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Nightmare Fuel / Is This a Zombie?

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A funny show about erstwhile but well meaning zombie and his ever growing harem of sexy freeloaders. It still has nightmare-inducing moments...

  • Anything and everything revolving around Kyoko. She's a serial killer with Higurashi levels of crazy eyes. She takes absurdly perverse glee in manipulating and/or hurting people. Her default expressions are adorable and slasher smile. She's...she's just not a very nice lady.
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  • There's a lot of squicky moments during Kyoko's fight with Ayumu and his friends. Stand outs might include Kyoko jabbing her fingers into her own ears to rupture her ear drums and her slasher smile fighting Eu as the flesh is stripped off of her arms. Oh, and then there's Ayumu chainsawing her to death. A lot.
  • Eu's so powerful she could take over all three dimensions, and using her powers is so horrific to her that she refuses to say a single word. Then she has to kill someone with those powers. Again. And again. And again.
  • Dai-sensei saying in her very laidback and friendly voice that if Ayumu had killed Kyoko that she would have killed him.
  • Ayumu's final move against the Knight of the Night is to punch through his skull. We even get to see the brains fall off of Ayumu's hand.

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