  • Cranberry, the deadliest and strongest foe of the first arc, being killed by the most pathetic Magical Girl by a cheapshot.


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