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  • The entire first episode qualifies as this. Especially the end. Everyone must have known what was going to happen after Ayumu flew outside the school window, but how every student pulled out cell phones simultaneously and snapped pictures takes the cake!
    • It comes back again in the first episode of Of The Dead and this time Mysteltainn breaks and he can't erase their memories now.
      • And now he created a new fashion because of it.
  • This part of episode 2:
    Sera: No, I shall call you maggot!
    Ayumu: Why does she keep calling me that?
    Ayumu: SHUT UP!
  • The ending credits are also very funny. First time seeing them I laughed at how... enthused Eu was about dancing and how Ayumu is slowly drying out in the background. The Fan Disservice scene following the Fanservice shots is also hilarious.
    • Continued in Of The Dead, except for the dancing.
    • Even the King of the Night says it.
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  • Everyone's reaction to Haruna's cooking.
  • Haruna, Sera, and Eu's very strange Jenga game.
  • Haruna, Sera, and Kyoko calling Ayumu a pervert because he transformed into a Magical Garment Girl.
  • Sera coughing out blood for calling Ayumu an insect.
    Sera: Excuse me, I misspoke, you piece of shit.
    Ayumu: Were you that desperate to correct yourself?
    • In the dub... "I'm sorry I called you a little worm. I meant to call you a little maggot."
  • Episode 12: The idol show.
    • Another idol show happens in Season 2, Episode 3... complete with Cursed Dancing.
  • Sarasvati's fetish for Ayumu's backside.
  • Original Eu conversing with imaginary Eu(s) in Of The Dead.
  • Ayumu breakdancing. That is all.
  • Anderson-kun's spectacular trolling of Ayumu when he asks how to cure Eu, who was ill that episode. Behold his suggested solution.
  • Kyoko's return in Episode 8 of Of the Dead, now on the side of the good guys. Only, she still has some slight...issues.
  • Haruna accidentally creating a giant slime that conveniently dissolves all clothes save your socks and panties in Of the Dead, Episode 10.

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